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60000 !1HYPER.ZIP 1064835 14.10.1995 - MBCD tupla
HYPERCYCLES(tm) Hot New Game by Aclypse!
Exciting, full perspective, intense, high
speed 3D action on the grid, enemy riders
laying laser walls to surround you. Carriers
and stalkers flying above, dropping evil upon
you. As you ride your HYPERCYCLE, you see
over your shoulder that a Laser Tank is
moving in for the kill. But with your ground
and surface to air missiles you'll make them
pay. Intense 256 Color VGA, music and sound
effects. (Shareware) Req. 486 33Mhz 4MB
60001 !BILLY10.ZIP 533966 22.02.1995 - - tupla
Billy The Kid 1.0 from Alive Software
A 3D VGA Western Action Arcade Game. Many
levels, 256 color scrolling action, Escape
from prison, survive the New Mexico desert,
rattle snakes, buffaloes, bombs, gunmen and
other surprises. Explore the old man's mine
and his army of mice, fight with gangs,
cross Ghost- towns, find treasures, face
deadly enemies, Apache warriors and Sheriff
Pat Garrett's lethal six shooter. Requires:
VGA, 286-16 and 530K of memory
60003 !C-KONG.ZIP 310749 24.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
The object of CHAMP Kong is to save your
girlfriend from the love sick ape named Kong!
Requires: 386/25Mhz or better, VGA, 450k
60004 !CRYSTAL.ZIP 174465 08.01.1996 - - tupla
Crystal Madness - Mark Davis '95
A hot, new, mind boggling, quick
thinking, fast action arcade game!
With: SoundBlaster, 256VGA
60009 !TIKKA13.ZIP 85056 22.07.1996 - MBCD tupla
TIKKA versio 1.3
1-4 Pelaajalle !
- Osumat !
- Tulokset !
- Keskiarvot !
Lord Wullias
60012 #1AC.ZIP 1750856 01.11.1994 - - -
ALIEN CARNAGE v1.0 ─ Apogee game!
386 or better required! The best 256-color
*VGA* action/arcade game for the IBM PC! If
Duke Nukem has a twin, it's Harry--with an
arsenal of powerful weapons (guided missile,
photon cannon, micro nukes, jetpack, more)
Harry has the zombie aliens shakin' in their
slimy shoes! Cool cinematics, Sound Blaster
music, superb animation, hilarious story.
This game was formerly Halloween Harry.
60013 #1AGENT.ZIP 255058 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
ALL-NEW for Feb. 1992. EGA/VGA graphics.
Full-screen scrolling adventure/action game
were you play a top agent who must retrieve
stolen plans to a deadly laser satellite.
Action and puzzles galore!
60014 #1ARCTIC.ZIP 147701 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
The chilling sequel to Pharaoh's Tomb finds
Nevada Smith on the hunt for more treasure,
this time in icy glaciers.  Perilous traps
and puzzles will stump you on every level.
Will you survive the abominable snowman?
Ultra-smooth animation, detailed graphics,
and arcade sound effects.
60015 #1BASH21.ZIP 1024502 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
Young hero Johnny Dash visits the Under World
of Count Chuck to save his dog, Tex. Over 2
Megs compressed graphics (Apogee's biggest
game yet!).  Full Ad Lib soundtrack and
nightmarish Sound Blaster digitized effects.
Two cinematic scenes.  Get the file
#1MB-PIX.ZIP for preview slide show.
Absolutely the most animated game Apogee has
created to date.  Three skill levels.
60016 #1BIO11.ZIP 654521 24.08.1993 - - -
Total action, kick butt, Duke Nukem-style,
shoot-everything-that-moves adventure. As a
CIA agent, you must rescue Metro City from
the mutant army of Dr. Mangle.  Use several
high-powered weapons & watch the guts fly!
Great levels, Ad Lib music & sounds, huge
boss creatures, stunning variety. GET THIS!
Developed with Id Software's game engine.
Secret areas and maneuvers to discover. 286+
60017 #1BOP11.ZIP 1349374 11.01.1995 - MBCD -
BOPPIN' v1.1 from APOGEE!
Variety jammed arcade/puzzle game!
In an alternate *arcade game* universe, you
must free dozens of imprisoned enemies from
other video games. Each level has unique VGA
graphics in this unusual game. Violence mode
provided. Cool animation & cinematics. MIDI
music & digital sound for all popular cards.
One or two can play together.  Level editor
in full version, plus 160 levels! Shareware.
By Accursed Toys. Supports two joysticks.
60024 #1COSMO.ZIP 540514 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
ALL-NEW, Mar. 1992. SUPERB EGA/VGA graphics.
Full-screen wide adventure/action game made
with SUPERIOR graphics than our Duke Nukum.
Show-stopping animation!  FIRST EVER IBM PC
theme songs!  Help Cosmo rescue his parents
on a peril-packed planet!  80286+ required!
60025 #1CRYSTL.ZIP 238434 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
Ultra-smooth, full-screen scrolling EGA
animation and graphics, like Commander Keen.
You're Mylo, and you're out to strike it
rich. Explore an Altarian planet in this
action-packed arcade roller coaster ride.
Excellent animation and screen effects.
Joystick supported. By Apogee. Member SPA.
60026 #1DUKE.ZIP 292483 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
Save Earth in this amazing EGA super game!
Over one megabyte of animation and graphics!
Incredible 360° dual-layered playfields,
like never before seen on an IBM PC! Builtin
hint mode, joystick support, arcade sound
effects, save/restore, etc. This game beats
the Sega Genesis games--a real show stopper!
60028 #1HH12.ZIP 1311454 08.11.1993 - MBCD -
386 or better required! The best 256-color
*VGA* action/arcade game for the IBM PC! If
Duke Nukem has a twin, it's Harry--with an
arsenal of powerful weapons (guided missile,
photon cannon, micro nukes, jetpack, more)
Harry has the zombie aliens shakin' in their
slimy shoes! Cool cinematics, Sound Blaster
music, superb animation, hilarious story.
Save/restore, 3 skill levels, boss enemies.
60029 #1HOCUS.ZIP 913471 29.08.1994 - MBCD -
386SX or higher -- 567K required
Scrolling action game like Mario Bros., with
constant variety of levels, graphics, music,
enemies and awesome parallaxing backgrounds.
In a magical kingdom, Hocus must overcome
many realms before becoming a full-fledged
Wizard.  Supports ALL major sound boards,
like Ad Lib, GUS, PAS, SB & general midi.
Three skill levels, joystick/pad optional.
Copyright (c) 1994 Mike Voss. >shareware<
60030 #1KEEN.ZIP 226049 01.08.1993 - - -
Five months straight as the number one
selling shareware program--unprecedented!.
This vivid EGA game has four-way scrolling
levels and great arcade action. No other IBM
game as ever duplicated Nintendo action
better. You're lost on Mars, battling the
Vorticons. Dozens of great features.
60032 #1MAJR14.ZIP 581749 01.08.1993 - MBCD -
Triple parallax scrolling sets this action
shoot 'em up game apart from any other.
EGA/VGA graphics, joystick, AdLib & Sound
Blaster supported. Incredible 3-D illusion of
depth. Become Earth's greatest hero as you
repel an alien invasion. Multi-skill levels,
cinematics, demo, saved games, etc.
60033 #1MAR7.ZIP 88792 20.03.1996 - MBCD -
Mario!!! v1.7   By Chaos Software, is a
NEW, VGA 256 color arcade game clone of the
old Super Mario Bros. games for Nintendo. But
throw away the Nintendo, Mario!!! is here!
Mario has the best of all of the SMB games.
And its only 80k!! So Download Mario!!!
now!!!! PB !!!!
60034 #1MARS.ZIP 152107 01.08.1993 - - -
Rocket to Mars and explore the mysterious
structures that seem to be built by an alien
civilization. You must rescue trapped NASA
astronauts, survive countless hazards, and
uncover ancient secrets.  Great arcade action
and adventure, with plenty of alien
surprises.  A CGA game with Nintendo-like
60035 #1PAGA.ZIP 338429 31.10.1994 - MBCD -
Indiana Jones look out--here comes Alabama
Smith! Paganitzu is an epic EGA graphics
adventure game in a vast Aztec pyramid.  Can
you overcome the amazing puzzles in the many
perilous chambers.  Longest animated ending
sequence ever in an APOGEE game.  Very fun
game!  Joystick supported.  Member SPA.
60036 #1PTOMB.ZIP 134047 31.10.1994 - MBCD -
A colorful arcade game full of puzzles,
prizes and adventure.  Journey into a vast
Egyptian pyramid in search of priceless
treasure. Excellent run & jump type game with
smooth animation and great sound effects.
3eviewed in Computer Gaming World as
"Superior". Joystick support.
60040 #4KEEN.ZIP 664947 31.10.1994 - - -
ALL-NEW! Ground breaking EGA/VGA graphics &
incredibly smooth animation! Apogee & Id
Software bring you a brilliant sequel, an
EPIC adventure with 1.6 MEGs of graphics,
smooth scrolling levels, Ad Lib music, tilted
level view, and hilarious action sequences!
60041 #4KEENC.ZIP 521505 31.10.1994 - MBCD -
ALL-NEW! Finally in CGA graphics, too!  Now
those with CGA graphics can enjoy the epic
adventures of kid genius, Billy Blaze.  Over
1.6 MEGs of ultra-smooth, full-screen, high-
speed graphics & ANIMATION GALORE! Play the
game that beats all the slow moving animated
commercial games. Released by Apogee (SPA).
60143 1_VINYL.ZIP 1327811 20.01.1996 - MBCD tupla
The Vinyl Goddess' space ship has
crash landed on a forbidden planet.
Can you guide this beautiful goddess
through dangerous and exotic
locations in order to free herself
from the planet.  GET READY for sexy
arcade action in ths new release
from UNION LOGIC that will blow your
mind at 70 frames per second.
60073 10&PAKO2.ZIP 178790 31.05.1995 - MBCD tupla
If you  liked Pako 1 then  you are going to
love this  one.  Pako II is to be the best
Pac-Man clone out there. This game is full
of rich graphics and music, plus it runs at
a smooth 60 frames per second for fast paced
game play. Brought to you by
Uranium-Software. Req: VGA (256) & 286+;
Opt: Adlib card
60124 1993HOLL.ZIP 173784 07.01.1995 - - tupla
1993 Holiday Lemmings -peli Psygnosis
30198 1AGENT.ZIP 216809 24.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
Secret Agent, EGA/VGA
60127 1ARCTIC.ZIP 158907 04.03.1996 väärä koko nic.funet.fi tupla
The chilling sequel to Pharaoh's Tomb finds
Nevada Smith on the hunt for more treasure,
this time in icy glaciers.  Perilous traps
and puzzles will stump you on every level.
Will you survive the abominable snowman?
Ultra-smooth animation, detailed graphics,
and arcade sound effects.  CGA Graphics.
30203 1BIPBOP2.ZIP 157631 23.12.1994 - - -
BipBop II  ...NEW from S&M Software! An
incredible new VGA game from S&M Software,
featuring: * 256-color graphics and art! *
real time 3D rotation effects! * raytraced
game pieces * hypnotically flowing backdrops!
arcade game in the whole entire UNIVERSE, or
so says the programmer. VGA or MCGA and 512k
30209 1COSMO.ZIP 502609 24.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
Cosmic Adventure, EGA/VGA
30211 1CRYSTL.ZOO 234285 24.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
Crystal Quest, EGA/VGA
60128 1DARK.ZIP 221176 04.03.1996 väärä koko nic.funet.fi tupla
Great EGA graphics and Ad Lib music make
this one of Apogee's more popular games.
