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40742 _9POKWIN.ZIP 182774 31.10.1996 - - -
_Poke-It Poker! for Windows_ Las Vegas Video
Poker! From the makers of World Empire II,
this immensely addictive game accur- ately
simulates the real thing thing. AND IT'S A
LOT CHEAPER! Take my word for it. I've lost
on both!  Note: UnZIPs to 700k (approx.)
Needs VBRUN200.DLL. Viable Software
computer player, or play alone or with a
40736 12SOLTV1.ZIP 674548 31.10.1996 - - -
SoLaTor Suite Volume 1&2. Games of five
solitaire games for Windows 3.1, with WAV
sounds, Tool bar and tool tips.  This
contains Suite 1 version 1.4 and Suite 2
version 1.1. All this for only $5.00 each.
VBRUN300.DLL is required for this program.
30242 3DCUBE.ZIP 32147 31.10.1996 - - -
3DCUBE v1.0 - The best 3D cube puzzle
available.  Features very smooth 3D animation
in 320x400x256 mode.  Works just like the
real thing!  Requires at least a 286 with
VGA.  Mouse is optional, but highly
recommended.  Works with both DOS and
Windows.  $7.00
40739 3DXWD.ZIP 61623 05.11.1996 - MBCD -
Cyberspace Crossword Puzzle - is a 3-D
crossword puzzle game for Windows.
Requires VBRUN300.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40740 4PLAY13.ZIP 100431 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
4PLAY v1.3 for Windows
A version of the classic game of
Connect Four (tm)
40741 5INLINE.ZIP 11474 18.12.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
-----===  5 in line  ===----- A simple
dots'n'lines game Req. VB40016.DLL
42018 72HOUREC.ZIP 963,4 kt 17.12.1999 - - -
72 Hour Recovery. Puzzle. Restore services after a disaster. Lets you have some fun with disasters. This is a challenging game in which you need to restore power, water and phones to community after a disaster. Windows 3.1
60300 95MJONG4.ZIP 1421769 31.10.1996 - - -
*MoraffWare*Best 3D Mahjongg!*Windows*V4.0!*
░    Moraff's Morejongg is the finest      ░
░ implementation ever made of the ancient  ░
░ Chinese tile game! This great game has   ░
░ the following features:                  ░
░▒Version 4.0: (Updated APR. 1996)        ▒░
░▒ 1) Great 3D graphics, nice backgrounds,▒░
░▒   smoothly bevelled inayed wood tiles! ▒░
░▒ 2) Traditional layout, Big tile layout ▒░
40743 ABALON11.ZIP 1118225 31.10.1996 - - -
Abalon-lautapelin tietokoneversio 1.1.
42019 ALPHTREE.ZIP 2,5 Mt 04.10.1999 - - -
THE ALPHABET TREE is a fun, fast and original word game for all ages. The Alphabet tree carries twenty-six apples, each with a letter of the alphabet. Once a year the apples fall. The tree loses all its leaves when the apples rot away for no-good reason. A word game is played to prevent this. The Alphabet Tree needs your help to survive! Win3.x/95/98, Pentium 75, 8Mb RAM.
30275 ANRCHY20.ZIP 393856 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
ANARCHY is a cross between Othello and Life.
The object is make the pattern into a single
color using the fewest number of moves. These
networks consist of icons connected to each
other by colored arrows. Each icon is one of
3 colors and sends its color to neighboring
icons in the network. If only one color comes
into a icon, it takes that color. If two
colors come in, ey cancel and the icon
assumes the third color.
42020 BEDRCKNR.ZIP 178,4 kt 12.05.1999 - - -
"Bedrock nRoll is a dice game which includes both  Single and Triple versions and is playable by 1 or 2 players. It also keeps track of separate top ten scores for both games. Requires video driver set to 256 colors or greater for best graphics and sound card for sound effects. Windows 3.1"
42021 BGAMDEL.ZIP 332,9 kt 25.09.1997 - MBCD -
Backgammon Deluxe by Arthur Crump board game for Windows. Play Backgammon and control the dice with your mouse. The first player to remove all their pieces from the board wins. Windows 3.1x
61462 BJ_POK21.ZIP 251127 31.10.1996 - - tupla
Great sounds, real cards, and a
beautiful user interface make this
the best video poker and video
blackjack simulation available. The
included sounds make even losing
fun. Requires Windows, VBRUN300.DLL
42022 BJI1641.ZIP 891,5 kt 17.03.2000 - - -
 B-Jigsaw 4.1 (16-bit) by Antony Pranata make2 jigsaw puzzles from your favorite .bmp image files. This easy-to-use program has three levels of difficulty. The level determines the number of pieces in the puzzles, which are all similar but have the characteristic puzzle piece shapes. Windows 3.1+
42023 BJIG16.ZIP 891,2 kt 29.05.2000 - - -
B-Jigsaw (16-bit) v4.0B-Jigsaw tekee mistä tahansa BMP- tai JPEG-kuvastasi palapelin.
B-Jigsaw lets you make your own jigsaw puzzles using your favorite 
BMP and JPEG images. http://www.adcsoft.com
42024 BOMBDEMO.ZIP 172,1 kt 18.09.1997 - MBCD -
Bp Bomb Seeker a Puzzle/Logic game for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. Challenging yet easy to play. A quick fun game for your desktop to play when you feel like taking a break.
40761 BOX311.ZIP 3301133 04.12.1996 - MBCD -
BOXES III v1.0  from DynoTech Software.
Fun, challenging, and addictive puzzle game
for windows. Eliminate colored crates by
maneuvering and dropping boxes on them. But,
watch out for falling stones, bombs, and
anti-gravity boxes. Smarts are more important
than speed. It's not as easy as it looks!
Req:386+; 4MB RAM; Win 3.1, Win95, or OS/2;
4MB RAM; 256 color VGA; Joystick (opt);
Sound Card (opt, but recommended)0.  [$30]
40762 BOXES60.ZIP 841930 04.12.1996 - - -
BOXES v6.0  from DynoTech Software. Fun,
challenging, and addictive puzzle game for
windows. Eliminate colored crates by
maneuvering and dropping boxes on them. But,
watch out for falling stones, bombs, and
anti-gravity boxes. Smarts are more important
than speed. It's not as easy as it looks!
