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42401 ELITEDRT.ARJ 3,8 Mt 30.09.1999 - - tupla
Elite Darts demo by Patch Products, Inc. Beautifully produced darts simulation featuring great graphics, atmospheric sound effects, and highly realistic dart-throwing action. A well-produced tutorial movie teaches you how to throw by guiding a transparent throwing arm with your mouse. This demo lets you play a single-player game of 301. Windows 95   1/3
42402 HH2002UD.ZIP 72,9 Mt 29.03.2001 - - -
High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 demo The High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 is  an attempt to create the best baseball game  ever made, combining arcade-action with an  accurate simulation. It features a hi-res  3D-stadium environment with polygonal  players and animation derived from motion  capture. The AI features an accurate  simulation system utilizing statistics from  actual MLBPA players on actual MLB teams.  
42403 NBAL01D.ZIP 52,9 Mt 21.02.2001 - - -
"NBA Live 2001 demo Think you can run the rock well enough to hang with the best? Hook up with other virtual hoopsters to find out whos got the most game. High-flying dunkscrossover dribblesblocked shots that land in the fourth row -- if its in the gameits in NBA Live 2001. But remember: if youre going to talk the talkyoud better be able to walk the walkbecause in NBA Live 2001 Showdownyou can run but you cant hide. P20032MBWin953D accelerator. "
42404 SURFDEMO.ZIP 65,2 Mt 16.01.2001 - - -
"Championship Surfer demoFull 3D surfing experience complete with sprayweather effectsenvironmental effectshuge swells and much more!  Consultation with Australian Surfing Champion Mark Richardsonensures player control system accurately duplicates the movements and tricks performed by the worlds best surfers. Ground breaking proprietary wave generation enginecreates stunningly realistic waves that make for Authentic Real World Surfing. "
42405 TPBDEMO.ZIP 44,7 Mt 22.03.2001 - - -
Triple Play Baseball demoThe Triple Play Baseball demo consists of Single Game Mode, Safeco Field only, All-Star Rosters only, 3 Innings only and No commentary. 
42406 VPOOL3UD.ZIP 19,1 Mt 16.01.2001 - - -
Virtual Pool 3 updated demo The ultimate pool simulator arrives with enhanced graphics and a brand-new career mode! The only pool game that guarantees to make you a better player is still the best pool game in town. Note: This demo will not run on Windows 95. You will need Windows 98, Windows Me, or Window 2000 to run the demo.