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ID Tiedosto Koko Pvm. Kommentit Alkuperä Tupla? Kuvaus
60142 1X2R12.ZIP 778261 23.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
$   1 X 2    R i c h    V. 1.2   $
Tämä    ohjelma   on   tarkoitettu
niille, jotka harrastavat joitakin
Veikkaus   OY:n    pelejä  joskus.
Ohjelman   avulla   voit  helposti
seurata  menojasi  ja  voittojasi.
Ohjelman avulla tarkastuvat   myös
Lotto- sekä VakioHARAVAT helposti.
Tarvitsee VBRUN300.DLL:n   [1/1]
19242 1X2R1304.ZIP 1,3 Mt 17.04.1997 - - -
1 X 2 Rich v1.301 Veikkausohjelma Windows 3.1, 95 ja NT  käyttöjärjestelmiin.   Ohjelma sisältää   Vakion,  Vedot,  Lotot, Speden   Spelit,   Otteluanalyysin ja   budjetin.    Ohjelman  avulla tarkastuvat myös Lotto- sekä Vakio- HARAVAT helposti.
60233 4LANG42.ZIP 91066 01.04.1996 - - -
Ultimate Language Tutor v4.2 for Windows
If you want to learn Spanish, French,
German or Italian, download this one!!!
This program makes it easy to learn the
vocabulary of the above languages.  Has
built-in test and flashcard modules.
Requires:  VBRUN300.DLL (not in .ZIP file)
17867 AATSP14.ZIP 686374 02.01.1996 - - -
AATSP Creates Time Sheets Saves Data, Auto-
matically Updating Management Files. Full
Featured Menu Driven. Text Sensitive Help
Windows. All database files can be imported/
exported. Sorts/Prints/Factors Overtime/Adds
& Totals Hrs. Shows Costs for various discip
-lines/Employee Att.Database imports/into
Popular Win database progams. System Min 286
DOS 3.3 640K Ram v1.4 employee ID Numbers.
17869 ABCWORLD.A01 2999357 28.10.1996 - - -
ABC World: 3D Atlas & Wide World of An.. 2/4
17870 ABCWORLD.A02 2999192 28.10.1996 - - -
ABC World: 3D Atlas & Wide World of An.. 3/4
17871 ABCWORLD.A03 2974793 28.10.1996 - - -
ABC World: 3D Atlas & Wide World of An.. 4/4
17872 ABCWORLD.ARJ 2999215 28.10.1996 - - -
ABC World: 3D Atlas & Wide World of Animals
Interactive presentation from Electronic
Arts. Requires Windows. 1/4
19243 AHANDY12.ZIP 813965 14.02.1996 - - -
Handy for Windows v1.12  : Essential for
Windows users! Over 30 utilities and games
including Typing Tutor, Unit Conversions,
Cheque book totaller, Font Utilities, Graphic
Utilities and Arty Fun, 7000 Year Calendar,
World Clock, Timer, Logger, Lottery Utils &
Games (6/49), US State Code look-up, Element
Table, Hi-Lo Game, SkillStop Game, Mouse
Trainers, Simon Says Game, Secret Store, and
lots more. A real "must have"!
19244 AIKA099B.ZIP 4 kt 30.09.1999 - MBCD -
Aikadilataatiolaskin v.0.99b Laskee suhteellisuusteorian ennustaman ajan vääristymän. Vaatii: Windows 3.1 tai uudempi VBRUN300.DLL Tehnyt Henri Heinonen.
19245 AIKAD100.ZIP 4,2 kt 06.10.1999 - - -
Aikadilataatiolaskin v.1.00 Laskee suhteellisuusteorian ennustaman ajan vääristymän. Vaatii: Windows 3.1 tai uudempi VBRUN300.DLL Tehnyt Henri Heinonen.
19246 AIRPORTS.ZIP 199,2 kt 14.10.1997 - - -
Airport IDs v1.1: Search airports by name or by the tree-letter id-code. This program shows the location of the airport on a map.
19247 AKAP01.ZIP 16,9 kt 08.09.1997 - - -
Akva-Apu v0.1Hyvä akvaarioapuriohjelma.