Req: 386+; 4MB RAM; Win 3.1, Win95, or OS/2;
4MB RAM; 256 color VGA; Joystick (opt); Sound
Card (opt, but recommended).  [$20]
40763 BOXTWO11.ZIP 1151313 04.12.1996 - - -
BOXES II v1.1  from DynoTech Software.
Fun, challenging, and addictive puzzle game
for windows. Eliminate colored crates by
maneuvering and dropping boxes on them. But,
watch out for falling stones, bombs, and
anti-gravity boxes. Smarts are more important
than speed. It's not as easy as it looks!
Req:386+; 4MB RAM; Win 3.1, Win95, or OS/2;
4MB RAM; 256 color VGA; Joystick (opt); Sound
Card (opt, but recommended).  [$20]
42025 BPUZZL16.ZIP 706,3 kt 15.03.2000 - - -
 B-Puzzle v3.0 (16-bit) by Antony Pranata B-Puzzle (short of BMP-Puzzle) is 2 in 1 game i.e. sliding puzzle and jigsaw puzzle. With this game, you can make your own sliding and jigsaw puzzles with your own BMP files. In the unregistered version, you can only play with 9, 16, and 25 pieces. Windows 3.1+
61657 BRICKV17.ZIP 1386011 31.10.1996 - - tupla
Bricklayer for Windows is a licensed port of
Steve Chamberlin's popular fast-paced falling
blocks game for the Macintosh.  The Mac
version was honorably mentioned in the 1993
MacUser Shareware Awards.  Bricklayer for
Windows features beautiful 256-color artwork,
an original music soundtrack, terrific sound
effects, and more. Systems which are not
256-color or sound-capable are also
supported.  Version 1.7 adds the ability to
select alternate music files and add pit
40765 BRIGZEE.ZIP 96274 31.10.1996 - - -
BRIGZEE FOR WINDOWS (V2.2) Latest Version of
the excellent and original Windows Card Game
based on the popular dice game Yahtzee and
the card game Poker. Soundcard support
(Windows 3.1) VBRUN300.DLL Required
40769 BUTTONS.ZIP 94795 31.10.1996 - - -
Buttons is a Windows 3.x puzzle game That
challenge the users mental skills. The game
is addicting, and at times it can be
frustrating. A challenge for those who dare.
40770 CAN241.ZIP 418173 31.10.1996 - - -
Strategy cardgame played against the
computer, with sound support.
The player can score points by
melding cards and by making canastas.
A canasta is a column of seven cards
(i.e. seven Kings).
Help file with explanation of
all rules is included. Many options
are included to configure the game
42026 CANANMIS.ZIP 181,9 kt 21.05.1999 - - -
Cannibals and Missionaries by Walter Allen No-frills game of logic. There are 3 cannibals and 3 missionaries to get across the river. One cannibal and one missionary know how to row the boat and the boat holds only two persons. You can cross the river as many times as you need, but you must never leave a missionary alone with more than one cannibal or the missionary will be eaten and you lose. Windows 3.1
40772 CARPET.ZIP 209372 31.10.1996 - - -
Carpet - simple Windows flying game.
Written with Klik & Play.
40775 CHERRY10.ZIP 62491 31.10.1996 - - -
CHERRY DELIGHT Video Slots v1.0 for Windows
This isn't your grandmother's slot machine!
This is a nine wheel video slot machine
with 8 pay lines.  Also has bonus
spins and a progressive bonus pool.
See the beautiful graphics and animation!
Requires VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
40777 CIPHWN11.ZIP 111827 31.10.1996 - - -
Cipher for Windows v1.1:  Word puzzle game.
A true Microsoft Windows crypto-quotes type
word game with all Windows features includ-
ing complete help. Many hint options, saved
games, high score hall of fame, etc.  Works
with Cipher (MS-DOS version) puzzles.  Game
written by Nels Anderson. (ASP)
40779 CLKWRX.ZIP 1318187 31.10.1996 - - -
CLOCKWERX: an action puzzle game for Windows.
Beautifully detailed unusual puzzle game. You
guide your clock hand swinging across a
matrix of dots avoiding many dangerous
objects, picking up bonus dots and finally
grabbing the target dot. Takes some practice!
System requirements, installation and loading
This demo of ClockWerx for Windows requires a
33MHz 80386 or faster computer, Windows 3.1,
4MB RAM, a hard drive (with 2MB free), Super
VGA graphics (640 x 480 x 256 colors) and a
40782 CONSTUT3.ZIP 84702 31.10.1996 - - -
Windows 3.1 card game Constitution
40783 COR-CAS1.ZIP 1070382 31.10.1996 - - -
Casino Expert For Windows 3.11 or Better
30392 CORRECT.ZIP 66846 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Correct! is a multiple choice quiz program
42027 CRPTGR30.ZIP 441,2 kt 22.09.1997 - MBCD -
Cryptographer v3.0 A windows cryptogram game.  Cryptographer is a new way to solve cryptograms. This word game program takes full advantage of the Windows environment and features. It helps solving the cryptogram, it does not solve it, unless you give up, in which case you can ask for hints. System requirements are an IBM compatible computer with Windows 3.x, 95 or NT and .4 MB of available hard drive. Shareware $10 registration fee.
40786 CRYPTIX.ZIP 336386 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Cryptix V1.0 * puzzle game where the player
tries to crack the encrypted message...  like
the "Crypto-Quote" games you see all over the
place. Windows 3.x & 95.
42028 CS120.ZIP 272,1 kt 19.03.1999 - - -
Chinese Solitaire for Windows, version 1.2This is an original card game combining the best elements of Klondike and Scorpion, with a distinctly Oriental flair. Feature-packed solitaire, with full statistics, easy mode, autoplay, selectable card backs and colors, great graphics, and excellent sound. This version adds support for multiple-player statistics. Shareware by Randy Rasa ($10). Requires VBRUN300.DLL. http://www.solitairecentral.com
40787 CSBT.ZIP 107843 31.10.1996 - - -
assumes the user knows nothing about the game
of Bridge and teaches you all you need to
know about bidding and playing to hold your
own in a social game. By Nelson Ford, ASP.
