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46293 1GOW2289.ZIP 6,1 Mt 20.05.2003 - - -
1st Go Warkanoid II: WildLife v.2.8.9Warkanoid II features the perfect combination of classical Arkanoid/Breakout principles and up-to-date computer technologies that will become your enjoyment source for a long time.  Warkanoid II is shareware, reg. fee is $19.95 Requires P166MMX or higher, 32MB RAM, DirectX. Developed by KraiSoft Entertainment.
46294 1GOW3SB.ZIP 3,6 Mt 20.05.2003 - - -
1st Go Warkanoid III: Story-book The game is based on the classical Arkanoid/Breakout idea: There is a mosaic picture made of colorful bricks at the top of the gamefield, and your object is to destroy all the bricks by hitting them with a bouncing ball. Shareware, $20.
47217 1GOWAR2.ZIP 5,8 Mt 30.04.2001 - - -
1st Go Warkanoid II: WildLifeWarkanoid II features the perfect combination of classical Arkanoid/Breakout principles and up-to-date computer technologies that will become your enjoyment source for a long time.  Warkanoid II is shareware, reg. fee is $19.95 Requires P166MMX or higher, 32MB RAM, DirectX. Developed by KraiSoft Entertainment.
47218 32SB12.ZIP 1,1 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
 3D Spinball v1.2 by UltiSoft. action-arcade game similar to Pong, but with four paddles instead of two - one on each edge of the screen. Move the top and bottom paddles by moving your mouse left and right; the left and right paddles move when you push the mouse up or down. Juggle the ball among your four paddles and destroy any obstacles in the play area: blocks, floating balls, walls, and others. Windows 95, 98, or NT
47219 3DBL2000.ZIP 670,3 kt 22.06.2000 - - -
"3D Blocks 2000 for Windows 9598 and NT Ultimate among the Tetris-like 3D games. Amazing construction kit with preinstalled 10 fully functional semi-classic true 3D game with fresh variations. You can satisfy your need for training of spacial imaginationquick reaction and color sense. Strategic planning is necessary for your successbut dont too difficult to be tiresome. You can construct new fully 3D games from the scratch. "
47220 3DBLO12.ZIP 682,3 kt 03.12.1999 - - -
"3D Blocks 1.2 for Windows 9598 and NT Ultimate among the Tetris-like 3D games. Amazing construction kit with preinstalled 10 fully functional semi-classic true 3D game with fresh variations. You can satisfy your need for training of spacial imaginationquick reaction and color sense. Strategic planning is necessary for your successbut dont too difficult to be tiresome. You can construct new fully 3D games from the scratch. Support for 3D"
47221 3DFRG111.ZIP 3,6 Mt 23.09.1999 - MBCD -
3D Frog Man v1.11 by eGames, Inc. / Webfoot Snappy arcade game that contains echoes of those two arcade stalwarts, Frogger and Pacman. Guide Frog Man around a series of paths through a lake, gobbling worms and insects while avoiding ghosts. Like all good frogs, Frog Man can leap to avoid head-on collisions. He can also chomp down power-ups that will allow him to turn tables - temporarily - on the ghosts. Lively 3D graphics. Win95, P200, 32MB, DX5.
47222 3DMRBALL.ZIP 843,7 kt 19.04.2000 - - -
3D Mr. Ball by Lomax Productions. Arcade/puzzle game. Remove all fields/stones in the level with the help of Mr. Ball. Some fields are removed when Mr. Ball is running over them. Other ones can hold Mr. Ball more often ... But if Mr. Ball makes a step into the void he is lost! There are fields with many different Functions. Windows 95/98, P166, 32 MB & Direct3D card. 
47223 3DSPRYJN.ZIP 847,7 kt 15.10.2000 - - -
"3D Spryjinx v0.97You must hop between blocks to change their
color before they fall into a sea of lava in
nine levelsall strewn with powerups. You
score points for each block sunk that was
your color. If youre caught on a block as
its engulfedyoull lose a life. You win by
having the highest score at the end of the
levelor if your enemy loses all lives.
P 200Win 9x. Freeware."
47224 3DTRIX.ZIP 4,7 Mt 24.01.2000 - - -
TRIX, version 2.0  Copyright(c) Broglio Productions 1999 http://www.broglioprod.com It is a nice Tetris like game that runs under Windows 95/98 and needs the DirectX 5+.
47225 3RDBLO.ZIP 486,3 kt 06.08.1999 - - -
3rd block II Shareware version 2.0 3rd block is an exciting action and logic game. Throughout the game, one, two, three or more (up to 7, depended on skin you have chosen) blocks line and angles of various colors fall from the top to the bottom of the playing area. When the blocks form a solid row of three or more blocks across the playing area, that row vanishes. System requirements : Windows 95/98/NT4.0 Author : Alexander V. Gashkov snus@xdsoft.com
46304 4DPOP.ZIP 606,6 kt 25.03.2004 - - -
4D Prince of Persia An unofficial reworking of the original Prince of Persia game by Jordan Mechner. The levels have been rebuilt and made tougher. You have to save the princess from the clutches of the evil Jaffar who has given her 60 minutes to marry him or die.
60293 95CHRY41.ZIP 364843 27.05.1996 - - tupla
CHERRY DELIGHT Video Slots V4.1 A Slot
Machine Game for Windows 95  This isn't your
grandmother's slot machine!  This is a nine
wheel video slot machine with 8 pay lines.
Also has bonus spins and a progressive bonus
pool.  See the beautiful graphics and
animation!  Requires VB40032.DLL (not in .ZIP
60294 95DYNA41.ZIP 374327 27.05.1996 - - -
Machine Game for Windows 95  This isn't your
grandmother's slot machine!  This is a nine
wheel video slot machine with 8 pay lines.
Also has bonus spins, "wild card" symbol, and
a pro- gressive bonus pool.  See the
beautiful graphics and animation for
yourself! Requires VB40032.DLL (not in .ZIP
60295 95ESCAPE.ZIP 1481956 24.11.1996 - - -
Moraff's Escapade is a super-high-quality
animated arcade/logic game for Windows! You
run around picking up pieces of the 30
screens and rearranging them!
60296 95EXTR12.ZIP 700515 21.11.1996 - - -
EXTREME SLOTS 95 v1.2 Windows 95 Slot Machine
Game. Three slot machine games in one
STRIPES slots). 256 color graphics and funny
sounds. Beautiful spinning animation.
Requires VB40032.DLL
40989 95JACK11.ZIP 548585 27.05.1996 - - -
JACKPOT SLOTS v1.1 (Windows 95) Windows 95
Slot Machine Game  Three slot machine games
TREASURE CHEST SLOTS).  256 color graphics
and funny sounds.  Beautiful spinning
animation.  Requires VB40032.DLL (not in .ZIP
60299 95LUCK41.ZIP 357893 27.05.1996 - - -
LUCKY STARS Video Slots V4.1 A Slot Machine
Game for Windows 95  This isn't your
grandmother's slot machine! This is a nine
wheel video slot machine with 8 pay lines.
Also has bonus spins, "wild card" symbol, and
a progressive bonus pool.  See the beautiful
graphics and animation for yourself! Requires
VB40032.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
40993 95STGN11.ZIP 528854 27.05.1996 - - -
SLOTS of TRIVIA v1.1 (General Version) Slot
Machine and Trivia Game for Win95  It's both
a slot machine game and a trivia game.
Answer questions to collect your winning
spins.  Also has a slot-only mode.  Great
graphics and sounds.  Requires VB40032.DLL
(not in .ZIP file)
40995 95UBLAS4.ZIP 1240120 24.11.1996 - - -
*WIN95*MoraffWare-BestBreakout! CoolSound4.4
16 MILLION COLOR GAME!!! Moraff's Ultra Blast
is a super-high-quality animated arcade game
for Win 95! Beautiful backgrounds, spinning
swirls, and blinking eyes for balls, cool
sound! 32 bit version for Windows '95
47226 ABOMBERS.ZIP 1,3 Mt 13.03.1999 - MBCD -
Atomic Bombers - arcade action. Tired to play with classical Bombers games? Dynablaster style 2-4 player fun bomb action. Includes level editor. Windows 95 DirectX5 Pentium
46306 ABRACA.ZIP 10,7 Mt 07.01.2005 - - -
AbracadabraCreate or destroy your destiny with the “Whack!” of a magic wand. That wand, by the way, is of key importance and could save your life. With it, you and your wizard friend can make or break walls. Your mission is to find a key without having your journey thwarted. You’ll use your supernatural powers wisely to protect you from the crazy creatures trying to foil your task. Don’t worry, there isn’t just evil lurking, you’ll also discover mystical fairies that will take you shopping! Yup, grab some gold and fill your life with ka-ching, to buy extra power and other magical things…
46307 ACKYXPBO.ZIP 2,4 Mt 07.01.2005 - MBHH2005 -
"Ackys XP Breakout 
Blast your way through 150 powerful levels in the ultimate arkanoid game.  Discover unique power itemsbrick typesand fun in Ackys XP Breakout.  The gameplay is always changing with a dynamic mesh of particle effectspoint bonusesand object morphing to keep you mesmerized.  Enjoy enhanced gameplay with XP Mode and customize the game to your own personal liking with many options.
47227 ACLUB.ZIP 1,7 Mt 19.04.1999 - MBCD -
Activision Game Club - Atari 2600 console games. Retro / emulation.Includes following classics from the early 80s: Fishing Derby, Stampede, River Raid, River Raid 2. For Windows 95.
47228 ADVNT32.ZIP 590,9 kt 09.02.2000 - - -
Advanced Tetric v3.2 for Windows 9x/NT  Advanced Tetric is a little more than just Tetris. It also includes Pentix, Color Tetris and two additional variations of Tetris (Advanced Tetris and Advanced Pentix). There are also eight different block sets to play with: blocks, numerals, kinetics, dice, wild, planes, plasma and misc. Outstanding graphic is one more advantage, which will bring you
46310 ADVNTUR.ZIP 5,1 Mt 26.10.2004 - - -
Lapsille ja lapsenmielisille sopiva arcadepeli, jossa mukava mehiläinen pölyttää joenvarren kukkia, saaden ne kukoistamaan kaikessa kauneudessaan. Viheriäisessä maastossa piilee kuitenkin vaaroja, kuten hyönteisiä syövät hämäkäkit, talitintit, sorsaparvet ja liiskaamiseen mieltyneet ihmiset. Shareware, $18.50
46311 AERANT.ZIP 6,7 Mt 09.01.2005 - MBHH2005 -
"Aerial Antics
You have always dreamed of flying high! Now is your chance! The Aerial Antics Circus is holding tryouts to find the best rocket pack pilots for its new attraction! Can you learn to fly with the best? You must pass 50 challenging tests. If you succeed you will be the next Aerial Antics superstar performer! Shareware$20."
46312 AIRH3D17.ZIP 2,3 Mt 08.11.2004 - - -
Air Hockey 3D v1.7
Air Hockey 3D:ssä idea on sama kuin pöytämallin ilmakiekossa, mutta vähän tehostettuna -- pelialueelle putoilee välillä vänkiä tehostepaketteja, kuten kiekon monistava powerup tai lasertähtäin. Pelipöytää saa kieputeltua ja sen ulkonäköä voi muuttaa. Kolme erilaista pelityyppiä antavat valinnanvaraa kamppailun säännöille, efektejä voi lisätä ja vaikeustasoa säätää. Shareware, $20
47229 ALZEY.ZIP 1 Mt 28.12.2000 - - -
AlzeyAlzey  In this Pac-Man style 3D arcade game, you have to accomplish different missions in each from the 21 levels (collect all diamonds, kill all enemies...). Win 9x, 3D accelerator. Freeware. 
46314 AMAZMZ14.ZIP 1,4 Mt 22.09.1997 - - -
Amazing Mazez to Amaze (32-bit) V1.4 Esa Myllyla If you know how to play Pac Man, you know how to play Amazing Mazez to Amaze. This munch-around-a-maze game is as fun to play as the old Pac Man, complete with nice graphics and digital sound. However, it takes up only a fraction of your monitor and play is a little pokey. Challenging and will bring back fond memories of those 80s days in the arcade. SVGA and Windows 95
47230 AMAZSP20.ZIP 1,9 Mt 25.11.1999 - MBHH2000 -
"AmazinSPISPOPD v2.0 An arcade-style maze-runningdot chomping game with cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Collect power-ups to walk through wallsgo super fastand even give your foes the Evil Eye. Includes randomly generated mazes and a Time Attack mode to compete for record times. Requires Win95/98/NT and directX. Registration fee: $11.00 Hamumu Software"
46316 AOTSB13.ZIP 31 Mt 09.12.2002 - - -
Attack of the Silver Ball v1.3\t Itseään maailman parhaaksi flipperipeliksi tituleeraavan Attack of the Silver Ball -pelin demo. Täysin kolmiulotteisein demon päivitetty versio sisältää rajoitetun version Mafia Madness -pelikentästä. P233, 64 Mt. 
46317 AOTSBALL.ZIP 18,6 Mt 14.11.2001 - - -
Attack of the Silver Ball  Näyttävä flipperipeli. P200, 64 Mt. 
41002 APOLLO13.ZIP 43107 24.11.1996 - - -
Apollo 13 Lunar Lander - challenges you
to guide your Lunar Excursion Module
over and through increasingly
challenging lunar terrain to reach the
moonbase. There are seven levels of
increasingly difficult surface and
subterranean landscapes, and you may
customize the difficulty. Requires
VBRUN300 and Windows.
47231 APOMPPI.ZIP 721,5 kt 03.04.2001 - - -
Avaruus Pomppi Games Factorylla tehty yksinkertainen tasohyppely/räiskintä. Hermanni on löytänyt nalle Kallen jalanjäljet, jotka johtavat Kuuhun. Kuuhun päästessään Hermanni törmää avaruusolentojen salaliittoon, joka on tietysti estettävä. 
46319 ARCNTOYS.ZIP 4 Mt 12.04.2003 - - -
"Arcon Toys  Arcon Toys is a new Arkanoid-style game featuring teleporterspinball bumperscreatures that glide across the screen and colorful backgrounds. The shareware version offers four levels and a taste of some of the games powerupsincluding fast ballmulti-ballrocketsbullets and protective barrier. Arcon Toys also has a bumper that rains power-ups when its hit and a third-person follow mode. The unique board designs tilt and bobble depending on where the paddle is. "
47232 ARKAN3D.ZIP 2,6 Mt 30.04.2001 - - -
Arkanoid 3D v1.5  Send the ball flying through 3D space to knock out the wall of bricks at the other end of the playing field. Nasty flying monsters will get in your way, but strong powerups and bonuses will help you to advance to the next level. This is a 30-day trial version. 32 MB RAM, P200, Win 9x, 3D video card, DirectX 5.0. Shareware, $12. 