17916 ANNODOM.ZIP 305576 17.12.1995 - - -
ANNO DOMINI v2.22 for Microsoft Windows 3.1.
View a calendar for any month between the
years 1753 and 2153, national holidays for
the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, Christian
festivals, moon phases and sunrise and sunset
times for any location around the world. Also
On This Day feature which shows 8 historical
events and birthdays for the current date.
Country specific details can be chosen from a
database of 500+ cities around the world.
19248 ANONCAR2.ZIP 100710 30.12.1995 - - -
AnonCard 1.2 Anonymouse Christmas Card
for Windows 3.1 an up
fix for 800X600 resolution.
17918 AP13-D.ARJ 4499314 27.02.1996 - - -
Apollo 13 -lähdeteoksen demoversio,
kertoo epäonnistuneesta kuulennosta
multimediateoksen voimalla.
17921 AREACLK4.ZIP 123060 14.02.1996 - - -
A World Time "lookup" via City, State,
Province, Country, Areacode, or Country
International Telephone code.  Daylight
Savings Time is recognized "on-the-fly".
Track the time onscreen for a particular
location in minimized and Always on Top
mode. This utility will pay for itself by
helping you avoid costly call-backs before
or after business hours, as well as after
normal waking hours in any world location.
19249 ARTWRW1A.ZIP 1603297 29.07.1996 - MBCD -
Art of War - This illustrated Windows program
details the art of conquering whether it be
in the battlefield, boardroom, or in private
lives. With almost 500 hypertext footnotes
alone, this program illustrates why reading
the screen can be BETTER than the printed
word. From NetWorld Publishing. Windows 3.0
or higher req. Ver 1.0.
19250 ASTLITE.ZIP 170031 08.12.1995 - - -
Astro-Lite 1.1 is a Windows program that will
pop up each morning and give you your
horoscope for the day, in either a serious or
funny version. Requires Windows 3.1 and a
'386 or better PC. Shareware ($20) from Flat
Broke Software.
51544 ASTRO22H.ZIP 928148 04.12.1996 - - -
Astro22 - is a comprehensive Astrology
package for WIN31+. No technical
knowledge is required to produce
professional-looking charts in a matter
of minutes. Graphic and text screens
can easily be scaled, copied to the
clipboard, and pasted into other
programs. Requires a 386 or better, and
4+ meg RAM is highly recommended.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
19251 ASTRW117.ZIP 816601 02.12.1996 - MBCD -
ASTRO For Windows Version 1.16  A Fun,
Full-featured, easy-to-use, Powerful,
Astrology program for MS Windows 3.1. Natal,
Compatability, and Transits. Graphic
Cartwheels and Text Reports.
17928 ATH300AU.ZIP 463625 07.01.1996 - - -
AROUND THE HOUSE v3.00  - Complete home
and personal information manager. Easily keep
track of names, addresses, and phone numbers;
grocery lists; to-do lists; vehicle repairs
and maintenance; household maintenance and
repairs. Contains an appointment calendar, an
income and expenses module, a home inventory
module, an easy-to-use word processor with
mail-merge. View and print many reports.
Loaded with extras. Hard drive required. $39
19252 AUFORM1.ZIP 3371350 29.01.1996 - - -
Anastasia Utendorf's Grand Prix Review For
Windows This is a multimedia program about
1995 Formula 1 Championship season. It
features driver and team biographies,
racehistories and all timed results from last
seasons race-weekends. There will be a '96
edition before the season starts.
INSTALLATION Pkunzip the zip-file with -d
17935 AW21E1.ZIP 665613 29.05.1995 - - -
Astro-World (English) v2.1-8e 
Astrological program for Windows with print
and screen evaluations for Radix-, Synastry-
and Transit Horoscopes. Supports 6 different
house-systems the most comon being Placidus,
Koch and Equal-Houses. Textoutput for Radix
(approx. 25 pages), Synastry (6 pages).
