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30562 !JBALL15.ZIP 201967 14.10.1995 - - -
╔══════════════ NΣW WÆVΣ MΣDIÆ ═════════════╗
║                ~ presents ~               ║
║               Jim Ball v1.5               ║
║ JimBall is an addicting arcade/stratagy   ║
║ game that requires puzzle solving skills  ║
║ and patience to maneuver a green BUBBLE   ║
║ through levels of mindbending mazes.      ║
║ EGA/VGA(640x480x16),SoundBlaster Supp.    ║
╚ by Jim Heiserman + NewWaves' Jace Cavacini╝
30573 !KAPTURE.ZIP 238407 14.10.1995 - - -
Kapture 3D (v1.0) - by Nate Goudie An intense
two player action/strategy game of "Capture
the Flag" which takes place in the years
following a nuclear holocaust.  Both players
compete head-to- head with non-stop,
split-screen (first person perspective)
action!  Make use of your trusty handgun,
land mines, scanners, compasses, med-kits,
etc, while evaiding hazards like fire and
spear traps (not to mention your opponent!).
Requires 386+ and 256 color VGA.  Give it a
30783 !SCV16.ZIP 267915 23.12.1994 - - -
Stelcon 2469 v1.6
The  ULTIMATE  space  war / strategy  game!
Supports  ONLY high-quality  256  color VGA
graphics! Stelcon can be a  simple 2 player
war  game  to a  5 player campaign! Playing
field can have up to 20 star  systems, each
with its own planets and  resources! Manage
new  technologies   and   starships!   Play
against   a   friend   or   the   computer!
Compiled Oct  3,1992. Shareware:$20
60027 #1EMPIRE.ZIP 203660 30.01.1995 - - -
World Empire, RISK-tyyppinen strategiapeli
60265 7000V20.ZIP 1059535 22.04.1996 - MBCD -
Circa 7000 - Armageddon-sotastrategiapelin
27365 7000V21.ZIP 1,1 Mt 09.07.1998 - MBCD -
Circa 7000 - Armageddon v2.1 sotastrategiapelin Shareware-versio. Scifi-taistelua ylhäältä vuoropohjaisesti 2D-kuvattuna. Joukkueesta pienen armeijan kokoiset joukot, jalkaväkeä, mechejä ja kulkuneuvoja monipuolisissa maastoissa. Vaatii DOS, 486/33, 4 Mt, SVGA. Play by e-mail tuki.
27366 AN270999.ZIP 743 kt 03.11.1999 - - -
"ANARCHY 27/09/99 beta. by Thomas Harte. Classic retro remake. An update of the ZX Spectrum gameChaosby Julian Gollop. A fantasy strategy board game with a bit chess like system. Control wizard who conjures creatures and battles for control. http://softysoft.cjb.net http://www.btinternet.com/~t.harte/ SoftySoft/anarchy.htm"
30282 APOCCOW.ZIP 1058907 15.05.1996 - MBCD -
Apocalypse Cows. Scorched Earthsin tyylinen
peli, jossa yritetään saada vastustaja
tuhotuksi lehmillä.
27367 ARRA112.ZIP 700,4 kt 18.07.2000 - - -
Arrakis v1.12. Dune/Dune 2000-tyyppinen yksinkertainen taktiikkaräiskintä, joka vie pelaajat Herbertin tutuksi tekemälle Dyyni-planeetalle. DOS. 
27368 ATA_P110.ZIP 587,3 kt 14.11.2000 - MBHH2003 -
Ata - Extracts from the American Civil WarPATCH v1.0x->v1.10     (http://www.mbnet.fi/~badgers/) An extremely great game involving tactics and action. Beautiful artwork, skillful programming, enjoyable playability...  just about everything a good game needs.  Requirements for smooth playability: at least AMD K-6 200 MHz computer or corresponding, plenty of memory, Windows  9x/DOS and VESA 2.0. By Badgers  
27369 ATTIL25.ZIP 369,1 kt 31.03.1997 - MBCD -
ATTILA V2.5 - The object of ATTILA is simple: blend clever strategy and a little bit of luck to conquer the world. Risk-style strategy game for one to four players. VGA DOS5+
61065 ATTILA.ZIP 235420 04.12.1996 - - -
Attila v1.2 is a strategy-game. Objective is
to conquer the world.
30314 BEGIN.LZH 83094 23.12.1994 - - -
Usean aluksen taktista avaruustaistelua
Star Trek-tyyliin
27370 BEGIN2.ZIP 123,4 kt 31.10.1997 - MBCD tupla
Begin V2.0, updated version of the classic tactical starship simulation.
61317 BEGIN2.ZIP 126313 22.02.1995 - MBCD tupla
Begin V2.0, updated version of the classic
tactical starship simulation.
27371 BG1.ZIP 1 Mt 20.06.1999 - MBCD -
BATTLEGROUND V1 by Metso Games Two player strategy game with realtime tactical combat. Fight against your opponent with different units and command your armies to conquer everything! Recommended:Pentium, SB compatible soundcard, SVGA, VESA 2.0. DOS.
27372 BOB2.ZIP 393474 24.04.1996 - - -
B.O.B. 2, Battle of Britain 2, trial version
of strategy game of the air war over Britain
1940 for Windows.
