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42699 1000.ZIP 4,6 Mt 07.03.2000 - - -
 1000 by Ivolga Inc. Play an addictive points card game. It has to be played by three players, one of whom is you. Your main goal is to collect as many points as possible. The one who collects 1000 points first is the winner. Windows 9x, NT, or 2000
42700 102030.ZIP 133,7 kt 06.11.2000 - - -
"10-20-3010-20-30 is a challenging Solitaire game. Its played with a standard deck of 52 cards in which suit is irrelevant. Your mission is to combine cards in a certain order and make all the piles disappear. Just one option is providedand thats to adjust the value of the kingqueenand jack cards so theyre each worth 10 points. Win 9x. Freeware. "
42701 123FP20.ZIP 1,3 Mt 02.10.1999 - - -
123 Free Puzzle v2.0 by TreeCardGames, inc. Freeware spin-off of SolSuite 2000. Here you get five fun-to-play card games: two are editions of Only-One-Left, and three are versions of Put-Them-In-Order. In Only-One-Left, the objective is to eliminate all the cards in the layout except one. The objective of Put-Them-In-Order is to arrange the cards in numerical order using a method similar to "slider" puzzles. Each game is easy to learn. Windows 95.
42702 123FREE.EXE 1,4 Mt 16.04.2001 - - -
123 Free Solitaire 5.1123 Free Solitaire is a collection of ten solitaire card games. The games included are Diplomat, Easthaven, Fifteens, Four Seasons, Free Cell, Golf, Klondike, Monte Carlo, Precedence, and Pyramid. Enjoy features like animated cards, autoplay, sound, and more. Each game has more than nine trillion possible outcomes, so the collection remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Freeware. http://www.TreeCardGames.com 
42703 123FREEM.ZIP 1,8 Mt 15.10.2000 - - -
123 Free Memory v2.0123 Free Memory contains four fun memory
Solitaire games: Ace-To-King, Concentration,
Forget-Me-Not, and Memory-Up (6x4). 123 Free
Memory utilizes well-done interface and
feature set. You can select card backs and
table backgrounds, mute the audio, use
undo/redo, and choose from several other
options. Note: This free software contains
advertising technology that will
occasionally use your Internet connection to
receive and display ads. Freeware.
42704 123FS42.ZIP 1,4 Mt 04.04.2000 - - -
123 Free Solitaire 4.2from Treesoft well-done versions of Klondike, Pyramid, Golf, FreeCell, and Diplomat. 
The interface is friendly and attractive, complete with sound effects, a customizable 
toolbar, a green gradient background, and an autoplay feature. You can also toggle 
options for confirm on exit, confirm quit game, winning animation, show time, and show 
score. Windows 95, 98. Freeware.
42705 123FS47.EXE 1,4 Mt 26.12.2000 - - -
123 Free Solitaire 4.7123 Free Solitaire is a collection of ten solitaire card games. The games included 
are Diplomat, Easthaven, Fifteens, Four Seasons, Free Cell, Golf, Klondike, 
Monte Carlo, Precedence, and Pyramid. Enjoy features like animated cards, autoplay,
sound, and more. Each game has more than nine trillion possible outcomes, so the 
collection remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Windows 95/98/NT.
Freeware. http://www.TreeCardGames.com
42706 123PUZLE.ZIP 1,4 Mt 15.11.2000 - - -
123 Free Puzzle v2.4123 Free Puzzle is a spin-off from SolSuite 2000. It provides seven fun card games: Four Sums, Tower of Hanoy, two variations of Only-One-Left, and three versions of Put-Them-In-Order. Each game can be learned quickly, and the interface is both intuitive and attractive. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42707 123SOL.ZIP 1,4 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
"123 Free Solitaire 4.6123 Free Solitaire is a scaled-down version of the developers excellent SolSuite 2000 game. 
It offers well-done versions of DiplomatEasthavenFour SeasonsFourteen OutFreeCell
GolfKlondikeMonte CarloPrecedence and Pyramid.. The interface is friendly and attractive
complete with digital sound effectsseveral background and deck choicesand an autoplay 
feature. Windows 95/98. Freeware.
42708 15PACK12.ZIP 362,4 kt 18.02.2000 - - -
15-Pack v1.20 for Win95/98/NT This is a cool award-winning computer version of the classical slide puzzle. Simple interface, changeable skin of  game pieces, a lot of boards, sound effects, background music and more. Address of 15-Pack authors website: http://www.sapphiregames.com
42709 1995PASS.ZIP 1 Mt 31.07.1999 - - -
Passage 1995 Edition v1.2 by Gekko Software Strategy board game with three different game variations. Each variation can be played in three time modes; so altogether you can choose from 9 game variations! Set one stone next to another stone so they correspond (either) in color and/or in motive. The grey stone fits everywhere, so you can put every stone next to a grey stone. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42710 1PUZZLER.ZIP 2,4 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
1Puzzler:The Falling Blocks CollectionCollection of ten tetris like and other style puzzle games. By CGN Software Each game comes with a colorful interface, optional background music, easy-to-learn instructions and a high-score honor roll. You can play all the games with your keyboard arrow keys, so no additional hardware is required. For Windows 95/98.
42711 2CLEAR.ZIP 412,1 kt 17.01.2000 - - -
" 2 Clear v1.1 by Ultisoft. Build colored rectangles. Simple but engaging game that requires you to add patterns of colored blocks to a field of playin order to create rectangles of the same color. The blocks can be rotated for best effectand Undo is also available. Once theyre createdthe blocks disappear to allow you to add more sections and earn more points. Windows 9598or NT"
42712 2HANDSOL.ZIP 2 Mt 08.05.2000 - - -
Two handed Solitaire Variation on Klondike Solitaire, the most popular version of solitaire. There 4 stacks on the table instead of seven and the remaining cards are split between you and your computer opponent. The player to play all of their cards first wins. The game has great graphics and sound effects, win/loss statistics, right-click auto-play, undo, restart deal, and auto save. Fully functional shareware. Windows 95/98 
42713 2POWER11.ZIP 541,7 kt 24.05.1999 - - -
2 Power. Pure logic game from MG Software, simple to play but very challenging and a lot of fun. The playing field is filled with colored blocks. The object of the game is to remove blocks from the playing field in a way that maximizes your score. Selectively remove blocks and set yourself up to remove as large a group as possible.  Windows 95.
42714 31FORW95.ZIP 517 kt 11.01.2000 - - -
31 for Windows 95 v5.0 by Ultisoft. Survive this tough card game. Four-player card game. Played with a standard deck of cards, it can be enjoyed with one human player against three silicon-based ones, or on a network. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42715 32UZ36.ZIP 2,6 Mt 23.01.1999 - - -
"šZ v3.0 painstakingly designed puzzle game for Windowsandquite simplyIT ROCKS.Featuring crisp sound effectscolorful piecesbeautiful backgroundspleasant musicand a whole lot of fun. To clear a levelall youve got to do is destroy all of the pieces by moving identical ones next to each other. Windows 95"
42716 3DBLACK.ZIP 6 Mt 30.12.1999 - - -
3D Blackjack Trainer v2.0 by Ultisoft. Play Blackjack. Designed to make the play of the game as natural as possible. Windows 95, 98, or NT.
42717 3DJONG20.ZIP 5 Mt 10.11.1999 - - -
Moraff\'s 3D-Jongg v2.0 Try a new spin on classic Mahjongg. Mahjongg game that offers excellent ray-traced graphics, with game tiles that appear to be made of wood and marble. The 3D aspects are simulated as sculptures rise from the tiles and cast shadows. The "3" even takes on another meaning in this game - you\'re required to remove three tiles at a time, making the game a bit more challenging. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42718 3DLINES.ZIP 869 kt 12.11.2000 - - -
"3D Lines3D Lines is a challenge to your brains! This smashing real three-dimension puzzle game develops your space imagination and logic and can give you hours of pleasure and enjoy. The goal is to arrange colored spheres into lines. With every movethree more spheres will appear until theres no more room on the board. 3D Lines has 10 days free trial period. P16616 MB. Freeware.  "
40983 3DMAZE95.ZIP 1053911 23.12.1995 - MBCD -
3DMAZE V1.2 (11/25/95) generates mazes under
Windows 95. The mazes are displayed in 3D.
Use keys to solve them or have the computer
solve them. Visual Basic 4.0 source code is
42719 3DMORR11.ZIP 2,4 Mt 17.01.2000 - MBHH2001 -
 3D Morris 1.1 Copyright 1999 Adrian Grigore, Lobstersoft The modern version of an ancient Strategy game - one of the best-looking board games on the shareware market. 1-player and 2-player gaming modes as well as a head-to-head gaming mode over the internet. It also adds a completely new, arcade-like game mode. http://www.lobstersoft.com/3dmorris
42720 3DPROS22.ZIP 1,1 Mt 11.01.2000 - - -
"3D Proslots v2.2 by UltiSoftInc. If you love to play the slots but want more than just spinning cherriesyoull enjoy 3D Proslots. This multifeatured 3D slot machine game (which plays in DOS mode but needs Windows to install) offers smooth animation and realistic sound effectsmaking you feel like youre actually in a casino. Windows 95"
42721 3DWLDDIA.ZIP 916,9 kt 17.01.2000 - - -
 3D WILD DIAMONDS v2.1 3D wild diamonds is a multi feature slot machine game with true color rendered graphics, real time animation, and all new classic slots sounds. Windows 95.
42722 3LEAVES.ZIP 1,1 Mt 10.04.2000 - - -
Three Leaves 2.0 lets you play addictive card game against computer opponents or up to 4 friends over Internet. By Sergey Tkachenko and Sapphire Games.
42723 4AFRI3.ZIP 3 Mt 15.10.2000 - - -
Fairplay African Casino v1.000.050eFairplay African Casino is an attractively
atmospheric way to play casino games with an
African theme. All games have fast, colorful
graphics and video sound effects. To sample
what this casino has to offer, connect to the
server and register to obtain a logon and
password, then choose a game and play without
having to worry about risking real money.
Win9x. Freeware.
42724 4WINDS.ZIP 2,5 Mt 13.01.1999 - - -
Four Winds Mah Jongg v1.07 by Armadillo Graphics beautiful version of the traditional Chinese game of tiles, Mah Jongg. Each tile is drawn in detail on a brilliant red board while you listen to soothing Chinese music. The mouse actually turns into a bird or dice, while you wait for moves to occur. You can choose from several rule options, including Japanese, Classical American, and Contemporary European. Windows 95
42725 5SMAHJNG.ZIP 2 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
5 Star Mahjongg time-limited 21-day DEMO for Windows« 95/98/NT v1.00 Wildly popular, contemporary version of the classic Eastern game, suitable for both kids and adults. The attractive and intuitive interface makes the game very simple to learn and  play within a few minutes, but as mahjongg players around the world know, gameplay can be extremely challenging and addictive! Good graphics, very configurable. Windows« 95/98/NT, 486, 16 MB, SVGA. 
42726 5SMJ101.ZIP 2 Mt 30.04.2001 - - -
"5 Star Mahjongg v1.01  In 5 Star Mahjongg youll get to choose your tile facespick from a range of challenging tile layoutsmodify the backgroundand choose whether you want guaranteed solvability. Every game is different and the wide range of choices insure that you wont get bored. When you solve the puzzles your time may merit you a place on the top ten list. This is a 21-day trial version. Win 9x. Shareware$14.95. "
42727 5STR11.ZIP 1,1 Mt 18.03.2000 - - -
 5star Free Lines 1.1 Free! Fun mind  game. The objective of the game is to  line up five balls of the same color.   At witch time they are removed from the  board and points are scored. Attractive  graphics and colors, nice sound effects  and lovely music to your choice make  this game a real fun. You can conpete  with your partner through network or  internet. Play this attractive free game and have fun!
40984 95CDICE.ZIP 1902514 24.11.1996 - - -
**MoraffWare! Best Dice Game Ever! WIN'95!**
Moraff's CyberDice is by far the best
implementation of the classic yahtzee!
sweeper! Dazzling graphics and spectacular
backgrounds make this a must have!
40990 95JIGGL4.ZIP 1430962 24.11.1996 - MBCD -
*Moraff! Concentration-Memory-Jiggler!WIN95*
Moraff's Memory-Jiggler is an exciting and
unique combination of Jigsaw puzzles and
Concentration! This is better than Jigsaw,
AND better than Concentration! Version 4.1.
60297 95JIGGLE.ZIP 1292656 23.05.1996 - - -
*Moraff! Concentration-Memory-Jiggler!WIN95*
Moraff's Memory-Jiggler is an exciting
and unique combination of Jigsaw puzzles
and Concentration! This is better than
Jigsaw, AND better than Concentration!
Version 4.0: (Updated April 1996)
1) Great graphics, spectacular puzzles!
2) You can use your own images of any
file format as puzzles!
60298 95LASB20.ZIP 1199256 22.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Laser Blocks V2.0 for Windows 95. Arcade
puzzle game. Destroy falling blocks by
connecting pipes.
60301 95RADIAT.ZIP 1419379 15.05.1996 - - -
*MoraffWare! Best Puzzle Game Ever! WIN'95!*
░    Moraff's Radiation is a vast improve- ░
░ ment over the original concept of mine-  ░
░ sweeper! Cute animations, neat sound and ░
░ spectacular backgrounds make this a must!░
░▒Version 1.0: (Updated April 1996)       ▒░
░▒ 1) Great 3D graphics, photo backdrops  ▒░
░▒   from NASA and the Hubble Telescope!  ▒░
░▒ 2) Multiple board sizes, levels of     ▒░
40991 95RJONG2.ZIP 1423619 27.05.1996 - - -
*MORAFFWARE: Best 3-D WIN-95 Puzzle Game!V2*
░     Ringjongg is a dazzling puzzle game, ░
░ similar to the smash-hit Spherejongg! It ░
░ contains huge rings that are rendered by ░
░ 3D-Studio, the leading 3-D imaging soft- ░
░ ware.     Requies SVGA, 8 megs RAM, 486. ░
░▒Version 2.0:                            ▒░
░▒ 1) Great 3-D 16 million color graphics,▒░
░▒    very easy to see the 3-D donuts!    ▒░
60303 95SJONG2.ZIP 1354526 31.10.1996 - - -
MORAFF: 3D Spherical Mahjongg V2 For Win95
Moraff's Spherejongg is like Mahjongg
with spherical pieces. It is much easier
to play, but just as challenging to win!
The large globe-shaped 3D tiles are very
easy to identify, no more eyestrain!
40992 95SJONG3.ZIP 1385948 18.04.1996 - - -
*MORAFF: 3D Spherical Mahjongg V3 For Win95*
░    Moraff's Spherejongg is like Mahjongg ░
░ with spherical pieces. It is much easier ░
░ to play, but just as challenging to win! ░
░ The large globe-shaped 3D tiles are very ░
░ easy to identify, no more eyestrain!     ░
░▒Version 3.0 for Windows `95 (tm):       ▒░
░▒ 1) Great 3D graphics, very easy to     ▒░
░▒    see the 3D spheres! New graphics!   ▒░
40994 95STSP11.ZIP 616704 27.05.1996 - - -
SLOTS of TRIVIA v1.1 (Sports Version) A
Windows Slot Machine and Trivia Game WINDOWS
95 Version: It's both a slot machine game and
a trivia game.  Answer questions to collect
your winning spins.  Also has a slot-only
mode.  Great graphics and sounds.  Requires
VB40032.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
42728 A1GEOFT.ZIP 3,3 Mt 15.10.2000 - - -
A1 Geo-Fit Game Pack v1.0A1 Geo-Fit Game Pack includes a series of
three games, all variations of Tetris with a
triangular twist. The use of triangular
shapes makes the task quite entertaining and
challenging. As the pieces fall, you can
rotate them to best fit into the shape of the
rows of triangles at the base of the playing
field. Once a row is complete, it is removed.
Triangles can become translucent, which in
some cases allows shapes through.
Win 9x. Freeware.
42729 AARGON.ZIP 2,7 Mt 11.04.1999 - MBCD -
"Aargon by Twilight Games addictive puzzle game that uses colored lasersmirrorsand prisms. Your mission is to arrange glass pieces so that lasers hit colored coins. Use prisms and filters to separate colors or mix beams to form new ones. Just make sure you dont hit the TNT or let dangerous mines escape. Fast reflexes will do you no good; Aargon is definitely designed for the serious thinkers. DirectX 6.0P120Win95."
42730 ABALONE.ZIP 1 Mt 25.04.1999 - MBCD -
"Abalone v1.0 board Strategy Game This beautiful version of the classic strategy game will quickly become one of your favorite games. Played on a hexagonal board using colored marblesyour goal is to push your opponents pieces off the board before he does the same to you. Board Strategy Windows 95 98 NT Random Software http://www.randomly.com"
42731 ABC34.ZIP 837,5 kt 29.06.1999 - - -
"AbcPuzzles by Kirill Vasilev Puzzle.Two variations on a tile-based puzzle game. Each uses the same basic enginein which you move the tiles in groups of four or more by spinning them with the control located in the corner where four tiles touch. Much like Rubiks Cube in two dimensionsthe games are harder than they first look since you must get the tiles properly aligned without disrupting your previous work. Windows 9598or NT"
40996 ABSETUP.A01 3999400 22.07.1996 - - -
Abduction from Earth. Osa 2/3.
40997 ABSETUP.A02 1673606 22.07.1996 - - -
Abduction from Earth. Osa 3/3.
40998 ABSETUP.ARJ 3999400 22.07.1996 - - -
Abduction from Earth. Win95-puzzlepeli, jossa
yritetään saada lauma alieneita eri
sokkeloiden läpi. Osa 1/3.
42732 ABSOLMEM.ZIP 1,2 Mt 17.12.1999 - - -
Absolute Memory 1.2 for Windows 95,98 and NT Absolute Memory is an exciting puzzle game in which you need to match all the pairs of cards in the time given. Flip over the cards to find matches and try to clear the board in the fastest time possible. The game has many levels with colorful graphics. You can also create new levels yourself and add them to the game.
42733 ACEKINGS.ZIP 3 Mt 15.10.2000 - - -
"Aces and Kings Solitaire v1.1A collection of five good solitaires. The
games included are Aces and KingsDemons and
ThievesFours UpDouble FreeCell and Lady
Jane. Youll find many of the nice features
that have made Pretty Good Solitaire a
winner: the ability to select a random game
sound effectsnice-looking cardsan
intuitive interfacecustomizable
backgroundskeeping of statistics and more.
Win9x. Freeware."
42734 ACESGOLD.ZIP 7,2 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
 Aces Gold Casino v1.02b by Acesace.net Play casino games on your PC. Suite of casino games that you can play offline for fun or online for cash. Included are: Slot machine, Roulette, Pai-Gow, Blackjack, Baccaret, and Video Poker. To play for cash you must be 18 or older and local laws apply. Req. Internet connection for online play, Pentium 133, and Windows 95, 98, or NT
42735 ACHESS10.ZIP 117,9 kt 28.12.2000 - - -
AntiChess v1.0AntiChess is the antithesis of a regular chess: you must force the opponent to capture your king, or every piece you have. The pieces move just like in regular chess, making the game easy to learn, but very hard to master. You can load and save games, take hints or back moves, watch an autoplay mode, or select from three difficulty levels. You also have two chess sets and three different boards to choose from. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42736 ACTLCK05.ZIP 874,8 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
Actual checkers v.1.0-R build 10.05-005 Atlant Software. web site: http://here.at/atlantsoft.com e-mail  : atlantsoft@usa.com Match your skill against a computer opponent in Russian Checkers. The Russian version has some rule variations over standard checkers such as the ability to jump both forward and backward or the ability of kings to move several spaces at a time along the diagonal. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42737 ADSAMES.ZIP 267,1 kt 16.09.2000 - - -
AD Sames v1.0AD Sames is a small puzzle game. The object  of the game is to remove all the pieces  from the playing field. You can erase pieces  which are the same only if they are connected  vertically or horisontally. Pieces above  those erased will drop down, and once there  is a fully erased vertical line the pieces on  the left will slide rightward to fill this  line. 
42738 AFRIKKA.ZIP 454,4 kt 22.11.1998 - MBHH2000 -
Afrikan Tähti raha-arpasimulaattori Vaatii Windows 95/98 by the Lost Spaceman of Refinition freeware
42739 AHA!.ZIP 3,7 Mt 30.08.1999 - - -
"Aha! by Odessa Corp. Brain puzzle. The objective is to remove similar shaped objects from the playing gridcausing the icons above to drop down and form new groupings. When youve removed all groups of two or more similar iconsthe game is over. You get more points for removing larger groups. This edition offers animated iconsjazzy background musicand a modern player interface.It seems simplebut to really score youll have to plan ahead. Windows 95"
42740 AJIG34.ZIP 830,2 kt 29.06.1999 - - -
AlterJig v3.4 by Kirill Vasilev Tile jigsaw puzzle game. You select one of several graphics supplied with the game or create your own puzzle from any bitmap. When you select "new game", AlterJig scrambles the puzzle and challenges you to restore the picture by rotating groups of four tiles to get the tiles back to their proper position.
42741 ALHABALL.ZIP 933,3 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Alhademic Balls v1.0 By Alhademic Group. Make rows of three to win the game. Familiar puzzle game in which the object is to swap two colored balls in a matrix of colored balls so as to create a row of three or more balls of the same color, either vertically or horizontally. When you create a row, those balls are removed, you get points, and new balls cascade down. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42742 ALHALNS.ZIP 593,3 kt 02.10.1999 - - -
Alhademic Lines v1.4 BY Alhademic Group "Mind game" that\'s quick to learn and fun to play. The object is to score as many points as possible through the process of placing five balls of the same color in a straight line. It sounds easy, but the computer places three new randomly colored balls on the playing field after each turn, adding to the challenge. Sharp-looking graphics, nice music and sound effects. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42743 ALIGN-IT.ZIP 1,1 Mt 24.03.1999 - - -
"Align It! v1.0 by Sandra Erb Puzzle. The aim of AlignIt! is to align balls of the same color in a row. Aligning five or more balls verticallyhorizontallyor diagonally makes them disappear. Start with three game pieces on the 9x9 board. Each move adds three more pieces. The preview window lets you see what colors are comingbut you dont know where they will appear. Wild card pieces can help you complete rows. Windows 9598or NT"
42744 ALPHTR23.ZIP 3,8 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Alphatris v2.3 by Mace Software, Inc. combines the challenge of a word game with the arcade excitement of a Tetris-type game. The objective is to create words from the falling letters. These letters can be moved from side to side and dropped into position using the mouse or the numeric keypad. Words can be created horizontally or vertically, with eligibility determined by the included 13,500-word dictionary. Windows 95 
42745 ANIMPUZL.ZIP 12,9 Mt 26.04.2000 - - -
Animated Puzzles v1.1 ASP/ESC - A puzzle game for all ages. The player can choose 12, 24, 48 or 96 pieces. Hints are available to help solve a puzzle. When a puzzle is completed it is animated using 3D graphics. The full program comes on a CD with 55 puzzles with silly animation. $15.00 
42746 ANTPRO10.ZIP 1,8 Mt 29.06.1999 - - -
ANT RUN PRO v1.0 Win.95/98 AntPro10.zip Keep ahead of the ant in this addictive arcade game. You rotate the different shaped  passageways, connect it, to keep one step ahead of the ant so that he never reaches a dead end.  Filled with special bonus grids and other obstacles, gain extra points in your quest to move onto the next level.  Packed with features and educational ant  facts, Ant Run Pro is arcade fun for all.
