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40744 ABB099B.EXE 2,4 Mt 03.11.1997 - - -
"Andys BlockBreaker v.0.99 Public Beta A really DIFFERENT blockbreaking- game for Windows 3.1x/95. -Wave-Samples -MIDI-Music Designed with Klik & Play v1.2o FREEWARE!"
40745 AJLV11.ZIP 1,2 Mt 22.01.1998 - - -
Ajl - Aja ja liiskaa! Aja ja liiskaa on hieno peli, jossa ajat autoa ja sinun tehtäväsi on liiskata ukkoja ja päästä tausta läpi. Upea loppudemo. Lisää taustoja tulossa. Vaatii: Windows 3.1 +
40746 AMAZE511.ZIP 448,8 kt 25.02.1998 - MBCD -
AMAZEING 5.11 - UTIMATE Windows maze game  with awesome 256 colour graphics,  four great pieces of music, cool sound effects, totally configurable     game play, and MUCH more!!   Copyright 1996 by Stuart Swain. - Soveltuu erityisesti lapsille -
40748 ANBJ1612.ZIP 508,6 kt 16.02.1998 - MBCD -
Animated Blackjack v1.2 (16-bit) lets you play Blackjack with up to six players against the dealer. Animated characters make the game interesting, and sounds punctuate the action. Includes strategy lessons and card-counting instruction as well as the ability to tailor the play strategies of all players. Windows 3.1+
40751 AXIUMA10.ZIP 1,2 Mt 28.08.1997 - - -
AXIUM ADVENTURES v1.0 Soleau  Axium10.zip Axium for Windows is an exciting pure strategy, logic and problem solving game. The year is 2143 and you have been sent to the Axium galaxy to discover and solve the 50 puzzles which were created by another race hundreds of years earlier. Use balls, crates, transport holes and other objects, while avoiding the force fields to reach the control box in each puzzle. 486 66Mhz or 586
40752 BCUBES11.ZIP 80,2 kt 11.03.1997 - - -
BrainCubes v1.1 - FREEWARE! Logical game by MidStream, Inc. - authors of highly acclaimed BusinessCards and 007 for Win32 software titles. "BrainCubes is one of those games... which you end up playing much longer that you should" (John Ribar, BYTE Programmer\'s Cookbook, 1994). Visit our web site at http://www.midstream.com for even more fun today!
40753 BDSKI11.ZIP 982,9 kt 09.09.1995 - - tupla
"How good of a skier do you think you really are?  Test your skills in this fast paced downhill skiing game for Windows. This addicting game is fun and easy for anyone to use. Just be sure you dont run into any bears while youre maneuvering your way down the slalom course! If you have a sound card you will hear some great sound effects!"
40754 BEETLE12.ZIP 1,1 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
BEETLE RUN FOR WINDOWS  v1.2   BEETLE11.ZIP Req.SVGA Mouse Windows 3.1x 4 Meg Ram 33+Mhz Race against the clock as you rotate paths for the beetle to run across. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are required to keep the beetle scurrying across the leaf board. Gain extra points for bonus grids and other items as you try for the Top Ten High Scores. Beetle Run has sound card support, animations and is filled with educational beetle facts.
40755 BFTD16.ZIP 2,1 Mt 25.09.1997 - - -
Bridge for the Dummy v1.0 (16-bit) Tries to emulate the way a person really plays bridge. It will make a plan, but always look at the current situation. It understands Blackwood, Gerber, weak 2 opens, Stayman and preempts. It will also allow you to have the computer suggest bids and plays, arrange your hand etc. Demo is full featured but limits you to 50 hands. Windows 3.1x
40757 BJ_POK44.ZIP 238,7 kt 11.03.1997 - MBCD -
NOISY VIDEO POKER and BLACKJACK v4.4 Poker and Blackjack Games for Windows. Great sounds, real cards, and a beautiful user interface make this the best video poker and video blackjack simulation available. The included sounds make even losing fun. Requires: VBRUN300.DLL
40756 BJP11.ZIP 67,4 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
Blackjack Plus V1.1 by Ronald L. Mueller - play computer Blackjack with total control over casino rules and with instant readout of the probabilities associated with each playing choice. You select the number of decks, rules for splits and double down, payoffs, and more, then get a total picture of recommended player strategy for every card situation. Watching the probabilities and the real-time card count will make you an expert in no time. Req. VBRUN300.DLL and Windows 3.x
40764 BRICKL25.ZIP 1,9 Mt 22.05.1997 - - -
Bricklayer for Windows is fast-paced falling blocks game.  It features beautiful 256-color artwork, an original music soundtrack, terrific sound effects, and more. Version 2.5 adds: - user-interface enhancements - ability to maximize game window - support for smooth animation of   animated piece files
40766 BRNBST02.ZIP 136,4 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
"Brain Buster V0.2 by Peter Carr freeware logic puzzle game that you play against your computer by making informed code guesses. The game resembles baseballwithinningswhere opponents take turns playing infield and outfield. The outfielder supplies amarkevery time the infielder tries to guess the outfielders code. Based on these marksthe infielder makes successively more-informed guessesultimately guessing correctly. Windows 3.1x"
40767 BUGS.ZIP 173,6 kt 18.09.1997 - MBCD -
Bugs on Tetris/Zoop-tyylinen peli Windowsille. Tehnyt Jani Virtanen.