30336 BOLO.ZIP 250993 07.01.1995 - - -
Bolo Adventures is a challenging strategy
game where the objective is to get Mr. Bolo
out of 15 rooms of mind-boggling puzzles.
Each room is filled with obstacles such as
lasers, crates, water and boxes and more!
Unlike arcade games, Bolo Adventures isn't a
contest of how fast you're reflexes are, it's
a test of your resourcefulness. A must for
all serious gamers. Great Animated Graphics!
30355 BTLCHS10.ZIP 921356 19.10.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
*********  Battle Cheese v1.0  ******** *
Command your army of mutant cheese  * *
troops in a conquest for the world! * * An
exciting strategy game that      * * features
hi-res VGA graphics, Sound * * Blaster
support, and point & click  * * interface.
Shareware--only $8 for  * * the enhanced,
registered version!   * *          By Brad
Boggess            *
30362 BW14.ZIP 78807 30.11.1995 - - -
"Board Warfare" version 1.4, Loosely based on
warfare strategy boardgames. Requirements:
DOS compatible PC, VGA graphics and 386 CPU
27373 CAESARFR.ZIP 1,5 Mt 06.08.1999 - MBHH2003 -
Caesar - full game released to public. Download & play the commercial game for Free. Originally released in 1993. Build a city and rise to the position of caesar of the Roman empire. More than 20 buildings to construct. Impressions classic offere city building aficionados their first chance to test their mettle as governor of Roman city. Now, step back in time to the first century A.D. Requires DOS. Includes documentation in .PDF-format. Unsupported. READ DOCS!
61814 CAMPAIGN.ZIP 315327 None - - -
Campaign, a Political Satire by Geoff Shaw of
Russian Under Ware Inc. Run for president,
lie and sling mud until you get elected. Try
to become President, campaign, debate, raise
money, lie, cheat, say "The Russians don't
wear underwear," all the fun stuff that
Politicians(r) do everyday. No H/W
27374 CAPFLA32.ZIP 403598 24.04.1996 - MBCD -
CAPTURE THE FLAG! v3.2 New Play by E-Mail!
"This wilderness version of hide-and-seek
remains the most exquisite shareware strategy
game for the PC. What makes it so great?
Maybe it's the artful melding of high detail
and ease of use...  Or Maybe it's the lovely
artwork.  This game is so intriguing that you
won't want to stop playing."  ELECTRONIC
ENTERTAINMENT pg 63, Oct 94.  640K, VGA, &
30366 CARGOBAY.ZIP 816406 15.12.1995 - - -
MVP's Cargo Bay strategy game. Altair-217 is
an experiment in peace. A criminal group has
vowed it will fail, however. They have
planted iradium explosive devices in cargo
bays throughout the station. If detonated,
the colonists will blame each other, and all
hopes for peace will vanish. Your job is to
preserve the peace by clearing Altair-217 of
all explosive devices. Suspense & excitement
rule in this new game from MVP.
30377 CHESSHOU.ARJ 656235 25.02.1996 - - -
CHESSHOUSERS, Strategy chess game, from
Digital Dreams Multimedia, combining logic
and amousement in amazing concept.
27375 CLEANERF.ZIP 664,7 kt 02.09.1998 - MBCD -
Operation Cleaner 1.0 v212In this game you run a demolition firm. Your task is to demolish buildings 
and keep your company up and running. Requirements: 486, Pentium 
recommended, VGA, mouse, 1900kB of disk space, DOS (runs under 
Windows 95), SB optional. PKUnzip with -d (restore dir structure)
27376 CLEANR10.ZIP 664,7 kt 02.09.1998 - - -
Operation Cleaner 1.0.212In this game you run a demolition firm. Your task is to demolish buildings 
and keep your company up and running. Requirements: 486, Pentium 
recommended, VGA, mouse, 1900kB of disk space, DOS (runs under 
Windows 95), SB optional. PKUnzip with -d (restore dir structure)
27377 COE22PCD.ZIP 1,9 Mt 08.11.1999 - - -
Conquest of Elysium 2.2 fantasy turn based wargame where you and your friends take control of a powerful warlord or wizard and struggle for total control of the continent Up to eight players may participate and the computer can control any free players. DOS. http://www.efd.lth.se/~d92jk/bogus.html
30390 CONQ21.ZIP 131579 23.12.1994 - - -
Conquest 2.1
Riskin tapainen maailmanvalloituspeli
30393 CORWP30.ZIP 107510 23.12.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
Core Wars Pro 3.0
27378 CRI67A.ZIP 947,2 kt 09.07.1998 - MBCD -
CRISIS v0.67 - strategic wargaming system currently undergoing early beta testing. Allows you to play realistic campaign and battle scenarios for conflicts from 500BC to the present day. You can play the scenarios provided with the game, or you can design your own. The scenario editor is highly configurable. DOS.