In medieval times the powerful wizard Garth
has overthrown the Kingdom.  Can you save
the Kingdom?  A Nintendo-style game with
ten scrolling levels.  Save/restore.
60130 1FLASH.ZIP 578715 15.12.1995 - - tupla
Jack Flash by MVP Software. Jump into the
action with Jack and his Succ-O-Matic as you
try to stop Evil Eddie and his dastardly
"things" from destroying the universe.
Parallax-scrolling, side-splitting humor.
More zest than a Microsoft press release.
More action than a Stallone flick, and cuter
too! Relive the good old days when mad
scientists threatened mankind and games were
fun! Req 386, VGA; supports most sound cards.
60131 1HP11.ZIP 943936 20.10.1995 - nic.funet.fi tupla
386SX or higher -- 567K required
Scrolling action game like Mario Bros., with
constant variety of levels, graphics, music,
enemies and awesome parallaxing backgrounds.
In a magical kingdom, Hocus must overcome
many realms before becoming a full-fledged
Wizard.  Supports ALL major sound boards,
like Ad Lib, GUS, PAS, SB & general MIDI.
Three skill levels, joystick/pad optional.
Copyright (c) 1994 Mike Voss. >shareware<
60132 1JAZZ.ZIP 1424237 11.10.1994 - MBCD tupla
FAST VGA graphics, ROCKING Digital Audio
with Surround Sound, and WHITE-HOT action.
Sonic. Jazz Jackrabbit is coming towards you
at light speed, and this little bunny carries
a big gun! Lead the animated Jazz across the
galaxy to save kidnapped bunny princess Eva
60133 1ROC.ZIP 2543430 02.12.1995 - MBCD tupla
Innovative fantasy platform game!
At any time press a key to tag-team switch
between a male sword welding warrior and a
hot female fireball shooting sorceress! What
more do you want?!  Variety, mysticism, cool
music/sound effects by Bobby Prince (DOOM),
big bosses, gameplay galore?  It's ALL here!
486+ recommended. A blood toggle. Etc., etc.
Just get it and you won't be sorry! Ver 1.0
60193 3DPIT13.ZIP 112807 20.12.1995 - MBCD tupla
3D-PITFALL, ver 1.3:  3D arcade game, vga
graphics;  MAJOR SPEED INCREASE!! for all of
you complainers out there who don't want to
spring for a defective pentium. :-)
28767 3DPULSD.ZIP 1,7 Mt 14.07.1999 - MBHH2000 -
3D Pulsoid (final release) Arcade game. Retro remake. Developed by Fifth Dimension Company Published by  Ultisoft. An arcanoid game, "destroy all the bricks and go to the next level." 32 insidious game levels make it really fascinating ! 17 beautiful melodies will charm Your ear and cool sound effects will impress You! DOS, 486, P75, 8MB.
30244 4DUKE.ZIP 1117470 29.08.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
sequel takes Duke to an alien planet where
his brain can be used to devise the ultimate
attack agaist Earth! Two years to make, this
sequel to the award-winning original boasts
more incredible action than any game ever,
with killer music, SB effects, & cinematics.
Duke uses four powerful weapons, flies an
attack shuttle, shoots in 4 directions, etc.
Multiple skill levels. 80386+ recommended.
Duke I was 1992 Shareware Game of the Year!
60328 A1JET.ZIP 1350 20.10.1995 - - tupla
Five great Jetpack levels. They are real
stumpers. Two of them kill me at least four
out of five times.
60357 ABDUCTOR.ZIP 325531 15.09.1996 - - -
Title:  Abductor Version:  #1133 Desc:
Abductor arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA
Optional:  Joystick, SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
60414 ACKACKP.ZIP 140666 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Ack-Ack Attack Version:  #1135 Desc:
shoot-em-up arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA
Optional:  Joystick, SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
28768 AHMI11.ZIP 234,8 kt 22.12.1998 - - -
Ahminta 1.1 Tavanomainen matopeli. DOS. juha-matti.ayvari@mbnet.fi
60586 ALDO.ZIP 18284 07.10.1995 - - tupla
Aldos Adventure. PART 1.
60587 ALDO2.ZIP 25809 07.10.1995 - - tupla
Aldos Adventure. PART 2.
60588 ALDO3.ZIP 26796 07.10.1995 - - tupla
Aldos Adventure. PART 3.
28769 ALS.ZIP 197,8 kt 27.09.1999 - - -
"Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Classic retro remake. ALS was quite simply the best game to appear on Spectrum. Yesyouve guessed it - the whole thing was an April Fools joke. DOS & Windows versions."
60761 ANTATT.EXE 41628 15.08.1995 - - tupla
ANT ATTACK is an action-packed game. Giant
ants have invaded the earth and you must
destroy them before they take over. Ants
multiply on the screen and you have a choice
of three weapons to defeat them. ANT ATTACK
has a choice of three levels of difficulty
(easy, medium, and hard) and this shareware
version has 10 levels. Supports joysticks and
sound cards (but also supports keyboard and
computer speaker). It has music, sound
effects, and VGA graphics! Self-extracting
archive. Shareware; from Dataware.
60821 APOLLO10.ZIP 872653 15.09.1996 - - tupla
APOLLO - mission to the moon, v1.0. Become
the commander of an Apollo spacecraft bound
for the moon and back. Photo-realistic
graphics combined with authentic audio will
place you inside the cramped craft as it
descends to the lunar surface. The game is
divided into three distinct phases: Lunar
landing, Orbital Docking, and Earth Re-entry.
Each phase will challenge you to prove you
have the right stuff.          Shareware $10.
60836 AQUEST40.ZIP 322917 18.12.1996 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
Step into the wild world of Nature as a
Forest animal.  Discover your prey, avoid
your predators.  Collect energy tokens and
survive.  A never ending adventure, includes:
foxes, bears, rabbits, wolves, bobcats and
many more animals.  Take a walk on the wild
side with this fun game filled with realistic
sound effects, music and great graphics.
Requires:386 EGA/VGA. Option: Mouse,Sblaster
28771 ARCHON.ZIP 30,4 kt 21.02.2001 - - -
Archon Archon is a chess-like game, where the two sides, Light and Dark, try to control all five power points. Both sides are lead by wizards, who have assembled mythical creatures, like goblins, unicorns and dragons, to battle for the dominance of the power points. DOS. 
28770 ARCHON11.ZIP 118,6 kt 21.02.2001 - - -
Archon - the Light and the Dark v1.1 Archon is a chess-like game, where the two sides, Light and Dark, try to control all five power points. Both sides are lead by wizards, who have assembled mythical creatures, like goblins, unicorns and dragons, to battle for the dominance of the power points. This is a trial version, and only for palm devices with at leas os v3. 
60899 ARIVA.ZIP 75017 06.06.1996 - - tupla
ARIVAssa sinun pitää ohjata mato maaliin.
60910 ARO10.ZIP 763504 24.11.1996 - MBCD -
================== ARO =====================
=         A Quick VGA jump'n'run           =
= Follow Aro, a cuddly, little, red guy,   =
= through a zany land filled with slimes,  =
= strange bouncing creatures, magical      =
= potions, funky trees, blue skies, orange =
= sunsets, twinkly stars, and crumbling    =
= castles.                                 =
= requires a 386+, VGA card, and 2mb RAM   =
61167 BACKFO.ZIP 509671 16.09.1995 - MBCD tupla
Back To The Forest (c) Copysoft
28772 BALLUNCY.ZIP 836,6 kt 13.01.1999 - - -
=BALLUNACY v1.1= Great brain teasing game featuring soundblaster support,VGA and SVGA VESA support.Guide the balls around the screen to the exit point.
61196 BAM.ZIP 60940 01.04.1996 - - tupla
BOUNCE-A-MANIA!! is very similar to BreakOut
61247 BBONG01.ZIP 861439 18.12.1996 - - tupla
BingBong 0.01 - ßeta
Vanha kunnon Pingpong- peli uutena versiona
kahdelle pelaajalle. MOD -musiikit ja kau-
niit grafiikat. Bugifixeja sekä uutta audiota
ja graphicia. VGA, Hiiri, SB By Impress
61315 BEERW22.ZIP 100161 18.12.1996 - MBCD tupla
BEERWORM 2.2 from FALLESMANNI -A Brilliant
Wormgame -Supports SB sound effects -Many
bugfixes -Several new  exellent items -Some
new graphics -Boss key included -Must for
30316 BEYAVYSS.ZIP 289519 23.12.1994 - MBCD -
Beyond The Abyss
An incredible new Gauntlet-style game, but
with so much more variety. Fight your way
through castles, deserts, swamps, forrests,
mountains, and more. Very smooth scrolling,
tons of sprites, and digital sound effects
help add to the frenzied excitement! This is
a must download! Optional: Snd Crd &
Joystick. Requires: 1M ram, 286+, VGA.
61387 BHELL10.ZIP 1649729 14.02.1996 - MBCD tupla
Construction Bob escapes from hell
The all-star construction stuntman is back in
the bouncing adventure of his life!  Poor old
Bob mistakingly ends up in hell.  To get out
he will need your help.  Run, jump and ride
mining carts as you avoid rocks, leap over
holes and dodge arrows.  Ennemies like the
gargoyles, the demon hands and Satan himself
are out to get you!
28773 BILLY161.ZIP 1,3 Mt 28.08.1997 - MBCD -
"Drilling Billy playable demo 16 MB 1/3 Imagine yourself in an unexplored dream land surrounded by funny monsters blocking your way through out various parts of the kingdomlimited only by the borders of fantasy. Good old fashioned like platform game completed with the best visual and audible standards offered by the present technology. Its all taking place in a cute environment made with an impressive screen resolution making the 3D-animated charactersthe level design and req 486/66 8 mb VESA"
28774 BILLY162.ZIP 1,4 Mt 28.08.1997 - MBCD -
Drilling Billy playable demo 16 MB 2/3
28775 BILLY163.ZIP 526,5 kt 28.08.1997 - MBCD -
Drilling Billy playable demo 16 MB 3/3
28776 BILLY81.ZIP 1,4 Mt 28.08.1997 - MBCD -
"Drilling Billy playable demo 8 MB 1/2 Imagine yourself in an unexplored dream land surrounded by funny monsters blocking your way through out various parts of the kingdomlimited only by the borders of fantasy. Good old fashioned like platform game completed with the best visual and audible standards offered by the present technology. Its all taking place in a cute environment made with an impressive screen resolution making the 3D-animated charactersthe level design and req 486/66 8 MB VESAauppinen"
28777 BILLY82.ZIP 1,3 Mt 28.08.1997 - MBCD -
Drilling Billy playable demo 8 MB 2/2
28778 BIRDSNB.ZIP 493,9 kt 24.11.1999 - - -
The Birds and The Bees by John Dow. Arcade game. Classic retro remake. Game of Wagnerian High Drama and excitement.You must guide your buzzy bee type thing across the garden, avoiding savage birdies and vicious caterpillars to reach the flower beds. Once at the flowerbeds you must plunder them for their nectar, before escaping back to the safety of your hive. Freeware. DOS. http://www.retrospec.co.uk
28779 BLUPPO.ZIP 974,6 kt 20.10.1997 - MBCD -
"BLUPPO (TM) A Shareware Arcade Scrolling Game C)1997 Webfoot TechnologiesInc. DOS or Windows(TM) 95 FAST scrolling action! 2 simultaneous players! An under-water extravaganza. Bluppo must collect all the fish in each level and avoid falling boulders and nasty sturgeon. And if thats not bad enoughhe must conserve oxygen! Scrolling playfield features great graphics and music. Supports 2 simultaneous players at once!"
