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29176 1W773.ZIP 83,3 kt 13.08.1999 - - tupla
FS98 Cathay Pacific/Oneworld Boeing 777-300 Registration B-HNH. Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is the launch customer to Boeing\'s 777-300, and B-HNH is the first one on earth. It has since formed an alliance with British, Qantas, American, Finnair and Canadian, naming it "Oneworld". The alliance is real, but the plane is fictitious. Includes landing lights and cabin lighting. By Jeffrey Lung.
29177 2AMGAME.A01 2,9 Mt 16.02.1998 - - tupla
2AM Game Club v1.03d 2/5
29178 2AMGAME.A02 2,9 Mt 16.02.1998 - - tupla
2AM Game Club v1.03d 3/5
29179 2AMGAME.A03 2,9 Mt 16.02.1998 - - tupla
2AM Game Club v1.03d 4/5
29180 2AMGAME.A04 947,8 kt 16.02.1998 - - tupla
2AM Game Club v1.03d 5/5
29181 2AMGAME.ARJ 2,9 Mt 16.02.1998 - - tupla
2AM Game Club client v1.03d by 2AM Inc. 2AM Game Club is an Internet gaming network with a unique approach. Putting the emphasis on the "multiplayer" in "multiplayer gaming", 2AM aims to bring people together for competition and fun on the Internet. Use this client to play all of 2AM\'s multiplayer-tailored games from Checkers and Backgammon to Alliance & Defiance, Invisible Hand and so on. Windows 95.
29182 752AY5P1.ZIP 206,4 kt 13.08.1999 - - tupla
FS5/FSFS Finnair Boeing 757-200 (Pro Series) 1.01 Features a more realistic texture on the fuselage, more night lighting, including tail light Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. Wings designer: Bill Alderson
29183 752AY8P1.ZIP 157,1 kt 13.08.1999 - - tupla
FS98 Finnair Boeing 757-200 (Pro Series) 1.01 Features a more realistic texture on the fuselage, more night lighting, including tail light Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. Wings designer: Bill Alderson
29184 AABATSIM.ZIP 1,9 Mt 20.01.1999 - - tupla
Axis & Allies Battle Simulator v1.0 Understand and predict the outcome of battles. One of the most flexible, informative, and easy-to-use battle simulators available. Freeware. By Jeff Carey. Windows 95.
29188 AS_CARDM.ZIP 177,7 kt 25.11.1999 - - tupla
AS Card Maker With this you can easily make your own Card Deck for AS Card Games. The most time consuming part is finding pictures you want and then converting them in Bitmap Format. After that  you can make the very fast. Program automatically resize images to fit in one card. Note if your pictures width is greater than height , pictures will lose their aspects. Windows 95 By AS Games aki.suuronen@pp.phnet.fi Windows 95.
29189 AVPLNC10.ZIP 219,4 kt 11.11.1999 - - -
Aliens Vs Predator Launcher v1.0 By Leinen Software. You can now start the game into any level, you can change the rendering device and the resolution, settings are now permanently stored so AvP recognizes them every time, (even if you do not start it with the launcher) and a small error fixed that caused it to not run on some computers. Windows 95
29190 BACKTALY.ZIP 2 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
BackgammonTally V1.0 BY PC Guru free database for the serious backgammon player, which lets you maintain a record of every game played. Windows 95, 98, or NT
29193 BFC-PB2F.ZIP 1,9 Mt 15.09.1998 - - tupla
Battlefield Communicator Public Beta 2 Version 0.9 allows real-time voice communication during multiplayer games. Supports for example Quake 2, GLQuake, QuakeWorld, Sin, Diablo, and Fighter Ace. ShadowFactor Software Inc.