42747 APOKER11.ZIP 272,2 kt 03.09.2000 - - -
ÄssäPokeri v1.1 Peli jäljittelee RAY:n samannimistä automaattipeliä ja mukana on kunnon asennusohjelma Windowsille. Vaatii Windows 95/98, VB6 Runtime-tiedostot. http://koti.mbnet.fi/valtanen/ Jukka Valtanen. 
42748 APOKER12.ZIP 274,3 kt 14.11.2000 - - -
ÄSSÄPOKERI versio 1.2 Freeware RAY:n nimikkopeliä jäljittelevä peli. Kaikki toiminnot kunnossa ja ulkoasukin suoraan pelikoneesta. Jukka Valtanen, jukka.valtanen@mbnet.fi Win 95/98, vaatii VB 6 -kirjastot.  
42749 ARIS396.ZIP 226,1 kt 02.02.2000 - - -
Ariston Backgammon v3.96  by Michael Rosner. Play a high level backgammon that plays on a very high level. Even for the best players it is hard to win most of the games against Ariston in the long term. Ariston-Backgammon-Program is most easy to use. Ariston plays so-called "money games" where each point is equally valuable. It can be used for fun or more important to improve your game skills. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42750 ARSTN409.ZIP 248,2 kt 17.11.2000 - - -
Ariston Backgammon v4.09Ariston Backgammon is an excellent backgammon aimed at experienced players. It will provide you with a challenging opponent thanks to its neural-net technology. Beginners can learn from the hint feature and replay of saved game positions, while experienced players will be challenged by the aggressive play and doubling of the computer opponent. The game lets you undo moves, get hints on plays, and enter rolls manually. The interface is either English or German. Shareware. 
42751 AS_BLA13.ZIP 398,4 kt 25.11.1999 - MBHH2000 -
AS Black Majority v1.3  Solitaire Card Game Game Requires at least 1024x768 resolution. English & Finnish By AS Games aki.suuronen@pp.phnet.fi Windows 95.
42752 AS_SPI13.ZIP 395,3 kt 25.11.1999 - MBHH2000 -
AS Spider v1.3 - Solitaire Card Game Peli pohjautuu pasianssiin nimeltä Suuri Hämähäkki. Works in Windows 9x and NT Freeware Copyright ¸ Aki Suuronen 1999
42753 AUTOBACK.ZIP 1,1 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
 Autoplay Gammon Version: 1.00.0050 Play backgammon against computer, with 2 players or watch computer play fully automatic game. Requirements:  Win95 or Win98 Don Whitten, dowhitt@netscape.net
42755 AYAC40.ZIP 1,2 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
 Ancient Ivory v4.0. Centuries old Caribbean dice game of strategy and luck. It features an intuitive interface, photographic quality, 256-color images, realist sound effects, a competitive computer player, and background music. Points are given for five of a kind, long straight, small straight, four of a kind, etc. Score in 12 categories. Winner of SIA "Best Entertainment Program" of 1996 and 1997. Windows 95/98/NT
42754 AYAC4095.ZIP 1,2 Mt 25.04.1999 - - -
Ancient Ivory v4.0. Ancient Ivory is centuries old Caribbean dice game of strategy and luck. It features an intuitive interface, photographic quality, 256-color images, realist sound effects, a competitive computer player, and background music. Points are given for five of a kind, long straight, small straight, four of a kind, etc. Score in 12 categories. Winner of SIA "Best Entertainment Program" of 1996 and 1997.
42756 BAB2INS.ZIP 461,5 kt 12.11.1998 - - -
"Babylon II v2.88 by Roman V. Koshelev Sureyou can solve a jigsaw-like puzzle on one side of a boardbut can you solve a two-sided puzzle when the moves you make on one side impact the other? Thats the trick with Babylon II. Windows 9598or NT"
42757 BACBETTN.ZIP 2,4 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
 Learn Baccarat in Learn Mode and practise  Betting Strategy and Money Management.  Players can refine their betting, trend  analysis, and money management skills by  using our unique marking card and many other  features. This program was designed by  international baccarat player Mr. Wong Phat  Phat who wanted a way to test different  playing styles without risking money at a  casino.
41004 BAKER.ZIP 1203101 31.10.1996 - - -
BAKER'S DOZEN is a collection of 13
solitaire card games for Windows 95.
It includes Auld Lang Syne, Black Hole,
Double or Quits, Five Piles,
Fourteen Out, Golf, Nestor, Quadrille,
Robert, Thirteens, Treasure Trove,
Triangle and Vertical.
42758 BALLM114.ZIP 1,1 Mt 05.11.1998 - - -
"Ball Master v1.14 by Sergei Gussev Board game. The aim of game is to play as much as possiblewhile theres empty space on board. When board becomes full of balls the game is over. Windows 95."
42759 BALLS98.ZIP 1,2 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
Balls 98 board game in which the object is to find places in a field filled with colored balls where swapping two balls will create a horizontal or vertical group of three or more balls of the same color. When you create a group, they drop out of the board and all balls in a column drop down. New balls drop down from above so you can continue to create groups. Plan ahead to form groups as the new balls drop into place. Windows 95/98
42760 BARCADES.ZIP 5,3 Mt 23.03.2000 - - -
"Barricades by Oort Cloud.  Fascinating 3D board game in which you match strategy against three other players (or your PC) in attempting to move through a maze to the goal. You can enter the board only at the start area and move along only interconnected game squares that arent blocked by a barricade. If you roll the needed number to land on a barricadeyou can move it to a location of your choice -- usually to block an opponent. Win95/98DirectX 6.0"
42761 BARTEND.EXE 2,3 Mt 28.12.2000 - - -
Bartender: Bar Room Games A puzzle game where you mix drinks to win! Bartender is a one-of-a-kind puzzle 
game where your goal is to mix drinks and score cash. Bartender is a easy to 
learn, hard to master, mouse controlled game. It comes complete with drink list 
and descriptions. This is a one-day shareware trial. The registration fee is $9.99. 
Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
42762 BB2B.ZIP 1,2 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
Ball Blaster 2 By Chris Haag Inspired by Bust-A-Move by Taito, Inc. Fun arcade game where 1-6 players compete shooting different colored balls to the pile in top of the screen. If you can get 3 or more same color balls together they disappear. Supports TCP/IP LAN multiplayer. Windows 95/98 DirectX 6.0 Pentium 166
42763 BBLBOUND.ZIP 616,2 kt 26.10.2000 - - -
BubbleBoundThe object is to form lines of five or more bubbles of the same color, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Each line of five or more is removed; however, after each move more bubbles are added to the board. This version offers several levels of difficulty, achieved by adding more color options to the game. Note: This free software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42764 BBRK-240.ZIP 928,2 kt 03.12.1999 - - -
BrainsBreaker v2.4 for Win95 is a jigsaw puzzle game with many new and outstanding features. You can work a puzzle completely with your mouse or use keyboard shortcuts while optional sound effects accompany play. This major update allows you to create puzzles with your own graphics. Windows 95, 98, or NT By Juan Trujillo Tarradas
61248 BBRK32.ZIP 597366 25.12.1996 - MBCD -
BrainsBreaker v1.50 for Win95 is a jigsaw
puzzle game. This version contains five
puzzles, but only one can be fully completed.
42765 BCKGMMN.ZIP 764,3 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
Backgammon 3D v1.0. A 3D visialization of a classcal board game - Backgammon. (c) 2000 Sergey A. Stolbov, TERMINAL Studio. Windows 95/98/NT. 
42766 BGADE12.ZIP 1 Mt 26.06.2000 - - -
Backgammon Deluxe v1.2 By Arthur Crump board game for Windows. Play Backgammon and control the dice with your mouse. The first player to remove all their pieces from the board wins. Windows 9x. Shareware. 
30317 BGF23W95.ZIP 732421 25.12.1996 - MBCD -
Board Games For 2 v3.0a
Play 8 Board Games with a friend,
over any network, or using a modem.
42767 BIBLITZ.ZIP 70,8 kt 25.04.1999 - - -
"Binary Blitz v3.02 by Evangel University Puzzle. Think youre fast with numbers? Trying beating your PC in converting numbers to binary formats. You get a two-second headstart and as you select ones and zeros the number is displayed. If you beat the computer you advance to the next round but the computer handicap is reduced.  If you find yourself challengedyou might consider getting out of the house more often. Windows 9598or NT"
42768 BIG85011.ZIP 1,1 Mt 12.11.1998 - - -
"Big 8 Solitaire v5.0.1.1 by WinGamesIf one version of Solitaire isnt enough for youcheck out Big 8. 
This 32-bit suite includes eight different forms of Solitaire: 
Auld Lang SyneCanfieldFlower GardenKlondikeLittle Spider
Magic CarpetGrannies Clockand Osmosis. It features realistic 
sound effects and card designs and lets you change the background 
color and pick from eight card backs. Until registeredyoure limited 
to playing just 10 games. Windows 95."
42769 BIGJIG.ZIP 1,1 Mt 13.01.1999 - - -
BigJig v4.0 by Lena Pankratova Jigsaw puzzle game that includes three sample puzzles. Six levels let you choose from three different piece sizes, with or without rotation, and the program is a challenge even at the lowest level. The many small pieces are cut into just a very few shapes, but are reminiscent of a real jigsaw puzzle. Windows 95
42770 BIGPTNCE.ZIP 1,2 Mt 27.05.2000 - - -
BigPatience v2.0 Play solitaire on your PC. By Lena Pankratova Collection of 20 solitaire card games ranging from simple to very hard, from popular to very rare. Additional features: selectable decks and backs of cards, textures for background, sound effects, undo, the detailed help. Windows 95/98/NT. Shareware. 
42771 BJACKCAL.ZIP 285,7 kt 17.01.2000 - - -
 Blackjack Game and Basic Strategy Calculator. See probabilities in blackjack. Two examples of the use of a library of C++ classes that compute probabilities and expected values in blackjack, based on exact probabilistic analysis. This library is stand-alone, and can be included in your own programs to be used as you wish. Windows 95, 98, or NT.
42772 BJI3241.ZIP 873,7 kt 17.03.2000 - - -
 B-Jigsaw 4.1 (32-bit) by Antony Pranata make2 jigsaw puzzles from your favorite .bmp image files. This easy-to-use program has three levels of difficulty. The level determines the number of pieces in the puzzles, which are all similar but have the characteristic puzzle piece shapes. Windows 32-bit
42773 BJIG32.ZIP 873,4 kt 29.05.2000 - - -
B-Jigsaw (32-bit) v4.0B-Jigsaw tekee mistä tahansa BMP- tai JPEG-kuvastasi palapelin.
B-Jigsaw lets you make your own jigsaw puzzles using your favorite 
BMP and JPEG images. http://www.adcsoft.com
41009 BJW32.ZIP 322356 25.12.1996 - MBCD -
Perfect BlackJack v7.1 for Win95
A realistic 32-bit casino game that
teaches winning strategies for both
playing and betting at casino
42774 BLCK20.ZIP 903,7 kt 17.03.2000 - - -
 Blackjack 2021 Real-Time Analyzer Demo Version#: 2.0 Description: Blackjack Real-Time analyzer. Tells you the be st move for any combination of the cards and recommends how much to bet. Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT Developer: AC&G Software LTD. Registration Fee: The demo is free. The full version is $34 .95 Homepage: http://www.beejack.com
42775 BLINKIN.ZIP 1,1 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
Blinkin\x92 v1.06You must turn off all the lights on the game board. Click on a lit or unlit spot and the spot will reverse, along with the adjacent spots. Sounds simple, but it will have you scratching your head in frustration in short order. Four skill levels and 10 layouts per level. Note: This free software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42776 BLITZ_IN.EXE 1,1 Mt 24.01.2000 - - -
"BlitzIn 2.26A graphical interface to the Internet Chess Club (ICC)the worlds most active chess club. BlitzIn offers multiple resizable chessboardscolored texteasy ways to find appropriate opponentslag compensationand more. You can play chess on the ICC as a guest for freebut to get a ratingparticipate in tournamentsobserve Grandmastersand use some other features requires a $49 per year membership (half price for studentsfree to Grandmasters and International Masters). Freeware."
42777 BLOCKGM.ZIP 147,7 kt 09.07.1998 - - -
BlockGame - englanninkielinen peli, jossa kuuluu liikutella kuvan osia niin, että kuva muodostuu oikeanlaiseksi. Peli vaatii 32 -bittisen Windowsin. Tehty Microsoft Visual Basic v 4.0 Enterprice Editionilla. Täysin ilmainen.
42778 BLOMB03.ZIP 622,8 kt 21.05.1999 - - -
Blomb 0.3 by J.A-Productions A game for 2 players. Both players try to get blocks as much as he can. Only obstacle is other players bomb, which is somewhere under the block...  Requires: Windows 95 or better, mouse
42779 BLOXDM10.ZIP 1,3 Mt 29.03.2001 - - -
Blox v1.0Unique 3D puzzler that will have you hooked for hours! Packed with tons of options, many game-types and multi-player capability. Features 3 Game styles (Original, Blitz & Quattro), Multi-player support and Puzzle mode. Loads of game settings. P200, 32 MB. 
42780 BOULDPAN.ZIP 71,5 kt 20.10.1999 - - -
"Boulder Panic! by Davis Ray SickmonJr. Puzzle game with three types of gems: RubiesEmeraldsand Diamonds. Gems are fragile: if you drop something heavy on a gemit breakscosting you points. There are two types of metalssilver and gold. Both are heavy. When you drop one on a gemthe gem breakscosting you points. Howevermetals score lower than the gems do.Boulders are heavy and dont score points. To collect an itemsimply click on it. Windows 95."
42781 BPU32-30.ZIP 690,7 kt 15.03.2000 - - -
 B-Puzzle v3.0 (32-bit) by Antony Pranata B-Puzzle (short of BMP-Puzzle) is 2 in 1 game i.e. sliding puzzle and jigsaw puzzle. With this game, you can make your own sliding and jigsaw puzzles with your own BMP files. In the unregistered version, you can only play with 9, 16, and 25 pieces. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42782 BRIDGEB.ZIP 81,9 kt 15.02.2001 - - -
Bridge Builder Pieni, mutta ihmeen haastava ja kiinnostava sillanrakennuspeli. Pelaajan on rakennettava siltoja jokien yli ja koeteltava päätellä millaisella rakenteella silta kestää junan. Nerokkaan vetoava pikkupeli. 
42783 BTILE10.ZIP 405,2 kt 12.11.1998 - - -
Bowling Tile v1.0 by Lena Pankratova logic game where the object is to remove all the tiles by pushing them with your bowling tile. Windows 95
42784 BTTLEW11.ZIP 2,4 Mt 12.01.1999 - - -
Battle of Words v1.1 from Xdyne, Inc. you and your opponent hide different size words on ships. Then you and your opponent must then find the ships and guess the words. Whoever finds and guesses the words first wins. Windows 95
42785 BUBBLET.ZIP 2,1 Mt 20.10.1999 - - -
Bubblet! v1.0 by oopdreams software Puzzle. Four play options for the familiar stack and remove computer game. The objective is to score points by selecting adjacent bubbles of the same color and removing them. When bubbles are removed, the ones above drop down to replace them, creating new combinations. Plan ahead to maximize your score by creating larger groupings.Variations allow for additional rows to be added to the screen. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42786 BUL10S.ZIP 1,1 Mt 11.04.1999 - MBCD -
Bul v1.0s by Steve Neeley Board game. War game based on Mayan culture and history. The rules are easy to learn, using a quick animated tutorial that displays when the program starts. The object is to capture your opponent\'s pieces with your warriors. Turn-taking involves rolling the "dice," which are corn kernels that show black or yellow to determine the number of moves. Fast and simple playing. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42787 BULLYFRG.ZIP 613 kt 26.10.2000 - MBHH2001 -
"BullyFrogLeap your frogs over other frogs onto an open lily pad. When you jump over a frogthat frog falls into the swamp. Keep it up until only one frog remains. Three levels of difficultyharder levels have more frogs. You get points when you complete a level and you lose points if you dont get down to just one frog. Note: This free software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. "
42788 BURA.ZIP 164,4 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
Bura by YeS software free card game of Russian origin, played against your computer with a standard deck of cards. Your mission is to win in a set of rounds called the "main game." You can do this by making sure your opponent gets six or more "windows" -- and there are several methods to achieve this. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42789 BVSOLT25.ZIP 1 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
" BVS Solitaire Collection v2.5 - A collection of 130 solitaire games  from Russia. It includes a lot of solitaire  variations you wont find elsewhere.  Shareware $15."
42790 BVSOLTIR.ZIP 1,1 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
"BVS Solitaire Collection v2.6BVS Solitaire Collection v2.6 is a collection of 160 multi-featuredvery different solitaire card games to play. Youll be able to learn solitaires not found elsewhere. BVS Solitaire Collection gives you the plethora of statistical and scoring screens. And you can publish your personal statistics on the BVS Solitaire Collection web site to appear in the top scores list. "
42791 BWAR204.ZIP 1,8 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
Button War strategy game v2.0.4  Button War is a strategy game in which you play against a friend or your computer to score the most points by clicking on strategicly choosen squares. Logic & brain game. Windows 3.1+ http://www.fantastica.com/digilex
42792 CAMEL98.ZIP 471,4 kt 29.05.1998 - MBHH1999 -
"Cameleon98 for Win95 v1.1.1 Freeware Disccover competition98 FINALIST Distribute freely while unmodified. (c)1998 Jari Komppa aka Sol/Trauma Solitary puzzle/brain game. Conquer the game board by selecting optimal colour patterns."
42793 CAN32413.ZIP 1,3 Mt 08.06.1998 - - -
Canasta for Windows 95 and NT V4.13 by Mark-Jan Harte entertaining card game played against the computer or a network opponent. It offers three skill levels and the ability to change the aggressiveness level. Various options are included for customizing the game, such as setting the number of canastas needed to go out, the number of cards drawn with each turn, etc. This evaluation version allows 30 days of play. Canasta for Windows 95 is a fun way to pass the time.
42794 CANASIS.ZIP 8,6 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
"Canasis v2.7Canasis is a nicely done game of Canasta with tweakable Canasta rules. Play against one to three PC-based opponentsor play in the Internet against live competitors. Youll also find scoring chartsgame stats with high-score tracking and tutorials. Note: This free software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. "
41016 CARDS.ZIP 1310321 25.12.1996 - MBCD -
Little Card game package v1.02  A
collection of three little card games for
Windows 95.
42795 CASCA10.ZIP 173,1 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
"Cascades v1.0 by YES Software game of dice strategy in which you try to place dice on a board to create groups of four-of-a-kind or four-number straights. Any dice grouped horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally) can create a cascade. The board is formed of five columns. You enter dice in the column of your choicebut you cant stack dice of the same number. Plan ahead so that when you add dice they will form the proper cascade groups. Windows 95"
42796 CASINOPR.ZIP 550,9 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
Casino Pro v1.0 by TestedOK Software Casino Pro is a group of Casion-style card games. Windows 95
42797 CASONNET.ZIP 47,4 kt 15.10.2000 - - -
"Casino on Net v6.62An online gambling suite that allows you to
play for real money or just for fun in demo
mode with $1000 worth of chips. This file
will download and install the full casino
software in 10 minutes. It includes Baccarat
BlackjackCrapsRouletteSlot Machines and
Video Poker. Gameplay is impressiveboth
fast and reliable. Whether youre up for some
online gambling or just want to play for fun
Casino on Net is a great way to go. Help is
included. Win9x. Freeware."
42798 CATGUESS.ZIP 458 kt 11.04.2000 - - -
Catch and Guess v1.3 by EK Software. Puzzle. Guess Numbers. Mind training game, based on original idea. The aim of playing is to guess a number, which was generated randomly. You try to guess it and computer give you some hints. There are some cool features, which make the playing more interesting and exciting. Windows 95/98 
42799 CF_PYRMD.ZIP 540,1 kt 13.01.1999 - - -
"Cardfun:Pyramid v1.6 by Wyvern Studios Inc. Searching for a fun Solitaire game that wont make your brain hurt? Take a look at Pyramid. If you make the right choicesyou can win nearly every game. This fun edition of the classic game features largeattractive cards two sizes of pips; the choice of drag-and-drop or point-and-click play; cleancrisp sound effects; and a MIDI soundtrack. Windows 9598or NT"
42800 CHAMHART.ZIP 5,1 Mt 09.06.2000 - - -
Championship Hearts For avid players, is an  exciting Hearts card game for Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 that features good layout, fast  play, rich sounds, a MIDI jukebox of songs,  auto-save, undo, hint, auto-play, and help  with tutorials. Play your favorite variation  such as Jack of Diamonds, Shooting Moon, Sun, Spot, Gates, and Queen of Spades. Choose from eight players that adapt and learn. Shareware 30-day free trial. ASP 
42801 CHEARTS2.EXE 5,6 Mt 12.12.2000 - - -
Championship Hearts 2.0Discover Championship Hearts, a versatile card game with playful characters who 
will captivate your family while mastering your skills. Now you can challenge the 
computer, engage your friends over a local network, or compete and chat in our free 
Internet lobby. Beginners will enjoy hint, undo, replay, skins, and tutorials while 
advanced players will be amazed at how the opponents adapt and use advanced strategy 
and conventions. 
