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43543 AABATSIM.ZIP 1,9 Mt 20.01.1999 - - tupla
Axis & Allies Battle Simulator v1.0 Understand and predict the outcome of battles. One of the most flexible, informative, and easy-to-use battle simulators available. Freeware. By Jeff Carey. Windows 95.
43544 AIEDT102.ZIP 307,7 kt 17.05.2000 - - -
Age of Empires II - tekoälyeditoriWith AoE II AI scripts you can create new computer player strategies for AoE II. The format of these scripts is quite complicated. The AI scripting has undergone a major evolution from Age of Empires I. It is now possible to control the computer player in almost every aspect of the gameplay. You can change the default set of AI scripts,
or even completely replace it with your own set of rules. You can include such scripts in scenarios, and this generally makes scenarios a greater challenge and more fun to play.
43545 ALOOBX.ZIP 21,2 kt 18.01.2000 - - -
 Close Combat: Units information file AloobAxoob.zip This zip file contains information on Axoob & Aloob files that are used in Close Combat. The file contains also charts of all units (Allied and Axis) in ASCII text format as well as Excel format
43546 AOWD131.ZIP 45,5 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
Age of Wonders playable demo v1.31  Strategy. Triumph/Epic Megagames/GOD/Take2 Turn-based game of strategy and conquest that successfully incorporates adventure, exploration and role playing elements. These elements, together with a rich story line and heavy emphasis on global strategy without repetitive micro-management, make each scenario and game unique and fun to play. Demo has IPX, TCP/IP, PBEM multiplayer. P133, 32MB, Win95/98, DirectX
43548 ARMAPED.ZIP 69,2 kt 11.06.2000 - - -
Star Trek: Armada Map Editor 
43547 ARMAPEDI.ZIP 69,1 kt 19.05.2000 - - -
Star Trek Armada - karttaeditori
43549 ARSHIPMO.ZIP 475,7 kt 11.06.2000 - - -
Star Trek: Armada Ship Modeler. Vaatii SoftImage 3.7/3.8 renderoijan. 
43550 ASSIUPDM.ZIP 6,9 Mt 20.04.2001 - - -
Assimilation updated demo  The rules of the game are simple. Up to eight players compete on a board made up of hexagonal spaces. Players move their pieces to empty spaces on the board either by "cloning" or "jumping". Move to a space next to an opponent\'s pieces, and you\'ll "assimilate" them - any adjacent pieces get turned to your colour. The winner is the one with most pieces when the board is full. PII 233, 32MB, Win9x. 
43551 BACKTALY.ZIP 2 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
BackgammonTally V1.0 BY PC Guru free database for the serious backgammon player, which lets you maintain a record of every game played. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43552 BIME07W.ZIP 196 kt 21.05.1998 - MBCD -
Battle Isle 3 Mission Editor v0.7 beta Windows 95/NT
43553 BIUE05W.ZIP 160,6 kt 21.05.1998 - MBCD -
Battle Isle 2 / Battle Isle 3 Unit Editor v0.5beta - Windows 95.
43554 BPM2_202.ZIP 466 kt 21.09.2000 - - -
Medieval 2 BattlePlan Editor v2.02The Editor Pack will only work with registered versions of Medieval 2.0.
43557 BZ-EDITU.ZIP 103,7 kt 26.05.1998 - MBCD -
BattleZone Map Editor update 4/10 With a sample single-player mission.
43555 BZ2SCRPT.ZIP 30,3 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
BattleZone 2 - esimerkkejä omiin tehtäviinThe following zip file contains example files for creating single player mission dlls for Battlezone II. These files were created at Pandemic Studios by BZII Programmer Brad Pickering and are not part of the official BZII code published by Activision. The contents of this download are not supported by Activision Customer Support. The creation of mission DLLs is not documented yet. Brad will try to document and help people as time permits.
43556 BZCP130.ZIP 217,8 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone utility: Bz Command Center v1.3 Battlezone Frontend Map Loader A nifty little utility by Willie Goebel that lets you skip all the drudgery of typing in all that command line stuff everytime you want to play one of those cool (IA) maps.. line correct. One of the most indespensable tools you will ever use..