29196 BZCFG11.ZIP 185,3 kt 12.07.1999 - - -
Battle Zone Configuration Utility v1.1 from Leinen Software Development was designed to help troubleshooting and optimizing the rendering performance of Battle Zone. It lets you change the graphic settings from within a comfortable user interface e.g. Mip-Mapping, Triple-Buffering, Alpha Blending, Texture and Sprite pre-loading and many more. Win95
29197 BZCP130.ZIP 217,8 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone utility: Bz Command Center v1.3 Battlezone Frontend Map Loader A nifty little utility by Willie Goebel that lets you skip all the drudgery of typing in all that command line stuff everytime you want to play one of those cool (IA) maps.. line correct. One of the most indespensable tools you will ever use..
29198 BZFLAGS1.ZIP 62,7 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone accessory: Multiplayer Flags v1.1 Over 300 multiplayer Flags to chose from, all conviently zipped up and ready for browsing.
29199 BZFRAC04.ZIP 179,4 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone utility: BzFrac vr04a Battlezone Fractal Landscape Generator uses a fractal algorithm to automatically generate .HGT files to be used by the game Battlezone. & even simpler said "it makes maps"
29200 BZWHEEL.ZIP 140 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
BattleZone utility: BZ Wheel lets you use your scroll wheel mouse with Battlezone.. now you can use the scroll function to act as keyboard commands, its like adding two new buttons to your mouse, instructions are included with the program, and a sample input.map file to get you going quickly.
29201 CAMOCM10.ZIP 976,5 kt 13.05.1998 - MBCD tupla
Camo Commander - utility for F/A-18 Korea. Lets you select from any of 10 available camouflaged aircraft for both the US Navy and Marine Corps, and a number of world air forces, including Canada, Switzerland and Spain. Game Tool Technologies. Win95.
29202 CART1998.ZIP 1,5 Mt 27.09.1999 - - tupla
Cart 1998 Päivitetyt 1998 kauden ajajalistat Cart Presicion Racingiin. Uusia ajajia mm. JJ Lehto ja Arnd Meier.
29204 CC2MAPIN.ZIP 2,9 Mt 20.01.1999 - - tupla
Close Combat 2 utility: MAP-INST 1.0 Map installer. Install user made maps into CC2. Postcard-ware
29205 CC3CMANG.ZIP 486,6 kt 13.03.1999 - - tupla
Close Combat III utility. Configuration Manager. Install and uninstall patches and mods with a single mouse click.
29206 CC3CONFM.ZIP 486,6 kt 19.03.1999 - - tupla
Close Combat III Configuration Manager Install and uninstall patches and mods with a single mouse click.
29207 CCAP200.ZIP 641,1 kt 05.06.1998 - - tupla
Chess Captor v2.0 by Michiel Magnee Utility. Brings the convenience of Windows to the creating of chess diagrams. Features: Fully configurable chess board: Determine how you want the chess board to look: gridlines, borders, squares, colors, coordenates, orientation, backgrounds etc., support for headers and footers in chess diagrams: set up chess positions in no time, move pieces smootly over the board... Windows 95
29212 CHECKTLY.ZIP 2 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
CheckersTally by PC Guru Free database for the serious checkers player, which lets you maintain a record of every game played. It provides fields for description, location, result, opponent, and game/match date and time. You also have an area to record freeform notes. Windows 95, 98, or NT
29213 CHESSTLY.ZIP 2 Mt 09.07.1999 - - tupla
Chess Tally v1.0.1 by PC Guru Utility. Free program for the serious chess player. Now you can maintain a record of every game played, against who, and what the outcome was. Windows 95, 98, or NT
29214 CMX16.ZIP 304 kt 26.05.1998 - - tupla
Championship Manager 97 X-Plorer utility
29216 CREAOB12.ZIP 364 kt 04.05.1998 - - tupla
Creatures CyberLife Object Pack 1+2
29217 CREAOBSK.ZIP 671,8 kt 04.05.1998 - - tupla
Creatures Observation Kit This Applet shows a list of all of your Norns in one list together with their status. Options allow you to set alarms for when Norns become ill, or pregnant, and you can even set the window to remain on top where you can see it. The Observation Kit needs Creatures 1.01 or greater. As recommended by the Creatures Team.