27379 CRIME.ZIP 896,8 kt 22.11.1997 - - -
CRIME FIGHTER V1.5 (ASP): Strategy-, adventure-, action game. Up to four players try to seize the power in the underworld. For this they have to commit as many crimes as possible (raid banks, attack mail trains, steal cars, etc.). English and German text,mouse recommended, but also keyboard, hard drive, nice EGA/VGA-graphics, animation, New version from 1997! Author: Peter Steffen, P.O. Box 1371,32270 Kirchlengern Germany, PeterSteffen@compuserve.com
30397 CRS-CTRS.ZIP 123036 15.08.1995 - MBCD -
The absolute Tetris clone with lots of
special effects!    Cryonics 1995
27380 CRTRD101.ZIP 1,3 Mt 18.12.2000 - MBHH2002 -
Creators v1.01 DEMO by the Mad Arab. A beautiful turn-based strategy game in fantasy world up to 4 players. Create your own army to dominate your rivals. Pentium, VBE2.0, 8 MB memory. Supports SB compatibles and GUS. 
27381 CRUSH!.ZIP 4,1 Mt 17.01.1997 - MBCD -
CRUSH! from Stone Jackal Studios A strategy sports game similar to the ever popular Blood Bowl, CRUSH! has super graphics, excellent gameplay, and really deserves a look. DOS 486/50 8 Mb.
31322 CUBIX.ZIP 84021 11.05.1995 - - -
Cubix V1.0 - All new 1995 Shareware game True
3 dimensional strategy games you play inside
and around cubes. Multiple games for 1 or 2
players. Build 3D chains, set traps, build
blocks to twart your opponent. Easy to learn
yet very challenging to play. Play against
anyone anywhere in the world without needing
a network over the IRC, CB sim, or chat,
Limited cheat mode. Low reg fee.
27382 CWS141.ZIP 133526 24.01.1996 - MBCD -
VGA Civil War Strategy, 1 or 2 player
strategy level game of the American Civil
War. Recruit armies, control and fortify
cities, move armies and navies, conduct shore
bombardment, use railroads, and many other
features. Easy to play, but has subtle
strategy elements. Has random starting
condition option to provide fresh challenges.
Requires only 256k memory and VGA. Small, but
very enjoyable for strategists.
27383 DICT131.ZIP 162,5 kt 26.04.2000 - - -
Dictator v1.31 - classic retro remake. Textbased economic-politacal game from Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k/Commodore 64. Author of original game is Don Priestley, DkTRONICS 1983. Game is very simple. You as new dictator of Ritimban Republic must be number one in republic as long as you can manage it. You go through screens by press any key or if answer or option required by keys. Political simulator, fun, easy, addictive. Free - EMAILWARE. DOS/Windows. 
30435 DIGGERS1.ZIP 1432520 14.04.1996 koko¹ MBHH1998 -
DIGGERS 1.0 is a fast-paced strategy/
adventure game in which quick thinking and
careful decision-making are essential. The
game takes place on the planet Zarg, where
large amounts of minerals and ores can be
found below the surface. Volcanic activity
has created many perils and hazards. You must
gather enough gems and gold-- using pure
mining skill or brute force-- to fulfill the
quota for each level. Millennium Media Group.
63174 DRGNBN12.ZIP 960185 27.05.1996 - MBCD tupla
Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II v1.2: solitaire.
Second generation tile solitaire with SVGA
and VGA support and digitized sound effects.
Many play options, wide variety of available
tile sets and board layouts. Editor included
for both tiles and layouts. Extensive record
keeping. By Nels Anderson .
30459 EAST14.ZIP 421457 23.12.1994 - - -
East Front, 1914 v1.0 strategy wargame.
Boardgame style, operational level, DOS game
covering the first 3 months of WWI on the
eastern front.  Needs 286, 1Meg expanded
memory, 590k free RAM, VGA. 386 recommended.
Shareware ($28) Forgotten Fronts Simulations.
27384 EGATRK31.ZIP 130629 14.11.1996 - - -
EGATrek v3.1: EGA/VGA space/strategy game.
You are in command of a powerful starship in
a battle to save the galaxy. Use your
weapons, scanners, comm, etc. to control your
ship. Colorful hi-res graphics in this
updated version of the classic space game. By
Nels Anderson (ASP).
27385 EMANA2.ZIP 85,3 kt 14.12.1999 - - -
EduskuntaManageri2. Astu Suomen eduskuntaan ja vallitse maatamamme. Päätä budjetista, veroista, tuista, armeijasta... Copyright OOgEsoft 1999 DOS, 286, VGA. http://www.angelfire.com/id/oogesoft 
29604 ENOID110.ZIP 203921 27.07.1995 - MBCD -
Electranoid v1.10s
Electranoid is designed to close the book on
all Arkanoid style programs. This game takes
break out to the limits! Not only do you
smash bricks, but you battle the enemy
fighters with lasers, missiles and just about
anything you can throw at them! This update
includes new ordering info, minor
enhancements and can use XMS instead of EMS.
Req: 2M RAM, VGA, Mouse & 386+; Opt: SB Card
27386 ETM10.ZIP 1,4 Mt 01.06.1997 - - -
Entrapment v1.0 Todella hyvä sotastrategia peli. Pelissä on SB,GUS ja PAS äänikortti tuki. vaatii: 486,SVGA,Hiiri. Copyright (C) Brilliants software 1997
30473 FACETX20.ZIP 135855 19.10.1995 - - -
FaceTrex is a challenging and pure strategy
logic game where the objective is to use your
animated man to push faces located on a 12x8
grid board onto their negative image located
elsewhere on the board. The face grids will
slide in the direction pushed until they hit
either another face grid or the side of the
board, or special arrow grids which re-direct
the push. 25 mind-bending puzzles included!