40768 BULLSY31.ZIP 114,6 kt 30.06.1997 - - -
Bullsy is a small Mastermind game for Win. You can play against your computer, or alone. Win3.1/95 version.
40771 CANASTA.ZIP 745 kt 10.02.1997 - - -
Canasta for Windows - lets you play Canasta against the computer. The included help file provides an introduction to this classic card game, as well as detailed rules. Features include selectable skill levels for the computer. Req. WIN31+ and VGA. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40774 CDOW32.ZIP 926 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
Crossdown for Windows v2.40 Solve and construct professional crosswords on your Windows computer! New features include SCROLLABLE clue list, sound card support with SPEAKING messages, dictionary "hot-link" access and extensive on-line help. Includes 7 professionally constructed puzzles by some of the top names in the industry. Easy to install and UN-install. Improved for Windows 95!
40778 CIVIL130.ZIP 967,7 kt 22.04.1997 - - -
Battles displayed in full color, from Civil War battlefield re-enactments. Windows zzle game. Extremely flexible -- choose any numbers of pieces from 4 to 2000! Hall of fame for your best scores. Save puzzles, lution hints, music, sound effects, simple mouse interface, and much more! Supports any windows graphics mode, adapting as you switch displays from 640x480 to 800x600.
40780 COLM32.ZIP 1,8 Mt 22.05.1997 - MBCD -
Columns Max32 for Windows is a fast-paced falling blocks game where the object is to form groups of at least three colored squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.  It features beautiful 256-color artwork, an original music soundtrack, terrific sound effects, and more.  Systems which are not 256-color or sound-capable are also supported.
40781 COMET!.ZIP 677,9 kt 03.02.1997 - - -
COMET BUSTERS! is a high-speed arcade game for Windows 3.1. It features ray-traced sprite graphics, digitized sound, keyboard and joystick control, and a multiple-player option. This is easily one of the best Windows arcade games to come out this year.
40784 CPRO.ZIP 583,1 kt 22.09.1997 - - -
Cribbage Pro v1.42  - A Comprehensive Card Game for Windows - CP provides all the features and challenge you expect from a traditional cribbage game. Multiple playing and scoring levels, from beginner to expert and automatic to muggins. Easy interface for effortless play. Screen components result in great visual appeal. Whether beginner to expert, Cribbage Pro has something for you.
40791 CWM103.ZIP 1,3 Mt 23.04.1997 - - -
Crossword Mania! - allows you to solve, build, and edit crossword or diagramless puzzles in Windows. Features include an 85,000 word dictionary, several printing options, the ability to preview puzzles before printing, and more. Many ready-to-solve puzzles are included. This version does not save.  Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40797 DOMSIN.ZIP 190 kt 18.04.1997 - - -
Dominoes for Windows by Brian Colton. Three different games to choose from: Classic, Big Six, and End to End. It includes two difficulty levels and the ability to select the number of dominoes you want to start the game with. Req. VBRUN300.DLL and Windows 3.1x
40799 DWLDSL11.ZIP 314,9 kt 28.08.1997 - MBCD -
Double Wild Slots V1.1 by Ultisoft, Inc. a fun 3-wheel slot game. Try to hit the big jackpot by hitting 3 shamrocks on the payline. Enjoy the fast action with nice graphics and sound. Windows 3.1x
40800 DYNGIN.ZIP 985,3 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
Dynamic Gin 1.17 (16-bit). Classic Gin Rummy card game for Windows. Play against computer opponent that adapts and learns as it plays. Select from 3 Gin variations, 8 cardbacks 4 skill levels. Drag/drop cards for flexible hand layout. Load bitmap images to the background for stunning user interfaces. Resume previous games. Save configurations of different users. Play & evaluate free for 36 days or 30 sessions. $12. 
