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44107 3DSRDEMO.ZIP 21,2 Mt 29.03.2001 - - -
3D Scooter Racing  Jump aboard your extreme racing scooter and speed down the tracks against 4 computer opponents and try to cross the finish line in first place as you avoid obstacles, soar off jumps and perform mid-air spins. then kick back and watch your race in instant replay mode. Huge courses and highly detailed scenery make 3D Scooter Racing an action- packed and visually stunning 3D racing title. P200, 32 MB. 
44108 ASTROR10.ZIP 1,1 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
Astro Rally v1.0Astro Rally is a customizable, retro full-screen above-the-course racing game! Astro Rally is an 8-car racing game, with many car types and courses. Shareware.  
42546 ATRON149.ZIP 806 kt 02.06.2003 - - -
"Armagetron v0.1.4.9 You ride a lightcyclea kind of motorbike that cant be stopped and leaves a wall where it goes. You can make turns of 90 degrees and can accelerate by driving close to walls. Make your enemies hit a wall while avoiding the same fate."
42547 BEERTRUC.ZIP 1 Mt 27.07.2002 - - -
Beer Truck 1.0  Alla varastettu kaljarekka joka imee bensaa hullun lailla, edessä maantie ja perässä poliisit - siinä Beer Truck -pelin perusidea. Kyseessä on varsin yksinkertainen ajantappopeli jossa pelaaja koettaa väistellä samaan suuntaan meneviä hitaita autoja ja vastaan tulevaa liikennettä, pitää rekan tankin täynnä poimimalla tiellä olevia kaljatonkkia(?), ja pitää poliisin etäällä. Ilmainen. Windows 3.x/95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. http://www.mrgoodbeer.com/ 
42548 BUZZCARS.ZIP 20,8 Mt 15.06.2002 - - -
"BuzzingCars  BuzzingCars is a totally crazy racing game where youll not only need to be fast but also smart. You must carry out various missions such as drive robots aroundchase flying saucerselectrocute aliens and of course race against the clock. P50064 Mt. "
44109 DESRTRUN.ZIP 345,3 kt 18.04.2001 - - -
"3D DesertRun 1.0Race around the desert in search of the golden starslethal hover cars hot on your tail. 3D DesertRun is a race against time. Youll need quick thinkingfast reactions and a nerve of steel to become champion in this 3D racer. P20032 MB. "
44110 DIRT3D15.ZIP 1,1 Mt 30.06.1999 - MBCD -
Dirt Bike 3D v1.5 - Action Supercrossin tapainen motocross-peli jossa moottoripyörää ohjataan hiirellä. Monipuolinen fysiikka ja vaihtelevaa maastoa. Voit myös suunnitella itse pyörän. Aja toisia ihmispelaajia tai tietokonetta vastaan. TCP/IP moninpeli. Pelin 3D-versiossa ajetaan isometrisesti kuvatussa maastossa sivusta kuvatun sijaan. Shareware. Windows 95 ,98, or NT. Tukee OpenGL.
44111 DIRTBI44.ZIP 1,2 Mt 30.06.1999 - MBCD -
Dirt Bike v4.4 - Action Supercrossin tapainen motocross-peli jossa moottoripyörää ohjataan hiirellä. Monipuolinen fysiikka ja vaihtelevaa maastoa. Voit myös suunnitella itse pyörän. Aja toisia ihmispelaajia tai tietokonetta vastaan. TCP/IP moninpeli. Shareware. Windows 95 ,98, or NT.
44112 EVGRUSH.ZIP 49,1 Mt 18.04.2001 - - -
Everglade Rush Enter today into the Everglade Rush World Circuit, and see how well you can drive your hovercraft! Everglade Rush uses the geForce3 to render over 100,000 polygons per frame. Vertex Shaders are utilized for a shiny, bumpy reflection on the hovercraft, and to create an environment map that is updated in every single frame. Everglade Rush is pure hovercraft racing mayhem. P300, 64 MB.  
44113 FTRASH.ZIP 3,9 Mt 29.01.2001 - - -
Freeride Thrash Freeride Thrash is a futuristic 3D racing game where you pilot a hovercraft style vehicle along a 3D racetack. The game allows you to select one of two racecraft and also change the color. You can even select the difficulty of the computer opponents. Windows 9x, 3D card, DirectX 7.0. Freeware. 
42554 GENER102.ZIP 1,1 Mt 31.10.2002 - - -
"GeneRally v1.02 GeneRally v1.02 GeneRally on yläviistosta kuvattu vauhdikas rallipeli hieman klassisen SlicksnSliden tyyliin. Pelaaja ohjastaa rallirassiajolla poltetaan kumia pitkin mutkikkaita kilparatoja. Jäykkä realismi on saanut väistyä vauhdikkuuden tieltä - autot liiraavat kauheastieikä vahingoista juuri tarvitse välittää. Renkaat ja bensa tosin kuluvatjoten varikolla kannattaa aina välillä käydä. Ilmainen. "
44114 HOTWHLS.ZIP 4,3 Mt 09.11.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Hot Wheels III Hot Wheels on todella hauska moninpelattava autopeli. Autot ovat todella nopeasti kiihtyviä formuloita. Jarrua pelissä ei ole laisinkaan, vaan jarruttaminen tapahtuu löysämällä kaasua. Pelistä löytyy riittävästi ratoja ja ne ovat todella vaihtelevia. Vaatii Pentiumin ja DirectX 3.0:n. Freeware.  
