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39601 2TALOA.ZIP 121,2 kt 05.03.1997 - - -
Quake:Deatmatch kenttä Quakeen       2 taloa ja viemäriverkosto       railakasta räiskimistä ota heti!       By: Pekka Nykänen & Kimmo Koivisto
39602 2TEMPLB2.ZIP 592,2 kt 23.09.1997 - - -
2 TEMPLES Quake level BETA 2 21/9/97 For TeamFortress 2.5 QuakeC Mod Red and Blue twin Temples and deadly chasm between them, which can be only crossed by walking on thin bridge over it, so beware those enemy Soldiers and their Rocket Launchers. Amazing architecture and good gameplay. This map is really best choice for Teamplaying. Author: Lari Muuriaisniemi
39603 3GRENADE.ZIP 138,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake * GRENADE MODS a progs.dat that has 3 different ways just to fire a stupid grenade. You can fire a plain grenade but you can change the the timer. You can fire it as a pipebomb ready to be detonated. You can also make it a proximity bomb. You can also change the grenade, pipebomb, or proximity bomb to look like different shapes.
39608 4-LEVEL.ZIP 121,5 kt 25.04.1997 - - -
Quake level: 4 Level Mayhem Deathmatch with 4 main levels.  Should make for some great DM play. This BSP is for Quake Registerd 1.01.
39604 4BSHOT10.ZIP 134,6 kt 13.04.1997 - - -
"QuakeC: 4 Barreled Shotgun. Collect two normal 2-barrel shotguns and youll have more firepower! By Howard Roy."
39605 4FIFFY3.ZIP 523,7 kt 09.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Damnation by George Fiffy. This level starts you out in a medieval setting (mostly stone, brick, and wood) under attack by four elevated ogres and a couple of ground-bound knights. This immediate (and intense) combat is a fitting indicator of what this level is going to be like.
39606 4FIFFY4.ZIP 581,1 kt 30.07.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: REoL TOUGH: Antichrist! by George J. Fiffy II. This new level, destined to be on your hard drive for a long time, was as much a pleasure to play as it was to look at. All of the best things in a single player map are present here!
39607 4FIFFY5.ZIP 606,7 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: REoL TOUGH: Base! by George J. Fiffy II. Here is a very challenging base map that you should all enjoy. Although this isnt the prettiest mapit is very good. The monster placement was excellent with foes attacking you from all sides and corners as there was only one break in the action in the very start."
39610 AAQUA.ZIP 963,7 kt 15.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: The Ancient Aqueduct by Roger Staines. Roger has done his usual outstanding job of testing all of your combat abilities and he has made another unique map with absolutely stunning architecture! The ambience of this map is such that you really think you are in an ancient aqueduct system (not a particularly easy thing to do given the limitations that the Quake engine can have). He has been able to place all of the foes in perfect position to make this a great
39611 ABOMB6.ZIP 14,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Atom Bomb V0.06b by Tuomas Heino If you thought lightning gun discharges were fun underwater, just wait! Uses about half of all ammo possible, kills others, and leaves you with 1-3 health.
39612 ACBETA1.ZIP 1 Mt 24.04.1997 - - -
"QuakeC: AIRCRAFT v0.9 (Public BetaFirst release). What you have now is a very roughbut functional BETA version of our Aircraft project. Everythingworksbut I know everything doesnt work quite right. Thats what makes this a BETA."
39613 ADDQK1A.ZIP 213,7 kt 02.03.1997 - - -
Quake map: Addictive Quake Deathmatches, part 1 version A by Iikka Keränen.
39614 ADDQK1B.ZIP 213,8 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake map: Addictive Quake Deathmatches, part 1 version B by Iikka Keränen. Needs IKGUNS10. ZIP.
39615 ADDQK2A.ZIP 342 kt 17.02.1997 - - -
Quake map: Addictive Quake Deathmatches, part 2 version A by Iikka Keränen.
39616 ADDQK2B.ZIP 304,8 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake map: Addictive Quake Deathmatches, part 2 version B by Iikka Keränen. Needs IKGUNS10. ZIP.
39617 ADMIN2.ZIP 3,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Admin.qc V2 by Doug Keegan - run dedicated server and have a user be able to easily change game parameters while connected.
39618 ADVWEPV7.ZIP 107,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Advanced Weapons Pack v.7
39619 AIRFIST1.ZIP 755,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
Quake: AirFist v.1.0 The experimental AirFist has become a formidable defensive weapon in the fight against Quake.  A compressed air weapon that sends almost anything it is aimed at flying.  This weapon is also used to send incoming ordinance other than where it was originally intended. Although unofficial use, some in the field have become adept at using a blast aimed at the ground to overcome both hostile and unattainable ground.  Be warned, the self-recharging compressor requires time
39620 AIRTIME.ZIP 390,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
"QuakeC: Airtime Quake Mod v0.9. Quake maps and custom maps in general tend to be too tight for experiencing all the cool stunts that can be acieved with the Swinging Hook. For this reason Airtime Quake exists. This conversion puts your air maneuvering skills to the test. Watch the demo to see a sample of whats possible."
39621 ALBA01.ZIP 1,1 Mt 30.07.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Alba 01 - the Road To Inverurie by Neil Manke. This beautifully detailed map with its many secrets will keep you on the edge of your seat for a long time. There is magnificent style and cool architecture that has become the trademark of this great level author. You will of course be in for a lot of surprises with this very well constructed level. This map is a sneak preview of the up coming Alba TC that will be available in the very near future. It will
39622 ALBA02.ZIP 1 Mt 30.07.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Alba 02 - Inverurie by Neil Manke. This map is even better than Neil\'s previous map "The Road to Inverurie". As with all of Neil\'s great levels, he has put in a lot of details, wonderful architecture, new textures, and even a few surprise new sounds in this map. The whole ambience of this level will make you feel as if you really are there in the thick of battle. The combat situations are outstanding and he has a great knack for keen monster placement.
39623 ALTHOME.ZIP 7,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: This is a modified version of Vholds homing missile weapons.qc to make it a bit more... interesting. Firstrockets only acquire targets that areinfront. NextI thought Id make the missile curve rather than abruptly change directions. Etc."
39624 AMCANDEM.ZIP 65,5 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Demo jossa näytetään miten Anti-Matter Cannonia ja Plasmapyssyä pitää käyttää. Tarvitsee IKGUNS10.ZIPin.
39625 ANACONDA.ZIP 747,5 kt 30.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Anaconda by Steve Thomas. This level is based on the movie "Anaconda". Couple of new monsters: Bubbah\'s snakeman and well, guess what the end monster is ;) The level itself is of the "underground sewer" theme, and has been done extremely well.
39626 ANONCA1.ZIP 488,7 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Anonca Base: The Shambling by Rob Marton. This level is done mostly in the blue-metal textures. Most areas are dimly and sporadically lit, making this one of the creepiest levels yet made. The lighting has been done superbly; hard to see at times..
39627 ANONCA3.ZIP 638,6 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Anonca Base 3 by Rob Marton. This level has been done in a "sanitary future base" style, and it has been done well. Textures are mostly bright or smooth and the entire place has a fresh, just- cleaned feeling. The white tile used for much of the flooring contributes to this. Most areas are very large, but they run surprisingly smoothly. The author\'s sparing use of detailing helps the speed as well as gives the areas a rather majestic look.
39628 ARCANE.ZIP 771,1 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Arcane by Matt Sefton. This level has been done extremely well in the "runic" style. The architecture and texturing in this level is most excellent - play areas are widely varied in size, detailing is subtle and effective, and most areas are memorable and interesting.
39629 ARCHMAGE.ZIP 272,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: Arch Mages of Quake. v1.0 beta 2. By Chris Burke. Turn Quake into a magic-based RPG! Gone are those mundane tools of the marines. Instead, you wield magical spells into battle. Gain experience for slaying your enemies, increasing your level and magical power.
39631 ARMA1.ZIP 218,1 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
      * Armageddon 1 *   * DM level for Quake *      * 2-4 players *   * brought to you by *       * Langsuyar *
39632 ARMA2.ZIP 456 kt 11.03.1997 - - -
Quake: - Armageddon 2. Here it is, the second Armageddon level. What started as a pure dm map has become a combined single/DM level that plays well in both modes.
39633 ARMORGOD.ZIP 824,4 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Armour of God by Scott McNutt. This level has been done in the medieval/castle theme. The architecture is huge and sprawlingand most of the structures are unornamented. The author adheres to his chosen theme wellandwhile this level isnt truly immersiveits convincing."
39634 ARTIFACT.ZIP 4,9 Mt 30.05.1997 - - -
Quake Movie: The Artifact by Clan Phantasm.
39635 ASMOQC11.ZIP 233 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Changes to Quake v1.01 by Asmodeus V1.1 - Ogres have limited ammo - monsters with backpack give leftover ammo - monsters pick stuff - pipe bombs - solid gibbable moveable corpses - heads, kicking,
39636 ASSASSIN.ZIP 1 Mt 22.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Assassin by Stuart Maine. Here is a level that isnt especially pretty but it was quite an adventure and takes hours to make it out alive! It is a huge mostly metal level with tricks and traps galore! He had a pretty good maze that was full of hungry rottweilers ready to have you for dinner."
39637 ATROCITY.ZIP 770,9 kt 30.07.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Atrocity by Jeff Aranyi. Atrocity is Jeffs first level and its a corker! Set in medieval timeshuge buildings loom out from the darknesswith ogres taking up sniper positions all around you. The level is full of twists and turns and is very puzzle orientatedpeppered with some pretty mean traps to keep you on your toes."
39638 AUXIMINE.ZIP 1,2 Mt 18.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: More Furious Madness from the Massed Gadgets of Auximenies by David Kelvin. Needs Mission Pack 1 or Winquake. The author really has a lot of talent for making single player levels. More Furious Madness From the Massed Gadgets of Auximenies was made as an example to show what can be done with his quakec patch "Director" He has incorporated some pretty cool cut scenes that do not impair game play! Even though this level has no theme to it is a lot of FUN.
39639 AXE_OF_C.ZIP 132,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: The Axe of Command (v0.9) Changes your axe into a magical weapon, grabbing a monster from the hold of Quake and into your command.
39640 AZURETTE.ZIP 532,9 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Azurette by Noel Weer. This medieval styled map has one of the smoothest in game flows that can be found. All skill levels were implemented to enhance gameplay making the combat situations quite superb with your foes waiting for you in the least expected places. This map will make a very good deathmatch map as well since it is fairly compact and has many strategic areas built into the level.
39641 BOBAFETT.ZIP 70,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - PCX format graphic textures for use on the player and grunt models. Replace player or grunt with Boba Fett from Star Wars
39642 BOMBS8.ZIP 154,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Bombs8 QuakeC weapon patch by PVP fully networkable quakeC patch that enables 2 extra grenade launcher modes and 1 extra rocket launcher mode:
39643 BOOM100.ZIP 821,6 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
Quake patch : "The Ultimate Boomstick" by Skoude and Raiden Includes new awesome sounds, weapons and features. Requires registered Quake. WWW-site: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/80 05/ contact E-mail : skoude@freenet.hut.fi / tommi.kokki@mbnet.fi
39644 BOOMERG.ZIP 123,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Boomerang Missiles version 0.1:
39645 BORT1.ZIP 250,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: Borts QuakeC Mod v1.0 Adopted from the holoduke ideayou now have the ability to create a clone image of yourself and briefly fool your opponents. 2. Shot gun shells now shoot out of your shotguns."