40807 FATHOMIT.ZIP 1,1 Mt 02.06.1998 - - -
FATHOM IT! v1.1  - Windows version of GAMES Magazine\'s puzzle column "Solitaire Battleship". Unlike classic Battleship, Fathom It! boards are solved using logical deduction only. Registered version has 32000 boards, divided into easy, intermediate, hard and expert categories. Has automatic board solver. Windows 3.x and up, with color/gray scale/monochrome display modes. Ideal for visual-impaired users.
40808 FGWTET11.ARJ 150,2 kt 25.01.1997 - - tupla
Fastgraph Tetris for Windows INCLUDES DELPHI SOURCE CODE
40809 FLAPS.ZIP 986,1 kt 24.03.1997 - MBCD -
FLAPS for Windows v1.2 Flaps12.zip Flaps is a challenging marble arcade game in which the objective is to guide the falling marbles with flaps to have them end into their proper slots at the bottom game board.  With only a limited set of marbles to complete the task, your quest to complete each level becomes one of strategy and quick reflexes. Flaps is great fun for the whole family! Req.486 4meg Ram
40810 FOMORE20.ZIP 166 kt 22.09.1997 - MBCD -
"5-Or-More! v2.0 for Win 3.1/95/NT: one of the MOST ADDICTIVE Windows games ever - GUARANTEED! Dont take our word for itdownload the game now! Guess how many hours you will spend fighting this logical challenge. Both 16 and 32-bit versions are included. From the authors of award winning BusinessCards and PrivateEXE software. Please visit our Web site for even more fun today - http://www.midstream.com"
40814 FUNC9513.ZIP 173,7 kt 22.05.1997 - MBCD -
Funcrd (tm) Card Games. 256 color Windows  card games. Save and restore game, scoring,  choice of player types, billions of deals,  card counter, cheat mode. Multiple decks and  Backgrounds. Full rules. Sound effects. SWREG ID# 10273.
40815 FUNPOK21.ZIP 80,6 kt 22.05.1997 - - -
Funpok V2.1 (tm) video poker simulator. 192 Machines (six games) each with its own  database. Double-up, progressive jackpot,  eight denominations, pay tables, casino mode, get new cash game, sound. Logging of wins,  losses, types of wins, streaks and more.  Windows 3.1
40816 FUNS32.ZIP 225,5 kt 22.05.1997 - - -
Funsol 97 (TM) solitaire game160+ solitaire games plus editor. Tournaments, favorite games, random game, individual players. Snapshot, save and restore game, unlimited undo/redo, logging, graphing, scoring, money, billions of deals, card counter, cheat mode and autoplay. Multiple decks, sizes and backgrounds. Rules for every game! Sound effects. SWREG ID# 13223. Req. Windows 95. From The Softgame Company of Vermont.
40817 FUNSL22.ZIP 222,5 kt 22.05.1997 - - -
Funsol v2.2 (tm) solitaire game113 Solitair plus editor. Now in 256 colors! New improved  rules! Many additions and improvements. Save  and restore game, unlimited undo, logging,  graphing, scoring, money, billions of deals,  card counter, cheat mode and autoplay.  Multiple decks, sizes and backgrounds. There  are built in rules AND new full comprehensive on-line rules for every game! Sound effects. Windows 3.1x
40818 GAMEZ96.ZIP 2,9 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
"Note: Please do not install in Windows for Workgroups (Win 3.11)  Games 96 is a collection of games for windows. (Win 95 or Win 3.1). It contains 2 variations on poker. 1 game of Gin. 1 game of Crazy 8s. 1 Lotto selector. 1 Sliding Puzzle game.  You may unzip all files to a temporary directory and then run Setup.exe  This version of Games 96 is Shareware. Please direct any comments to: Alexander Smoljanovic  Alex1@Express.ca"
40820 GEMS14.ZIP 43,9 kt 23.04.1997 - - -
Gems - is a "columns" type game for Windows where stacks of three gems drop from the top of the board. You can move them left or right as they fall and rotate the individual gems in the stack in an attempt to get three of the same color in a line. "Magic" gems will erase all gems of the color that they touch. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40823 GRVBLL13.ZIP 1,1 Mt 25.06.1997 - MBCD -
Gravityball V1.3 by  William Hause Player uses cleverness and creativity to devise an "arena" which delivers the ball from the start tile to the finish tile in the most creative and entertaining way. Points are awarded for completing various tasks along the way. Requirements: Windows 3.1x +
40825 GTHC16.ZIP 2,1 Mt 18.04.1997 - - -
Green Thumb Cards 16-Bit V1.1 Your object in Green Thumb Cards is to grow more plant sets than your computerized neighbors. Sets vary in size from two to four with the larger sets having a higher point value. Windows 3.1x
40831 HSTCLK13.ZIP 15,4 kt 22.11.1997 - MBCD -
HastyClick 1.3. Pelisää painellaan vilk- kuvia valoja niiden syttymisjärjestyksessä. Vaatii VBRUN300.DLL. Toimii myös Win95:lla. Tehnyt: HarleSoft.