29218 CREAPREK.ZIP 2,8 Mt 04.05.1998 - - tupla
Creatures - The Genetics Preview Kit is a new Creatures Applet for viewing Creature genotypes. It can be used either as stand-alone product, or in conjunction with the Creatures product. Creatures is required in order to see the results of any Genotypes
29219 CUBIXX.ZIP 1,6 Mt 23.12.1998 - - tupla
"Cubixx v2.5.5 by Paul Thomson Are you one of those people out there who has a Rubiks Cube collecting dust because you just cant solve it and you think taking it apart and putting it back together is cheating? Wellthenthis is the program for you. Cubixx lets you create your cubeexactly as it appearson your PC. Simply fill in the colors as they appear and click solve. Windows 9598or NT"
29220 D3V10.ZIP 40,3 kt 19.08.1999 - - -
Descent 3 View This Descent 3 Viewer uses OpenGL and allows you to view the robots and objects in Descent3. All that and its so small even a 14.4 modem laughs at it! Windows 95.
29224 DHC6_KOG.ZIP 90,4 kt 13.08.1999 - - tupla
FS98 DHC-6-300 Twin OtterSTOL fixed-wing, twin engine aircraft (registration sign OH-KOG).This aircraft has been 
used since 1980 for aerogeophysical measurements.The aircraft is owned and 
maintenanced by Finnair Company. The subsidiary of Finnair, Malmilento Oy, 
is the operator. Original by Barry Blaisdell. Aerogeophysical measure-equipment 
and repaint by Mikko Maliniemi.
29225 DIERLLR.ZIP 870,4 kt 05.06.1998 - - tupla
DieRoller v3.2 by Alex C. Cole Utility. Roll the dice with Die Roller. Calculates the results each time you roll the dice, and allows you to modify each roll. Windows 95
29226 DINKDMOD.ZIP 14,5 Mt 25.11.1999 - MBHH2000 tupla
"Dink Smallwood D-MODSnew worlds/adventures for the full version. Includes: The Search For Milli VanilliThe Scar of DavidDinks Doppleganger Full 2.1The Ninth LockThe RozarusElemental PeaceSword of ParanorThe SlaughterhousePointlessDinkopolisMystery IslandDinkanoidDinkZillaProphecy of the AncientsDink ArenaLost In Dink."
29230 DMDSETUP.ZIP 977,7 kt 10.06.1998 - MBCD tupla
Dynamic Mission Designer for Su-27 Flanker V1.0 mission planning utility for use with SSI/Mindscapes excellent flight simulation, Su-27 Flanker. By Game Tool Technologies. Windows 95
29233 DOA-MAN.ZIP 1,4 Mt 29.11.1999 - - tupla
Dawn of Aces ManualThe complete, official manual and guide to the megaplayer World War I online flying simulator. How to play, how to fly, how to fight and survive. How to use the commands, what they mean, everything you need to get up and stay there included. PDF-format. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, that you can get for free http://www.adobe.com - select Get Acrobat Reader, and then follow the instructions on the screen. http://www.ientertainmentnetwork.com
29241 EAWCTL16.ZIP 793,4 kt 27.09.1999 - - tupla
"European Air War Control v1.6 will help those who dont like fiddling with the ini file in EAW. You can select your preferred resolution/multiplayer settings and run the game. The multiplayer sliders should help those with serious lag/internet problems although you will need to experiment. Requirements: European Air War v1.1"
29242 EAWPIXP.ZIP 4,9 Mt 02.10.1999 - - tupla
European Air War Paint Kit Microprose has made available a European Air War Paint Kit. The Kit allows you to create your own plane textures, cockpits, and even Terrain! Windows 95.
29243 EAWSKINN.ZIP 12,4 kt 02.10.1999 - - tupla
European Air War EAW Skin Utility.