27387 FHEROES.A01 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 2/10
27388 FHEROES.A02 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 3/10
27389 FHEROES.A03 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 4/10
27390 FHEROES.A04 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 5/10
27391 FHEROES.A05 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 6/10
27392 FHEROES.A06 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 7/10
27393 FHEROES.A07 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 8/10
27394 FHEROES.A08 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 9/10
27395 FHEROES.A09 127,2 kt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes 10/10
27396 FHEROES.ARJ 1,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - MBCD tupla
Fallen Heroes ShareWare version A Big, heavy fantasy rpg/strategy game for DOS. Req. min. 486/66, 8 Mb, SVGA, mouse, 150 MB HD, Premium P100+ 16 MB+, sound card, printer.
27397 FIN200.ZIP 658,9 kt 04.05.1998 - MBCD -
FINAN$$I ver 2.0  * SVGA-grafiikka * mahtavat äänitehosteet
27398 FOB13_1.ZIP 684 kt 24.02.1996 - MBCD tupla
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3, packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip, Fields of Battle - Strategic Warfare Series of World War I. Exciting strategic warfare game. You are the general staff of the involved empires. You decide where and when to expand production capacity, infrastructure and intelligence service. The army, navy and airforce is also in your control and you must plan your strategic campaigns wisely to win the war. Creators available on Net: e-mail:
64229 FOB13_1.ZIP 700457 25.02.1996 - MBCD tupla
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip, Fields of
Battle - Strategic Warfare Series of World
War I. Exciting strategic warfare game. You
are the general staff of the involved
empires. You decide where and when to expand
production capacity, infrastructure and
intelligence service. The army, navy and
airforce is also in your control and you must
plan your strategic campaigns wisely to win
the war. Creators available on Net: e-mail:
27399 FOB13_2.ZIP 700172 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
27400 FOB13_3.ZIP 700176 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
27401 FOB13_4.ZIP 700172 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
27402 FOB13_5.ZIP 700156 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
27403 FOB13_6.ZIP 700176 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
27404 FOB13_7.ZIP 700148 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
27405 FOB13_8.ZIP 514340 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Fields of Battle Free Demo Version V1.3,
packages fob13_1.zip->fob_8.zip,
30486 FRONT.ZIP 86572 21.03.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
Russisk Front - tanskankielinen strategiapeli
operaatio Barbarossasta. Ruotsia osaaville.
27406 FWARS10.ZIP 187820 13.06.1996 - MBCD -
Fantasy Wars v1.0.
Warlords-tyylinen strategiapeli 2-4
pelaajalle. Sharewarea.
64628 GUESS11.ZIP 857198 27.05.1996 - - tupla
Second Guess v1.1:  solitaire and more!
Concentration solitaire game with every
imaginable playing option. Also multi player
games and play versus the computer. VGA/SVGA
graphics and digitized sound effects for
SoundBlaster. Photo backgrounds and sharp,
detailed tiles for playing pieces with tile
editor included. By Nels Anderson (ASP).
40827 GWARS10.ZIP 53065 05.02.1995 - - -
Gravity Wars v1.0
Todella mielenkiintoinen avaruussotapeli
Windowsiin. Kaveri pitää ampua laserilla.
Planeetat muuttavat laserin kulkua. Haas-
tavaa ja hauskaa erityisesti kaksinpelinä
Siistit grafiikat ja animaatiot. Ja tämä
peli on vielä suomenkielinen!
27407 H-HOUR.ZIP 722168 19.01.1996 - MBCD -
H-HOUR Real Time Tactical War Game H-HOUR is
a Real-Time Tactical Combat Simulation. 1-2
players. 1900-1950 warfare. Platoon-squad
scale. 4x4 km map. 12 terrains. Unit-level
control. Open-ended engine, options, victory
conditions. Move, fire, visibility, morale,
land ownership, capture, transport,
dig-in/out, camouflage. 2 players: serial,
modem, IPX network. Windowing GUI. High res
256 color graphics. On the fly resolution
switch. Clean interface. On-line manual.
27408 H-HSOUND.ZIP 977619 19.01.1996 - MBCD -
H-HOUR Sound Files (IBM) Sound files for
H-HouR - Real-Time Tactical Networked Combat
30530 HBLITZ.ZIP 227116 24.01.1996 - - -
HORROR BLITZ ver. 1.0 By Dave & Terry Teare
RISK-variantti, runsaasti optioita.
30542 HOWITZ95.ZIP 324004 30.01.1995 - - -
Howitzer v0.95beta
by Randall Spangler
Multi-player artillery combat
simulator.  386+, Super-VGA required.
Digital Soundblaster sound.  Supports
EMS and screens up to 1024x768x256.