40839 JIGBAB.ZIP 1,1 Mt 27.03.1997 - - -
Jigsaw Babes, v1.0 Jigsaw Babes is a powerful jigsaw puzzle game with some of the best looking models around, beautifully photographed by a professional glamour photographer. Shareware version comes with 5 puzzles, full version on CD-ROM available with 136 puzzles. Req. Windows.  Great gift for partner!
40850 LOGGME40.ZIP 1,2 Mt 12.04.1998 - MBCD -
"Logic Games for Kids v4.0 from KIDware In Logic Games for Kidschildren in grades K-8 match wits with the computer or other players. Ten thought-provoking games are provided. Youll find memory games in which you match cards or reproduce pattern sequences and other memory and thinking games. Windows 3.1"
40851 LOGO10A.ZIP 194,9 kt 22.10.1997 - - -
Logic 1.0a              1996 J.Behling ABC-WARE: Software for Kids! Logic is a very special of the well known mastermind game for children (5-99). Hints, sound support. Needs VBRUN300.DLL
40852 LRALLY.ZIP 2,1 Mt 18.03.1998 - - -
Letter Rally 1.0 for Windows By Gilles BerA collection of 30 word & logic puzzles. To complete the rally, you must find the 
names of 30 world capitals by playing around with letters. Figuring how to play 
each puzzle is part of the challenge. Windows 3.1/95, 386, 8 MB.
40857 MAGICSQ.ZIP 227,1 kt 22.04.1997 - - -
Magic squares is a game for one player against the computer. The aim of the game is to collect more points than the computer. Points are marked are those displayed in the clicked square. WIN 3.x
40864 MJBB112S.ZIP 688 kt 20.04.1997 - - -
"Mah Jongg for Windows v1.12This is the original and REAL Mah Jongg. Shareware Industry Awards Nominee 1996.
Its a game based on strategy and symbolism and for beginners and advanced players alike. 
Includes an extensive help which explains the rulestactics and the history of this Eastern Marvel. 
A great Shareware game for only UKœ20 or US$29.95!"
40868 MUDBW16.ZIP 1,1 Mt 12.03.1997 - MBCD -
Mudball Wall - Windows 3.1 shoot balls of coloured mud at a wall to find pattern. It starts pretty easily but soon gets more difficult. Nice, tasty game of puzzle.
40870 MVPHRT.ZIP 1,6 Mt 16.06.1997 - - -
MVP Hearts for Windows by MVP Software Six virtual opponents are eager to challenge you to the hottest game of Hearts ever.  MVP Hearts plays the best game and offers the most features of any computer Hearts game available.  You can even challenge your friends to a multiplayer Hearts death match over the internet, LAN, modem, or direct connection.  Req 486 or better. v1.3.
40871 MVPSPA14.ZIP 1,3 Mt 02.04.1998 - - -
MVP Spades v1.4 for Windows by MVP Software. The leader in shareware computer card games is proud to present the latest and greatest! Six computer opponents challenge you to a hot game of Spades. Wonderful graphics and music provide the atmosphere. Are your card-playing skills up to snuff? Live internet, modem and network multiplayer support included so you can play against your friends.
40882 OOG_V11.ZIP 466,2 kt 23.04.1997 - - -
OOG, The Object Orientation Game v1.1 is a MS Windows program for playing tiling puzzle  games. Tangrams, Pentominoes, Hexagons,  Polyominoes all in a single app. Create your  own puzzles, get hints, auto detection of  solved puzzles, auto snapping of game pieces, save/restore your progress. From MCM  Productions! Author Member of the ASP.