61568 BOLZ10F.ZIP 2596474 08.04.1996 - MBCD tupla
Experience the first five levels of this
fast-paced, arcade action/ adventure.
256-color VGA graphics and 32-channel digital
techno soundtrack make this a must download!
Defeat Billy Bolz and rescue all the balls in
the world!! DOS, 486+, Most major sound
61571 BOMBBY11.ZIP 299943 13.02.1996 - - tupla
great clone of the
10 Levels.A MUST!!!
a vt production by
61572 BOMBER.ZIP 102139 11.05.1995 - - tupla
BOMBER V2.1 The REAL Arcade game! Offers you
great VGA graphics and SoundBlaster digitized
sounds. A very entertaining software from
Patrick Piché. NOW, BLAST THEM OUT.
61586 BOOTGAME.ZIP 11945 06.05.1996 - - tupla
Pommittajapeli, joka asennetaan levykkeen
61611 BPV12SW.EXE 196009 08.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
Bomp Proof v1.2sw. 1 pelaajan puzzle
tyyppinen aivojenkäyttöpeli. Nyt SB/GUS
yhteensopivat musat ja efektit. Vaatii
SVGA+386(DX) 2Mb. X-Dreams.
61641 BREAK10.ZIP 1353582 27.02.1996 - MBCD tupla
BreakIt distributed by HomeBrew Software is
similar to Break Out, but with a lot of
additional prizes, obsticles and features.
One or two players. Requires: 386+, 2 Meg
RAM, VGA, mouse. Joystick required for two
player mode, sound card optional.  (v1.0)
28780 BRIX101.ZIP 1,6 Mt 12.09.2000 - - -
"Brixor v1.01is tilebreak-game with easybusiness-strategyand also classic tile- game. Brixor works under fullscreen DOS or DOS mode in DOSWindows3.1-98(not tested) in WinNTLinux and OpenDOS. Uses 640X480 16bit video (VESA)so at least p90 with soundcard recommended. Mouse interface. 15 levels in SW-version. SW$20 /Fim100   -Try it free!    http://koti.mbnet.fi/~aquarius/"
28781 BROID115.ZIP 382,5 kt 14.07.1999 - - -
"Boulderoid v1.15. Classic retro remake. Arcade. Dig around in caves collecting diamonds but dont get crushed. Based on: BoulderDash by First Star Software - 1984. Seen on: Atari 400/800C64SpectrumAmstradSTBBCMSXAmiga. (Also: GameBoyNESSNES). Authors:  MacroHeadMicroBrain & Codewraith Software. DOS."
61671 BROTHERS.ZIP 1051422 17.09.1996 - - -
Bomber Brothers v1.1 is a fun arcade game for
up to four players. Kill your friends before
they will blow you up. VESA-SVGA and mouse
required. Supports several sound cards. Made
in Finland. Released 01.08.1996.
28782 BTESTR13.ZIP 94,4 kt 02.12.1998 - MBCD -
"Brain testerv 1.3. Freeware. What you do to train your your physical body? You can runswim or use different types of testers. What you do to train your brain? You can complete iq testssolve puzzles and you can also use trainers. Pentix (Tetris) type game with tonts of added features. Require intensive brain work to play wellbut its a game! Improved playfieldnew keys addedimproved scoring systemplaybackbrain work indicator etc. DOS"
61709 BTGVEIJO.ZIP 137023 22.09.1995 - - tupla
Veijo Saves the World
Veijon maailman pelastus operaatio
on "nopeatempoinenäktionseikkailu"-
tyylinen peli.. Eikun imutukseksi!
VaATII: 386+,VGA.. GUS/SB olis kiva
28783 BTPRE.ZIP 463,6 kt 14.07.1999 - - -
BurgerTimeWARP! v.90 demo. Platform game - with food! Collect the food and drink to gain extra pepper sprays - they stun the bad guys. Try to crush hostile foods putting them into a hamburger! 4 levels. Burgertime, the name and idea (C) is probably to Data East. But I think this version is changed enough to be (C) to us. DOS. http://www.cdworld.co.uk/craig
28784 BTRIS120.ZIP 453,5 kt 25.02.1998 - MBHH1999 -
Bluetris 1.20 - Beautiful  Tetris-clone  with 256 colors, digital music and sounds. Includes several nice features  like  select  piece rotation direction, hi-scores and game statistics!
61729 BUKU.ZIP 470277 17.11.1995 - MBCD tupla
BreakThrough Bukulu, by Alex Mead
AMProSoft, June 1995
The fun breakthrough style video
game with a new twist.  While
bouncing the ball at the bricks you
can rotate your paddle 90° for
greater control than ever before.
Awesome graphics, great music and
hours of fun await you.
Req: SVGA Monitor, 386 or better PC
28785 BURPS10.ZIP 305,8 kt 14.07.1999 - - -
THE BURPS v1.0. Classic retro remake. Features: No 3d textured polygons, No ultra smooth parallax scrolling, 200% Playablity. The old ones are the good ones! Collect the three parts of the treasure key using one of three characters. Each character can access its own secret passage ways. 2D action. Original game "Atic Atac" from Atari, C-64 & Spectrum. By Stuart Collier & Andy Hewitt. DOS, VGA, 1 MB.
28786 CASHFLOW.ZIP 242,6 kt 06.08.1999 - - -
"CASHFLOW v1.0 **FREEWARE** Classic retro remake. A fast paced platform gamefeaturing lots of graphicssound and an addictive gameplay Based on: Frantic Freddy. Seen on: C64. Req.: DOS VGA 386/33 minimum Register and get the complete sourcecode!!! (C) 1997 Nikolaj Pagh"
61995 CHARLY1.EXE 1303313 10.02.1996 - - tupla
Jump'n'run game! Try to solve over 25 levels
with Charly the clown! (Shareware: 5 levels)
- 25 levels plus many bonuslevels - amazing
VGA graphics with 256 colors,
parallaxscrolling and rendered graphics -
fantastic music and effects
Play it and have fun!
61996 CHARLY2.EXE 1459605 10.02.1996 - - tupla
Charly the Clown. Hauska ja hieno
Mario-tyylinen tasohyppelypeli. 5 tasoa. Osa
62051 CHOMP10.ZIP 698467 13.06.1996 - MBCD tupla
Chomper v1.0
CHOMPER is the ultimate of its genre.  Avoid
the ghosts while chomping as many dots as
possible, in a large, scrolling virtual maze
approximately 30 times the size of the actual
screen.  This shareware version features 5
levels, each suspended over a planet and
stars in the background.  Features 256 color
graphics, parallax scrolling and 10 original
musical compositions. Win 95 compatible.
27452 CKONG111.ZIP 260,9 kt 28.08.1997 - - -
"Champion Kong - Donkey Kong clone Turn your expensive computer into an ancient machine! Good for nostalga buffs. Actuallyits an excellent copy of the ole quarter gobbler."
62195 CMPPCM.ZIP 229254 15.12.1996 - MBCD tupla
Champ Pac-em V1.1,
62232 COLDDREA.ZIP 1959662 18.11.1995 - MBCD tupla
Cold Dreams V1.02 pre-release, Gods-like
classical platform game with great graphics
and good gameplay.
27453 COOKIE.ZIP 367,4 kt 23.09.1999 - - -
Cookie Classic retro remake. Written by John Dow with graphics by Andy Noble (C)1983 A.C.G (C)1999 John Dow & Andy Noble. Move Charlie the Chef around screen throwing bags of flour at the ingredients in an attempt to knock them into your mixing bowl at the bottom of the screen. Avoid knocking nuts and bolts e.t.c in the bowl. http://www.retrospec.co.uk DOS
62430 CRYSALIS.ZIP 353598 19.01.1996 - - tupla
Chrysalis, Alpha version of a game engine
we've since upgraded in new and better ways
:). Linux and DOS versions included.
62483 CUBE106D.ZIP 173560 08.04.1996 - - tupla
CUBE  v.106d Ultimate stress-killer ! 4
players, VGA graphics. Music for GUS, SB,
PAS, WSS ! Almost 30 levels. Editors, good
S3M... by Jokke & other members of BAD KARMA
62506 CYBDEMO.ZIP 47163 24.04.1996 koko¹ ratsnest1.iso tupla
Cybersphere, smooth playable action game
resembling classics like Breakout and
Arkanoid. Shareware demo. Superb graphics and
playability! (C)1996 Psycon Software - By
Clay Hellman
62531 CYBERKID.EXE 4257229 19.02.1996 - MBCD tupla
Cyril Cyberpunk
Hauska tasohyppely Apogeelta. Cyril
ammuskelee alieneita erilaisissa
ympäristöissä ja huristelee lentolaudallaan.
62552 CYCLE.ZIP 43173 18.12.1995 - - tupla
Cycle, tron-like game for 6! players on 1
62749 DEFL10SW.ZIP 410451 19.08.1996 - MBCD tupla
Imagination presents: Deflector
A game of strategy and
survival for players who are
not afraid of a challenge.
386+ / VGA required
SB / GUS optional
63017 DKONG.ZIP 307615 30.06.1996 - MBCD tupla
CHAMPION KONG  Donkey Kong clone
Turn your expensive computer into
an ancient game machine!  Good for
nostalga buffs. Actually, it's an
excellent copy of the old quarter
30440 DOGS_V10.ZIP 261257 23.12.1994 - MBCD -
CyberDogs 1.0
Do you like Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk,
Crusade, Marine games? Then you'll love this
one. One or two players are merceneries and
rumble around in a maze earning money to buy
ammo + utils for the next mission. The job is
to blow up all that moves, collect stuff in
between and try to get out alive. There's
ten missions, piece of cake ;)
27454 DOSEGG.ZIP 418,8 kt 06.08.1999 - - -
Chickie Egg v1.0 - classic retro remake. Platform game. A 3D version of an old classic platform game. You, the farmer, must collect all the eggs before your time expires, while avoiding the emus (and the duck). Based on: Chuckie Egg by A&F - 1983. Seen on:  BBC, Spectrum, C64, Amstrad, ST, Dragon, Electron. Platform: DOS, (Win95-friendly) By Steve McCrea http://www.mccrea.demon.co.uk/step/steve.htm DOS.
27455 DOSSNAKE.EXE 319 kt 25.01.2001 - - -
"Deluxe Snake 2.9.8 for DOSDeluxe Snake is a clone of the classic arcade games Nibbles and Snake
with improved gameplayincluding power-upsmushroomswallstail-bite
and other fun stuff. Play on multiple arena sizeswith borders on/offin 4
different gamemodes. Theres a top 20 high-scores list for each unique
settingwhich also stores gamelengths and datesand can be merged with
friendslists. Freeware.
27456 DRAK200.ZIP 362,7 kt 18.01.1998 - - -
Drak Shareware v2.00 from Nostalgy A NEW generation of tetris principles!
63226 DS_POUET.ZIP 890683 05.02.1996 - - tupla
D-Stroy, fast arcade game up to 4 players in
Dynablaster style. With fast scrollings, lots
of bonuses, intelligent monsters, and lot of
FUN!!! Requirements: 386+, VGA.
63214 DSHADOWS.ZIP 1365759 15.12.1995 - MBCD tupla
DEATH BY DARK SHADOWS V1.5  Enter a world of
voodoo, black magic and the unknown in this
strange story of Dr. Jones and his daughter.