42802 CHESKIDS.ZIP 5,5 Mt 30.04.2001 - - -
"ChessKids ChessKids is a great way to learn the game of Chess. Its well executed and lots of fun while teaching Chess principles to the youngest computer users. It offers a funinteractive cartoon game board with neat animations and conversation from the chessmen as the game progresseswith selectable skill levelssoundsboard backgroundand hints. This is a 10-day trial version. Shareware$14.99. "
42803 CIPHER50.ZIP 326,3 kt 30.08.1999 - - -
Cipher v5.0 by Copperflow Solutions Brain puzzle. Interesting game for those who enjoy cryptogram letter substitution games like those found in most newspapers. It includes 1400 puzzles and a cheat mode to display a correct letter. You can also display correct substitutions. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42804 CLASSP11.ZIP 586,1 kt 25.11.1999 - - -
"Classic Peg Solitaire v1.1 by Don Turner Electronic version of a simple diversion thats been around for years. You try to move the pegs (tees) to empty cells (holes)removing pegs that are jumped until no more moves are possible. You can move pegs horizontallyverticallyand diagonally to empty cells - provided you jump over a peg. Windows 95"
42805 CLEVERPC.ZIP 290,3 kt 05.11.1998 - - -
"The Clever PC V1.1 - Can machines think? Find out by playing this game of Logic and Deduction against your own PC. You and the PC play detective and engage in a war-of-minds to break each others secret code using the clues of bulls and cows. The Clever PC is a fun way to improve your logic! 32-bit software for Win95/98/NT."
42806 CLKMAN41.ZIP 422,2 kt 09.02.2000 - - -
Clickomania 4.1!  An Arcade/puzzle game. Try to remove as many stones as possible! Clickomania! is a cool game for young and old. Your goal is to remove as many stones aspossible by clicking on groupes of stones with the same color. Sounds easy? I can tell you that it is harder than you might think... German, English and French. Windows 95/98
42807 CLKOFF32.ZIP 373,1 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
ClickOff32 by Computer Nerd Software logic-based board game. The object is to change tile colors in a 5x5 board to match a sample pattern provided by the game. Each time you click on a tile, the tile above and below it also change color. You are trying to beat the clock to generate the best score. The graphics are excellent, and there is a high-score honor roll if you do well. The shareware version works for 30 launches. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42808 CMT102B.ZIP 187,7 kt 13.06.2000 - - -
CMT Solitaire versio 1.02b Charles Tysonilta. CMT Solitaire on uudenlainen  korttipeliyhdistelmä, josta löytyy 22 pasianssipeliä. Peli on suomenkielinen, pienikokoinen ja kaiken lisäksi freeware. Vaatii 386 ja Win95. 
42809 CMT13ENG.ZIP 203,1 kt 27.05.2000 - - -
CMT Solitaire versio 1.3 Charles Tysonilta. CMT Solitaire on uudenlainen  korttipeliyhdistelmä, josta löytyy 40 pasianssipeliS. Peli on englanninkielinen, pienikokoinen ja kaiken lisäksi freeware. Vaatii 386 ja Win95. 
42810 COLON1B0.ZIP 5,7 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
Colony v1B.0  by Mountain King Studios Inc. Puzzle. A game that is easy to learn and hard to master, Colony pitches you against challenge after challenge on your quest to conquer a series of strange worlds.Match wits with friends or your computer as you struggle to expand your colony putting marbles to the playing board trying to conquer as much of it as possible.. Beautifully rendered 3D isometric graphics and a haunting atmosphere. Strategic
42811 COLONYY.ZIP 5,7 Mt 15.10.1999 - MBCD -
Colony by Mountain King Studios Inc. Puzzle. A game that is easy to learn and hard to master, Colony pitches you against challenge after challenge on your quest to conquer a series of strange worlds.Match wits with friends or your computer as you struggle to expand your colony putting marbles to the playing board trying to conquer as much of it as possible.. Beautifully rendered 3D isometric graphics and a haunting atmosphere. Strategic puzzle. Win95 P133
42812 CONENTAL.ZIP 419,6 kt 15.10.2000 - - -
Continental v2.0Continental 2.0 BrainTeaser/Puzzle/Strategy Game. In the classic Continental game there is a board with 33 positions and 32 tokens. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the tokens but one, which must be situated in the central position. This version add 9 new different levels (with different difficulty), and allows undoing the last movement, saving the current position and rotating the board. Freeware. English/Spanish version. http://ampsoft.freeservers.com
41024 CONRED.ZIP 798481 14.01.1997 - - -
Conundrum Red V1.0 Conundrum Red for Windows
95 is a simple yet addictive game of logic.
Each puzzle piece is represented by a large
square the is divided into quarters. Each
quarter is either red or yellow. The object
of the game is to place pieces next to each
other so the color of their sides match.
42813 COOLMAZE.ZIP 1,9 Mt 19.08.1999 - - -
"Cool Maze v1.0 by PC Guru. Windows 95. Challenging maze that will have you turning back and forth for hours. Choose from square or hexagonal rooms and use your arrow keys to trek your way from entrance to exit. A green line indicates your pathwith a yellow line indicating any backtracking youve had to do. The mazes have a 3D lookalthough the graphicson the wholeare rather unenlivening. Stillthis free game will be enjoyed with relish by dedicated maze-solvers"
42814 CRAZYFIT.ZIP 808,2 kt 25.04.1999 - - -
CrazyFits by INFORUM Sistemas de Informação Game of speed and visual recognition. It presents a field of 48 colorful squares, with each square made up of four colored triangles using different combinations of colors. Your task is to identify the duplicates in the field and remove them as quickly as you can. Sound effects accompany choices, and incorrect matches count against you.  Great fun and will give your eyes a good workout. Windows 95 or Windows 98
42815 CRIBSOL.ZIP 1,7 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
 Cribbage Solitare v1.01 by Dano Software Play single player cribbage. Nice graphics and easy-to-read help file, but no options or sound effects. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42816 CROSSCRZ.ZIP 2,7 Mt 02.12.1999 - - -
CROSSCRAZE DEMO v1.02d by ORT Software. Crossword game for 1-4 players. Compete with friends or against the computer by placing letters on a board to form interlocking words. Includes stunning raytraced graphics, 50 board layouts, 4 levels of Artificial Intelligence, 180,000 word vocabulary and support for both US and UK spelling. Requires 486 or faster PC and Windows 95 or 98.
42817 CRSSC108.ZIP 2,7 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
"CrossCraze v1.08CrossCraze is a Scrabble-style board game. The object is to make wordscrossword stylefrom a selection of letters. Letters have pointsand certain board positions can gain you extra letter or word scores. You can play against the computer or up to three friends. Features include 50 board layouts4 levels of AIa 180000 word vocabularychoice of spellingand hints. The demo has only one board layout and you cant play with the best AI.  Win 9xDirectX 6.0. Shareware. "
42818 CRYPGR16.ZIP 3,3 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
CryptaGram v1.6  by B Jenkins Like challenging word games? You\'re given a not-so-familiar quote in scrambled form. Your mission is to decode the scrambled letters as quickly as possible. The idea of the game is that the letter "a" could really be the letter "g" and the letter "m" just might actually be the letter "t." Several appearance and sound options. Helper feature. Windows 95
42819 CSISETUP.ZIP 1,8 Mt 23.03.1999 - - -
"Cross Image v1.0 by Xdyne Inc. Puzzle. Game of deduction. Your task is to re-create a bitmap image from clues along the border. Youre given horizontal and vertical numbers of sequentially filled cells and must determine where on the grid each group starts. Includes levels of difficulty and sounds to accompany your moves. This trial version offers three puzzles. Windows 9598or NT"
42820 CSTLM10B.ZIP 4 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
CastleMouse 2000 v1.0b  by Jig Interactive. Puzzle. Scare the mouse out of the castle. Arrange animals on the game board to scare mouse into his hole. Cat scares the mouse, the dog scares the cat and the bear, and the lion and elephant each scare the other in sequence until the mouse scares the elephant. Puzzles start with an array of animals and one or more additional animals to add to the board. Solve sequence of increasingly difficult
42821 CUBE2K.ZIP 1,3 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
Cubemaster 2000 Puzzle / action / Tetris game with great feeling. It has superb handling that makes you in total control of the game, and graphics that will make you gasp for air. You can control it with either keyboard, mouse or joystick, and it comes with 6 tunes, 25 backgrounds and 4 different cube graphics to choose from and a lot of other features. Windows 95. 
42822 CUBED11.ZIP 2 Mt 04.12.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Cubed v1.1 by Random Software Great 3D puzzle game that will have you screaming with frustration as you try to move quickly to beat the tumbling cubes. Object is to stop the giant cubes before they roll off the stage. You plant mines with mouse click, then detonate the mine under a cube to destroy it. Green cubes become mine fields to help you destroy multiples and blue cubes will nudge other cubes over a square to increase the effective of your
42823 CUBICS3D.ZIP 5,7 Mt 18.09.2000 - - -
"CUBICS3D v1.2.82 Cubics3D is a puzzle arcade game which you solve logical problems with help of Cubics. The DirectX 3D graphics are great and the puzzles will leave you scratching your head as you try to assemble the available pieces to build a path for the tumbling cubes thru the maze. There are corners to turn and stone  walls to bounce off in the earliest levels.  As your skill builds youll add catapults  and reversing fields and lots more to create  complex Rube Goldberg solutions. "
42824 CUBITUS.ZIP 6,9 Mt 30.06.1999 - - -
Cubitus by Hugues St-Pierre Arcade puzzle. Mah Jongg-style game in 3D blocks. Clear all of the smaller cubes, two by two, that make up the large cube before the time limit expires. To clear a cube, select two cubes with the same picture. To get more time, select two cubes with identical time pictures (in seconds) on them. Windows 95, P133, 16 MB. Supports OpenGL cards.
42825 CURRA12.ZIP 951,6 kt 02.10.1999 - - -
Curse of Ra v1.2 by Philippe Mussler Board game. Brings the classic Mahjongg game to new levels. Featuring outstanding graphics and sound effects, it adds adventure, challenge, speed, and thrill to a favorite game. In sixteen levels of puzzles you race against the clock and build up points as you try to remove paired tiles placed in a variety of configurations. Highly addictive. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42826 CWC-50.ZIP 1,3 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
Crossword Compiler v 5.0  for 32bit Windows. Copyright Antony Lewis 1999 http://www.x-word.com Create educational and professional crosswords, desk-top and web publish. This is an evaluation copy that can only save and export puzzles up to  10x10 squares, and has some features  disabled. Crossword Compiler is distributed as 
42827 CWORD11.ZIP 385,2 kt 25.02.2000 - - -
 Crossword puzzle v1.1 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 The entertaining program for fans of crossword puzzles. Very comfortable program for solving crossword puzzles on  the display - Simple editor for creation of crossword puzzles - Saving of intermediate and final results in files - Export of crossword puzzles to graphic files
42828 CYCLNO40.ZIP 550,2 kt 29.09.1999 - - -
"Cyclanoid v4.0 by Kirill Vasilev tile-based puzzle game. The full version offers more than 23 different puzzleswith various board sizes and controls to allow for easymediumor high skill levels. The objective is to arrange the tiles in rows to match the icons displayed along the game-area border. You move the tiles in groups of four or more by spinning them with the control located in the corner where four tiles touch. Like Rubiks Cube in two dimensions. Win95"
42829 DANDELIO.ZIP 876,1 kt 07.07.1999 - - -
Dandelions by CEE Network Services Dandelions are everywhere and your job is to eliminate them. Click on a dandelion and you eliminate the ones above, below, to the left, and to the right. Have no fear - if there is no dandelion, one will soon crop up in the open space. Try to keep ahead of the dandelions and score dollars for eliminating them faster than they grow. Action puzzle. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42830 DANZIG.ZIP 593,8 kt 26.10.2000 - - -
Danzig Pref Engine v1.2Danzig Pref Engine lets you play Preference, Preference is a trick-taking game, using a deck of 32 cards. Whoever puts the strongest card wins the trick and gains the right to lead the next card. Danzig Pref Engine has the Sochi and Leningrad variations. Play against your PC or with other humans over the network. Note: This software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42831 DEADEND.ZIP 226 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
DeadEnd Version 3.00 The simple card game is offered to your attention. This game was popular in the south of Russia. The aim of the game is to collect maximum number of cards, therefore each player tries to collect as many bribes as possible. Language: English, Russian, German. Windows 95, DirectX.
42832 DEEPG431.ZIP 1,1 Mt 07.03.2000 - - -
" Deep Green Reversi v4.31 by John Bloch Excellent rendition of the classic Reversi or Othello. Moves are made by placing black or white game stones to bracket a row of your opponents stonescausing them to change to your color. Whoever has the most stones when the board is filledwins. In this versionyou can play against a friendyour PCor an opponent on a network. Windows 9598or NT"
41033 DELPOK.ZIP 296361 14.01.1997 - - -
DeLuxe Poker v1.1 copyright 1996 Marzio De
Biasi For Windows 95.
42833 DESCAENI.ZIP 390,9 kt 30.09.1999 - - -
DESCARTES ENIGMA-Hidden picture puzzles. Use row/column clues to deduce which pixels are black and which are white, to uncover the hidden picture.  Includes over 200 picture puzzles, over 49,000 computer generated random puzzles, and an editor for creating your own puzzles. Shareware: $19.95 EVERETT KASER SOFTWARE
42834 DGAMM30.ZIP 606,8 kt 25.11.1999 - - -
"Davids BackGammon V3.0 32-bit a complete Backgammon game for both novices and experts. Play against the computer or a human opponent or start a tournament. A wide variety of options let you customize the games - choose to use automatic doublesbeaversroll-oversautomatic concessionscustomized game board and piecesand more. Windows 95/98"
42835 DGAMM31.ZIP 520,5 kt 30.12.1999 - - -
"Davids BackGammon V3.1 32-bit a complete Backgammon game for both novices and experts. Play against the computer or a human opponent or start a tournament. A wide variety of options let you customize the games - choose to use automatic doublesbeaversroll-oversautomatic concessionscustomized game board and piecesand more. Windows 95/98"
42836 DICEBLST.ZIP 437,6 kt 01.03.2000 - - -
"DiceBlaster v1.0 by BitScience LLC. Plan ahead to eliminate the last dice. DiceBlaster is a challenging puzzle in which you try to clear the game board of dice. Choose from 5x5 to 15x15 puzzle sizebut dont bite off more than you can solve! The rules are simple: Touch a die and the pips move out and destroy any die they encounter. Windows 9598or NT"
42837 DICEY10.ZIP 569,4 kt 15.03.2000 - - -
" Dicey v1.0 - A Dice Game of Skill and Luck Windows95 and98 Author: David Grund Sr  www.grundsoftware.com This is a neat little diversion. It is a dice game that requires a little luck and a little strategy. Try to get the best scores in all of the boxes by maximizing the rolls of the dice. As a bonusthe program keeps track of all of the scoresand provides feedback after every game."
42838 DIGIPUZZ.ZIP 9,8 Mt 18.12.1999 - - -
DigiFun Puzzles v2.0 by ScanWare. Create your own puzzle games, use your own pictures. Just scan a photo, use your digital camera, open an image or video file, and the software will turn it into a popular puzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle, Balls, Switch, or Mosaic. Windows 95 or Windows 98
42839 DMORRIS.ZIP 2,5 Mt 28.12.2000 - - -
"3D Morris 3D Morris is a modern 3D version of an ancient strategy gamealso known as Mill. The objective is to arrange three stones in a row; if you manage to do soyou can remove one of your opponents stones. You win when your opponent has only two stones left. 3D Morris also adds a completely newarcade- like game mode. Win9xshareware. "
42840 DOMINODX.ZIP 1,1 Mt 10.09.1999 - MBCD -
Dominoes Deluxe v1.0.0.1 by WinGames Inc. Impressive, feature-laden version of a classic American pastime. Every popular domino rules style is supported, including draw, block, and muggins, with boneyards of double sixes, nines, twelves, and fifteens. You can play against the computer or set up match play over the Internet, a LAN, or a direct modem connection. This is a well designed, smooth-running game. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42841 DOTSBOXS.ZIP 849,3 kt 26.04.2000 - - -
DOTS AND BOXES v1.0 - A fantastic colourful computerised version of the classic  dots and boxes. You and the computer take it in turns to join dots on a square grid Take an extra turn whenever you complete a   square. The winner is the one with the most boxes at the end. This is freeware/public  domain.  Needs VB5 run time files Ossie at VBMail.net Programmed with   visual basic 5 by Ossie Manners. 
42842 DSYREV26.ZIP 453,1 kt 02.11.1999 - - -
Daisy Reversi 2.6Board game. Copyright (c) Pavel Matlash, 1998, 1999 More comprehensive electronic variant of the ancient board game Reversi (also known as Othello). 1/2 player. Windows 95/98/NT
42843 DUO.ZIP 2,8 Mt 17.08.1999 - - -
Duo by Alain Massoumipour Logic game in which you manuever two spheres so that one can eat all the special pieces spread about the board. To pick the sphere to move press space and move with the arrow keys. Use the two pieces to stop each other in the correct spots. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42844 DWEEP105.ZIP 1,1 Mt 25.11.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Dweep v1.05  ASP  A very original NEW real-time puzzle game rated 5 stars by ZDNet. Immerse yourself in a beautiful full-screen world of 65,000+ colors, pre-rendered 3D art, comical sound effects, and whimsical music. A game of Dweep will often attract a crowd as you smile, groan, and laugh out loud.  "More fun than a barrel of Dweeps!" -- download.com * 30 levels of original, stimulating puzzles. * Non-violent, addictive fun.  Play it NOW!
42845 EALCHEMS.ZIP 5,3 Mt 22.06.2000 - - -
Alchemist by eGames. Group items together to win. You must group as many like items together before the board is full by changing places with a couple of left clicks. After creating a group of 5 or more, the group is transformed to a "magic eye" by right clicking. The eyes should also be grouped and removed from the board, giving more points than the other grouped items. Good graphics, good interface. Shareware. Windows 9x, P133. 
42846 EBRIDG14.ZIP 3,6 Mt 18.09.2000 - - -
E-Bridge client 1.4E-Bridge is a program that will let you play bridge on-line. 
42847 ELEKTROP.ZIP 3,5 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
Elektro Puzzle v1.1 by Loonatic Entertainment Match icons to eliminate them. Move icons by swapping them to create rows of three or more of the same icon either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When you create a row, it disappears and the icons above fall, often creating bonus rows. Two play options are available. The game is colorful, and the sound effects add to playing pressure. DirectX 5.0 or later, Pentium 200, and Windows 95 or Windows 98
42848 EMASTERM.ZIP 979,7 kt 02.02.2000 - - -
e-Mastermind  by Keris EMAS Software. Guess the hidden code. Are you a fan of mastermind? e-Mastermind works like real mastermind, but with cool graphics and effects In this game, you must guess the correct 4 symbols with as few steps as possible. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42849 ENIGMX.ZIP 1,4 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
 Enigmacross v5.5 ASP/ESC - Solve and  construct professional acrostics on your  Windows computer! New features include  SCROLLABLE clue list, sound card support with SPEAKING messages, dictionary "hot-link"  access and extensive on-line help. Acrostic  puzzle numbering is done for you by the  computer, eliminating time-wasting mistakes.  $39.95
42850 EUCHRE13.ZIP 1,3 Mt 27.08.1999 - - -
MVP Euchre v1.3 for Windows by MVP Software Attractive card game played with a deck of 32, 28, or 24 standard cards and four players. The objective is to take at least three "tricks" (a round of cards, one card being contributed by each active hand/party at a time) and score points. Lots of options are available, including two levels of difficulty, automouse, animation speed, background, text color, and many rule variations. Windows 3.1
42851 EURO9510.ZIP 368,9 kt 02.10.1999 - - -
Euroball 95 v1.0 by FGH-SOFTWARE Arcade puzzle. Miss the speed and delightful, "1D" simplicity of the arcade puzzle game? This brings back that uncomplicated, arrow-key-driven fun in a game in which you must direct colored balls into wheels in order to clear them all from the baskets.When you collect four balls with the same color in one wheel, the balls explode and you\'ll get Simple and diverting homage to that timeless classic, the arcade puzzle game. Windows 95.
42852 EUROPE98.ZIP 887,2 kt 24.05.1999 - - -
"Europe98. European Geography Games. Contains an organized collection of challenging and colorful games which make it fun to learn basic world geography. It is not intended to compete with reference or trivia books or software. Insteadit provides a systematic methodology for gaining a comprehensive knowledge of basic world geography. Torpedo Software."
42853 EXTREME.EXE 894 kt 23.01.2001 - - -
"Extreme Slots 2.0Extreme Slots is a collection of three slot machine games: 
ExtremeBreak the Bankand Stars and Stripes. Each of the games will keep 
you entertained for hours. All three games are played from a standard three-wheel 
slot machinebut each has a different twist. Extremes Magic Move feature is a wild 
symbol that will move to the payline if it lands just above or below the payline. Break 
the Banks Three Spin symbol gets you three free spins. When the SpinTil Win 
symbol lands on the payline in Stars and Stripesthe slot machine will continue to 
spin until you get a winning payline. Let your casino fantasies run wild with these 
bonus tricks. 30-day trial shareware. Windows 95/98/NT/Me.
42854 FBALL12.ZIP 1,1 Mt 23.03.2000 - - -
Funny Ball 2000 v1.2(c) 1998-2000 by Sergey Pozhilov http://www.go.to/fb2000 
Your goal is to transfer the ball from level to level. 
You can move horizontal blocks to the left or to the right and you 
can move vertical blocks up or down by clicking on the suitable side 
of a block. In that way you will help the ball to roll down to the point 
of transfering. Windows 95/98/NT.
42855 FELLO.ZIP 381 kt 18.02.2000 - - -
Fello v1.0.  is a Othello like board game. game. Copyright (c) 2000, Florian Berger. http://cs.joensuu.fi/~fberger Windows 95 and DirectX.
42856 FG20B-1.ZIP 865,2 kt 28.08.1998 - - -
FROOD GRID v2 - game which provided a unique experience, a perception of higher dimensional movement. It was also a memory game in its own right. Game arranges a number of *places* (nodes). It then trains you to move between them, and encourages you to develop a memory of them. Gradually, the nodes begin to be arranged in higher dimensions. requires patience, concentration, and attention to memory. Windows95/NT
42857 FG20B-2.ZIP 889,9 kt 28.08.1998 - - -
FROOD GRID v2 - game which provided a unique experience, a perception of higher dimensional movement. It was also a memory game in its own right. Game arranges a number of *places* (nodes). It then trains you to move between them, and encourages you to develop a memory of them. Gradually, the nodes begin to be arranged in higher dimensions. requires patience, concentration, and attention to memory. Windows95/NT
42858 FG20B-3.ZIP 882,6 kt 28.08.1998 - - -
FROOD GRID v2 - game which provided a unique experience, a perception of higher dimensional movement. It was also a memory game in its own right. Game arranges a number of *places* (nodes). It then trains you to move between them, and encourages you to develop a memory of them. Gradually, the nodes begin to be arranged in higher dimensions. requires patience, concentration, and attention to memory. Windows95/NT
42859 FIFTEEN.ZIP 193,4 kt 12.11.1998 - - -
Fifteen v1.0 by Alexander Vasilevskiy put the numbers in the correct sequence. You are given a board with one open space on a 4x4 grid. You must put the numbered square tiles in their proper 1-15 order from top left to bottom right by dragging and dropping to win. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42860 FIVEP272.ZIP 1,2 Mt 11.01.2000 - - -
Five+ v2.72 by Grigore Computers Board game. Single player high score-oriented board game for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 or higher. You play offline but can compete with other players from all over the world by posting your highscores to the Five+ website with a single mouseclick. A bit five-in-the-line type brain game.