40884 ORIGIN.ZIP 91,2 kt 23.04.1997 - - -
Original Soul - is an artificial life interactive game for Windows where you assume the role of a cyber-bug trying to hunt for food, reproduce, and battle deadly cannibalistic enemies. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
40887 PAT110S.ZIP 162 kt 22.10.1997 - - -
Patriot v1.10S Copyright 1996,1997:Lampron Software Patriot is a one arm bandit style slot machine. Requires: 386 or higher; Mouse or trackball; Windows 3.1 or higher REGISTRATION FEE: $12.95 U.S. DEVELOPER: Lampron Software
40891 PEGGED15.ZIP 256,7 kt 25.03.1997 - - -
PEGGED FOR WIN 3.x/Win95 v1.5 a classic board game. Eat all but one peg by jumping over them. Features: multiple tables, table editor, bombs etc... Full source code for Delphi1.0
40894 PINGIS11.ZIP 80,1 kt 27.08.1997 - - -
Pingis - kahden pelaajan pingis simulaattori" Vaatii Win 3.x, 4 megaa ramia, 140 kilotavua kiintolevyä (suurinpiirtein) ja NÄPPIKSEN.
40896 POKERCHL.ZIP 417,5 kt 23.04.1997 - - -
Poker Challenge 1.4 for Windows. This addicti new solitaire game from award winning designe John Cutter, combines the excitement of high  Poker with the strategy of Tetris, Shanghai a Yahtzee. GameNet\'s 1996 "Puzzle Game of the Y Shareware ($15.00). Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
40898 POKRSQ.ZIP 210,8 kt 16.02.1998 - MBCD -
Poker Squares v2.05, solitaire card game for Windows. Slick implementation of the classic solitaire, where you try to form the best poker hands on the rows, columns, and diagonals of a 5 x 5 grid. Features sound, music, full game statistics, and 3-level undo.  Shareware by Randy Rasa ($10). Requires VBRUN300.DLL.  SWREG #15285.
40901 PSLOTS21.ZIP 421 kt 12.03.1997 - - -
PARADISE SLOTS v1.2 Windows Slot Machine Game Three slot machine games in one (TROPICAL PARADISE, OCEAN BLUE and JUNGLE DRUMS SLOTS).  256 color graphics and funny sounds. Beautiful spinning animation.  Requires VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
40904 PVPOKW25.ZIP 985,9 kt 11.01.1998 - - -
PROFESSIONAL VIDEO POKER FOR WINDOWS V2.5. More than just a another video poker game! Choose from 20 different games like Dueces Wild, single & double Jokers Wild, Regular & Progressive Jackpots, & Double-or-Nothing games. Complete control over 50 impressive card dealing special effects. Includes card animation, customize payoffs, complete stats, digital sound, set cards, & more... Requires 6Mg RAM, 5Mg HD, Win 3.1+, 25Mhz 486+, VGA+.
40905 PYRAMID.ZIP 938,5 kt 30.05.1997 - - eritupla
Pyramid patience v2.1 for Windows Requires 386+, 4+ MB, Win 3.1x, VGA, SB supported. SHAREWARE VERSION --> 35 Mk FIM full ver. Made by JoreSoft Productions.
40906 QSETUP.ZIP 248,8 kt 23.04.1997 - - -
Quizzy - is a fun multiple-choice trivia quiz game for Windows. Correct  answers take you directly to the next  question, while incorrect choices incur  a one-and-one-half second penalty. 250  questions are included in this version.   Description Copyright 1996 PsL 
40912 ROLLEM20.ZIP 930,5 kt 23.04.1997 - - -
ROLLEM for Windows v2.0   ROLLEM20.zip Rollem is an exciting new strategy marble game from Soleau Software. The objective is to roll your marbles into a random maze and try to get them as far down as possible. Strategy is required as the arrow ramps are rotated with each marble. Try to block your opponent by strategically placing your marbles into just the right spots. Animated graphics and packed with features! FUN!!!!