Registration US$ 65.-, professional version
available for US$ 160.-
17936 AW21E2.ZIP 822863 29.05.1995 - - -
Astro-World (English) v2.1-8e 
Astrological program for Windows with print
and screen evaluations for Radix-, Synastry-
and Transit Horoscopes. Supports 6 different
house-systems the most comon being Placidus,
Koch and Equal-Houses. Textoutput for Radix
(approx. 25 pages), Synastry (6 pages).
Registration US$ 65.-, professional version
available for US$ 160.-
19253 BCR322.ZIP 325152 01.04.1996 - MBCD -
NEW! BusinessCards v3.22 for Windows 
Extremely INTUITIVE and EASY TO USE free
form database/organizer. Elegant folio-like
user interface with tabs and flipping
pages. Includes FREE BusinessDialer v1.12!
Windows Mag "Superior Shareware", America
Online Editor's Best Pick, Shareware
Monitor's "Shareware of the Month". Cover
disks on What PC, Windows Mag UK, Windows
User, PC NewsFlash, more! +++MUST SEE+++
19254 BEE10_B.ZIP 791986 19.10.1995 - - -
Multimedia Spelling Bee v1.0 for Windows.
Educational spelling software for students of
all ages! Features photographic quality
pictures and extremely realistic human
speech. As each word is pronounced for the
student, a picture of the word is displayed
using any of over 100 special effects. If the
student spells the word incorrectly, it will
be spelled out letter by letter. A report
card can be printed after each game!
19255 BIOWIN32.ZIP 149233 02.12.1996 - MBCD -
BioWin v3.2 - Biorytmittelyä Win3.11:ssä
19256 BOBOS_1.ZIP 1,3 Mt 08.09.1997 - - -
BOB OS for Windows III  is the  best artificial intelligence natural language programs for  Windows! What is  artificial intelligence,  you might ask?  It is computers  showing some form of logical reasoning.  In this case you  type something to the computer and the computer  types back.  You can have a conversation with a computer!  BOB OS  will entertain both children and adults.  Most artificial
61576 BONGAU15.ZIP 253372 06.03.1995 - - -
Bongaus v1.5
Bongausohjelma Windowsiin. Ohjelmalla pidät
lintuhavaintosi järjestyksessä. Voit tulostaa
elinpinnat ja vuosipinnat. Valmiina useiden
lintujen nimet eri kielillä.
Tarvitsee  VBRUN300.DLL:n
17968 BONGAU17.ZIP 328027 29.07.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Bongaus v1.7. Bongausohjelma Windowsiin.
Ohjelmalla pidät lintuhavaintosi järjestyk-
sessä. Voit tulostaa elinpinnat ja vuosi-
pinnat. Valmiina useiden lintujen nimet eri
kielillä. Tarvitsee VBRUN300.DLL:n.
Tekijä: Platinum Media Entrance.
17972 BURNS100.ZIP 127914 02.01.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Mr. Burns v1.00 - a Productivity Management
Software package that monitors the activity
of any PC running Microsoft Windows. Ideal
for keeping track of the amount of time that
spent on your computer, detecting malicious
use or monitoring the productivity of others
61742 BUSHMO-1.ZIP 3984567 24.02.1996 - - -
4 MOV-animaatiota CH:n Bush-musiikkirompulta.
Osa 1/2.
61743 BUSHMO-2.ZIP 3595624 24.02.1996 - - -
4 MOV-animaatiota CH:n Bush-musiikkirompulta.
Osa 2/2.
19257 CATZDEMO.ZIP 5131803 15.09.1996 - - -
Catz, Your Computer Petz (tm) by PF.Magic
Demo version. Get a pet cat living inside
your  computer. Requires 486DX50+, Windows
3.1 or Win95,
19258 CFTW107A.ZIP 496242 30.12.1995 - - -
Cumberland Family Tree for Windows v1.07
  - Powerful easy-to-use genealogy
program. Unique "story" reports turn dry data
into a delightful readable form. Show ALL
major events in a person's life: birth,
death, education, immigrations, marriages,
divorces, or other. Attach scanned photos.
Document with source notes, transcribed text
or scanned documents. Create an Indexed Book
with 30 different reports. Many extras.
19259 CHEMPEN.ZIP 434,6 kt 03.02.1998 - - -
Chempen+ is a chemistry education program to let chemists and chemistry students illustrate chemical documentation.