(Requires VBRUN100.DLL, not included)
40788 CSHRT40A.ZIP 151112 31.10.1996 - - -
CARDSHARK HEARTS 4.02D for Windows 3.
This is the strongest, most feature-
filled Hearts game available. "Game
of the Month" in Windows Sources mag.
WinTech Journal gave it rave reviews
and $3000 in prizes in their Windows
programming contest. Nelson Ford, ASP.
(Requires VBRUN200.DLL, not included)
30401 CSTUD.ZIP 350784 31.10.1996 - - -
Turbo Caribbean Stud Poker v1.3 Fastest, most
exciting poker game ever. Major league
features include
* Full statistics for both dealer & Player
* High quality fast graphics.
* Large *Bonus* payouts on any high hands.
* Popup Help on all controls.
* Full featured in the shareware version
* 16 bit sound Shareware $15 
62491 CVBJS.ZIP 2895272 31.10.1996 - - tupla
BJ game software by Blackjack Forum Mag.,
Dalton's BJ Review, BJ Confidential Mag. &
Win Mag. Winner '95 ZDI Shareware award for
best card/casino game. Over 300 rule & play
variations, data base with 501 real casino
rule sets, ultra-realistic casino play.
Registered version contains >300 card
counting tables. Requires 4MB RAM & Windows
3.1 or Win95.
30405 CVPGP.ZIP 1212062 31.10.1996 - - -
Casino Verite: Pai Gow Poker.
30406 CVVP.ZIP 1256587 31.10.1996 - - -
Casino Verite: Video Poker.
40790 CWKIT20A.ZIP 219584 31.10.1996 - - -
Crossword Construction Kit V2.0a 
features the unique ability to make puzzles
in fun shapes with over 25 predefined puzzle
shapes (diamonds, doughnuts, trains, etc)
with the ability to create unlimited new
shapes. Up to 30 x 30 in size. Print options
include skeleton or filled box, answer key,
font selection, metafiles & more. Teachers,
Students, Publishers and Fans: PUT MORE FLARE
AND PIZZAZZ into your puzzles.
40793 DBM10.ZIP 106572 31.10.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
Double Match 1.0 is a FAST and FUN game for
Windows where players take turns matching
pictures to reveal parts of a hidden phrase.
Scores are made for each correct match. The
first player who correctly guesses the phrase
is the winner. Features fun animation, sound
effects, human/computer opponents and top-10
hi-scores. Sound Blaster or Windows sound
card required for sound effects. REQUIRES
VBRUN200.DLL TO RUN (free). Shareware $12.00
42029 DECGB11.ZIP 586754 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Full version of REBEL 6.0, strong chess
program, ELO 2200 (USCF 2340), all database
and analisis options available, 3 good
opening books (600,000 moves), supporting 5
languages (English, German, French, Spanish
and Dutch), and 3 manuals as files (English,
German and Dutch), All possible playing
levels, 5 different playing styles, 1000
(grand)master games included, etc. Sys. Req.
386 or higher, VGA, 2 Mb Ram. Win95 compat.
40795 DESCR10.ZIP 418869 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
DeScrambler v1.0 - Aliens have attacked our
nuclear reactor and it is filling with hot
water. If it overflows, there will be a
catastrophe like no human soul has ever
imagined. You can save the world from
destruction by unscrambling words. Multiple
difficulty and speed levels. Free software if
you reach 1,000 points. Req: VBRUN300.DLL,
sound card; 256-color recommended.
42030 DGAMM253.ZIP 371,1 kt 25.11.1999 - - -
"Davids BackGammon V2.5.3 16-BIT for Win3.1/95/98 a complete Backgammon game for both novices and experts. Play against the computer or a human opponent or start a tournament. A wide variety of options let you customize the games - choose to use automatic doublesbeaversroll-oversautomatic concessionscustomized game board and piecesand more. Windows 3.1+"
42031 DMINE100.ZIP 359796 31.10.1996 - - -
Dynamite Minesweeper, Windows, Very different
take on the minesweeper setup. Move the
sensor square around the minefield and see
the signal in each pixel vary from light to
dark and noise gradually decrease.  Clear as
much of the field as quickly as you possibly
42032 DRAGO20.ZIP 1,3 Mt 23.01.1999 - - -
Dragons v2.0 Tournament style Mahjongg Solitaire game Features high score list and progress meter which tracks how well your doing based on previous game. Excellent graphics with beveled wooden tiles. Object is to remove all 144 tiles by matching pairs. Win3.1+
42033 DRVMSD24.ZIP 1,1 Mt 06.05.1998 - - -
Driving Miss Dicey v2.4 by John Brown Board game / dice original dice game that may remind you of Parcheesi or Chinese Checkers. You roll four dice and select any two to get a number from 2 to 12. The goal is to move pegs across a hexagonal board faster than your opponent. Windows 3.1
40802 ELECTRO.ZIP 109012 31.10.1996 - discmaster.textfiles.com -
Electro-Cute: Windows word-guessing game
63714 EMXWIN.ZIP 262786 14.11.1996 - - -
Enigmacross for Windows v2.40 Solve and
construct professional acrostics on your
Windows computer! New features include
SCROLLABLE clue list, sound card support with
SPEAKING messages, dictionary "hot-
link"access and extensive on-line help.
Includes 5 professionally constructed puzzles
by some of the top names in the industry.
Easy to install and UN-install.
63846 EUCHGA.ZIP 1243410 07.12.1996 - - -
MVP Euchre for Windows. Six virtual opponents
are eager to challenge you to a hot game of
Euchre. This is the best Euchre game ever,
with the strongest play and the most options.
You can even play your friends in multiplayer
modem/ network mode. Written by the winner of
CGW's Best Shareware Card Game of 1996. Req 4
meg RAM, Windows, VGA, mouse. By MVP
Software. V1.1.