29244 EGN153A.EXE 1,1 Mt 19.06.1998 - - tupla
EGN ENTERnet global network Preview 153a EGN on pelikaverien etsimiseen tarkoitettu icq klooni joka tukee useampia pelejä kuin icq ja tukee winampista tuttua skinin vaihto tekniikkaa.
29245 ELF95403.ZIP 785,3 kt 12.10.1999 - - tupla
ELF x WINSOCK  Advanced, programmable, fast and user-friendly client for playing MUDs. MACROs, VARs, ALIASes, TRIGGERs, full mouse support, sounds, logs, scroll-buffer, full ANSI colour support, user definable windows, encryption, wizards, support for multiple instances. Automatic TICK recognition for faster HP/MANA/MOV regain. Fully configurable. Works with winsock and Win 3.1/Win 3.11/WfW/OS/2/Win 95. This program is freely distributable. Cheap registration fee:
29251 F182GTT.ZIP 42,4 kt 10.06.1998 - - tupla
F/A-18 Korea Camo Commander utility, FREEBIE: Canadian CF-18 based on 410 Cougars Squadron Commemorative colors.
29252 F1RSIMCA.ZIP 161,7 kt 16.03.1998 - - tupla
"UbiSoftin F1 Racing Simulationiin vuoden98 autojen graffat. Tarvitset Arturo Bazin F1RS Editorinjotta voisit käyttää näitä. Sen saat MBnetistä nimellä F1RSEdit.zip."
29259 FSCONV.EXE 481,9 kt 02.11.1997 - - tupla
Flight Shop converter to Flight Simulator for Windows 95 (Converts FSFS planes compatible with FSW95)
29258 FSCONV98.EXE 1,5 Mt 09.04.1998 - - tupla
Konekonvertteri Microsoftin Flight Simulator 98:lle. Tällä tiedostolla pystyt helposti muuntamaan Flight Shop -yhteensopivat lentokoneet FS 98:lle. Muuntaa myös adventuret eli "seikkailut".
29260 FSCOURSE.ZIP 2,1 Mt 24.10.1998 - - tupla
"Flight Simulator Course Plot How many times have you launched fs and taken off from Meigs Field and landed in Ohare? Do you see yourself doing a bunch of touch-n-gos? calculate the various NAV radios from any two airports in the United States. If you like European flightshow about a flight from Athens Greece to Heathrow Intl in London all pre-calculated for you? over 3700+ airports6500+ Nav Radiosand 12300+ runways COVERED. Win95."
29261 FUZZYDIE.ZIP 2,4 Mt 24.12.1998 - - tupla
"Fuzzy Dice! v2.51 by Grog Inc. Dice-rolling program thats packed with features. In addition to rolling any number of dice with any number of sides (up to 500)it can keep statistics and features well rounded AD&D character generator. Windows 95"
29262 GAMEINST.A01 2,9 Mt 12.04.1998 - - tupla
Game Installer 2/4
29263 GAMEINST.A02 2,9 Mt 12.04.1998 - - tupla
Game Installer 3/4
29264 GAMEINST.A03 1,2 Mt 12.04.1998 - - tupla
Game Installer 4/4
29265 GAMEINST.ARJ 2,9 Mt 12.04.1998 - - tupla
Game Installer from JC Research, Inc. 1/4 Installs from different multiplayer game packs into your computer: other is a group of three different Internet board games, other is action game called Mission Chameleon, where you infiltrate bug/machine colonies in a disguised war craft to destroy the bugs. Windows 95. Board games work through their own game server.
29266 GCTRIAL.ZIP 4,6 Mt 02.10.1999 - - tupla
"Game Commander trial version Simpleyet somewhat powerful little voice recognition program for gamers and especially to flight simulation fans. The trial version allows you to evaluate Game Commander for 90 days before plunking down your hard-earned money. Try it on your favorite games and then order the full product. The programs use is quite intuitiveand the instructions are easy. Windows 95microphone"
29267 GGRID22.ZIP 2,9 Mt 30.09.1999 - - tupla
GamesGrid Backgammon Internetpelin yhteysohjelman Versio 2.2 Windows 95-versio.