43558 BZFLAGS1.ZIP 62,7 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone accessory: Multiplayer Flags v1.1 Over 300 multiplayer Flags to chose from, all conviently zipped up and ready for browsing.
43559 BZFRAC04.ZIP 179,4 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone utility: BzFrac vr04a Battlezone Fractal Landscape Generator uses a fractal algorithm to automatically generate .HGT files to be used by the game Battlezone. & even simpler said "it makes maps"
43560 BZWHEEL.ZIP 140 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone utility: BZ Wheel lets you use your scroll wheel mouse with Battlezone.. now you can use the scroll function to act as keyboard commands, its like adding two new buttons to your mouse, instructions are included with the program, and a sample input.map file to get you going quickly.
43561 CAESAR3E.A01 3,9 Mt 20.11.1998 - - -
Caesar III map editor 2/3
43562 CAESAR3E.A02 3,7 Mt 20.11.1998 - - -
Caesar III map editor 3/3
43563 CAESAR3E.ARJ 3,9 Mt 20.11.1998 - - -
"Caesar III Map editor/assignment editor 1/3 Thats right Caesar enthusiaststhis is what youve been waiting for - a Map Editor is now available! Its completely FREE. Windows 95. Impressions/Sierra"
43573 CC-HD.ZIP 14,4 kt 18.01.2000 - - -
Running Close Combat from HD.  (Win95). This file explains step by step how to run Close Combat from HD.
43564 CC2-GADX.ZIP 681,5 kt 20.01.1999 - - -
"Close Combat 2 user editor. GadgetX - (686k) - (MarkEscobarClouden) - Extractedit and re-insert any of the 1600+ gadget images you see in the game interface."
43567 CC2-MAPM.ZIP 155,8 kt 20.01.1999 - - -
Close Combat 2 user editor. MapMaker.zip - (38k) - (TinTin) - THE tool to code the map### files that really are the maps in the game. The map graphic you see onscreen is just a pretty picture. The map### files in the ABTF/Data/Maps folder tell the game what the various parts of the map represent. Absolutely invaluable for new map making and highly interesting for the average player just to be able to view all the terrain elements.
43568 CC2-SNDE.ZIP 68,9 kt 20.01.1999 - - -
Close Combat 2 user editor. soundedit.zip - (70k) (The Other Dave). This will let you add new sounds and swap around all the sound effects for CC2. Really easy to use and Win95-based. Full instructions in the accompanying text document. Please take note of the comment at the end of the text file: i f you use the editor and like it, drop a line to the author.
43569 CC2-TXTM.ZIP 50,6 kt 20.01.1999 - - -
Close Combat 2 user editor. Texture Maker.zip - (50k) (TinTin) These simple programs convert Close Combat 2 textures to tga files and tga files into CC2 textures. Copy all the textures from the cd into a folder, run the totga batch file to convert all the textures to tga files. Make your changes use your paint program and save the files as tga files. When you want to use them in the game run the fromtga batch file.
43565 CC2LOS.ZIP 42,7 kt 20.01.1999 - - -
Close Combat 2 user editor. cclos.zip - (42k) - (Vincent Viaud) - A must to make new ABTF/Data/Maps/map###.LOS files for that new map you just created.
43566 CC2MAPIN.ZIP 2,9 Mt 20.01.1999 - - tupla
Close Combat 2 utility: MAP-INST 1.0 Map installer. Install user made maps into CC2. Postcard-ware
43570 CC3CMANG.ZIP 486,6 kt 13.03.1999 - - tupla
Close Combat III utility. Configuration Manager. Install and uninstall patches and mods with a single mouse click.
43571 CC3CONFM.ZIP 486,6 kt 19.03.1999 - - tupla
Close Combat III Configuration Manager Install and uninstall patches and mods with a single mouse click.