40806 EXCARDS.ZIP 1277002 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Excellent Card Games Collection for Windows
Contains Yukon, Black Maria, Baroness,
Stonewall, and Frustration.
42034 FAMWP11.ZIP 98,8 kt 22.09.1997 - - -
FIND A MESSAGE Word Puzzles   V 1.1 As letters are being formed by random dots. FIND  A  MESSAGE. Solve the puzzle, total your points. For all age groups. Improves logic. You can create your own puzzles. Kids can practice their spelling words. Registered Version contains over 200 additional puzzles, more user puzzles, and a list of puzzles and selection codes for group settings.
42035 FOURACES.ZIP 1,5 Mt 31.07.1999 - - -
"Four Aces. Simple card game. You can remove cards which are same suit but smaller value. Youre pass the game when you have only four aces left. Start guide-function (Help->Guide) to let game show for you what to do if you lost the plot. petri.marjakangas@wartsila-nsd.com Windows."
40812 FS110A.ZIP 186358 08.12.1996 - MBCD -
Four Seasons Solitaire for Windows, v1.10.
This addictive, feature-rich card game now
includes context-sensitive help and a
resizable main window, in addition to auto
mode, multimedia sound effects and music,
3-level undo, card peeking, and challenge
scoring! Shareware by Randy Rasa ($10).
Win95 tested.  Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
40813 FTL20.ZIP 754973 31.10.1996 - - -
Follow The Leader 2.0 for WINDOWS AND
WINDOWS 95. Featuring OUTSTANDING Sounds and
Great Graphics. How Long Can you keep up ?
Download This And Try it!
(c) 1996 Wonder-Soft
64333 FUNCRD12.ZIP 174960 08.12.1996 - MBCD -
Funcrd (tm) Card Games. 256 color Windows
card games. Save and restore game, scoring,
choice of player types, billions of deals,
card counter, cheat mode. Multiple decks and
Backgrounds. Full rules. Sound effects. SWREG
ID# 10273.
64338 FUNSL161.ZIP 148448 31.10.1996 - - -
Funsol (tm) Ver 1.6.  113 solitaire games!
Completed winter 1996.  A Windows card
solitaire game.  Save and restore game,
unlimited undo, logging, graphing,
scoring, money, billions of deals,
card counter, cheat mode and autoplay.
Multiple decks, sizes and backgrounds.
There are built-in rules too.
64384 GAMCHEST.ZIP 549515 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Game Chest  for Windows 95 Play Backgammon,
Yatze, Rummy, Fortune's Favor, Queen's
Audience, Against the Computer or A Friend...
WinGames.Inc            ShareWare
42036 GINR1680.ZIP 1,3 Mt 30.09.1999 - - -
Gin Rummy v8.0 (16-bit) by MeggieSoft Games A fully featured Windows 3.x version of Gin Rummy including many variations.  The MeggieSoft Games version includes many customizable options and supports MIDI music, sound effects, card animation, speech output, drag-and-drop operation, and user defined card backs and play area wallpapers. Online services, please note: The preferred title is: "MeggieSoft Gin
40821 GIRLSPOK.ZIP 602718 31.10.1996 - - -
Girls & Poker 2.0 for Windows.
42037 GLD16115.ZIP 5,7 Mt 04.06.1998 - - -
Gold Club Casino v1.15 from Boss Casinos Ltd. Gold Club Casino lets you play six casino games for fun or for real through an offshore betting system. The software offers roulette, blackjack, video poker, Pai Gow poker, Caribbean poker, and slot machines with incredible graphics and sounds. Play for free with the software or set up an account and actually win or lose real money. Internet connection and Windows 3.1
30512 GOFISH.ZIP 98936 31.10.1996 - - -
Go Fish - korttipeli lapsille.
40822 GROOM141.ZIP 731664 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
The Games Room v1.41 [Win]
Kokoelma lautapelejä Windowsille
40828 HANGM.ZIP 91477 31.10.1996 - - -
Hangman 2 is a computerized version of the
well-known game of hangman. '386, '486, or
Pentium computer running Microsoft Windows
4.0, NT, or Win32s
64677 HANOI10.ZIP 49016 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Towers of Hanoi, version 1.0 (MS Windows)
40830 HNGWN130.ZIP 160680 31.10.1996 - - -
HANGWIN v1.30 
HangWin is the traditional hangman word game
in a Windows 3.1 package.  Words are randomly
chosen from a text file which can be user
supplied.  Guess the word before the prisoner
hangs!  For fun, the prisoner has an animated
face and HangWin supports Windows-compatible
sound boards.  HangWin comes with extensive
on-line help and an install program will set
up the Windows program manager.
30549 HW141.ZIP 3630586 31.10.1996 - - -
Hardwood Solitaire, 256 and True Color
Solitaire Games
40832 ICE.ZIP 2986146 31.10.1996 modit/arkisto.zip archive.org eritupla
Icebreaker. Puzzlepeli, jossa pyritään
rikkomaan kaikki väriään vaihtavat jääkuutiot
40833 ICICLE20.ZIP 98125 31.10.1996 - - -
ICICLE20.ZIP, a VBWin Solitaire game. Like
most Card games, esay to play, hard to win.
From matt tagliaferi software. Requires
40837 INVMAZ10.ZIP 78612 31.10.1996 - - -
Invisible Maze game for Windows 3.x This is
an interesting game testing your ability to
move the maze walker through a maze.  Size
can be from 5x5 to 30x25. The trick, you do
not see the walls of the maze until you bump
into them. Full help facility included. High
scores. Requires VBRUN100.DLL not included.
Auths: R & R Enterprise v1.0 05-11-92
65379 JIGALO11.ZIP 1392445 31.10.1996 - - -
Jigsaws Galore, v1.1 - The Ultimate
Windows Jigsaw Puzzle game! Shareware version
comes with 10 puzzles and ability to make
more, up to 4,000 pieces. Sorts pieces by
color and shape, arranging them around the
edge if you wish.  Change piece size on the
fly, no need to scroll, ever!  Select
difficulty level or number of pieces.  Cool
cheats!  CD-ROM version has 130 puzzles + 2
bonus games.