With your soul transformed into that of a
black panther, your journey takes you into
depths of darkness,  as you leap over the
perils of death in an attempt to rescue your
brainwashed daughter.  * REALLY Smooth
Animation! * Weird and strange Storyline! *
Beautiful dark and eerie SuperVGA Graphics! *
SoundBlaster Support!
63253 DUFF110.ZIP 378700 13.07.1996 - MBCD tupla
DUFF v1.10
Both  action  and  strategy  featuring
addictive  game.   Shareware version.
Requires  386 and VGA.  Supports GUS
and SB for music and sound.
27457 DW2.ZIP 112,8 kt 13.02.1998 - MBCD -
Drugworm 2 Iki-ihanan matopelin jatko-osa. 360 asteen vapaa kääntyvyys, nätit grafiikat ja seko mato. By Ile/Kosto
27458 E_FITUP3.ZIP 1,3 Mt 23.12.1998 - MBCD -
Eclipse Fitup v0.90. Tetris Warning. Multiplayer Tetris game : Up to 3 players on the same screen. Supersonic & Paranoia mode. VESA and SB/SB-Pro/SB16/GUS
63978 E_PACM2.ZIP 773634 23.08.1996 - MBCD tupla
E-C-L-I-P-S-E   P-A-C-M-A-N
A real game...
real code       100% asm
real gfx        100% bitmap
real music      100% Rez
v0.40 Released: Apr 26 1996
63644 ELECTRN.ZIP 285854 07.01.1995 - - tupla
Electranoid version 1.0s
Electranoid is designed to close the book on
all Arkanoid style programs. This game goes
far beyond any Arkanoid style program that
we've ever seen! Not only do you smash
bricks, but you battle the enemy fighters
with lasers, missles and just about anything
you can throw at them! Watch out, these
enemies fight back with balls of steal! Req:
2M RAM, VGA, Mouse & 386+; Opt: SB Card
64186 FLIPINTL.EXE 1986706 23.05.1996 - MBCD tupla
Flipout. Breakout-pelin tyylinen.
64208 FLYNN14.ZIP 1177323 21.01.1996 - - tupla
FLYNN SPRINT v 1.4 1-15-95 smooth- scrolling,
maze puzzle, fast-action, game. Climb
ladders, race through mazes, and dig holes to
collect all the jewels at each level.  Avoid
"instant death" squares, monsters, and other
killer creatures! Requires 386, VGA. Most
sound cards supported. Thoroughly tested on
Windows 95.  Includes Windows Setup.
ImagiSOFT, Inc. 
64271 FOXRANGE.ZIP 472254 11.05.1995 - - tupla
RANGER FOX - Hot Arcard Game from Korea -
27459 FRACAS.ZIP 869,3 kt 20.10.1997 - MBCD -
Fracas - 5 level shareware version. Arcade puzzlegame not unlike Bomberman/ Dynablaster. DOS.
64287 FRAMED.ZIP 197535 25.08.1995 - - tupla
Framed - platform adventure game.
27460 FRAMED11.ZIP 195,3 kt 28.03.2001 - nic.funet.fi -
Framed 1.1FRAMED v1.1 - A huge shareware platform  adventure game from Machination. Wrongly imprisoned in a foreign jail your quest is to escape and prove your innocence. This hugely enjoyable game features ultra smooth eight way scrolling, lovely VGA graphics and Soundblaster sound effects. Framed has a clever and intriguing plot that unfolds as you play. Framed requires only 540K of RAM and will run on a 286 or better.
64316 FRUIT.ZIP 78864 01.04.1995 - - tupla
Fruit, mielenkiintoinen hedelmäpeli.
27461 FSALAD.ZIP 1,1 Mt 18.01.1998 - MBCD -
Fruit Salad v1.3 by Vintage Software Remove all the fruit from each level. Sounds easy, right? A level is made up of fruits at the top of the screen, with others attached to them. You must shoot additional fruit from the fruit shooter to create groups of three that will then dissolve the fruit and free other trapped objects. DOS 486
64381 GALAXI.ZIP 330696 30.06.1996 - MBCD tupla
Galaxian - Space Invaders-tyylinen peli.
64397 GATE20.ZIP 765872 27.05.1996 - - tupla
▌▌▌▌ GateWorld  By  HomeBrew Software! ▌▌▌▌
Captian Klondike meets the G.O.R.G. machine
in Part 1: "The Seed Ship".  Over 2 Megs
compressed graphics. Full Adlib soundtrack.
Support for over 12 different sound cards.
Story and epilogue sequences, demo mode,
save/restore, hints, preview, and MORE!
Requires VGA, 560K RAM, 286 or better. Sound
card and joystick optional. Needs PKUNZIP
2.04 to extract. (v2.0)    
27462 GIANA131.ZIP 117,7 kt 06.08.1999 - MBCD -
Giana Sisters v1.31 by Myth aka Rainer Sinsch. Classic retro remake. Super Mario-like fun platform game that was so similar to its Nintendo counterpart that Nintendo sued the game out of market. Based on: The Great Giana Sisters DOS.
64516 GNASHER.ZIP 26171 19.10.1995 - - tupla
GNASHER v. 24. Variation of the old Pacman
game with some twists. Full Turbo Pascal
source code included.
64517 GND_FIRE.ZIP 225597 05.02.1996 - - tupla
GroundFire! Is a challenging,addicting,
non-stop action,War shooter game for Dos.
Great graphics and good game play. (Fully
functional demo version.) You gotta try this
one! Min requirements: 386/sx with a Sound
Blaster or compatible sound card and v.g.a
64534 GOBMAN11.ZIP 71957 16.12.1995 koko⁴ ratsnest1.iso tupla
GOBMAN, Arcade, pacman clone with a few nice
twists. Collect bombs, hourglasses, and
special red dot to use against the monsters.
Nice graphics and good gameplay. Requires
286+, VGA, Joystick optional
30514 GOT110.ZIP 791093 17.10.1994 - MBCD -
GOD OF THUNDER v1.1  (Impulse)
Thor battles and plots his way past dozens of
puzzles and hundreds of enemies to reach the
final showdown with the evil serpent who is
terrorizing innocent villagers!  A great
adventure with fun, Zelda-style gameplay and
an engrossing story line of an enchanted
past!  Meet ignorant villagers and mystical
creatures!  Excellent Sound Blaster digital
sound and full soundtrack. Requires: 286+
64590 GRAVWELL.ZIP 392738 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Gravity Well Version:  #1133 Desc:
Lunar module simulation Needs:  IBM PC, VGA
Optional:  Mouse, Joystick, SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
27463 GREEDY.ZIP 1,1 Mt 05.02.1998 - MBCD -
Greedy by Eclipse - the wonderfull Pacman retro remake - A real game... real code       100% asm real gfx        100% bitmap real music      100% Rez v1.10 Last Rel.: Sept 10 97 VESA and SB/SB-Pro/SB16/GUS
27464 GSX-MAS.ZIP 204,6 kt 17.08.1999 - - -
"Giana Sisters X-mas98 Special Edition by Rainer Sinsch. Classic retro remake. Super Mario-like fun platform game that was so similar to its Nintendo counterpart that Nintendo sued the game out of market. Based on: The Great Giana Sisters DOS."
64626 GTWRLD1.ZIP 697003 21.03.1995 - MBCD tupla
GateWorld  By  HomeBrew Software!
3 OF 3 Captian Klondike meets the G.O.R.G.
machine in an asteriod in Part One: The Seed
Ship. Over 2 Megs compressed graphics in each
part of this trilogy!  Full Ad Lib
soundtrack.  Support for over 8 different
sound cards.  Story and epilogue sequences.
Three skill levels.  Joystick support,
save/restore, hints, etc.  Requires VGA, 570K
RAM, 286 or better.  Sound card and joystick
optional. (v1.3) . Platform.
64631 GUIMO!.ZIP 3508789 02.10.1996 - MBCD -
Guimo-tasohyppelyn beta-versio 1.0.
64659 H2OGAME.ZIP 975952 16.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
■ H2O ■
A Puzzle/Strategy Game
(C) 1996 Webfoot Technologies, Inc.
* VGA graphics
* Awesome sound effects and music
* Major sound cards supported
* Joystick, joypad, and keyboard
* 386 33 Mhz or higher required
64763 HELIOUS.ZIP 287327 31.05.1995 - - tupla
HELIOUS ONE  Contains nine
bïzαrrê & fun levels you won't believe It
combines strategy with action oriented arcade
sequences. Featuring gameplay so original
you'll play it just to see what'll happen
27465 HHEAV11.ZIP 558,1 kt 03.11.1999 - - -
"Headbangers Heaven v1.1 by John Dow. Classic retro remake. Originally seen on Spectrum. Created by Jeff Minter."
27466 HMATO21.ZIP 138,2 kt 24.03.1999 - MBCD -
HedelmäMato 2.1 - erilainen matopeli. Bugeja korjattu! Parhaimmillaan kaksinpelinä, mutta myös tekoälyttömyys löytyy. Mukana kenttäteemaeditori! DOS. Vaaditaan 486/66 prosessori, SiliConGraphicsia suositellaan. Lisäksi VGA (jotta näkyis värejä). By the Lost Spaceman of Refinition. (raevata@saunalahti.fi) Freeware.
64848 HOINSTAL.ZIP 1196198 07.12.1996 - - tupla
HOPY-ONE(TM) Interactive Demo An Arcade
Classic (C) 1996 Webfoot Technologies, Inc.
graphics * Joystick or keyboard control *
Soundcard supported * 386 or higher required
In the year 2013, seven of the Planetariums
decided to initiate a plan to eradicate the
F.L.V. (Fast Line Virus), the deadliest
strain of mutating virus in the galaxy.  The
bio-droid, HOPY-ONE, was created in a
laboratory to research the virus and aid in
27467 HOLISERP.ZIP 648,7 kt 15.06.1999 - MBCD -
"* Holiday Serpent * is a great 360 degrees turning wormgame with a scrolling screen and SVGA graphics. This is much better than the original Serpent99! Uses MIDAS Digital Audio System. PuavoHard99DOS."
65267 IW11.A01 1456200 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Inner Worlds shareware 2/5
65268 IW11.A02 1456200 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Inner Worlds shareware 3/5
65269 IW11.A03 1456200 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Inner Worlds shareware 4/5
65270 IW11.A04 765026 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Inner Worlds shareware 5/5
65271 IW11.ARJ 1456200 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Inner Worlds from Sleepless Software 1/5
Share Ware-version. Side viewed nice
looking arcade action adventure
, in other words, a platformer.
27468 IW13.A01 1,3 Mt 27.05.1997 - - -
Inner Worlds V1.3. Shareware. Part 2/5.
27469 IW13.A02 1,3 Mt 27.05.1997 - - -
Inner Worlds V1.3. Shareware. Part 3/5.
27470 IW13.A03 1,3 Mt 27.05.1997 - - -
Inner Worlds V1.3. Shareware. Part 4/5.
27471 IW13.A04 1,1 Mt 27.05.1997 - - -
Inner Worlds V1.3. Shareware. Part 5/5.
27472 IW13.ARJ 1,3 Mt 27.05.1997 - - -
Inner Worlds V1.3 by Sleepless Software. Fantasy-related platform game. Control Nikita through several different levels on her quest to destroy evil Grulob. Shareware version. Part 1/5.
