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42584 BEATHOUS.ZIP 5,4 Mt 29.04.2003 - - -
Beat the House 1.0.4Opettele laskemaan pelikortteja matemaatikko Thorpen Hi-Low -järjestelmän avulla, joka kertoo sinulle onko etu jakajalla vai pelaajalla.
Kokeiluversio, 7 USD. Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
44333 BLUE106.EXE 1,6 Mt 08.02.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Instrument Sound MatchingDo you hear a drum or a trumpet? Or what? Help Blue match the instrument to the sound it makes.
44334 BLUE110.EXE 1,6 Mt 31.01.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Matching SnowflakesThis is a winter matching game that stresses visual perception according to size and shape. Mr.
Salt and Mrs. Pepper are by the kitchen window looking at the snowflakes outside. While in real 
life there are no two snowflakes exactly alikein this gamethere are! Its your job to find those 
two snowflakes and put them together.
44335 BLUE116.EXE 1,7 Mt 31.01.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Fairy Tale MatchingA game for preschoolersin which you try to match fairy tale characters with their story books. 
The game begins with a fairy tale character and a choice of three books. You must match the 
character to his or her story book. When the correct match is madeyou win and Blue dances 
to the music. The game features characters from the following stories: CinderellaThe Princess 
and the PeaJack and the BeanstalkLittle Red Riding HoodHansel and GretelRapunzeland 
The Three Little Pigs.
44336 BLUE203.EXE 1,5 Mt 31.01.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Lights OnLights OffA game for preschoolers to test their recognition and memory skills by trying to figure out which toy 
Blue put away. Toys are scattered all over Blues roomand she wants to clean up. You turn off the 
lightand then when you turn the light on againyou try to figure out which toy Blue put in the toy box. 
The toys vary each time the game is played. 
44337 BLUE204.EXE 1,5 Mt 31.01.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Sink and FloatA game in which preschoolers experiment with objects to see if they sink or float. The game starts with
a variety of objects on the bathroom sink counter. You choose the items that sink or float depending 
on the audio instructions. When you have tried all three objectsBlue dances to the music and you 
can play again. The objects vary each time you play the game.
44338 BLUE207.EXE 1,6 Mt 31.01.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Blues ABCsA game in which preschoolers try to match the word on the grocery list with the correct food. 
When the game beginsyoull see a grocery list with three words. One of the words is circled 
and matches one of the foods on the countertop. You must read the word on the grocery list 
and click the matching food. When you do thisthe food jumps into the shopping cart and 
Blue dances to the music. 
44339 BLUE209.EXE 2,1 Mt 08.03.2000 - - -
Blue\'s Clues: Blue\'s BirthdayThis visual perception game takes your child into the festive world of Blue\'s Birthday party. There are three scenes to this party, and each one consists of a
different activity. The first scene asks you to assist Blue in setting the birthday table, and find the missing items. The second scene requires you to match
the present to the giver. The third scene asks you to use your motor skills to "pin the flag on the mailbox." 
44340 BLUE214.EXE 1,7 Mt 07.02.2000 - - -
Blue\'s Clues: FeelingsA game in which preschoolers try to match the "Feeling Cards" with the expression on the faces of the
characters. When the game begins, you are asked to figure out what Blue is feeling. Then you click on 
a "Feeling Card" that matches the feeling. The choices are happy, sad, mad, and scared. When the 
correct match is made, you win and Blue dances to the music. You can also match the feelings of 
Little Kitten and Purple Kangaroo. 
44341 BLUE216.EXE 1,9 Mt 07.02.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Kaleidoscope PicturesA game in which preschoolers try to match the picture in the kaleidoscope with the corresponding 
object in the room. The game begins with Blue looking through a kaleidoscope at a distorted image 
of an object in the room. You must click on the matching object. Once you have figured out three 
imagesyou win the game and Blue dances to the music. A variety of pictures appear randomly 
in the kaleidoscope every time the game is played. 