29268 GL3D-150.ZIP 4 Mt 14.07.1999 - - tupla
"GameLaunch 3D 1.5 Front-end for configuring 3D action gamesuseful for beginners and hardcore gamers alike. Itll configure your 3D card for speed or beauty with just the press of a button. You can create and manage multiple keyboard configurations with drag-and-drop interface. All your preferences are saved for laterand you can even combine GameLaunch with GameSpy to connect to online games. Supports Quake 3QuakeQWorldQ2Hexen II/HworldUnrea etc"
29269 GM95-136.ZIP 545,4 kt 30.11.1997 - MBCD tupla
GameMenu95 v1.36 - Windows95 Front-end loader for Duke3D, Quake, Doom2, Blood, Strife, Descent, Heteric, Hexen,  Terminal Velocity, Rise of the Triads, PowerSlave, Redneck Ramapge, Shadow Warrior etc. Launch a selected level, episode, or user-define map in single or multi-player mode. Launch game or editor with selected map/wad/bsp/rtl file. ETC.
29270 GP2ASTR.ZIP 2,8 kt 09.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
GP2 Always Save Track Records (GP2ASTR) Version 1.0
29271 GP2CCPE.ZIP 12,7 kt 09.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
"GP2 Computer cars performance editor ver. 1.1 for Microproses Grand Prix 2. This small utility allow you to change some GP2 settings like: maximum engine power in sessionsdriversgrip and car failures."
29273 GP2MISC.ZIP 6,8 kt 09.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
GP2 Misc Editor (GP2Misc) Version 1.0 1 - Change pitlane speedlimit 2 - Change number of laps in a 100% race 3 - Spectacular crashes
29277 GRREL21.ZIP 6,3 Mt 08.11.1999 - - tupla
"Grand Realm Tools v2.1.9016by Kevin Wilson GRT is helper utility for the Sierra online game called The Realm. GRT is designed and distributed to enhance game play and the gaming experience of those playing The Realm. Features quick-reference Realm Maps; full set of quick-reference Realm Information tables; Address BookIgnore List etc. Sierras The Realm and Windows 95"
29279 GUNCAM.ZIP 101,8 kt 30.08.1999 - - tupla
GunCamera Rev 0.50 990217 WarBirds utility. Capture screenshots to animated gif movie as you fly the simulation. This program can run in background and capture screen when fire button(s) are pressed. It may work for other games too. Works on 2D and certain 3D cards, like TNT.
29281 H2_UTILS.EXE 3,8 Mt 23.11.1997 - MBCD tupla
Hexen 2 utilities, contains level processing programs like QBSP, LIGHT and VIS, and HCC (HexenC)
29282 H3KACD10.ZIP 1 Mt 30.09.1999 - - tupla
Air Combat Designer for FA-18 Korea v1.0 By Game Tool Technologies. PC based random mission generator designed to work with Graphic Simulations excellent flight sim, FA-18 Korea. ACDH3K instantly creates complex air to air missions. Users can choose any of a number of global and flight level variables to modify the current scenario. Windows 95.
29283 HALFSKIN.ZIP 944,9 kt 30.09.1999 - - tupla
Half-Life Skin Installer .8 Created to make the installation of skins and models a snap. There are more than 350 custom skins/models for Half-Life and the number grows each day. To install such a large number of skins/models is no trivial task. What would normally take hours to do can now be accomplished in a few minutes with the Skin Installer for Half-Life. Windows 95, 98, or NT
29285 HICIVGAL.ZIP 164,1 kt 25.02.1999 - - tupla
"HiCiV (Galyavov) by Igor Galyavov Keep track of your civilizations progress (and the other ones too) in your Civilization II game with HiCiV. This is a useful utility that keeps watch over your civilization and writes out your history. Keeps track of populationgoldcitiesand science levels. Req. Civilization II and Windows 9598or NT"
29286 HKP15.ZIP 504,3 kt 11.04.1998 - - tupla
Hornet Korea Paintkit and Landscaper Add on tool for flight simulation Hornet: Korea by Graphic Simulations. Note: THIS PROGRAM ONLY WORKS FOR 3DFX USERS Windows95 menu driven program that allows you to choose between 5 different military paint schemes for the F/A 18 Hornet.