40914 RUSBIG.ZIP 327,4 kt 25.06.1997 - - -
RusCell Malachite v.1B (BIG) Windows 16M colors Klondike solitaire in style of Russian tales
40915 RVP44.ZIP 72,8 kt 20.04.1997 - - -
REAL VIDEO POKER v4.4 A Video Poker Game for Windows Probably the most realistic video poker game available.  Digitized sounds, beautiful card designs (they look REAL), and ease of play make this game a REAL winner! Now with really BIG cards! Requires VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
40916 SAGEBJ35.ZIP 683,5 kt 24.12.1998 - - -
Casino Blackjack Simulator 3.5 - Sage Software. with great sound effects and animated graphics. Learn how to beat the casinos at their own game! Practically all house rules can be simulated. Windows 3.1+
40917 SCITY102.ZIP 2,7 Mt 02.06.1998 - - -
"** SOLITAIRE CITY V1.02s ** By Pete Wiseman The only Windows solitaire game youll ever play ! Every feature imaginable including stunning 24-bit card graphicswacky sounds and timed scoring saved to disk. Fast and furious gameplay. This shareware version includes eight of the most popular one and two pack solitaire games. Download SOLITAIRE SETTY too and turn your JPEG collection into a photo-realistic Solitaire City cardset."
40919 SEPKR19.ZIP 1,3 Mt 21.04.1997 - - -
"Smokeem Poker v1.9. A freeware game of five-card\xa0draw poker. Play against up to 5 opponents simulated by the computer. Requires Windows 3.1 w/386 or better. This version adds saveable gamesmore optionsand several bug fixes. BeerWare by Dave OBrien."
40921 SHIDAO37.ZIP 864,2 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
Shih Dao v3.7 from Digital Empires (256 colors). Now with added Boards and tilesets. More free available. Based on a game played in ancient China, Shih Dao is the ultimate in strategy. Test your will and skill and see if you can become a Master.  Multi boards and tilesets. Works with Windows 95. Featuring fantastic 256 color graphics and digitized sound effects. REQ: Win 3.1, 256 color driver.
40922 SHOOTER2.ZIP 463 kt 27.08.1997 - MBCD -
Shooter 2 Windowsille tehty ammuskelupeli , jossa testaat hiirikätesi nopeuden ja liipasinsormesi varmuuden. Taattua AndySoft laatua. Nyt uudet hienot 256 - väriset grafiikat. Vaatii Win 3.x. Ilmainen. Tehnyt ANtti Kangas. *NYT TYSIN ILMAINEN*
40926 SOLITI.ZIP 438,4 kt 21.04.1997 - - -
SOLITILE FOR WINDOWS A game of removing matched tiles, similar to Shanghai, Taipei, and Mahjongg (but much better :-).  Licensed version includes over 40 tilesets and and over 50 layouts, along with a tile set editor and a lyaout editor. Shareware: $24  EVERETT KASER SOFTWARE
40927 SPAD1651.ZIP 3,9 Mt 25.05.1998 - - -
Championship Spades 5.1b Polished Spades card game w/rich sound & extensive options, good layout, fast play, a MIDI jukebox of songs, autoresume, and help with tutorials. Play your favorite variations such as Jokers, 2S, Swap, Blind, and Cut. Polished interface. Dynamic Visual Solutions - Windows 16-bit
40930 SPIRIT1.ZIP 707,4 kt 15.12.1995 - - tupla
Spirit Riders, vol.1  "The Quest for the Crystal", Fantasy Role Playing/Adventure for Windows 3.0 and above, The first volume in a multi-part RPG. Players are sent on quest in an underground mine to retrive a crystal that can destroy the world. Surprise ending, intricate maze, and lots of battles.
40933 SSTARS.ZIP 90,3 kt 20.10.1997 - - -
Stars - a simple brain teaser game.
40934 STARMERC.ZIP 482 kt 28.06.1997 - - -
Star Merc (TM) - A fast paced stellar shootout for Windows. 3D rendered interface, 30 FPS animation.   Requires VBRUN300.DLL
40937 TACDEMO.ZIP 1,2 Mt 31.03.1996 - - tupla
"TAC OPS/////Modern Tactical Combat 1994-2000 Welcome to 1994s strategy/wargame of the year ... now for Windows and WIN95.  Simply   PKUNZIP TACDEMO.ZIP then from within Windows File Managerhit the tacops.exe button to run the program! THIS IS A WINDOWS ONLY GAME.... Brought to you by Arsenal PublishingInc. and Software Creations BBS"
40938 TAROTW27.ZIP 1,3 Mt 03.04.1998 - - -
CyberTarot(R) version 2.7 is a complete Tarot reading system for Microsoft Windows, including Windows 3.1 or later, Windows 95 or later, and Windows NT. You can choose from any of three spreads or card layouts, shuffle and select your own cards, and view individual cards on a large screen. Comprehensive on-line help system includes interpretations of individual cards and information about spreads and card positions. Minimum configuration requires 256 color VGA,
40941 TONK.ZIP 359,3 kt 18.01.1998 - - -
TONK. Classic card game with a computer opponent and dazzling graphics. For the beginning and advanced player. Learn Tonk for the first time or brush up on your existing game. Requires Windows 3.1, or Windows 95. Developed by AGCrump.