39646 BORT21.ZIP 247,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Borts QuakeC Mod v2.1 *Adopted from the holoduke ideayou now have the ability to create a clone image of yourself and briefly fool your opponents. *Shot gun shells now shoot out of your shotguns. * Grappling hook. Shoot a spear like entity into anything and upon impact it will pull you towards it. Hit a monster or a player with it and it will cause damage."
39647 BOSSK.ZIP 69,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - replace player/soldier with Bossk from Star Wars.
39648 BOTSKN15.ZIP 352,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: BotSkin v.1.5 (for Quake 1.06) Originally a BGBot(1.6) hack,  this little project started with the inculsion of skins to help distinguish between the bots. Now includes improved combat ai, fixed attack code, all the death animations, bodies that stay and MORE!
39649 BOUNCER.ZIP 14,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: Bouncing Bettys for QUAKE You tossem out and they go into wait mode. they just sit there innocently until some freak comes nearemthen they pop up and give the area a shrapnel spray at crotch level."
39650 BSTCHEAT.ZIP 143,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Ultimate Cheat Patch
39651 BUUUH.ZIP 154,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: - Scare to Death v0.9 (tm) Now you can scare the other DM players to death.
39652 BYOMV10.ZIP 166,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: BYOM (Be Your Own Monster) v1.0 take on the role of the heroic do-gooding marine, the fiendish fiend, the shambling shambler, or the wizardly scrag
39653 C3PO.ZIP 56,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - replace the graphics for the player or the grunt  with graphics of C3-PO from Star Wars.
39654 CAMBER.ZIP 748,3 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Castle Amber by Psycho. A beautifully built map from Psycho, author of a number of the Shrak levels. The Castle Amber is just that - a large castle, with a great open courtyard, tricky puzzles and exciting dungeon areas. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in this map, right down to the stair treads of 2 different textures. Great fun to play and great to look at - what more could you want? DM/SK/CO
39655 CAMERA.ZIP 128,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: THE BARELY CREDIBLE CAMERA PATCH by Nezu the Unworthy
39656 CAMPKILL.ZIP 21,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Camper-Killer & Next-Level Randomizer Broadcast "Camper Alerts" and then gibbing the camper on three strikes! (2) To randomly pick from a set of levels, the next-level. deathmatch oriented, to be installed on the server only. For REGISTERED QUAKE ONLY.
39657 CASTLED.ZIP 590,4 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Castled! by Steve Rescoe. Main reason being this level is possibly Steves last as a purveyor offreelevels since his recent appointment with Ion Storm. This map was created as part of the Demon King TC some time agobut still shows clearly Steves talent for creating totally immersive worlds. This level suffers badly from slowdown due to the immense detail of each area."
39658 CATACOMB.ZIP 545,2 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Catacombs by Mike Melzer. Beautifully executed and built. The monster mix is just difficult enough without being ridiculous, and enough ammo is provided so that you rarely have to resort to the axe.
39659 CDAWN2.ZIP 1,3 Mt 07.05.1997 - - -
Quake: CyberDawn TOTAL Conversion - version 2 (public alpha test) by Simitar. Play a robot destroying other robots. You get a rapid fire perforator-like weapon that can be modified to shoot any type of ammo. You have 500 health, and your weapons are also 5 times as powerful, but your enemies are 5 times as powerful too.
39660 CDESPAIR.ZIP 695,4 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Court Despair by Sonya Roberts. This fine map is set in a medieval mansion. The architecture is really nice, you will like the cozy living room and a beautiful chapel to name just a few things that catches eyes. The monster placement and flow is superb.
39661 CDESTROY.ZIP 711,3 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Destroy Base by Sonya Roberts. Sonya has really done a great job of representing the very essence of base styled maps with this thrilling new level. There are some fine examples of excellent architecture.
39662 CHASECAM.ZIP 9,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC: Chase camv2.2 * Bind a key to impulse 30 and press it to toggle between chase cam and normal view. Its a lot like Fade to Black.  Works as a single or multi-player patch."
39663 CHASEROC.ZIP 154,9 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
"Quake: - Chase Rocket v0.1 (by GamesNet) Chase cam v3.3(which isnt released yet) is built into this patch also. The main improvement of 3.3 is the targeter."
39664 CHURCH.ZIP 420,9 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Church by Anders Gustafsson. No secrets marked in this level, but there were a couple of places (notably by the super shotgun) that could have been hidden better and qualified. The theme and architecture blended perfectly and the monster/weapons placement was superb. Extensive water-ways, excellent lighting and shading, and climbing around in the rafters was just too cool.
39665 CLIMB.ZIP 156,1 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Climb by Glenn Ancheta. Intense ogre-killing action! Plenty of extra ammo and lots of stuff to kill makes this level a good workout and a really good time. No mind-shattering puzzles or secrets -- just plain, good old-fashioned killing.
39666 CLUSTER.ZIP 19,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Cluster, Use cluster launcher like grenade launcher, choose it and hit +attack
39667 COLONY.ZIP 399,3 kt 30.07.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Colony by Mark T. This level starts with the military-base theme. The base in this level has been done extremely well; it looks and feels like an abandoned base (complete with dim/flickering mood lighting) and it runs very smoothly throughout. The monsters are placed well for the most partbut in some areas i was able to dispatch them relatively easily. The lighting in the mines is gloomy and effectivebut youre not stumbling around in the dark."
39668 COMBAT.ZIP 817,5 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Quake Combat School by Ace. QCS is a great new idea by Ace - its a training course for SPQ combatwhere you hone your skills into those of a ruthless killing machine :) The idea of the contest is to get through the level with 100% kills and in the fastest time - the winner will be crowned SPQ Champion of the World and featured on mineCrashs and Lt Dans pages."
39669 COMMCTR.ZIP 1009,8 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Comm Center by Rick Troppman. Rick Troppmans Comm Center is an obvious homage to The Slipgate Complex. This level is inspired byrather than copied fromthe aforementioned map and it has the miracle ingredient - fun! Every type of monster is here but it all helps to make the gameplay fast and furiouswith plenty of secret passageways and room entrysjust like the original."
39671 COOP-PAK.ZIP 162,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC: Co-op Pack V1.0compilation of others patchs. This is made for single and co-op play(dont you people ever get tired of deathmatch?). Put together not to give an advantagebut a little wider choice of tools to use. * Flares * Flashlight * Throw backpack * Laser Gun replaces single shot shotgun. * Double-barrel shotgun ejects 1 shell * flame thrower"
39670 COOPMINE.ZIP 818,4 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Trouble Down T\'Pit by Tom Cleghorn. This level has been designed for cooperative play. It has been done in the "base" style overall, and you\'re exploring a small underground mining installation. This level is well-constructed and fast-playing overall with the exception of the area that you enter as you emerge from the first teleport; since the first main area consists of one long hallway (more or less), slowdown is inevitable.
39672 CORP2.ZIP 606,2 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Corporal Punishment II by Gyro Gearloose. This level has been sitting in the clutter of Gyros laboratory for some months nowso good job Dr Benway ragged him to clean up and this level was uncovered under the cobwebs :) Picking up where the original Corporal Punishment left offCorp II plunges you into a maze of tunnels and walkways populated by the evil Corporals - grunts with superpowerswho wield nailgunsgrenade and rocket launchersthanks to"
39673 CORPORAL.ZIP 1,1 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Corporal Punishment by Gyro Gearloose. Deep in the bowels of his secret laboratory, the evil Gyro Gearloose and his medical expert Dr Benway have been devising a diabolical deformed strain of grunt known as The Corporal. Corporals are able to shoot all of the weapons in your possesion and will kill you given (less than) half a chance :) This level is billed as a deathmatch level but is top fun in Single Player too. Gyro has developed new monster AI, textured the level
39674 CRCASTLE.ZIP 409,7 kt 08.10.1997 - - -
" CryptRs Castle - A Quake DeathMatch Level Medieval style castle surrounded by deep and deadly lava moat. Castle itself contains Kings LairMess HallHallwaysDungeonsCortyardTowers on each four corners. Nice architecture. Primarily designed for 2-10 players DeathMatch games. Author: Lari Muuriaisniemi"
39675 CRITTERS.ZIP 492,6 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Critters by Jim Lowell. The follow up to The House of Desolution, Jim Lowell\'s Critters level creates a new industrial high-tech landscape that looks fantastic. It plays great and introduces his new patented "jump-lifts"! Yes, bots can use jump lifts! DM/CO
39676 CRUCIBLE.ZIP 445,6 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Crucible by Gyro Gearloose. The architecture and design in this masterpiece are beyond compare. Plenty of room for running and gunning, with strategically-placed cramped spots you pretty much have to brute-force your way out of. Monsters are plentiful and well-placed, so that the action ceases only long enough for you to catch your breath.
39677 CRYO.ZIP 1,4 Mt 23.05.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Levels: Daredevils Descent & Cryogenic Crypt by Dan Koppel. Two really cool levels for use with Mission Pack #1. Daredevils Descent starts out fairly easy but soon gets right down to business with many different combat situations to contend with. The game flow is almost flawless. The architecture is very well done as well. Also the Cryogenic Crypt is a killer map!"
39679 CRYPT.ZIP 311,4 kt 05.04.1997 - quaddicted.com -
"Quake SP Level: The Black Crypt by Richard Carlson. A very gloomy and moody level; the theme is set immediately when you enter this level. Visibility is lowbut the lights have been placed wellso you never really feel like youre stumbling along in the dark."
39680 CSPIKE10.ZIP 131,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: cspike10.zip AUTHOR: Charlie Zimmerman DESCRIPTION: spikes now live on after they hit the walls.  Some of them deflect and bounce all over the place. Some stick in the walls for a time before falling to the ground and disappearing. Grenades throw out some spikes when they blow up. This thing is a riot. Try it.  Only the server needs run this.
39681 CTAGGUNS.ZIP 153,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: several new weapons which are accessable through the regular weapon selection buttons.
39682 CZTEX1.ZIP 288,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
CZ Quake Textures, Vol. 1 "Our first batch of custom textures to decorate your Quake levels. 14 mip textures include woods, marbles, tiles, and more.
39720 D-TOOLZ.ZIP 130,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: The Custom Backpack Dropper V1.0 By: Chris Sobotkiewicz
39684 DARKAGES.ZIP 416,4 kt 20.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Dark Ages by Juha Koiste is not the largest or most complex map, but it is well built and enjoyable to play. The map features nicely lit rooms and interesting medieval architecture as you fight your way up from the basement to the top of the castle. Nice map for Reapers, too! DM/SK
39686 DARKFST.ZIP 1,1 Mt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Dark Forest by Reichert. You start in a small house outside a castle, and proceed to wend your way through the dark forest. Attention to theme in this level is among the best ever seen; the forest is truly creepy (play track 7 on the Quake CD when you go through this level -- check the CD section for the .rc file that will help you do this) and feels like a forest...
39687 DARKNITE.ZIP 454,4 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Dark Night by Neil Manke. The first Quake level where the puzzles have been difficult to figure out. This level has a great use of thespecialsto create an environment that focuses on the thinking part of Quake. You even have to solve a mini- puzzle to get out of the first room."