43572 CCAP200.ZIP 641,1 kt 05.06.1998 - - tupla
Chess Captor v2.0 by Michiel Magnee Utility. Brings the convenience of Windows to the creating of chess diagrams. Features: Fully configurable chess board: Determine how you want the chess board to look: gridlines, borders, squares, colors, coordenates, orientation, backgrounds etc., support for headers and footers in chess diagrams: set up chess positions in no time, move pieces smootly over the board... Windows 95
43574 CCTPMAPB.ZIP 1,5 Mt 25.04.1999 - - -
Civilization: Call to Power map editor, beta.
43575 CHECKTLY.ZIP 2 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
CheckersTally by PC Guru Free database for the serious checkers player, which lets you maintain a record of every game played. It provides fields for description, location, result, opponent, and game/match date and time. You also have an area to record freeform notes. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43576 CHESSTLY.ZIP 2 Mt 09.07.1999 - - tupla
Chess Tally v1.0.1 by PC Guru Utility. Free program for the serious chess player. Now you can maintain a record of every game played, against who, and what the outcome was. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43577 CWEDIT.ZIP 1,2 Mt 17.03.1998 - MBCD -
"Civil War Battleground Scenario Editor Scenario Editor for Talonsofts Battleground series civil war strategy games. Windows 95."
43578 CWXCED10.ZIP 203,5 kt 15.09.1998 - - -
ClarkWehyr Enterprises X-COM Editor Suite v1.00 This editor suite handles both XCOM:UFO and XCOM:TFTD and has fully-featured soldier and base editors. Also edit: - Money - XCOM craft including inventory - Diplomacy, funding amounts -Base facilities - Import UFO soldiers into a TFTD game Nice, intuitive user-interface includes mouse support. Freeware by ClarkWehyr Enterprises. Requires DOS v3+, IBM PC/AT or compatible wit
43579 CZECH.ZIP 1,5 Mt 27.09.1997 - - -
Czech Chess HTML Generator by DZWare program that automatically generates HTML files that contain the score of a game of chess along with diagrams and optional analysis for that game. Windows 95
43580 DRPACK.ZIP 51,3 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
BattleZone 2 - pack file toolThe official Battlezone 2 pack file tool can of create new pack files given a collection of data files, extract data files from an existing pack file, and list the contents of an existing pack file. The pack files shipped with the retail version of Battlezone 2 were created with this tool. When creating a pack file, it will attempt to compress source data files using ZLIB compression and store the data file in compressed form if it is reduced to 75% or less of its original size.
43581 FAV098.ZIP 1,9 Mt 19.01.2001 - - -
Final Alert v0.98 Command & Conquer 2: Red Alert 2 map editor. 
43582 FCDBV32.ZIP 32,6 kt 28.06.1999 - - -
"Janes Fleet Command editor. fcdbv32.zip (32 kb) by Philip Langdale. Database Viewer 1.0.1"
43583 FGUGEMOD.ZIP 41,9 kt 21.05.1998 - - -
Fantasy General module for UGE, Universal Game Editor.
43584 FLIBEDIT.ZIP 267,3 kt 23.07.1998 - MBCD -
"Final Liberation Map/Unit Editors In response to our customers requests for the ability to edit/create maps and units for use with Final Liberationwe are releasing the Editorscomplete with detailed usage documentation. This powerful set of utilities will allow you to edit/create maps and units for use with Final Liberation."
43585 FSTEELED.ZIP 707,6 kt 02.12.1999 - - -
Fighting Steel scenario editor
43586 FSTEELS.ZIP 32,1 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
Fighting Steel tweaks & missions. FS Tweak 1.0 - many enhancements equalize German naval power. + The Battle of Vella Lavella by Eric Marlow. + HS 106. The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. + 8 Scenarios by Michael Emmerich.
43587 GBADD20.ZIP 1,2 Mt 16.04.2000 - - -
Galaxy Builder v2.0 is a program which simulates the evolution of a galaxy and its intelligent life over the course of 10 billion years. Stars form, age, and supernova, spreading metals for use in future stars. Planets appear; life starts on some planets; some life develops intelligence. Generate galaxies as background for exploration or roleplaying games. Windows 95/98 Copyright 1998 by David L. Allen 
43588 GO200020.ZIP 1,8 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
Go2000 V2.0  for Windows 95 and 98 A full-featured Go database  management system with visual editor and browser. Registration fee $50 USD. By Changmei Hwung  contact: hchangmei@yahoo.com
43589 H2ED16.ZIP 225,5 kt 14.04.1998 - - -
"Heroes of Might & Magic II H2Ed Version 1.6 Save Game Editor Supports also The Price of Loyalty Expansion Pack. Allows you to modify many of your heroesand castlesattributes. It is also free. Windows 95."