27473 JAGTRI30.ZIP 386,3 kt 17.02.1999 - - -
Jagtris v3.0 by Gunther Serrano A different twist on the popular "falling blocks" type of Tetris-game, and despite the similarities, it\'s not Tetris. Cubes made of nine blocks and of various colors fall, allowing you to rotate and move their position. Up to four players. DOS 5.0
65327 JAZZXMS.ZIP 1437436 24.12.1994 - - tupla
27474 JETMAN.ZIP 69 kt 14.07.1999 - MBHH2000 -
Jetman. Classic retro remake. Original by Ultimate in 1983. Build your spaceship by collecting the various pieces and dropping them in order on top of each other. Once built, fuel will then be dropped to the planets surface. Collect these and drop them onto the now built spaceship. When it flashes just move into the ship. It will then lift from the planets surface. Arcade action. Stuart Collier Seen on: Spectrum, BBC, Vic-20. DOS, VGA, 1 Mt.
65358 JETPAK14.ZIP 350738 17.10.1994 - MBCD -
JETPACK v1.4 from Impulse
Conquer and explore 100 treacherous levels!
Equipped with Jet Turbines and a powerful
Phase Shifter, your quest for precious gems
begins.  Search through dungeons full of
treasures and peril, dodging smart monsters
intent on sending you to your doom! Use the
built-in level creator to edit and collect
hundreds of homemade levels! Fast 256 color
action arcade game with digital sound.
27475 JETPAK15.ZIP 882,2 kt 23.01.1999 - MBCD -
JETPACK 1.5 *** FREEWARE The original classic is now free, and includes 400 levels! With your Jetpack strapped to your back, collect precious gems from 100 levels of adventure! Dodge treacherous Trackbots, whirling spikes, and other monsters intent on sending you to your doom.  Built-in level editor lets you create and collect hundreds of levels!  1-8 players, joystick supported. Full screen arcade action and digital sound.
65380 JILL.ZIP 282382 24.03.1995 - - tupla
256-color scrolling arcade adventure,
supports VGA/EGA/CGA/Jys, Sound Blaster. HOT!
Epic MegaGames brings you a new era in gaming
with this immense 16-level world featuring
Super Nintendo-quality animation, effects and
sound track.  Try JILL OF THE JUNGLE now!
65385 JJXMAS95.ZIP 1440892 12.12.1995 - MBCD tupla
From Epic MegaGames comes the All-New 1995
Holiday Hare. This holiday version of the
award winning Jazz Jackrabbit features new
levels and music for your holiday game
playing pleasure!
27476 JMPMAN.ZIP 78,7 kt 17.01.1997 - MBCD -
Jumpman Lives! The classic hit-game from early 80s on PC by Apogee.  Retro.
27477 JOE212L.ZIP 115,2 kt 08.10.1998 - MBCD -
Joe v2.12l - Tasohyppelyä
65426 JPOTTI22.ZIP 30359 10.11.1994 - MBCD tupla
Jättipotti v2.02
Rahapelien pelaajan ehdoton apuväline.
Sisältää nyt myös pitkävedon!
27478 JSMW11A.ZIP 709,7 kt 23.09.1999 - MBCD -
JetSet Miner Willy PC v1.1 By Craig Rothwell. Classic retro remake. This game is a conversion of a ZX Spectrum game made in 1984 by the now god like Matthew Smith who basically wrote the book on platform games. This was the first truly successfull platform game of all times. Collect all the objects from around the house, then go back to Maria your house keeper with 74 of them. Over 60 rooms to find and explore. DOS. Includes bonus games.
27479 JSW991U.ZIP 263,6 kt 23.09.1999 - MBCD -
Jet-Set Willy v0.991Classic retro remake Originals (C) 1983 BUG-BYTE Ltd, (C) 1983/1984 SOFTWARE PROJECTS Ltd 1997 Alchemist Research. From original idea by Matthew Smith. My version of the all time classic Jet-Set Willy. Arcade platform game. by Andy Noble. Freeware. DOS.
27480 JUMPJAC2.ZIP 1,5 Mt 23.02.2000 - - -
"Jumping JackArcade game. Classic retro remake. Jump to the top of the screen avoiding 
drunken Northenerscars and things. Ohand dont fall down the gaps... 
Includes a deathmatch mode for those of you lucky enough to have friends. 
Includes game file and backdrops/source code. 
http://www.retrospec.co.uk DOS & Win95"
27481 KAKAMATO.ZIP 73,9 kt 11.11.1999 - - -
Kakamato v1.0 Kaksinpelattava matopeli! 50 kenttää, mukana myös kenttäeditori. Toimii vanhoillakin PC:illä, kunhan VGA-näyttö löytyy (640x480x16 väriä) (c)1999 Susanna Software.
27482 KALA10.ZIP 122,2 kt 28.09.2000 - - -
Kalapeli. Versio 1.0 Idea  : Kerõõ planktoneita, kasvata kalaasi ja voita kaverisi. Tehnyt: Pulasoft (Copyright Henri Koskela) Mail  : hekoski@tkukoulu.fi http://www.tkukoulu.fi/~kastul/02/koskela/ Pulasoft.html FREEWAREA !!! (kopioi, mutta älä muuttele) DOS. 
65523 KEEN5.ZIP 671227 None - - -
Commander Keen V
30577 KEENDM01.ZIP 379152 24.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
Only you can help Commander Keen overcome the
killer vegetables which have conspired to
"clean his plate" in KEEN DREAMS, the "lost
episode" developed for GAMER'S EDGE by Keen's
award-winning creators, ID Software. King
Boobus Tuber and his Tater Troopers are ready
to take you on in this choice Keen adventure!
KEEN DREAMS is one of 10 great games in the
"Lost Game Collection" created by ID Software
exclusively for GAMER'S EDGE!  Check'em out!
65530 KENO115.ZIP 61564 18.06.1995 - - -
Noble Softin Keno v1.15
Mitä uutta:
50 parhaan enkkalistat, tilastot, koodatut
enkkalistat, ohjeet uudistettu REK.LST
65531 KERBOOMP.ZIP 493314 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Kerboom! Version:  #1133 Desc:
Kerboom! arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA,
Mouse or Joystick Optional:  SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
65552 KILOBLST.ZIP 521899 14.07.1996 - - tupla
A superb 256-color VGA animated arcade game,
30 levels of fun & wild digitized artwork!
Supports VGA (also EGA), Jys, and a Megacool
sound track for the Sound Blaster. The makers
of Jill of the Jungle have returned to bring
you even more *excellent* entertainment. Yes,
those Epic folks are back again, and this new
game is COOL... No, wait... It's HOT...
27483 KLORE2.ZIP 125,3 kt 14.07.1999 - - -
"Knight Lore II : WulfRyder v0.01 alpha By Peter Hanratty. Classic retro remake. A tribute to one of the gratest games of all time; RetroSpec brings you Knight Lore II: WulfRyder - a sequel to Ultimates classic Knight Lore. Revisit the castledo battle with demonscast spellsfeel the familiar cracking of your bones as the Animal within emerges... A top isometric viewed 3D action adventure. Originally made on Vic-20C-64MSXBBCAmstradApple IISpectrum..."
65614 LADMN310.ARJ 165190 07.01.1995 - - tupla
The mind-boggling puzzles of the Ladder Man
series continue with this latest release.
Help Ladder Man collect all the light bulbs
in each of the puzzle rooms and then reach
the elusive doorway. Use his ladder to reach
objects like TNT, boats, balloons and crates
while avoiding deadly lasers and dangerous
water hazards. You must literally construct
his own escape. WARNING ADDICTIVE!
27484 LIGHTBIK.ZIP 67,4 kt 04.06.1998 - MBCD -
"Lightbikes v1.0 by James Payne Action / racing / multiplayer Get on your light cycle and watch where youre going in free light-cyles-style game in 3D. Avoid running into walls and streams of light for as long as you can. Solo and two multiplayer modes. DOSsupports multiplayer for 8 players using IPX network."
65851 LUNAR.ZIP 89207 16.09.1995 - MBCD tupla
"Lunar Lander" by Kurt W Dekker.
65886 MACINVAD.ZIP 45059 24.02.1996 - - tupla
MAC INVADERS Save the planet from destruction
by the evil Macintosh  computers!  Fight off
wave after wave of the hellspawns in this new
arcade game for your PC from Tesseract
27485 MANIC15U.ZIP 191,4 kt 14.07.1999 - MBHH2003 -
Manic Miner v1.51. Retro remake. "Here is my version of that all time classic Manic Miner." FREEWARE. Original  (C) 1983 BUG-BYTE Ltd, (C) 1983 SOFTWARE PROJECTS Ltd and (C) 1997 Alchemist Research. Originally released in MSX, Oric, Amiga, C-64, Electron & Dragon. One the the first arcade platform games - ever - ! DOS.
65990 MASTER10.ZIP 38989 14.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
MASTERMIND v1.0 by: Shadow This program is
27486 MATRX10D.ZIP 959,9 kt 19.03.1999 - MBCD -
Matrix v1.01. Strategy/Puzzle Prepare for some high paced puzzle solving action as you enter the Matrix. 3D graphics and digital sound lead you through the levels as you match up to destroy the blocks or die trying. DOS.
27487 MEGA085A.ZIP 2,1 Mt 14.10.1998 - - -
"MegaBlocks 0.85a A addictive freeware game with the basic idea of tetris. This one is however more fun and more challenging! For examplegame themes include Old timesHells arenaClassic and Erotic alternatives. Copyright 1998 Rainbow Entertainment. DOS."
66106 METEOR.ZIP 84628 16.09.1995 - - tupla
"Meteor mission" by Kurt W Dekker.
66128 MGOLF.ZIP 209025 19.08.1996 - MBCD tupla
AM's MINI GOLF 3D Great 3d polygon mini golf
game.  Easy to play with changeable viewpoint
and varied holes.  Up to 9 players.
Registered users get a complete hole and
course designer.  Sound Blaster sound
effects. Dos,486DX+,3Mb Ram.
66144 MIMI.ZIP 1189227 20.04.1996 - - tupla
Mimi & the Mites(tm) from Product Development
Center of The Unobstructed Reason
Corporation. Platform game for puzzles and
lust loving people with strong action
element. Solve puzzles by achieving
particular goal. Req. 386+, VGA, 6 MB
66232 MOLEMACH.ZIP 290209 10.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
Mole Machines * seek the other player and
destroy him. Drive underground in mining
vehicles and destroy the opposing miner
before you're out of energy. Req. 486. By
Petri Savolainen
66271 MORRAF.ZIP 542035 24.02.1995 - MBCD tupla
Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven
Module I, updated 7/23/93: NOW WITH 3D
imaging on the walls and SUPER-VGA GRAPHICS!
Supports Hercules, CGA, EGA, low-res VGA,
high-res VGA, Super-VGA (800x600 or
1024x768-in 16 or 256 colors), plus most
Windows acceleraters!
30636 MPONG05B.ZIP 338966 14.01.1997 - MBCD -
MORTAL PONG v 0.5b Beta The first-and-only
PONG, first ever made coin-op game in
modernized 1/2 player version.
27488 MSPAC111.ZIP 279 kt 18.10.1997 - - -
"CHAMP Ms. Pac-emver. 1.11 Based on CHAMP Ms. Pacmanthis version offers superb graphicsSoundblaster support and enhanced gameplay that truly makes you feel like youre in an arcade! A complete remake.Retro"
66609 NOPAT.ZIP 165660 18.06.1995 - - tupla
Noble Softin noppapelit
66610 NOPPA32.ZIP 91368 01.04.1995 - - tupla
Noppa 0.2
27489 NOTYET.ZIP 3,2 Mt 05.02.1998 - MBCD -
Notyet v2 arcade game by MVP Software and Grog Productions. The action is fast and furious in this unique and highly original game. Clear the world of trigrams to advance to more complex worlds. Quick wits and nimble fingers will get you to the next world, but watch out for special effects of warps, yin/yangs, black holes and more.  Req 486+, 8 meg RAM, VGA.