39688 DARKQ.ZIP 122,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC 1.06 patch: "DarkQ". In this patch all the lights are removed and all you have to light your way is a torch. This adds a new edge to single-player games and can be lots of fun in multi-player as you can turn your torch off and lie in wait for your prey.
39690 DARTS.ZIP 124,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Explosive Darts
39689 DARTS06.ZIP 152,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Poison Dart Gun v0.6 - Adds a poison dart gun
39691 DAS_DM10.ZIP 178 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: DaScotts QuakeC DM Enhancements 1.0 Brings together some familiar QuakeC hacks and many new enhancements to make a total package. Features include alternate weapon modesmultiskin 1.1droppable backpacksdeathmatch 3observer modethe fiend pentagramand new teamplay with lots of new weapon modes."
39693 DAS_QDM1.ZIP 141,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"DaScotts Quake Deathmatch mods v1.0 This changes everything that needs to be changed for Quake deathmatch. Enhances Quake in a few key areas to help refine the deathmatch environment. This includes weapon modificationsnew weaponsserver (or console) changesrules changesand other cool stuff."
39695 DECREE.ZIP 555,7 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Devils Decree by Jim Ahara. This is one big sprawling mutha of a level with some great ideasfrom the church complete with pews to the catacombs full of zombies. Be warned though - this is one tough level for experts only. Thank God for God mode! -"
39696 DEMOCH2.ZIP 143,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Demo Charges v2
39697 DEPRAVIT.ZIP 838,8 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Church of Depravity by Alex Gingell. This is a preview for the Deaths Dominion level pack for Scourge of Armagon. You must have S.O.A. for it to work. This level is very well constructed with great architecture. The monster placement was astounding and there were challenges around every corner and some interesting traps to overcome."
39698 DESO.ZIP 374,2 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: House of Desolution by Jim Lowell. An oldie but goodie, House of Desolution was the first high quality SP map. It still stands up as a great example of level building with its moving boat and variety of traps. The final ogre walkway area is especially cool. DM/CO
39699 DESPAIR2.ZIP 452,5 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Liquid Despair by Steve Rescoe. Liquid Despair by Steve Rescoe is the closest thing to Descent youll get from a Quake map! The liquid theme is carried superbly throughout the level as you weave your way through alternate catacombs of water and dry landlosing all sense of direction in the process! A real puzzler :) DM/SK/CO"
39700 DETHCRCH.ZIP 535,4 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Death Church by Juha Koiste. Not a classic, but a nicely built, playable map from Juha Koiste. Death Church includes its own skill selection level and then transports you to the main map where you battle through various rooms of the church, progressing further with each button trigger. Boxy and a little linear, Death Church is still a fun map with nice atmospherics and well worth a look. DM/SK/CO
39702 DISCORD.ZIP 449,8 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Discordia by Creed. Discordia is a nice medium sized medieval styled map that will keep you on your toes. It has good combat situations with a lot of well placed monsters and the game flow was very smooth. You will be glad you found the three secrets that will really come in handy in the hard skill setting as it can become quite challenging in spots.
39703 DISGRACE.ZIP 412,4 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Base of Disgrace by Chris Williams. This level is another in the "base theme" mold, but it does stand out as having a base look that is not seen before, and which has been very well done. The architecture and detailing is consistent and believeable throughout, the level shows attention to theme, and flow and pacing have been done well. A fun level, and well worth the download.
39704 DISTURB.ZIP 419,8 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Disturbed by Marty. Another superbMetallevel by Martycreator of Horror Erotique. This level really does rank alongside ids own metal themed levels - expertly constructedgreat to look at with no slowdown whatsoever. This is a smallcompact level with well thought out gameplay and some great traps and is a blast with Reapers - watchem fry :) DM/SK/CO"
39705 DMBOT1.ZIP 175,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - DM Bot V1.00 23/8/96 Bot that attacks enemies in DM.
39706 DMCAM11.ZIP 148,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: DeathMatch Camera. Shows the intermission vie t players in it. Shows current scores as well h a bigscreen TV it can be used to show other  going on in the game.
39707 DMMDE321.ZIP 72,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Deathmatch Modes V3.21 By: Andrew Stefanski
39708 DMPACKM1.ZIP 113,6 kt 18.08.1997 - - -
DMPackM1.bsp: Pieni 2-4 pelaajan Deathmatch leveli. Testattu verkkopelissä ja BOTeilla.
39709 DMPLUS09.ZIP 135,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: DeathMatch PLUS PACK! v0.9 New Weapons Timed Bomb BFG TripWire. New Deathmatch Options IT TI Quake-TI Capture the Flag New Other Stuff Personal Teleporter Each new item/weapon can be toggled on or off.
39710 DOOM2_04.ZIP 232,7 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Focus by Swen Klemund. If the title of this level doesnt sound familiarthe file name should already have given it away... Yepthis is a strikingly well-done conversion of Doom 2 map 04 to Quake."
39712 DRAKOPF.ZIP 785,1 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Levels: Drakopf by Steve Rescoe. Two levelswhich are designed to be played in order. Drakopf starts quietly enough in an empty roomand the author gives you the super shotgun and a couple boxes of shells right away. Drakopf 2 starts by amoatof sortsand here the author gives us the head of some beast (a dragon?) to look at and be impressed by."
39714 DRASTIC.ZIP 1,6 Mt 06.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Drastic Falls by Mark Wheeler You start in a "treehouse" in a forest. Making your way through a small cave to end up behind a waterfall. This leads into a "dam" (for lack of a better term.) Along the way, you will find monsters, weapons, ammo, medkits, secrets, traps.
39713 DRASTICL.ZIP 4,4 Mt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Drastic Lodge by Mark Wheeler Ive gone on vacationhowever my butler says a new breed of creatures havevisitedwhile I was away. I havent heard from him lately so I fear the worst. I have hired an exterminator (you) to check things out and clean out the infestation of the lodge and surrounding grounds."
39715 DRONE03.ZIP 124 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Drone v.03  The rocket has been replaced by a spherical drone that will fly in straight lines bouncing off walls and occasionaly exploding on impact till it acquires a target.
39716 DROPDEAD.ZIP 461,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - DROP DEAD ADVANCED DEATHMATCH VARIATIONS FOR QUAKEv1.01 This is the first release of a set of alternative Quake source devised to make deathmatch and teamplay more enjoyable.
39717 DRUNKM3.ZIP 122,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Quake: Drunk Missilesare now at their BEST possible settings. 3 Missiles with a totally erratic path for each."
39718 DSPIRL11.ZIP 629,6 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Downward Spiral by Stan C. The Downward Spiral is the best SPQ map seen ever. The architecture is simply breathtakingthere are fantastic tricks and traps (check out those stalactites and the whirlpool) and the gameplay is superb. Its hard and exacting but you *need* to finish this level :) DM/SK/CO"
39719 DTHPCK1U.ZIP 2,1 Mt 30.07.1997 - - -
Quakeworld 32 player maps: Base32b.bsp and Death32c.bsp.
39721 EYESOCK.ZIP 527 kt 07.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Eye Socket by "Taskmaster" (Warren Marshall). This level features some absolutely great architecture, tending toward the larger end of the spectrum. There really isn\'t too much detailing, but what there is serves to accent the flow and clean overall design without compromising playing speed...
39723 FALL.ZIP 1,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Real Fall patch
39722 FALLTURN.ZIP 1,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Quake: Turning and twisting falls You will now turn and twist when you fall.  I dont have a clue as to how well this works; it may look and act horribly.  If you have any suggestions as to how to improve the twist and turn mechanismplease e-mail me.  Note that this patch will probably get a lot better once I recieve the registered version."
39724 FANE.ZIP 511,9 kt 18.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Fane of the Diabolist by Richard Dale Carlson. Starts off in a dark mini-canyon with broken ground, making it a bit hard to maneuver. The architectural style remains consistent. Flow and pacing are done well. This level includes some puzzles.
39725 FEIGN_V9.ZIP 21,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Feign Death 0.9 This bit of quakeC code allows you to feign death in a deathmatch, i.e. "play possum."  When you\'re down on the ground, you can\'t shoot, move, or jump. You can, however look around.  Warning, when you turn around, so does your "corpse," so you\'ll be easy to spot. When you go down, you shoot off an empty backpack , that contains a message to clue in your opponents. When you feel it\'s safe, you can get back up.
39726 FEMPLAYX.ZIP 14 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
Quake: - texture replacement for the female warrior text
39727 FLABOMB1.ZIP 187,3 kt 24.05.1997 - - tupla
Flabomb1.zip (187K) -Adds a new weapon. A bomb that kills everyone in a room after 5 sec.
39728 FLARE2.ZIP 121,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Quake Flares 2 * replaces the grenade launcher with a flare launcher.
39729 FLARES.ZIP 129,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Quake Flares 1.0 * gives you flares similar to the flares in Descent. These are spike- shaped flares that you shoot into a wall/ floor/ceiling to light up dark areas .
39730 FLASHLT2.ZIP 128,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - Flashlight Filename : flashlt2.zip, V2. Author   : Jeff Epler This patch allows you to use a flashlight.
39731 FLYER.ZIP 159,2 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Flyer by Phil Hammond. Dark and forbiddingthis level sports plenty of action considering its small size. It consists of one main roomand this room isapart from the lighted railingsvery dark. So dark in spotsin factthat the player can fall down into a spot where he cannot get out of."
39733 FOON.ZIP 469,6 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: From out of nowhere by J.F. Gustafsson. Originally this map was meant to be for Deathmatch only, but the author has cunningly added the single player aspect to it as well. You will find that this small, compact, medieval styled map packs a lot of punch for its size! It has a very good game flow and was challenging.
39734 FORBBASE.ZIP 394,3 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Forbidden Base by Juha Koiste. Another very small but beautifully built map. This map is very much in the Romero base mould with some nice architectural ideas and lightingbut would benefit from difficulty settings as its a little easy. Its small size and compact layout make it a great map for reapers. Ideal for a quick Single Play fix before breakfast :) DM/CO"
39735 FRAGROCK.ZIP 19,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Nail Rockets:
39736 FRBDBASE.ZIP 395,5 kt 15.02.1997 - - -
Level for Quake, made with Thred. Designed for single play/deathmatch. This map is really high quality level. Definitely worth to try!
39737 FRCASTL2.ZIP 364,3 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Fear Castle by Robert Carter. An old(ish) level by Robert CarterFear Castle is an excellent example of maintaining theme and architecture throughout a map. Not a true SP level due to itsopenroom patterns (the player can roam around the level at will and exit very easily) it is still excellent fun and a particularly good Reaper blast :) DM/CO"
39738 FREAK11.ZIP 147,5 kt 24.05.1997 - - tupla
Freak11.zip (147K) -A type of Bio-Weapon. Infect other players with Hemophilia by slashing them with the axe.
39739 FRENZY1C.ZIP 9,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: WEAPON FRENZY 1.0 * conglomeration of other peoples weapon mods."
39740 FRIEND4.ZIP 10,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Friend - monster who goes along with you and beats up on your enemies.
39741 HEADGUN.ZIP 226,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Quake: head gun. A gun that lets you throw the head gibs. You get the gun when you have the grenade launcherand the ammo is all the gibbed heads lying around."