43590 H83_RRND.ZIP 35,1 kt 17.05.2000 - - -
Red Alert unitrandomizer arpoo kaikkien yksikköjen aseet, kestot, nopeudet, ym. ja laskee yksikön hinnan sen mukaan. Tehnyt Henu Heino (Basement Realm) www.mbnet.fi/~dfields henu83@iobox.com
43591 HICIVGAL.ZIP 164,1 kt 25.02.1999 - - tupla
"HiCiV (Galyavov) by Igor Galyavov Keep track of your civilizations progress (and the other ones too) in your Civilization II game with HiCiV. This is a useful utility that keeps watch over your civilization and writes out your history. Keeps track of populationgoldcitiesand science levels. Req. Civilization II and Windows 9598or NT"
43592 HKSRC120.ZIP 91,2 kt 27.04.2000 - - -
Hexkit v1.20 "Hexagon map construction kit", graphics engine for maps based on hexagons, as in many turn-based wargames. Designed to be flexible enough for any hex-based game without animated unit graphics. By Christoph Nahr. Freeware. Windows 95/98, Pentium. 
43593 HOMM2HAK.ZIP 1 Mt 14.04.1998 - - -
Heroes of Might & Magic II HOMMII Editor v4.01 for Windows 95 FREEWARE program release that allows you to edit your armies, primary and secondary stats, and resources (gold, lumber, etc.) in a saved campaign or regular game from the original HOMMII game OR from the Expansion Pack.
43594 INGAME10.ZIP 12,7 kt 26.01.2001 - - -
Ingame Strings Editor versio 1.0 Ohjelma osaa lukea C&C:n ja Red Alertin MIX-tiedostoista löytyviä .ENG tiedostoja. Nämä sisältävät mm. yksiköiden nimet. Saattaa toimia myös Tiberian Sunin kanssa ja tulevan Red Alert 2:n kanssa. Englanninkielinen. Tehnyt Vesa Piittinen, Merrysoft Vaatii Visual Basic 4:n 32-bittisen runtimen
43595 JA2CME.ZIP 1 Mt 23.03.2000 - - -
"Jagged Alliance 2 Custom Mercenary Editor JA2CME is an editor for JA2. With this editor you can change your custom mercenarys statslooknameitemsweapons... all those and lots more. 
It has been reported that this version of JA2CME wouldnt work with US and German version 1.05r. However it will run fine with all other versions. 
Send comments to webco@knuut.de Visit Jagged Alliance Galaxy at www.tacticalplanet.com/ja-galaxy"
43596 JA2EV21.ZIP 210,1 kt 29.03.2001 - - -
Jagged Alliance 2 editor v2.1 This trainer/editor is designed to work with US version v1.06, and allows the editing of memory items. 
43597 LCE102L.ZIP 1,7 Mt 06.11.1997 - MBCD -
LC_Editor V1.02.12 - Legal Crime map editor
43598 MAKE100.ZIP 275,3 kt 12.09.2000 - - -
Makepak 1.00 for Simutrans 0.74e Ohjelma, jolla voit tehdä Simutransiin omat grafiikat.
43599 MEDI20ED.ZIP 1,7 Mt 14.06.2000 - - -
Medieval 2.0 Editor Pack. The Editor Pack will only work with registered versions of Medieval 2.0. 
43600 MEDITOR.ZIP 133,4 kt 07.06.2000 - - -
"Majesty - äänieditori The Majesty Sound Editor allows you to replace the in-game sounds with your own .wav files. Install it into your majesty directory and run it -- itll allow you to review all of the existing soundsreplace soundspreview themand save them. When you next play Majesty the sounds of your kingdom will be replaced! Your heroes can talk jive and your court advisor can lay down the smack...."