47233 ARKAVI20.ZIP 2,4 Mt 14.12.2000 - - -
"Arkanoid - The Virtual Isles v2.0Arkanoid - The Virtual Isles is a Breakout- style game with a challenging twist. Instead of just breaking blocks on a single screenyoure confronted by a longvertically scrolling play area. You dont have to break all the blocks on the level; insteadyou must get the ball all the way to the end of it. Broken bricks shower bonuses that you can exchange for power-upsincluding vital extra balls. P166Win 9xDirectX 7.0. "
47234 ARKAVI25.ZIP 3 Mt 30.04.2001 - - -
"Arkanoid - The Virtual Isles v2.5 Arkanoid - The Virtual Isles is a Breakout-  style game with a challenging twist. Instead  of just breaking blocks on a single screenyoure confronted by a longvertically  scrolling play area. You dont have to break  all the blocks on the level; insteadyou  must get the ball all the way to the end of  it. Broken bricks shower bonuses that you  can exchange for power-upsincluding vital  extra balls. P166Win 9xDirectX 7.0.  "
47235 ARKNOD2K.ZIP 551,6 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Arkanoid2000 v1.3 for Windows 95/98/NT Break-out restyle of an old goody game  with many brand-new features Shareware $10 http://www.TerminalStudio.com/ 
47236 ARMAG013.ZIP 1004,7 kt 05.06.2000 - - -
"Armagetron v0.13 by Manuel Moos. Arcade. You ride a lightcyclea kind of motorbike that cant be stopped and leaves a wall where it goes. You can make turns of 90 degrees. There are two of you in an arena. If you run into a wallyou are deleted. You can accelerate by driving close to walls. Based on the movie Tron. Windows 95/98P20032 MBOpenGL. "
46325 ATBZZ206.ZIP 499,7 kt 24.11.1998 - MBCD -
Astrasoft Bzzz! v2.06 by Atrasoft You are a frog in a pond. The object of the game is to eat as many flies as possible by catching them with your tounge. Windows 95 + VB5 runtime libraries
46326 ATR2.ZIP 236201 14.01.1997 - MBCD -
ATR2 - fast paced arcade wormgame. Requires
Windows 95 MORE than 256 colour display(more
than 8-bit) At least a 33Mhz PC
46327 AVPOKER.ZIP 1,4 Mt 19.05.1999 - MBCD -
"Advanced Video Poker v1.01 by Alhademic Group Attractively presented video Poker game. You can alter the look of the table and the deck and choose from a limited selection of background music (which you can also switch off). You cant alter betting limitsbut the betting is smoothly donemaking it easy to race through your roll of dough. Windows 9598or NT"
46328 BALLS101.EXE 2,4 Mt 03.09.1999 - MBCD -
"Ive got some BALLS v1.01 FINAL (C)Sebastian Aaltonen 1999 3D-palloilua yhdelle pelaajalle. Pelissä selvitat kenttia erivaristen pallojen avustuksella. Hieno ja sulava yli 100fps 3d-grafiikka. Vaatii DX6.0:n ja DX-yhteensopivan 3d-kortin. Tukee Dsound-yhteensopivia äänikortteja. Uusi v1.01 sisältää nyt 12 erilaista kenttää. Nyt myös antialiasointi ja 24-bittiset textuurit."
46329 BALLS102.ZIP 2,4 Mt 15.10.2000 - MBHH2001 -
"Ive Got Some Balls v1.02Your mission is to guide a small ball thru
labyrinths and corridorsand to collect all
diamonds from every level. You are helped by
to get through the levels by different
colored balls which youll get on your use by
moving through different colored gates.
Win 9xDirectX."
46330 BATLP.EXE 918,5 kt 14.11.2000 - - -
Battle Painters 1.0Battle Painters is a simple multiplayer action game in which the person who paints the most percentage of the playing field in their color wins the game. You will play against three other players controlled by either the computer or human opponents. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. Requires DirectX 3.0 or higher. Shareware.
46331 BBQ11.ZIP 3,3 Mt 29.03.2003 - - -
Bubble Bobble Quest  v1.1Bubble Bobble Quest is a remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble. You get to play as one of the two little dragons named Bub and Bob. The action takes place in a totally new world filled with cunning and insidious monsters, but the dragons have a magic ability to blow bubbles which can entangle their enemies inside of them. Once the enemy is trapped, the bubbles can be easily popped. Shareware.
46332 BC-DEMO.ZIP 380,3 kt 20.01.1999 - - -
"Black Crypt by Raven Software. Free PC Windows port of Ravens first ever game for the Amiga. By Rick Johnson. Role playing. Player is one of a party of four. Using your witsspells and the weapons youll find scattered aboutyou must fight your way through increasingly powerful enemies. Windows 95DirectX."
46333 BGODEMO.ZIP 3,7 Mt 15.07.1999 - - -
"Bingo V.11 BY eGamesInc. Heres realistic Bingo play on your PC. You get to play one to three cards and compete against your Bingo Buddies to build bankroll and go to higher prizes and more-challenging competition. The caller speed is adjustableand you both see and hear the numbers being drawn. A full number board is in viewjust like at a real Bingo hall. Pentium 133 and Windows 9598or NT"
46334 BLASTTHR.ZIP 3,7 Mt 15.07.1999 - - -
Blast Thru v1.11 by eGames, Inc. Arcade. Breakout close. Keep your ball on the screen by hitting it with your paddle and try to destroy all the bricks too. Some bricks give you powerups, such as the blue. But be careful of the red ones!!! Find out what the powerups do by catching them with your paddle. Design your own levels for even greater challenges as you paddle your way to victory. This game is fast-paced, colorful and action-packed! Windows 95, DirectX
46335 BLAZTRA.ZIP 1 Mt 02.11.1999 - - -
Blazing Trails V0.2 Arcade retro remake. Ny attempt to remake old 8-bit classic Trailblazer. The rules are simple: you must guide the ball along the trail from the start zone to the end zone inside the qualifying time. But avoid the holes and traps. Use speedups and other helping things on your journey. Windows 95, Pentium 166, D3D card with at least 4mb
46336 BLO95205.ZIP 1,9 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
Bloobs 95 v2.05  UltiSoft, Inc. single-player arcade game that challenges you to shoot at a grid of multicolored shapes. Object is to fire at a moving collection of these sticky objects, trying to connect groups of three to clear the screen, before the pile collapses on you. Each time three or more bloobs are connected, the entire chain disappears. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46337 BLOBSH95.ZIP 343,7 kt 15.03.2000 - - -
" Blobshop32 v1.23 Kidsgame reminiscent of 5-in-a-row. To winyou fire paint blobs at a gridded wall and try to get five in a row before your opponent does. You can configure the wall from 6 x 6 to 15 x 15 squares; you can choose one of four skill levelsfrom Very Easy to Expert. Children can play against  the computer or a friend - complete with customized names. Windows 95VB5 runtime"
46338 BLSDIST.ZIP 5,1 Mt 12.05.1999 - MBCD -
"Blaster Disaster by 3.14 Software Platform arcade game for 1 to 6 players on one computer. Three players play on the keyboardone uses the mouse and two players can play with joystick.Youre down in sinking ship and jumping up for their lives. You can use various weapons to hit your opponentonce all your armor is goneyou will get stunned (each time longer). When you hit the bottom you drown. Windows 9598or NT


46339 BM98.ZIP 14,5 Mt 30.12.1999 - - -
BM98 (version 3.9G7) Genre: Puzzle/Music. Developer: yaneurao works. Cool game that uses music and timing. You are the disc jockey in a dance place and you must time sound and light effects to the background music to make people happy. Features Many music tracks / levels Configurable difficulty Requires Windows 95/98/NT, Pentium.
46340 BMBRMAN.ZIP 802,6 kt 25.11.1999 - - -
Bomberman V1.81 By Christian P\x81hringer Play an arcade-style game of explosions. Blow things up with gusto. freeware, multi-player, arcade-style game. Select the number of players and then use keyboard(s) and joysticks to move your players around maze. Plant bombs to create a pathway to your enemy and grab power-ups along the way. The graphics are rather simplistic and the sounds are basic, but the game is good fun. Level editor included. Windows 95/98/NT, DirectX
46341 BOA100SW.ZIP 6,5 Mt 03.12.1999 - - -
BoaBite3D by WAH-Software. 3D wormgame. The 2D worm games were very addictive. We decided to make a game like that with 3D graphics! Let that poor 2D worm be free and release it to free movements and third dimension! You can play single boa game, or double boa multiplayer game with split screen display. Controls are very simple to learn. We have programmed two guide modes too. Windows 95/98, P120, 16 MB. Supports Direct3D/3Dfx. http://www.wah-software.net
46342 BOABTE3D.ZIP 6,5 Mt 15.10.2000 - MBHH2001 -
BoaBite 3Dklassinen matopeli kolmiulotteisessa ympäristössä. Tarkoitus on
syödä omenoita ja olla törmäämättä itseensä tai seiniin. Jokainen 
kirsikka lisää madon pituutta, joten peli vaikeutuu jatkuvasti. Tason 
vaihtuessa myös madon nopeus kasvaa. Tässä shareware-versiossa
on kaksi kenttää. Win 9x.
46343 BOMBPA11.ZIP 1,3 Mt 17.08.1999 - - -
Bomb Patrol v1.1 by Mark Roth Simple arcade strategy game in which you try to collect a certain number of coins within a given time. You maneuver a tank with the keyboard arrow keys or a joystick to run over coins on the game board. There are bombs around the board with clues in the form of numbers on adjacent squares-like Minesweeper. The game offers eight levels, with different sized playing boards, more coins to be collected, and a time limit. Win95, DirectX
46344 BONGOB.ZIP 20,5 Mt 13.09.2002 - - -
Bongo Boogie  Bongo Boogie is one of the latest takes on the "wallbreaker" style game.  
46345 BONZA059.ZIP 795,2 kt 26.10.2000 - - -
Bonzala v0.59Bonzala is a blend of action and puzzle solving game with 3D-rendered graphics. Your goal is to collect the heart-shaped objects on the level in the shortest time possible. The colorful tracks of each level twist and turn and bend on themselves much like a complicated roller coaster, and it becomes difficult to find the remaining hearts to complete the level.   
46346 BOOGA-12.ZIP 2,4 Mt 21.05.1998 - MBCD -
boogaloopers Arcade Game v1.20 by Stick Man Games, Inc. The constant shifting of the Void produces balls of energy called Boogas. If too many Boogas collect in a sector, they will create a rift in the Void and collapse it. You have been chosen to become the "boogalooper", a cross between protector of the universe and a cosmic janitor.
46347 BORUSH10.ZIP 773,3 kt 06.08.1999 - - -
"Boulder Rush v1.0 -  arcade retro remake. Arcade game. PC clone of your favorite BoulderDash game. Dig around in caves collecting diamonds! Contains 19 different games from C-64 Boulder version. Supports Boulderoid cave map loading. You can also use additional caves from Amigas BoulderDäsh Based on: BoulderDash by First Star Software - 1984. Seen on: Atari 400/800C64SpectrumAmstradSTBBCMSXAmiga. (Also: GameBoyNESSNES) Platform: Win95"
46348 BOSSW12.A01 3,8 Mt 13.08.1999 - - -
Balls of Steel Shareware v1.2 2/4
46349 BOSSW12.A02 3,8 Mt 13.08.1999 - - -
Balls of Steel Shareware v1.2 3/4
46350 BOSSW12.A03 1,9 Mt 13.08.1999 - - -
Balls of Steel Shareware v1.2 4/4
46351 BOSSW12.ARJ 3,8 Mt 13.08.1999 - - -
"Balls of Steel Shareware v1.2- pinball game. By Pinball Wizards/Apogee - features five tables with edge and attitude. No lame circuszooor cutesy themes here! Were talking blood and gorewith animated creatures getting splattered by your ball and laser cannons dishing out hardcore destruction. New version adds lots of new stuff & fixes bugs. P10016MBWin95DirectX1MB VESA Video card     1/4"
46352 BPETAVAL.ZIP 4,1 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
BattlePets: Avalar V1.0 DEMO sequel to the smash hit BattlePets! 50 all new BattlePets created by Bob Cooksey, 49 magic powers, and a interesting story. Players start out with just one BattlePet, but can catch as many as five at a time. The players explore dark caves and haunted castles, battling wild BattlePets and training their own When the players feel ready, WINDOWS 95/98, DirectX 
46353 BRICKS15.ZIP 998,8 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
BrickShooter v1.5 for Windows 95/98/NT BrickShooter is a combinatoric geometric computer game based on an original idea. The game has 6 levels of difficulty, so it can give a lot of pleasure to both beginners (including kids) and experienced players who like difficult puzzles. Shareware $10 http://www.brickshooter.cjb.net 
46354 BRIKBR12.ZIP 2,3 Mt 09.06.2000 - - -
Brick Break v1.2 by The Foundation Company Arcade Breakout game. Takes the favorite game format from the \'70s and stretches it with fun new features. Different patterns of bricks are used for each level, and brick colors determine how many hits it takes to eliminate them. Even more fun are the five "pills" that seem to randomly descend from broken bricks, each with different effects. Attractive, colorful, and fun. Windows 95, 98, or NT 
41014 BSTOUT95.ZIP 205349 18.12.1996 - - -
BustOut! - is a breakout-style game for
Win95. This version allows you to play
the first four of ten levels.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
46355 BUBBL12.ZIP 1,3 Mt 20.07.1998 - - -
Bubbles v1.2 (ASP) from DynoTech Software. Puzzle game plays upside down! Maneuver the rising bubbles so they float into matching bubble pods. Watch out for nasty soap scum! See awesome digital graphics, listen to your favorite classical music, save games, pause play when you need a break, and much more. Req: 486+; 8MB RAM; Win 3.x or Windows 9x; High color SVGA; Sound Card (optional, but recommended). http://www.dynotecch.com - $19.95
46356 BUBBOB10.ZIP 2,3 Mt 27.03.2000 - - -
"Bubble Bobble Nostalgie v1.0 for Win 95/98Bubble Bobble Nostalgie is a Windows  remake of popular classic arcade gameBubble Bobble.  Game runs in HiColor mode 640x480x16.  Shareware $10 http://www.alawar.com/bubble"
46357 BUSTM111.ZIP 4,5 Mt 06.08.2002 - - -
"Bustem v1.11 Bustem is an addictive fast-action game featuring  great graphics and soundtons of levels and  power-upsand the Penny Arcade Fighters. "
46358 BXMAS103.ZIP 2,6 Mt 30.04.2001 - - -
"Bomberic - Christmas Edition v1.03  In a wintry labyrinththe hero (which looks like Santa Claus) has to find a given number of keys to open the gates to exit the current level and rise to the next one. The keys lie hidden in the labyrinth walls. To get at the keysthe hero has to blast the walls using mines and bombs. The heros mission is under threat from the monsters who can impair him with collisions or by shooting. P166Win 9xDirectX 7.0. Shareware$18.75. "
46359 CAKEWORM.ZIP 671,4 kt 11.04.2000 - - -
CakeWorma 360 degs turning wormgame by Johan Lindqvist. A truly mindblowing experience, and for FREE! Whaddya waiting for? jockil@dlc.fi - www.mbnet.fi/~jockil Requires Win32, DirectX. 
46360 CAPMAN10.ZIP 2,8 Mt 09.07.1999 - - -
Capman v1.01 A mix between Pacman & Dynablaster. Second release in the Capsule serie of games, by Jani Immonen. Collect capsules to advance to next level. Best playing against other people. Two different game modes, Deathmatch and Eatmatch,which can include up to four players, locally (max. two on one machine), via IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, modem or null modem cable. P100, 16 MB, Win95/98, DirectX http://batman.jytol.fi/~janimm/capman
46361 CAPSU120.ZIP 598 kt 21.05.1999 - MBCD -
"Capsule v1.20Arcade game for Windows 95/98 Tetris-lookalike with different pills that dont always fall where you would like them to go... 1998 Jani Immonen Req. P100 DirectX5. Myös suomenkielinen versio. http://batman.jytol.fi/~janimm/kapseli/"
46362 capsule.zip 598 kt 21.05.1999 - - -
"Capsule v1.20Arcade game for Windows 95/98 Tetris-lookalike with different pills that dont always fall where you would like them to go... 1998 Jani Immonen Req. P100 DirectX5. My�s suomenkielinen versio. http://batman.jytol.fi/~janimm/kapseli/"
46363 CAPTSCAR.ZIP 704,3 kt 04.02.2003 - - -
Captain Scarlet Doomsday Deadline 1.0Captain Sacrlet Doomsday Deadline on erittäin suoraviivainen ja yksinkertainen tasohyppelypeli, joka on toteutettu Flash-muodossa. Pelaaja ohjailee hahmoaan läpi useiden kenttien, väistellen teollisuusprässejä, tulipalloja ja muita epämiellyttäviä tuttavuuksia. 
Kokeiluversio. Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP. http://www.digitalworkshop.com/dw_shop/products/opus/game/#
46364 CARPILLR.ZIP 209,2 kt 15.10.2000 - - -
Caterpillar v1.6Caterpillar on klassinen matopeli. Tarkoitus on
syödä kirsikoita ja olla törmäämättä itseensä tai
seiniin. Jokainen kirsikka lisää madon pituutta,
joten peli vaikeutuu jatkuvasti. Win 9x.