29287 HLLA10.ZIP 208,7 kt 11.11.1999 - - -
Half-Life Launcher v1.0 By Leinen Software. Three of the single-player maps and the hazard course, which were missing in the first version, have been added. The add-on games can now also be started into their first levels (if defined).
29288 HLLAUNCH.ZIP 1,5 Mt 02.10.1999 - - -
Half-Life Launcher v1.0 Free utility that launches the game Half-Life with optional command lines. Half-Life, 32 MB RAM, Pentium 166, and Windows 95, 98, or NT
29289 HLLPRUN.ZIP 2,1 Mt 11.05.1999 - - -
Half-Life Launchpad 1.0 utility. Features WON support, online help, bug fixes and more.
29290 HVIEW11.ZIP 1,5 Mt 31.03.1997 - - -
Missionforce: Cyberstorm HERCview tool created by James Parker. This will allow you to load and print out custom HERC designs.
29292 IEN_SAS.ZIP 10,7 Mt 30.09.1999 - - tupla
"iEN SAS system software (SAS). For iEN online gaming systemhttp://www.ieonlinet.net Required to play iENs other online multiplayer games online. Windows 95."
29294 IMPGALCH.ZIP 613 tavua 21.04.1997 - - -
Imperium Galactica (Editor)
29301 LEVEL30.ZIP 2,7 kt 24.01.1997 - - -
Level 3.0 on Duke Nukem 3D:hen lisättävä tasolen harppaus ohjelma. Voit valita episodin, tason ja vaikeusasteen todella helposti. Kaiken lisäksi tämä on freewarea.
29307 MCRDCNTR.ZIP 896,6 kt 04.06.1998 - - tupla
"Maries Card Counter v1.0 by Marie T. Taillon - card game utility. The main goal of Maries Card Counter is to improve your mental ability to remember the cards in any card game. This little software can make a huge differencewhen you play cards. Now you can remember all the cards that have been playedand its so easy!. Windows 95"
29309 MHSER15.ZIP 181,9 kt 16.07.1998 - MBCD tupla
Motorhead dedicated server 1.5, June 17, 1998 (C)Digital Illusions 1998 Motorhead dedicated server for use with the p1.4 client. Run your own Motorhead servers on LAN or Internet. Max. 12 players.
29310 MIDISWIC.ZIP 541,1 kt 23.01.1999 - - tupla
"MIDI-Switch by Mike Cicco If youre disappointed with the background music of your favorite gameuse MIDI-Switch to customize it by switching the gamesoriginal MIDI files with your own. Simply pick any one of the games MIDI filesselect your replacement MIDI fileand click Replace. Windows 95"
29314 MM_FULL.ZIP 1,5 Mt 10.04.1999 - - tupla
"HOMM III Monster Mash Version 1.3.0 small utility for viewing the CreatureSkillSpelland Artifact descriptions found in New World Computings hit strategy gameHeroes of Might & Magic IIIAKA HOMM III. Windows 95 Copyright © 1998-99 Paul H. SoaresJr."
29317 MOMLOAD.ZIP 17,5 kt 06.05.1998 - - tupla
Master of Magic QuickLoader v1.02 utility by Ben Esacove - uses Wizards.exe to load a Master of Magic savegame quickly. freeware. Win95.