19260 CHMMKR10.ZIP 116450 17.10.1996 - - -
(v1.0) Chmmkr -  Chmmkr, the chemical
synthesizer, is designed for the introductory
chemistry student.  It provides a graphical
animated representation of the major types of
chemical reactions giving the student a
conceptual view of what is going on at the
atomic level. Windows 3.0 and higher.  The
unregistered version contains 2 reactions and
the registered version 5.  Shareware(US$10 +
$2 S and H) Timothy J. Allen
19261 CHNG15.ZIP 1203759 30.12.1995 - MBCD -
I Ching Empower Tool v1.5  - Ask the I
Ching oracle your most intimate questions and
receive immediate answers. For Windows. Two
help files. Detailed graphic printout.
Readings Log for saving your consultations.
Hexagram, changing line, trigram and
Situation Analysis databases in shareware
version. Registered version features bonus
Relationships database and export function.
Four-star rating from Ziff-Davis Group.
17992 CJPOS537.ZIP 863976 07.01.1996 - - -
CJPOS Ver. 5.35  A complete point of
sale program configurable to any small
businesses. This very easy-to-use program
will write invoices, estimates, track
inventory and salespersons, Perform sales
analysis for any period, keep a customer
database with purchase history, track
accounts receivable, and more. A powerful
program. Included is demo data for an auto
19262 CLPBDPLS.ZIP 105822 15.03.1996 - - -
Clipboard Plus, clipboard clone for Windows
19263 CSKY1620.ZIP 691 kt 17.03.1997 - - -
CYBERSKY v2.0 - Planetarium for Windows 3.1. Colorful, educational astronomy program. Displays the sky from any location on the earth. Allows users to learn about astronomy and explore the sky by using animation. Shows stars, constellations, deep sky objects, sun, moon, planets. Shows detailed information about objects in the sky. Prints sky charts. Help file contains educational exercises, diagrams, tables, and a glossary.
19264 CTL3DV2.ZIP 12419 18.05.1996 - MBCD -
Microsoft CTL3D v2 DLL 3D-effect library
19265 CYBER311.ZIP 3,9 Mt 28.06.1997 - - -
"Cybertation Uses a kind of living electronic DNS to create beautiful 3D graphis on your desktop. Like some sort of genetic scientist going mad with a painbrush youll be creating these evolutioary works of art by breeding andmutationg strands of DNA called genomes. Req. 486/66 8 MB Win3.1"
18027 CYBSKY1D.ZIP 837573 06.09.1996 - MBCD -
CyberSky V1.0d - Planetarium for Windows.
Colorful, easy-to-use astronomy program for
Windows 3.1 or higher displays the sky from
any location on the earth at any time between
4000 BC and 4000 AD. Allows users to learn
about astronomy and explore the sky by using
animation. Shows stars, constellations, sun,
moon, planets, and reference lines. Help file
contains glossary and fun explorations that
teach about astronomy.
19266 DESTIN10.ZIP 1,7 Mt 10.04.1997 - - -
The Secrets of Mastering Your Destiny - is a unique program that helps you set and attain goals that will improve your quality of life. You can create a database of positive goals and have the program flash those ideas along with a user-defined graphic at specific intervals. This version stops working after 30 days of use.
18061 DLGW15E.ZIP 805596 24.09.1996 - - -
DELEGATOR v1.5e A delegation, performance,
and project management system for line
managers and coordinators.  Track
assignments; plan workloads; manage projects;
review long term performance; communicate
priorities; bring forward items; assign to
groups; manage contacts. Learn and use basics
in 20 minutes. Oriented to the line manager
not the project specialist.
19267 DOGZINST.ZIP 2547726 23.12.1995 - - -
Dogz lets you play with five cute
puppies.  When you adopt one of the
Dogz, you can teach it tricks, play
ball with it, and in return it will
guard your desktop and be your
computer pet for life!  Requires
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, Sound
Blaster or compatible.
19268 DRIFTWIN.ZIP 10,6 kt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
"Drifting Windows v1.26.97 LizardWorks Inc. harmless prank that makes all of a users windows drift around the screen. Every five secondsa single window will move just a pixel or two. Its guaranteed to make someone think theyre going nutstheir video card or monitor is hosedor they have a computer virus. Windows 3.0 or later."