39742 HEAL.ZIP 2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Leftover Health Patch
39743 HELLBASE.ZIP 550,1 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Hellbase by Roger Staines. This level starts off in a cage-like enclosure with a military theme. The architecture in this level is superb - playable, believable, consistent, and well thought-out. The monster placement is very well done both in numbers and difficulty.
39744 HELLCTLE.ZIP 709,3 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Hells Castle by Juha Koiste. A Medieval themed level that also moves into Wizard territoryit features great gameflow and some excellent detailed architecture throughout. Monsters are a bit thin on the ground but the map more than makes up for it with its pacing and traps. DM/SK/CO"
39747 HIVE.ZIP 838,4 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: HivePart One by Chris Mayers. An action packed journey into a strange combination of a military/medieval level (whicharchitecture-wiseowes a tip of the hat to ideas in Andrew Smiths Epoch Turning) which sees you wading knee deep in grunts to reach your objective of disabling the hive. Its a big map with some nice architecture and is fun to playwith a very high kill rate."
39748 HOMSTICK.ZIP 20,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Homing Sticky Missiles v0.9
39749 HOOK30B3.ZIP 238,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
Quake: Grappling Hook QuakeC Mod v3.0 beta 3 2.1.1997. This version of the grappling hook uses true swinging physics never seen before. It allows chain climbing and sliding. All this with undisturbed use of weapons during hook use.
39750 HORRID.ZIP 759,8 kt 18.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Horripalatia by Noel Weer. You must have SOA for this map to work. This metal map is richly detailed with many fine sites to see. The foe placement is very well done as you will find out from the very start when you fight for your life to get out of the start area.
39751 HOUSBOMB.ZIP 754,5 kt 30.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: House of Bombay by Dr. Gomez Inigo Bombay. This level is something weird. The architecture in this level has been done with an eye to visual aesthetics. The flow is acceptable, but the pacing is erratic.
39753 HOUSTRPS.ZIP 503,8 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: House of Traps by Scott McNutt. House of Traps has somewhat plain but ultimately realistic architecture. Lots of room for combat and plenty of action in this level.House of Trapsis appropriately namedtoo.."
39754 IAM1.ZIP 784,4 kt 30.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Myworld is Yourworld by Martin R. Goedtke. This level begins with you in a darkened courtyard, and two fiends have their backs to you. There is a plot to this level, and the architecture, lighting, and texture selection reflects this well.
39755 ICTRK101.ZIP 488,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Inner Circle Trinket V1.01 by Gary Griggs addon that provides a new powerup that has random effects. Some of these effects are good and some are downright evil.
39756 IDGLOBE.ZIP 128,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: IDGlobe.qc 1.0 This Quake-C mod adds an IFF-type feature. Usable in both single-player and net games, when toggled on, it will ID both monsters and other players.
39757 IKGUNS11.ZIP 392,6 kt 13.04.1997 - - -
"IKGUNS weapon patch version 1.1 for Quake. Contains two new weapons that dont replace any original weaponsand can be inserted into levels as entities. Also they have icons in status bar. This patch is very easy to use: it needs NO impulse commands!! By Iikka Keränen."
39758 IKSPQ1.ZIP 322,6 kt 15.09.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Before Nightfall (IKSPQ1) by Iikka Keränen. The level is a castlealbeit a small one. The goal from the outset is clear: get the gold key and return to the start position. Monster placement is good and heavyand youre given the weaponry to do the jobalong with just enough ammo... This is the revised versionwhich has no grayflash."
39759 IKSPQ2.ZIP 415,7 kt 18.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Temple of the Thousand-Faced Moon (IKSPQ2) by Iikka Keränen. The architecture for this level has been done in a distinctively-arabesque style, and all the textures used have been created by the author. Gameplay is linear and the flow is smooth, though some areas ran a bit choppily due to the amount of detail. This level is simply beautiful. Brilliantly done, and a must-download.
39760 IKSPQ3.ZIP 444,6 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Halls of the Shambler God by Iikka Keränen. This level is a stunner! Boasting some of the best architecture seen in a Quake levelIikka wasnt satisfied with ids textures so he made his own to match his levels atmosphere - and superb they are too with none of the awful pixellation seen in a lot of user-textures. The level is a cathedral-type theme with vaulted ceilings - a perfect hunting ground for scrags - and is toughbut severely playable."
39761 IKSPQ4.ZIP 522,2 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Homecoming by Iikka Keranen. It has to be said - Iikka makes the most beautiful maps the world has ever known :) This map is the fourth in the ikspq series of levels and its even more stunning than the previous maps. The architecture is breathtaking and is highlighted by the fact that all the textures are custom created by Iikka to an incredibly high standard. The build quality of the level is unsurpassed - there is NONE texture misaligments. This map"
39762 IKSTART.ZIP 277,7 kt 30.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Welcome to IKSPQ by Iikka Keränen. This is the start level for IKSPQ- series - not requiredbut recommended. This start level is a smallopen castle-like structure; since its a skill-setting levelthere are no monstersbut this level should be fun in deathmatch due to the openness and connectivity."
39763 IMPULIST.ZIP 1,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Standard Issue Impulse Lister A Server Utility by TigerShark
39765 IRONWLVT.ZIP 737,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: A lot of patches together.
39766 JANITOR1.ZIP 468,4 kt 23.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Outpost by Neil Manke. The flow is somewhat linear. The ammo and monster mix has been finely balanced. Thematically, this level is absolutely marvelous; it feels like some sort of haunted mini-castle.
39767 JAWBREAK.ZIP 924,1 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Jawbreaker by Matt Sefton. Jawbreaker is the new military base level by Matt Sefton. Inspired by the base levels from Scourge of Armagon and some of the Quake 2 screenshots, and intended as a (semi) sequel to The Underworld, Jawbreaker is a sprawling base environment featuring cool traps, lotsa nice architecture and a very high monster count - 111 on hard :)
39769 JFIEND11.ZIP 111,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"The Fiends Pentagram v1.1 * modification to original Quake 1.01 QuakeC code. This modification changes the Pentagram of Protection into the Fiends Pentagram. Picking up the Pentagram will change you into a Fiend!  Your new"
39770 JMIX.ZIP 140,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Fall.zip, Spredgun.zip and Chasecam.zip converted to one pak file. By Jussi Siwonen
39771 JSQCMOD1.ZIP 16 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: JSQCMOD1, enhanced teamplay, new weapons electro axe, cluster-bouncy- proximity grenades
39772 JTEAM092.ZIP 47,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: the Complete Enhanced Teamplay V0.92
39773 JTKMAP6.ZIP 1,1 Mt 22.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Area 51 by Juha Koiste. Juha has been gradually improving the quality of his maps release by release! Area 51 (the title seems to have no bearing on the level, btw) starts you off in a typically runic environment, leading through lava chambers filled with scrags and ogres to a chapel with a great vaulted ceiling. After negotiating those obstacles, the level takes a twist as you enter a huge storeroom full of crates, grunts and enforcers. After scaling the
39774 KEYMIX15.ZIP 781,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: *** KeyMix 1.5 *** cool variety on the standard deathmatch games, and hopefully add some more strategy to the game.
39775 KEYQUEST.ZIP 733,4 kt 16.06.1997 - - -
Quake: KeyQuest Level Here is the first of many FREE levels! Another SHRAK exclusive! © copyright 1997 quantum axcess
39776 KICKING2.ZIP 15,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Kicking This patch lets the players kick any moveable thing around.
39777 KOULU.ZIP 578,3 kt 16.10.1997 - - -
Quake level for CTF and deathmatch play 8 starting points for both CTF teams
39778 KSM.ZIP 691,5 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: King Solomons Mines by Ace. Strategy is awarded in this level; in some placesyou are able to kill monsters that you would not have otherwise encountered until much later in the leveland in othersyou are given ledges and other out-of-the-way places to attack monsters that cannot reach you."
39779 LASERTAG.ZIP 2,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Laser tag, allows players to be damaged as in a laser tag game.
39780 LAVAGUN.ZIP 18,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Lava Gun * Kinda like the plasma gun from Doom - Rapidly shoots lava, taking a cell for each ball which eventually splashes spectacularly.
39782 LAZSIGHT.ZIP 261 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
Quake: Laser Sight 1.0 By Scott Ramsay. Quake C patch that adds a laser sight to all Quake Weapons
39783 LDG.ZIP 127,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: This file does 3 things: -More back kick when firing off the grenade launcher and rocket launcher -No pixelated explosions -Long Distance Grenades! by sirus@aimnet.com
39784 LEGACYI.ZIP 434,3 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Insurrection, Part I by Chris Mayers. This level is architecturally unornamented, yet the lighting and flow are both superb. Plenty of action here for those that like a lot of extended combat. The theme is carried out wonderfully; this is another level that feels like a real place.
39785 LOSTWRLD.ZIP 861,3 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Lost World by Matt Sefton The slipgate has led you to a hallowed templecarved into the rock of a long forgotten world. Once a place of worshipthe temple has been overrun and ransacked by Quakes evil minions. As if to pour further scorn on the attempts of your fellow soldiers to reclaim this holy placethey have buried the bodies of your friends in pagan graves. You must avenge the death of your brothers and rid this land of pain and hate forever..."
39786 MACHSHOT.ZIP 122 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
39787 MAELSTRM.ZIP 2,9 Mt 18.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Levels: Maelstrom by Stephen Parker. This archive contains three and a half levels in a .pak file, along with a start level. These maps have been done in the medieval theme and, on the whole, they are well built, fast running, and interesting. The structures are on the large side of the scale but, with a few notable exceptions, they run smoothly and quickly throughout. The flow in them is semi-linear, with keys
39788 MARKSWAD.ZIP 425,3 kt 16.06.1997 - - -
Quake: - markswad.zip 85 new textures for Quake! Some are original (from photo scans) and hand drawn. Others are taken from webpage background archive sites.
39789 MARS1.ZIP 1,1 Mt 22.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Mars1 by Jean-Marc Gruninger You will need Scourge of Armagon to play this very large and intense base style map. The author has made this level especially for glquake and it ran really fine on my Monster 3d card. Jean-Marc has also done a fine job of with his architecture, game flow and placement of foes. The only thing that would have made this level better is if he would have had more than just one difficulty setting, but he did a fine job on the one
39790 MARTIM6.ZIP 894,6 kt 23.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Lucifer\'s Path by Tim van Hal and Marco van Schriek. This level is actually three mini-levels in one -- you\'re required to conquer three "missions" before the exit is revealed. Great architecture -- functional and fast-running -- is seen throughout this level, with good proportions and variety.
39791 MAYARD.ZIP 1,8 Mt 23.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Sir Mayard and the Mountain by David Jewsbury. There are two levels in this archive -- MAYARD and MAYARD2. These levels come with a story, and the story is given to you through the use of pop-up messages. Flow is good and pacing is excellent.
39793 MDLVW_01.ZIP 54,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: MDLVIEW v.0.1 Small program to view the "Aliasses", monsters, players, and other things.
39794 MDLVW2.ZIP 44,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: mdlview version 2.00 Allows the viewing of textured .mdl models.