66659 NSRAHAP.ZIP 171229 02.04.1995 - - tupla
Noble Softin mahtavat rahapelit
Kuin RAYn automaateista ! Mukana: KENO,
VENTTI ja NOPPA 1. Myös enkkalistat. Tätä et
voi ohittaa. (c) Lauri Aaltonen
66667 NTECH10.ZIP 666133 16.12.1995 - - tupla
NanoTech V1.0, 3d platform game with MOD
music, req. 386+ MSDOS 5+ VGA. Control a
nanobot in 3D environment, jumping from
platform ahead to another.
66774 ONEARM.ZIP 45466 18.03.1996 - - tupla
SLOTS.EXE is an original shareware program
by Anthony G. Weiss. Another one of the good
old one arm bandits!  Have fun, and please
distribute freely.
66788 ONESIMUS.ZIP 547096 11.05.1995 - - tupla
Onesimus-Quest for Freedom.Tasohyppely Jill
of the Junglen tyyliin.
66925 OXYD.ZIP 1156827 11.05.1995 - MBCD tupla
OXYD, version 3.B.  This color shareware game
allows cooperative play  via modem and
includes ten levels for preview.  OXYD is a
creative  challenge that introduces the
player to interesting puzzles, elaborate
mazes,  friction, velocity, gravity,
magnetism, lasers, prisms and other aspects
of  physical science realm.  Plays like
MARBLE MADNESS, with SoundBlaster and mouse
support.  Version 3.B features support for SB
16.  See OXYD.TXT & OXHINT.TXT  here in the
lib for more information
27490 PACPC21.ZIP 195 kt 15.09.2000 - - -
PacPC 2.1Klassinen Pac-Man-klooni, joka on uskollinen esikuvalleen.
"PacPC is a free Pac-Man clone that brings the hungry yellow dot and even hungrier 
ghosts to your PC\'s desktop. Just as in the original game, the object is to speed around
the onscreen maze, munching dots and the occasional bonus goody on the way. Avoid 
the ghosts at all costs, unless you munch out on one of those really big dots: only then 
are the tables turned on those meddlesome spooks."
30679 PAGA.ZIP 310765 24.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
Paganitzu, EGA/VGA
67032 PALLO.ZIP 111520 13.06.1996 - - tupla
Pallo on kahden pallontorjunta-pelin
yhdistelmä: Paketissa ovat Bananoid ja
67033 PALLOT.ZIP 56451 24.12.1995 - - tupla
Pallon väistelypeli, optimoitu pelattavaksi
66 Mhz DX2:lla (nopeammilla koneilla peli on
liian vaikea, hitaammilla helppo)
27491 PBALL202.ZIP 1 Mt 06.05.1998 - MBCD -
POWBALL v2.02 - best Breakout game in the world (C) 1997 Anthony P. Hamilton Hit a ball with your paddle and knock away bricks until the screen is cleared whilst trying to keep at least one ball on screen * Simultaneous 2 player mode * Silky-smooth animation and gameplay * 32 channel 32-bit digital stereo sound * Built-in level editor * 150+ action-packed levels etc - DOS VGA SPECTRUM PACIFIC PUBLISHING PRESENTS
67129 PCLAS1.ZIP 30991 14.03.1995 - - tupla
Vanhat PC-Pelien klassikot, osa 1/n:
67130 PCLAS2.ZIP 25380 14.03.1995 - - tupla
Vanhat PC-Pelien klassikot, osa 2/n:
67131 PCLAS3.ZIP 9080 14.03.1995 - - tupla
Vanhat PC-Pelien klassikot, osa 3/n:
67132 PCLAS4.ZIP 24686 14.03.1995 - - tupla
Vanhat PC-Pelien klassikot, osa 4/n:
67133 PCLAS5.ZIP 64318 14.03.1995 - - tupla
Vanhat PC-Pelien klassikot, osa 5/n:
67134 PCLAS6.ZIP 23700 14.03.1995 - - tupla
Vanhat PC-Pelien klassikot, osa 6/n:
27492 PENKO212.ZIP 216,9 kt 26.04.1998 - MBCD -
"Penkos Penguin Adventure 2 v1.2 Hyvä tasohyppelypeli junioreille. Nyt FREEWAREA koko peli ! Mukana hyvä tallennussysteemiparempaa grafiikkaapaljon kenttiä ym. hauzgoo. Suositus pentium. PuavoHardin tuotantoa 1997-1998"
27493 PENTU131.ZIP 74,9 kt 28.11.1998 - MBCD -
"Pentix Unlimited version 1.31 If you are tetris/pentix professional dont miss the challenge. Become pentix sportman! This is no longer only puzzle/ action game. Now its a sport game. Tetris -clone with many options and game styles. DOS"
29888 PINBALL2.ZIP 845997 24.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
EPIC PINBALL: Super Android
A major new version of the ultra-popular
pinball thriller from Epic MegaGames.  Epic
Pinball brings true arcade-style pinball to
life on your PC.  This update brings many hot
new features to the original: Surround Sound
for stereo sound cards, improved music and
sound, and more!  Epic Pinball is currently
the #2 game on the Shareware Top Ten!
67237 PING.ARJ 787456 19.09.1996 - - tupla
SECTOR ONE aNd FANTASY PresenT : .:. - PiNG -
.:. tHe OfficiaL TenniS SimulatoR oF tHe US
ArmY, FeaturinG BonI, CarebearS WarS,
SpindizzY SoundS aNd MorE ! (Req.
486+/VGA/GUS/SB/DOS) Extract with pkunzip -D
27494 PINPONG.ZIP 151,1 kt 07.02.2000 - - -
PinPong v1.0  by Hadzidakis Dionysis. Play a new style pong game. Arcade game, a mixture of the old Arcanoid and the not so old Ultimate Spinball. The object of the game is to blast all the blocks without loosing all your balls. There are four paddles for each side of the screen to and also some power-ups. DOS 5.0
27495 PKANV08B.ZIP 251,6 kt 12.01.1999 - MBCD -
     *-= Pekka Kana v0.8b =-*    Pekka Kana on uusi tulokas tasohyppelyiden genreen. Veri roiskuu jos kieroutunut mielesi sitä halajaa. Tekijä:Deep Connection 486DX2/Näyttö/n. puoli megaa kovalevytilaa.
27496 PLAST14.ZIP 824,2 kt 22.10.1998 - MBHH1999 -
     úúùù PLASTRIS (SW) v1.4 ùùúú Simply the Best Tetris Clone Ever Made ! Features:1/2/Serial/Team/          Tournament, Special          Blocks, Nice Backgrounds,          GUS-support, CPU player          ,lot of fun, etc. Minimum : PC 386+,640K,VGA,(GUS) Slightly: PC 486/50,GUS,(CD-ROM)    Registering Only $12 (50FIM)
67277 PLBMPONG.ZIP 91033 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  PLBM Pong Version:  #1135 Desc:  Ping
Pong arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA, Two
Players Optional:  Joystick, SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
27497 PLBMPOOG.ZIP 116,2 kt 19.07.1998 - MBCD -
Title:  PLBM Pong-Out Version:  #1192 Desc: Ping Pong and Brick-Out arcade games Needs: IBM PC, VGA, Two Players Optional:  Joystick, SoundBlaster Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:  Kurt W. Dekker Publisher:  PLBM Games Email:  sales@plbm.com Special: any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT file for complete list
67320 POKERI08.ZIP 35582 16.09.1995 - - tupla
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ *Noble Soft* ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
█ Noble Softin uusin rahapeli POKERI █
█ Demoversio 0.8.                    █
67331 PONG10.ZIP 35994 18.03.1996 - MBCD tupla
Pong! v1.0
A great new remake of the original
classic. FEATURES:  VGA graphics, full
musical accompaniment, 1 or 2 player
simultaneous action, online help and more!
REQ: a PC, VGA card, and a sound card for
music. Freeware by Jason Maas.
27498 PONGTWO.ZIP 35,7 kt 25.04.1999 - - -
Pong 2 by David Boyer New version of the venerable retro arcade game, Pong. Your goal is to hit balls with your bat, and stop them from zipping past you and reappearing on the other side of the screen. Each ball you miss gives your opponent a point, and vice versa. This unsophisticated, DOS-based version lets you play against the computer or human opponent. It has simple graphics, no sound, and very basic game dynamics. DOS 5.0
67339 POPEMUP.ZIP 115699 13.06.1996 - - tupla
Made by Insect/GigaMess Helper:
TexMex/GigaMess This is asteroids(tm)
stylegame for one player with five levels.
This game is megacool but VERY easy so go and
27499 POTTI666.ZIP 2,6 Mt 06.05.1999 - MBCD -
Potti 666 v1.00 (c) Jari Kankare 1999 TÄmÄ hiukan omalaatuinen hedelmÄpeli tai paremminkin kirjainpeli on kiva ja nÄppÄrÄ ajanviettopeli. Pelissä pitää saada mahdollisimman paljon voittoja jotta pääsee listoille. Windows 95 486 800x600 jari.kankare@dlc.fi http://www.dlc.fi/~kankare
27500 PSSST.ZIP 474,2 kt 06.08.1999 - - -
PSSST! Final version. Classic retro remake. By John Dow. Based on PSSST! seen on Spectrum during the early 80s. FUn arcade action. Protect a flower from the worms and other insects. DOS.
27501 PULSFIN.ZIP 3,8 Mt 14.07.1999 - - -
"Pulsoid (final release) by Fifth Dimension Company You are tired of shots and bloodpouring from the displayarent you? Fed up with accelerating a racing car? Pure assembler! Freeware! Spectrum Remake! 32 new insidious levels! 2 players mode! Level editor! We thank the developer of the prototype of the real Pulsoid - MASTERTRONIC game firmwhich in 1988 released its creation. RETRO REMAKE BREAKOUT type fun game. DOS4866 MB."
27502 PW2166A1.ZIP 1,3 Mt 14.08.1998 - MBCD -
"PARAWORMER II (v1.66a) is an ultimate worm blastem up for 1-2 players. 0-7 computer playersscrolling areavector based worms360-angle-turning radars5 different weapons. Musics&sounds. Requires MS-DOS or WIN95486DX-338Mb and VGA. Supports SoundBlaster."
27503 PYROMANI.ZIP 580 kt 18.01.1998 - - -
"Pyromania by Andrew Lunn falling blocks game where you destroy the blocks that fall into your playing field. You can obstruct your opponents game play by dropping blocks into his or her playing field. 486 DOS 3.3 4 mb VGA"
27504 Q-LAT.ZIP 273,9 kt 31.12.1998 - - -
Q-LAT v1.00. Lopullinen versio. Q-Lat on peli jossa on lainailtu ideoita biljardista ja petanquesta. Suomenkielinen. Vaatii DOS/WIN95, 486 ja Sound Blaster ääniä varten. Tekijä: Janne Kivilahti/Deep Connection.