19269 E3D_DEMO.A01 3545300 31.07.1996 - - -
Extreme 3D demo version 2/2
19270 E3D_DEMO.ARJ 3599553 31.07.1996 - - -
Extreme 3D demo version 1/2 -
the most powerful 3D solution for design
and multimedia. This demo version of Extreme
3D includes all the major features of the
full product. You can use this demoversion to
get the feel of Extreme 3D, but you cannot
save or export your work. For Windows.
18104 EAOLETTR.ARJ 3906861 28.10.1996 - - -
EOA ABC: Letters, children's educational
program/game for learning letters. Electronic
Arts, Windows.
19271 EARTHQKE.ZIP 16,5 kt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
"Earthquake Prank v3.8.97 LizardWorks Inc. Imagine a friend - or enemys - surprise when all their windows begin shaking like theres an earthquake inside their monitorcomplete with aftershocks. Thats the effect youll get with the free Earthquake Prank. The desktop remains stationarybut the open windows start dancing. Windows 3.1+"
18105 EASIL330.ZIP 571064 03.01.1996 - - -
EASI-PLAN Lite: Business Financial Planner.
Enables new & mid-size businesses to prepare
complete 3-year financial projections for
business plans, raising finance etc. Produces
P&Ls, cashflows, balance sheets & ratios by
month for 1st year & quarterly for 2nd and
3rd years. Incorporates facilities for
graphing key results; undertaking "what-if"
analyses; preparing "first-cut" 3-year
projections; etc. etc.
19272 EASYSIM.ZIP 87472 17.10.1996 - MBCD -
Logic circuit simulator for Windows 3.1
63652 ELEMV12A.ZIP 53200 30.12.1995 - - -
The Periodic Table v1.2 Wide Beta
Great way to learn the elements.  Has good
features, and is easy to use.  Shareware.
Req. Win 3.1, VGA, Mouse,
VBRUN300.DLL.  Registration: $15!
(Demo only has 50 elements.)
19273 ELMODEMO.ARJ 3946017 28.10.1996 - - -
EOA ABC: Elmo's Preschool, children's
educational game for social skills.
Interactive demo, Electronic Arts, Windows.
19274 ELVISD10.ZIP 14059 05.06.1995 koko¹ ratsnest2.iso -
Elvis Detector v1.0
Elvis-tutka. Haravoi ympäristösi väreilyä,
ja ilmoittaa, jos Elvis on lähettyvillä.
19275 EMOTICA.ZIP 301,5 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Emotica - allows you to easily paste emoticons, smileys, and acronyms into forum messages and email. Over 250 sample emoticons are provided. Requires VBRUN300. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
19276 ERROR.ZIP 232,9 kt 25.05.1998 - MBCD eritupla
"Error! v1.0 Apollo Software Got a coworkerfriendrelativeor enemy youd like to play a joke on? Three small prank programseach giving genuine looking but harmless error messages.Hard Drive Not FoundError Logging on to SystemorUnexpected ErrorQuitting.Windows 3.1+"
19277 ESLEEP01.ZIP 164,3 kt 14.09.1997 - - -
E-Sleep - Electronic Sleeping Pill is a program to help you to falla asleep easily by producting peaceful sound of waterfall.
19278 EWORDS12.ZIP 959572 19.10.1995 - - -
EARTHWORDS for Alien Dinosaurs. V1.1 .
This program was designed to interest young
people in learning a new language, to let
them see how different languages say the same
thing, to introduce foreign characters and to
help with spelling in their own language.
When alien dinosaurs from the Planet Dinopia
landed on Earth, they were amazed to discover
that we speak many different languages here.