42861 FJIGSW20.ZIP 8 Mt 11.05.1999 - - -
"Moraffs Fancy Jiggler v2.0 by MoraffWare Jigsaw puzzle game with several variations and multimedia accompaniment. You can choose from the three files provided or use your own imagesthen select from five different puzzle-piece variations. Drag and drop the traditional jigsaw and other shaped pieces to build the puzzle. Windows 9598or NT"
42862 FLIPFLOP.ZIP 4,3 Mt 25.04.1999 - - -
Flip-Flop v1.0 SW demo by Arsenal Company Arcade puzzle. Your goal is to open all of 16 windows placed in a four-by-four square. As soon as you open or close a window, all other windows in the same row and column also invert their states. Open windows close; closed windows open. Windows 95, 98, or NT
40811 FOUR.ZIP 53864 27.05.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
WinFour, vertical board game in which purpose
is to defeat the adversary by creating as
fast as possible a row of 4 cells of your own
42863 FPOK2-11.ZIP 1,4 Mt 12.09.2000 - - -
FreePoker 2000 (v1.1) on täysin ilmainen pokeri peli, jota on helppo pelata. Peli vaatii 32bit Windowsin ja vb40032.dll tiedoston joka on myös mukana. juha_pellikainen@hotmail.com 
42864 FRAZZLE.ZIP 639,4 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
"Frazzle Version 1.0  Bindweed Productions present... Copyright 2000 by Gerry Quinn A challenging puzzle game Infinitely configurable! Distributed asadware"
42865 FRCLW111.ZIP 2,5 Mt 11.04.1999 - MBCD -
FreeCell Wizard v1.1.1 by Thomas Warfield Attention FreeCell fanatics: From the creator of longtime shareware favorite Pretty Good Solitaire. Not only can you play a dozen FreeCell-type games but a wizard feature lets you create your own games. All games have full undo/redo, autoplay, win/loss stats, and several options. Windows 95, 98, or NT

42866 FREESOL.ZIP 2,2 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
"123 Free Solitaire 4.6This suite of 10 card games features gorgeous graphics that look great in high- or true-color modes. Pick from Forty ThievesFree CellIndian PatienceKlondikeDouble KlondikeGolfMontanaSeaHaven TowersPyramid and Spider. Rules for each game are included. Options let you choose from three card back designs or use your own. If youre a card-playing addictyoull love having Free Solitaire on your system. Win 9x. Freeware. "
41043 FRUSTR96.ZIP 80311 10.02.1996 - MBCD -
Frustration 96 - brainteaser game for Win95
64334 FUNCRD95.ZIP 168275 25.12.1996 - - -
Funcrd95 (tm) Card Games. 256 color card
games for Windows 95.
42867 FUNP32.ZIP 2,1 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Funpok Video Poker 99 v6.0 by Softgame. Play video poker. Looks just like a casino video poker machine. Options let you play different deck designs, different games such as Deuces or Jokers Wild, different bet denominations, and with or without sounds. Payoffs are similar to real casino machines, so you can watch your totals build or your cash dwindle. Simple to play and just like the real thing. Windows 95/98 
42868 FUNS2000.ZIP 3,8 Mt 25.04.2000 - - -
Funsol Solitaire 2000 v6.0 Play hundreds of card games. By Softgame. Well-done suite of hundreds of Solitaire games. You can play with one, two, or four decks and choose from several attractive high-color backgrounds and card backs and fronts. Crisp sound effects add to the fun. Friendly interface. Plenty of options, such as animation speed adjustment, unlimited re-deal, and deal three; and built-in rules for every game. Windows 95/98 
42869 FVEHDRD.ZIP 1,3 Mt 11.04.1999 - - -
"Five Hundred by Peter Georgeson card game for four players thats similar to Euchre and Bridge. Players form two teams of two and try to reach 500 before the opposing team doeswithout going out backwards by scoring -500. Play by yourself using three silicon-based compadresor take advantage of network support; people on different omputers can join the one game and play with a mixture of human and computer players. Windows 9598or NT"
42870 GAGA.ZIP 334,5 kt 26.10.2000 - - -
"Gardner\x92s Game v1.0Gardners Game is a deceptively simple challenge that will have many folks giving up in frustration. The board consists of three rows of five tiles that display a symbol. There may be two or three different symbols in a gamebut your objective is to turn over rows of tiles either horizontallyverticallyor diagonally until all tiles display the same red circle symbol. Win 9x. Freeware. "
42871 GAMENUMB.ZIP 179,7 kt 18.09.2000 - - -
Game of Numbers 3.1Numeronarvauspeli, jossa tietokoneella ja pelaajalla on 4-6-numeroinen koodi, jonka toinen osapuoli yrittää arvata vihjeiden perusteella. 
42872 GCHESS.ZIP 523,3 kt 27.03.1997 - - tupla
Gnu Chess Version 3.21 (Windows NT)
42873 GEERB276.ZIP 143,1 kt 10.04.2000 - - -
"Geerts Backgammon v2.7.6for Windows 3.1/9X/NT Play backgammon against your computer with this smallfast but strong playing program. Different skill levels. Adjustable colorschemes. Game statistics.  Save and restore games. Many other options "
42874 GEMS3D.ZIP 955,3 kt 15.03.2000 - - -
 Gems 3D is a shareware 3D puzzle / board game. By Max I. Fomitchev. Game of order, chance and organization. The game is played in turns. With each turn three new gems fall on the 9x9 playing board, and a player has a chance to move one gem to another empty location. The goal is to play as long as possible and to earn the highest score by forming vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of five or more gems of the same type. Win95/98/2000, P266, DirectX 6.1
42875 GERMNATI.ZIP 535,5 kt 12.04.2000 - - -
GermNation Unique, challenging and addictive puzzle game, and my second completed puzzle game (after the well-recieved AttraX) Dangerous Germs are multiplying in a biological lab, and the only way to destroy them is to make them more deadly. What this means to you, the player, is a colour-matching puzzle game like never before, with Dr Mario overtones and an interesting "bend" in the play structure. Windows 95/98 
42876 GINR3280.ZIP 1,3 Mt 30.09.1999 - - -
Gin Rummy v8.0 (32-bit) by MeggieSoft Games A fully featured Windows 95/98//NT version of Gin Rummy including many variations.  The MeggieSoft Games version includes many customizable options and supports MIDI music, sound effects, card animation, speech output, drag-and-drop operation, and user defined card backs and play area wallpapers. Online services, please note: The preferred title is: "MeggieSoft Gin
42877 GLCINST.ZIP 553,9 kt 10.05.2000 - - -
GL Cards v1.0 by Martin Cietwierkowski This is a simple game that resembles the old Memory game in which you had to find pairs of matching cards. It uses basic OpenGL concepts so I thought it might serve as an inspiration for those who are just starting OpenGL programming. Windows 95/98, OpenGL 
42878 GLGOMO11.ZIP 73,5 kt 17.03.2000 - - -
 GLGomoku v1.1 Ristinolla kohtalaista tietokonevastustajaa vastaan. Windows 95/98/NT + OpenGL
42879 GOOOROO.ZIP 2,7 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
GooRoo v1.0.2 Pyramid puzzle game with dazzling 3D graphics and exceptional sound effects. The object is to cover the pyramid with game pieces of varying shapes before the clock runs out. As you spot pieces on the pyramid you gain points and time, but if you hesitate the clock keeps moving and very quickly the game is over. By Eon Quest. Windows 95/98, DirectX 6.1 
42880 GRUMPD.ZIP 1,4 Mt 10.04.2000 - - -
"Grump Card game. Like no other Solitaire game. With three 3-D computer players all playing against you. The competition is fierce. Featuring 32 bit graphics and CD quality sound theres nothing like this around. Great new multi-player solitaire game. The tension swells as the three 3D animated computer players race you to the draw. Windows 95. "
30520 GSWPRO1.ZIP 244892 27.05.1996 - - -
Grammar Slammer v1.00  Grammar Help that
answers the questions the grammar checker
can't. Get Answers, not Questions, & real
grammar help for Windows. Handy & Easy. Use
ready-made Word Pro script commands and
Grammar Answers appear in the file format you
already know how to use--the Windows Help
File. Easier than online books. Useful for
anyone who writes English with Word Pro for
Windows. Shareware. From James Bair.
41049 HANGMAN.ZIP 209944 27.05.1996 - - -
Hangman32 for Windows 95 A classical
42881 HCBSETUP.ZIP 5,3 Mt 15.07.1999 - - -
"HoneyComb v1.0 by Xdyne Inc. As a true Gameryouve played Minesweeper at least once! But do you have enough courage to challenge your intellect in this absolutely newlive environment where the mines dont sit in one place?! Behind each closed cell lies either sweet fragrant honey or a hidden stinging bee. But honey is so sweet!Moreoverif you do not freeze the hidden beesthey will walk all around the honeycomb confusing you. Windows 9598or NT"
42882 HEARTSF.ZIP 5,1 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
100% Free Hearts v1.8100% Free Hearts is a version of the Championship Hearts game. Choose your favorite Hearts variations, such as Jack of Diamonds, Spot, Gates, Shooting Moon, Shooting Sun, and Queen of Spades/Black Lady. Play with eight virtual personalities that learn and adapt. Note: This free software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42883 HELLRIDR.ZIP 5,9 Mt 18.04.2001 - - -
"Hellrider beta 4 If you like Boulder Dash youll love this game. This is very new 3D game from Chaos  Interactive. If you have a Direct3D accelerated graphics cardsound cardDirectX 6.1 and PII 266MHz this game will show what shareware could do with your computer. The shareware version has a limited number of levelsbut never expires.  P26632 MB. "
42884 HEXAFUN.ZIP 454,8 kt 02.10.1999 - MBCD -
Bindweed Productions present... HexaFun Version 1.0 Copyright 1999 by Gerry Quinn This challenging puzzle game runs on Windows 95, 98 and NT.
42885 HEXM3231.ZIP 394,9 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
" Hex Mines v3.1 (32-bit) by Antony Pranata If youre a fan of Microsofts Minesweeper gameyoull probably enjoy Hex Mines as well Just like the MS gameHex Mines is a contest of luck and strategy. By defaultit uses hexagons instead of squares. Windows 95"
42886 HIRSI11.ZIP 1,7 Mt 06.05.1999 - MBCD -
Hirsipuu v1.1/1999 Visual Basic 5.0:lla tehty hirsipuu- sanapeli. 100% freeware. Ilmainen. raine.pyotsia@pp.inet.fi http://personal.inet.fi/cool/raissu Windows 95
64825 HIRSI95.ZIP 2262311 08.12.1996 - MBCD -
Hirsipuu 95 - Suomenkielinen hirsipuu peli
Windows 95:lle. Mukana iso sanasto (n. 18000
sanaa) ja sisäänrakennettu sanastoeditori,
jolla pystyy helposti luomaan  omia
ammatti-,  murre-, ym. sanastoja.  Ja mitä
parasta - tämä peli on ILMAINEN!
42887 HKMJDEMO.ZIP 4,8 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
Hong Kong Mahjong demoHong Kong Mahjong utilizes authentic Hong Kong-style rules and scoring. You compete against three computer opponents. You all try to stack 144 tiles into a square wall. Each player receives 13 tiles, then takes turns picking up a tile from the wall and throwing it to the middle of the table. If you assemble a hand of "complete" tiles, you win. This demo is 1024x768 only, and restricted in several areas, but is very playable. Win 9x. Shareware. 
42888 HNGMAN3D.ZIP 5,1 Mt 17.02.1999 - MBCD -
Hangman 3D v2.0 by SpyCatcher Corporation Play an old favorite with a new twist. Hangman. But this time you are the victim, in a 3D world with your executioners. Watch as the scaffold builds with each wrong answer, until ultimately, the Hangman comes for you. If hanging is not your style, try the Firing Squad or the Guillotine. Windows 95, DirectX
42889 HONEYHTL.ZIP 462,7 kt 08.11.1999 - - -
HONEYCOMB HOTEL - Logic puzzles Sequel to Sherlock and Dinner With Moriarty, this game of deduction and logic requires that you locate 37 images in a honeycomb and determine a path that runs through each cell of the honeycomb. Shareware $19.95 EVERETT KASER SOFTWARE
42890 HONGMAHJ.ZIP 4,7 Mt 18.02.2000 - - -
"Hong Kong Mahjong  by Nine Dragons Software. Play an authentic Mah Jongg game. Unlike the solitaire style of Mah Jongg youre probably used to playingHong Kong Mahjong utilizes authentic Hong Kong style rules and scoring. In this versionyou compete against three computer opponents. You all try to stack 144 tiles into a square wall. Windows 3.1 +"
42891 HRD10B38.ZIP 5,4 Mt 09.02.2000 - - -
Hardwood Hearts v1.0b38  - This hearts game is a treat for the eyes and one you do not want to miss! Filled with wonderful fantasy characters and enchanting artwork, Hardwood Hearts deals out much more than your ordinary card game. Far from the plain looking card games we see too often. You can play as one of 17 unique characters, each are customizable for thousands of combinations. Play alone or multiplayer over the internet. $24.95
42892 HRSI9521.ZIP 2,3 Mt 24.11.1998 - MBCD -
Hirsipuu 95 v2.1Suomenkielinen hirsipuupeli Windows 95/98:lle. Mukana iso sanasto (n. 18000 sanaa) 
ja sisäänrakennettu sanastoeditori. Uutuutena kakkosversiossa täysin uusittu ulkonäkö, 
Top10, eri vaikeustasoja ja paljon muuta. Ja mitä parasta - tämä peli on ILMAINEN!
42893 HRSIIR2.ZIP 1,9 Mt 17.06.1997 - - -
Harwood Solitaire II - great solitaire card game for Win95
42894 HVEX20.ZIP 1,1 Mt 02.10.1999 - - -
HyperVex v2.0 by BassetSoft Denmark Logic puzzle that presents squares with different values or characters on each side. Your objective is to place these tiles so that adjacent tile values match. The game offers a huge number of variations, letting you choose different size fields, add hints by pre-placing different patterns of tiles in their proper positions, and use 10 different types and many numbers of characters. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42896 I-JP10.ZIP 259,5 kt 18.12.2000 - - -
ICEWOOD JOKERIPOKERI 1.0 Icewood JokeriPokeri on ilmainen ja  suomenkielinen pokeri-peli. JokeriPokerissa on mahdollisuus valita korttien takapuoli (pakka) joko valmiista vaihtoehdoista tai omista kuvista. Pelissõ on toteutettu  korttien liikkeet/animaatiot. WINDOWS 95/98/NT ja Windows 2000  + Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Libraries.
42895 IBSPI11.ZIP 1,5 Mt 27.03.2000 - - -
 i.b.Spider version by eddyware Freeware maze game. Avoid the water droplets. One of the simplest and oldest breeds of video game. The object is to maneuver i.b. the Spider through a maze to reach his destination while avoiding nasty water droplets intent on washing him out. requires: Windows 95/98/NT, DirextX 3+, 640x480x16 eddyware@yahoo.com
42897 INERTIA.ZIP 62,5 kt 18.05.2000 - - -
Inertia is Copyright 2000 Ben Olmstead. Your mission is to collect all the gems on each level, while avoiding mines.  The problem is that once you start going in a particular direction, you keep going until you hit a wall or land on a stop. www.mines.edu/students/b/bolmstea/games/ inertia Windows 95/98/NT, P120. Free. 
42898 INTRICAC.ZIP 1,7 Mt 11.01.2000 - - -
"Intricacy v2.0 by Pyrames Software. Play an interesting twist on the maze. The game comes with two dozen pre-designed mazes that you can load and play. The challenge in Intricacy is that you dont get to see the whole maze - all you see is your current location and the squares immediately surrounding you. You need memorymappingand determination to solve many of them. Includes a maze editor so you can create your own mazes. Windows 9598or"
42899 IQPUZZLE.ZIP 453,7 kt 11.04.2000 - - -
"IQ Puzzle v1.5 by Ho Ching Tao Puzzle. Get the key to open the door of the maze. Fascinating logic game in which you must reach the key and return with it to open the door. Along the way youll be faced with lasersdoorswallsand one-way grids that wont let you return. Includes map editor. Windows 95/98/NT. "
42900 ISOLITAI.ZIP 1,4 Mt 09.06.2000 - - -
"iSolitaire v1.0.0.1 By Crescent Vision. Play 35 free Solitaire games. Thanks to banner ads retrieved through your Internet connectionits free. Youll enjoy old favorites like Auld Lang SyneForty ThievesGolfKlondikeFree CellLa Belle LuciePyramidand Yukonas well as some not-so-common varieties. Cards are attractiveand you may choose from several colored background textures. Windows 95/98 "
42901 ISPOKERI.ZIP 453,1 kt 26.01.2001 - - -
IS-PokeriIlta-Sanomien online- pokerin jäljitelmä. Windows 9x. Freeware.  
42902 JACKPOTP.ZIP 10 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
Jackpot Palace casino v2.2A classy-looking online casino gambling experience, combining a bit of Monte Carlo with a lot of Vegas. It even has multiplayer support, so you can compete against your friends or participate in tournaments. This casino includes all of the standard games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker, Slots, Keno and even Gold Pirates Slots, a fine progressive slots variation. Win 9x. Freeware. 
42903 JAMAT14.ZIP 815,6 kt 05.02.1998 - MBCD -
Jämät v1.4 - peli joka opettaa helposti armeijassa tarvittavat arvomerkit. Win95
42904 JAVERI11.ZIP 873,4 kt 15.12.1999 - - -
JigSaw Maverick v1.1 by Arthur Crump Puzzle / Jigsaw. Lets you create a jigsaw puzzle from your own .bmp image files. Select from the two images provided, or choose your own, and scramble it into a 9-, 25-, or 49-piece puzzle. Uses conventional jigsaw shapes, is easy to play, and offers a good range of possibilites. Windows 95
42905 JFSH301.ZIP 532 kt 12.04.1998 - MBCD -
"JellyFish Player v3.01 by Effect Software Neural net-based Backgammon program that can play at expert levels. The author claims that on the highest playing levelthe program matches the best humans in the world. Plays matches of any lengthormoney gameswhere each point is equally valuable. 7 levels and the ability to log games or matches to a file. Windows 32-bit"
42906 JIGALO32.ZIP 1,5 Mt 05.04.2000 - - -
Jigsaws Galore, v3.2 ASP - Powerful Jigsaw Player/Creator for Windows. Play and create jigsaws from 4 to 4,000 pieces. Sorts pieces by color and shape, arranging them around the edge if you wish. Alter piece size on the fly - no need to scroll, ever! Select difficulty level or number of pieces. Cool cheats! Send self-contained "gift" jigsaws to your friends v3.2 fixes "gift" jigsaw/zip file bug and Windows 2000 install problem. $25.00 
42907 JIGALO40.ZIP 2 Mt 15.04.2001 - - -
Jigsaws Galore 4.04  (ASP)A powerful Jigsaw Player/Creator for Windows. Play and create jigsaws from 4 to 4,000 pieces. Sorts pieces by color and shape, arranging them around the edge if you wish. Alter piece size on the fly - no need to scroll, ever! Select difficulty level or number of pieces. Cool cheats! Send self-contained "gift" jigsaws to your friends v4.04 is major release with 3D pieces and many new features. Shareware. $25.00 
42908 JKMIND.ZIP 490 kt 08.04.1998 - MBCD -
"JKMind v1.0 -  multilevel mastermind game and best of all its totally FREE ! multiple levelssoundstop 20 listtotally free registrationetc. etc..."
42909 JSOLITAR.ZIP 132 kt 11.04.2000 - - -
JSolitaire 1.08 (3/17/00) Solitaire collection for Java (14 applets) Requirements: JSolitaire must be played in a browser supporting Java. (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later) Games Included: Klondike, FreeCell, Canfield, Golf, Pyramid, Spider, Clock, Calculation, Shamrocks, Scorpion, King Albert, Yukon, Beleaguered Castle, Flower Garden. Home Page: http://www.idiotsdelight.net/ Email: apipkin@pagesz.net 
42910 JUGG2.ZIP 1,7 Mt 23.02.2000 - - -
"Juggler 2.  Windows 95. Very enjoyable logical game. It can set somebodys mind at rest and help to turn aside for a moment. You must move different colored balls on the playfield to lines of 4 or more balls."
42911 JUMPOVER.ZIP 1,8 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
JumpOver 1.0.192 Copyright 2000  Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware JumpOver is a varied PC version of the  classic peg game (Solitaire). The aim of the game is easy to understand but hard to fullfill: Try to leave one marble  remaining on the board by jumping over  the marbles nearby. The marbles are moved  with the mouse by drag and drop. Eight different board layout options, four board designs etc. Windows 95/98. Shareware. 
42912 KASPRDMO.EXE 3,1 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
"Pandoras Box - puzzlePandoras Box: Kasperov Vs. The World Puzzle 
42913 KBUBBLET.ZIP 2,1 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
Bubblet (Kline) v1.0  by House of Bytes Software. Burst bubbles to win the game. Bubblet is an easy but fascinating logic-game. Match as many adjacent bubbles of one color in order to burst them! The more that are aligned together, the more points you get! When you pick a number of bubbles click on them. The djacent bubbles of the same color will be outlined. Click again and they burst. DirectX required and Windows 95, 98, or NT
42914 KENOREEV.ZIP 4,5 Mt 17.02.1999 - - -
Keno Reeves v3.0 by Cyrens Solutions lets you play casino-style Keno. Click to mark the game card with 2 to 10 spots. Odds are displayed immediately for your game. Bet from 1 to 4 coins per game and set the coin value in the registered version. Windows 95, 98, NT
42915 KINGS121.ZIP 767,8 kt 04.06.1998 - - -
Kings Corners v1.21 by Jason Powell Card game. Test your skills by trying to place all the Kings, Queens, and Jacks in their proper places in certain points at the board. Windows 95
42916 KK13.ZIP 541,9 kt 28.06.1999 - MBCD -
Kirjainketju v1.3 - Pelin ideana on yrittää muodostaa 6*6 ruudun kokoisesta pelikentästä sanoja yhdistelemällä peräkkäisiä kirjaimia.  Mukana sanastot suomen, englannin ja ruotsin kielistä, ja voit itse lisätä uusia kieliä. (c) 1999 Harri Väisänen. Windows 95/98.