46365 CARTMAN.ZIP 1,3 Mt 07.01.2001 - - -
"Cartmans Authoritah 1.3Play as South Parks Eric Cartman in this Super Mario style platform game. Runjump and shoot your way through 8 levels (plus many secret levels) of enemies to finally 
face off against Mr Garrison. To make your job easier collect a variety of special weapons and ammunition 
along the way. Features a mixture of cartoon style 
and 3D rendered graphicsplus cool special effects. Requires DirectX 7 or newer. Windows 95/98. Free.
46366 CASTLEAT.ZIP 2,1 Mt 26.05.2001 - - -
Castle Attack  In this small game you command three archers  on your castle walls, and you must protect your castle from barbarians, knights and archers. Shoot the assaillants before they reach the walls. The game also shows stills from the upcoming castle building & strategy game, Stronghold. 
46367 CENB11.ZIP 1,6 Mt 21.11.2002 - - -
Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch v1.1b 20 vuotta vanhan arcadeklassikon uudelleenlämmityksessä pelaaja on edelleenkin kananmunia keräävä farmari. Kotieläimet, kana ennen kaikkea, eivät juurikaan innostu maajussimme touhuista, vaan yrittävät yksissä tuumin pistää pisteen poloisen puuhille. Ilmainen. 
46368 CHOM3D18.ZIP 2,1 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
Chomper3D 3D v1.8  interactive Maza-acle experience. See Pac Man 3D accelerated! Features include: 10 levels, containing over 40 mazes! Create and play your own mazes! Smart ghosts that hunt you! New mazes and colors for each level! Bigger mazes on higher levels! New music and fruit for each level! Free mazes from the web repository Windows 95, DirectX 6.1. Recommended 3D accelerator.
46369 CHUCKIE.ZIP 216,3 kt 06.08.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Chuckie Egg - classic retro remake. Here is my version of the classic 8-bit game Chuckie Egg from A&F Software and this conversion is based on the BBC Micro game. Windows 95/95/NT with DirectX 3+, P75. Platform game. Author:  Mike Elson http://www.gershwin.force9.co.uk/chuckie/
46370 CLEART11.ZIP 452,6 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
Clear It! Version 1.1 Copyright 1998 by Gerry Quinn The object is to form a predefined shape such as a four by four square by assembling random shapes of the same color. You play on a grid board and shapes are presented one by one for you to place on the playing surface. You can see the upcoming shapes so it is possible to plan ahead. Windows 95, 98 and NT. It is shareware, price $20.
46371 CMAN101.ZIP 2,8 Mt 09.07.1999 - MBCD -
Capman v1.01 A mix between Pacman & Dynablaster. Second release in the Capsule serie of games, by Jani Immonen. Collect capsules to advance to next level. Best playing against other people. Two different game modes, Deathmatch and Eatmatch,which can include up to four players, locally (max. two on one machine), via IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, modem or null modem cable. P100, 16 MB, Win95/98, DirectX http://batman.jytol.fi/~janimm/capman
46372 COLUM95.ZIP 1,7 Mt 18.02.2000 - - -
Columns95 Shareware  Windows-versio tutusta Tetris-pelistä. Windows 95/98/2000/NT, 8 Mt, 486/100. Olavi Ikonen olavi.ikonen@cyberdude.com
46373 CRAZYBLL.ZIP 823,6 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
Crazy Balls Capture the balls and paint the box. In Crazy Balls the game board is a square which is empty at the beginning of the game. Inside of the board one or several balls fly, and bump off against the walls. With the help of the little yellow arrow you must paint the parts of the board to catch the balls. The bugs run inside the painted parts of the board. Avoid balls and bugs. DirectX and Windows 95, 98, or NT
46374 CROCKS10.ZIP 6,9 Mt 19.04.2003 - - -
Cradle Rocks v1.0 Agent Duncan Su needs your help! You must find and recover mysterious, powerful black diamonds that were stolen and scattered throughout the city. But, time is of the essence and lives are at stake. Navigate the streets of Los Angeles on your ATV, dodge barriers, avoid apprehension from the police to find thirty diamonds and return them to Agent Su. Run out of time, incur major damage to your vehicle, or run out of gas and your quest is over.
46375 CROP1100.A01 1,4 Mt 03.09.1998 - MBCD -
Crop Circles 2/5
46376 CROP1100.A02 1,4 Mt 03.09.1998 - MBCD -
Crop Circles 3/5
46377 CROP1100.A03 1,4 Mt 03.09.1998 - MBCD -
Crop Circles 4/5
46378 CROP1100.A04 1,2 Mt 03.09.1998 - MBCD -
Crop Circles 5/5
46379 CROP1100.ARJ 1,4 Mt 03.09.1998 - MBCD -
Crop Circles 1/5from Zero Entertainment sci-fi arcade game. At controls of flying saucer, you must evade farmers, government agents and photographers while blazing mysterious markings onto the surface of the Earth. Along the way, you must steal cows to power your spacecraft. Humorous and easy arcade game. Windows 95/NT   1/5
46380 CRSHBALL.ZIP 860 kt 26.10.2000 - MBHH2003 -
Crashball 1.0Crashball is an Arkanoid-style game, where your goal is to destroy all the bricks in each level by bouncing a ball or shooting them. Some levels also launch multi-ball volley, and you can keep all the balls you can handle. Crashball is fiendishly addictive, involving a large dose of frustration. You can also continue from the level you died on. Win 9x, DirectX 6.0. 
46381 CTRIS11.ZIP 463,1 kt 15.03.2000 - - -
 CTris 2000 v1.1 by Antony Pranata Another Tetris falling blocks game that looks similar to Tetris but has a different concept for play and victory. Your challenge is to place three or more blocks of the same color in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row in order for them to vanish. You can preview blocks before they appear and fall; choose one, two, three, or four block rows, or at random, arranging their fall to be vertical
46382 CYBRTR40.ZIP 5,4 Mt 29.06.1999 - - -
"Moraffs CyberTris v4.0 Best tetris-Like Game! * Head-to-Head! BombsMusicdazzling graphicsand variety make this a very simplecleanenjoyable implementation of the tetris-style game. Dont miss this oneit is one of the best! Boards can be 6x12 up to 50x70. Highscoreshead-to-headbombssound effectsmusicThis one has it all. Can you make it past the 3rd screen? Good luck! WIN95 Pentium 8 MB"
46383 CYCLES3D.ZIP 965,7 kt 09.06.2000 - - -
Cycles3D By Chris Haag. Arcade/racing game. Based on a sequence from movie "Tron," and uses sounds and images inspired by or appearing in the movie. Tron light cycle clone like Tron3D, but with these new features: 6-player internet and LAN support, Game-finding server (when available), Internet Computer players, Ability to join internet games in progress, IRC Chat capabilities and much more. Windows 95/98, P166, 32 MB, OpenGL. 
46384 CYCLND50.ZIP 569,3 kt 17.11.2000 - - -
"Cyclanoid v5.0Cyclanoid is a tile-based logic game with a built-in visual puzzle builder. You can play base games and create your own. The full version offers more than 23 different built-in puzzleswith various board sizes and controls to allow for easymediumor high skill levels. The objective is to arrange the tiles in rows to match the icons displayed along the game-area border. Much like Rubiks Cube in two dimensionsCyclanoid is harder than it looks because you must get the icons aligned without disrupting your previous work. The interface is attractiveand a help file explains the details. Windows 9x. "
46385 DA101B.ZIP 251,7 kt 17.03.2000 - - -
" Dungeon Adventure v1.0b retro-tribuuttitoimintaseikkailu. The idea for this game was conceived by the 3D-accelerated-hype-shootem up-games whichrulethe gaming industry at the moment. We felt that the modern gaming-scene is missing somethingthat the C64-scene had. C64 games were simpleyet addictive and provided entertainment for weeks. Dungeon Adventure is a tribute to all those games. Exile Studios. Windows 95P16616 MB."
46386 DBATT14.ZIP 2,2 Mt 09.02.2000 - - -
Double Battle v1.4   Completely new breakout-clone. Two players  can play at the same time, or one player  against the PC. The game has 85 level and  in the registered version you found a  construction-set. Many extra weapons  avaible, supports DirectX, two joystick and  stereosound. Includes a highscorelist (Top  50) and many other. Check it out and have  fun. Windows 95, DirectX
46387 DCASTLE.ZIP 3,4 Mt 11.04.1999 - MBCD -
"Dragon Castle by Mistkeep Have you ever wanted to fly a dragon? Well heres your chance! You are a Dragon Knight. Together with your dragon fly through 20 levels of battles and adventure. Fully 3D. You have an army on your side. Runs on slower computers yet can utilize accelerator cards. 3d positional sound including doppler effects. Freeware! Characters include also catapultsknightsarchers and footsoldiers. Req. Win95 P16616 MB. SUPPORTS Direct3D card."
46388 DCAV2-12.ZIP 907,2 kt 13.01.1999 - MBCD -
Diamond Caves II  v1.2  (12.12.98) Peter Elzner  http://www.diamond-pro.com/games/dc2.html Requirements: Pentium90, 16MB, DirectX and Win95/98/NT4  A game in the tradition of Boulder Dash (C64) and Emerald Mine (Amiga), you have to collect Diamonds in a cave and reach the exit in time. 50 levels and Leveleditor included, more Levels available. Peter Elzner Grudene 6a 58644 Iserlohn Germany
46389 DESIRE11.ZIP 560,4 kt 23.01.2000 - - -
"DESiRE v1.1  by Dennis Vink. Play some slots. Slot machine which features lots of different exciting modes of play. Best of allits free. Windows 9598or NT"
46390 DIGJIM.ZIP 4,3 Mt 12.05.1999 - MBCD -
Digging Jim v1.01 by Persei Entertainment Arcade/retro, Boulder Dask copy.Well-designed arcade game that combines puzzle-solving with speed and quick reflexes. You use the keyboard or joystick to guide Jim through caves, searching for diamonds and avoiding numerous obstacles and monsters. 20 levels in shareware. Combines enjoyable graphics and sound with great gameplay. It includes a level builder. DirectX 3.0 or later, Pentium 133, and Windows 95, 98, or NT
46391 DINGY.ZIP 527,7 kt 20.11.1998 - - -
Dingy! v1.0 James McCue Action arcade. In Dingy! there are 4 poles on the playfield. An Object rotates around one of these poles. You THROW it, or you DROP it. The intent is to make vertical stacks of 4 identical pieces. Each time you do that - the stack disappears. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46392 DISOBEYT.ZIP 568 kt 25.02.2001 - - -
Disobey roof test Early stage test platform for skateboard arcade game Disobey. 
46393 DLDEMO.ZIP 15,6 Mt 25.02.2001 - - -
Darkland demo Darkland is an arcade adventure in the spirit of the classic Marble Madness. A strange sphere-like creature has had a powerful dream that changed the world. Now he sees that his dream had errors that are destroying the world, so he must go to the end of his dream to stop it. 
46394 DLXSNAKE.EXE 1,5 Mt 25.01.2001 - - -
"Deluxe Snake 2.9.8 for WindowsDeluxe Snake is a clone of the classic arcade games Nibbles and Snake
with improved gameplayincluding power-upsmushroomswallstail-bite
and other fun stuff. Play on multiple arena sizeswith borders on/offin 4
different gamemodes. Theres a top 20 high-scores list for each unique
settingwhich also stores gamelengths and datesand can be merged with
friendslists. Freeware.
46395 DNSDMO20.ZIP 2,2 Mt 29.01.2001 - - -
Dragon Ninja Saga demo v2.0 Dragon Ninja Saga brings back the old school flavor of a great story and thumb blistering action. Anyone who remembers playing games like Mario Brothers or Ninja Gaiden for the NES is in for a treat. DNS packs tons of secrets, challenges, huge bosses and very colorful artwork. P200, 64MB RAM.  
46396 DOULBER.ZIP 32,2 Mt 08.06.2000 - - -
Doulber - Escape from the 80s v1.02. By Phelios, Inc. Boulder Dash clone, arcade game, help Doulber find the gems from each level. Fun, graphically impressive, strategy-oriented arcade game for children. It stars a purple ant who digs for his favorite "dessert," diamonds Your objective is to dig around and find them all. Levels are unique and well laid out, a continue option makes the gameplay challenging but not frustrating, and the explosions will make you jump the first time Doulber gets knocked on the head by falling boulders. This demo version lets you try the Jungleland, Civilization Island, and Ice Screen levels. Windows 95/98, DirectX 5.2, 32 MB, P200. 
46397 DRG2-110.ZIP 5,2 Mt 19.03.1999 - - -
"Dr Goo 2: the plague v1.10 by Europress Software humorous platform-style game. YouDr. Gooare a blob of gelatinoussticky green stuff. You also happen to be a doctor. Your goal is to save your patients life by finding medicine boxes - five on each level. But look out for the rolling barrelssharksand firing cannons! Because youre stickyyou can hang from ceilings and attach yourself to walls. Windows 9598or NT"
46398 DROPBALL.ZIP 336,5 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
"DropBall by Green Works The object in dropball is to not let the hole fill up with balls! The game endsif all the columns are filled upand the machine cant drop in more balls on the top. You can eliminate the ballsif you collect 7 balls of the same colour verticalhorizontal or diagonal. You can change the position of the balls by moving the rows or the columns of balls that have dropped. Windows 95"
46399 DUCKS04.ZIP 1,3 Mt 25.11.1999 - MBCD -
Ducks 0.4 by Hungry Software Fun arcade & puzzle game in Lemmings style. Guide ducks into rockets by blowing stuff up, building bridges, teleporting hem around, walking them into bubbles, blocking dangerous routes with bricks and no entry signs, and... Squish them under the killer hands, drop them onto spikes or fry them with the duck zappers 20 levels from full game. 256 colours, 64-way parallax scrolling, SB SFX and a lethal injection of humour. DOS. http://www.hungrysoftware.com
46401 DXB2-12.ZIP 2,1 Mt 10.09.1999 - - -
DX-Ball 2 v1.2 by Longbow Digital Arts and Michael P. Welch A great Arkanoid-style brick smashing arcade game with good playability, modern graphics and attitude. Windows 95.
46400 DXB2125.ZIP 2,1 Mt 07.02.2001 - MBHH2003 -
DX-Ball 2 v1.25 Use the mouse to move a paddle back and forth along the bottom of the screen, while bouncing a ball to break through a pattern of bricks above. DX-Ball 2 adds explosive bricks and random power-ups, including laser weapons, multiple balls, explosive Fire Balls, through-balls, large sized balls, tiny balls, big and small paddles, slow balls, two-way and eight-way split balls, ball catch, and more. Win 9x, DirectX. Freeware. 
46402 DXTRIS15.ZIP 3,7 Mt 01.03.2000 - - -
 DXtris v1.5 by Blue Thunder Software Very nicely done freeware version of Tetris. It takes advantage of DirectX to deliver squeaky clean graphics and bold audio music and sound effects. An interesting visual background and your choice of different types of "tech" and "remix" music enhance the experience. Well executed and has thorough documentation, but don\'t expect much beyond the basic core game of Tetris.
46403 DYNAMITE.ZIP 5,1 Mt 04.06.1998 - MBCD -
Dynamite spectacular game based on a legendary arcade classic Bomberman! One of the most exciting multi-player events. Up to 4 players battle on as seen from a top-down map. Players strategically lay down bombs and destroy walls in order to get to their opponents. Windows 95, P60, 8 MB
46404 DYNJ32.ZIP 1,3 Mt 18.04.1997 - MBCD -
"Dynamite Joe 32-bit Windows 95 from C2V Productions You are Joealias Boom-Boom Joe or The Explosivebetter known as DYNAMITE JOE. Youve been rotting for 3 years in the slammer alreadyand the pressure has been building up. Its time to break loose and escape from this lousy stinking rotten jail. You dig your way through the underground using existing tunnelsor make your own as you go. Collect keysfind treasures and watch out for wardens and police."