44115 HOVERACE.ZIP 41,1 Mt 21.11.2000 - - -
HoveRace demoHoveRace is arcade races with economics management. Races are held at arenas of specially prepared terrain with a track and some buildings, tunnels, bridges, rotational machines, ramps, teleports. There will be 40 arenas in the game. Each of the seven h overcrafts can be equipped with weapons, armor and other attributes of military equipment. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks due to their design differences. 
44116 HOVERDMO.ZIP 4,3 Mt 17.11.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Hover demoIn Hover, you race against computer controlled opponents over a twisting desert race course. You and your opponents pilot futuristic hovercrafts. These vehicles are agile, virtually indestructable, and ideally suited to the terrain of the course.  P200, 32 MB.   
44117 HR1-01.ZIP 2,6 Mt 24.11.1997 - MBCD -
HoverRace for Windows 95/NT V1.01 by GrokkSof Inc. great Internet playable multiplayer racing game! Jump into hovercraft and pit your racing skills against other players.You zoom around different courses trying win the race. Play over a network or the Internet. Includes map editor. Easy to install and play. Windows 95 486/66 8 MB 14.4K modem for Internet play.
44118 HTWHLS3.ZIP 4,3 Mt 22.12.1998 - MBCD -
"Hot Wheels III v1.05 by Mario Knok arcade racing game for Windows 95. Multi-player gamebut you can play it on one player mode. There are no computer players yetbecause the games idea is to beat up to 4 of your friends. Two players can play with keyboard and two with joysticks. Because its an arcade gameand not simulationits better to play with digital joystickbut its possible to play with analog. Windows 95"
42560 KIIH16B3.ZIP 5,3 Mt 19.10.2002 - MBHH2003 -
Kiihdytys v1.6b3 Rallirassien kiihdytyskisoihin sijoittuva peli, jossa pelaaja kisaa muiden ajokkien kanssa, satsaten voittonsa oman autonsa ominaisuuksien parantamiseen. Ilmainen.
44119 KOMBATKD.ZIP 6,7 Mt 31.07.2001 - - -
KombatKars demo Previously known as "BattleCars", KombatKars is a new racing game built on the "Rocky Racers" engine. It places you in a futuristic car armed with guns racing around a racetrack marked with boulders. You can choose to just outrun your fellow cars or blast them to bits with the various weapons. Shareware, $10. 
44120 LUDORACE.ZIP 834,4 kt 30.04.2001 - - -
LudoRace 3D LudoRace is an ultra fast 3D racing game. This alpha version features 3 levels with increasing difficulty levels to train yourself against computer opponents. This game is freeware, you will only have to pay if you wich to make money from your scores over the LudoRama platform. Full version will add sound support, more vehicles & levels and the so needed multiplayer mode. P200, 32 MB.  
42563 MSRACERD.ZIP 3 Mt 11.01.2003 - - -
Motocross Stunt Racer demo Motocross Stunt Racer is a fast-action motocross game featuring full 3D graphics models, real-time shadow casting and surface removal, a full physics system and 45 levels. There are three types of riding including racing, stunts and free ride; plus rider profiles. 
44121 NYRACED.ZIP 84,1 Mt 02.11.2001 - - -
New York Race demo  Futuristinen liitoautopeli Fifth Elementin hengessä. 
44122 PAKOON.EXE 2,7 Mt 23.06.2001 - - -
Pakoon 0.03Vauhdikas ilmaispeli, jossa hurjastellaan 
suihkumoottorilla varustetulla hippiautolla.
44123 PCSLOPIC.ZIP 258,3 kt 25.11.1999 - - -
PC Slots  Screenshots. by Toys By Phil. Car racing simulation.
44124 PCSLOTSC.ZIP 14,4 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
PC Slot Cars by Toys By Phil. Car racing simulation. This fast and exciting game allows you to create your own tracks and race on them with your friends! Race your chosen car at maximum speed around the track, but watch out for curves or the car will fly off the track! With the included track editor you can create any track shape you like including banked curves, slopes and overpasses. You can add scenery too. Free! Windows 95. P200, 32 Megs, Direct3D.
44125 ROCKYRCR.ZIP 5 Mt 31.07.2001 - - -
Rocky Racers demo Rocky Racers is a top down racing game set in an asteroid belt. Race against computer opponents or your friends! 3 different difficulty levels, from Easy to Impossible! Fly one of 5 different ships, shoot your fellow racers, grab them with tractor beams, or evade them using the cloaking device. This demo has one track. Shareware, $15. 
44126 S1KARTD.ZIP 11 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
Super 1 Karting demoErittäin lupaava karting-ajelupeli Midas Interactivelta. Peli omaa hienot grafiikat ja ajettavuus on realistinen.