42917 KKKIELET.ZIP 66,7 kt 29.11.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Kirjainketju sanastopaketti. Sisältää snastot saksan, ranskan, italian ja latinan kielistä. (3000-8000 sanaa) Pura tiedosto sanasto -hakemiston alle.
42918 KKOMOG19.ZIP 650,7 kt 27.05.2000 - - -
Komodo Go Replay v1.98 (32-bit) by Komodo Software Tool to help users learn the game of Go. It allows you to record and play back entire games. This tool also allows for two people to compete against one another. Windows 95 
41059 KLOTZ4.ZIP 137868 27.05.1996 - - -
Klotz 3.05 for Windows NT (final release) A
multi-window Tetris-clone.
42919 KNAAPP10.ZIP 210,4 kt 20.01.1999 - MBCD -
SyvänSininen VoimaKnaappi -peli 1.0 Yksinkertainen, mutta mielenkiintoinen älypeli, josta pitävät mine sweeperin kaltaisten pelien ystävät. Waatii Win95/98 by the Lost Spaceman of Refinition freeware
42920 KPS201.ZIP 10,1 kt 14.04.1998 - MBCD -
*=- KPS II V2.01 Se on taalla taas! Se aito & oikea KPS jatkaa voittokulkuaan! Talla kertaa mukana kiva kuva ja aito ABOUT-ikkuna. Seuraavassa versiossa upeita kuvia ja ehka animaatioita... Tekija: Tuomas Tauriala   Windows 95
42921 KSN2K24.ZIP 1,6 Mt 26.04.2001 - - -
Kasino 2000  2.4 - Kokoelma Suomessa pelattavia rahapelejä. Mukana 23 erilaista pokeria, Korttikeno, Keno 40, KenoFever, Ventti ja Blackjack. Kasino 2000:n avulla opit pelaamaan paremmin; Pokerissa näet, mitkä kortit kannattaa valita, ja Black- jackissa peli neuvoo mitä on järkevintä tehdä kussakin tilanteessa. Nyt mukana myös äänet! Windows 95/98/ME. 
42922 KURKKU15.ZIP 2,1 Mt 28.11.1998 - MBCD -
TESI software Kurkku v1.5 Tutulla käyttöliittymällä varustettu korttipeli. Hiukan katkon/tikin tyylinen peli, tarkoitus on vaan päinvastainen. 3-tietokone vastustajaa. Windows 95
42923 KYODAI15.EXE 4,3 Mt 09.12.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Kyodai Mahjongg 15.21Erittäin laadukas Mahjongg-lautapeli (tunnetaan myös nimellä Shanghai),
jossa hyvä grafiikka. Kielivaihtoehtona myös suomi. Windows 95/98/NT. --
The goal of Kyodai Mahjongg is to remove all of the tiles from the game board. Tiles can be 
removed only in pairs (two identical tiles, two seasons, or two flowers) and must be free on 
their left or right side. Kyodai includes a MIDI playlist and a two-player option, as well as 
support for MOD files and tile-removal animation. This new version has 2D tile-removal animations 
added to 3D mode, additional enhancements and minor bug fixes. Registration is $20. 
42924 L98-31.ZIP 1,1 Mt 18.01.2000 - - -
"Lines98 Version 3.1  Copyright (c) Kivilyov Make balls of a certain color form different shapes. Youre trying to form linessquaresor blocks with the colored ballsbut each time you move a ball three new balls pop up at different places and in different colors - and they may not be where you would want them The game has sounds and a timer to add some excitementplus loads of options to configure it the way you desire."
42925 LAATAT10.ZIP 471 kt 18.02.2000 - - -
LAATAT 1.0  Copyright 2000 Jari Harju Windows 9x ilmaisohjelma. Järjestetään numerolaatat oikeaan järjestykseen. 4 vaikeustasoa. Ajan otto. Taustakuvan voi valita.
42926 LINES95.ZIP 202,6 kt 22.09.1997 - MBCD -
Lines95.exe logical game for Windows 95 Installation simple, need no special installation program only unpack it into any directory and add link in menu. Status: program is free for non commercial use, but any sponsor help will be appreciated. Anatoly Podgoretsky Vahe 4-31, Johvi, Estonia, EE2045 kvk@estpak.ee
42927 LOCHSOLI.ZIP 194,8 kt 19.08.1999 - - -
The quick-thinking, high-scoring Solitaire! Lochness is a fast and easy Solitaire game  whose challenge is to score the most points for each given hand.  You must empty the 7  stacks by building runs of cards going up  or down in rank, regardless of suit. Jokers  and free cards make the going easier. Score  extra points whenever you build a complete "Lochness Monster".  Includes background  music, sound effects, and high scores. Windows 95.
42928 LOGIC30.ZIP 3,2 Mt 11.01.2000 - - -
Logication V3.0 BY Brain Block Interactive fascinating turn-based strategy board game for one or two players. Action takes place on a game grid, with each side protecting a command base icon called a "Logicator." Play is simple: Game tokens are marked with a symbol that clearly indicates that piece\'s legal moves. You capture enemy pieces by moving onto an occupied square and win the game by capturing your opponent\'s Logicator.
42929 LTCBJ.ZIP 2,5 Mt 04.12.1999 - - -
Learn-To-Count BlackJack v1.9.1 By BlackJack Counter. Learn to count cards and bet to win. It can help you to get an edge over a casino by learning how to count cards. Using a fairly realistic representation of Blackjack table and a comprehensive help file, the program teaches you how to assign values to cards, count those values as the cards are dealt, and bet accordingly. Plenty of options are provided to customize the software.
42930 LUXHANG.ZIP 2 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
"Academic Hangman LuxSoft Academic Hangman is a free version of the classic word guessing game. Unlike most hangman gamesthis version doesnt have any graphics. Youre presented with a clue and a word to guess. Click on a letter or press its corresponding key to enter it. You only get three incorrect guesses before youre hungwhich makes it quite challenging. LuxSoft Academic Hangman comes with a dictionary of 165 words. Windows 9x. Freeware. "
42931 MAGCBALL.ZIP 310,6 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
MagicBalls v2.4 Make lines by swapping balls. The object of Magic Balls is to swap two neighboring balls to explode three or more in a line (horizontal or vertical). Windows 95, 98, or NT
42932 MAGLINES.ZIP 299,8 kt 29.12.1999 - - -
MagicLines v2.4 by Scibox Group. Line up balls and score points. The objective is to move the balls to explode five or more in line to score as many points as possible building up horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines consisting of five or more balls of the same type. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42933 MAHJFOUR.ZIP 2,7 Mt 15.07.1999 - - -
MahJongg Game of Four Winds by eGames, Inc. Four-player version (you and three computer opponents) of the classic tile game. The objective is to make a complete hand of 14 tiles, which is called "going MahJongg." The game offers a multitude of behavior and appearance options, comprehensive documentation, and crystal-clear sound effects. DirectX 5.0 or later and Windows 95, 98, or NT
42934 MAIZEQ10.ZIP 1,5 Mt 17.11.2000 - MBHH2002 -
Maize Quest v1.0Maize Quest is an incredibly complex maze. Try to get from start to finish, maximizing your score on the way by navigating through letters and kernels of corn. You navigate with the four arrow controls and the absolutely essential "reverse" button. The program auto-advances you when you select a direction, until you reach the next decision point. You have a view of the entire maze, along with a zoomed window to show your precise position. Windows 95. Freeware.  
42935 MALOS-B.ZIP 697,7 kt 01.03.2000 - - -
" Malos Demo. Strategy/puzzle game. Gameplay is simple but addictive. Each mind-bending level contains a set of red tags on a grid. As the playeryou control a sphere on the grid. To beat a level you must move your sphere over each of the red tags and change the tag color to green. Each time you change a tags coloran enemy sphere appears on the board and chases you. Windows 95/98 P233 3Dfx or OpenGL 3D card 8 MB"
42936 MAMI10.ZIP.ZIP 35,3 kt 14.06.2000 - - -
Mastermind 1.0 Kaunis ja hyvin toteutettu Windows-versio klassisessa älypelistä. Win 9x/NT/2000 
42937 MANCAA.ZIP 1 Mt 09.06.2000 - - -
Mancala 2000 by Arthur Crump. One of the oldest two-player strategy games in the world. It has many variations, and this version known as Kalaha, is just one variation. Kalaha has been played for more than 7,000 years throughout Asia and Africa. The goal of the game is to capture as many "stones" or playing pieces as possible. Windows 95/98, 486, 4 MB. 
42938 MARBLX11.ZIP 220,9 kt 12.04.2000 - MBHH2001 -
Marblex v1.1 Marblex on mukava ja ilmainen älypeli. Tarkoituksena on saada tuhottua pelialueella olevat kivet. Windows 95. 
42939 MARBZONE.ZIP 3,9 Mt 18.07.2000 - - -
MarbleZone v1.13 by Dejobaan Studios. Rebuild the path for marbles. Challenging puzzle game with great graphics that will have you scratching your head trying to plan the best route for the marbles. Someone has broken the paths for the marbles from their generator to their destination and you must restore it. All you need to do is click on the track to rotate a section 90 degrees. Windows 9x. Shareware. 
41067 MASTERMI.ZIP 75466 31.10.1996 - - -
Mastermind Game for Win95 created using
Visual C++ 4.0
42940 MASTM251.ZIP 1,6 Mt 09.02.2000 - - -
Mastermind v2.51  by Adam Day. Free game of logic that will test your intelligence. A code of color markers is randomly generated by the computer and hidden from the player, who has 10 opportunities to try to duplicate the code without seeing it. Choose a four- or six-color code sequence, with or without duplicates. Play against the timer for fastest solution. Online help and some tips on how to beat the machine. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42941 MATCHBLX.ZIP 2,2 Mt 26.10.2000 - - -
Matchblox v1.0A fascinating and challenging solitaire board game. The objective is to slide rows of colored blocks to create groups of matching color, which are then removed. When you clear the board, you receive your score. Higher points are gained by planning ahead to create larger groupings of colors. You get 100 levels of play, along with a level editor to build your own challenges. Note: The software contains advertising technology that will occasionally display ads. Win9x. Freeware. 
42942 MATEMICO.ZIP 1,1 Mt 24.10.1998 - - -
MATHEMATICo v1.0 from Creative Team "Sequoia" logic game. The purpose of the game to fill a game field with random numbers (from 1 up to 13). You have to try to collect a maximum quantity of points rewarded for forming combinations, which are listed in a table. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42943 MB-CUBE.ZIP 1 Mt 21.04.1997 - - -
42944 MBJONG10.ZIP 3,6 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
"Moraffs MarbleJongg. Arcade/puzzle. So you thought playing jongg style solitaire was too easyno action huh?. This is cutting edge 3D OpenGL MahJongg of the new millenium. Terrific colorsgreat backgroundscool 3D animationand it updates itself over an internet connection. This freeware version has no time limit and is fully functional. Match the marbles to remove them from the board. Windows 95/98P33332 MBOpenGL. "
42945 MC2K.ZIP 627,2 kt 25.04.2000 - - -
Mr Clown 2000 Mr. Clown lovers around the world will know that he is a spunky little critter with a heart of gold and a bag full of tricks. Look after a house a job as well as Mr. Clown, then communicate with others who have Mr. Clown! Windows 95 
42946 MEHEN10.ZIP 1 Mt 04.06.1998 - MBCD -
"Mehen v1.0 by Steve Neeley Board game. Computer version of the ancient EgyptianGame of the Snake.Played on spiral game board with two teams of up to three players trying to move one to six marbles along the curved path to the center of the spiral and back out. Watch where you land because you can be forced back or thrust forward along the coil of the snake. Windows95"
42947 MEMGAME2.ZIP 2 Mt 31.07.1999 - - -
"Memory Game Gold v2.5 by Rodrigo Rique Concentration-type memory game in which you match pairs of hidden images on a 9x6 playing grid. Click on a coin to turn it and reveal a picture. Thenchoose another coin and turn it to show another picture. If the two coins matchyou score points and the coins will disappear. When all the coins are gonethe game is over. Youll need to be fast and turn as few pairs as possible to enter your name in the high-score list. Windows 9598."
42948 MEMTIL10.ZIP 2,1 Mt 22.12.1998 - - -
"Memory Tiles v1.0 (Ramey) by Michael Ramey Concentration-style memory game in which the objective is turn over matching pairs of tiles. When you uncover identical tile pairstheyre removed from the playing area. If they dont matchtheyre flipped back to picture-side down. Clean-looking interface with several options. You can play in one- or two-player mode. Windows 9598or NT"
42949 MESHHERO.ZIP 604,8 kt 02.06.1998 - - -
"MESH:HEROS HEARTS Puzzle game. Over 1000 levels. No quick reflexes required. Figure out how to move the Hero through each levelto collect all of the Heartsand reach the Exit. Create new levels/new objects. For Windows 3.1Windows 95and NT. Price: $19.95  EVERETT KASER SOFTWARE"
42950 MGAMES23.ZIP 1,5 Mt 10.05.2000 - - -
"MagicGames Collection v2.3 by Scibox Group Set of funchallenging logic gamesincluding the famous LinesBalls and many others. Its very simple! Just run itselect the game in list and click Play button. Each game has its own help file and is enjoyable. Windows 95 or Windows 98 "
42951 MGC28.ZIP 1,6 Mt 29.01.2001 - - -
The Magic Games Collection v2.8The Magic Games Collection is a set of six logic games. In Lines you form a line of five balls, which then is removed. Three new balls appear after every move. In Balls, you swap balls to create a row of three, which is then removed. In Tetcolor you rotate falling blocks to line up three or more of the same color. In Beads three beads drop into place while you rearrange them to make groups of three or more. In Combat Engineer, you must reach the four corners of the game board without being blown up by a mine. In Logic Trainer you attempt to break a four-color code in six tries. Windows 9x. Shareware. 
42952 MIDNIG.ZIP 1 Mt 15.12.1999 - - -
Midnight Oil Solitaire v3.11AKA "La Belle Lucie" and "Three Shuffles and a  Draw" is a free version of the classic solitaire card game.  This game is one of the very best solitaires, offering both challenging play and a reasonable chance to win.  It is also highly  addictive -- once you get into it,  you\'ll be "burning the midnight oil"  more often than not. Requires Windows 95/98/NT and 800x600x256 video.
42953 MILEST12.ZIP 1,4 Mt 04.06.1998 - - -
Mile Stones 98 v1.2 by Marc Peters free 32-bit card game based on the French card game Mille Bornes, which simulates a car race of 700 kilometers. You play against your computer, trying to be the first to collect more than 5,000 points (kilometers). Played in a series of rounds, with the objective of scoring exactly 700 points in a round before your opponent. Windows 95
42954 MILJOO10.ZIP 129,2 kt 26.01.2001 - - -
Haluatko Luulomiljonääriksi? v1.0TV:stä tutun Haluatko Miljonääriksi?-kilpailun tietokoneversio, jossa pyritään voittamaan miljoona markkaa vastaamalla oikein viiteentoista kysymykseen, apuna kolme oljenkortta. Vaatimukset: MS-DOS, Pentium, 16 Mt.
42955 MINDIT.ZIP 1,5 Mt 15.07.1999 - - -
Mind It v1.0 by The Foundation Company Test your short-term memory with Mind It. Your mission in this Concentration-style game is to uncover cards two at a time and try to match them up. The faster you remove matched pairs from the 8x4 grid, the higher your score will be. Mind It keeps a list of the top scores. The game offers high-quality graphics, animation, and sound effects. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42956 MINEFELD.ZIP 1,6 Mt 25.11.1999 - - -
"Minefield by P.D.Blake To negotiate the Minefieldyou have to: avoid the mud that will cause your tank to spin out of control; go around the rocks; navigate to the control panels and destroy thembut dont roll over a mine. And who knows what you can do to avoid the continual artillery bombardment. The game is funbut the graphics are primitiveand challenges are fairly simple. This is one level beyond Pong. Windows 9598or NT"
42957 MJ99-50.ZIP 2,4 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
MJ99 v5.01 by Minder Technology Ltd. Hong Kong-style Mahjongg game played against three opponents, computer or human, over a network or the Internet. Four table styles are available, along with several options to configure the game to suit your preferences. You can change scoring options; enable chat messages; and reconfigure payment options, skill levels, animation speed, and more. Windows 95, 98, or NT 
42958 MJACK110.ZIP 609,4 kt 18.09.2000 - - -
Merrysoft Jackpot version 1.10 A slot machine game by Merry, Merrysoft http://merrysoft.cjb.net Features: Three skins..you can make new skins..change fonts and font colors.. supports mouse, keyboard and gamepad.. TOP 10 list Requires VB40032.DLL 1998-2000 Vesa Piittinen (Merry)
42959 MJM2DEMO.ZIP 2,3 Mt 17.08.1999 - - -
MahJongg Master v2.11 by eGames, Inc. Older version of Kyodai (one of the most popular mah-jongg games in our library) with a slightly lower registration fee. The pieces, background, and optional MIDI music have an oriental flavor. As in similar games, the objective is to empty a board by removing pairs of matching tiles. Choose from one- or two-player modes. Several appearance and behavior options are offered, including different layouts. Win95, DirectX 5.0
42960 MJONG401.ZIP 2,6 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Mindjongg Version 4.0 (C) 2000 Minder Technology Ltd. Attractive Mah Jongg game that offers 18 layouts. (Only the Classic Layout can be played here - the remaining layouts may be run in demo mode.) Game options let you use any of four tile sets, take advantage of several backgrounds, show construction progress, display available pairs, and show the solution in case you get stuck. Windows 95/98 
42961 MJWR21.ZIP 4,3 Mt 22.09.1998 - MBCD -
Mah Jongg Wall 2.1 (Windows 95) A Mah Jongg Tile Game by Russell Wilson  Build the Mah Jongg Wall as you remove pairs of those ancient Mah Jongg tiles. More mystery, strategy, and challenge than any of the other tile removing games. Special moves allow changing directions of removing tiles and moving a tile to an adjacent stack to keep your hopes alive.
42962 MMIND10.ZIP 208,9 kt 20.01.1999 - MBCD -
Master Mind 1.0 - Klassikkopelin monipuolinen reinkarnaatio tietokonevastustajilla, laajoilla asetuksilla ja monen pelaajan turnauksella. Vaatii Windows 95/98 sekä mielellään paljon värejä, jotta näkyy värejä, ja 486 sais olla. by the Lost Spaceman of Refinition freeware
42963 MNOTHELO.ZIP 1,7 Mt 27.05.2000 - - -
"Midnight Othello v2.1.1 Practise to master Othello by Andreas Hüttenrauch Full-featured version of Othello or Reversi. To playyou place your black or white stone on the game board so as to bracket an opponents game pieces. Stones within the bracket then change to your color. This edition offers all the options: game soundschoice of board backgroundseveral opponent skill levels etc. Windows 95/98. Shareware. "
42964 MOLLI10.ZIP 32,5 kt 15.09.1998 - MBCD -
Molli v1.0  Tekijä: Olli Oikarinen (Panic IC), tavoitettavissa MBnetissä. PUZZLE-peli, jossa kerätään timantteja, käännellään nuolia ja työnnellään laatikoita exitiin pääsemiseksi. Mukana 50 leveliä ja level-editori! Vaatii Win95 ja Vbrun400.dll.
42965 MORJ70.ZIP 6,2 Mt 09.07.1999 - - -
Morejongg for Windows 95 v7.0 from MoraffWare stunning 3D version of the popular Chinese tile game. It features a beautiful, graphical display of tiles placed on a dazzling background. The objective is to eliminate all the tiles by selecting exact matches. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42966 MPELI11.ZIP 847,9 kt 18.03.2000 - MBHH2001 -
 Muistipeli v1.1 Perinteinen muistia testaava peli jossa kääntelet kortteja koettaen löytää parit. Yhdelle tai kahdelle pelaajalle. Windows 95/98/NT Aleksi Eeben aeeben@mail.student.oulu.fi http://www.student.oulu.fi/~aeeben/
42967 MTCHGME.ZIP 957,2 kt 23.01.2000 - - -
"MatchGame Version 1.30  Require: Windows 95/98/NT This is a fun game for anyone.  You try  to score the more points by selecting  patterns of blocks.  The more you select in one try - the higher the score for  that move.  Try it - youll like it! Author: G. Bradley MacDonald Email: Bradley_MacDonald@bc.sympatico.ca Fee:  Freeware - No Fee"
42968 MUGSGA23.ZIP 755,8 kt 27.05.2000 - - -
"Mugs Game v2.3 by Creative Solutions and Technologies Inc. Find the hidden Mugs. Will remind you a bit of Minesweeperbut the play is different. There are a number of Mugs hidden on the board. Your goal is to find the Mugs in the minimum time and minimum moves. When you select a square youll uncover a Mug or a number. Using process of eliminationa bit of concentrationand maybe a smidgen of luckyou can find the Mugs. Windows 95/98/NT "
42969 MUISEU12.ZIP 105,2 kt 19.04.1999 - MBCD -
Muistipeli EuroFlag v1.1 on perinteinen muistipeli, jossa kuvina toimivat Euroopan maiden liput. Kun pari on löytynyt, peli kertoo maan nimen ja pääkaupungin, eli tietoa imeytyy aivoihin huomaamatta. 1 - 3 pelaajaa. Vaatii Win95/98/NT ja vb5 runtime-tiedostot. Timo Salmenoja tsalm@mail.nettilinja.fi
42970 MULPOKER.ZIP 442,8 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Multi-Poker by Yoavoosh. Create poker hands to get most points. Cards game, for one player. Its like solitare but for poker lovers. There are 25 cards in the deck (random cards). You have to place each card in one of the cards place-holderd until the board is completely filled. The goal: You should try to create as many poker "hands" as you can vertically and diagnolly. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42971 MVPCHECK.ZIP 2,3 Mt 06.05.1998 - MBCD -
MVP Checkers for Windows95 by MVP Software. The leader in shareware classic games is proud to present the latest and greatest! Six computer opponents challenge you to a hot game of Checkers. Wonderful graphics and music provide the atmosphere as you take on a virtual opponent or challenge your friends to a Checkers "death match" over the net, LAN, or by modem.
42972 MVPCRB22.ZIP 1,4 Mt 27.08.1999 - - -
MVP Cribbage for Windows v2.2 by MVP Software Six virtual opponents are eager to challenge you to the hottest game of Cribbage ever. MVP Cribbage plays the strongest game and offers the most features of any computer Cribbage game available.  You can even challenge your friends to a multiplayer Cribbage death match over the internet, LAN, modem, or direct connection. Now supports Kali.