46408 E-GON.ZIP 311,4 kt 09.06.2000 - - -
e-gon Adventures by e-game. Genre: Arcade Cute little arcade game where you must burst bubbles in order to score points. When you burst a bubble, it splits, then again....and so on. Very addictive and very fun, a nice Pang clone. You can register your scores online and compete against others to win prizes! Windows 95/98 
46405 EBRIUM2.ZIP 343,3 kt 14.11.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Equilibrium v2.0 by Digital Dawn Nice Tetris-style Windows game. 3D. DirectX 7 required. Made in Finland.
46406 EGOBOO21.ZIP 24,4 Mt 18.04.2001 - - -
Egoboo 2.1 demo  3D-luolastoseikkailua NetHackin jäljillä. Pikkusöpöt hahmot komppaavat pimeitä luolia läpi ja suorittavat erilaisia tehtäviä ja keräävät siinä sivussa kokemusta. Alpha-versio. Vaatimukset: P200, 32MB, D3D. 
46407 EGOBOOD.ZIP 22,1 Mt 21.03.2001 - - -
Egoboo 2.0 demo  3D-luolastoseikkailua NetHackin jäljillä. Pikkusöpöt hahmot komppaavat pimeitä luolia läpi ja suorittavat erilaisia tehtäviä ja keräävät siinä sivussa kokemusta. Alpha-versio. Vaatimukset: P200, 32MB, D3D. 
46409 EHSQURES.ZIP 2,3 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
"Squares (Empty House)  by Empty House Entertainment. Color the most squares to win. You and your opponent only have one goal in this classic and addictive game: Coloring all the squares your color! You only have 60 seconds and when time is upthe winner will be the one whos colored most squares. Pentium 133 and Windows 95 or Windows 98"
46410 ELECTBAL.ZIP 1,3 Mt 27.03.2000 - - -
 electrObalz! Arkanoid/Breakout style arcade game. The goal is simple, destroy all of the bricks in each level to proceed to the next level.  Along the way you will recieve many different power items to help you. Windows 95/98, DirectX 7, 486, 16 MB
46411 EMANIA11.ZIP 1,1 Mt 25.02.2001 - - -
Elasto Mania v1.11 Elasto Mania v1.11 ASP is a motorbike simulation game, based on a real physical model. You must navigate through the various stages on your bike. 18 levels are included. Requires Win95/98/2000, DirectX 5.0.   Shareware. $9.95.
46412 ENERBALL.ZIP 3,5 Mt 27.05.2000 - - -
"Energy Ball v1.3 Zap your enemies to escape. By Drunken Missile. Stylish graphicscharged soundand intriguing gameplay come together. Fast-paced action game. Move your energy ball around the screen and lay a trail of energy to explode your enemiesgrabbing powerups as you go. Youll need excellent timing to snare your enemies and lots of speed to avoid being counted out of the game. Windows 95/98/NTPentium II 23332 MB. "
46413 FENCEOUT.ZIP 622,5 kt 26.10.2000 - MBHH2003 -
"FenceOutFenceOut is a version of the classic Xonix with a farmyard theme. You control a farmerand your objective is to fence off a required percentage of your field while avoiding your psychopathic livestock. If one of your animals touches you or the fence youre draggingyoull lose a life. As you reach higher levelsyou have to capture larger areas of the fieldand youll confront even more malevolent farmyard friends. FenceOut is easy to learnbut hard to master. Freeware. "
46414 FFOREST.ZIP 11,2 Mt 16.01.2001 - - -
Forbidden Forest  Armed with a simple bow and arrow, gather  treasure to score big through 100 play levels as you battle gruesome monsters along the way. Beware of ghastly ghouls, gigantic killer bees, insidious spiders and the dreaded Demogorgon who will try to stop you dead in your tracks! Superior 3D graphics and original music bring this remake of a classic adventure to life and will provide hours of non-stop entertainment. P400, 32 MB.  
46415 FILBERT.ZIP 32,9 Mt 13.01.2003 - - -
Filbert Fledgling Traverse your way through countless paths of scenery and labyrinths of terrain to get Filbert back to his family to be properly cared for. 
46416 FILEF351.ZIP 1,1 Mt 29.06.1999 - MBCD -
File Fighter v3.51 by John Ohrn little freeware game (similar to the old hand-held Barcode Battler) that brings back those heady, early days when it was still a novelty to play any kind of game at all on a computer. Start a new game by picking any file on your computer and game will get data from that file and use it to create a character, or, warrior that fights against other characters. Fun in a simple and unique way. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46417 FIRE9520.ZIP 353,6 kt 24.11.1998 - - -
Astrasoft Fire95 v2.0 by Atrasoft Very simple video game in which you move a trampoline back and forth to save people jumping out of a burning building. Windows 95
46418 FLAP01.ZIP 659,3 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
Flap 0.1 by J.A-Productions BreakOut-like game, but much better. You can move your paddle wherever you want, and you can turn it too. There is no blocks you have to break, but you must get ball in the gray hole but not in the red hole. You get points from every ball which falls in the hole. There are bonuses and other in the playfield too. Requires: Windows 95/98, mouse
46419 FLUXLE.ZIP 10,1 Mt 04.12.1999 - - -
Flux LE v1.0 by MasterWorks Software Eliminate all the balls to win. exciting new DirectX puzzle game for Windows. Flux features ray-traced graphics, explosive sound effects, extraordinary backgrounds, energetic music, and worldwide competition. Combine this with the intense fun and addictive gameplay. DirectX 6.0 or better, Pentium 133, and Windows 95, 98, or NT.
46420 GEETR14.ZIP 1,3 Mt 01.02.2000 - - -
"Geetris v1.4  by Dmagic Exciting multi-player action-puzzle game! Tetris like action. This is one of those addictive games rarely seenand its tons of fun! Resembling the well-known Tetris gameGeetris is pure gameplay at its best. It is not just some imitation of Tetrisits a new game with unique gameplay. The game is more challenging than Tetris and it even has an extra dimension in the gameplay in"
46421 GEMQUAKE.ZIP 298,1 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 GemQuake 1.0 Beta Tetris-like game. Try it in the One to One mode! English version Freeware http://ampsoft.freeservers.com
46422 GFAMI13.ZIP 3,2 Mt 29.09.1999 - MBCD -
Giana Family v1.3 Classic retro remake. Do you remeber the great old game on C64\'s times called "Giana-Sisters" ? Now it\'s time to change everything about it ! This version brings to you a new feeling of network gaming. Single or multiplayer platform arcade action. Link/modem/ipx/Internet-support. Windows 95, Pentium, DirectX
46423 GLADTRON.ZIP 103,4 kt 12.11.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Gladiatron 3DGladiatron 3D is a 2-player light cycle game familiar from the movie Tron. Each bike leaves a trail of light behind it, and the objective is to box the other bike so it will collide. The game features textures, quadratics, lighting, specular reflectance, multiple camera angles, and quaternations for smooth camera rotation. P233, 32 MB. Freeware.   
46424 GLBLK151.ZIP 1,5 Mt 26.06.2000 - - -
"GLBlocks v1.51 by Andreas Gustafsson. Simple puzzle/tetris-style gamewhere the object is to make the blocks disappear by placing the blocks so that four or more of the same color is next to each other. Uses OpenGL to draw all graphicsso you will need a rather fast system to play itespecially if you dont have a 3D accelerator with FULL OpenGL support. P13316 Megs RAMOpenGL graphics card "
46425 GLP002.ZIP 72,2 kt 18.10.1999 - - -
"GLpong made for thegame of pongcoding contest. This is a rough alpha beta gamma of our pong. We havent implemented all our ideasfeaturesetc yetbut we working on it. Stay tuned for versions 003+. Windows 95P20032 MBGLUT-Dll files"
46426 GLT059.ZIP 1,4 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
GLTron v0.59. Port of the arcade classic. You steer a futuristic bike, called lightcycle. Combat takes place in a rectangular arena. Your bike leaves a trail behind, which is like a wall. The goal is to force the other players to drive into a wall. The winner is the last player alive. By Andreas Umbach http://www.ards.net/Andreas/gltron.html Windows 95, P166, 32 Megs, OpenGL. 
46427 GORCH11.ZIP 848,8 kt 30.04.2001 - - -
"Gorchs Quest v1.1  You are Gorchand you must save your planet from the attack of a really nasty alien empire that indulges in galactic domination. To do soyou must navigate the catacombs of the Planetary Defense System that has been previously sabotaged. Find and return the five crystals to the main control room so that the defense system can be reactivated. P33364 MBWin 9x. Shareware$15. "
46428 GRIDSOFF.ZIP 7,1 Mt 17.02.2002 - - -
Grids of Fury Grids of Fury is a stylish 3D arcade game that places you in a future gladiatorial arena. Each level you will have to dodge and weave your way through the Grids to catch the power cubes while avoiding relentless enemy ships. Weapon upgrades scattered along the way will be your only aid for clearing a path towards your goal. 
46429 GROB041.ZIP 2,9 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
Gamelon Robin Hood v0.41 This is a arcade like game where Robin Hood alias MacGyver and his allies fight for the justice in the world of Anfara. This version contains 4 levels and 2 different game modes. Made with K&P and Corel Click & Create. This is the best CNC game in the world. System requirements: 133MHz, SVGA, Win9x
46430 GSXSNOWB.ZIP 358,7 kt 18.04.2001 - - -
"Guava Snowboarding XtremeGSX Snowboard is a simpletop-scrollingsnowboard racing game where you try to get down the mountain with the fastest time. During the raceyou will need to avoid obstacles such as snow-covered treesstein-holding barmaidsand reindeer throwing snowballs at you. The cool thing about this game is that you can submit your time to the developers Web site.  "
46431 GUIMO30.ZIP 7,1 Mt 30.08.1999 - MBCD -
Guimo 3.0 demo from SGN/Starline Control guide in traditional 2D platform game, helping him to restore order to BitLand and drive Nectarion and his army back to the Nether World. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
46432 GUNNER3.ZIP 1,9 Mt 29.01.2001 - MBHH2002 -
Gunner 3 Gunner 3 is an action-oriented platform game, where you control Gunner, a one-man army. Your Commander gives you the jobs no-one else can handle, jobs that threaten the whole world. This time you must stop the plot of evil masterminds who want to enslave the world by using their mutated grasshoppers. Collect different weapons, shoot the bosses along with their mutants and minions, and liberate the world from this threat. 
46433 GWOR081.ZIP 4,6 Mt 02.11.1999 - MBCD -
Giana Worlds Beta 0.82 Classic retro remake. Platform action. Based on Great Giana Sisters. Freeware. DirectX compatible, 32ch CD-quality music, Highcolor gfx (with transparency effects), Lots of levels, Runs in 85fps on P200MMX+. Windows 95.
46434 HAPPYDOG.ZIP 1 Mt 18.04.2001 - - -
"Happyland Adventures 1.1 Happyland Adventures is a classic jumpnrun combined with original adventure elements. Your mission is to save the Happylanders in order to rid the world of evilness. Explore the big levelsincluding hidden stages and collect various fruits for bonus point. Howeverwatch out for all the evil creatures whose only mission in life is to kill you. "
46435 HCHRISD.ZIP 33,5 Mt 31.07.2001 - - -
Hateful Chris demo Hateful Chris on väkivaltainen, mauton ja sarjakuvamainen, sivusuunnassa scrollaava peli, joka tekee pilkkaa valtavirran kulttuurista. Yli 30 vihollista ja asetta ovat käytössäsi, kun räjäytät ostoskeskuksia, nöyryytät poikabändiä ja teet hallaa pikaruokateollisuudelle. Tämä demo on vain pieni näyte siitä, mitä täydessä versiossa on luvassa. Huom! Paketti on purettava C-aseman juureen, ja hakemistorakenne on säilytettävä. 
46436 HEBI.ZIP 320,1 kt 08.11.1999 - - -
Hebi v2.0 for Windows 32 bit. Fun strategy/action game. Guide a worm in maze eating more apples. Shareware.
46437 HELIX.ZIP 18,3 Mt 03.02.2003 - - -
Helix Fly Helix, a trusty helicopter and save the dolls from evil headless ghouls, multiplying eyeballs and other ghastly obstacles by beaming them up to safety. It will take great concentration and handling control on the part of the player to complete the mission, but will provide hours of entertainment. Helix takes players through flights of four worlds and 100 levels. 
46438 HEMOHES.ZIP 912,5 kt 18.04.2001 - - -
Hemohes World Championshit 2001 Yksinkertainen hiihtopeli Lahden dopingkäryn kunniaksi. Pistä hiihtäjääsi ylimääräistä puhtia kunnon steroidipaukulla. 
46439 HEXAGEM.ZIP 5 Mt 12.01.1999 - - -
HEXaGEM v1.0 by Xdyne Inc. Puzzle/brain. Gather all the jewels you ever wanted, no lottery involved, just your quick mind and finger tapping skills. Designed as a jewelry box with six sides, HEXaGEM can be referred to as a Tetris-type game, but just a bit more complex. Cntrol flying jewels by turning and attaching as many as you can so they form hexagons. Windows 95
46440 HHWCS13.ZIP 944,5 kt 02.11.2001 - - -
Hemohes World Championshit 2001 1.3Yksinkertainen hiihtopeli Lahden dopingkäryn kunniaksi. Pistä hiihtäjääsi ylimääräistä puhtia kunnon steroidipaukulla.
46441 HLXMAS.ZIP 988,1 kt 18.04.2001 - MBHH2002 -
"Happyland Adventures Xmas Edition Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition is the full featured sequel of the classic jumpnrun Happyland Adventures. Loads of puzzle elementsa game full of surprises. Explore the big levels and collect various fruits for bonus. Santas helpers has all disappeared and its up to you to find them or else Christmas will forever perish!  "
46442 HM-DISCO.ZIP 720,7 kt 27.03.1997 - MBCD -
Discover - Discover-diskettikoteloyritykselle Housemarque-pelifirman tekemä mainospeli. Windows95/NT, ei vaati DirectX:ää. Freeware. http://www.housemorque.com / http://www.discover.com
46443 HOPMON.ZIP 972,5 kt 11.07.2001 - - -
Hopmon Hopmon on toiminnallinen 3D-arcadepeli, jossa Pikachun on kerättävä 45 sokkelotasolta kaikki jalokivet. 
46444 HUNT-E.ZIP 851,6 kt 11.04.2001 - - -
Hunt for the StarsHunt for the Stars on pieni yhden pelaajan 
ajanvietepeli, jossa tavoitteena on metsästää 
taivaalle ilmestyvät tähdet pelaajan säkkiin 
ennen aikarajan umpeutumista.
46445 ICYTOW11.ZIP 1,8 Mt 10.03.2003 - - -
Icy Tower 1.1Auta Homeboy Harold kiipeämään torniin ja tekemään näyttäviä temppuja matkan varrella.
46446 IKOS32.ZIP 1,2 Mt 18.04.1997 - MBCD -
Iko San 95 by C2V Productions Takes the fun and strategy of a Tetris-like game and enhances it with awsome 3D animation and graphics. Iko San is infused with 9 superb sound tracks, 5 difficulty levels, hundreds of various playing pieces and tons of fun! Windows 95.
46447 INNERWDS.ZIP 9,7 Mt 07.05.2001 - - -
"Inner Worlds  In this side-scrolling fantasy action adventure  you play the role of a strong and beautiful  womanNikita. Nikita has the astonishing  ability to turn into a ferocious she-wolf!  Nikitas quest is to track down The Clawsthe evil creation of a misguided genius.  The Claws has plagued the world for  generations. Freeware."
