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41956 DEMONH20.ZIP 395706 19.09.1996 - - -
DemonHacker V2.0 for Windows * generic hacker
which runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and
Windows NT.  DemonHacker operates with
Modules which can be easily created and/or
modified. Items can automatically perform
powerful functions such as file hex-editing,
ini-file manipulation and registry editing or
just simply display information.
41958 HW16V22.ZIP 581,2 kt 29.08.1999 - MBCD -
Hex Workshop v2.20 16 bit version the Professional Hex Editor, is a file and disk editor which allows you to edit, insert, delete, cut, copy and paste hex.  Additional features include goto, find, replace, file compare, and checksum calculation.  You also get a Base Converter, for converting hex, decimal, and binary, and a Hex Calculator (supporting +,-,*,/,|,&,^,<<,>>,~).
41959 PTCHSVGM.ZIP 812,8 kt 13.01.1999 - - -
Patch Savegame Editor v3.03 by Matthew Inman. Dedicated savegame editing program. Patch is specifically aimed at the troubled gamer who seeks to give him or herself an unfair advantage over the computer by altering the contents of savegame files. Unlike conventional hex-editors, which display files as a confusing jumble of alphanumeric garbage, Patch displays and accepts input in decimal (Base10) format. Windows 3.1