42973 MVPMNCLA.ZIP 2,6 Mt 31.07.1999 - - -
MVP Mancala by MVP Software Board game. Game of skill and luck. Play against the computer or another player. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42974 MYMAHJ32.ZIP 1,2 Mt 11.11.1999 - - -
MyMahj - v3.2 by Olivier PLAYEZ Solitaire mahjongg game This 3D version allows to rotate the board in all directions (rotation on X, Y and Z axes; zoom and move). There is no more tile hidden by another one ! Features: 10 layouts, randomly generated layout, save / load game, hall of fame, hint, undo, sound effects, music, choice of language (English/French). License : 15 US dollars. Windows 95. Shareware.
42975 NDLSETUP.ZIP 4,8 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Noodle Brain/puzzle. Pick a letter from the alphabet. Add it on the top, the bottom, or either side of an existing word and try to make the longest word possible. That\'s Noodle! Defy the brain of your computer by using all of your "Noodle" word skills to win the game. Hours of challenging and creative word fun that will give your brain a real workout! Windows 95/98 
42976 NETCHESS.ZIP 1,2 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
Net Chess v4.0Net Chess lets you play against a real-life opponent over the Internet or against your computer. To keep the game moving along, you can set time limits. Other features include four sets of pieces and board graphics, 10 animation speeds, configurable sound events, and a built-in chat routine. Windows 9x. Shareware. 
42977 NETCR40.ZIP 975,4 kt 27.08.1999 - - -
"Net Cribbage v4.0 by NetIntellGames Card game where experience counts for a great deal - though luckof coursehas a large part; widely played in English speaking parts of the world. You can play with the computer opponent or with your friend over the InternetLANmodem or direct connection. Or play using the companys Internet server. Windows 9598or NT"
42978 NETTO101.ZIP 440,6 kt 16.12.1998 - MBCD -
Netto 1.01Netto sisältää kolme RAY:n peliautomaateista tuttua pokeripeliä: 
Pokeri 200, Jokeripokeri ja Ässäpokeri. Mukana äänet ja musiikit, 
top-listat ja oikea tunnelma. Win 95/98 ja NT4. Freeware.
42979 NETWALK.ZIP 4,5 Mt 12.05.1999 - - -
"NetWalk v1.0 by Arsenal Company Puzzle. Your task is easy - connect each computer on the grid field to the central server by adjusting and turning the network pieces scattered around. It will look very familiar to those whove played Pipe Dreamsbut there are differences. The graphics are top notch and there are optional game sounds and jazzy background music. State-of-the-art board game for puzzle solvers. Windows 95."
42980 NEXUS2K.ZIP 426,4 kt 20.09.2000 - - -
Nexus 2000 v1.0Nexus 2000 on haastava älypeli, jonka tavoitteena on pitää pelilauta tyhjänä erivärisistä nappuloista. Nappuloita voi poistaa järjestämällä ne riviin, jossa on vähintään viisi nappulaa. Jos siirtosi ei poista laudalta yhtään riviä, lisätään laudalle kolme nappulaa lisää. 
42981 NGUYMOKU.ZIP 877,2 kt 23.01.1999 - MBCD -
"Nguyens Moku v1.0 by Paul Nguyen The object of the game is to get 5 in a row. This game features 1 - 10 levels of play against either the computer or another player. Windows 95"
42982 NOPPA09.ZIP 186,7 kt 04.05.2000 - - -
Noppa-Ventti For Windows 0.9 Kiva pikku työpöytäpeli, jossa pelataan venttiä nopilla. Beta-varoitus! Vaatii 32.bit. Windowsin. Pienin testattu laitteisto P120,  48mt muistia, pitäisi pyöriä rutkasti pienimmilläkin laitteilla. Tekijä: Harmageddon Productions
42983 NOWHEART.ZIP 5,6 Mt 17.11.2000 - - -
"Now Hear This!For those of you who want to match sounds instead of picturesNow Hear This! is the game for you! Just like Mix & Matchyou can customize this game to your hearts content! Win 9x. Shareware. "
42984 NUMERO10.ZIP 1,5 Mt 10.11.1999 - - -
Numero v1.0 - Play crosswords with numbers. Numero is a crossword game that uses numbers instead of letters. You get the grid with some blackout squares and a list of numbers that will fit. Click to select a number based on the number of digits and click to enter it in the puzzle.There are five skill levels but only one puzzle size (10x10). You receive points for your solution based on time taken, hints used, and undos. Windows 95/98/NT.
42985 NUMSHK10.ZIP 22,5 kt 18.01.2000 - - -
Numero Shakki v1.0  ShareWare By Mic-Byte.  Peli on verrattavissa pasianssiin eli siihen jää koukkuun. Win95/98/2000/NT(???) vaatii VB kirjastot(Msvbvm60.dll)  http://www.kolumbus.fi/mikko.nuotio
42986 OKTAGON.ZIP 506,7 kt 10.11.1999 - - -
Oktagon v1.5.1 Play puzzles on your PC. Take different shaped pieces and make them fill the play area. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42987 ONFREESP.ZIP 4,9 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
100% Free Spades v1.8100% Free Spades v1.8 ASP - Discover 100% Free Spades, a versatile card game with playful characters who captivate your family while mastering your skills! Beginners will enjoy hint, undo, replay, and other practice features along with the introductory Spades tutorial.  Expert players will be amazed at how the eight different opponents will adapt and use advanced strategy. Upgradable Bannerware ASP $0 
42988 OP200014.ZIP 4,7 Mt 10.05.2000 - MBHH2001 -
"Onnenpyörä 2000 v1.4TV:stä tutun pelin monipuolisempi versio jouhevalla käyttöliittymällä. 
Voidaan pelata pisteillä ja  todellisen osaamisen näyttävillä pelitavoilla. 
1-3 pelaajaa4 pelimuotoa joissa voi käyttää myös pelinjohtajaa. 
Mukana  tehtäväeditorijota voidaan  käyttää suoraan ohjelmasta 
tai erikseen. Rekisteröimättömässä versiossa joka pelikerralla 
on vain yksi pelimuoto aktiivinen. Uutta versiossa 1.4: 
* Lisättyonnenpotkumuistuttaa lähinnä yllätyssektoria. 
Tehtävän oikein arvannut saa bonuksensa kerrottuna 
kertoimella 23 tai 4. * Käyttöliittymää parannettu: Ääniä 
muutettu rauhallisemmiksi ja voimakkuus säädettävissä 
Asetukset-valikosta.  Valittaessa hiirellä konsonantteja 
tai vokaaleita aktiivinen kirjain on korostettu keltaisella 
hiiren liikkuessa sen päällä. Kun ikkuna on maksimoitu
F11-näppäimellä saadaan otsikkorivi pois näkyvistä ja 
näkyviin. Pelaajien ja taustan väri muutettavissa hiiren
kakkosnäppäimellä. * Tehty uusi ohjetiedosto.  
* Rekisteröinti tehty helpommaksi. 
* Rekisteröitymättömätkin käyttäjät voivat käyttää  
tehtäväeditoria suoraan pelistä. 
* Pelin virheitä poistettu 
* Tehtäväeditorin virheitä poistettu. 
* Nettiyhteys suoraan CIS:n sivullejosta voit hakea esim. tehtävätiedostoja. 
42989 OPTEHT4.ZIP 3,5 kt 28.11.1998 - MBCD -
Tesi Software Onnenpyörä tehtäväpaketti 4 Sisältää asennusohjeet.
42990 OPV14MUP.ZIP 1,7 Mt 10.05.2000 - - -
Onnenpyörä 2000 v1.4 päivitys.
42991 OPYOR14.ZIP 2,8 Mt 31.07.1999 - MBCD -
TESI software Onnenpyörä freeware 1.4 TV:stä tuttu sanapeli. Sisältää tehtävän teko ohjelman, tehtäviä voi kopioida myös internetistä. Windows 95/98/NT Freeware.
42992 OTHELOFX.ZIP 1,2 Mt 23.01.1999 - - -
OTHELLO F/X v1.1-Fantastic WIN95 Game Othello F/X is the classic game of othello for Win95 and presented with stunning graphics and sound effects.  Players can choose between playing each other, challenging the computer players, or even watching two computer players go at it.
42993 P3E.ZIP 5,1 Mt 17.08.1999 - - -
"Passage3 v1.5 by Gekko Software GmbH Puzzle. Easy-to-learnhard-to-master tile game in which you must place tiles that match in color or icon. You get a choice of animalantiquearchitectureor astronomy-themed icons in six colors. Wild cards get you out of a jamand a helpful voice tells you when youve made a mistake. You get points for completing horizontal or vertical linesbut youre playing against the clock and you lose points if you misplay. Win95DX6.1"
42994 PAIRSV15.ZIP 281,3 kt 25.11.1999 - - -
Pairs v1.53 (Dunton) by I C Dunton 32-bit Concentration-type game where the object is to collect pairs of matching cards. Cards can contain your choice of numbers, shapes, pictures, words, or a mixture. All cards are face down; you try to find matches using memory skills and perseverance. 1 and 2 player. Windows 95, 98, or NT
42995 PARAB20.ZIP 3,3 Mt 11.01.2000 - - -
"Parabens Mah-jong v2.0 Play a game of mah-jong. User-friendly test of your tile solitaire skills. Parabens mah-jong is available in both a 2D and 3D versions. All game windows can be resized to your preference from game to game. Each tile was designed to simulate playing with true tiles making the game more realistic. Windows 9598or NT"
42996 PASSTIME.ZIP 2,2 Mt 29.11.1999 modit/arkisto.zip archive.org eritupla
PassTimePuzzler A terrific jigsaw that will challenge your sense of depth perception. The game uses pieces of different sizes and shapes. Some are concentric rectangles. The images distort and rotate. You may use any pictures you may have for the puzzle image. There are many board layouts to choose from, As well as game options such as Color Inversion, Bogus.. a tricky variation, and Chase. Great Click and Drag interface. Windows 95/98/NT 486
42997 PATCHL2.ZIP 2,7 Mt 22.12.1998 - - -
"Patricks Challenge II by Reldni Productions The object is to remove all 28 squares. From the menu bar click on the Randomizer button. In seconds a new game will be generated. Up to six different coloured balls may be placed on the squares. You can also build your own game by clicking the Code button. Windows 95 or Windows 98"
42998 PATHGAME.ZIP 87,8 kt 23.01.1999 - - -
PathFind Game. puzzle game in which the objective is to move from cell to cell until you reach the target cell. You can choose from four skill levels, each with a greater number of cells and varying number of available moves. You can also choose whether the cells are triangles, squares, or hexagons. Click a cell to see which adjoining cells have a path available. Attractive, fun game from the author\'s "time waster" series. Windows 95
41081 PATRICK.ZIP 5794761 18.06.1996 - - -
Patrick Challenge. Windows 95-puzzlepeli,
jossa yritetään saada kaikki pallot katoamaan
42999 PBDEMO.EXE 3,1 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
"Pandoras Box -  trial version"
43000 PEGD41.ZIP 1,7 Mt 31.08.1999 - - -
"Pegd v4.1 by Steve Boschi Computer version of the classic peg game. The object is simple: try to leave one peg remaining on the board by jumping pieces. This iteration comes with five different board layout optionsfour color schemes and optional sound effectsand background music. Read the online help to find out how many perfect solutions there are for each board shapethen note the graphic hint to tell you where the final peg will end up. Windows 95."
43001 PEGGD.ZIP 2,2 Mt 22.10.1998 - - -
"Peggd v3.0 by Soft.Solutions computer version of the classic peg-jumping game. You start with one blank space and must remove all the pegs but one by jumping into blanks. This trial copy will load 20 times before it disables.. Windows 9598or NT"
43002 PEHPAI.ZIP 591,2 kt 06.11.2000 - MBHH2002 -
"Peh PaiPeh Pai is a Solitaire game played with a standard deck of cards. It wont take you long to learn this oneas the rules are simple. Your objective is to clear all cards by removing them in ascending or descending order. Peh Pai is similar to popular games like SpeedSpitand Tri-Peaks. Card graphics are just averageand there are no options. HoweverPeh Pai maintains stats and supports multiple players. Win 9x. Freeware. "
43003 PGS2K60.ZIP 3 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
Pretty Good Solitaire 2000 v6.0  ASP/ESC - Pretty Good Solitaire 2k is a collection of 320 solitaire games for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It features lush graphics, large easy-to-read cards, sound, in-depth statistics, and a wizard that allows you to create your own solitaire games. $24
43004 PIILOS10.ZIP 1,1 Mt 22.12.1998 - MBCD -
PIILOSANA 1.0 Sanapeli Windows 95:lle Freeware Tekijä: Jari Harju OHJELMAKOODI (DELPHI 3) 40 MK E-MAIL: JARIHARJU@HOTMAIL.COM
43005 PINC3280.ZIP 1,3 Mt 29.09.1999 - - -
Pinochle v8.0 (32-bit) by MeggieSoft Games A fully featured Windows 95/98/NT version of the two-handed version of Pinochle.  The MeggieSoft Games version includes many customizable options and supports MIDI music, sound effects, card animation, speech output, drag-and-drop operation, and user defined card backs and play area wallpapers. Online services, please note: The preferred title is: "MeggieSoft Pinochle
43006 PIRPLU14.ZIP 448,5 kt 16.10.1999 - MBHH2000 -
"Pirates Plunder v1.4 ASP - Original Strategy game from DEXTERITY SOFTWARE. You are Captain Nevarro of the Pirate Ship Odyssey on a quest to find sunken treasure. Battle dangerous sea creatures while dodging  whirlpools and icebergs.  Use special items such as sextants and spyglasses to give you an edge over the dreaded dangers of the deep. Features digitized sound FX and MIDI music. Great fun to play for all ages.  "
43007 PKR2K101.ZIP 917,9 kt 03.09.2000 - - -
Pokeri 2000 v1.01 Mukana seuraavat pelit: Pokeri, Jokeripokeri, Kakkospokeri, Tuplapokeri ja Ässäpokeri. Erinomaiset tilastot. Mahdollisuus tutkia, mitkä kortit kannattaa valita. Windows 95/98. 
43008 PLUS700.ZIP 1,1 Mt 25.04.1999 - MBCD -
Plus 700 by Serge Startsev self teaching checkers game that gets increasingly more difficult as you play. Windows 3.1
43009 PMANIA10.ZIP 527,6 kt 11.04.2000 - - -
Poker Mania Versio 1.0 Pokeri peli kaikkien pokeri pelien ystäville!!! Poker Mania sisältää 4 pokeria! Sharewaressa : Jokeri Poker ja Rekisteröidyssä versiossa : Ässä Pokeri, Poker 200 ja Kakkos Pokeri. Laite vaatimukset Windows 9X ( Nt:stä ei tietoa ). 
43010 PNGS040W.ZIP 5,8 Mt 19.03.2001 - - -
Pingus v0.4.0Lemmings-klooni pingviineillä. Näpsäkän näköinen, saatavana Windowsin lisäksi myös Linuxille. 
43011 POKESNAP.ZIP 2,7 Mt 07.10.2000 - - -
PokesnapPokemon-aiheinen muistipeli.
This is great memory game for younger pokemon fans. All the pokemon
characters are included and the player has to find matching pokemons. 
There is a high score table included. Windows 95/98/NT. Freeware by ClaySoft.
43012 POKESOL.ZIP 721,3 kt 21.01.2001 - - -
Pokemon Solitaire 3D GamePlay solitaire with the entire gang from Pokemon. Pokemon Solitaire has 12 unique 
Pokemon decks to choose from, and allows you to play the game in either Standard 
or Enhanced Vegas mode. Think you have what it takes to win at solitaire? Pokemons 
from all over the universe might just have a surprise waiting for you.
43013 PP101.ZIP 577,3 kt 13.06.2000 - - -
Puzzle Pack 1.00 Shareware by Adventura Productions Nice little puzzle game that makes you think!!! Requirements: Win 9x or NT http://adventura.tsx.org 
43014 PRBNRVRM.ZIP 912,9 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
" Parabens Reversum By Paraben Corporation. Try to master full-featured Othello. Classic board game Reversi or Othello. The objective is to capture the most board squares by bracketing your opponents stones with yours. Each time you create a bracketthe stones within the section are reversed to your color. Its a deceptively simple game thats frustratingly hard to master. Windows 9598or NT"
43015 PROFMINE.ZIP 172 kt 16.02.1998 - MBCD -
Professional Minesweeper v1.1 Shareware version Copyright (c) Bojan Urosevic, 1998 A mine sweeping game with 16 different boards ! Windows 95
43016 PSIHANGM.ZIP 4,3 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
PSI Hangman v1.0.0.1 by PetSound Industries. Play hangman on your PC. Entertaining PC version of the classic game. You guess the letters to form a word or "die" trying. Letter selection is with the click of a mouse and this game features decent sound effects to make it more enjoyable. Windows 95/98/NT 
67494 PSOL95.ZIP 484819 17.12.1995 - - -
Paradise Solitaire - 30 excellent solitaire
games for Windows95. Contains multiple decks,
2 card sizes, 6 backgrounds, and lots of
sounds. Support for saved games, undo, and
auto-play. Games include: Beleageured Castle,
Canfield, Clock, Dutchess, Four Seasons,
Golf, Klondike, Montana, Pyramid, Spiderette,
plus 20 more games when you register. You
also get a Windows 3.1 version when you
43017 PUSOY11.ZIP 1,9 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
"Pusoy Dos v1.1Pusoy Dos is a four-player card game thats also known as BIG2. You play against three computer-based opponents or compete with three human players on a networkusing a standard deck of cards. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand while attempting to maximize the number of cards remaining in the other playershands. Win 9xVisual Basic 5.0 Runtime. Freeware. "
43018 PUZZLR14.ZIP 387,5 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Puzzle Rally v1.4  for Windows 9x/NT/2000 Move tiles to keep the car on the road! Welcome to the brand new arcade concept. The purpose of the game is to pick up all the flags from the gaming field while  avoiding getting your car off the road (if it does it is gone). At the beginning of each level, your car starts from the left bottom corner of the screen. 
43019 PUZZLR51.ZIP 1,2 Mt 29.09.1999 - - -
Puzzelator v5.1 by E.W. Hans Jigsaw puzzle game with rectangular pieces and many levels of difficulty. You can use any .gif, .bmp, or .jpg image file and specify any of six preset or one user-defined size. The system then scrambles the pieces, optionally rotating them for increased difficulty. You drag and drop or highlight pieces to exchange them and solve the puzzle. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43020 PYSOL42.ZIP 3,5 Mt 08.05.2000 - - -
PySol v4.2 http://pysol.tsx.org An exicting collection of 160 solitaire card games. The games have full undo/redo, autoplay, hints and demo games, win/loss statistics, selectable card backs and background color, sound and background music, and mouse shortcuts make the games very easy to play. A full-featured solitaire collection for both the beginner and the serious player. Free OpenSource software distributed under 
41095 PZL82.ZIP 61373 15.10.1995 - - -
Puzzle8 version 2 for Windows 95
43021 QUIPTC.ZIP 969,3 kt 25.04.1999 - - -
Quiptics v1.0 Real cryptograms on your Windows computer. All the challenge and enjoyment of solving cryptograms exactly like the ones found in newspapers or magazines. Make your own cryptograms instantly. Just type in a favorite quotation and click a button. Quiptics encodes the text automatically. You can print out Quiptics cryptograms to give to others to solve. Windows 95
43022 QUIRKAT.ZIP 1,8 Mt 19.08.1999 - - -
"Quirkat by P. S. Neeley Board game. Ancient Moorish game that spawned our modern versions of Checkers and Draughts. It dates to before 700 AD and may ultimately be of ancient Egyptian origin. The objective is to move along the grid in any direction and capture the opponents game pieces by jumping. Theres only one empty space on the board to startso a war of attrition is inevitable. Theres a dual board option in which you play two games at once. Windows 3.x"
43023 R5003280.ZIP 1,3 Mt 30.09.1999 - - -
Rummy 500 v8.0 (32-bit) by MeggieSoft Games A fully featured Windows 95/98/NT version of the game of "Five Hundred Rum".  The MeggieSoft Games version includes many customizable options and supports MIDI music, sound effects, card animation, speech output, drag-and-drop operation, and user defined card backs and play area wallpapers. Online services, please note: The preferred title is: "MeggieSoft Rummy
43024 RADIAT30.ZIP 5,3 Mt 19.08.1999 - - -
"Moraffs Radiation v3.0 is a vast improvement over the original minesweeper! Cute little animationsneat sounds and spectacular backgrounds make this a must! FEATURES: 1) Great 3D ray-traced image pieces! 2) Photo backdrops from NASA and the Hubble Telescopeor import your own! 3) Multiple board sizes and levels! 4) Almost an hour of excellent music! 5) Real 32 bit code for Windows95 and NT!"
43025 RAHJONGG.ZIP 3 Mt 31.07.1999 - - -
"RahJongg: The Curse of Ra v2.11 by eGames Puzzle/boardgame. Puts an Egyptian twist on the familiar Chinese matching tile game of mah-jongg. Solve seven holy puzzles. In other wordsmatch the hieroglyphics on the tiles. Each puzzle is more challenging than the previous oneand every dynasty is more perplexing. If you dont feel like dealing with the puzzlesyou can play a more conventional Solitaire version. DirectX 5.0 or later and Windows 9598"
43026 RAIDER14.ZIP 613,1 kt 16.10.1999 - - -
Fortune Raiders v1.4 ASP - Original Puzzle/Strategy game from DEXTERITY SOFTWARE. You are Arizona Smith, world-famous spelunker and archaeologist, on a quest to find lost treasures from an ancient civilization.   Enter caves and move obstacles to uncover  hidden valuables, special items, and traps. Features digitized sound FX and MIDI music. Fun to play for all ages.  Enjoy this game whenever you take a break for fun.
41098 REAL-DEA.ZIP 920204 09.05.1996 - - -
The Real Deal multimedia card games by MVP
Software and Mindscape.  Tired of beating
your computer at solitaire?  With The Real
Deal, hours of entertainment are in the
cards.  Choose from your favorite card game,
including Euchre, Hearts, Spades, Pinochle,
Cribbage, and five more.  This fully-playable
demo includes three games and four computer
opponents.  Req Windows95.