46448 JAWCB20.ZIP 571,7 kt 26.04.2001 - - -
JAWC (Just Another Worms Clone) Versio: beta 2.0 JAWC on nimensä mukaisesti Worms-klooni, mutta 3d-ympäristössä, eli eräänlainen Worms 3D. Ohjelmoinut Markus Ilmola. markus.ilmola@pp.inet.fi 
46449 JAZZ2SWF.A01 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 2/8
46450 JAZZ2SWF.A02 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 3/8
46451 JAZZ2SWF.A03 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 4/8
46452 JAZZ2SWF.A04 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 5/8
46453 JAZZ2SWF.A05 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 6/8
46454 JAZZ2SWF.A06 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 7/8
46455 JAZZ2SWF.A07 762,5 kt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 8/8
46456 JAZZ2SWF.ARJ 1,4 Mt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1/8pl. demo from Epic/G.O.D. Games Follow-up to one of the most loved PC platform games! Join up the Jazz experience of fast and fluid 2D jumping action. Windows 95 P90 16MB DirectX
46457 JGOTRIS.ZIP 4,8 Mt 02.11.1999 - - -
JGOtris From JGOware!  An enhanced variation of an old classic! Now you can play your favorite falling blocks game right from your desktop! Stunning graphics, multiple background music tracks and arcade style sound effects. Seven modes of play are available plus JGOtris keeps track of the top 10 players for each game mode and their scores. http://jgoware.com Windows 95
46458 JOUST40.ZIP 3,6 Mt 16.12.1997 - MBCD -
JOUST 4 Published by Polarized Software Arcade game from the past! This is the world of Joust! Where you must defend your honor by defeating all the other jousters sent to destroy you. Fly a giant bird and flap your wings flipping others down from the their birds. Req. Windows 95 DirectX Joystick
46459 KRYPEW.ZIP 1,4 Mt 18.04.1997 - MBCD -
Krypton Egg for Win95 V1.0 By C2V Productions - Breakout arcade game from France that has many twists and turns. This is not your ordinary breakout game, however. Besides the spectacular graphics and sounds, all sorts of hordes and monsters drop along with the balls. Windows 95
46460 LAPTIME.ZIP 1,2 Mt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Laptime v1.0 By Walter Allen. Race around the track. Quirky little race game where you move your car around the track with your mouse. Click go and you are on your way. You must move the car round the track as fast as possible to break into the top 10 list. Simple, easy, fun. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46461 LASB2-12.ZIP 164,6 kt 02.11.1999 - - -
Laser Blocks 2 v1.2 by NiceTime Entertainment Arcade puzzle/Tetris clone. Nicely executed game in which you try to place individual falling blocks. Each block has a pattern of one or more pipe sections, and your task is to line up three or more pipes in a row, which clears them. Once the block is devoid of pipes, it disappears, and other blocks may then fall into new locations. Other variations include laser bombs and concrete walls. Req. VB5 Runtime & Windows 95.
46462 LASB23.ZIP 400,5 kt 17.02.1999 - MBCD -
LASER BLOCKS FOR WIN 95 v2.3 A cool twist on the Tetris theme; features an endless supply of blocks with pipes embedded in them that fall from the sky. Line up three or more pipe sections and a laser removes them, remove all the sections of pipe from a given block and it disappears. This shareware version offers the first five levels; register for more levels and more options.
46463 LC3DDEMO.ZIP 2,8 Mt 14.12.1999 - - -
LIGHT CYCLES 3D Copyright (C) 1999 by Robert D. Howells For all of you who haven\'t seen the movie "Tron", what the hell is wrong with you?!?!?! Go rent it, NOW! The game is simple. There are two teams (and for this demo, only one bike per team.)  One is gold, the other is blue. Bikes travel in orthoganal directions, Each bike leaves a wall or "light trace" as it moves. When a bike runs into a light trace or an outside wall, it is destroyed. Win95.
46464 LCDNIB.ZIP 64,5 kt 12.09.2000 - - -
LCD Nibbles ver 1.3 (FREEWARE) (c) 2000 Miikka Laakso  LCD Nibbles is highly addictive worm game. Minimum requirements: Win95, DX5 Check out www.miikkalaakso.com! 
46465 LEAPFROG.ZIP 1,5 Mt 12.04.2000 - - -
"Leap Frog Cute arcade platform game. This old Eggit clone was my first k&p community gamesits quite fun with 25+ plus stages and 5 worlds. For each world something is added like moving platformscages and more. Very good KliknPlay game. Windows 95. "
46466 LEMPAK.ZIP 1,1 Mt 20.06.1999 - - -
Lunar Lander simulator. Vreative Computing. Land the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) as near as possible to the flashing red beacon located at the base of the far mountain range. For successful landing to occur, "air" speed (horizontal velocity) must be less than 4 meters/sec and the rate of descent must less than 2 meters/sec. Windows 95/98/NT, Display adapter with OpenGL acceleration, P166, 16 Megs RAM
46467 LFROG12.ZIP 1,5 Mt 02.11.2001 - MBHH2003 -
Leap Frog 1.2 In Leap Frog, an evil French chef has come up with a good recipe: boiled frogs. Use the arrow keys to make your cute little frog hop around and collect yummy bugs. Along the way, you can also pick up glowing yellow coins. Collect 10 coins to go to a bonus stage. Your goal is to continue enjoying those tasty bugs, but you have to avoid the evil chef and his nets. 
46468 LIGHTCY.ZIP 62,6 kt 02.11.1999 - - -
"LightCycles PC (c)1999 Kev Ellis. Version 1.0. Freeware. Classic retro remake. Based on old Spectrum game called LightCyclesby PSS. The game is simple enough. You move around the screen leaving a trail behind you. The object of is to force your opponent to crashwithout crashing yourself! If youve seen the film Tronthen youll know where  the original idea probably came from. 1/2 player. WindowsDirectX. http://www.ellis-online.co.uk"
46469 LILPS10.ZIP 5,3 Mt 19.04.2003 - - -
"Littlepeter Save v1.0 This game combines action and strategy. You can guide the civilians by putting arrows on the ground. You must plan the paths so that the civilians wont hit on an obstaclesuch as a mine or a bomb. You are not limited to walking away from the obstaclesyou can destroy them using items. Dont forget to guide the civilians to pick up the items also."
46470 LMOWER20.ZIP 3,4 Mt 21.01.2003 - - -
LawnMower v2.0 You are the homeowner operating the 2-speed lawn mower. Cut grass as clean as possible and collect numerous bonuses. Keep your lawn green and even! You have limited amount of gas cans, so beware of angry enemies, for they will steal your fuel.The Two Player mode is also available. Shareware.
46471 LODEDOOM.ZIP 1,9 Mt 29.04.2003 - - -
Lode Doomer 1.0Lode Doomer on uusintaversio legendaarisesta Lode Runner pelistä. Pelaajan tehtävänä on kerätä jokaisesta kentästä kaikki pommit ennen kuin niiden ajastin menee nollaan, minkä jälkeen kentästä pitäisi päästä vielä hengissä uloskin. Pelin sankari osaa kaivaa reikiä tietyntyyppiseen maastoon, ja tätä kykyä voi käyttää sekä vastustajien hidastamiseen että kentissä etenemiseen. 
Kokeiluversio, 15 USD. Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP. http://www.sapphiregames.com/lode/
46472 LOSTIDOL.ZIP 3,7 Mt 02.04.2003 - - -
Lost Idols The Golden Idols have been stolen from the sacred monastery. You must travel to the high Himalayan mountains and deep caverns to retrieve them. However, your task will not be simple because the thief has hidden these treasures within treacherous levels. Encounter obstacles such as collapsing floors, slippery ice panels and guardian creatures which block your way, as well as switches and elevators which can help you on your quest for the stolen idols. 
46473 LURIDLND.ZIP 2,4 Mt 09.04.1998 - MBCD -
"Lurid Land by Illusion Softworks Collect 4 different keys. Release prisoners and get out of the level. Platform/action/ puzzle. Dont let the knight get too close to you. You may kill himjumping onto his head. If you do soanother comes out. Windows 95"
46474 M32SET.ZIP 381,1 kt 17.01.2000 - - -
"Manic Miner for Windows 95 By Barak Ori. Classic retro remake. Manic Miner (the original or my version) is no match for Quakeyou cannot meet Lara Croft thereand it doesnt have Napalm Strikesas Worms 2 has. But if you played ityou probably miss it. I think youd love the old gamewith better graphics and soundbut with all the well known features of the original game. Arcade platform game. http://www.xmixdrix.com/manicminer Req. Windows 95"
46475 MAGBALLS.ARJ 471,5 kt 17.05.1998 - - -
"MAGBALLS Version 1.00 A great pad game which has 3 different computer opponents and a two player game. The game has also weapons and it is different from other pad games because: The pad pushes the ball away even if it doesnt hit the ball! It is a good way to humiliate your friends by showing them who is the boss of the players!"
46476 MAGICB11.ZIP 302 kt 17.11.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Magic Beads v1.1Magic Beads is a variation of Tetris theme with intuitive rules and skins. Rotate colors of falling blocks to line up three or more of the same color. Removing more than 5 blocks at one drop you receive some bonuses. High scores are recorded, and an honor roll keeps track of the family experts giving them nice icons. MagicBeads is easy-to-play fun and you will like it if you prefer a rather unhurried real time games. 
46477 MAGICD2.ZIP 10,6 Mt 12.11.2000 - - -
Magic Dust 2Magic Dust 2 on Worms-klooni, jossa siniset ja punaiset käyvät lipunryöstöä asein. P350, 64 MB. Shareware. 
46478 MAGNOBAL.ZIP 2,6 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
MagnoBall v1.0Mango Ball tries to capture the spirit of pinball without the usual flapping paddles, switches, and scrolling tables. Instead, you must bounce a ball into the exit at the top of the single-screen levels, while preventing it from hitting deadly magnetic floors and platforms. The graphics are adequate, but not particularly remarkable. Win 9x. Freeware. 
46479 MARBCRAZ.ZIP 1,2 Mt 14.12.1999 - - -
Marble Crazy v1.02a by Supanova Software. Match like colored marbles to win. Challenge even the fastest game players. You play against a friend or an computer. Object is to slide rows of marbles up and down to create rows of three or more of the same color marble. Make a row of three and they disappear. Keep moving, though, because more marbles are being added from the top and bottom. Excellent, challenging, fun. Windows 95/98, DirectX 5 or better, P133
46480 MARBL11.ZIP 1,4 Mt 02.02.2000 - - -
Crazy Marbles v1.1  - you try to guide your marble though a number of obsticles to safety You will have 45 seconds for each level. maps consist of holes and hills. You should try to avoid the holes. The hills may help or hinder you. A bit like the old classic Marble Madness. Now Voodoo3 & Banshee support. 3Dfx and OpenGL versions. Requires PC P90 16MB 3Dfx Glide 2.23+. http://www.gotm.org/marble/
46481 MARBLE2.ZIP 5,2 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
"Marbleous 2Marbleous2 far exceeds its predecessor in every respect. Gameplay is extremely simple: Move your mouse to tilt the board. Thats it! The marble will roll accordingly. Its very simple to start playing right awaybut its also very difficult to master. P16632 MB.  "
46482 MBALL104.ZIP 2,2 Mt 02.04.2003 - - -
Magic Ball v1.04 Magic Ball is an Arkanoid remake. Destroy all the bricks to advance to the next level. 
46483 MEMIX10.ZIP 2,2 Mt 24.10.1998 - - -
"Memix v1.0 from Soft.Solutions Like to play the memory game Simon? If soyoull feel right at home with Memixwhich behaves much the same way. There are four colored squareswhich are lit by the computer in a certain order. You observe the sequence and try to duplicate it. Windows 9598or NT"
46484 MERRYHP.ZIP 420,6 kt 28.03.2000 - - -
Merrysoft Hedelmäpeli Hedelmäpeli, johon voit vaihtaa uuden ulkoasun, ohjata hiirellä, näppäimistollä ja peliohjaimella sekä jossa on TOP 10 -lista! Uusin versio n. kaksi vuotta sitten alkunsa saanesta suositusta Hedelmäpelistä. 1998-2000 Vesa Piittinen, Merrysoft Windows 95, vaatii VB40032.DLL:n Skinit: Perus, Pokemon, Final Fantasy ja Garbage.
46485 MHDEMO.ZIP 19,5 Mt 11.01.2001 - - -
"Monster Hunter demoYou are a Monster Hunter! Your job: enter monster infested castles and clear them out. As you work your way from level to levelyoull find trapsweapons and new monsters. Youll have to avoid floor spikesfalling rocksdarkened roomsand fire pits as you make your way to the top of the towerand destroy it to rid the tower of monsters for good. P20032 MBWin 9x. "
46486 MJ2K-B1.ZIP 3 Mt 17.12.1999 - - -
MarbleJongg 2000. Photography based graphics plus OpenGL make this game cutting edge fun. Marbles that spin, or spin in opposing direction add depth and challenge to the Jongg solitaire tile matching game. Non-violent and fun for all ages, MarbleJongg is full featured with varied textures and backgrounds to select from and hours of background music. Windows 95/98, OpenGL required.
46487 MONMAYHE.ZIP 3,1 Mt 19.03.1999 - MBCD -
"MONSTERS & MAYHEM v1.2:WIN95 Action/Adventure pits you against a mind boggeling dungeon of GoblinsMancersDark HerosEvil Goblin Chiefsand the Evil Goblin Gods. Navigate their twisted dungeons venturing ever deeper picking up magic itemstreasureand keys in Gauntlet style. SVGA. New Dungeons can be added. Dozens of monstersmagic itemspotionsand treasures."
46488 MOONBU98.ZIP 2,5 Mt 24.10.1998 - MBCD -
"Moon Buggy 98 - arcade. The objective is to maneuver your moon buggy across the surface of six moonsdodging all obstacles and shooting down all the enemy ships. Once at the end of each moon you destroy its power generator. Retro conversion. Win95 DirectX"
46489 MOONSHOT.ZIP 1,2 Mt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Moonshot Version 2.0 Try to land your Lunar Module on the moon safely.  Landing sites that are more difficult are worth more points. Dodging optional meteors gives you even more points. This is a challenging game with "attitude". Pentium 90, 16 MB ram, Windows 95/98, 6 MB free hard drive space, DirectX 7.0a
46490 MOZP107E.ZIP 1,8 Mt 01.03.2000 - - -
 MozPong DX v1.0.7e by Akira Nagamatsu Breakout style arcade game. Easy to play, hard to quit! A guy keeps bouncing the balls using only his head. Are you fast enough to both bounce the balls back into the bricks - and to collect all the bonuses bricks drop? Windows 95, 98, or NT
46491 MP25.ZIP 1,1 Mt 07.02.2000 - - -
Minitris Penta v2.5  by Ursiny Communications Tetris style game. Game featuring a playing field with five columns and blocks of eight different colors. Blocks of one of eight different colors fall into the five column play area and can be moved left and right or quickly dropped down. Creating a set of three, four or more blocks of the same color, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, will make the blocks disappear. Windows 95
46492 MRBALL.ZIP 841,5 kt 23.01.1999 - - -
Mr. Ball Platform / arcade. Jump with Mr. Ball through the level to the exit. Every stone can only be crossed limited times so you have to plan your moves carefully. There is no time-limit but think twice before every move ... Shareware demo with 7 levels. Windows 95, Direct X 5.0, 16bit-SVGA. Enhanced version for Direct 3D-compatible 3D-accelerators included but running without 3D-hardware, too! DIGITAL Nightmares
46493 MRBLOUS.ZIP 8,5 Mt 09.06.2000 - - -
Marbleous Venkura taitopeli jossa vierität kuulaa kaltevalla pinnalla. Ohjaat pintaa hiirellä koettaen ohjata pallon reikään. Mutta varo ettei pallo tipahda pelialueelta. Tekijä Webresponsive. Windows 95/98 
46494 MURKUT.ZIP 331,8 kt 08.07.1998 - MBCD -
Murkut - WINDOWS-95 peli, jossa ideana on auttaa yksinäinen punainen muurahainen pakenemaan vihamielisten ruskeiden muurahaisten hyökkäystä. Pelaaja ohjaa muurahaisen pakenemista nuolinäppäimillä. Jokaisella tasolla on esteitä, jotka on kierrettävä. Takaa-ajavat muurahaiset purevat pakenijaa aina kun saavat siihen kontaktin. Tehnyt  Juho Pärssinen
46495 NEIKA.ZIP 5 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
"Neophyte: The Spirit Master demoNeika Mantru is a young warrior with some unusual abilities. Saruher mother and the clans healerhas seen in a vision that a great evil has returned to the world. She believes that Neika is key in stopping this Evil. Thus Neika must seek out those who can help her accomplish this great task. Neophyte: The Spirit Master is the third shareware episode of the Neophyte saga with gorgeousUltima-style graphics.  Shareware. Pentium w/ Win 9xDirectX 2.0 "
46496 NEOPH11.ZIP 4,5 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
Neophyte: The Journey begins v1.1An action-oriented role-playing game, where you play Thael, a young man whose parents were killed by the menacing Horde, led by Vacmatio. Your Uncle Aliqus has begun to train you to fight, but you are still young, without even a sword. Last night, the ruins north of town started to glow a sickly green. This can only herald the return of Horde. You awaken in your bedroom and listen, your Uncle is calling. Hurry, neophyte, yours may be the only hands which can save us all. 