27505 RBNCH101.ZIP 33,5 kt 24.02.1998 - - -
"ReactBENCH v1.01 -=a Mags=- 1998 February Test your reacting speed if you dare. System requirements: DOS/Win95100k HD"
27506 REPTON.ZIP 120,2 kt 24.06.1999 - - -
Repton v1.0 by Paul Bieles. Arcade. This is a copy of famous BBC game, which was similar to BoulderDash. All you have to do is collect all of the diamonds! Watch out for falling boulders, pick up keys to open safes which house extra diamonds. Retro remake of a classic 8-bit game. Seen on: BBC, C64, Amstrad, Electron. Platform: DOS, (Win95-friendly) http://www.bielesibub.demon.co.uk/games.htm
67901 REVENG13.ZIP 1195576 19.10.1995 - - tupla
Clyde's Revenge is a smooth scrolling arcade
adventure from the makers of Hocus Pocus,
published by Apogee Software! Double parallax
scrolling, a dynamite soundtrack and full
digital sound effects highlight this arcade
hit! Supports 12 different sound cards
including Sound Blaster and UltraSound for 8
channels of sound! This game requires a
486-33 or higher, VGA graphics and 4
megabytes of RAM.
67959 ROADHG10.ZIP 1397808 14.10.1995 - MBCD tupla
ROAD HOG! v1.0 - A hot new arcade style car
racing game. Requires 386+, 570K, 576K EMS.
Joystick/ digital GamePad, and all major
sound boards optional. Race through wild
texture mapped arcade fun, honk your horn as
you pass wicked opponents, and make your
tires squeel till your ears begin to bleed!
Written by Teacy Entertainment, distributed
by Homebrew Software .
67961 ROBALL2.ZIP 163854 11.05.1995 - MBCD tupla
ROBALL Veikeä taitopeli jossa pitää hyppiä
pallolla esteiden yli.
67977 ROF.ZIP 96463 16.09.1995 - MBCD tupla
"Revenge of Frogger". Frogger- klassikkopelin
67980 ROLLIN.ZIP 1039516 20.04.1996 - - tupla
Rollin, guide a rolling ball from start to
the end of each level, feel the inertai and
gravity-laws pulling it, how momentum of
speed makes controlling harder...
Parallax-scrolling, fun and enjoyable game,
with two player competing option.
67992 ROOMS.ZIP 242838 23.02.1996 - - tupla
ROOMS OF DOOM is a side-scrolling arcade
game.  As such, there are several
actions you must master in order to get
the most out of the game. Shoot Zombies
and things!
68004 ROXX.ZIP 484150 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Roxx Version:  #1133 Desc:  Roxx
arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA Optional:
SoundBlaster Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95
S&H Author:  PLBM Games Email:
kwd@netcom.com Special: any 3 for $29.95 +
$4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT file for complete
27507 ROXXZER.ZIP 5,3 kt 12.10.1998 - MBCD -
ROXXZER -- The Very Best BoulderDash Clone Ever! Now Only 256 Bytes Of Pure ASM-power! Sourcecode also included. -Copyright 1998 Taneli Riihonen
27508 RTFR10.ZIP 986,4 kt 11.05.1997 - MBCD -
R.T.F.R - Radiation Threat From Russia Protect Finland from the russian nuclear plants. This game challenges your reflexes. (supports Finnish)
68025 RTIDE.ZIP 698623 01.04.1996 - - tupla
In Search of Dr. Riptide v1.1
You: Nick Nautilus, Secret Naval
Agent 1138. Your mission:  To seek and
destroy the evil Dr. Riptide and his
secret undersea lab. Your main submarine
is armed to the teeth, and with the aid
of your small, maneuverable JASON
sidekick you'll be able to explore the
tiniest nooks and crannies. You are more
than ready to face the insane creations
68035 RUDY135A.ZIP 62217 24.04.1996 - - tupla
DR. RUDY v1.35a (15 Mar 96) by Kevin J. North
IBM arcade/action game for 1 or 2
players. Supports 256-color VGA or CGA, color
monitor highly recommended. FreeWare, but
2-player mode can be "unlocked" for a $10
donation. Game play: You start with a bottle
with viruses in it of 3 different colors.
Immediately you get a colored pill, and it is
your job to guide it as it slowly falls
through the bottle and place it so that it
matches colors in a row/column. New for
27509 RWORM12.ZIP 8,4 kt 28.01.1998 - MBCD -
RetroWorm V1.2 By Tuomas Ikola Perinteistä matoilua ilman erikoisjippoja. Paljon parempi pelattavuus kuin edellisissä versioissa. DOS. FREEWAREA!
30781 SCUBA11.ZIP 463472 24.12.1994 - MBCD -
Scubaman's Quest 1.1 from Alive Software.
The coolest VGA Underwater Action Arcade.
This game features:  256 color scrolling
action, Soundblaster/Adlib sound effects and
great music.  Three full underwater
adventures are included. Collect rare marine
creatures, discover lost treasures and many
other surprises. Armed with your stungun try
to survive shark attacks, killer whales,
angry jelly-fish, mutant squids, giant
turtles, hostile divers, mermaids and more.
68267 SDRAMP.A01 3041555 29.10.1996 - MBCD tupla
Alien Rampage V1.11 2/2
68268 SDRAMP.ARJ 3499636 29.10.1996 - MBCD tupla
ALIEN RAMPAGE v1.11 - Shareware (c) 1996 by
Softdisk Publishing ALIEN RAMPAGE is a
side-scrolling arcade game featuring
beautiful multiple-parallax backgrounds,
large, detailed graphics, and bloody death
sequences. (Violence can be turned off.) This
version has 4 weapons and 7 levels including
1 mean boss to beat! Needs a 486 DX/66, 11
meg hard drive space.
27510 SERP1999.ZIP 451,7 kt 12.01.1999 - MBCD -
"* Serpent99 * First and the best wormgame of the year. Scrolling SVGA screen! Uses MIDAS Digital Audio System. PuavoHard99 DOS."
27511 SIMEO101.ZIP 204,4 kt 10.03.1999 - MBCD -
"Simeons World v1.01 Freeware Hypi&Pompinyt myös työkalut omien levelpäkkien tekemiseen.. 486Vgadossb pro"
68429 SKUDESER.ZIP 443127 11.05.1995 - - tupla
Skunny Kart Racingin orava seikkailee
68430 SKUFORES.ZIP 516674 11.05.1995 - - tupla
Skunny Kart Racingin orava seikkailee
68432 SKUNNY.ZIP 3890782 02.11.1995 - nic.funet.fi tupla
SKUNNY! 32-bit Platform Game Experience the
fastest, most exciting platform game released
to the market in years. Up to six levels of
parallax scrolling, 3D-rendered animations.
The game contains more than 750,000 graphic
elements and a built-in level editor. Dozens
of objects to interact with: camp fires, gold
coins, barrels, ropes, boosters, pinball,
mine cart, magic carpet, saw blades, etc.
Find hundreds of secret passages, bonus
levels and the treasure! Requires 486+, 8Mb,
68433 SKUPIZZA.ZIP 412438 11.05.1995 - - tupla
Skunny Kart Racingin orava seikkailee
68434 SKUSPACE.ZIP 365242 11.05.1995 - - tupla
Skunny Kart Racingin orava seikkailee
68439 SKYROADS.ZIP 415973 21.03.1995 - discmaster.textfiles.com eritupla
Great 3D challenge for those who dare!
Imagine cruising a road in Crab Nebula with
your starglider! Catch breathtaking views of
the universe! Loaded with superb graphics,
marvelous tunes and smooth 3D animation,
SkyRoads is a game that is definitely fun!
68441 SKYXMS.ZIP 424715 08.01.1996 - - tupla
SkyXmas: Xmas version of SkyRoads with new
roads/gfx/muzax Imagine cruising a road in
Crab Nebula with your starglider! Catch
breathtaking views of the universe! Loaded
with superb graphics, marvelous tunes and
smooth 3D animation,SkyRoads is a game that
is definitely fun to play! [VGA/EGA,
68485 SN2000T.ZIP 67529 17.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
------------------------------ Super nibbles
2000 turbo on mato peli 1 pelaajalle. 320 *
200 VGA Grafiikat ja 18 eri kenttää, joita
voit editoida ja paljon muuta!!
68493 SNIBB131.ZIP 57479 02.02.1996 - - -
┌──── ┐   ┌ ┌───┐ ┌───  ┌───┐ │
└───┐ │   │ ├───┘ ├─    ├──┬┘ │
────┘ └───┘ ┘     └───  ┘  └  │
N  I  B  B  L  E  S  1.3    │
68559 SPACECHS.ZIP 490513 26.01.1995 - MBCD tupla
Jason Storm battles Evil Guys Inc. for
control of a vast city in Game 1 of the
Space Chase Trilogy!! 10 MASSIVE levels,
incredible EGA/VGA graphics, all original
Adlib/SB music, stunning graphics. req.
286-16+, 530K RAM (580K w/music),EGA/VGA
From Safari Software Productions
27512 SPC3D060.ZIP 190 kt 25.02.1998 - MBCD -
 Six-Pac 3D. Version 0.60 (386+, vga, gus/sb, awe32)
68580 SPEEDKAR.ZIP 521533 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Speed-Kar Version:  #1133 Desc:
Speed-Kar arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA
Optional:  Joystick, SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
68582 SPEEDY10.ZIP 1527703 02.03.1996 - - tupla
Speedy distributed by HomeBrew Software is a
different type of racing game.  You don't
have to defeat opponents or get the best lap
time.  The aim of the game is to reach the
goal safely while avoiding obstacles like
water, fences, other cars and holes.
Requires: 386+, 4 Meg RAM, VGA.  Joystick and
sound card optional. (v1.0)   
27513 SPLAT10.ZIP 403,2 kt 20.06.1999 - - -
"Splat! PC v1.0 arcade classic retro remake. Run with a spider in maze but watch out you wont get crushed! Seen on:  SpectrumAmstradC64. Platform: DOS(Win95-friendly) Author:  John M. Dow Homepage: http://www.nelefa.org/splat/ This was done pretty much as gentle re-intro to game writing. Okso it isnt Quakebut t theres only one of me."
68669 STAL.ZIP 56842 16.09.1995 - - tupla
"Stalactites" by Kurt W Dekker.
68672 STALKER.ZIP 1431331 21.12.1995 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
The stunning 256-color VGA action game from
MM Software Productions: There is a Zone, a
radioactive contamination zone, a zone of
death and decay!Only one man - the Stalker -
is brave enough to enter the Zone in search
of the magical Golden Sphere, which can
fulfill any wish. Enter the Zone and discover
for yourself - IF YOU DARE! Requires 386,
VGA, Sound Blaster (optional)
68673 STALPLBM.ZIP 90838 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Stalactites Version:  #1135 Desc:
Stalactites arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA
Optional:  Joystick, SoundBlaster
Registration:  $14.95 + $4.95 S&H Author:
PLBM Games Email:  kwd@netcom.com Special:
any 3 for $29.95 + $4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT
file for complete list
27514 STIXWORL.ZIP 530,1 kt 24.12.1998 - MBCD -
"Stixworld by PsychoHazard Software Childrens platform arcade game. Delightfulinnovative twist on the standard run-and-jump arcade game. You find yourself trapped in a 2D notebook world endangered by the jaws of the approaching recycling truck. To save the world you have to find your way into the 3D realm - navigating numerous obstacles and uncovering hidden doors and treasures. DOS 3.0"
27515 STRSH101.ZIP 1,3 Mt 29.05.1998 - MBCD -
STARSHIFT v. 1.01 Freeware ARCADE PREVIEW Kiehtova 1-4 pelaajan toimintapeli truecolor- grafiikalla ja digitaalisilla äänillä. (Disccover-kilpailu) Tehnyt Jetro Lauha (myös KOPSin tekijä).