43027 RECALLBO.ZIP 2 Mt 29.12.1999 - - -
Recall Booster v1.02 by Francisco Ogalde B. Test your memory. Flip cards and try to remember what picture lies on the other side of each card. Nice graphics, computer opponent. DirectX V5.0 or later, Pentium 166, and Windows 95, 98, or NT
43028 RIKKAAKS.ZIP 329,4 kt 03.04.2001 - - -
Tahdotko Rikkaaksi? Tietokilpailu-peli, jossa palkinnot ovat hyvät. Muistuttaa ohjelmaa nimeltä Haluatko Miljonääriksi. Kotisivut: http://miljonaariksi.cjb.net Tekijä: MS Ball Productions 
43029 RINO_01.ZIP 6,6 kt 12.10.1998 - - -
Ristinolla V1.0 made by Codemania Tiedat kai ristinolla pelin? Nyt sinulla on mahdollisuus pelata sita tietokoneellasi. Freeware. Tosi kiva kaksinpeli! Vaatii Win9 ja Visual basic5 Runtime kirjasto.
43030 RMP151.ZIP 484,8 kt 21.05.1999 - - -
Rampart v1.51. Board-game which allows you to feel yourself as a Timur Tamerlan. Conquer lands during your coffee-break. Players must occupy areas on the battle-field by means of building ramparts. These virtual battles will give a lot of enjoyment to you and some practice to your logic. Windows 95.
43031 RMRBL102.ZIP 2,6 Mt 10.11.1999 - MBCD -
Rolling Marbles v1.02 by Tibo Software Action logic game of immense style. In each level, you must rotate a series of marbles to form groups of four or six of the same color. Such groups will burst, creating more room on game board. It sounds a little like Tetris, but Rolling Marbles has much more varied game play and is much more of a mental test. Each level provides different logical or physical challenge. Windows 95, DirectX
41102 RNBBALLS.ZIP 875127 27.05.1996 - - -
Rainbow Ballsfor Windows 95! This game is a
kind of logical game and is enough
interesting for people in age 5 and up.
43032 ROTA07.ZIP 69,1 kt 17.10.2000 - - -
Rotaion v.0.7 FREEWARE Copyright 2000 by Mika Kemppainen Email: mika.kemp@iobox.fi Pelissä pitää yrittää saada luvut oikeaan järjestykseen mahdollisimman nopeasti. Numeroita py÷rittelemõllõ. Laitevaatimukset: Pentium 90Mhz, 8mb ram, n.50kb kiintolevy, Win95/98/ME Vbrun500.dll 
43033 ROTAK210.ZIP 2,1 Mt 10.04.2000 - - -
Rotaktix v2.10 by Digital Playthings. Play a 3 or more matching game. Row matching game with elements of gravity, random chance and tactical planning. Its played on a 9 x 7 grid. Game pieces appear at a dropping point above the grid ready to be dropped into play. Your may rotate the pieces left or right before releasing them to attempt making as many matches as possible. Windows 95, 98, or NT 
43034 ROTAT160.ZIP 61,4 kt 18.01.2001 - - -
Rotation v. 1.60 (Freeware) Tehnyt: Ville Saalo - Nokian kännyköistä tuttu pieni mutta haastava älypeli nyt myös tietokoneella! Ideana on saada alussa 3x3 laudalla epäjärjestyksessä olevat numerot järjestykseen liikuttamalla 2x2 neliötä ja sen sisältöä pyörittämällä. Mukana asetukset, top10-listat ja uutena esim. animaatiot! Vaatii Win95 tai parempi sekä VBRUN500.EXE:n.
43035 ROTRHEDZ.ZIP 939,3 kt 23.01.2000 - - -
RotatorHeadz v1.0  by Futurebit.com. Play a logic/matrix game. Your task is to "catch" more than a half of the fields (one square of the matrix) in the 9 x 9 matrix. Put a horizontal or vertical red line (called rotator, use right-click to rotate, left-click to set) on the matrix, but do not allow your opponent to surround the field with the "fourth" line. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43036 RWDEMO12.A01 1,4 Mt 15.12.1997 - - tupla
The Isle of Four Winds: Rune War v1.2 2/4
43037 RWDEMO12.A02 1,4 Mt 15.12.1997 - - tupla
The Isle of Four Winds: Rune War v1.2 3/4
43038 RWDEMO12.A03 1,3 Mt 15.12.1997 - - tupla
The Isle of Four Winds: Rune War v1.2 4/4
43039 RWDEMO12.ARJ 1,4 Mt 15.12.1997 - - tupla
The Isle of Four Winds: Rune War Version 1.2 Demo Developer: Arcanium Productions An inventive mix of traditional 13-tile MahJong, spell casting, and strategic land combat. Choose from 9 wizards (only 3 in the demo), and try to outduel your opponents over LAN, the Internet Modem or Serial Link with the help of fantastic creatures and honorable mercenaries in this deep, engaging stategy title.  Two modes of Play; pure Japanese MJ or full Rune War. 1/4
43040 SANAP.ZIP 124,9 kt 21.01.1999 - - -
Sanapelissä muodostetaan koneen arpomista kirjaimista sanoja ruudukolle. Sanat voivat olla pystyssä ylhäältä alas tai vaakaan vasemmalta oikealle. Kirjaimet on pisteytetty harvinaisuuden mukaan. Vihreisiin ruutuihin sijoitetuista kirjaimista saa pisteet kaksinkertaisina, punaisiin sijoitetuista kolminkertaisina. 1 - 5 pelaajaa, tietokone voi olla yksi pelaajista. Vaatii Win95/98/NT ja vb5-tiedostot. tsalm@nettilinja.fi
43041 SCITY150.ZIP 3,4 Mt 29.12.1999 - - -
"SOLITAIRE CITY V1.50s By Pete Wiseman The only Windows solitaire game youll ever play ! Every feature imaginable including stunning 24-bit card graphicswacky sounds and timed scoring saved to disk. Fast and furious gameplay. This shareware version includes eight of the most popular one and two pack solitaire games. Download SOLITAIRE SETTY too and turn your JPEG collection into a photo-realistic Solitaire City cardset."
41107 SCRAMB95.ZIP 1101639 24.11.1996 - - -
Scramble for Win95 - is a 32-bit
version of the classic "sliding tile"
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
43042 SCRAMBL.ZIP 242,1 kt 09.11.2000 - - -
"Scramble v1.0Scrambles challenge is easy to understand: All you need to do is move the squares left or rightup or down to place the colors back in their original corners -- green in the upper leftred in the upper rightetc. The catch is that you move the whole row at onceso youve got to plan a strategy that gets things properly aligned. Win 9x. Freeware. "
43043 SEGASWRL.ZIP 2,6 Mt 23.01.2000 - - -
Sega Swirl by Sega Entertainment.  Make the swirls disappear. Free game for single PC or networked play - including PC to Sega Dreamcast. You face board of colored swirls and click on adjacent swirls of the same color to remove them. When you click on the matching swirl, all adjacent swirls are removed and new swirls cascade down from above - creating new combinations. 1-4 players. Windows 95, 98, or NT.
43044 SGA-FRT1.ZIP 1,8 Mt 14.11.2000 - - -
Fruity Special v1.0.0.8 Hedelmäpeli. Tekijä Saga Entertainment. Windows 9x. Made in Finland. 
43046 SHAPEZ.ZIP 703,3 kt 23.01.2000 - - -
Shapez! v1.0 By Dmitri V. Kivilev  Make balls into shapes to win. The objective is to score as many points as possible by making appearing balls of one color into various shapes. Use the mouse to move the balls. First select the ball to be moved with a mouse click, then an empty destination square with another click. You can select three different game modes. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43045 SHAPEZ20.ZIP 2,2 Mt 06.11.2000 - - -
Shapez! v2.0Shapez! is a challenging board game in which you try to move colored balls into groups to remove them from the board. With each move, three new balls are added to the board.  When the board fills up, the game ends. The next three ball locations are shown as hints for each move. Note: This software contains advertising technology that will occasionally use your Internet connection to receive and display ads. Win 9x. Freeware. 
43047 SHAPLUK.ZIP 1,4 Mt 23.01.1999 - - -
Shap Luk Kon Tseung Kwan (Sixteen Pursue the General) an ancient Chinese game of strategy It was popular among Chinese laborers in China in the 1870s, but it is much older than this - as old as 1000 AD. or before. requires VBRUN300.DLL, Windows 95. By Steve Neeley
43048 SHEEPSHE.ZIP 254,4 kt 24.03.1999 - MBCD -
Sheepshead v2.0 by Scott Wegner. Card game. Free, three-handed card game of German origin that combines luck and skill. You play it against two computer opponents using a deck of 32 standard playing cards. (Jokers and cards below 7 aren\'t used.) The objective is to get as many points as possible. Above average graphics, selectable background colors and card backs, and, according to the developer, is "cheat-proof." Windows 95, 98, or NT
68384 SIH95SW.ZIP 1855375 24.03.1996 - - -
Super Ice Cube Hopper. Puzzle-peli, jossa
pyritään hyppimään jääkuutioiden päällä
määrätylle paikalle. Windows 95.
43049 SIRAR103.ZIP 904 kt 25.02.2000 - - -
 SirArthur Version 1.0.3 by BAC Computer Software Limited A completely new and unique board game based on the knight chess peace. Game of skill, you can play against the computer with various skill levels available or against a friend. Windows 95/98/NT, 486, 16 MB.
43050 SIXTRIX.ZIP 1,9 Mt 29.01.2001 - - -
Six-Trix v1.0 Six-Trix is a combination of two original tetris-style games based on 35 pieces consisting of 6 blocks. Six-Trix is very addictive, so be prepared to spend long hours playing it! Win95/98/2000/NT. Shareware.
43051 SLOGI20.ZIP 554,3 kt 27.01.2000 - - -
Super Logic Game v2.0  Challenge your logic to guess a code. Great Mastermind clone. The computer chooses a number code. You guess the code, entering numbers with a keypad. After your guess, the game tells you how many of your selections exist in the code number and how many of your guesses are the right number in the right place in the sequence. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43052 SMTP30.ZIP 3,5 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Suuri ja mahtava tietopeli v3.0 Tietokilpailu. PelissS on tSllS hetkellS yli 1300 kysymystS hyvin monelta aihealueelta. PeliS voi pelata jopa 3 pelaajaa kerrallaan. Windows 95/98/2000/NT:n. 
43053 SMTRVS20.ZIP 766,1 kt 17.11.2000 - - -
Smart Reversi v2.0Smart Reversi is a computer version of the classic strategy game  "Othello", that involves quick score changes and long-range thinking.  The rules are simple. Place your discs on the board so that opponent\'s  discs are between two of yours, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Then the discs change to your color. The objective is to have more discs  than your opponent when the board is filled.  There are many levels and  options to make the game more interesting. Sounds and editable interface  skins are available to change the look and feel of the game. Win 9x.  Freeware.
43054 SMTRVS21.ZIP 766,2 kt 11.01.2001 - - -
Smart Reversi v2.1Smart Reversi is a computer version of the classic strategy game "Othello", that involves quick score changes and long-range thinking. The rules are simple. Place your discs on the board so that opponent\'s discs are between two of yours, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Then the discs change to your color. The objective is to have more discs than your opponent when the board is filled. There are many levels and options to make the game more interesting. Sounds and editable interface skins are available to change the look and feel of the game. Win 9x. Freeware. 
43055 SNGWRDSH.ZIP 1,6 Mt 18.05.1999 - - -
"Single Word Search v1.0 by Scott Leseman basic word search game that comes loaded with a list of 20 computer terms. Youll also find several appearance and behavior options. Four skill levels are provided. When you register youll be able to create and edit listsas well as keep high scores. Windows 9598or NT"
43056 SOKMAN20.ZIP 593,8 kt 18.09.2000 - - -
"SokoMan 2.0The objective is to move the crates through the maze of the warehouse to the designated spots by pushing them. Youll learn quickly that it isnt good to place more than two crates side-by-sideand you can never put a crate in a corner. When youve tired of the authors puzzlesyou can create and edit your own mazes"
43057 SOKODX.ZIP 1 Mt 29.09.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Soko DX v1.0 by Frank Hollwitz Puzzle. Free clone of the famous game Sokoban. The objective is simple: You start with numerous boxes in a maze and must push the boxes into the finish area, denoted by squares marked with an "x." The game includes multiple levels of play, sound effects and music, and multiple move undo if you get caught in a corner. DirectX 3.0 or later and Windows 95, 98,
43058 SOL301.ZIP 2,1 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
 Free Solitaire v3.01 ASP/ESC - Free Solitaire is a completely free collection of 10 of the most popular solitaire games. Play Double Klondike, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf, Indian Patience, Klondike, Montana, Pyramid, Sea Towers, and Spider! Get unlimited undo of moves, autoplay, and sound effects. Set the background to any color you wish. Choose from 2 different card sizes. $0
43059 SOLOBEAN.ZIP 1,9 Mt 24.10.1998 - - -
SoloBeanies v1.0 from Mikroware peg-solitaire game. The object is to leave only one peg on the board by jumping pegs and removing them. Plan ahead to keep from leaving pegs in the corners with no jump available. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43060 SOLONE20.ZIP 1,4 Mt 28.08.1998 - - -
Solone v2.0 by Eurosoft Software Development attractive desktop mastermind game. The large wooden game board has a number of colored marbles resting in carved slots. There are a few empty slots available, allowing you to make horizontal and vertical jumps of adjacent marbles. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43061 SOLPL11.ZIP 2 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
" Solitaire Plus v1.1 by Goodsol Development Enhanced shareware version of the five-star rated freeware Free Solitaire. This great looking (and sounding) game runs exclusively on 16-bit 800x600 systems and higher. Adds four more gamesfor a total of 12; a smart-dragging feature that requires that cards only be nudged to move to a target pile; If youre a Solitaire loveryoull want to check out Solitaire Plus. Windows 9598or NT"
43062 SOLS2K50.ZIP 3,1 Mt 15.12.1999 - MBHH2000 -
"SolSuite 2000 v5.0 by Treesoft Collection of 180 Solitaire card games. It offers a nice layoutfast gameplayfun sound effectsand extensive options. Youll find well-done editions of DiplomatEasthavenEquinoxFifteensFour SeasonsFourteen OutFreeCellGolfKlondikePyramidand 170 more. Animated cardsa selection of cards and decksdozens of backgroundsan autoplay option etc. Windows 9598or NT"
43063 SOLS9836.ZIP 2,4 Mt 24.03.1999 - - -
SolSuite 98 v3.6 by Treesoft collection of 90 Solitaire card games. It offers a nice layout, fast gameplay, fun sound effects, and extensive options. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43064 SOLTRE.ZIP 2,5 Mt 24.11.1998 - MBCD -
PRETTY GOOD SOLITAIRE 98 V4.98.2 Collection of 230 Windows solitaire games. The games have full undo/redo, autoplay, win/loss statistics, selectable card backs and background color, games are saved automatically upon exit, and mouse shortcuts make the games very easy to play. A full-featured solitaire collection for the serious player. Shareware, $24.
43065 SPARKSOL.ZIP 522,9 kt 08.03.2000 - - -
"South Park Solitaire 1.2Play solitaire like you never have before: with the entire gang from South Park. 
This baby has 12 unique South Park decks to choose from and even allows you 
to play the game in Standard mode or Enhanced Vegas mode. Think youve got 
what it takes to win at solitaire? The kids of South Park might just have a surprise 
waiting for you.
43066 SPHERE2.ZIP 1,4 Mt 08.05.2000 - - -
Spheres 2000 v1.1 Word-guessing game with attractive graphics and average sound effects. The objective is to locate the hidden word before the computer does. The faster you find it, the higher your score. The game is started by entering any five-letter word. A correct letter in the correct position is shown in a cyan sphere, a correct letter in the incorrect position is displayed in a yellow sphere, Windows 95/98/NT, Pentium 
43067 SPLLMLL.ZIP 2,4 Mt 18.10.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Spell-Mell v1.5.0 by AHA! Software Inc. Fast-paced, multimodule game that should be fun for all ages. It features trivia quizzes and word puzzles for nearly every skill level. Teachers could also use it to encourage the memorization of spellings, vocabulary, and facts in an entertaining format. Over 15 games are included. It can also be used to study foreign languages; the supplied vocabulary module starts with 20 tongues. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43068 SPLOTCH.ZIP 209,9 kt 15.12.1999 - - -
"Splotch v1.6 by Dmitry Sushkov. Enclose opponents dots. Challenge you play against your computer. You alternate with the computer in placing dots on the game grid: you place red dots and the computer spots places blue dots. Objective is to encircle your opponents dots. The winner has the most opponent dots encircled. Windows 9598or NT"
43069 SPPYOUR.ZIP 1,1 Mt 11.01.2000 - - -
Sapphire Yours v2.0 Collect the sapphires and avoid boulders. Boulder Dash like game that consists of several levels (over 220 by now) where each one represents a different and unique logical puzzle. The levels are sorted by difficulty, so unexperienced players can start with the simple ones until they get skilled enough to try the more tricky. With the level editor it is also quite easy to create totally new levels. Windows 95, 98, or
41117 SPRSOL11.ZIP 501402 17.12.1995 - - -
Super Marble Solitaire v1.10 
Challenging puzzle for Windows 95. This game
not only allows you to play on different
style boards with animated pieces, you can
even design you own board! Name your board
design and enter your name as the designer!
There is extensive online documentation that
tells you how to play well by using "move
patterns". From Wrenware (TM).
43070 SPTNET50.ZIP 3,7 Mt 24.11.1999 - - -
SpiteNET: Spite & Malice v5.0 by Mari J. Perez Söderberg quick-moving, addictive card game. It\'s actually a type of competitive solitaire,with your opponent being "Spite." It\'s played with two decks of cards. Suits aren\'t important here, so the cards are simply numbered 1 through 13, with eight cards of each number. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43071 SQIT31.ZIP 433,7 kt 19.08.1999 - - -
Square-It! v3.1 by Resilere Corporation Two-player game of logic on a field of numbered squares. It includes three colors of squares, and the roll of three-sided dice determines which of the separating bars between squares can be removed. When the final of the four sides is taken, the player scores. The game reveals when a correct or point-winning move is available and you choose the wrong play. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43072 SRPOKER.EXE 7,3 Mt 01.05.2001 - - -
Small Rockets PokerSmall Rockets Poker tarjoaa neljä pokerimuunnelmaa.
Pelaa yksin tai verkkopelinä.
43073 STONESTH.ZIP 1,3 Mt 07.02.2000 - - -
"Stones Throw v1.20  by  Latticework Software. Play three challenging dice games. Collection of three challenging dice games with 3D rendered graphicsan intuitive interfacerealistic sound effectsand your choice of music. You can play these compelling board gamesset in a medieval castleagainst three levels of computer player. Windows 9598or NT"
43074 STRAYLI.ZIP 2 Mt 23.03.1999 - MBHH2000 -
"StrayLight by Footcandle Software. Action/puzzle. In the game StrayLightthe lights have gone out and its your job to restore the power. The game board shows a scrambled circuit with colored power lines going from positive to negative nodes on the playing board edges. There are several circuits on the boardeach with a single light. By turning and swapping the game squaresyou have to repair all the circuits. Windows 9598or NT"
43075 SUPBL456.ZIP 6,2 Mt 09.02.2000 - - -
"Robs Super BlackJack v4.5.6  by Robert Frenette Realistic-looking Blackjack table with animated cards to make the game as natural as possible. A long list of game options lets you tailor the house rules to your liking. Windows 95 or Windows 98"
43076 SUPCIR11.ZIP 1,2 Mt 20.11.1998 - MBCD -
Super Circuitry v1.1 by CRL Software Easy to learn, hard to stop playing! Action puzzle game for all ages.  Match the tiles and clear the board before time runs ou Progress through several worlds, each with its own twist: gravity, flipped tiles, teleporting tiles and much more! Requires Pentium with at least 640x480 resolution and 256 color monitor Win95
43077 SUPER5.ZIP 26,1 kt 16.02.1998 - MBCD -
Super5 - pieni ilmainen Yatzy-klooni. Win95/NT ja VB5-runtime tiedostot. Ominaisuuksia, joita ei ole muissa Yatzy-klooneissa kuten 3 pelaajaa, merkkauskelpoisten tulosten näyttö koko ajan. Tehnyt Timo Salmenoja tsalm@nettilinja.fi
43078 SWAP10.ZIP 38,5 kt 20.11.1998 - - -
Swap v1.0 by Brian Smith Puzzle/board. Swap is a game where the goal is to remove all the red squares from the playing grid. A level is completed when only blue squares remain. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43079 SYMCALHA.ZIP 446,2 kt 13.01.1999 - - -
Symcal by Future Trend Enterprise mathmatical game that stumps you with abstract problems. Windows 95
43080 TAITOPOK.ZIP 773,9 kt 16.12.1998 - - -
TAITOPOKERI win 95 ilmaisohjelma (C) 1998 Jari Harju jariharju@hotmail.com Lähdekoodi (Delphi 3) saatavilla: 40,- Taitopokeri-nimi tulee siitä että toisin kuin monissa vastaavissa tässä pelissä voi korttimuistilla ja päättelykyvyllä vaikuttaa lopputulokseen. Taitopokerissa jaetaan samasta pakasta viisi kättä peräkkäin, jolloin muistamalla menneet kortit menestyy todennäköisesti paremmin. Windows 95.
43081 TAROTP99.ZIP 493,3 kt 25.02.2000 - - -
 Tarot Pro 99 by Recreasoft. Check out a 4-player French card game. French Tarot card game to your PC. Four-player card game (in this case, you play against three computer-based foes) in which you try to accumulate enough points to win the hand by taking tricks. Despite a few rough edges, you might find this a pleasant alternative to traditional Solitaire. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43082 THELABY.ZIP 5,1 Mt 05.06.2000 - - -
The Labyrinth shareware by Real Networks. Brings the classic maze game into the new millenium in style. Exciting 3D visuals and cleverly designed maze levels, keep you coming back for more! Easy to play, yet challenging to master. Tilt a maze in two axis guiding a ball to the end, avoiding nasty holes. Windows 95/98, P166, 32 MB, Direct3D. 
43083 THING103.ZIP 1,7 Mt 11.04.1999 - - -
Thingk v1.03a by Pinnacle Software Puzzle. delightfully simple yet maddeningly complex maze game. The game board is filled with green squares, each of which has from zero to four interfaces with the adjacent squares. Your "thingk" starts at the upper-left-hand corner and must navigate through the maze, turning the squares red until you get to the lower-right-hand corner. The goal is to visit every square once. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43084 TICTAC20.ZIP 1,5 Mt 25.02.2000 - - -
 Tic Tac Toe v2.0 (Schurr) by Schurr Programs. Try a PC version of an old favorite. Tic Tac Toe is the classic game often called "Naughts and Crosses." This PC adaptation livens up the simple activity with a choice of board color, text color for controls, and six color/style options for the X\'s and O\'s. You can play against a friend or your computer. One of the more attractive PC versions of an old pencil-and-paper favorite. Free. Windows 95, 98, or NT.