40943 TRICH106.ZIP 6,7 Mt 02.06.1998 - - -
Trichi v1.06 Turning Triangles into Triumph! Mystery & elegance combine with strategy in this board game as players visualize and complete geometric shapes. Fast & funny or slow and serious. Any way you play it, expect hours of tantalizing fun! With a virtually infinite number of possible game endings, you will enjoy a lifetime of Trichi games. Imagination Industries Inc. Win3.1
40946 UR10.ZIP 724,9 kt 28.06.1997 - MBCD -
"The Royal Game of Urv1.0s Windows shareware version of the most ancient board game known - 5 examples of which were found by Woolley at Ur.  Played from at least 2500 BC and probably centuries beforethe game spread to all the civilizations of the Near East and was the most popular game for at least 3000 years!  This version offers excellent graphicsgreat game playoriginal MIDI background musicand good game sounds.  Easy to play and learnvery funand very"
40952 WALLUP10.ZIP 1,2 Mt 26.11.1997 - MBCD -
"WALL-UP v1.0 Soleau Windows WALL-UP is an arcade strategy game where you try to guide four marbles at once into the  proper slots on the sides of the game board. As more marbles keep enteringyoure in a  race against the clock as the walls start to explode making it harder to direct them.  Gain extra points for bonus grids and other objects in your quest for the top ten score. Wall-Up is pure arcade strategy fun for all."
40954 WCHSS25C.ZIP 649,2 kt 01.04.1996 - - tupla
WinChess 2.50c is an easy to use chess game for Windows with awesome graphics. Req: 386, 4MB RAM, Windows, 32k colors. Release Date: 02/20/96
40955 WEGYPT20.ZIP 179,6 kt 25.03.1997 - - -
Egyptian Tarot for Windows. Esoteric fortune telling card game with VGA graphics & mouse support. Completely menu driven. Prints reports for future reference. Twenty-one spreads supported. Was ancient Egypt the source of the modern Tarot? Alexander the Great beleived in the Oracle of Amon located at Oasis Siwa. 2,300 years later, the key to the oracle is yours to explore. V2.0 1997.
40961 WINCRA61.ZIP 1 Mt 12.01.1998 - - -
WinCraps v6.1 by Cloud City Software Craps game with a wealth of features. Ideal for players who want to learn the game, or improve their game without losing real money. Windows 3.1x
40965 WINPOKER.ZIP 956,2 kt 30.05.1997 - MBCD -
Poker cardgame v2.1 for Win Requires 486DX2+, 8+ MB, Win 3.1x, VGA, Mouse, SB supported. SHAREWARE VERSION --> 50 Mk FIM full ver. Made by JoreSoft Productions.
40972 WORMY111.ZIP 1,1 Mt 21.07.1997 - MBCD -
-Wormy v1.11- A great worm game featuring cool music and great graphics. Work yourself through all the nasty levels of Wormy. Including marvelous modes like: NORMAL MODE, 2 PLAYER NORMAL MODE, POINT PLAY and 1-4 VS. MODE + a cool VS. COMPUTER MODE. V1.1 BUGS FIXED!!! -Req. 486, Win/Win95-
40977 YATZY.ZIP 1,4 Mt 30.05.1997 - MBCD -
YATZY For Windows. Version 2.02!! Dice game with graphics, animations, sounds, and two language support FIN/ENG. Requires 486/66 (P100), Win 3.1 (Win95) 8MB RAM, 3MB HDD space. AdLib/SB supported. Sometimes SW version play registered version!! Shareware version --> 50Mk FIM full ver. Nearly two years to make by JoreSoft Prod.
40978 YTSE16.ZIP 357,3 kt 12.01.1998 - - -
Yahtsee v1.16 (16 bit) by Cary Stone computerized version of the popular dice game. Can be played by up to six players. Players can be human or computer-controlled. The winner is the player who scores the most point in a series of up to six games. Windows 3.1+