18133 EXPDEMO.EXE 4755335 01.03.1996 - - -
Expresso - Interaktiivisen kalenterin
19279 FASTYP50.ZIP 712007 19.03.1996 - - -
FasType for Windows v5.0  - FasType is
the only full-featured Windows typing
tutorial marketed as Shareware. FasType is
for computer users who want to become more
productive with their PC by learning how to
touch type. FasType shows 3D keyboard image
and uses animation plus TrueType fonts to
prompt typist to type correct keys. ASP
member since 1987. Regist. US$29.00 + S&H
19280 FAX_N510.ZIP 749989 04.01.1997 - - -
Complete faxing program for Windows 3.1x, 95
and NT. Allows printing from any program that
can print. FaxMail Network for Windows makes
creating high quality faxes as easy as
printing. Includes a Fax/Modem-tester. -timed
sends - broadcast queue holds 32,000 -works
in DOS and Windows -GOOD help system -all
functions very fast -background FAX printing
18141 FBS10A.ZIP 675465 03.01.1996 - - -
FBScheduler Employee / Job Scheduler for
Traditional, 3 Shift Operation. Four
Categories of Overtime Tracked. Cross Shift
Overtime Scheduling Supported. Pre -
Scheduling of Days Off, Vacation, Sick Leave,
and Holidays. Job Restriction Checking.
Computer Generation of Preliminary Schedules
Supported. Paper (132 character) reports
written. Old Schedules Archived.
19281 FCALC10.ZIP 6,6 kt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
FAKECALC 1.0  Fake Windows Calculator. Looks exactly like the real thing. But it does not work anything like it! Lots of laughs. Shareware, Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Publisher/Author: David J Berube Registration Price: $5.00 Filename: FCALC10.ZIP
19282 FCC11.ZIP 171978 04.06.1995 - - -
Fat And Cholesterol Counter - SHAREWARE v1.1
Laske kuinka paljon rasvaa, kolesterolia,
kaloreita yms. syöt päivittäin.
19283 FILEX104.ZIP 312293 30.06.1996 - - -
File-Ex v1.04  - File Dialog Extensions.
Make Win3.x file dialogs what they should be!
For Windows 3.1/3.11.  Adds file Find, Copy,
Delete, Rename, Move and MakeDir functions to
most Windows applications' Open and Save
dialogs, plus easily access the last 25 files
and directories used. (Also adds 3-D look.)
Fully functional shareware evaluation copy.
By Cottonwood Software    
Released April 25th, 1996.
19284 FISHD211.ZIP 1,5 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
"FISHERMANS DELIGHT-SET 2 (v1.1)  Fishing simulation offers over twenty species of fish at six freshwater and three saltwater locations.  Fisherman selects rodreellinebaitand the techniques for using them.  He castsreelshooksnetsand lands his fishall while enjoying the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Windows 3.1+HOME & HOBBY"
64165 FLAGTPIC.ZIP 1576931 11.06.1996 - - tupla
FlagTower CD-ROM lähdeteosten näytekuvia:
World War I, World War II, War in the
Pacific, Great Generals, Space Race.
18161 FMGRD209.ZIP 140676 30.06.1996 - - -
File Manager Guard v.2.09  - allows to
set up [Restrictions] for File Manager. You
can limit user access to selected drives,
prevent them from performing any command of
File Manager, changing its configuration,
running programs or opening documents. For
use with personal systems or corporate
networks. Shareware, $29.95+s&h.
19285 FMINE.ZIP 7,2 kt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
FakeMine v1.0 Fake Minesweeper game. Looks like the real thing, but try to actualy play it.... Lots of laughs. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Publisher/Author: David J Berube Basic Platform: Windows 3.1 Product Category: Joke Program Product Distribution Category: Shareware Keywords: Joke, Prank, Windows
19286 FOODI4W.ZIP 2020664 31.01.1996 - - -
Foodi for Windows - erinomaisen ja
monipuolisen suomalaisen reseptikirjaston
demoversio. Pakkohankinta jokaiselle
19287 FPAD20.ZIP 7,1 kt 25.05.1998 - MBCD -
"FakePad 2.0 Fake Notepad. Looks just like the windows notepadbut try to actualy use it.... Great prank. Perfect for planting on an unsuspecting users machine. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Publisher/Author: David J Berube Basic Platform: Windows 3.1 Product Distribution Category: Shareware Keywords: JokePrankWindows"
19288 FRC101.ZIP 410,7 kt 09.10.1998 - - -
Freecard 1.0 Multimedia Greeting Card (E-card) Maker for MS-Windows (3.1 and 95). FREECARD lets you create electronic greeting cards with graphics, text, music and sound to send by e-mails or diskettes. Greeting cards are made into Windows executable files and they expand, play, and clean up automatically on target PCs. A recorder is provided for recording sound for use in the cards.