46498 NETRIS32.ZIP 1 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
"Enable Netris v3.2enable Netris adds a wealth of new features to Tetris type gamesincluding two-player networking. its well written and includes a nice variety of features. Win 9x. Freeware. "
46499 NETT2FB.ZIP 778,5 kt 04.12.1999 - - -
NetTETRIS v2.0 final beta. By Wei Gao New Tetris clone that can be played over a network. You can play it by yourself, with you friends on same machine, or multiplayer even with a total stranger over the Internet. Does not include any servers. Internet connection for Internet game and Windows 95
46500 NOPEV10.ZIP 16 kt 26.01.2001 - - -
Nopeuspeli v1.0 Nopeuspeli on reaktio nopeuden testaamista varten tehty peli. Mukana TOP5-lista ja taulukko, josta näet heti nopeusasteesi. Tehnyt: Mika Hynnä. Vaatii: Win9x ja Visual Basic 6:n runtime-tiedostot.
46501 NW-F1.ZIP 314,5 kt 13.03.2002 - - -
F-1F-1 on uudistettu käännös C-64:n samannimisestä pelistä, jossa ajellaan Formula-radalla väärään suuntaan, ja väistellään vastaan tulevia ajokkeja. Myös tässä PC-versiossa on loistava pelattavuus. Uutuutena hienot ääniefektit ja grafiikat! Vaatii: 486/66MHz, MCGA, SB, 500kB XMS Tukee: Joystick/gamepad  Nacki/NasuWare
46502 PACBOM12.ZIP 1,8 Mt 22.12.2002 - - -
PacBomber 1.2PacBomberissa viipotetaan suutaan aukovalla pallerolla pitkin labyrinttiä, väistellään tai syödään kummituksia ja kerätään bonuksia jotka auttavat pääsemään pelissä eteenpäin.
Shareware, 14,95. Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP. http://www.gamerange.com/
46503 PACMA18.ZIP 1,3 Mt 23.02.2000 - - -
"PacMania 3D v1.8  by Alawar Entertainment PacMan spin-off with a turn-of-the-millenium feel. The graphics and sound are stylish and your out-to-munch character is as voracious as evertrying to eat goodies while avoiding some very creepy monsters. You can consume powerups to give you extra lives and to turn the tables on the chomping monsters. Each level features different musicand the monstersbehavior also alters."
46504 PACMAN2.ZIP 4,8 Mt 20.05.2003 - - -
PacMania II In PacMania you run through the intimidating labyrinth together with Pac-Man, eating the dots and hunting the evil monsters. The gameplay is a 3D-style modern remake of the original 1980 Pac-Man adventures with a number of exciting novelties. Shareware, $15.
46505 PBLUPI18.A01 1,4 Mt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
Planet Blupi v1.8 2/4
46506 PBLUPI18.A02 1,4 Mt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
Planet Blupi v1.8 3/4
46507 PBLUPI18.A03 1,3 Mt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
Planet Blupi v1.8 4/4
46508 PBLUPI18.ARJ 1,4 Mt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
"Planet Blupi v1.8  1/4Playable Demo Epsitec. New adventure game for PC compatibles. It subtly blends action with thought-provoking challenges. Behind the quiet and gentle facadeyoull enjoy a fascinating diversion full of surprises. Planet Blupi is ideal for ages 12 to 99. P608MbWin95DirectX 3"
46509 PCBERT12.ZIP 690 kt 19.10.2002 - MBHH2003 -
PC*Bert v1.2 Move PC*Bert around the pyramid of cubes. Each time PC*Bert lands on a new cube, it changes color. Change all the cubes to the same color to clear the level. Of course, there is also the added problem of moving obstacles that knock you off of the pyramid if they hit you. Freeware. 
46510 PENGOWIN.ZIP 53,9 kt 16.01.2001 - - -
PengoWith sixty seconds on the clock Pengo the penguin must push around and align the ice cubes while watching out for the other penguins out to stop him. To help Pengo on his mission use the arrow keys to move him and the space bar to push the ice cubes. You only have three lives to work with and sixty seconds to accomplish the mission. Work fast and watch out for the other penguins and the new penguins about to hatch from the eggs. Win 9x. Shareware. 
46511 PHARAOH.ZIP 2,2 Mt 05.01.1998 - MBCD -
"PHARAOHS ASCENT by Ambertec Action platformer. - Struggle to ascend to the Kingdom of Osiris. Find your way out of the tomb that is laden with traps and pitfalls that were supposed to keep bandits out. Test the first 7 roomsfull version has 91 rooms. Climb out of the depths of your tomb and take your place by Osiris. Windows 95/NT486/668 MBPCI gfx card"
46512 PIGPEN.ZIP 1020,4 kt 18.09.2000 - - -
Pig PenPig Pen on Pacman-klooni, jossa vipelletään sialla sokkelossa, tarkoituksena noukkia kaikki vehnäpallerot samalla väistellen muita maatilan elikoita. 
46513 PINSETUP.ZIP 3,9 Mt 09.06.2000 - MBHH2001 -
"Rollm Up by Lost Boys Interactive. Free one table pinball game. By Lost Boys Interactive. Windows 95/98P20032 MBDirect3D. "
46514 PLOIN215.ZIP 6,8 Mt 03.02.2003 - - -
"Ploing 2 v1.5 Peter Pilot is lost in space and he must travel through seven galaxies to reach his home galaxy. Unfortunatly his rocket is not prepared for such a long journey. His rocket can only fly from planet to planet where Peter has to fill up the tanks with fuel. Each of those planets contains different challenges that Peter has to master...  v1.5 contains all new demo levels. Two free bonus levels are also available from the games homepage. Shareware."
46515 PLOING2D.ZIP 7,9 Mt 01.05.2002 - - -
Ploing 2 demo A unique mix of pinball and tile smashing in a fantastic 3D environment. Peter Pilot is lost in space and he must travel through seven galaxies to reach his home galaxy. Unfortunatly his rocket is not prepared for such a long journey. His rocket can only fly from planet to planet where Peter has to fill up the tanks with fuel. Each of those planets contains different challenges that Peter has to master. 
46516 PMSTK11.ZIP 4,3 Mt 02.08.2002 - - -
Pickman Saves the Kingdom v1.1Pickman is akin to 3D version of Pac-Man. The game features a story line, multiple bosses, 100 levels, and coop and competition multiplayer modes. 
46517 POKEWO.ZIP 5,8 Mt 27.05.2000 - - -
Pokémon World demo by Garbiele. 3D third person adventure. The player personifies the boy Ash that, becoming Pokémon Master must fight with various characters and trainers, scattered in the different cities of the world. In this demo you can find Caterpie only, penetrating you in the zones of high grass that are been between the two cities included in the scenery. Windows 95/98, P90, 16 MB, Direct3D. 
46518 POLYPUS2.ZIP 2,1 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
POLYPUS v2.0  is an arcade/strategy game run under windows 95 + directx3 or win 98 programmed by MORINI Fred oct1998 Shareware version. Board game in which the objective is to take over all the cells in your color. Windows 95/98, DirectX 3.
41092 PONG95.ZIP 680586 05.12.1995 - - tupla
Super Pong '95 - Windows 95 -versio
vanhasta klassisesta videopelistä
46519 POPDEMO.ZIP 2,1 Mt 06.05.1998 - MBCD -
Pop! The Twisted Balloon Dog Adventure Guide POP! past porcupines, thumbtacks, cats, bees, firecrackers, car batteries and more. Yikes! This deviously demented puzzle game features 87 levels of cartoon mayhem. Windows 95/NT P133 DirectX3 8 MB
46520 POPITTT.ZIP 3,5 Mt 27.01.2000 - - -
"Popit v1.00  Pop as many characters as you can in sixty seconds. A number of characters to choose from. High score is recorded. use your mouse to move the spiked ball to hit the falling balloons. Funeasy. This game is freeware. Windows 95486/66."
46521 PP32105.ZIP 1006,8 kt 25.11.1999 - MBCD -
Piranha Panic v1.05 32-bit High quality arcade game featuring cartoonish graphcis and special composed music. Especially targeted for kdis and female players. Control a fun piranha fish where Mrs. Piranha is trying to find her kids among hostile lakes. Unite the family! Windows 95/98/NT - 486/33 - 8 Mb.
46522 PRETPE12.ZIP 1004,9 kt 24.11.1998 - MBCD -
"Pretzel Pete demo v1.2 by Stealth ProductionsInc. Driving/arcade. Drive around the 3D city in your pretzel vanand catch the pretzels with your netwhile trying to avoid the innocent passersby. Youll collect powerups like hamburgers and mustard jars too. Also supports multiplayer with link/ modem/network/Internet. Req. Windows 95 & DirectX5"
46523 PSYWLD10.ZIP 3,3 Mt 02.11.2001 - MBHH2002 -
Psyworld 1.0 Traverse 50 huge levels in this amazing 3D adventure! Take on various enemies from giant bees to crazed robots as you explore Psyworld. Features Full 3D Experience, 5 Episodes (50 levels in total), supports downloadable add-on episodes, excellent gameplay and 3D Sound. P200, 32 MB. 
46524 PTE.ZIP 5,1 Mt 08.06.2000 - - -
"Pterrotrooper. Classic retro remake. Similar to the classic arcade game where you must unseat your rivals from atop their avian steeds. Its complete with many modern features as well as the classic features including the Lava Hand and the Pterodactyl. 3D rendered graphics and several levels. Includes 2 player game. This Demo version allows game play of any 3 consecutive levels and you start each game with 1 life. Win 95/98/2000/NT + DirectX 7 or higher "
46525 PUDJUMP.ZIP 977,8 kt 31.07.1999 - - -
Puddle Jumper 2000 v2.0 by Robin C. Ashmore Classic-style arcade game that offers action and puzzles all in one.  The game entails the rather unlikely premise of a flying bulldozer on a mission to retrieve valuable glass blocks from the lairs of evil robot monsters. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46526 PWORM10.ZIP 1,4 Mt 01.05.2002 - - -
Plasmaworm v1.0 Plasmaworm on riemunkirjava matopeli, jossa pelaaja ohjastaa plasmavuossa asustavaa plasmatoa ja syö sinne kuulumattomat esineet suihinsa. Shareware, $10.  
67569 QBOB32S1.EXE 1981112 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
QBob-puzzlepelin pelattava demo. V1.0.
Windows 95-versio.
46527 QLAT221.ZIP 3,4 Mt 07.12.2001 - MBHH2002 -
Q-Lat 2  2.1 By Piste Gamez. Clear stages full of balls by turning them  to the same color. Collect bonuses and  break hiscores. 1 or 2 players. Top  quality gameplay, graphics and musics.  Freeware.  System requirements:  P200 or better, 
Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows 2000,  DirectX 7.0. http://pistegamez.cjb.net  
46528 RC10.ZIP 796,2 kt 13.03.2002 - MBHH2003 -
"Rapid Clickinv1.0 Rapid Clickinis a little game which tests your clicking reflects in funny way. There is 9 balls on screen and the idea is to click balls every time they light up. If you arent fast enoughballs will blow and you lose points. Download now and take part in the web competition at mkgamez.cjb.net!"
46529 RCKNROLL.ZIP 1,1 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
" RockNRoll by Canopus. Get all the gems while evading monsters. Arcade-style game in which the objective is to collect gems while avoiding monsters and hazards. Youll need to combine speeddexterityand logic to complete all the levels successfully. Thumping sound effects and appealing graphics will boost you in your quest. DirectX 6 or laterPentium 100and Windows 95 or Windows 98."
46531 RDDEMO.ZIP 4,9 Mt 18.05.1999 - - -
Rich Diamond demo. Strategy/Puzzle. Intellectually stimulating action/puzzle. Isometric viewed. Make your way through elaborate system of mazes, monsters and masterfully challenging puzzles in order to collect the ever precious diamonds. You have accepted the challenge and are now beyond the point of no return. Only successful completion of the 80 progressively more difficult levels will free you with your priceless bounty. Windows95/98 P150 16 MB
46530 RDDEMOP.ZIP 110,7 kt 18.05.1999 - - -
Rich Diamond screenshot. Strategy/Puzzle.
46532 REAC201F.ZIP 479,5 kt 12.04.1998 - MBCD -
Reaction v2.01 Speden Spelit tapainen reaktio/naputtelupeli jossa on itse asiassa jo kolme peliä. Suomenkielinen / freeware. Lassi Hietala 
46533 REBND.ZIP 10,8 Mt 11.05.2003 - - -
Rebound The soundtrack pulses as you break the bricks with your ion sphere and try to advance. Power-ups keep every level fresh, and four difficulty levels let you customize your challenge. ThereÆs a huge number of levels to get through - 170 in all.  Shareware, $20.
46534 RHOTSHOT.ZIP 638,4 kt 19.04.2003 - - -
Rigelian Hot Shots Pelaaja pujahtaa hehkuvan tulipallon puikkoihin ja tippuu lähes vapaassa pudotuksessa alas mutkittelevaa kuilua. Kallioon törmäämistä on syytä välttää, kuten myös kiinni iskeytyviä sulkuportteja sekä seinistä sinkoilevia plasmapalloja. Matkan varrella kärvennetään kuilussa liihottavia Ilonpilaajia: pisteet lasketaan poltetuista öttiäisistä sekä jäljelle jääneestä energiasta. Hyvin suoritetusta tasosta saa bonuskertoimia seuraavaan kenttään. 
46535 RICOCH13.ZIP 6,8 Mt 29.05.2002 - - -
Ricochet 1.3 Ricochet on tutusta ja turvallisesta Breakoutista kehitetty klooni, jossa palloa pompottamalla rikotaan tiiliä. Pelin nostaa harmaasta massasta kuitenkin sen hyvä toteutus: ohjailtavuus on hiirellä nopeaa ja yksinkertaista, rikotuista tiilistä alas satavat erikoisominaisuudet antavat kliseisyydestään huolimatta mukavaa tunnelmaa, ja sekä grafiikka että äänet tukevat kokonaisuutta mainiosti. 
46536 RICOCHT.ZIP 6,7 Mt 08.11.2001 - - -
Ricochet The basic gameplay is similar to Breakout and Arkanoid, but Ricochet adds more character and a lot more gameplay and visual effects. Also, each of the four different and unique environments in Ricochet are truly something to see. P233, 32 MB. 