29318 MORETX22.ZIP 73,3 kt 13.08.1999 - - tupla
Airline Textures (twin-engine) pack II. A collection of additional texture files for use with JETS2.ZIP. Airlines included: Air Afrique, Air Transat (NC), British Airways (OC), Canadian (NC), Continental, Continental Micronesia, China Eastern, China Southern, Finnair (NC), JAL, KLM, LAM, Lufthansa, Northwest, Shuttle by United, TACV, United, as well as the "Grupo TACA" (Aviateca, LACSA, NICA and TACA). By Sergio Ortega.
29319 MOVSPACE.ZIP 6,8 kt 13.05.1998 - - tupla
"Janes F-15 Install Size Reduction Utility MovSpace is a utility to decrease the full install size of F-15. It reclaims approximately 135 mbytes of HD space by removing the movies from the players Hard Drive. Windows 95."
29320 MPC2121.ZIP 619,3 kt 11.04.1998 - MBCD tupla
MultiPlayerCiv2 1.21 Allows you to play multiplayer games of Civilization 2. Works in hotseat, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, modem and serial connection. Windows 95. Suggested Civ II v2.42.
29321 MPQVIEW.ZIP 152,9 kt 18.05.1998 - - tupla
StarCraft MPQ (install.exe) viewer and extractor.
29326 NHLI524.ZIP 579,5 kt 13.01.1999 - - tupla
"NHL Hockey-9499 editor and statistics viewer. Also features playergoalie and team sorting by namegoalspointsetc plus linerule and schedule editors. Version 5.24. Freeware"
29328 NORNFA12.ZIP 634,3 kt 04.05.1998 - - tupla
Creatures utility: Nornfamily by Elisabeth Witek. Enables you to track the progress of your Creatures breeding.
29332 Q_BENCH.ZIP 124,7 kt 24.01.1997 - - -
QBENCH is a Quake Benchmark program-compare your own results with the results found in http://www.stomped.com/performance.html
29342 RAL9510G.ZIP 179,7 kt 06.10.1997 - - tupla
Red Alert Launcher 95 v1.0g - 20.7.1997 by Golden Ghost Software.
29343 RAMIX51.ZIP 323,3 kt 08.04.1999 - - tupla
RAmixer 5.1 --- Mix Extracting program for Red Alert and Command & Conquer.
29345 RB3D_SRV.ZIP 2,8 Mt 12.11.1998 - - tupla
Red Baron 3D multiplayer server Set up your own server for multiplayer games with Red Baron 2 or 3D (high bandwidth recommended!).
29349 RW_BASE.ZIP 906,8 kt 02.12.1999 - - tupla
Roger Wilco Base Station v0.27.Internet- palvelin RW ohjelmalle. Base Stationilla pelaajat voivat ylläpitää RW-palvelinta 24h tai tarvittaessa. Siihen voi ottaa yhteyden joko IP-osoitteen tai pikakuvakkeen avulla. Erittäin käytännöllinen RW:n aktiivisille käyttäjille. Ilmainen. Paketissa Linus, FreeBSD ja Windows-versiot. http://www.rogerwilco.com
29350 RW_MK1A.ZIP 341,6 kt 02.12.1999 - - tupla
Roger Wilco Mark Ia. Ehdoton nettipelurin apuohjelma. Mahdollistaa reaaliaikaisen ja vaivattoman äänikommunikoinnin pelaajien välillä. Vaivaton asentaa ja käyttää, toimii kaikkien pelien kanssa. Pelaajat voivat joko ottaa yhteyden yhteiseen RW: IP-osoitteeseen tai ylläpitää RW Internet-palvelinta. Rekisteröimättömänä toimii demo-tilassa. Rekisteröinti ILMAINEN. Vaatii Windows 95/98 Pentium 166 TCP/IP http://www.rogerwilco.com
29352 S2EDIT.ZIP 39,9 kt 05.03.1997 - - -
Settlers II - SaveGame Editor v1.1 savegame editor for the great game  Settlers II  can  give   you thousands  of   items in   your Headquarters, and much, much more. Please read the  documentation  on how to install and run this  great program! - Bug fixes. - New Editing Options. Copyright (C)1996 Darrin Ackerman. All Rights Reserved.