39795 MECH2FXD.ZIP 1,7 Mt 24.04.1997 - - -
"QuakeC: MechWAR2 - The Humans Strike Back. V2.0 BUGFIXED! By Lando (aka Conan) and bugfix released by Piramida. If you come across quakepower or the punceagram of protection you get transformed into a mech and go kick some ass. The mech has 4 armaments: the LB-X Autocannona light PPC plasma cannontwin SRM-2 rocket launchersand the almighty ER Pulse Laser."
39796 METRO.ZIP 861,2 kt 22.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Hive, Part II (Metro) by Chris Mayers. This level, as you might be able to guess from the title, has been done in a subway station theme. The architecture and texturing have been done extremely well -- some new textures have been added to further the theme, and they blend in perfectly. The immersiveness of this level is greatly enhanced by this. Structures are well proportioned, the layout of the level makes sense, and as you roam around the fairly-
39800 MEXX.ZIP 659,9 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Levels: The Entrance & The Sanctum by Marcus Dromowicz. MEXX1 (The Entrance) is a water-based level. Over 80% of the total area of this level is underwater. MEXX2 (The Sanctum) is dark, gloomy, and oppressive. There is lighting, but it is dim and well- placed.
39797 MEXX3.ZIP 522,6 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Chthons Castle by Marcus Dromowicz. More gloom in this one. This level is much more densely populated than the previous level (111 monsters on Hard)and it shows. The secrets are markedbut very subtly. Ammo is very balanced in regards to both quantity and type."
39798 MEXX4.ZIP 488,6 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Nurgles Vault by Marcus Dromowicz. The central multi-level open stairway in the courtyard just outside the firstdoorhas some of the most furious and extended combat. Great level."
39799 MEXX5.ZIP 579,5 kt 05.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Terror of Tzeentch by Marcus Dromowicz. This is another dimly-lit and frighteningly-atmospheric level. The entire level is difficult, but not impossible to conquer, and the combat in here is among the best. The architecture is uniformly excellent both in playability and design.
39801 MULTIW.ZIP 327,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Multiweapon Mod By Dr.Rigormortis changes the weapon you see on your opponent according to what they are using.
39802 MUNGO.ZIP 1,3 Mt 18.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Power Plant by Bryan L. This level has been done in the military base style, using a particular theme (a power plant) that has been extremely well done. The architecture and texturing is mostly convincing (the huge red symbol on the wall in the slime room being the only exception) and is immersive in the extreme. Some texture misalignments were noted, however. The detailing present in this level is subtle, yet effective, adding to the overall feel.
39803 MUNY01.ZIP 32,1 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
MunY 01 muny01.bsp  By Eric Sambach & Mark Hornery. Quake Deathmatch level, This is a small and fast paced map, best with 2 or 3 players.
39804 MUNY02.ZIP 41,7 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
MunY 02  muny02.bsp  By Eric Sambach. Quake Deathmatch level, This is a smallish and fast paced map, best with 4 or more players.
39805 MUNY04.ZIP 116,9 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
MunY 04  muny04.bsp  By Eric Sambach. Quake Deathmatch level, This is a medium sized map, best 4 or more players.
39806 MUNY05.ZIP 68,5 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
MunY 05  muny05 .bsp  By Eric Sambach. Quake Deathmatch level, This is a medium sized map, best 4 or more players.
39807 MUNY06.ZIP 94,4 kt 29.05.1997 - - -
MunY 06  muny06.bsp  By Eric Sambach. Quake Deathmatch level, This is a medium sized map, best with 2-10 players.
39808 MUSEUM.ZIP 596,1 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Museum by Steve Rescoe. The architecture for this level is marvelous; its exactly how a museum would lookif it were situated in hell and populated by demons. Some really interestingartworkon the walls and quite a lot of very good and very intense combat in this one."
39809 MYBOT13A.ZIP 265,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Mybot 1.3a, tmbot qc modified to shoot grenades at zombies.
39810 MYKD1.ZIP 923,8 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Mykd1 by Mike Drummond. The author has very carefully filled this map with a lot of detail yet it didnt slow down. The architecture is real nice in most areas. This level absolutely rocks from start to finish! It will make a great CTF map as well."
39811 NAVYBASE.ZIP 506,7 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Navy Base by Gary Marshall (Zedek). Starts with you on a dock next to the ship you just got off of. Lots of opportunities to jump and climb on stuffand theres plenty of swimmingtoo. The presence of some of the non-military-base monsters early on is a bit strange."
39812 NCC1701D.ZIP 1,5 Mt 30.04.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com -
Quake Level: USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D by Andrew Wyllie. This is a recreation of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation! It utilises custom Quake-C code to provide turbolifts, Captains log entries and healing facilities in Sickbay.
39813 NCROSEUM.ZIP 377,6 kt 23.05.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Necroseum by Noel Weer. This level is shorttightand fast. Its pretty cramped in most areasmaking for some hard fighting (because you really dont have anywhere to dodge)."
39814 NETWORLD.ZIP 614,4 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: The Netherworld by Dave Kelvin. This level has been done in the "metal" theme, and is very very strongly reminiscent of E1M6; in fact, this level could very easily replace E1M6 and you\'d probably not notice the difference. The architecture is simply gorgeous; all the structures fit into the theme, playing areas are varied in size (though most run to the smaller end of the scale), and the author has used the three-dimensionality of Quake very
39815 NEWOLD.ZIP 5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Shub Niggurath\'s Soul Sphere v1.0 by Chris Johnson This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY mod that makes the notorious map "end" exitable (which it normally is not in deathmatch).
39816 NEWWEAP.ZIP 25,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Smart Weapon Patch v1.00 by SoniC
39817 NITEMARE.ZIP 599,5 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Nitemare by ViolentJ (Jeff Farris). This base type is the authors first Quake map. This Killer Map is very challenging and fun. The game flow is pretty good and the monster placement was excellent. You will find that there are not too many monsters but they are placed in very strategic places making your player skills very important for your survival.
39819 OAK081.ZIP 1004,9 kt 06.05.1997 - - -
OAK Quake bot v0.81.
39820 OBIWAN.ZIP 558,8 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Prepare for Hell by Obi-Wan. Prepare for Hell is a visual feast - great architecture, a labyrinth of different areas to explore, some really cool level tricks and cruel but fair monster and weapon placement. Flaws? - you battle so hard to get the silver key, then the gold is handed to you on a plate (well, an altar...). DM
39821 PLAUNCH.ZIP 122,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Human Launcher by Michael Gargiulo- -grenade launcher to shoot full sized clones of you! -The bodies come tumbling out like rag dolls(filled with chunky tomatoes). -I added "Appropriate" sound effects.... -The damage radius of the "human chunks" is higher than the grenade.
39822 PLAYER.ZIP 559,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: The Severed Player Patch v1.0 FINAL! By Vengence of The Lone Gunmen. Yes, it has arrived, "Severed - the new Player MDL". You can now run around in deathmatch, and blow/ cut off other Quaker\'s arms, legs and Heads.
39823 PLUMBER.ZIP 779,2 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Call a Plumber by Gyro Gearloose Another Gyro Gearloose creationPlumber introduces 2 new monsters -Snakemanby Tan Sian Yue andSpiderby Ken Turner. These monsters turn an OK level into an awesome experience. The attention to detail on the models is tremendous. DM/SK/CO/NM"
39824 PLUSGREN.ZIP 142,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: PLUSGrenade, Quake grenade enhancements V1.0 Adds a new grenade that launches a selectable number of exploding lava balls and a proximity grenade.
39825 PMGUNS.ZIP 136,8 kt 07.05.1997 - - -
"QuakeC: PM Guns v1.0. 7 new gunsincluding charge missilesdoom shotgundragons breathchaingunpoison gas rocketsmind gas rockets and buster cannon."
39826 POLYGON2.ZIP 735,3 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Polygon  by Rick Lipsey. This is a base-style level, and it is very large... only Suicide Staccato matches this one in size for the base-level theme.
39827 PPRPLN13.ZIP 144,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: Paper Airplane v1.3.1 by Jim Thoenen. As QuakeGuy prepares to embark upon his journey into Quake, he discovers that he has mysteriously come upon an endless supply of clean white paper. Being the total stud that he is, he has the ability to fold pieces of paper into little airplanes in less than a half of a second.
39828 PREY2.ZIP 632 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Prey2 by Marty. This level takes place in a ex-mining facility full of very well placed foes. He did an outstanding job of getting details put into this map without slowing down the game play. He also did an excellent job with the game flow of this map as it is very smooth from start to finish!
39829 PRISON2.ZIP 452,3 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Prison by Anders Gustavsson. Prison is a well built medieval level featuring some nice architecture, such as the waterwheel. Every area of the map is fully accessible and should be great for deathmatch too. After the plethora of rock hard levels lately, Prison is an easy ride for those of you lacking leet Quake skills :) DM
39830 PRODIGYS.ZIP 4,3 Mt 11.05.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Levels: Prodigy Special Edition - a quake adventure. Includes all the four (one new!) Prodigyslinked to each other. The basic story is that youre a mercenary searching for a collection of golden keys. All you know is that there is one per area and that the inhabitants will fiercely protect their territory."
39831 PROJ1_06.ZIP 573,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: QUAKE Project1 v 0.6 test Several QuakeC patches in one.
39832 PROXMIN1.ZIP 128,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Proxmin1.zip (128K) -Rocket launcher becomes proximity mine launcher
39833 PROXMIN2.ZIP 7,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC: Proximity MinesThrow n-tropys shit out the window! This is the real thing! Just pressMand a mine is laid. 3 seconds laterits armed and dangerous."
39834 PSYCHOC2.ZIP 166,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: PsychoC V2 release 2 of the quakec code run server PsychoServer
39835 PUNISH12.ZIP 140 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Punishment Filename : punish.zip Version  : 1.21 Date     : 96/8/19 Author   : Robert DeFilippo III Quake C  : yes Sound : no MDL      : no Changes weapons.
39836 PURG3.ZIP 856,1 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Reconstruction by Bryan Pillow. This level begins as a "base-themed" level and contains a very smooth transition to the medieval theme. The base section is built very well, though it does run a bit slowly through the first long hallway. Architecture and lighting is extremely well done throughout this level, though the detail is a little on the light side.
39837 PURGATOR.ZIP 719 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Enter Purgatory by Bryan Pillow. Enter Purgatory has a start map in which you have to kill a monster to start a skill. The harder the skill the tougher the monster! It then leads you to Purgatory a dismal place full of Quakes minions just waiting to kill you! The game flow of this level was very good and the lighting effect of the cross is nice.
39838 PWRNFURY.ZIP 479 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
Quake BSP: Power and Fury pwrnfury.bsp - Guy Shelton - deathmatch
39839 PYRAMID.ZIP 482,2 kt 06.04.1997 väärä koko quaddicted.com eritupla
Quake SP Level: Pyramid by Ted Stahl. This map is in ancient times. Many new textures and excellent layout are both present in this map, plus there are a few puzzles and surprised in store for you!
39840 PYRO2.ZIP 740,1 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Pyro 2 - A Smash of Three by Dean Scott. Although it has misaligned textures (doors), it still is a good map. The map displays some interesting and different architectural ideas, some nice new textures and the gameflow works well. It could do with difficulty settings and a few more monsters as it *is* a little easy, but all in all, a fun blast! DM
39841 QAGONY.ZIP 312,8 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
Quake BSP: ABODE OF AGONY agony.bsp - Kevin Haley - Single Player / Cooperative
39842 QAKULA4.ZIP 602,6 kt 28.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Ruins of Athelstan by Timothy R. Jervis. You are in the ruins. These ruins really do look and feel like ruins. This will be a part of the Wheel of Time Total Conversion.