Many types of fractal landscapes,
weather, ammo, shields, computer
64895 HRM-PELT.ZIP 93078 16.11.1995 - - -
╠╝  HiRMUuuragh.║jees.   ╣
║ PELTOPELI - älä vohki! Kasvata peltoa ja
jännää tuliko hyväkin sato. Valitse useista
vilja-ja lannote-lajesta ja kylvä
║    (>HiRMU<)       ║
27409 HUUHKAJA.ZIP 277,9 kt 16.07.1998 - MBHH1999 -
HUUHKAJA-shakki. Vaatii DOS, XT/486, VGA. Pelaa virallisilla shakkisäännöillä. Jos siirto olisi laiton HUUHKAJA neuvoo lailliset siirrot kirkastamalla ruudut. Pelaa sitä paremmin mitä nopeampi on kone. Pyrkii käyttämään saman ajan kuin pelaajakin. http://www.personal.eunet.fi/pp/bilis/ huuhkaja.zip
27410 ISOWI101.ARJ 987,8 kt 15.09.1998 - MBCD -
IsoWiha versio 1.01 Taatusti kotimainen strategiapeli toisesta ma Taistelut painottuvat tietenkin Suomen jatkos ukana myös muutamat pakolliset taistelut muilta rintamil Suositus    : Pentium, Svga ja SoundBlaster t Minimi      : 486    , Svga (toimii, mutta hi
30576 KCHESS.ZIP 176759 08.12.1996 - - -
K-Chess for DOS v2.2 - An instructional chess
program which shows it's own calculations on
screen as it works, helping you to play
better. Includes various types of hints, one
or two player or autoplay modes, multi level
undo and redo, save and restore games, and
print game listings. Full keyboard and mouse
control, and online help. Hard to beat!
30582 KINGS20.ZIP 60252 24.04.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
Kings v2.0
Kings is a game about being the dominant
civilization on a planet. You control your
civilization, build cities, control trade
and production, and command your armies in
65584 KORT.ZIP 583438 24.12.1994 - - tupla
King Arthur's K.O.R.T. by MVP Software .
Great new Medieval strategy game in which you
must conquer Great Britain.  256 color VGA
graphics, terrific theme music, digitized
sound effects and voices!  Who says valor and
chivalry are dead.  Prepare for battle! Req
286+, VGA, mouse.
30619 MECH112.ZIP 757262 06.01.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
Mech 1.12, Battletech-strategiapeli
30620 MEGA700.ZIP 519433 27.07.1995 - - -
Megatron VGA
66217 MN.ZIP 778164 24.12.1994 - - tupla
Metallic Nations
Sotastrategia-peli, jossa pyrit
valloittamaan "Novia"-tähtiparven
herruuden. Monessa suhteessa parempi kuin
Civilization tai Empire.
66240 MONOGL11.ZIP 76490 28.02.1996 - - -
22quirements - just a 80286 or better, a VGA
(or better) monitor, and the standard 640K of
RAM should be all you need.
30634 MOTTI.ZIP 53827 24.02.1995 - MBCD -
Motti the Game v1.0
Helposti omaksuttava strategiapeli, jossa
ideana on vallata alueita viholliselta jopa
4 pelaajan voimin. Suomeksi!
27411 MULE051A.ZIP 716 kt 30.12.1999 - miscfindos.zip -
"MULE version 0.51 Alpha Classic retro remake. This is basically PC-conversion of Commodore64s M.U.L.E. One of the most addicting and classic games of all time. Colonize a planet with up to four players at the same time! Quick reactions and complex strategies lead to victory in this highly elaborated simulation of a self-supporting group of planeteers. By Toni Räsänen http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~taur DOS."
27412 MULE05A.ZIP 452,3 kt 12.10.1999 - MBCD -
"Img MULE version 0.5 Alpha Classic retro remake. This is basically PC-conversion of Commodore64s M.U.L.E. One of the most addicting and classic games of all time. Colonize a planet with up to four players at the same time! Quick reactions and complex strategies lead to victory in this highly elaborated simulation of a self-supporting group of planeteers. DOS."
30640 MULE386.ZIP 1108328 24.12.1994 - - -
M.U.L.E. 386 Converted from the old Atari 800
and Commodore 64 game. BETA release
66531 NERO.ZIP 37436 01.02.1996 - MBCD -
NERO on suomalainen shakkipeli, josta riittää
vastusta kokeneemmallekin pelaajalle.
27413 NERO3.ZIP 56,1 kt 06.05.1998 - MBCD -
Nero 3 - suomalainen shakkipeli josta riittää vastusta kokeneemmallekin pelaajalle. Yksinkertainen ja rumahko, mutta nopea ja helppo pelattava. DOS.
27414 NERO4.ZIP 60,8 kt 22.11.1998 - MBHH1999 -
Nero 4. My strongest chess program so far. Developement happens all the time... Ssuomalainen shakkipeli josta riittää vastusta kokeneemmallekin pelaajalle. Yksinkertainen ja rumahko, mutta nopea ja helppo pelattava. DOS.