43601 MM_FULL.ZIP 1,5 Mt 10.04.1999 - - tupla
"HOMM III Monster Mash Version 1.3.0 small utility for viewing the CreatureSkillSpelland Artifact descriptions found in New World Computings hit strategy gameHeroes of Might & Magic IIIAKA HOMM III. Windows 95 Copyright © 1998-99 Paul H. SoaresJr."
43602 MOMLOAD.ZIP 17,5 kt 06.05.1998 - - tupla
Master of Magic QuickLoader v1.02 utility by Ben Esacove - uses Wizards.exe to load a Master of Magic savegame quickly. freeware. Win95.
43603 MPC2121.ZIP 619,3 kt 11.04.1998 - MBCD tupla
MultiPlayerCiv2 1.21 Allows you to play multiplayer games of Civilization 2. Works in hotseat, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, modem and serial connection. Windows 95. Suggested Civ II v2.42.
43604 MPQVIEW.ZIP 152,9 kt 18.05.1998 - - tupla
StarCraft MPQ (install.exe) viewer and extractor.
43605 NBADD131.ZIP 1,7 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Nation Builder v1.31 is a shareware program which creates the history of human civilization on a world. It reads in a world map containing information about climate and the location of resources, simulates earliest inventions, the spread of technology and trade, and the development of civilization. You can use it to invent worlds for roleplaying games or as background for fiction or you can use it to learn history. Windows 95/98 
43606 NWEDIT.ZIP 1,2 Mt 17.03.1998 - MBCD -
"Napoleonic Battleground Scenario Editor Scenario editor for Talonsofts Battleground series Napoleonic era strategy games. Windows 95."
43607 PANEMOO2.ZIP 121,1 kt 17.07.1998 - - -
Master of Orion 2 Editor - Edit Planets.
43608 PARTICLE.ZIP 595,4 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
Panzer Elite - particle editor
43609 PC2N102H.ZIP 5,5 Mt 27.09.2000 - - -
"Panzer Campaigns II: Normandy44 v1.02  online help "
43610 PC2N102M.ZIP 4,8 Mt 20.09.2000 - - -
"Panzer Campaigns II: Normandy44 v1.02 manual."
43611 RAEDIT51.ZIP 3,1 Mt 14.08.1998 - MBCD -
RAEdit v5.1 by Innovative Tech Having trouble beating Command and Conquer: Red Alert, or do you just need a new way to make the game more fun? With RAEdit 5.1, you can quickly and easily edit almost everything in Red Alert! Windows 95
43612 RAMIX51.ZIP 323,3 kt 08.04.1999 - - tupla
RAmixer 5.1 --- Mix Extracting program for Red Alert and Command & Conquer.
43613 RARE10B.ZIP 2 Mt 24.10.1998 - - -
RARE v1.0b by Chris Labansoky lets you edit the rule.ini file in Red Alert. It will change just about every weapon, person, building, and vehicle in the game. Red Alert and Windows 95
43614 REDALRM.ZIP 152,4 kt 15.12.1998 - - -
Red Alert Rules Manager v1.9.1 Chris Labanosky lets you edit the rule.ini file in Red Alert. It will change just about every weapon, person, building, and vehicle in the game. Windows 95
43615 REDALRTC.ZIP 478,4 kt 24.03.1999 - MBCD -
"Red Alert Unit Creator by Voyager Entertainment excellent-looking editor for Red Alerta highly customizable game created by Westwood Studios. It creates data files that do not modify Red Alerts original files. You can edit both single-player or multiplayer gamesand play modified versions of Red Alert over LAN or the Internet. Create new unitsbuildings or weapons. Adds a lot of replay value to Red Alert. Req. Win95P100RA game"
43616 S3ED205E.ZIP 181,1 kt 26.09.2000 - - -
Settlers III map editor v2.05English version.
43617 SC3KBAT.A01 4,3 Mt 20.06.1999 - - -
SimCity 3000 Building Architect Tool. 2/2
43618 SC3KBAT.ARJ 4,8 Mt 20.06.1999 - - -
SimCity 3000 Building Architect Tool. 1/2 By Maxis. Allows you to easily contruct new buildings for SimCity 3000. Windows 95.