40840 JIXXA12F.ZIP 1084877 31.10.1996 - - -
Jixxa v1.2e  The award winning jigsaw
puzzle game for Windows. Jixxa includes such
outstanding and user-friendly features as
hint and auto-solve for a helping hand, a
challenge timer to compete against the
clock,up to nine organizational boxes for
sorting pieces, and rotating pieces for the
expert gamesmen. With many other features and
options, Jixxa is the most authentic and fun
jigsaw puzzle game available.
40841 JPSLOT11.ZIP 285015 31.10.1996 - - -
JACKPOT SLOTS v1.1 Windows Slot Machine Game
Three slot machine games in one (JACKPOT
SLOTS).  256 color graphics and funny sounds.
Beautiful spinning animation.  Requires
VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
40843 KLOKS10.ZIP 107512 31.10.1996 - - -
Kloks v1.0 Puzzle for MS-Windows v3.1
Windows emulation of a mechanical puzzle:
get both hands of all nine interacting
klok faces pointing to 12 in the shortest
40844 KLOTZ.ZIP 43480 31.10.1996 - - -
Klotz v2.11a
KLOTZ is a game of falling pieces similar to
TETRIS, for use under Microsoft Windows 2.x.
and 3.0.
40845 KORO10E.ZIP 103406 31.10.1996 - - -
Koro v1.0E Windows game brought to you by
Mt.New's. This game probably isn't for people
who get sea sick. it'll get you very dizzy.
40847 LASER.ZIP 146388 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Laserstrike for Windows, puzzle game where
you clear way for shooting a target on each
level by shooting obstacles and planning how
to guide laser beam to home.
65844 LUCKY41.ZIP 123335 31.10.1996 - - -
LUCKY STARS Video Slots V4.1 A Slot Machine
Game for Windows  This isn't your
grandmother's slot machine! This is a nine
wheel video slot machine with 8 pay lines.
Also has bonus spins, "wild card" symbol, and
a progressive bonus pool.  See the beautiful
graphics and animation for yourself! Requires
VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
40853 LUDO.ZIP 19049 31.10.1996 - - -
Ludo for Windows is a shareware puzzle game
where the player competes against the compute
in a race to finish with all four of their
tokens at the end of the maze.
Requires a 386-25 PC, Windows 3.1 or Windows
95, 4 megs RAM, VGA, 2 megs HD space. Version
1.0 - $5 registration fee.
40854 LUNACY.ZIP 137121 31.10.1996 - - -
Lunacy for Win - sokkelopeli
40855 LVSPRO22.ZIP 387153 31.10.1996 - - -
(v2.2) Lvsltp22 - Las Vegas Slots - PRO The
most realistic slot machine simulation.
Includes running jackpot that continues to
update. As much as 8 chances to win on each
spin. Comes with outstanding graphics and
sound effects. If you only use one slot
machine foe Windows, this is it! Shareware
(US $19.95) Tim Hirtle,
40856 LYRIQ_7G.ZIP 312241 14.01.1997 - MBCD -
LYRIQ CROSSWORDS * Congratulations -- you're
about to experience the most advanced
crossword puzzle program ever developed.
30611 MANDS10.ZIP 900153 31.10.1996 - - -
Match and Solve Deluxe   is a
matching and puzzle game. Match tiles to
reveal underlying puzzle. Sounds, several
puzzle topics including common phrases,
country names, and Bible phrases.
65970 MARBLE.ZIP 58328 31.10.1996 - - -
Marble-älypeli [Win]
Pistä kuula menemään sokkelon
läpi asettelemalla peilejä.
40859 MATCH-UP.ZIP 329379 31.10.1996 - - -
Match-Up - Simple little Windows game.
Find all the matching squares.
This game should run in any machine with
Windows 3.1 or later.
40860 MAZE.ZIP 37575 31.10.1996 - - -
Sokkelopeli (Win)
Harjoittele menemistä sokkelon
läpi kaksi- tai kolmiulotteisesti
29311 MINEHL1A.ZIP 18232 31.10.1996 - - -
Help for Minesweeper - this program will do
all the simple moves for you!
40863 MJBB111.ZIP 821444 08.12.1996 - MBCD -
Mah Jongg for Windows - is a solitaire
game played with colorful tiles. This
is not the same version of Mah Jongg
many Americans may be familiar with,
but is more closely based on the
original ancient Chinese rituals. Many
different playing options are
available, making this game suitable
for both beginners and advanced players.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40865 MJWIN.ZIP 234064 31.10.1996 - - -
Mahjongg for Windows
40866 MMATCH.ZIP 1564398 08.12.1996 - MBCD -
Memory Match - is a memory game for
Windows with three separate difficulty
levels, making it suitable for all age
levels. Features include colorful
graphics and fun sound effects.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40869 MUIST10.ZIP 191983 31.10.1996 - - tupla
Muistipeli v1.0 Hienot kuvat omaava
muistipeli windowsille FREEWAREA!
66420 MVPBKG12.ZIP 1122752 31.10.1996 - - -
MVP Backgammon for Windows by MVP Software.
You're in for a treat when you try this
fantastic implementation of the classic board
game. Simulating the setting of a medieval
pub, the graphics, music and digitized speech
perfectly complement the intermediate skill
level in this shareware version. This is
without a doubt the best computer Backgammon
game ever. Requires Windows, VGA, mouse; a
sound card is recommended. Ver 1.2.
40872 MVPWRD.ZIP 250308 31.10.1996 - - -
MVP Word Search for Windows.  You've seen
wordsearch games before, but none like this
one.  Solve any of the many included puzzles,
or let the computer create one using your
word list.  Easy listening original sound
track for your sound card, nice Windows
interface, and lots of fun.  Great for
educational use!  Requires Windows 3.1.
Updated version.