44342 BLUE219.EXE 1,7 Mt 07.02.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Blowing MatchingA game in which preschoolers help Slippery Soap make his bubbles the right size. When the game 
beginsSlippery begins to blow a bubbleand it gets bigger and bigger. You must click Slippery when
the bubble reaches the same size as the highlighted bubble on the screen. In subsequent rounds
you must click Slippery when his bubble grows to a size larger than one bubble on the screen
but smaller than another bubble. When you answer correctlySlippery dances to the music.
44343 BLUE220.EXE 1,7 Mt 07.02.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Racing CarsA game in which preschoolers try to determine which toy car will go faster depending on the height 
of the two ramps. You must help either Shovel or Pail win the race by building a ramp height that 
will go faster than the other. To build the ramp higher click the colored block on the ground that 
corresponds to the ramp with the same color. Clicking the red block will make Pails ramp go 
higherwhile clicking the yellow block will make Shovels ramp go higher. Keep in mind that 
sometimes there might be a tie. 
44344 BLUE302.EXE 1,7 Mt 24.02.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Weight and BalanceA game in which preschoolers use a balance scale to determine whether a food item weighs more 
or less than another food item. The game takes place in the kitchen. When the game beginsyoull 
see a balance scaleBluea brown paper bagand two food items to be weighed. Steve will then 
ask you which food item is heavier. Using the mouse you must place both food items on the balance 
scale. When you have determined which food item is heavieryou can click on it and drag it onto the 
brown paper bag. Rounds one to three will ask you which food item is heavier than the other. 
Rounds four to six will ask you which food item is lighter than the other. After round sixthe 
game will become random. 
44345 BLUE304.EXE 2 Mt 24.02.2000 - - -
Blue\'s Clues: What\'s That Sound?Blue needs your help to figure out what\'s making that sound. Use the green arrow buttons to move
around the landscape and find what you think may be making that sound. When you correctly match 
the sound heard with where it\'s coming from, you win and Blue does her "happy-paw-dance"! Keep 
in mind that the sounds may come from animals as well as the natural environment they live in. This 
game uses sounds from the following: a frog, a bumblebee, a cricket, a bird, a river, a thunderstorm, 
a rain storm, and leaves blowing in the wind. The various sounds will occur at random throughout 
the game. 
44346 BLUE307.EXE 2 Mt 24.02.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Hide-and-SeekBlues playing hide-and-seek! Can you find her? In this visual perception game for children
youre playing hide-and-seek with the famous dog Blue. In the first sceneBlues at a concert 
listening to Lady Bassett sing the blues. But everyone else in the crowd is blue too! If you look 
closelyyoull see Blue move. When you find herclick on her with your mouse and shell come 
right over. In the second sceneBlues hiding in one of her Halloween costumes. This time
Blue stays stillbut if you roll your cursor over the right costumeshell bark. When you hear 
Blue barkclick on the costume and shell come out to play. Each scene repeats several 
timeswith Blues hiding spot randomly changing. 
44347 BLUE311.EXE 2,4 Mt 06.03.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Treasure HuntA game in which preschoolers help Blue find the hidden objects and get to the treasure. The game 
contains three different treasure hunt scenes and a treasure map. In each scene you have to find 
a particular object that is hidden somewhere. You can check the treasure map to see which object 
you need to find in that particular scene. Objects can be found by clicking around with your mouse. 
When you click the correct objectit appears on your map and you and Blue will travel to the next
scene. There are many little surprises you may encounter along the wayso you may want to click 
anything you find interesting. Once you complete all three scenes you will find the hidden treasure 
and win. 
44348 BLUE313.EXE 1,7 Mt 06.03.2000 - - -
"Blues Clues: Lets DrawThe famous dog Blue wants to draw and color pictures of her friends. Use the crayons to help her. 
This is both a drawing and coloring game. There is both a drawing pad for free drawing and an 
assortment of Blues Clues characters for coloring. The game starts with a blank canvas. Pick 
the crayon color you would like to use and click on the drawing pad with your mouse to start drawing. 