39843 QARCH.ZIP 104,6 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
Quake: - Stats:  LlamaTekk Platforms
39845 QBUGWAR.ZIP 926,2 kt 16.06.1997 - - -
"Quake SHRAK: The BUGWAR Client Here is a little taste of what you have been missing! BUGWAR takes you to the next level in deathmatch play! You BECOME a LightSear or a Gorok. Get busy in a whole new way! This is so cool that you dont even need to buy SHRAK to do it!Course if you already have SHRAK then you dont need it plus you get more than just a little taste!"
39846 QCEJECT.ZIP 125,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: EJECT! by Steve Bond * makes the Shotgun and Double Barrel Shotgun eject shell casings (VERY cool.)
39847 QCHEAT.ZIP 122,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Qcheat.zip (122K) -Adds new cheat codes. -impulse 12-Limited Gimmie -impulse 13-Silver Key -impulse 14-Gold Key -impulse 252-Pentagram of Protection -impulse 253-Ring of Invisibility -impulse 254-Biosuit
39849 QCOMST.ZIP 263,1 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
Quake: Challenge of the Masters BSP Small but tight Deathmatch level for Quake.
39850 QCONSOLE.ZIP 20,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake Console Commands OVER 250!! - Zorlim
39851 QCORPSES.ZIP 122,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Corpses!, details how to get Shotguns running on your system and what to do if you have problems. Corpses now stick around for one minute. Then, corpses gib and the heads go flying.
39853 QCUJO13.ZIP 402,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: - CUJO patch V1.3 gives you a great personal attack dog named Cujo. It will follow you around, seek out your enemies, and attack them.
39854 QDARK.ZIP 397,7 kt 16.06.1997 - - -
"Quake: Dark Hell - Back by popular demand its ANOTHER free level! Dark Hell awaits you! As usual you can play it with SHRAKQuakeMission Packs... © copyright 1997 quantum axcess"
39855 QDM4.ZIP 158,8 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
Quake BSP:DM4 map for Eliminator Bot Author : Eric Spry
39856 QDM7.ZIP 262,8 kt 15.09.1997 - - -
Quake: Acropho ia. Seven deathmatch specific levels.
39857 QDRAGON.ZIP 310,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: The Quake Dragon! v1.02 by Lone Gunmen. Dragon flies around, is fire resistant, and will burn you alive.  If the Quake Dragon hits you, you start to burn.. and you need something wet to put it out. Anything wet - water, slime or even lava.. :) http:/www2.eis.net.au/~lcullen/tlg/
39858 QDUNGEN.ZIP 436,2 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
"Quake BSP: HellKeepeRs DungeoN dungeon.bsp - Deathmatch - It has a ancient temple and other nice looking stuff in it. My clanthe FalleN AngelS think it is pretty cool."
39860 QFLAG.ZIP 319,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Quake Capture the Flag Team match Quake map featuring QuakeC coding by Gary Griggs. Capture the Flag is a map where kiling your enemies is not your goal. To score points, you and your teammates must capture your flag from the enemy base and return to your home base alive with the flag.
39861 QFLOOD.ZIP 305,9 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
Quake: - Floodland - a Deathmatch only Quake MAP
39863 QGORE.ZIP 122,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Quake gore v1.0
39864 QGRIDLCK.ZIP 149,2 kt 28.08.1997 - - -
"Quake: - Gridlock Radical deatmatch level-takes place on a system of grids. The are one on anotherat different anglesin a large retangular horizontal prism. All players start on the topthere are tons of deathmatch starts there (16) and you have to jump down to get to other grids. Be careful and not fall ALL the way downor youll perish in the lava below. There are many wind tunnels aboutone connecting each grid to the nextso you may want to pratice in"
39865 QHACK-PC.ZIP 12,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake hack-thingy. It opens the ID1.PAK file and it will allow you to save the entries.
39866 QHOLIO.ZIP 253,3 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
"Quake: - Scarys Quakeholio... Source Included"
39868 QJOE19.ZIP 122,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: QJoe v.1.9 by: Joe Sola with help+ideas from:      Tom Shallon Features: Killer Heads!!!
39870 QLEV3.ZIP 1,2 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
Quake levels: 5150, RUNWAYS, TEF_AOP
39871 QLEV4.ZIP 1,2 Mt 26.05.1997 - - -
Quake BSPs: * Giggler 4 (Giggler4.bsp) Fairly large deathmatch map made for the +deathmatch 2 setting. * Marsbase (marsbase.bsp) GREAT deathmatch level for 6+ players
39872 QLEVEL.ARJ 3,4 Mt 21.04.1997 - - -
Quakeworld TF ja CTF leveleitä
39874 QLEVS7.ZIP 2 Mt 22.05.1997 - - -
39875 QLVS_B&F.ZIP 134 kt 16.06.1997 - - -
Quake Deathmatch levels: Bazooga,Forest
39876 QNITEMS.ZIP 28,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: QUAKE NEW ITEMS QNITEMS.ZIP power-up manager allowing the use of an item(s) at a time, later then when you actually need that item.
39880 QPLUS11.ZIP 249,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake Plus 1.1 Filename : QPlus11.zip Version  : 1.10 Date     : 25.8.96 Author   : Werner Spahl Quake C  : yes combination of different Quake enhancements making the game more realistic by utilizing a "use" key to activate, get or drop! Lots of other features are included, with only few impulse keys needed to access them. While too powerful weapons and powerups are avoided, a reasonable teammode is set up  without using special console commands.  Altogether a much
39881 QPLUS13.ZIP 256,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
* Quake Plus 1.3 * combination of different Quake enhancements making the game more realistic by utilizing a "use" key to activate, get or drop! Lots of other features are included, with only few impulse keys needed to access them. While too powerful weapons and powerups are avoided, a reasonable teammode is set up without using special console commands.
39882 QPOWER.ZIP 124,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: More Power! QuakeC Modification. Adds some major kick to the Grenade Launcher, Super Nailgun, and Single and Double Barrel Shotguns.
39883 QSLFD.ZIP 6,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: SelfDestruct V1.0 by whitetrash, allows players the option of blowing themselves up in the face of opposition
39884 QTAG.ZIP 547,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Quake Tag, Team match Quake map featuring QuakeC coding by Gary Griggs. Qtag is a quake map designed exclusively for team play with a minimum of 4 players. (2 teams) The objective is NOT to kill your opponents, but to score points by picking up the Scoring Object.
39886 QTWNDR.ZIP 308,2 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
Quake: Twin Dragons BSP Deathmatch level that consists of two courtyards, both four stories high.
39887 QTWW.ZIP 538,5 kt 16.06.1997 - - -
Quake SHRAK:The Warfare Warehouse Once more for your gaming pleasure we have a FREE LEVEL! Fully compatible with SHRAK, original Quake, and the Hipnotic add on! © copyright 1997 quantum axcess
39888 QUA-DART.ZIP 79,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Darth Vader Replacement for the knight.mdl file that makes the knight look like Darth Vader, complete with light saber!
39889 QUAD_SW.ZIP 28,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: You can switch Quad power ON/OFF. You can add Quad power time.
39890 QUADUKE.ZIP 307,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"AquaDuke" = A Quakework Duke Change Quake soldier to Duke Nukem.
39891 QUAHPPY.ZIP 11,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - replacement for the scrag that makes him/her a Happy Face!
39894 QUAKER.ZIP 58,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - Insane Quaker skin texture.
39895 QUAKGORE.ZIP 122,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: Quake gore v1.0 by Mamos.
39896 QUALIAS.ZIP 2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Alias.cfg v3.0 by Guardian New aliases for Quake.
39897 QUALIEN.ZIP 60,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
* Alien for Quake - just a taste * Version 1.1 * J Diamond
39898 QUAUTFIR.ZIP 617 tavua 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - Autofire on/off alias By Guardian aka CORNHOLIO
39899 QUBATMAN.ZIP 102,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake - Batman (player replacement model) .mdl replacement for the default player.mdl
39900 QUDECOY.ZIP 124,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: DECOY PATCH for Quake V1.01. Hologram patch, like in duke3d, with remote camera built in + the capability to detonate it when another play gets to close!!!
39901 QVIOLENC.ZIP 122,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: Excessive Violence v1.0 by Neil Klopfenstein. The excessive violence patch is a way to add, well, excessive violence to Quake. And by excessive i mean more excessive than quake already has.. :)
39902 QVNYRD.ZIP 546,1 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
Quake: - The Vineyard Info S/./D  New -/-/./././- (by GamesNet) No use fighting over crushed grapes (well maybe there is a reason ... ). The level was designed as a deathmatch level (3-8 I guess). Not much gloom & doom here mostly bright textures. .
39903 QW32_11.ZIP 4,7 Mt 18.08.1997 - - -
The QuakeWorld 32 Player PAK v1.1 by Kevin Foster (Riveen). 6 great DM maps for Quakeworld and 32 players.
39904 QWIZ12.ZIP 16,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: QUAKE WIZARDS V1.2allows your player to cast D&D spells and such."
39905 QWIZLR.ZIP 456,2 kt 13.05.1997 - - -
"Quake: - The Wizards Lair Info ./-/D  New -/-/./././- (by GamesNet) medium sized deathmatch levelwith lots of cool architecture"
39911 RA.ZIP 755,7 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Ra by Jussi Tuononen. Unlike the name would suggest, this level isn\'t an homage to the Egyptian god of the sun. it\'s a very non-linear level, done in a "natural" (yet not medieval) setting, so you\'ll have to do quite a bit of searching and exploring to find everything you need. The architecture has been done well and is varied in both dimensions and flow. The transitions from one style to another were a bit abrupt in places, however. Combat is good, if a bit on the
39906 RACNAB20.ZIP 146,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: RACNAB v2.0 _RA_dio _C_ontrol _NA_il _B_omb.
39908 RADAR.ZIP 6,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Radar 1.0 signals vicinity of enemy with dark sound. If the enemy is near frequency of beeps become short.
39907 RADAR0_5.ZIP 7,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Quake: Radar Filename : Radar0_5.zip Version : 0.5 Author   : Nick Wilson aka NiCkMaN Quake C  : yes the radar will search for enemies that you cant see. That includes invisible playersenemies behind wallsor out of your line of sight.  Uses 5 cells per use."
39909 RAIN.ZIP 220 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: Rain 1.0 by QuakeX. This patch will give you a nice rainstorm in your maps. :)
39910 RAPFIRE2.ZIP 177,9 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
"Quake: Rapid fire shotgun II. This weapon is for those players who are getting their butts kicked and they just cant take it anymore. This weapon is an improvement over the first Rapid Fire Shotgun. This model has a muzzle flash and also ejects shells.  This weapon has all new modelssounds and modified qc code."