40874 NETRIS11.ZIP 122882 31.10.1996 - - -
Netris v1.1 for Windows
A version of Tetris, with sound
effects (netrisfx.zip) and
color backgrounds (netrisgx.zip)
40707 NETRISFX.ZIP 198501 31.10.1996 - - -
Sound effects for Netris
40708 NETRISGX.ZIP 68685 31.10.1996 - - -
Background art for Netris
40877 NMMW08.ZIP 42913 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Nine Men's Morris for MS Windows v0.8
The 3000-year-old board game, now for
Microsoft Windows 3.1! It plays rather
well and often beats its author (on
a 33MHz 486 with ten seconds thinking
30664 NUMBCHAL.ZIP 121557 31.10.1996 - - -
Number Challenge
66730 OILPRO.ZIP 1084175 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
OILCAP PRO for Windows v1.0  OILPRO10.zip
Oilcap has been a classic DOS game for years.
Now Soleau Software has produced an exciting
version for Windows & Windows 95. Race the
clock as you place down pipe links for the
oil to flow. Quick thinking and fast reflexes
are required to stay ahead of the onrushing
oil. Gain extra points for Oilrigs, Oil holes
and much more as you try for the Top Ten
Scores! Packed with features...ADDICTIVE!!!!
40883 OOOC.ZIP 906447 31.10.1996 - - -
Order Out Of Chaos - A hypnotic Windows game.
You'll be glued to your computer, clicking
away for hours, imposing order on chaos! The
images of meaning and beauty have been torn
apart, but with sharp eyes and quick wits,
you are able to restore them!  Needs Windows
3.1 and a color monitor.  Sound card and
nimble fingers recommended.  Fully functional
shareware from Pinnacle Software.  Call our
free files BBS at 514-345-8654 (24 hours).
40886 PARAS111.ZIP 428244 31.10.1996 - - -
Paradise Solitaire - 30 excellent solitaire
games for Windows 3.1. Contains multiple
decks, 2 card sizes, 6 backgrounds, and lots
of sounds. Support for saved games, undo, and
auto-play. Games include: Beleageured Castle,
Canfield, Clock, Dutchess, Four Seasons,
Golf, Klondike, Montana, Pyramid, Spiderette,
plus 20 more games when you register. You
also get a Windows95 version when you
40888 PATOLLI.ZIP 742528 31.10.1996 - - -
Patolli v1.0s is a Windows shareware version
of the ancient Aztec gambling game Patolli.
40892 PEGSOLIT.ZIP 146707 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Peg Solitaire 2.0 [Win]
Klassinen yksinpeli monipuolisena
40716 PGS-LRP.ZIP 80639 31.10.1996 - - -
40895 PIXM.ZIP 92829 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
PixM - Tiles of Trouble Author Roger
Robertson (Rob24701@aol.com) Windows 3.1 -
Windows95 - Shareware Memory, Match, Picture
- a new twist on the old memory match game. 3
skill levels, 256 colors, sound and
animation. A great game for young and old
alike. From the author of LandMine!
40897 POKE.ZIP 389541 31.10.1996 - - -
Poke-It Poker! GOLD
For Windows. Las Vegas Video Poker! From the
makers of  World Empire II, this  immensely
addictive game accur- ately simulates  the
real thing thing - AND IT'S A LOT CHEAPER!
VERSION 2. SIX  styles  of  Video  Poker  in
the Registered  version.   Expanded Stat-
istic  capabilities,   the   ultimate Video
Poker Game! Needs VBRUN200.DLL. Viable
40899 PPOKER.ZIP 360381 31.10.1996 - - -
Turbo Picture Poker v1.0 Fastest, most
exciting poker game ever.
* Displays any BMP picture.
* Plays any WAV sound file.
* Full statistics in Scrollable window
* High quality fast graphics. Pie Graph.
* Large *Bonus* payouts on any high hands.
* Popup Help on all controls. 16 bit Sound.
* Full featured in the shareware version
Shareware $19 
67418 PRETTYGS.ZIP 457487 31.10.1996 - - -
Tom's Pretty Good Solitaire v1.2 contains 15
different solitaire games in one package.
Requires Windows 3.1+ and VBRUN300.DLL.
Released 9/25/95
40903 PUZZ100.ZIP 139821 10.02.1996 - - -
Puzzler v1.00 - makes jigsaw puzzles
Reads in BMP files and creates jigsaws for
you to solve. Includes both Windows 3.1 and
Windows NT 3.5 versions.
67568 QBOB16S1.EXE 2162205 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
QBob-puzzlepelin pelattava demo. V1.0.
Windows 3.1x-versio.
40909 RANGOON.ZIP 98417 31.10.1996 - - -
A game of solitaire for Windows
40911 RDTPV10S.ZIP 473696 31.10.1996 - - -
ROAD TRIP Version 1.0  Automobile card game.
Accumulate Points by traveling miles and
avoiding hazard cards played by the computer
opponent.  Whoever has the most points when
all the cards are gone, is the winner.
Windows (3.x or 95), VBRUN300.DLL and VGA
required, Sound card optional.
40913 RULETTI.ZIP 48938 31.10.1996 - - -
Windows-ruletti 1-4 pelaajalle!
68053 RVP12.ZIP 83619 31.10.1996 - - -
█                                           █
█     REAL VIDEO POKER v1.2 for Windows     █
█                                           █
█ Probably the most realistic video poker   █
█ game available.  Digitized sounds,        █
█ beautiful card designs (they look REAL),  █
█ and ease of play make this game a REAL    █
█ winner! (Sound card optional)             █
█                                           █
█ Requires VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)  █
30787 SEAHAV21.ZIP 273846 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Seahaven Towers -pasianssi, versio 2.1
68294 SEPKR17.ZIP 1256962 31.10.1996 - - -
Smoke'em Poker v1.7.
A freeware game of five-cardádraw
poker. Play against up to 5 opponents
simulated by the computer.
Requires Windows 3.1 w/386 or better.
This version adds an odds window,
revamped stats window, a quick toggle
for sound, faster card drawing, and
other minor changes and fixes.
BeerWare by Dave O'Brien.
40920 SHERWIN.ZIP 366400 31.10.1996 - - -
Computerized version of logic puzzles.
A game of deduction, it is your task to
deduce the location of 36 images using
provided clues.  Many options, thousands
of puzzles.  The word most used to
describe Sherlock is 'addicting!'