43619 SHPPCX10.ZIP 346,9 kt 26.09.2000 - - -
SHP <> PCX Converter 1.0 by Vesa Piittinen(Merry), Merrysoft Easy-to-use editor, converts SHPs to PCXs and vice versa. Use with C&C series games and RA-mixer. Needs VB40032.DLL (Visual Basic 4 runtime) Copyright 1999-2000 Vesa Piittinen, Merrysoft
43620 SLMAP1_4.ZIP 900,5 kt 31.08.1999 - - -
Shattered Light advanced mapmaker 1.4
43621 SPWAWSM3.ZIP 1,4 Mt 14.05.2001 - - -
Steel Panthers: WaW scenario manager v3Scenario Managing Tools for SP: WaW v5.0.1
43622 STA_EDIT.ZIP 62,3 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
Star Trek Armada editor beta 
43623 STARGRAF.ZIP 753,4 kt 25.02.2000 - - -
 StarGraft. The Starcraft Editor. StarCraft-peliin suosittu editointiohjelma.
43624 TACED.ZIP 1,9 Mt 04.01.1998 - Pelit CD 1998 -
TacEdit - map program for X-Com: Apocalypse by Mythos Games. Create your own maps! Win95 & DirectX.
43625 TAEBLITE.ZIP 2,7 Mt 08.04.1998 - MBCD -
Total Annihilation Map and Mission Editor. TAE Beta 1 executable. Windows 95.
43626 TAFBI15.ZIP 1,2 Mt 27.03.2000 - - -
 Total Annihilation FBI Editor v 1.5 Written by Mike Davidson. Helps with the process of custom unit design for the Cavedog game Total Annihilation. It quickly generates the .fbi file, a necessary component of the unit that describes its properties (size, cost, weapons, etc.). The program features a tabbed interface making it easy to "fill in the blanks" to define the unit.
43627 TAGTRAK.ZIP 3,8 Mt 04.01.1998 - - tupla
Total Annihilation utility: T.A.G Trakker 32 by Hybrid. time tracking application designed for Total Annihilation.  It is primarly used to log time, scores, players, maps and other misc. options that are associated with Total Annihilation.  It is a fairly simplistic front-end to a database that will (we hope) make your life a little bit easier.
43628 TAOEDIT.ZIP 2,9 Mt 30.12.1999 - - -
The Ardennes Offensive Scenario Editor - TAOEdit. v1.0.03. "After playing all the scenarios that came with the game I wanted much more and that\'s when the idea of scenario editor came to me. It took a while but finally after all the hard work here it is : TAOEdit. Thanks to Roger Keating for his endless help, priceless advice, limitless information , personal reminiscence and encouragement." Windows 95
43629 TAZ092B2.ZIP 277,2 kt 16.04.1998 - MBCD -
"T.A.Z. V0.92b2 Author: Claudio Tagliola T.A.Z. is a fully functioning map editor for Total Annihilation. It started out as a conversion of TATOOL to Win95 but its much more than that now. You can visually edit the tilesheight and attributes of a mapno matter how big the map is. (I can edit 32mb and 64mb maps on my 16mb machine.)"
43630 UFO2MON.ZIP 18,4 kt 14.04.1998 - - -
X-Com2: Terror From the Deep TFTD Money Editor v1.0 A fast and easy 2 billion added to your TFTD account.
43631 UFO2RES.ZIP 19,7 kt 14.04.1998 - - -
X-Com2: Terror From the Deep Research editor. This editor will remove all items the you are currently researching from the waiting list and make all research complete, fill your ufopedia, allow you to build and purchase everything, and make your life a whole lot easier.
43632 VMRSDK10.ZIP 5,3 Mt 20.09.2000 - - -
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption SDKThis Software Development Kit comes complete with editor, Direct3D model viewer and plugins for Maya. 
43633 W2WRM211.ZIP 126,6 kt 24.12.1998 - - tupla
WarMaker 2.11 Warcraft 2 Random Map Generator. Windows 95.