29353 S340KF.ZIP 140,3 kt 13.08.1999 - - tupla
FS98 SAAB 340 Air Botnia (3D) Air Botnia is a SAS subsidiary competing with Finnair on domestic Finnish and Scandinavian routes. Air Botnia serves currently 15 cities with five J32s and five SAAB 340s. Five ex-SAS Fokker F28s are scheduled to arrive later this year (1999) and the old J32s are to be sold soon. This plane carry the new SAS look-a-like livery. 3D accelerator needed!
29355 SDOEC11.ZIP 802 kt 18.12.1999 - - tupla
SDOE Chameleon. Utility for Screaming Demons: Fighter Squadron.
29358 SIPLAYER.ZIP 176,5 kt 05.03.1997 - - -
Stunt Island filmien katseluohjelma. Tarvitset elokuvasta .FLM ja .ALL tiedostot.
29362 TAGTRAK.ZIP 3,8 Mt 04.01.1998 - - tupla
Total Annihilation utility: T.A.G Trakker 32 by Hybrid. time tracking application designed for Total Annihilation.  It is primarly used to log time, scores, players, maps and other misc. options that are associated with Total Annihilation.  It is a fairly simplistic front-end to a database that will (we hope) make your life a little bit easier.
29363 TENZIP.EXE 6,9 Mt 09.04.1998 - - tupla
T.E.N Network Client Välttämätön MtG - Manalinkin käyttämiseksi.
29364 THUGL111.ZIP 1,2 Mt 24.03.1999 - MBCD tupla
ThUGL v1.11 by Lars Filges ThUGL (The Ultimate Game Launcher) is a front end utility that works with any game built on the Unreal or Quake 2 engine - including Sin, Heretic 2, Daikatana, Blood 2, Duke Nukem Forever, and more. It has a simple interface that lets you choose a game type (you can use ThUGL to start up Internet server games), an episode, and a level, as well as frag and time limits and a maximum number of clients. Windows 95, 98, or NT
29365 TIE2XVT.ZIP 8 kt 22.08.1999 - - tupla
Käännä TIE Fighter - tehtävät XvT-muotoon.
29367 TRBOSLVP.ZIP 3,5 Mt 22.10.1998 - - tupla
"Turbo Solve! Pro v2.0 by Richard Thompson powerfuleasy to use32-bit word puzzle solving program for Windows95/NTcapable of solving a wide variety of word puzzles including crosswordsanagramsin-wordspair-up puzzlesword searches etc. Windows 95"
29369 UOPING.ZIP 12,3 kt 17.03.1998 - - tupla
Ultima Online utility - UOPING. tests the latency between your machine and the Ultima Online servers (after the 10th packet has returned, press enter to quit)
29371 VDICE31.ZIP 12,1 kt 20.07.1998 - - tupla
vDice v3.1. utility. by Andrew M. Powell designed to replace the polyhedral dice used in most role-playing games. Just click a number button to roll dies with needed numbers. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
29372 W2WRM211.ZIP 126,6 kt 24.12.1998 - - tupla
WarMaker 2.11 Warcraft 2 Random Map Generator. Windows 95.
29373 W3TOOLS.ZIP 3,6 Mt 12.11.1998 - - tupla
Warlords III new tools set
29375 WARMAKER.ZIP 144,8 kt 23.11.1997 - MBCD tupla
WarMaker 1.0  11-06-97 Warcraft 2 Random Map Generator. Windows 95.
29376 WNHLI423.ZIP 162,5 kt 03.02.1998 - - tupla
WNHLINFO 4.23 Toni Wilenin NHLINFON Windows-versio. (Tukee myös NHL 98)