43086 TIKKI_AR.ZIP 3,5 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: armeija 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43087 TIKKI_BI.ZIP 4 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: biljardi 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43088 TIKKI_KU.ZIP 5 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: kukat 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43089 TIKKI_LA.ZIP 4,4 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: laiva 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43090 TIKKI_LE.ZIP 4,3 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: lelu 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43091 TIKKI_LM.ZIP 3,5 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: lamppu 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43092 TIKKI_MA.ZIP 3,6 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikin korttitausta, aihe: maisema 1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43093 TIKKI_PU.ZIP 4,3 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
Tikin korttitausta, aihe: puut  1.3.2000 Korvaa tämän paketin tausta.jpg-tiedostolla Tikki-korttipelin alkuperäinen korttitausta (tausta.jpg). Varmistathan ennen taustakuvan korvaamista, että Tikki-ohjelma on asennettu tietokoneellesi. Jollei ole, voit ladata sen koneellesi kätevästi Internet-osoitteesta http://msprograms.8m.com/suomi/lataa.html. Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Mika Salonen.
43085 TIKKI122.ZIP 406 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
 Tikki, versio 1.22 Freeware 15.11.1999 Suomenkielinen korttipeli parhaiden tulosten listalla ja monipuolisilla asetuksilla. Vaatimukset: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, Pentium tai tehokkaampi, 16 Mt keskusmuistia, 1 Mt levytilaa, näytön resoluutio 800 x 600 ja 16-bittiset värit. Vaatii myös tiedostot MSVBVM50.DLL (versio SP2) ja VB5STKIT.DLL. Copyright (c) 1999 Mika Salonen.
43094 TINYOTHL.ZIP 58,6 kt 08.05.2000 - - -
"Tiny Othello v1.0 by Stephen Hassell. Bracket your opponents stones. Call it Reversi or Othelloyouve probably seen this strategy game in which you bracket your opponents stones to change them to yours. Tiny program that lets you play this classic game on your computer without sacrificing a lot of disk space. You wont have whiz-bang features but youll be just as challenged trying to master the game. Windows 95/98/NT "
43096 TOKKO09.ZIP 449,5 kt 25.02.2001 - miscfindos.zip -
Tokkobot 0.9Tokkobot is a puzzle game that is a mix of  Tetris and Lemmings. The main idea is to guide one stupid robot from left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. This is done by moving various blocks down and placing them in correct positions. After all the blocks have been used, the robot starts walking, and if you have used your blocks correctly, it will get to the other side. 
43095 TOKKO09C.ZIP 426 kt 21.03.2001 - MBHH2002 -
Tokkobot 0.9c Tokkobot is a puzzle game that is a mix of Tetris and  Lemmings. The main idea is to guide one stupid robot from  left side of the screen to the right side of the screen.  This is done by moving various blocks down and placing  them in correct positions. After all the blocks have been  used, the robot starts walking, and if you have used your  blocks correctly, it will get to the other side.  Official  Tokkobot Site: www.saunalahti.fi/j4tsun1/ 
41126 TOTRECAL.ZIP 494455 31.10.1996 - - -
Total Recall ~ For Windows 95 Try and beat
the computer at it's own game.  Complete with
sound and other '95 features. Award Winner...
WinGames.Inc            ShareWare
43097 TOWERSPC.ZIP 515,6 kt 03.12.1999 - - -
Towers of PC Solve an ancient puzzle Modern version of an ancient puzzle. Unlike Solitaire, this is a game you can always win--but can you do it in the fewest moves? To solve the puzzle, use the mouse to move all the disks to the right-hand base, subject to two rules: (1) move only one disk at a time, and (2) do not place a disk on top of a smaller disk. The game features wood-toned disks, a textured background. Win95/98/NT
43098 TRACKWOR.ZIP 322,5 kt 02.06.1998 - - -
TrackWords v1.21 by David Bernazzani formerly WBOG) is a free Windows version of word-grid game. You form words by clicking on the letters in the grid. What makes the game especially challenging is that grid letters can be used only once per word and letters must be adjacent to each other. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
43099 TRIADS15.ZIP 1,3 Mt 24.11.1999 - - -
Triad Strategy Game v1.5 by Random Software Tile matching game that will frustrate and fascinate you for hours. The object is to quickly identify triads on the board. Twelve tiles are displayed with each tile showing one of three shapes, in one of three colors, in solid, pattern or outline and with one to three shapes per tile. You must identify the three tiles that show all characteristics the same or all different. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43100 TRIMOK.ZIP 98,3 kt 18.03.2000 - - -
"Trimok  Trimok (c) A.OllikainenJ.OllikainenT.Saarinen Trimok is a new board game for twodeveloped from  the old Japanese game jan-ken-pon (scissors paper rock). It is a chess/checker -like strategy game. The games board is 6x6 squares and it has 12+12 pieces. http://www.sci.fi/~juol/trimok.html  e-mail:\t\tjo23931@uta.fi"
43101 TRIPO95.ZIP 1,6 Mt 18.02.2000 - - -
TriPoker95 Shareware  Korttipeli. Windows 95/98/2000/NT, 8 Mt, 386. Olavi Ikonen olavi.ikonen@cyberdude.com
43102 TT10.ZIP 107,5 kt 15.10.1999 - - -
Potti-tyylinen peli, jossa hedelmien tilalla on numerot. Tuplauksen lisäksi löytyy myös triplaus.
Mahdollisuus tuplata 20.000 ja triplata 30.000 mk asti! Vaatii Windows 95/98, 486, VB5-kirjastot.
43103 ULEUCH2.ZIP 818,4 kt 11.04.1999 - - -
Ultimate Euchre V2.0 Freeware Windows version of a card game that has found fame in the eastern
and central US. Euchre is trick-based, played by four people in two teams of two teammates who face 
one another. You can play with any combination of human and computer opponents. Now also 
Internet play! Windows 95 http://www.sixstring.com
69537 ULOGIC13.ZIP 925553 27.11.1996 - - -
Ultra  Logic  v1.3  - the best Windows
'95  implementation of the famous Master
Mind   board   game.
43104 ULOGIC20.ZIP 1,1 Mt 31.01.1998 - MBCD -
Ultra Logic 2.0 - A popular digital version of the classical Master Mind board game. The game is based on simple rules, but playing it well requires sophisticated strategy. Features include: four pre-set game levels - from Beginner to Expert, statistics charts, background music and sound effects, customizable peg and board styles, blind mode and much, much more. A graphical tutorial will help new users get familiar with the game in just a few minutes. Registration
43105 ULTM151.ZIP 2,6 Mt 11.04.2000 - - -
Ultra Mind v1.51 by Steve Boschi Computer version of the classic deduction game. The computer generates a color code, and you have a limited number of tries to deduce the right sequence. You select colors to place in the boxes -- the basic game level is four colors out of six with no repeats. After you fill a trial row, you get clues. This version offers 36 levels of play with more colors, more boxes for the code, more tries. Windows 95, 98, or NT 
43106 USACAS13.A01 2,8 Mt 22.12.1998 - - -
USA Casino v1.3 2/2
43107 USACAS13.ARJ 3,8 Mt 22.12.1998 - - -
USA Casino v1.3 1/2 lets you play nine casino games locally for fun or online for real money. Choose from games like Blackjack, Slot Machine, Roulette, Craps, PaiGow Poker, Caribbean Poker, and Keno. Attractive animations show your bets as well as the table action. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43108 UZ352.ZIP 2,7 Mt 18.05.1999 - - -
"šz: Morgoths Castle 3.52u Puzzle Action for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95! This is the release youve been waiting for! Featuring 16-million color graphicsacidbombslockskeysteleportspipesprogress savingand an all-new interfaceUz is sure to blow you away! Race the clock in an attempt to clear all the pieces in many challenging levels of play. Crisp sound effects and pleasant music complement the action."
43109 VENABLES.ZIP 412,8 kt 13.12.1999 - - -
Venables v1.5.1 Make your move to capture the enemy. Board game in which two teams, with eight pieces each, face off on a board of 64 colored squares. You win by eliminating all the pieces on the opposing team. The pieces start randomly dispersed around the board. Your moves must be selected from a highlighted choice board that offers options of moves from a color to a color. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43110 VETRIX.ZIP 118,8 kt 13.11.2000 - - -
VetrixVetrix is a strategy/puzzle game based on a board of colored marbles. The object is to clear the board, getting as many points as possible on each turn. The larger the number of balls removed, the more points you get. P200, 32 MB.  
43111 VGRGMS97.ZIP 791,4 kt 07.03.2000 - - -
" Viger Games for Word 97/2000 v2.0 by Viger Informatica. Add six fun games to MS Word 97/2000. Take a break from your word processing chores with Viger Games for Word 97/2000. Its a free collection of simple games built into a Word 97/2000 .dot (template) file. None of the games will win awards for interface designbut theyre all fun to play. Word 97 or 2000 and Windows 9598or NT"
43112 VLSLEXIS.ZIP 72 kt 06.11.2000 - - -
"Lexis v2.0In Lexisyou try to form the longest possible word from the random letters presented. You can select from 15--20and 25-letter options. Thenpress the OK button to see if the computer can come up with one thats longer. If your word is bigger than the PCsyou can add it to the games vocabularywhich will make future games even more difficult to win. The game keeps statistics. Win 9x and Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime. Freeware. "
43113 VRFRU10.ZIP 3 Mt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Virtual Fruit Machine v1.0 By Legion Productions. Play a virtual fruit slot machine. Computer simulation based on many of the fruit machines active in pubs and arcades today. It features a 15 jackpot and has several sub features which all lead to the jackpot prize. 32 MB RAM, Pentium II 233, and Windows 9x, NT, or 2000
43114 VSOKO132.ZIP 370 kt 24.11.1999 - - -
"Visual Sokoban v1.32 by Sylvain Gravejat Fascinating maze puzzle in which the goal is to move objects through a maze into a storage area. You can only pushand you dont want to get caught in a corner. Movement is via the cursor keysand theres no time limit. This version comes with 14 puzzle packswith multiple levels in each pack. Working your way through the many options will give you ideas for creating your own mazes with the included"
43115 W42D-327.ZIP 1,9 Mt 24.10.1998 - - -
Win42 and Dominoes v3.27 Board/strategy. By Curtis Cameron two popular Dominoes games, Win42 and traditional Dominoes. Win42 is a bidding game played like Spades or Pinochle, using dominoes instead of cards. Other is traditional dominoes. Both support local and Internet multiplayer for up to four players. Windows 95.
43116 WAIKIKI.EXE 3,1 Mt 18.05.2000 - - -
"Pandoras Box - puzzlePandoras Box - Waikiki Puzzle"
43117 WAR!.ZIP 4,1 Mt 29.12.1999 - - -
War! by Brainy Kid Software. Play a few hands of War. Computer version of the casino version of the card game War. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43118 WDHEART.ZIP 760,2 kt 08.05.2000 - - -
"Wildtangent Hearts by WildTangentInc. Play free game of Hearts in your browser. Card game classic thats played against three PC-based opponents in your Web browser. It lacks some features but its still fun to play. Attractive graphics and crisp sound effects. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 4xDirectXPentium 133and Windows 9598or NT. "
43119 WDINRUM.ZIP 751,4 kt 08.05.2000 - - -
"WildTangent Gin by WildTangentInc. Play a free game of Gin in your browser. Free version of the card game classic thats played against your PC in your Web browser. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 4xDirectXPentium 133and Windows 9598or NT. "
43120 WILDREVR.ZIP 725,7 kt 26.04.2000 - - -
"WildTangent Reversi. Trap opponents pieces to capture them. Takes the classic board game of Reversi or Othello to the Internet. Your fortunes hinge on the turn of a stone in this board game with deceptively simple rules. Place a stone to trap your opponents game piece between two of yours. You then capture his pieces and they turn to your color. Will you dominate the boardor will the computer turn tide? Req. Netscape or Explorer browser. "
43121 WINBR610.ZIP 2,3 Mt 04.10.1999 - - -
"winBridge V6.1.0 Do you love to play Bridge but have a hard time coming up with a foursome? While you could always play three computer-based opponents with most Bridge software packagesits a lot more fun with real players. winBridgealong with your Internet connection and IE 3.0 or latermakes this possible -- and its free. Internet Explorer 3.x and Windows 9598"
43122 WINJACK.ZIP 1,9 Mt 24.10.1998 - - -
"WinJack v1.04 from Stefan Kuhne Suite of games that is sure to please the discriminating card-game connoisseur. Outstanding 3D graphics and sound effects make it seem as if youre dealing the cards yourself. Windows 9598or NT"
43123 WINLI21.ZIP 413,1 kt 22.11.1998 - MBCD -
WinLines v2.1 by Bristol Finance Inc. 32-bit puzzle game with smooth animation and fun digital sound effects. Your mission is to align five balls of the same color in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines on a gridded board. With each turn on the standard 9x9 board, three new balls of random colors appear in various places. The game lasts until all squares are filled. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43124 WINLIFE.ZIP 1 Mt 19.03.1999 - MBCD -
"WinLiFe Professional 1.03 for Win95/98 Copyright (c) 1997-1999 Kingarts A powerful and easy to use LIFE style demonstration for Windows 95/98/NT. Introduce the insight of evolution and give visual entertainment to every kind of users. Support the classic evolving mode of Life; multicell evolving; fast evolving engine; mutation control; profession UI; zoom in & zoom out... Whats moreit charges no penny for registration!"
43125 WINSHF.ZIP 622,3 kt 31.07.1999 - - -
WinShuffle v2.0 by Peter Richards Two styles of puzzle games: shuffle and block jigsaw. The shuffle game is a rendition of a classic hand-held puzzle. Faced with one open spot, you must shuffle the tiles to get them into proper alignment. This version offers a variety of sizes to adjust levels of difficulty. The three variations of tiles are properly sized with 3D effects and click as you move them around the board. Windows 95 or Windows 98
43126 WINSO216.ZIP 232,6 kt 03.12.1999 - - -
"WinSoko v2.165 - Sokoban for Windowsby R. Vasicek Play a maze puzzle game with WinSoko. As the warehouse keeperits your job to stack the boxes in their proper places. Push the boxes around the warehouse maze in such a way that they wont get stuck. If a box gets pushed up against a wallor against another boxyoull have to start over. 378 different puzzles. Windows 9598or NT"
43127 WNBGAME.ZIP 365,5 kt 17.01.2000 - - -
Whole New Ball Game  by Dan Derham. Original game by Pete Cooke. Classic retro remake. Guide a ball in maze setting mirrors and other things to guide it to right direction. Windows 95.
43128 WORDHNTT.ZIP 1,5 Mt 29.12.1999 - - -
Word Hunt v1.0 (c) Tollside Ltd 1999 Puzzle which works on the word search principal. It has a 15x15 grid of letters and up to 16 words can be hidden in random positions. There is a practice mode and the word list can also be hidden. There are 50 stock games included, and users can also enter their own or edit or delete the existing ones. Windows 95/98
41143 WORDS10.ZIP 2277739 05.05.1996 - - -
WORDS v1.0  from DynoTech Software.
32-bit Windows 95 puzzle game. Spell selected
words by maneuvering falling letters, but
watch out for various hazards throughout the
game. Easy at first, but more challenging as
you continue. Awesome graphics, digitized
sounds, and background music. Relax and
enjoy. Req: 486+; 8MB RAM; Windows 95; 256
color VGA; sound card (opt.). [$20]
43129 WRDZP437.ZIP 604,6 kt 29.06.1999 - - -
WordZap - Windows 32-bit Version 4.37 fast-paced addictive word game you can play over the Net -- or against the computer. If you like playing word games like Scrabble or Boggle you will love WordZap. Windows 95/NT.
43130 WRINGO.ZIP 316 kt 03.11.1999 - - -
Wringo: Guess the secret word to win. by Sawbones Software Inc. Word game that unites various elements from Hangman, Mastermind, and Bingo to offer a challenging game experience for one or two players. The objective is to find the secret word as quickly as you can with as few guesses as possible. With each guess for a 5-, 6- or 7-letter word, clues are given about the specific letters and their location in the word. Windows 95 or Windows 98
43131 WRLDBACK.ZIP 1,1 Mt 20.05.1999 - - -
World Backgammon v1.0 by WinGames Inc. Board game. Internet support. Will have you competing on a complete peer to peer lobby based Backgammon server on the Internet. No longer will you have to put up with server delays or crashes. With this client software you can play Backgammon the way it was supposed to be played, with dice flying, stones slapping, fast and furious, on the edge! Windows 95, 98, or NT
43132 WSOKOBAN.ZIP 378 kt 24.03.1999 - - -
WSokoban! Freeware game for Windows9x/NT Version 2.0 (july 1998) The object is simple. You must push all boxes to storage areas, but only one box at a time. If you push a box next to a wall or another box you may be stuck, and will have to undo your last push or restart the level. 100 levels, but in your icon editor you can create more; and as something new, you can also create your own themes.
43133 XSUMS98.ZIP 1 Mt 05.11.1998 - - -
X-Sums 98 v1.0.06 from Thomas B. Westbom Like a crossword puzzle, but it requires numbers instead of words. Sums adjacent to each area provide clues for the single-digit numerals for across and down, which must be calculated so their totals are correct both ways, just like the words in a crossword puzzle. Windows 95 or Windows 98
43134 YAT32102.ZIP 99,8 kt 11.04.1998 - MBCD -
Yatzy32. Siisti, helppokäyt- töinen SUOMALAINEN Yatzy- noppapeli Win95/NT:lle. Versio 1.02 05.04.1998
43135 YATZSF12.ZIP 179,5 kt 18.10.1997 - MBCD -
YATZYSF 1.21 (Windows95/NT): Suomenkielinen yhden pelaajan yatzypeli. Parhaiden tulosten tallennus.
43136 YOUBLWIT.ZIP 1,6 Mt 22.09.1998 - - -
U Blew It v1.0 by Scott Berres dice game in which two to six players attempt to roll six dice to score points. Windows 95, 98, or NT
43137 YZ2KV10.ZIP 1,7 Mt 18.07.2000 - - -
Yatzy! 2000 v 1.0 maailman ehkä suosituimman noppapelin  suomenkielinen versio. Peliä voi pelata monilla eri  Yatzyn muodoilla joten pelin tasoa ja vaatimuksia  voidaan vaihdella pelaajien makujen, mieltymysten ja kykyjen mukaan. Perusmuodossaan peliä  pelataan  yleisillä säännöillä. Perusmuotoa voidaan varioida  suuressa määrin laajennuksilla jolloin peli vasta  alkaa elämään. Voit pelata myös tietokonevastustajia  vastaan tai laittaa ne vaikka pelaamaan toisiaan vastaan.  Ohjelmassa voi myös käyttää erilaisia käyttöliittymiä  jotka muistuttavat ns."skinejä" eli käyttöliittymä ei  ole se tavallinen standardilaatikko.  http://personal.inet.fi/peli/creativeinnovations Windows 9x, 16 Mt, 486. Tekijä Tapani Ikonen. 
41145 ZARATH32.ZIP 1163440 07.12.1996 - - -
Zarathustra 1.0 for Windows completely
original strategy game for 2-4 players who
attempt to dominate the playing field with
specially-designed tiles marked with swords
and shields. This isn't Mahjongg, folks. It's
war. 32-bit version - requires Windows 95/NT
SVGA * 8 Mb
43138 ZENLIFE.ZIP 379,3 kt 22.06.2000 - - -
"Zen V1.0 Copyright 2000 Gerry Quinn A unique new 2-player game based on Conways Game of Life. Runs on Windows 9598 NT2000. "
43140 ZETRIX.EXE 1,5 Mt 26.04.2001 - - -
Zetrixis a 3D (Direct 3D) Tetris-like game. There are four difficulty levels and two game modes (classic, enhanced). If you have a Voodoo2 or Voodoo3 board set modulate to 2X without this lighting will not work. 
Windows 95, Direct3D. Copyright 1999 by 
Vesa Halonen vesa.halonen@pp.inet.fi 
43139 ZETRIXD8.EXE 1,6 Mt 26.04.2001 - - -
Zetrix 3D DirectX8 versionis a 3D (Direct 3D) Tetris-like game. There are four difficulty levels and two game modes (classic, enhanced). If you have a Voodoo2 or Voodoo3 board set modulate to 2X without this lighting will not work. 
Windows 95, Direct3D. 
Copyright 1999 by Vesa Halonen vesa.halonen@pp.inet.fi http://www.gx3d.com/
43141 ZIGMOND.ZIP 959,8 kt 17.11.2000 - - -
ZigmondZigmond is a game in which you push balls to clear a path to the exit while avoiding getting stuck in corners or leaving two balls together to block your way. There are also lasers that must be deflected with a mirror ball or blocked with one of the regular balls. Zigmond has an undo command and complete help. The game has sound effects, background music, and a scene editor to create your own levels. You can automatically update levels from the Internet. Shareware.  
43142 ZIGSTORM.ZIP 670,2 kt 28.03.2000 - - -
"Zigmond Brainstorm by Yoavoosh.  Block or deflect the lasers to win. Puzzle in which you push balls to clear a path to the exit. It has a few rough edgesbut the puzzles are fascinating. If youve played Sokobanthis game will look familiar as you try to move balls to clear a path while avoiding getting stuck in corners or leaving two balls together to block your way. Windows 95/98/NT"
43143 ZLLN111P.ZIP 8,1 Mt 07.03.2000 - - -
 Zillions of Games v1.1.1p by Zillions Development. Play a multitude of games. Brings you an endless number of games to play and create! It allows you to play against the computer, whose strength you can vary to your liking. Zillions reads simple text files to learn new games. You can even modify the zrf files and create entirely new games. Huge variety of games and puzzles with Zillions to test your skill and challenge your mind. Windows 95
41147 ZLOTTO.ZIP 2933451 05.11.1996 - - -
ZLotto Ultra! is the finest & easiest to use
lottery software ever! 30 built in games,
custom setup, constants feature,
Statistic-Tracker, wheeling & lots more!
Requires Windows 95 or higher.
43144 ZONDUL10.ZIP 211,4 kt 04.10.1999 - - -
"Zondulux v1.0 by 111 SoftwareInc. Puzzle. The simplest game to understand and the hardest game to win! The playing field is randomly filled withXandOsigns. Your objective is to fill the entire field withXsigns. You can change signspositions by clicking on them. Howevereach time you clickthe entire line you click on inverts: Xs become Os and Os become Xs. Windows 9598or NT"
43145 ZVP2K12.ZIP 1 Mt 19.09.2000 - - -
Zibax Video Poker 2000 v1.2 A visually appealing video-poker simulation that lets you select from five poker variants and load different skins, including those of your own design. Shareware version has only Jacks or Better variant, and skin changes and other options are disabled.