To draw a line hold the mouse button down and slowly move it in the direction you want to draw. 
To erase what you have drawnclick Erase to clear the drawing pad. If you would like to color
simply click on a character you would like to use. To coloruse the mouse as you did when drawing. 
44349 BONEZ.ZIP 1,9 Mt 06.08.1999 - - -
Bonez 1.0 Bonez is a comical puzzle / math / numbers game that can be challenging for all ages. Play against Randy the Dog. Each player take turns removing 1 - 4 bonez until there is only one bone left. Windows 95.
42602 C3DS.ZIP 29,8 Mt 10.06.2001 - - -
Creatures 3 - Docking Station  Creatures Docking Station on itseriittoinen neljän huoneen maailma, jossa voit kokeilla miltä tuntuu nornin, söpön ja älykkään virtuaalilemmikin kasvattaminen. 
44350 CASAMEMO.ZIP 2,4 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
"Casa Memo v1.01.0175Casa Memo is a memory game for one to four players. Play against time or compete against your friends or your family. Your task is to find the twins behind windows or flip cards and find more matches than your opponentsor race against time to get a high score. 7 different boardsvariable card visibility timeselecting whether found pairs should be removed or not and raise the games difficulty by setting wrong tiles to swap places. Win9x. "
44351 MAGIC3D9.ZIP 2,5 Mt 31.03.1997 - MBCD -
Magic 3D Coloring Book - IBM Platform: WINDOWS 95 - Demo Details: Edutainment Required: 486DX/75 - 8MB Ram The Magic 3D Coloring Book brings the fun and creativity of Crayola crayons to your computer! Color an image and watch it come to life as a brilliant 3D picture. With 70 fun images in seven themed books, plus a wide selection of colors and textures, every child can create dazzling drawings.
44352 MPMG20.ZIP 1,4 Mt 21.04.1997 - - -
A collection of games to teach 3- to 6-year- olds math with fun activities. Problem  solving and analytical thinking skills are  developed in these very hands-on games. The  colorful graphics, voices, sound effects, and background music all add to the highly  interactive, very intuitive play. Incorrect  responses are treated humorously. CompuServe  members:GO SWREG (ID#-12546). Requires a 486, Windows 95, 256-color.
41097 RABCFB12.ZIP 490253 31.12.1995 - - -
"Roxie's ABC Fish" is a multimedia game
designed to teach your child ABCs and
numbers. With attractive animation and
excellent sound effects, Roxie the cat will
play "Go Fish" with your child, gently
helping him or her to choose the correct
card. The mouse cursor changes in different
areas of the screen, providing for intuitive
play. Used in schools. This version requires
Windows 95.
44353 RMATFB20.ZIP 510,2 kt 27.08.1997 - - -
"Roxie\'s Math Fish"  is a multimedia game designed to teach your child addition,  subtraction, multiplication and division.  With attractive animation and excellent sound effects, Roxie the cat will play "Go Fish"  with your child, gently helping him or her to choose the correct card. The mouse cursor  changes in different areas of the screen  providing for intuitive play. Used in  schools. Requires Windows 95.
44354 SPLASH3D.ZIP 4,7 Mt 12.11.2000 - - -
Splash 3DSplash 3D is an interactive 3D coloring book that will bring hours of fun to you and your children. Experience every scene in full 3D through multiple points of view as you color away to the funky tunes. Splash 3D features vibrant graphics, original music, speech and fun sound effects. With seven cute, cartoony scenes to color, Splash 3D is one product that will keep your kids entertained while getting them familiar with computers. P200, 32 MB.  
44355 TWSTTAIL.ZIP 804,4 kt 27.03.1998 - - -
Twisted Tails - AHA! Software Inc. educational game based on the classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen! A great reading and vocabulary work-out for kids or for students of English as a second language - and fun for anyone at all! But there\'s more: now you can give the "tails" a hilarious twist as your computer slots randomly selected names, words and phrases into stories! Windows 95.