27415 NWAR210.ZIP 1,3 Mt 27.08.1999 - MBCD -
Nuclear War v2.10 Deluxe. This is the game about the Nuclear Holocast and other seedy, suspicious things nations do to each other. You are one of five rulers over the world and your only goal is to take over the world. Nuke them, send propaganda, build big weapons. Fast and fun half arcade half strategy game. You can play over 40 different characters. Play yourself, hot seat or against friends over IPX network. By Markus Backman http://www.cs.umu.se/~ens97mba DOS
30666 OAKFLAT.ZIP 182918 24.01.1996 - - -
The Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
v3.0sw. Run a light-water pressure fission
reactor and generate electricity at a profit.
A score based on amount of power generated,
damage to plant, and financial figures.
30672 ONTRGT15.ZIP 93810 30.05.1995 - - -
OnTarget v1.5- VGA Artillery Game
(c)1987,1994 by RAD Software PO Box 1991,
Columbus, GA  31902 The BEST artillery game
that others have been trying to emulate!
This is the shareware version of Villa
Crespo Software's best-selling game!
Shoot artillery pieces at each other under
a beautiful star-filled moon-lit night sky.
Play against a friend or the computer!
27416 ORV-D094.ZIP 1,1 Mt 01.03.2000 - - -
 Orvelot - DOS version 0.94.  A real time strategy game for 1-4  players on one computer or up to 16  players using a network. Freeware.  Requires: Pentium 120MHz+, 8 MB RAM,  VGA. Recommended: Celeron 300MHz+,  32 MB RAM, SVGA. 
30678 PAAVO.ZIP 32790 24.04.1993 - - -
PAAVO: Hallitus-simulaatio, jossa pyrit
mahdollisimman korkealle tasolle Paavona ...
30684 PBT12.ZIP 255455 24.10.1995 - MBCD -
!!!   PAYBACKTIME  V 1.2   !!!  An ultimate
Laser Squad style duel game. Terminate your
friends with massive collection of weapons in
different battlefields. All editors included
: Map editor, Weapon editor, Item editor ...
Supports all SB compatible cards. Works fine
on 386 sx + machines. This game can make your
best friend turn into a deadly enemy... NOW :
Bugfixed version, lots of weapons and new
maps... ***********************************
67106 PBT15.ZIP 270100 09.02.1996 - MBCD -
!!!   PAYBACKTIME  V 1.5   !!!  An ultimate
Laser Squad/UFO style duel game. Terminate
your friends with massive collection of
weapons in different battlefields. Your
soldiers will improve in their skills and
your battle-unit will grow. But beware...
Your enemy is waiting.  All editors included
: Map editor, Weapon editor, Item editor.
Supports all SB compatible cards. Works fine
on 286+ machines.  NOW : LAST MAJOR VERSION.
Lots of new graphics added, improved
27417 POLL126.ZIP 642,3 kt 31.07.1999 - - -
POLLUX v1.26 by FLP. Competitive game of interstellar exploration, diplomacy and conquest. You are elected as the leader of your planets government. You will be in charged of the production of food, raw materials, starships etc. Your object is to explore and conquer the galaxies. Develop new sciences. More than 100 sciences, over 100 ship hulls and diplomacy. DOS.
30716 POLLUX.ZIP 688808 24.02.1996 - MBCD -
Pollux v1.0 Final Beta September 1995 The
Starage Simulation by FLP Explore and conquer
new worlds and galaxies, research more than
100 science fields, design your own ships.
Play Pollux v1.0
27418 PT2.ZIP 654,8 kt 23.07.1997 - MBCD -
Payback Time 2The ultimate tactical combat simulation game.  386 required, 486 recommended. 
30738 R2.ZIP 90119 21.03.1995 - - -
Russian Front II - strategiapeli
Kurskin taistelusta itärintamalta.
30745 REAP11.ZIP 168973 24.12.1994 - - -
Reaping the Dungeon 1.1 - FRONTLINE SOFTWARE
VGA strategy game! Battle powerful creatures
with modern weapons and devices purchased at
shops. Sell treasure at varying prices. Many
abilities can be improved using Raw Crystals
which are found deep below Jupiters surface!
Species of magical mushrooms and visual orbs
will help with your weapon recovery mission!
30752 RET1.ZIP 67351 18.12.1996 - - -
Colonize v1.0
A new game by Retch
productions. You are in
charge of a new colony
on the moon. Build a
strong settlement and
defend your territory.
30755 REX210.ZIP 277134 23.02.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
Imperium Rex v2.10 Strategy Wargame for
MS-DOS. Goal: Take over and rule all of
civilization. Strategy, tactics, and
logistics all play a role in the success of
your empire. The Neutral Player (NP) resists
all change (computer-played). More than one
human player is best. Playable remotely,
non-real-time. Colour VGA 512k & Mouse.
30760 ROBOTC12.ZIP 395454 15.12.1995 - - -
░░░▒▒▒▓▓▓███ ROBOT CRUSADES v1.0 ███▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░
Copyright (c) 1994 By: John A. Reder ---=<
RederWare >=--- Welcome to the 22nd Century!
Where RoboSports are so popular that it is
big business!   You are a Corporate Crusade
Strategest!  Your job is to design a robotic
army that will flatten the competition.  The
UnRegistered version of this game is
SHAREWARE! VGA and Minimum DOS 5 or better
required.  WARGAME!  Happy Hunting!