68350 SHIDAO36.ZIP 895725 31.10.1996 - - -
Shih Dao v3.6 (256 Colors)
from Digital Empires.
New version, Lighting fast, easy setup. Based
on a game played in ancient China, Shih Doa
is the ultimate in strategy. Test your will
and skill and see if you can become a Master.
Fantastic graphics. Mutli boards and
tilesets. Shareware version distributed by
Software Creations. Works with Windows 95
Featuring 256 color grahics and digitized
sound effects. REQ: Win 3.1, 256 color driver
68406 SIMPOTHE.ARJ 799266 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
The Simpsons (attempt to) Play Othello,
Comedy board game for Windows. Complete with
10 Simpsons characters, many sound samples,
and the most annoying midi Simpsons theme,
with which you can play the most exhilarating
game of Othello ever. One of those must get
Christmas items.
40925 SNW10A.ZIP 151017 31.10.1996 - - -
Spin 'n' Win 1.0a is a Windows 3.1 game that
plays like hangman with a Las Vegas twist!
Players take turns spinning spinners and
guessing letters to solve a phrase. Supports
1-3 players, an editable phrase file, top-10
high-scores, and user-customizable sound
effects via .WAV files. Nice animation and
smooth game play. Runs in Windows Standard
or Enhanced modes. Shareware, $10.00.
68507 SOLCON95.ZIP 157229 31.10.1996 - - -
Solitary Confinement, solitaire-card game for
40928 SPADEG.ZIP 274380 31.10.1996 - - -
Spades is a Windows version of the popular
card game. User options include play
partners or solo, with or without jokers,
custom colors and opponents, track wins and
losses, attach WAV files to events, and
more. Requires VBRUN300.DLL and Windows 3.x
or later. Shareware.
40929 SPIDER.ZIP 111068 31.10.1996 - discmaster.textfiles.com -
Spider, big solitaire game for Windows
40936 T4_32_E.ZIP 108094 31.10.1996 - Pegasus_Win95.iso -
T4 is a challenging board game for Windows
3.x, NT or '95
40940 TCW.ZIP 145490 31.10.1996 - - -
TELECARDS for Windows, v. 1.1, is a
combination of three different card games:
Crazy Eights, Cribbage, Gin Rummy for playing
against the computer or a friend via modem,
null modem cable or network.  Requires that
both players have an IBM and be running the
program locally.  Also requires Windows 3.1
or later.  Download TC.ZIP if you want the
DOS version of this popular game.
40942 TRIAL.ZIP 810140 31.10.1996 modit/arkisto.zip archive.org eritupla
The Trial Game For Windows             [1/1]
40945 ULTPOK10.ZIP 577210 31.10.1996 - - -
Ultimate Poker v1.0
RAY:n pokeri windows 3:een
Tarvitsee VBRUN300.DLL:n.
Rekisteröinti vain 40 mk
40947 VALET10.ZIP 4509 18.12.1996 - - -
Valet Parking Game - is a simple logic
game for Windows where you have to move
the larger cars in a parking garage to
remove the smallest one. Requires
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40948 VEGASPBJ.ZIP 260563 31.10.1996 - - -
Vegas Poker and BlackJack v2.0 (Win/Win95
shareware): The ultimate gambling challenge.
Does everything except spit coins out of your
floppy drive when you win! Play Video Poker
and Blackjack against the house. Includes
double-down and split betting options. Full
digital sound effects and color graphics. All
the fun on the casino without having to keep
going to the ATM machine. Galt Technology.
40949 VIKTRIS.ZIP 1046145 31.10.1996 - - -
VikTRIS for Windows, Animated lively tetris
clone for Win3.1/Win95. Animated 256 color
multimedia ultimate tetris clone.
40950 VIRUS14.ZIP 1028162 31.10.1996 - - -
VIRUS:The Game v1.4 -DynoTech Software.
Knuckle banging, finger flying puzzle-arcade
game where YOU are the Virus ("the Bad Guy").
Run over the surface of a hard drive & infect
each sector's critical bytes. Collect enough
bytes to venture to the next level. Watch out
for the relentless virus cleaner disk! Req:
386+; 4MB RAM; Win 3.1, Win 95, or OS/2; 256
VGA; Mouse or Joystick; Sound Card (optional,
but recommended).  [$20]
30920 VOMTCH20.ZIP 264107 31.10.1996 - - -
Meter Challenge v2.00  (ESC) Helps you
teach or learn the use of ohmmeters and
voltmeters in troubleshooting electronic
circuits. Each program run is a new adventure
requiring your skill to solve a realistic
problem. The program generates thousands of
varied situations which require more than
rote theory. This program sets technical
training on a space opera stage to add
interest and purpose to serious training.
30921 VPOKER.ZIP 347285 31.10.1996 - - -
Turbo Video Poker v1.0 Fastest, most exciting
poker game ever. Major league features
* Full statistics in Scrollable window
* High quality fast graphics. Pie Graph.
* Large *Bonus* payouts on any high hands.
* Popup Help on all controls. 16 bit Sound.
* Full featured in the shareware version
Shareware $15 
40953 WBLOCK.ZIP 148349 31.10.1996 - - -
Win Block 3D is a very intersting game the
object is to finish with more  pieces than
your opponent. You take pieces by surrounding
an opponents on two  sides in any direction
which includes diagonally. You may only make
a move  when you can take an  opposing piece.
If no moves are available the computer  will
forfeit your turn. The Easy, Hard, and
Difficult Levels puts you   against the
SPEAKER DRIVER. From the  creators of Win
SetTime (WSTIME.ZIP), Win Bar Clock & many
69970 WCHSS25C.ZIP 664798 31.10.1996 - - tupla
WinChess 2.50c is an easy to use chess
game for Windows with awesome graphics.
Req: 386, 4MB RAM, Windows, 32k colors.
Release Date: 02/20/96
40956 WHANG4.ZIP 142477 04.11.1996 - MBCD -
WinHangMan - is a fun word-guessing
game for Windows.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40957 WHW100_E.ZIP 550680 31.10.1996 - - -
Whist For Windows Card Game!!!