46537 RM-10.ZIP 451,3 kt 01.03.2000 - - -
" Roulette Mania Roulette game. Its slightly based on a real slot machine but I added some extra features such as two kind of Statistics and HighScores. Not perfect Roulette but I think it has the most important features. Windows 95/98/NT. Lassi Hietala lahietal@st.jyu.fi http://www.jyu.fi/~lahietal/roulettemania/"
46538 RNRDEMO.ZIP 963,3 kt 15.07.1999 - - -
"RocknRoll All-action puzzler featuring 60 screens of MonstersDeadly Fungus and plenty of surprises. The demo version allows you to try five full levels before you buy. Andyou can view all the other levels as well. You can design your own screens with the Level Editor which comes as an optional extra with the full game. Platform: Win95"
46539 ROBOCR20.ZIP 4,2 Mt 18.02.2000 - - -
RoboCrush v 2.0  by Freeform Interactive Colorful game that has some Tetris overtones. In this game, you use RoboCrush to send little robot men (Bleeps) up to the top of the screen in an attempt to match three of the same color. When you do, they slide back down to the bottom of the screen and disappear. Gray robots appear and complicate your mission, eventually turning a color that may or may not fit into your plan. Windows 95, 98/NT
46540 ROHD.ZIP 25,6 Mt 07.12.2002 - - -
"Realm of Hepumia demo Menacing ogres and goblins have overtaken the magical realm of Hepumia. One of only a handful of sorceress elvesyour fate is to retrieve the gold theyve stolen from your town in order to rebuild elsewhere. Hop across the ancient elfin docks casting powerful spells to blow away your foes while taking back your gold and escaping your own demise. The demo contains two levelsthe arcade modeand a sound track sample. P16632 MB.  "
46541 SAVEKEN.ZIP 1,3 Mt 16.04.2000 - - -
"South Park Save Kenny Game 1.0There are two games in this download: Kenny Hit and Run and Its a Blast. 
Both games involve saving Kenny. Kenny Hit and Run is similar to Frogger
but much harder; you have five huge streets with smaller lanes and faster 
cars. In the second gamea cannon shoots Kenny and you try to catch him.
46542 SCARLETG.ZIP 2,1 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
Scarlet GrainGather coins as you explore a labyrinth. Challenging labyrinth game from Alexander Militsin in which your goal is to pick up a fixed number of coins, get to an exit, and move on to the next level. The game looks great, with stylish graphics. During your journey, you have to avoid rock falls and evade foes. Boulder Dash clone. Windows 95 or Windows 98
46543 SHEEPDMO.ZIP 53 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
"Sheep demoTheyve traveled vast distances through space. Theyve colonized countless star systems. Theyve forgotten why theyre here... Can you guide the lovable - but soooo stupid - Sheep to Mt Mouflon without getting them bashedboiledblown up or blow-dried?  "
46544 SIEGE110.ZIP 413,6 kt 29.01.2001 - - -
Siege 1 v1.0  Destroy the world from your PC. Siege 1 is an arcade war game for your PC, where you lay waste to a fortress with your catapult. Win 9x. Freeware. 
46545 SIH95S14.ZIP 3 Mt 10.06.1998 - - -
Super Ice Cube Hopper v1.4. Arcade-Puzzle peli, jossa pyritään hyppimään pingviinillä jääkuutioiden päällä määrätylle paikalle. Windows 95.
46546 SINAPP12.ZIP 21,3 kt 22.11.1998 - - -
SiNapp (Siirränpäsnappulan) Versio: 1.02.0000    (freeware) Vaatii Windows 95 ja MSVBVM50.DLL (ei sisälly pakettiin) Tekijä: Sergei Jauhonen. Pelin tarkoituksena on saada mahdollisimman monta nappia pois pelilaudalta.
46547 SKATEP10.ZIP 114,4 kt 20.09.2000 - - -
Skate Park v1.0Skate Park on yksinkertainen platform- tyylinen rullalautailupeli. 
46548 SKINTRIS.ZIP 1003 kt 08.05.2000 - - -
SkinTris v1.0 by Power Team. Play a vamped up Tetris clone. Classical Tetris clone which features tons of options. The most impressive one is the Skins option which will allow anyone to change every graphic of the game, in a very easy way. This game features a challenging solo mode with ten difficulty levels: compete with your friends to stay at the top of the hall of fame! Windows 95/98 
46549 SLAVEZD.ZIP 59,8 Mt 19.10.2002 - - -
"Slave Zero demo Slave Zero puts you at the controls of a giant killing machine. As you rampage through a fully interactive cityyoull be able to use your deadly weapons to wreak havoc. In additionbuildings can be knocked downfreeways destroyedand fleeing humans trampled. The 3D environment and high-quality animation enhance the experience. This demo contains one mission and a limited number of weapons. "
46550 SMACKAT.ZIP 3,5 Mt 17.11.2000 - MBHH2001 -
"The Settlers: Smack a Thief!The Settlers: Smack a Thief! is Blue Bytes new mini-game where you and your Roman soldiers try to keep Vikings from pilfering your gold. Your soldiers are tired from their tavern-hopping eveningsso they will need a little push to get them going. The Vikings are nimble and quick as weaselsthey scurry in from all sides and can only be put out of commission with a proper whacking! Luckilythere are some goodies that help you deal with the Viking low-life. Win 9x. Shareware. "
46551 SMBSOUND.EXE 736,6 kt 31.03.2001 - - -
Super Methane BrosHauska ja väkivallaton tasohyppelypeli, 
jossa kaasutetaan mörköjä.
46552 SNAKE310.EXE 155,4 kt 25.09.2000 - - -
Snake 3.10The classic Snake / Worm / Nibbles game with a new face and new features. 
Includes e.g. level-play, growth-play and highscoretables for all game types. 
You can also create your own levels, which may be included in later versions. 
If you achieve some great highscores, you can go online and upload your scores 
at http://snakeplayers.cjb.net to be compared with other players.
46553 SNKTRNBS.ZIP 2 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
 Snakes, Trains and Bees v1.0  ESC - Enjoy playing Snakes, Trains and Bees or switch in the Spelling Bee option to make it a great learning aid. Includes four Snakes and Ladders and two car variations plus train, horse, snow sleigh and miner games. Use your own word lists or the built in spelling dictionary to test yourself. Up to four people can play and you can also play against the computer. Sound effects. On line help. $20 Windows 95/98
46555 SNOK.ZIP 10,8 Mt 24.07.2001 - - -
Snok Snok on 3D-versio ikivanhasta matopelistä. Pelin tarkoituksena on siis kerätä talteen kaikki objektit jatkuvasti kasvavalla käärmeellä ilman, että törmätään omaan häntään. 
46554 SNOKDEMO.ZIP 6,5 Mt 22.06.2000 - - -
"Snok is a first person multiplayer 3D-snake game. Youre supposted to grab all the objects without crossing your own path. It will end up with a long long tail and it will get hard and harder. Supports high res and 32bit. Windows 95/98P20032 MBOpenGL. "
46556 SNOWCRAF.ZIP 993,7 kt 17.05.2000 - - -
"Snowcraft Simple snow-ball fighting game. Your objective to survive each round and pummel the green team with ....snowballs. On the most simpliest termsthis game is a rapid click-fest using your mouse and doesnt require much skill other than dodging and throwing. Requires: Macromedia Shockwave. "
46557 SONIC105.ZIP 4 Mt 19.04.2003 - - -
Sonic Speedsters v1.05 Sonic Speedsters is an intense PC action video game, with a mix of arena-style combat, motorcycle racing, and reflex strategy. With more than 20 levels, 6 speedsters and multiple AI opponents, Sonic Speedsters provides hours and hours of single player game play, as well as free online multi-player Internet play. Compete in multiple lightning fast combat rounds to win the tournament. Battle to the end in final death tiebreaker rounds to settle the score on tie games. Win tournaments to unlock more speedsters and claim victory over the planet.
46558 SPCMIS14.ZIP 3,5 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
Space Mission-The Rescue v1.4  by Nexuz Computing Save an astronaut stranded on the moon. Modest desktop diversion that challenges you to rescue a stranded astronaut by piloting a lunar landing module. This straightforward side-scroller features realistic radio chatter and atmospheric music. To win, you must finesse your lander through an asteroid belt, plant it safely on the surface of the moon, then return to orbit. Windows 95.
46559 SPEEDY08.A01 2 Mt 17.07.1998 - MBCD -
Speedy Blupi v0-8 demo 2/2
46560 SPEEDY08.ARJ 2,9 Mt 17.07.1998 - MBCD -
Speedy Blupi v0.8 demo 1/2 New easy action platform game. Ideal for ages 12 to 99. Built-in Mission designer. The DEMO version contains 1 training mission, 1 complete single player mission, 1 multiplayer mission. Windows 95/98, P100, 16 MB, DirectX Multiplayer link/modem/IPX or TCP/IP.
46561 SPHOCKEY.ZIP 1,2 Mt 22.04.2000 - - -
"South Park Ultra Air Hockey 1.0South Park Ultra Air Hockey is a fast-paced air hockey game. Pick your 
player (CartmanKyleKennyor Pip)then start playing against your 
opponent. Each opponents difficulty level will go up after each level
and the score that you play to will go up. If you make it through all 
the rounds you become the king of air hockey. If you win youll also 
receive a couple of special levels. 
46562 SPMARIO.ZIP 1,2 Mt 12.05.2000 - MBHH2001 -
South Park Super Mario BrothersFeaturing Kenny and other pals from South Park has a 
mission to save the Princess while kicking a lot of butt! 
Think this game is a piece of cake? Think again, download 
now to see if you have what it takes to save the princess.
46563 SPONGBOB.ZIP 44,2 Mt 02.11.2001 - - -
SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Krabby Patty tarjoaa tasohyppelyä lapsille ja lapsenmielisille. P233, 32 Mt. 
46564 SPRINGYM.ZIP 7,3 Mt 08.05.2000 - - -
"SPRINGY MADNESSv1.10SHAREWARE VERSION COPYRIGHT by Creative Adept2000   SPRINGY MADNESS is a wickedly difficult 3D puzzle game that plays like a console platform game.  As you move your spring through each colorful and abstract levelyou must avoid a plethora of meanies while trying to figure out a path to complete each level.  Itll take good reflexes and a clever mind to make it through this one.  "
46565 SPTETR20.ZIP 145,8 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
Super Tetris v2.0 by Atheer El-din Mustafa Play a more advanced version of Tetris. A Tetris like game with many more features. You can play either single or multiplayer games. There are also new variations in addition to the classic Tetris style game. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46566 SSELEVEN.ZIP 614,3 kt 01.04.2003 - - -
Starship Eleven Starship Elevenissä rohkea pilotti lentää aluksensa turma-ansoja täynnään olevan teknotunnelin uumeniin ja pistää vakivarusteena olevan torpedotykin avulla tiellä olevia seiniä päreiksi. Etenemistä hankaloittavat ufot, paineprässit, ydinporat, lasersäteet, terävät kivet, sun muut vaarat, polttoainepulasta puhumattakaan. Pelin voi onneksi tallentaa käväisemällä erityisissä tallennuspisteissä. 
46567 SSOLDIER.ZIP 1,2 Mt 29.01.2001 - - -
"Shaolin Soldier Shaolin Soldier is a side scrolling platform action game in the spirit of NESs Super Mario Bros. In SSyou will have to face soldiersapessnakes and a host of other creatures while colelcting a fortune of coins and jewels. Theres also a wide range of power-ups to collect to help you though the levels. SS is fully expandableand new levelsbaddies and power-ups will be posted on the developers site. Win 9xDirectX 7Virtual Basic 5. Freeware. "
46568 SSP32201.ZIP 764,3 kt 23.01.1999 - MBCD -
SinkSub Pro V2.01 32-bit. Highly addictive arcade action game ! Take command of a Swedish patrol boat and sink submarines. 50 action stuffed levels, smooth 256 color animation and digitized sound effects. Req. 486/4MB. Windows 95
46569 STARTRON.ZIP 5,1 Mt 15.02.2001 - - -
StarTron StarTron combines several classic gaming concepts (Tron, Pacman, Tetris) using a modern OpenGL 3D engine. Manouver your ship and collect crystals to advance to the next level. If your ship hits its exhaust or runs into a wall, it is destroyed. StarTron has 24 single player levels and also includes a multiplayer mode that can be played over the FSGS online platform. Freeware. 
46570 STETRIS9.ZIP 297,1 kt 12.08.1999 - - -
"S-Tetris99 v1.11 by Ehrenberg Andrej Includes a Tetris variation in addition to the traditional game. This nicely presented game includes six different block formats and lets you substitute your own .bmp file for the background. The variationPentixis essentially the same as Tetrisbut introduces larger and more complex block formationswhich can be quite a challenge to place. Windows 9598or NT"
46571 STYX10.ZIP 190,4 kt 20.06.1999 - - -
"STYX-PC - By Kev Ellis. Arcade retro remake. What is Styx? Styx is an old (very old!) ZX Spectrum 
gamewritten in 1983 by Matthew Smithof Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy fame. The PC version isnt 
an exact copy of the speccy versionits more of a PC version inspired by the Spectrum game. 
Having said Windows 95DirectX3. styx@ellis-online.co.uk http://www.ellis-online.co.uk/sinclair"
46572 SUNPAK18.ZIP 2,8 Mt 03.05.2003 - - -
Sunny Pakman 1.8Sunny Pakman is a featured version of a classic arcade PacMan game. Control Sunny the Pakman, avoid bugs and collect items in the maze. More than 120 levels!  Game for one or two players! Lots of pickups! Level Browser! Different tilesets! Music! Support for keyboard, mouse, gamepad and joystick controllers. Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP. http://www.arcadex.net 
46573 SUPAPL63.ZIP 287 kt 29.01.2001 - - -
"Supaplex v6.3 Supaplex is a Boulder Dash -style gamewhere you guide Murphy thru complex tunnels and collect enough infotrons to open an exit from the level. There are hazardstooas falling boulders and snipping scissors can end Murphys quest very suddenly. You must also plan your travel route carefullyso you wont trap the last needed infotrons (or yourself) behind a heap of boulders. "
46574 TAKAM117.ZIP 1,9 Mt 05.06.2000 - - -
Takamaru v1.1.7 by Taka Entertainment. Take a crack at this Breakout-style game. Inventive Breakout-style game that has enough twists and turns to keep you playing. The basic gameplay involves using a ball and paddle to break through a wall of bricks. Some bricks contain powerups or powerdowns that transform your paddle in a variety of useful and not-so-useful ways. Add to these elements self-regenerating bricks and a 
46575 TALM105.ZIP 13,8 Mt 21.01.2003 - - -
"Teenage Lawnmower 1.05 Youre seventeen and your life is a living hell. Between your alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend youve got nowhere to go until one day the glistening metal exterior of the family lawn mower catches your eye and changes your destiny forever. Can you make money mowing lawns while helping your mom kick her alchohol (and possible drug) abuse? A twisted mix of simulationinteractive story and arcade action. The demo contains 4 lawn maps. Shareware."
46576 TENNISSS.ZIP 137,8 kt 20.11.1998 - - -
Tennis v0.99 by Michael Thornberg Arcade. version of the old "pong" resleased in the early days of the gaming industry. It is, however, not pong although the name is used in the background. The screen is different and the computer behaviour also differs from the original. Retro. 1player. DirectX and Windows 95
46577 TETR99.ZIP 227,6 kt 02.06.1998 - - -
"Tetris99 v1.2 by Richard Fellner basicbut compact and well-writtenTetris clone. The usual rules applyand no variations are provided. Features include skill levelspiece previewhigh score recordsa good help fileand a choice of background color. Windows 95"
46578 TETRIX99.ZIP 987,5 kt 02.11.1999 - - -
Tetrix 2000 v1.2 A freeware arcade puzzle game with Internet highscore list. Also includes two shareware games: Laser Blocks 2 and Mixline. Category: Games; Puzzles, mix & match Keywords: Tetris clone arcade puzzle non-violent game strategy. Windows 95, 486/66
46579 TETROBOM.ZIP 554,9 kt 05.06.2000 - - -
TetroBOOM! v1.2 Small tetris-like game. You can place figures into game field. Each figure consists of 4 bricks of different colors. When 4 or more bricks are placed together, they dissapear and give you 4 or more points. You must get as many points as you can. Windows 95/98. Shareware. 
46580 TFIRE202.ZIP 2,1 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
TerraFire v2.02TerraFire is a challenging Gravitron-style arcade game in which you fly missions through heavily defended caverns to retrieve nuclear pods and bring them back to the surface. You will encounter enemy fire, crushers, fire walls and wind tunnels. Once the nuclear pod is picked up, a self-destruct sequence begins so you must race to return topside before the timer reaches zero. This shareware version has several missions and Asteroids-style bonus hyperspace levels. Win 9x. Shareware. 