39912 REAPER81.ZIP 161,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QUAKE "Reaper Bots" QC Patch v0.81" (IBM/VGA) Reaper Bots eliminate the need for human deathmatch opponents. They are computer controlled adversaries that fight with you (in team play) or against you in deathmatch games, and they actually learn the level as they play! You can have a deathmatch without having any human opponents! Many bug fixes and improvements since the previous version; now there\'s much better AI, improved game play, and the bots can communicate. Created
39913 RELARMOR.ZIP 129,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Realistic Armor by Reptilian * makes the armor more realistic. while wearing this armor, you will take damage based on the percentage of armor you have left.
39914 RELWEP13.ZIP 205,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Realistic Weapons Filename : relwep13.zip Version  : 1.3 Date     : 96/08/22 Author   : Cameron Newham (W_Australia) Quake C  : yes * Server help and predefined aliases * Makes the weapons unreliable * Recoil on all weapons except lightning gun * Spikes, rockets & grenades slow down while in water * Rockets leave a bubble trail in water * Spikes, rockets, grenades and backpacks can travel through teleporters * Rockets and armour add weight
39915 REQ_SE2.ZIP 1,1 Mt 30.05.1997 - - -
"Quake Requiem Special Editionbugfix2ed. This patch is designed to enhance Quake and its playability as both a single player and multi-player game. This patch was designed to run in Multi-Player (deathmatch) modeeither against other deathmatch players or against the computer controlled roBOTsor regular Single-Player mode against the usual Quake monsters."
39916 RES.ZIP 775,4 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Insurrectionpart IV by Chris Mayers. Combat is frequent and plentifulbut not overwhelming or sadistic. The architecture is great in most placesand in the others its simply wonderful. some slowdown is presentthough.."
39917 RETTEAR.ZIP 812,8 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Retinal Tear by Taskmaster (Warren Marshall). This setting for this Killer Map is in a large castle full of danger. This level is a real challenge at the higher skill levels and it is tons of fun too! The architecture was very nice as was placement of monsters. The different combat situations were mixed and superb. There are a lot of wide open places in this map that makes it perfect for deathmatch. This is a level that you are sure to enjoy!
39918 RICOCHET.ZIP 1,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Ricocheting projectiles * Bullets now ricochet off of walls.
39919 RIT.ZIP 680,7 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Escape the Base... by Chris Burgess. This level has been done in the base style, and for the most part has been done well. Architecture has been done well, with most of the structures and play areas being on the smaller side, though the texture choices are a bit odd in places and are misaligned in others.
39920 ROADKILL.ZIP 248 kt 05.03.1997 - - -
Quake:Deathmach kenttä Quakeen 4 taloa ja puisto. By:Pekka Nykänen ja Kimmo Koivisto
39921 ROCKETL.ZIP 165,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: RocketLauncher Version .01
39922 ROCKETZ.ZIP 116,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Rocketz-DM ver .2 level This is a conversion of a old Doom2 DM level we did for our local DOOM Tourney. It was one of the most popular. Single Player           : No Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No Deathmatch 2-6 Player   : Yes Deathmatch 6+ Player    : Yes
39923 ROYALWAR.ZIP 458,6 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Royal Warriors by Scott McNutt. Royal Warriors by Scott McNutt starts with a cool skill selection level called Enter the Dragon. From there you are taken to a seemingly simple room with 4 floor levels. To get to the top you must battle your way through a series of puzzles and monsters - a very simple idea executed very well and a lot of fun to play. DM/SK/CO
39925 SACRIFCE.ZIP 170,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: Sacrifice-O-Head. This enables you to sacrifice the heads of your enemies to your favorite deity, who then rewards you with a gift.
39926 SADLARK5.ZIP 979,6 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Palace of Sadlark by Jonas N.P. Lindstrom. This map is in a medieval setting with just a touch of metal. The architecture in it is very well constructed and was wonderfully detailed thru out its entirety. This map kicks ass on more than one occasion with its many extremely well placed monsters... (ouch!!!) There are even a few very deadly traps in this level just to keep you on your guard as well as a couple of puzzles to pass your time."
39927 SADLARK6.ZIP 970,8 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: The sacrifice of flesh by Jonas N.P. Lindstrom. This is number 6 in the sadlark series. This mostly metal map is full of surprises and will keep you on your toes all the way thru. The author did an excellent job of sticking with the theme of the level. The architecture and the game flow is nearly perfect.
39928 SANCT.ZIP 857,8 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Insurrection, Part III by Chris Mayers. This level sports the true-to- form architecture and lighting that are shown in the other three "Insurrection" levels. Plenty of maneuvering area and lots of combat.
39929 SBLUE.ZIP 425,7 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Sadistic Blue by YooShin Yang. This level has been done in mostly blue metal and stone textures. This is an extremely fast-paced and intricate levelwith play areas usually featuring smalltightand cramped areas. It contains not only a pentagram (youll need it)but a pair of quads (youll want these). There are plenty of weapons and ammo for your fragging pleasurebut there isnt an overwhelming amount; its just about perfectthough it"
39930 SCHIST1.ZIP 772,5 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Encounter at Schist by Noel Weer. A great base type map that has been done in keen detail and is a "teaser" for a mini series that Noel is working on. If the rest of the levels are this good, you will love them all! This Killer Map has real good game flow and the authors placement of foes was excellent!
39931 SCOOP.ZIP 701,8 kt 31.08.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com eritupla
Quake SPQ Level: Scoop of Chaos by J.F. Gustafsson. This base style map with some cool armament in it was quite a thrill to play. From the very beginning you are busy fighting for your life and you need a lot of strategy just to make it thru the start area. The author has placed the foes in very good strategic positions. All difficulty setting were very well implemented with good monster placement, just the right amount of ammo and there are 3 timely secrets that will help you
39932 SCORN.ZIP 393,8 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Scorn by Michael Reed. Scorn is a must for allMetalfans. Great architecture and imaginative lighting fill this levelwhich is populated by hordes of ogres and hell knights. This is a difficult map not for the faint heartedbut well worth the fight. Watch out for that deadly ceiling... DM/CO"
39934 SE.ZIP 863,6 kt 18.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Severe Exposure by Zied Rieke. This is a fine base map with a lot going for it. The architecture is very good too. The monster placement was on the spectacular side with your opponents jumping from other levels of the map to hunt you down.
39933 SEWER12.ZIP 751,1 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Sewage Playground by Brian Kline. This level is a sewage station of some type. The architecturelightingand theme in this level are astonishing in their immersiveness; this is another one of those levels that looks and feels exactly like youd think its supposed toand nothing is extraneous or missing. The flow and pacing have been done welland the monsters have been selected and placed for maximum effectiveness."
39935 SGC4.ZIP 340,8 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Notlobs Residence by Steve Clarke. Dark and forbiddingthis level starts out quietly enough. The architecture is beautifuland the detailing is perfectly matched to the theme."
39936 SGC5.ZIP 601,7 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Notlobs Base by Steve Clarke. Notlobs Base shows just how a military installation should be built. Fantastic architecture in the id styleplenty of interesting areas to explore and great gameplaywhile retaining the base themei.e. gruntsenforcers and dogs only. Excellent level - highly recommended. DM"
39937 SGC6.ZIP 760,6 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Notlobs Castle by Steve Clarke. Notlobs Castle is a medieval level that is absolutely stunning. You fight your way through a castle that is riddled with nasty surprises and layer upon layer of perilous walkwayswith as much attention paid to underwater areas as above ground. Finely detailed and a blast to play - a wonderful map. DM"
39938 SGC8.ZIP 979,1 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Notlobs Moonshot by Steve Clarke. Notlobs Moonshot is the latest in Steve Clarkes series of Notlob levelseach different to the last. This time you are pitched into a complex military basewherein order to exityou must complete three tasks in separate sections of the level. This process works very well and its not long before youre knee deep in enforcersavoiding laser trip wires to achieve your goals."
39939 SGQCVER3.ZIP 938,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: RocketLauncher Version .01 Features * Quake C Patches * Right Click On Quake C Patches To Show Properties * Multiple CFG Files * Saved Games * Modified Maps * Setting Basic Server Settings And Rules * Saving And Loading Server Configurations
39940 SHADOW.ZIP 1000,3 kt 02.03.1997 - - -
"Quake single player level: Shadow over Innsmouth. This is somewhat of a sequel to Village. Youll start out in a damp cave that leads to a crack in the rock surrounding a medieval town. You need to find your way down to the harbour to get the key out of this shadow filled place. Unzip with -d."
39942 SHOGGOTH.ZIP 746,6 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Chapel Shoggoth by Marc Laidlaw. Theme and architecture are both excellent; though this levels a bit on the dark sideit more than makes sense for this theme -- after allhow much light do you really expect while youre underground?"
39943 SHOVEOFF.ZIP 123,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Shove off! by Steve Bond  * multiplayer only lets you shove other players around.
39944 SILUETTE.ZIP 654,5 kt 28.04.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Silhouette of Darkness by Neil Manke. Both the theme and the mood in this one are top quality, given leverage by the judicious (and frequent) use of messages to advance the plot.
39945 SKARMOD2.ZIP 979,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Skarmod Version  : 1.2b Date     : 96/08/15 Author   : Sigurdur G. Gunnarsson Modifies weapons, skins & monters.
39946 SKARMOD3.ZIP 1,1 Mt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Skarmod V1.3 by Sigurdur G. Gunnarson This patch will will do add the following stuff: Adds a lot of stuff, guns etc.
39947 SKELETOR.ZIP 188 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake skin - turns the player or the grunt into the classic character from the he-man cartoon series, Skeletor...
39948 SKIN1213.ZIP 2,1 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
Quake World - skins file. Included several sample skins in PCX format
39949 SKINBASE.ZIP 18,1 kt 28.04.1997 - - -
Quake World - base skin files. Included is the basic skin image and the guidelines for submitting a new skin
39950 SLAUGHTR.ZIP 553,1 kt 09.05.1997 - quaddicted.com -
Quake SP Level: Slaughterhouse by Neil Manke. This level is exactly what it says it is -- a slaughterhouse. All new textures in this one, and the ice areas were notably convincing.
39951 SNIPER.ZIP 131,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: The Sniper Rifle v1.0
39952 SOULSWP1.ZIP 130,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Soul Swapper QuakeC Filename : soulswp1.zip Version  : 1.00 Date     : 96/8/24 Author   : Jeff Epler A weapon that swaps the "souls" of the attacker and the attacked. Deathmatch only, doesn\'t work on monsters.
39953 SPECIAL.ZIP 123 kt 24.04.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
"THE SPECIALIST QUAKE KIT 1.0 Okayits herethe explosive package sure to add a new dimension to deathmatching ... This kit adds three impulse commands to the game: IMPULSE 20 - drop a trigger bomb IMPULSE 21 - trigger all bombs IMPULSE 22 - drop a proximity bomb"
39954 SPIDERMN.ZIP 104 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake MDL: Spiderman, Spiderman from the famous Marvel Comics series.
39955 SPIKES10.ZIP 134,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Spikes 1.0 Nails, when they hit something that bleed, explode, when they hit a wall, ceiling, floor, or other structure, they stick, arm after 1 second, then explode when a player gets near them(I may change it to include monsters later).
39956 SPOT_V1.ZIP 15,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Spot - following pet with commands
39957 SPREDGUN.ZIP 17,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: THECONTRASPREAD GUN! v1.0"
39958 SPSATAN.ZIP 779 kt 23.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Spongebath of Satan by Derek Lawrie. A dark and murky SP/DM level which is also quite entertaining! The game flow in this level was really smooth and the monster placement was real good. Danger lurked in every dark corner (and there are lots of dark corners).