Whist For Windows, based on the old favorite
Whist (also known in some areas as Catch The
Play against three computer opponents.  No bi
required, but does include a bidding option f
livelier game.  Fun and VERY addicting!!!
Includes bonus offer with registration.  See
for details.
40959 WINBGF2.ZIP 327924 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Windows Board Games For 2 VOL 1 WinBGF2
Allows you and a friend to play Chess,
Checkers, Backgammon or Goban either on the
same machine, over any type of network, or
using a modem.
40958 WINBGF22.ZIP 404804 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Windows Board Games For 2 VOL 2 WinBGF2
Allows you and a friend to play Flag Ship,
Pipes, Race Chase, or Fox & Hounds either on
the same machine, over a network, or a modem.
40960 WINBRI.ZIP 333032 14.01.1997 - - -
Winning Bridge is a card game for MS Windows
3.1+. Paced play gives the feeling of being
at a real table with the player sitting in
the South position and all other hands played
by the computer. Many commonly used bidding
options are included and can be selected. In
the shareware version each session is limited
to 10 hands and some facilities are not
available. A help file describes the full
bidding system.
40962 WINGO1.ZIP 143366 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
Go for Windows is a Microsoft Windows (tm)
program to record and display game records
for the game of go.
40963 WINJONG4.ZIP 1402934 31.10.1996 - - -
*MoraffWare*Best 3D Mahjongg!*Windows*V4.0!*
░    Moraff's Morejongg is the finest      ░
░ implementation ever made of the ancient  ░
░ Chinese tile game! This great game has   ░
░ the following features:                  ░
░▒Version 4.0: (Updated in April, 1996)   ▒░
░▒ 1) Great 3D graphics, three Dazzling   ▒░
░▒   backgrounds, Smooth Walnut tileset!  ▒░
░▒ 2) Traditional layout, Big tile layout ▒░
40964 WINMMIND.ZIP 349394 31.10.1996 - - -
Master Mind for Windows Original rules Master
40968 WINROB13.ZIP 486611 31.10.1996 - MBCD -
ROBOT BATTLE v1.3 - Design a robot to best
all challengers. To survive, your robot
must have better tactics, intelligence, and
adaptability than all others. Can you out
think and out gun your opponents? This is the
place to find out! Watch your ANIMATED robots
come to life and battle it out with stunning
sound effects. Supports Windows 95, NT, 3.1.
CONTESTS are planned to find the best robots.
Complete on-line help and docs.
40969 WJ3-0.ZIP 242963 31.10.1996 - - -
WinJack ver 3.0k
40970 WM_USA.ZIP 55411 31.10.1996 - - -
A *-mind game for Windows 3.1 and NT
Contains both Windows 3.1 and Windows NT
(Intel) versions. Sports drag and drop,
3 different skill levels, on-line help...
Written in C. English and French versions
40973 WSKIT20A.ZIP 234830 31.10.1996 - MBHH1997 -
Word Search Construction Kit V2.0a 
features the unique ability to make puzzles
in fun shapes with over 25 predefined puzzle
shapes (circles, apples, hearts, etc) with
the ability to create unlimited new shapes.
Up to 30 x 30 in size. Print options include
upper/lower case, grid, answer key, font
selection, metafiles and more! Teachers,
Students, Publishers and Fans: PUT MORE FLARE
AND PIZZAZZ into your puzzles.
70202 WSSWIN.ZIP 201281 31.10.1996 - - -
Learn how to trade and manage a portfolio
without putting your own money at risk.  Uses
data from popular online services to update
the value of your portfolio.  Compare your
investment results to those of other users.
$15 (plus $2 shipping)  Shareware by Larax
Software.  Registration brings printed user's
guide, newsletter, and upgrades.
40974 WTRIV10A.ZIP 41527 31.10.1996 - - -
WinTrivia 1.0 - Hyvä tietovisailuohjelma
40976 WWS201.ZIP 407161 31.10.1996 - - -
Windows Word Search Rampage v2.01 Word Search
Lovers Delight! Multi-Media Ready Word Search
Puzzle Game. Play Right on Computer or Print
Puzzles out for parties, activities, friends
or family. Select Colors and Background
Wallpaper. Optional Timer, Hint Mode,
Highlight Mode, Grid, Upper/Lower Case and
Sound. Over 10 congratulary remarks. Over 100
puzzles and the ability to create your own.
Many Print Options. More!
70375 XWDWIN.ZIP 309121 14.11.1996 - - tupla
Crossdown for Windows v2.40 Solve and
construct professional crosswords on your
Windows computer! New features include
SCROLLABLE clue list, sound card support with
SPEAKING messages, dictionary "hot-link"
access and extensive on-line help. Includes 8
professionally constructed puzzles by some of
the top names in the industry. Easy to
install and UN-install.
30965 YTA22.ZIP 246841 31.10.1996 - - -
Ancient Yacht is a dice game of luck and
strategy similar to Yahtzee but based on the
original game of Yacht. An ancient scroll and
stone cup sit on a marble table waiting for
your play. Click on the cup and it shakes,
and spills the dice onto the table where they
roll across the tabletop with accompanying
sound effects. Compete with an excellent
computer player, or play alone or with a
40979 ZARATH16.ZIP 445547 07.12.1996 - - -
Zarathustra 1.0 for Windows completely
original strategy game for 2-4 players who
attempt to dominate the playing field with
specially-designed tiles marked with swords
and shields. This isn't Mahjongg, folks. It's
war. 16-bit version - requires Windows 3.1+
SVGA * 4 Mb
40981 ZZPUZZ11.ZIP 547263 31.10.1996 - - -
Windows combination slider and jigsaw puzzle
for ages 4 and above. Helps to improve
problem solving skills. Contains many options
including the unique twist of having the
pieces colored in only when they are in their
correct locations. Prize is awarded upon
successful completion of each puzzle.
Requires Microsoft Windows 3.x or above, 2
Meg RAM, mouse. Windows compatible sound card
recommended but not required.