43634 W3TOOLS.ZIP 3,6 Mt 12.11.1998 - - tupla
Warlords III new tools set
43635 WARMAKER.ZIP 144,8 kt 23.11.1997 - MBCD tupla
WarMaker 1.0  11-06-97 Warcraft 2 Random Map Generator. Windows 95.
43636 WB20EDIT.ZIP 5,4 Mt 15.08.1998 - - -
WarBreeds map editor 1.0. Win95.
43637 WBU17.ZIP 1,2 Mt 18.02.2000 - - -
World Builder v1.7  - Windows 95/98. shareware program to draw maps of worlds. It uses continental drift and true meteorological computations to provide realistic maps including mountain ranges, rain shadows and rivers. Use it to invent worlds for roleplaying games or as background for fiction, or you can use it to learn about earth science processes. If you want to draw maps of your own existing worlds, World Builder may not be the right tool for you.
43638 WDK2K210.ZIP 810,3 kt 23.10.2000 - - -
Armies of Armageddon WDK v2.10Wargame Development Kit v2.10 
43639 WDP45.ZIP 172,2 kt 23.01.2000 - - -
Fleet Command Warship Database Project.  Massive overhaul of the original database files that came with Fleet Command. The primary goals of this project are to improve on the realism, accuracy, playability, and balance of the game. Over 1000 hours of research, editing, and playtesting have been put into this project.
43640 WDP77.ZIP 854,1 kt 18.09.2000 - - -
Fleet Comman Warship Database Project v7.7The WDP is a massive ongoing project designed to improve Fleet Command in any way possible. The main areas of improvements are as follows; playability, accuracy, balance, and realism, with a balanced priority in all of these areas. 
43641 WGP20.ZIP 481,9 kt 11.06.2000 - - -
"WarGame Processor v2.0 by Sean Emerson Designed to make it as easy as possible to play popular board wargames by mail or e-mail. Its not necessary for your opponent to have a copy of the WarGame Processoras the program will still make life easier on your end. Program provides the means for users to design their own modulesso the usefulness and utility of the system will always be growing. Contact opponents on the WGP WWW page. Windows 95"
43642 WGP34MO.ZIP 3,3 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
"WarGame Processor modules.  WGP modules are NOT complete games. You must own the board game for them to be useful to youas they are without ruleschartsetc. Support the developersbuy the game. One exception is France44which is not based on a published gameand comes complete with rules and charts. Includes modules for 34 war games."
43643 WH2EDIT.ZIP 189 kt 22.09.1998 - - -
Warhammer: Dark Omen Editor v1.6 R3 Edit Units, Heroes, and Magic.
43644 WHDO20.ZIP 1,9 Mt 17.07.1998 - - -
Warhammer: Dark Omen MAXX Editor (v2.0).
43645 XBAT14.ZIP 1,6 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
XBattle editor v1.4 for Close Combat. Lets you create "scenario" & "deploy" files, step by step documentation included...
43646 XCAM14.ZIP 648,7 kt 18.01.2000 - - -
Campaign utility v1.4  for Close Combat. Lets you view the status of your live soldiers in a campaign that you are currently playing. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is load this application click on "Open Units files..." menu command under "File" menu. Open dialog shows up twice for loading "AlUnits." and "AxUnits." Navigate through your unit list.
43647 XLOS14.ZIP 623,4 kt 18.01.2000 - - -
XLOS generator version 1.4  for Close Combat. After you create your new map in XMapEditor you can now create Line of Sight file *.los. Say you created "Map89." in XMapEditor, now you load this file into XLos generator then you click on "Create LOS" this will create "Map89.los" file in the same directory where you created the "Map89." file. That\'s all you have to do. Now you copy "Map89." and "Map89.los" into the "Maps" directory.
43648 XMAPED14.ZIP 1,5 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
XMapEditor v1.4 , - create/edit battle maps for Close Combat. These map files "MapXX." are stored in .../Data/Data/Maps/ directory (install directory tree structure), this directory also contains LOS files "MapXX.LOS" - files are used for calculation line of sight.