39959 SQEAM.ZIP 88,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Simple Quake Examples and Methods - Version 1.0 By Cameron NewhamAugust 26th 1996 This archive contains seven examples of common-place map entities in ids Quake."
39960 SQUAWK2.ZIP 1,2 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
Squawk Quake Total Conversion v2 (alpha) by Simitar (http://www.oz.net/~simitar). In Squawk Quake TC you play a "kobold" (formerly called an "anthrosaur") which in this setting is an almost humanoid dinosaur.
39961 TFL3.ZIP 644 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: This Feels Lurid by Anders "Backspace" Persson. This Killer Map is the authors first level, but was just released. This is a good combat level with a lot if different situations for your enjoyment. The level isn\'t real pretty but the layout along with the monster placement makes this a challenge and a lot of fun to play.
39962 THEFLYMK.ZIP 809,8 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Fly by Markus Klar. Welcome to The Flywhere nothing is what it seems :) Markus has produced the Quake equivalent of an Escher painting and has come up with a truly original map. The Fly at first seems like a typical underground base affairwith rooms carved into the rockpopulated by ogresenforcersfiendsetc. And its a TOUGH level - be prepared for plenty of saves. Thenjust when you think youre progressing nicely - BANG - youre"
39963 THROWAXE.ZIP 160,4 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Allows you to chuck your Axe around
39964 THROWEYE.ZIP 6,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: ThrowEyes 1.0
39965 TMBOT11.ZIP 177,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: TM Bot QuakeC Filename : tmbot1.zip Version  : 1.1 Date     : 96/8/26 Author(s): Micheal Polucha,Tim Polucha ( Automated Helper Bot or Player 2 on only one computer! With this advanced AI you can conquer any level of Quake. TM Bot is based on the Enforcer Model.
39966 TMI.ZIP 490,8 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Trilogy Military Installation by Stuart Presley. TMI is the first level of a new episode by Clan Trilogy. TMI remains faithful to the id military base levels produced by John Romeroand in doing so retains a very polished look and a good layout. As its mission 1enemies are a little thin on the ground. DM/SK/CO"
39967 TORTURE.ZIP 456,3 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Torture by Gyro Gearloose. This level has a greatcartoonfeel - its top fun to play and has lots of cool areas to discover. Make sure you visit the dungeonscomplete with various devices of pain! Some clever design ideas including the Easter Island heads and a cool cage trap. DM/SK/CO"
39968 TRACBEAM.ZIP 14,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: The Tractor Beam QuakeC Filename : tracbeam.zip Version  : 1.0á Date     : 96/08/26 Author   : Jonathan Avraham (Data, engage tractor beam.) Ever wanted to just throw your DeathMatch enemy for a quick lava bath? Ever wanted to get him up high in the air and then release him, falling to his death? Now you can, with the Tractor Beam. Just change to tractor beam mode and grab the motherfunker.
39969 TRAPS.ZIP 129,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Booby Trap, lays down what appears to be a box of missiles. When another player tries to pick one up... boom! They get a mouthfull!
39970 TRR.ZIP 710,2 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Ruiners Revulsion by Luke Higgins. This level has been done in the medieval style. The architecture in this level has been wonderfully done in most places; this level feels like a castle complex or suchlike. The flow is linear and the pacing is interesting; itll be quiet for a whilebut if you shoot one monsterit seems like they come climbing out of the walls to get at you.."
39971 TSS.ZIP 680,4 kt 14.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Temple of the Secret Society by Ace. Following on from the successful Quake Combat SchoolTSS is Aces latest opus - a medieval level with a twist! After negotiating numerous deadly traps you come upon a strange looking room everything is upside down! A neat idea and one of many in this large and very enjoyable level."
39972 TWW.ZIP 532,1 kt 23.05.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Warfare Warehouse by Ludovic Texier. This level is exactly what it says it is -- a warehouse. Attention to themeusing architectural detailis excellent. The level is one of the most detailed levels seenthanks to its design and sizeits also one of the smoothest- running."
39973 ULTMISSL.ZIP 142,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
QuakeC: The ultimate killer missile patch by Iikka Keränen. This mod contains three new variations from missiles... All are very deadly. I have made killing as easy as possible, you can let your guns do stuff like aiming, thinking, finding enemies etc. Just sit back and enjoy! ;)
39974 UNDRWRLD.ZIP 552,3 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Underworld by Matt Sefton. The level is a military base-style map with some nifty traps, nice architecture and good gameplay. Although designed specifically for single play, it has been enhanced for deathmatch too. DM/SK/CO
39975 UNREL.ZIP 124,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Unreliable Weapons V1.00
39976 UTAH.ZIP 741,8 kt 14.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Deaths Taste by Utah. This level has been done in the medieval stylewith lots of stonerusted metaland demonic imagery. You start outside the keep. Areas are widely varied in sizedimensionsand detailingcombat is frequent and tenseweapons and ammo provided are appropriate but not overwhelmingand enough health is placed so you probably wont die."
39977 V6.ZIP 1,3 Mt 31.08.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Level: Vivisect Six by Zied Rieke. This outstanding base level is very large but plays really smooth if you have 16 megs of ram. This is so large that you may get lost in it several times for long periods of time. This map is a lot of fun since it was quite a challenge to overcome the many great combat situations that were presented to me. Watch out for the flying red enforcers that are new to the game as they are very good shots.
39978 VALLWIND.ZIP 2 Mt 15.09.1997 - - -
Quake SPQ Levels: Valley of the Wind & The Red Room by Steve Wilson. Valley of the Wind begins as a base-style level, but changes to a more "natural" outdoors-type setting roughly in the middle. The Red Room centers around a red room. The architecture in this level tended towards the twisty and cramped unlike the running room given you in the previous level.
39979 VAMP10.ZIP 568,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Vampire Mod V1.00, This mod enables you to switch into a Vampire similar to Morph mod except you can only swith to a Vampire or stay as a worthless human.
39980 VIGIL.ZIP 1 Mt 23.05.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Vigil by Wright Bagwell. This most excellent map is a little different than the levels you are used to. It starts out with ... "You are assigned a vigil to watch over a friend\'s tomb, as he has recently met his match somewhere in battle. Soon after your vigil begins, the enemies that wanted him dead have arrived to give you some punishment..." You will all be pleased with the new concept of this map and its presentation.
39981 VILLAGE.ZIP 556 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: Village of Dread by Steve Rescoe Village of Dread is awesome - you *are* fighting your way through a medieval village that looks superb and plays even better. Hugely atmospherichighly detailed and complete with an exploding barrel patchthis leveland I dont say this lightlyis better than many of ids. Its true Crash - Steve cant make a bad level :) DM/SK/CO"
39982 VIOLENCE.ZIP 160,3 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
Quake: Grenade launcher & nail gun fire the odd gib, monster gibs are tripled, and gibs explose.
39983 VISIONOH.ZIP 618,8 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: Vision of Hatred by Darin McNeil Vision of Hatred features a first for Quake levels - cut scenes! Using the Cut-scene Construction Kit (included) a strong storyline is told throughout this fun level and it really adds to the atmosphere. The level itself is nicely built, if a little tough (a shambler to kill and *then* 2 fiends in a small room?!!) with some great ideas. Take a look! -
39984 VOIN30.ZIP 1,3 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
VoinQuake v3.0 by Peter H. Both shotguns now have "Doom" reloading frames. Slower rockets, cool blood, soldiers shoot supershotguns, punch instead of the axe, zombies are now bigger, ogres now reload the grenade launchers.
39985 VWEAPONS.ZIP 20,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC patch: Vholds Weapons & MORE v1.1"
39986 WAREHAUS.ZIP 804,4 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Warehouse by Warren Marshall. The WarehouseWarrens new military base levelwas originally planned for a mission pack. Its a sprawling mass of nooks and crannies where only the dead bodies you leave in your wake stop you from getting lost! Gameplay is fast and furious and excellent funwith some neat new textural twists on the military theme. Enforcersgrunts and dogs rule the roost here and youll have to lay waste to hordes of them to"
39987 WARPGATE.ZIP 752,2 kt 31.08.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: The Warpgate by Ozric. This level has been done in the medieval style. The architecture throughout this level is solidconsistentwell-madeand utterly believeable; proportions are good and play areas are comfortably large. The flow is linearbut the author has crafted the level well enough that it doesnt really seem like it. The structures are beautiful andin placesintricateand there is a great variety of detail and lighting."
39988 WATERFLO.ZIP 77,2 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
"Quake: - WaterFlo (by GamesNet) This modification simply uses one of ids original textures to cre flowing water for Quakea much needed addition."
39989 WATERMON.ZIP 2,2 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Water aware monsters
39990 WATRWRKS.ZIP 799,6 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
"Quake SPQ Level: Waterworks by Erik Robson. This levels theme is that of a large water- processing areaand this theme has been done extremely wellwith huge overhead pipesmany areas either completely or partially submergedand somewhat-gloomy lighting. Architecture has been done well and the structures fit the theme very well. Good use of pop up messages and specials in this level."
39991 WELL.ZIP 637,8 kt 16.03.1997 - - -
Quake SP Level: The Well of Lost Souls. The Well of Lost Souls is one of the most playable maps. Gameplay is top-notch and is complimented by some truly great and well thought out traps littered throughout the excellent architecture of the level. I loved the "You killed my puppy!" section with it\'s use of complex triggered walls and floor panels :) Mike\'s levels just get better and better. DM/CO
39992 WINGS.ZIP 1,5 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Wings by Kyle R. Hofmann Creates wings for your character.
39993 WISP.ZIP 15,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC: Wisp version 1.0 by Iikka Paavolainen (ipaavola@cc.hut.fi) The wisp is a flying bot (that resembles a lava ball due to a lack of a more accurate model) that you can summon and banish at will, freeze/unfreeze, recall, and even ride with! It will attack other players and monsters that it sees, and hunt semi- intelligently for targets when none are near.
39994 WOTQ069F.ZIP 3,8 Mt 11.05.1997 - - -
"Wheel of Time Quake beta v0.69 FULL package - doesnt need any patches."
39995 WRONGWAY.ZIP 739 kt 06.04.1997 - - -
"Quake SP Level: The Wrong Way! by Marc Roussel. The combat is frequentbut youre well-equipped for it. There is significant stair-stepping on some of the shadows."
39996 XSOLDIER.ZIP 3,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Mod QC by SHYFT This mod makes the shotgun weilding grunts throw a grenade sometimes.
39997 XTRAWP19.ZIP 125,1 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: XTRAWEAPONS 1.9
39998 ZAXE1.ZIP 158,7 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Quake: Zaxe QuakeC Filename : zaxe1.zip Version  : 1.00 Date     : 96/8/27 Author   : Jeff Epler If you take the axe to a zombieyoull eventually kill it."
39999 ZEUS10.ZIP 182,8 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"QuakeC: ZeusBot V1.00 This mod creates a helper bot which will attack the players enemies and draw fire. The bot attacks with a Lightning Gunwhich will not harm the player if he runs into it."
40000 ZOMBOMB.ZIP 5,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
QuakeC patch: Mod QC by SHYFT makes some of the zombies charge the player and detonate themselves in a damaging shower of blood.