46581 TIMEJMPR.ZIP 2 Mt 12.01.1999 - - -
"Time Jumper v1.0 by Xdyne Inc. Arcade / platform game. The events take place in various periods in both past and future (1000000 years ago1000 years in the pastnowand 1000 years in the future). The games hero moves to each period in order to collect all the items that have been left behind by time travelers. Windows 95"
46582 TINCAN10.ZIP 3,9 kt 10.03.2003 - - -
Tincan Sam 1.0Perustavanlaatuista tasohyppelyä, jossa Tincan Sam etsii aarretta, kerää luolastoista kierrätysroinaa ja koettaa väistellä rottia, robotteja ja sotilaita.
Ilmainen. Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. http://trevorrobinson.tripod.com/
46583 TLODE.ZIP 1,5 Mt 24.01.2000 - - -
Turbo Lode. Classic retro remake.  Freeware derivation of old classic game Lode Runner from Broderbrund. This new version is an evolution of the classic version. It is 3D enhanced. The game is divided in several levels. In each level, you must pick-up several ingots in order to open the door and exit to the next level. By Momor Prods. Windows 95/98, P200, 32 MB. Includes 3Dfx & OpenGL versions.
46584 TORLEIF2.ZIP 3,5 Mt 19.04.2003 - - -
"Torleif 2: Freedom of Competition v1.0   A two-player action game. Each player controls a bomb who are going to light each others fuses with several weapons. Choosing from a number of levels in different locations the two bombs are going to beat the powder out of each other. You can customize the time or frag-limit of each gameand also which weapons you wish to use. Freeware."
46585 TRINID.ZIP 1,6 Mt 18.07.2000 - - -
Trininoid - v1.0 / HR Productions Fast action packed, a bit strategy containing breakout game. Lots of new features: three skill levels, three different balls, six completely different blocks and much more. Truecolor SVGA with full raytrayced graphics. System requirements: Pentium 120/ 16meg/ VESA2 compatible displaycard.           -FREEWARE 
46586 TRIPLIX.ZIP 228,6 kt 18.10.1999 - - -
Triplix ,by Johannes Kestler Falling block puzzle game. Tetris clone. Challenge your hand eye coordination while clearing the death heads from the board. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46587 TRIXOID.ZIP 4,8 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
TrixoidTrixoid is a Breakout-style high-action block-breaking game in full 3D! Bounce a ball in a corridor to smash all the blocks in each levels, and collect power-ups and extra score to enhance your destructiveness. P166, Win 9x, 32 MB. Freeware.  
46588 TRON3D.ZIP 887,4 kt 03.11.1999 - MBHH2000 -
"Tron 3D by Chris Haag Arcadeclassic retro remake. Tron 3D is the authors second Glide project. DirectSound is required for sound :(. If youve seen the movieyoull know the score. My goal is to make this as alike to the movie as possible. Windows 95P16632 MB. OpenGL/3Dfx Glide"
46589 TROPS.ZIP 807 kt 31.07.1999 - - -
Trops by INFORUM Sistemas de Informação Remove as many tiles as possible in the shortest time. Tiles can be removed only when at least two or more tiles of the same color are adjacent to one another. When you eliminate tiles, the ones above slide down and new combinations are made. A player can remove adjacent tiles by clicking on them with mouse. The faster you play, the higher your score. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46590 TROY2000.ZIP 909,7 kt 07.02.2000 - - -
Troy 2000 v1.05  by JJSoft. Collect the gold nuggets. Platform arcade action game. Your goal is to collect all the gold nuggets on each level and find a ladder to proceed to the next level in the tower. The tower has 55 levels and you will encounter 3 big bosses on the way to the top floor. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46591 TUNNLBLS.ZIP 3,1 Mt 12.08.1999 - - -
"Tunnel Blaster v1.11 by eGamesInc. Arcade retro remake. Your Mission is to save Earth. Digster X is your hero. Using quick reflexesDigster X must destroy the undesirable characters in the underground world. Every new levels poses new challenges for Digster X as he tries to save Earth. If you love Dig-Dugyoull love Tunnel Blaster! 30 awesome levels of difficultyhigh resolution graphicsvoice and digital soundand cool graphics. Win95P100"
46592 TURKEY.EXE 625,2 kt 29.11.2000 - - -
Run Turkey Run Tässä ilmaisessa pelissä olet pieni kalkkuna, jonka pitää välttää ilkeitä 
myyriä, syödä matoja ja kasvaa isoksi! Varo myrkyllisiä matoja!
46593 UBALL41.ZIP 873,9 kt 18.07.2000 - - -
Uniball Arcade/sport. Highly addictive multi-player internet game. The game involves piloting a doughnut shaped ship around while trying to intercept and shoot a ball at a target. The targets are either glowing nets like a soccer game, or round bounce targets which ping the ball off at high speed after a goal is scored. The action is fast and furious and you need to have quick reflexes and skills to help out your team. http://ubcentral.starshadow.com  
46594 ULTRAN3D.ZIP 6,5 Mt 12.11.2000 - - -
Ultranium3DUltranium3D is an Arkanoid-style game, where you smash bricks with a ball, while collecting powerups. Ultranium3D features awesome sound tracks, multiplayer LAN & Internet game. P166, 32 MB, 3D card with OpenGL.  
46595 UNDERSW.ZIP 1,8 Mt 10.06.1998 - MBCD -
Underworld Shareware (C) 1998 Xtreme Games LLC Dig-Dug retro remake. Wander underground, trying to stay alive as long as possible while mining your own tunnels and pumping the monsters off this world. Nice, easy and fun arcade action. Requires Win95, DirectX
46596 VALVO151.ZIP 417,5 kt 24.11.1999 - - -
Valvo v1.5.1 by AHA! Software Inc. Easy brain/puzzle game. Race through the lanes and valves to win. Your aim is to race up and down the "lanes" on the board until you arrive at your opponent\'s starting square. The first player to do this wins the round. You play against a friend or your computer. Windows 95, 98, or NT.
46597 VAMPIRJ2.ZIP 2,5 Mt 16.01.2001 - - -
Vampirjagd 2: NightRace Vampirjagd 2: NightRace is the sequel to the well known shooting game with the similar name. Although the theme is similar, the game is actually totally different than the first. In Vampirjagd 2, you drive down the road picking up blood IV bags and young hitchhikers while trying to avoid the obvious dangers to a vamp. Great fun and easy to play! Win 9x. Freeware. 
46598 VIPERS12.ZIP 910,6 kt 08.05.2000 - - -
VIPERS 1.2 - Multi-player arcade game. Quite simple but extremely playable: cross gaps to earn points!  You can play against the computer, but it is especially nice to play against  your friends or relatives. The more players,  the more fun! Up to 4 human players in registered version, plus many extra  effects. Many players make the game  REALLY HOT!!!  $10 or $20 to register. 
46599 VOIDRUB.ZIP 246,9 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
Void Runner full beta by Jordan Touzsouzov. Arcade game. This is the second test-version. If you still remember the old Apple// or Oric computers, and the great game-play of Moon patrol and Super jeep, this game is for you ... Cool OpenGL graphics, fast and addictive gameplay. Windows 95, P166, OpenGL.
46600 VOLCA10.ZIP 2,6 Mt 11.04.1999 - MBCD -
"Volcano v1.0from 3 Squared Studios Arcade. The main character in the game is a volcano. He offers insults; generally is very mean. He throws fireballs & tantrums. If his pressure gets high hell leak lava; if it gets to the top hell blow his lid. You play part of a fireman. Your task is to soak the volcano with waterput out forest fires;make sure the villagers huts dont burn down.First person view. 3Dfx cardDirect X 5 or laterPentium 200and Windows 95 or Windows 98"
46601 VOLCANO.EXE 7 Mt 30.03.2001 - - -
Panic! VolcanoPanic! Volcano on shareware-peli, jossa yritetään vesitykin avulla pelastaa pienen trooppisen saaren asukkaat
uhkaavalta tuholta.
46603 WALL3D.ZIP 1,3 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Wall 3D by Ben Woodhouse. Fun arcade game, clone of Pong. It uses the openGL auxillary library and some shadowing and reflection techniques. Req. Windows 95/98, P200, 32 MB, OpenGL. 
46604 WHACK.ZIP 174,3 kt 08.01.2001 - - -
"Whack a CrocWhack a Croc is based on the old arcade game where you use a rubber hammer to 
whack creatures as they come out of holes. Use the mouse to control your virtual 
hammer and whack as many crocs as you can. You get a few more points if you whack 
a croc thats coming out of its holerather than when its going back in. There 
is also the odd bonus item floating down river for you to whack. 
46605 WHKACRC.ZIP 174,6 kt 02.11.1999 - MBHH2001 -
Whack a croc: Whack a crocodile v1.2 by Kev Ellis. Arcade style game. The object is to whack moving crocodiles with a hammer before they return to their home. Fun, small and easy game. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46606 WILCRE10.ZIP 2 Mt 14.02.2001 - MBHH2002 -
Gunner 3 Gunner 3 is an action-oriented platform game, where you control Gunner, a one-man army. Your Commander gives you the jobs no-one else can handle, jobs that threaten the whole world. This time you must stop the plot of evil masterminds who want to enslave the world by using their mutated grasshoppers. Collect different weapons, shoot the bosses along with their mutants and minions, and liberate the world from this threat. 
46607 WILDSNAK.A01 3,8 Mt 26.04.1999 - MBCD -
Wildsnake 2/3
46608 WILDSNAK.A02 2,9 Mt 26.04.1999 - MBCD -
Wildsnake 3/3
46609 WILDSNAK.ARJ 3,8 Mt 26.04.1999 - MBCD -
WildSnake  1/3by Arsenal Company Action puzzle Tetris.Wiggles the Tetris world with this entertaining and colorful serpentine variation. Instead of blocks, snakes in various colors and sizes descend from the top of the playing field to fall on top of other snakes. When a snake of touches another of the same color, it disappears as the new snake falls into place. It is quite a challenge to place the new snakes. Windows 95, 98, or NT
46610 WILKA142.ZIP 2,7 Mt 29.01.2001 - - -
"Wilkanoid v1.42 Wilkanoid is a fun and addictive Breakout- style game. This aint no ordinary clonethoughbut rather a combination of tile smasher and a modern flipper. Wilkanoid has a ton of cool features like the super cool curveballwall powerscombosdifferent worlds and more! Windows 9x. "
46611 WILKA152.ZIP 3,5 Mt 07.02.2001 - MBHH2002 -
"Wilkanoid v1.52 Wilkanoid is a fun and addictive Breakout- style game. This aint no ordinary clonethoughbut rather a combination of tile smasher and a modern flipper. Wilkanoid has a ton of cool features like the super cool curveballwall powerscombosdifferent worlds and more! Windows 9x. Freeware."
46612 WILKANOI.ZIP 2,2 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
 wiLkANoiD v1.21 by Wilhelm van Post. Go wild with a frenzied Breakout clone. Breakout fans rejoice! One of the best versions of the old standard to come along in many moons. wiLkANoiD spices up gameplay with funky music, neat sound effects, great graphics, and really wild powerups and action. The basic gameplay consists of using your ball and paddle to try to break through walls of bricks. Windows 95 or Windows 98
46614 WINHOOPS.ZIP 327,9 kt 18.06.2000 - - -
WinHoops v1.06 by Rob Huala. Sports/desktop arcade game. Desktop Basketball hoop shooting game with slick graphics. Windows 95/98/NT. Shareware. 
46616 WITCH11.ZIP 2,5 Mt 26.04.2000 - - -
"Witches v1.1 Platform adventure. You are a young witchon a quest to find out why your nine sisters have suddenly become very wicked. To achieve this youll have to visit each of them in their castlesguarded by strange landscapes and strange monsters. The genre is Strategy/Arcadewith sophisticated movement and plenty of monsters. Not much violence. Windows 95/98. "
46617 WLAND108.ZIP 3,9 Mt 21.01.2003 - - -
"Wonderland 1.08 You guide two heroes through numerous levels as they engage adversaries and solve a wide array of puzzles - many of which require the use of both heroes to solve. The demo contains several training levels that will school you in the basics before sending you into the games first world. Shareware. "
46618 WLAND109.ZIP 4 Mt 19.04.2003 - - -
Wonderland v1.09 Wonderland is a delightful 3D action/puzzle game for both casual and experienced gamers, combining creative puzzles and clever action challenges. Guide the heroes through 85 diverse levels as they discover hidden secrets, engage quirky adversaries, and solve a wide array of cleverly designed puzzles.  Shareware, $20.
46619 WOHOLE20.ZIP 310,5 kt 27.06.2002 - - -
The Wormhole 2.0  The Wormhole on yksinkertainen retropeli, jossa pelaaja ohjaa luolassa lentävää matoa. Käytännössä ohjailu tapahtuu hiiren nappulalla, joka nostaa matoa ylöspäin, samalla kun painovoima yrittää vetää elukan luolan pohjalle. Törmäys luolan seiniin tai siellä oleviin esteisiin tietää hengenmenoa, ja pisteitä saa kuljetun matkan perusteella. Ilmainen. Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP. http://chompster0.tripod.com/ 
46620 WORMWA54.ZIP 1,2 Mt 18.03.2000 - - -
Worm Wars v5.4  by James R. Jacobs. Negotitate a maze for victory. Arcade game for 0-3 players. It combines the playability of the basic concept with 25 interesting object types, 6 species of creature, and other enhancements, for more diverse and strategic gameplay. One to four worms travel around a rectangular maze leaving a deadly trail behind them, competing and sometimes cooperating with other creatures.
46621 WPAC2101.ZIP 1,6 Mt 24.09.1998 - MBCD -
"WinPac 2 v1.01 by Tyler Dauwalder arcade-style game for Windows much akin to the arcade classic Pac-Man. All graphics were rendered using POV-Ray 3.0 for Windowsand all sounds were created using Sean OConners Sound Effects Generator. Windows 95"
46622 XONIX32.ZIP 138,9 kt 18.03.1998 - MBCD -
Xonix32 v1.0.1 by SA VanNess The object is to fill in 75% of the area with blueness by cutting off pieces of the black area. For each level completed, you earn an extra Xonii and at least 100 points. The amount of the bonus depends on how quickly you clear the level, and how fast the game is running. Retro remake of a C-64 classic "Stix". Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
46623 XSHOOT.ZIP 145,3 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
Xteq X-Shooter 1.0 for Windows 95/98 and NT 4 FREE! X-Shooter is a little gag program that allows to punch holes in any windows you click. They really look funny after this! Xteq X-Shooter is freeware! 
46624 ZEEK1-11.ZIP 463 kt 12.04.2000 - - -
"Zeek the Geek Childrens arcade maze game. Introduction to Zeek and the puzzling situations that he finds himself in. Zeek needs to collect mushrooms for his familyand the game player helps Zeek figure out how to get to the mushrooms. Zeek needs to be guided through fifteen levels of playand must overcome a number of obstacles along the way. Windows 95 "
46625 ZELDA.EXE 2 Mt 24.12.2000 - - -
Zelda Classic 1.84Zelda Classic is a tribute to one of the greatest video games of all time: 
Nintendo\'s "The Legend of Zelda". It is an almost exact replica of the 
beloved NES version. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development 
of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced 
graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.
46626 ZELIARD.ZIP 564,9 kt 22.03.2001 - - -
Zeliard Zeliard is an arcade-style rpg. Jashiin, an age-old demon is awakening from its 2000-year sleep, and has turned most of Zeliard into desert. Princess Felicia saw the transformation and was turned to stone. The king sends a complete stranger, Duke Garland, off to the dark labyrinths and retrieve nine crystals in order to restore beauty to Zeliard once again and return Felicia back to normal. 
46627 ZIGGLE10.ZIP 741,7 kt 03.05.2003 - - -
Ziggle 1.0Koeta pitää pelikentällä mahdollisimman monta toisistaan kimpoilevaa palloa ohjailemalla eri väristen pallojen ryhmiä.
Ilmainen. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. http://www.redgames.biz/ziggle.html