68013 RRISK.ZIP 124114 16.06.1995 - nic.funet.fi tupla
RRisk -strategiapeli. Kuin aito.
30779 SC3-104.ZIP 117103 25.08.1995 - MBCD -
Stellar Conquest III v1.04  - Space
Strategy wargame, VGA/mouse required. 286+
required. Design your own ships, and play a 2
to 4 player game (any of which can be human
or computer). Select from plasma cannons,
lasers, cloaking devices, torpedo launchers,
and more to build your fleet to compete for
resources and destroy your enemies!
[NecroBones] $10
27419 SFCS-154.ZIP 1868883 20.04.1996 - - -
│   SFCS:The Academy Free Release V1.52    │
│ Star Fleet Combat Simulator: The Academy │
│ Version 1.52. The Best Starship Simulator│
│ ever! This new FREE version includes 2   │
│ Scenarios with 3 Levels of Difficulty and│
│ full Control of Power Distribution.      │
│ D/L 2 files: SFCS-152.zip & SFCSVRTM.zip │
│                                          │
27420 SIMWARFW.ZIP 127,6 kt 17.03.1998 - MBCD -
Simple Warfare - yksinkertainen vuoropohjainen freeware strategiapeli 2-4 pelaajalle. DOS. Tehnyt Jukka Kokkonen
27421 SLORDS.ZIP 3,2 Mt 18.07.2000 - MBHH2003 -
Star Lords Avaruusstrategia. Master of Orionin esi-isä. Viimeistelemätön mutta täysin pelattava strategia, jossa pelaaja johtaa avaruusimperiumiaan. Kehitä teknologiaa, tutki avaruutta, rakenna siirtokuntia, sodi ja neuvottele. Peli sisältää kaikki hyvän avaruusstrategian, ns. neljän E:n "Ex4"ominaisuuden. Toimii MS-DOS tilassa. Ei kopiointisuojausta. 
27422 SPWW207.ZIP 29,7 Mt 10.02.2000 - - -
Steel Panthers: World War II v2.07.  Ilmainen muunnos SSI:n strategiapeliin jossa siitä tehdään entistä monipuolisempi, pelattavampi ja realistisempi. Ohjelmaan on käytetty tuhansia työtunteja, muun muassa uusia grafiikoita ja kymmeniä uusia yksiköitä luotaessa. Asennetaan puhtaan Steel Panthers II asennuksen päälle. Korjaa samalla SP2:n toimimaan myös uusissa P2-koneissa.
27423 SPWW222B.ZIP 7,4 Mt 10.02.2000 - - -
Steel Panthers: World War II v2.07->2.2b.  2.2b-versio korjaa runsaasti bugeja ja tuo uusia ominaisuuksia. Paketissa 2.2-versio josta päivitetään versioon 2.2b.
30824 SQUAD136.ZIP 170939 26.12.1995 - - -
COP SQUAD v1.36 - Like to play "Cops &
Robbers" ? This game gives you a chance to
test your knowledge of law and your use of
your own common sense. Your goal is to rise
from the rank of ROOKIE to become the CHIEF
OF POLICE! You will take promotional exams,
visit doughnut shops, conduct investigations
and fight your suspects. Basic registration
is $15.00 (Deluxe registration for $20.00
includes a Player Editor) and all future
68682 STARCOMM.ZIP 473650 08.01.1995 - - tupla
Star Commander
Captain your own starship while unleashing
deadly destruction on others!
A game of tactical space combat
30841 STPOLICE.ZIP 470020 06.03.1996 - MBCD -
"Stellar Police"
is a Role-Play style video game based on
a Commodore 64 action game created with
BR0DERBUND'S "Arcade Game Construction
Kit" in 1989.
30856 TACT538.ZIP 351635 24.04.1995 - MBCD -
Tactical v5.38 Star Fleet Battles Simulator.
NEW VERSION!  Bugs Fixed!  Based on FASA's
Star Trek RPG. Allows combat with up to 30
ships at once. All ships from The Fed, Rom, &
Klingon fleets included. One or two player
modes. Registered version includes the New
Generation versions of Fed, Rom, & Klingon
ships + the Ferengi and the ability to design
your own ships!--Shareware! Only $25.
30862 TANKWAR.ZIP 242874 16.04.1995 - - -
TANK - The Great War
Upea strategia-peli by Jukka Kokkonen.
Peli vaatii toimiakseen VGA-kortin
ja vain noin 700 KB kovalevyä.
Kerrassaan mahtava peli!!!