68766 SUB_100.ZIP 77519 14.11.1996 koko¹ ratsnest1.iso -
Super Breakout, klassinen tiilenmurskaaja/
4 mailaa. Vaatii väh. 486DX25 Tukee
27516 SWHM14.ZIP 220,2 kt 02.04.1998 - MBHH1999 -
Hungry man - versio 1.4 Laadukas BOULDER DASH - klooni!!! Auta Hungry Mania selviytymään pa- hoista paikoista syömällä MEHEVIÄ hampurilaisia ja väistelemällä PAHOJA vihollisia ja PAINAVIA kiviä! Vaatii: 486 66MhZ, VGA Tukee: SoundBlaster PuavoHardin tuotantoa - 1998 PS. PAHOJA BUGEJA KORJAILTU!!!
68809 SWORM11.ZIP 102018 18.12.1996 - MBCD tupla
-= S u p e r W o r m =-  Versio 1.1
27517 TBALL131.ZIP 526,8 kt 25.04.1999 - MBCD -
Turbo Ball versio 1.31. Turbo Ball on hienolla SVGA -grafiikalla ja mukavilla äänillä toteutettu Krakout -tyyppinen peli. Pelissä on useita eri bonuksia, pahiksia ja muuta mukavaa 150 vaiheen verran. Peli vaatii vähintään 486DX -tasoisen prosessorin, SVGA näytön ja 4 MB muistia. Sound Blaster tai muu yhteensopiva äänikortti suositeltavaa. Tekijä: Tuomo Turunen.
68933 TD2192.ZIP 1278402 11.05.1995 - nic.funet.fi tupla
Traffic Department 2192
Guide Lt. Velasquez through this incredible
256 color action game. This Safari Software
and P² production features an exciting 50,000
word story, and overhead action you don't
want to miss! Voluntarily rated "R" and
includes a "PG" option for younger audiences.
Supports: Sound Blaster/Sound Blaster Pro,
Gravis GamePad. Requires 286+
27518 TETUN.ZIP 134,7 kt 30.11.1998 - MBCD -
"Tetris Unlimited v1.31 Become tetris sportman! This is no longer only puzzle/action game. Now its sport game. This game is not super hi-quality game in graphics/soundsbut it does what it should. It provides convinient playing! Many new features and options (2 new keysalmost unlimited playfieldetc.) Build-in feature for playing world tetris championships that will be held every month. DOS. Yuri Balagurov http://dix.dubna.ru/jb/pentun"
69124 THUNZONE.ZIP 525362 11.05.1995 - - tupla
Arcade game!
Released In May!  FREEWARE!
Major Support For Gravis Ultrasound.
Supports SoundBlaster..and compatibles
Star Trek - Type Shootem up.
27519 TOMAATTI.ZIP 72,2 kt 23.06.1997 - MBCD -
Tomaatti Sota V.1.0a on ratkiriemukas ennen näkemätön kaksintaistelu peli, jossa on tarkoi- tuksena tuhota toinen tomaatti... By: WizeQuiz
27520 TRIBBLES.ZIP 413,8 kt 23.01.2001 - - -
Tribbles - Tribute to Nibbles This game is a clone of the old Nibbles game. This version comes with high quality graphics, music and playability. Requirements: DOS 5.0, VGA, 486DX. FREEWARE. (C) Yoshi / 3G Design 2000
69418 TRONIC.ZIP 715250 03.12.1996 - MBCD tupla
* Tronic (TM) * A Shareware Arcade Style
Classic (C) 1996 Webfoot Technologies, Inc.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED * VGA graphics * Awesome
sound effects and music * Major sound cards
supported * Mouse and keyboard control *
386sx or higher required * Multiple levels of
69464 TUROID12.ZIP 88441 16.11.1995 - MBCD tupla
New smooth 60 fps, most beautiful VGA
graphics, ball-paddle game.  Turoid is full
of features including bonus shoot' em up
levels, up to 64 balls, two lazers, high
score table, full-width display, on-line
help, an intuitive Level Editor, and much
more. Adlib support.  286 or higher, VGA, and
mouse required.  Shareware 1994.
27521 UFOHI200.ZIP 1,1 Mt 18.03.1998 - MBCD -
Ufo Hippa v2.0 by THP - FREEWARE!!! - Great 2/3 player UFO tag game. *256 colors *Sounds and musics *Weapons *Teleports *Level editor
27522 ULTRASH.ZIP 3,4 Mt 15.07.1999 - - -
Ultranium v1.0 Advanced Breakout-style game for the newest generation of computers. This video game uses colorful 3D bitmaps and stereo sound for fun gameplay. Sometimes it rains bonuses. DOS.
69694 VENTT102.ZIP 49821 06.05.1995 - - tupla
Noble Softin Ventti v1.02
Kuin suoraan RAY-automaatista.
Enkkalistat, ja paljon muuta.
69695 VENTTI11.ZIP 60702 18.06.1995 - - tupla
Noble Ventti v1.1
27523 VERTRIX.ZIP 2,8 Mt 22.12.1998 - MBCD -
Vertrix v5.1 by The Clusters. Freeware. Action & Strategic game * Place falling blocks in rows or Special Figures * Use at best your bonusses against a human or CPU opponent chosen beetween 12 characters * Splendid graphics 320x400 256 colors ! * SoundBlaster. 386/33, DOS 3.1, around 4 Mb RAM (XMS) free, VGA 256 colors.
69709 VGAJOUST.ZIP 52838 07.01.1995 - MBCD tupla
Turnajaismainen kaksintaistelupeli
strutseilla. VGA 256 colors.
69710 VGAKIX15.ZIP 407927 28.02.1996 - MBCD tupla
VGA Kix 1.5 Kix is an arcade style video game
for the PC similar to the old Taito arcade
game Qix or STIX on C-64. Using your stylus,
you attempt to draw areas on the game board
without getting caught by the Kix or other
opponents.  You complete a level after you
have claimed a certain percentage of the
total board.Requires a fast 286 PC or better
with VGA.
69741 VIPER.ZIP 38156 16.09.1995 - MBCD tupla
"Viped" by Kurt W Dekker. Matopeli.
27524 VIPER2.ZIP 497 kt 25.02.2001 - - -
Viper 2 Viper 2 on ylhäältä kuvattu autopeli, jossa kovaa vauhtia kulkeva auto yrittää väistellä vastaantulevaa liikennettä sekä kivenlohkareita. Myöhemmillä tasoilla pitää myös pelata jalkapalloa tönimällä autolla pallo maaliin. 
69742 VIPERPLB.ZIP 265282 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Title:  Viper Version:  #1133 Desc:  Viper
arcade game Needs:  IBM PC, VGA Optional:
Joystick, SoundBlaster Registration:  $14.95
+ $4.95 S&H Author:  PLBM Games Email:
kwd@netcom.com Special: any 3 for $29.95 +
$4.95 S&H See ORDER.TXT file for complete
69743 VIRPOTTI.ZIP 262662 23.10.1996 - MBCD tupla
Virtua Potti, potti5-simulaattori,
vähintään 386/VGA/hiiri.
27525 VPOTTI2.ZIP 805,6 kt 21.04.1997 - MBCD -
Virtua  Potti  II   - potti5 - simulaattori  vaatii:386/VESA/hiiri äänikortti suositeltava-
27526 VWORM.ZIP 607,9 kt 12.07.1999 - - -
Variable Worm BETA by VARIABLE. Features 360 deg. movement, 640x480x256 screen resolution, enemy worms, Not so good music but you can send me new ones. Your aim is to eat flies flying around. Requires: dos, pentium, sound card.
27527 WATMAN.ZIP 1,8 Mt 17.01.2000 - - -
"Watman (challenge version)  updated. Platform game. Classic retro remake of Batman. Original game was done by Jon Ritman & Bernie Drummondpublished by Ocean. Originally seen on SpectrumC-64Amstrad. Youre batman and youve got to collect the 7 batcraft parts to rescue robin. Beforeyoull have to get some items which can help you in your task. Freeware. By kakarot@ole.com"
70050 WILD.ZIP 670384 22.03.1996 - - tupla
Skunny-Orava seikkailee Villissä Lännessä.
70142 WORMGA14.ZIP 7339 24.11.1996 - - -
Wormgame v1.4 (freeware) by Samuli Kajantola.
2 players, 8 levels, worms can grow longer,
neverending worm option, speed normal or
fast. Requires: 286/VGA/DOS/11.1KB (!) HD
Simple but good!
27528 WORMZ13.ZIP 1,3 Mt 08.04.1999 - MBCD -
Worm Zone v1.3 by Samuli Kajantola. Great multi-player worm game. This is DOS+datafiles package, you can get Linux or Win32 packages from homepages. Features 360 deg. movement, split-screens, scrolling levels, enemies, weapons, multiple resolutions, joystick support, music with playlist etc. Requires: pentium 133MHz, 16 MB RAM, sound card supported by operating system.
27529 WOW98_2.ZIP 153,5 kt 11.06.1998 - MBCD -
"WIZARD of WOR98 V.2.098 Arcade classic now on PC ! Featuring  great  graphics and stunning sounds !! Download and play NOW !!!! - by SYS64738 -"
27530 WRAMA11.ZIP 497,1 kt 27.03.1998 - MBCD -
Wormarama v1.1 (C) 1998 Tuomas Ikola Hyvä matopeli hienoilla kentillä. þ 320x200 grafiikat 256 värillä þ 360-asteisesti kääntyilevä mato þ 486+, VGA þ Freewarea Uutta: Parempi pisteenlaskusysteemi, vahvat tunnelmaa luovat musiikit, uusi näppisrutiini jne.
27531 WU1500.ZIP 208,9 kt 12.01.1998 - MBCD -
WORM UNLIMITED v1.5 Pizza Worm style 360  degrees rotating wormie.  Levels, blocks, NO music in this version but WIN95 support & pmode. 2 player game etc. TheDamned 1998
30957 XMASJET1.ZIP 472771 03.11.1994 - MBCD -
CHRISTMAS JETPACK 1.1 from Impulse
FREE Action-Packed VGA game!  Santa's got a
jetpack and more levels to conquer!  Expore
new levels of treacherous dungeons, with new
graphics & sounds.  Create your own Christmas
levels with the built-in level editor!
Equipped with Jet Turbines and a powerful
Phase Shifter, you must deliver all the
Christmas presents! Fast 256 color action
arcade game with digital sound. Requires: VGA
opponents.  You complete a level after you
you attempt to draw areas on the game board
total board.Requires a fast 286 PC or better
with VGA.
have claimed a certain percentage of the
without getting caught by the Kix or other
27532 XYBEA2.ZIP 496,2 kt 17.01.2000 - - -
"Xybernoid for DOS  alpha test version 0.02. Classic retro remake. Shootemup. Coding is by Tero Turtiainen and most of the graphics by Lee Hyde. By Retrospec. http://www.retrospec.co.uk/tero/xybernoid/"
70443 ZASM95.ZIP 592148 15.08.1995 - - tupla
Zorlim's Asm 95 packet
Includes: Intro, c00l colors
Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball and
Pizza Worm 2.1
27533 ZONG.ZIP 571,9 kt 24.04.1997 - - -
ZONG - is an outstanding "breakout" game for DOS. You use your mouse to control the paddle, in an attempt to destroy all the blocks on each progressively challenging level. Some blocks release power-ups that make your paddle "sticky", close off the ball exit, and more. A sound card is required for the music and sound effects. Description Copyright 1996 PsL through the bottle and place it so that it matches colors in a row/column. New for your job to guide it as it slowly falls Immediately you get a colored pill, and it is donation. Game play: You start with a bottle 2-player mode can be "unlocked" for a $10 monitor highly recommended. FreeWare, but with viruses in it of 3 different colors. 2-player mode can be "unlocked" for a $10 with viruses in it of 3 different colors. monitor highly recommended. FreeWare, but