30861 TANKWARS.ZIP 211790 21.03.1995 - - -
Tank Wars, Artillery Duel -tyyppinen
27424 TOM3DCH1.ZIP 184,3 kt 06.05.1998 - - -
TOMMY\'S ALMOST 3-D CHESS (TM-229) A mini-chess game played on 5 x 4 x 3 cube. Pieces can levitate 1 level before moving. Easy to learn, cool to play against PC or another person.  Multi-level lookahead. Auto save/restore.  Works with any DOS PC or clone, any monitor, no mouse/joystick needed. (c) Copyright 1998 by Tommy\'s Toys (TM) "Programmed by aliens from outer space" (TM)
27425 TOS12.ZIP 6,9 Mt 05.06.2000 - MBHH2001 -
"Titans of Steel v1.2 tactical BattleMech strategy gamean offspring of Mechforcethe brilliant Amiga classic by Ralph H. Reed.Turn basedMech combat. Build your own combat vehiclesassemble teams and fight with huge combat vehicles that can weight more 100 tons Unique idea with excellent presentation and playability. DOS 486 24 MB RAM 15 MB HD SVGA (Vesa 1.2) Solo & hotseat play. Supports IPX multiplayer. By Vicious Byte. "
27426 TOSMENU.ZIP 333,3 kt 24.09.1998 - - -
Titans of Steel graphical module laucher by Travis Alexander
30889 TRBTRK13.ZIP 155435 07.01.1995 - - -
Turbo Trek v1.3 Strategiapeli avaruudessa
30908 UNT-HUR.ZIP 70787 07.01.1995 - - -
Hurkle - Strategy Game [1/1]
30911 UTOPIA20.ARJ 109100 30.01.1995 - MBCD -
Utopia V2.0 - onko sinusta Suomen johtajaksi?
Pääministerinä luotsaat maatamme halki
kivikkoisten kuukausien, pyrkien huolehtimaan
maan taloudesta, työllisyydestä yms,
tehden lakeja ja tiukkoja päätöksiä.
27427 WAP099.ZIP 206,7 kt 18.05.1999 - - -
War and Production 0.99 FW Dos strategy game which tries to be somewhere between Civilization and Railroad Tycoon. Bad interface but good design otherwise. DOS. 286. No sounds. 2-8 players. Made by Dan-Anders Strömberg and Patrik Karlsson.
30925 WARBOTS.ZIP 71944 15.08.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
Warbots - voit ohjelmoida itse
taistelurobotteja yksinkertaisella ja
helposti opittavalla ohjelmointikielellä.
27428 WARDIARY.ZIP 3669835 05.12.1996 - MBCD -
WAR DIARY War Diary -a real time strategy
game based on actual events in the 16th
century. Build and manage complex bases from
which to launch your attacks. Fell the trees,
smelt the Iron, harvest your crops. Trade
your resources. Your army -archers, footmen,
knights, artillery etc. must defend your
homeland against an invading army. Requires:
486+, VGA, 8MB RAM, mouse, Sound Blaster or
compatible. Published by The Game Factory.
31174 WARLD2ED.ZIP 52966 23.11.1994 - - -
Editori Warlords II:een.
Mahdollistaa kaupunkien, niiden tuotannon
ja eri arvojen muuttelun.
30927 WARSHELL.ZIP 1271091 21.12.1996 - - -
War is Hell - A futuristic top-view
action/strategy game. Req. 486/33 & 4 MB.
battle-strategy-action game that will test
your strategic and tactical skills, as well
as your eye-hand coordination. The objective
is to crush your enemy with a wide variety of
spacecraft and weaponry using cunning and
cat-like reflexes.
27429 WIR20.ZIP 3,8 Mt 03.09.2000 - - -
"Gary Grigsbys War In Russia The Matrix Project - Complete v2.0. Alunperin 1993 SSI:n julkaisema klassinen sotastrategia uusitussa kuosissa. Matrix Games on ohjelmoinut pelin sisukset uusiksikorjaten bugejalisäten uusia ominaisuuksia ja niin edelleen. Ulkoasu on kuitenkin ennallaan. www.matrixgames.comDOS/386. "
30935 WORLD10.ZIP 76909 24.01.1996 - - -
The World is Mine! V1.0 ASCII-based strategy
game or world conquest. Combines military
conquests with domestic harmony, resource
managing, keeping morale and industries up.
Simulate power struggle between 10 opposing
30948 WW2107.ZIP 253284 30.11.1995 - - -
WW2 in Europe v1.07 Copyright (c) 1995 W. R.
Hutsell 1-2 Player Strategy Wargame with PBM
and multiple scenarios
70216 WWII.ZIP 86658 19.05.1996 - - tupla
vanha ANSI-grafiikalla toteutettu
strategiapeli toisesta maailmansodasta.
30951 WZ111.ZIP 122106 16.11.1995 - - -
WarZone v1.11: game where the year is 2041 &
the world has gone to hell - as the leader of
one of the world's most powerful armies, you
must attack and dispose of your enemies to
form the ultimate world empire. your enemies
are 10 different foes w/varying strengths.
27430 X0_11.ZIP 30,5 kt 21.10.1997 - MBHH1998 -
X-0 on perinteinen  suomalainen jätkänshakki 1-2 pelaajalle. Nyt siis mukana myös tietokone- pelaaja!!! Pieni, mutta  hyvin tehty. FREEWARE. Vaatii: DOS,VGA.
27431 XO130.ZIP 185,4 kt 15.10.1998 - - -
RISTINOLLA v1.30 You can play against your best friend in a thrilling, bug free, entertaining, wonderful game. DOS.
30968 ZASER.ZIP 138988 19.01.1996 - MBCD -
Zaserboard - strategic chess, Zaserboard is a
two to four player game with the goal of
defeating all other players by destroying
their kings. Zaserboard is played on a 13 X
13 chess like board with each Zaserpiece
having different characteristics.