18184 FUNDMN86.ZIP 374447 24.09.1996 - - -
(v8.6) Fund Manager for Windows FM is a
portfolio management application. FM is
designed to help individual investors monitor
and analyze their investments with a wide
variety of easy to use graphs and reports. FM
accepts as input: price, investment, and
distribution information. Prices may be
entered manually, or imported from AOL,
Prodigy, CompuServe, or Quicken. Shareware
(US$ 20), beiley@aol.com
18190 GC307R1.ZIP 685450 30.12.1995 - - -
recipe/meal plan/shopping list/cost manager
for Windows. Prepares shopping list from your
weekly menu created using personal recipe
databases. User-defined categories;
auto-categorizing. Add misc items to shopping
list, remove items on hand. Get shopping list
by aisle; cost of shopping list at stores.
Quickfill data entry; expanded format for
large recipes. All new database engine; cuts
19289 GOLF95Z.ZIP 291570 23.12.1995 - - -
GolfLog v9.5z Golf handicapping system.
Maintains stats for 8 Golfers, 8000 Games.
Determines HANDICAP Index and a Course
HANDICAP. Provides Summary for each Golfer
showing 45+ stats like those maintained for
the PGA touring Pro's. This program is
perfect for maintaing a history of all your
Golf outings along with giving each Golfer
up-to-the-minute Handicap status. Developed &
written by RiverBend SoftWare Home of
19290 GPA10H.ZIP 808185 21.10.1995 - MBCD -
The Greatest Paper Airplanes v1.0h A Windows
program using full interactive 3D animation
to fold extraordinary paper airplanes. Unique
notebook features simple VCR style fold
controls, color printing of decorated
airplane designs, and animated tutorials on
the history of flight and paper folding.
Requires: 386SX-16 or up, Windows 3.1 or up,
4MB RAM, 2MB disk.
18194 GRADEP4S.ZIP 266679 03.01.1996 - - -
GradeBook Power Teacher's Grade Book ver 4.16
use either 2-9 week quarters or 3-6 week
terms per semester. Teacher developed. Many
special options and printouts for both
elementary and secondary teachers. Prints
over 30 different reports for students,
parents, and administrators. Many schools use
the progress reports for their mid-term
mailings to parents. Includes attendance and
seating chart options. Constantly improved.
19291 GT.ZIP 1268055 17.02.1996 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
This is a map of finland where you can move
with your mouse and you can see how many
kilometres is between the cities.
18235 HSMART30.ZIP 90209 02.12.1995 - - -
Windows 3.1 program for monitoring calories,
fat, and cholesterol in your diet. The
program includes a 900 item modifiable food
list, and the ability to print a weekly menu.
The program features on-line documentation in
the Heart Smart Help File. Menus can be saved
and retrieved for easy modification of a diet
19292 HUBBLE14.ZIP 391925 29.04.1995 - - -
Hubble Space Simulator v1.4
19293 IECT32.ZIP 214,7 kt 17.04.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH COMPUTER TUTOR (IECT v3.2) Program to Learn Intermediate English. Fully compatible with XT/286/386/486/Pentium TXT/EGA/VGA/SVGA;DOS 3.1+ or Windows 3.1& 95 (IECT) is an INTERACTIVE tutorial that teaches you SUBTLETIES of the English language. The program is significantly useful for those who know the language, yet find certain features of the language puzzling.
19294 IHN21.ZIP 743055 01.04.1996 - - -
In His Name v2.1 from Innovation By Design.
Have you ever wanted to have more time to r
God's word, but were to busy, or needed an ea
way to start?  In His Name (IHN) is the solut
IHN is a Windows 3.1/Windows95 program that
bring to you a new, insightful verse from the
Bible everytime you you start your computer.
Let God's word come to you everyday through s
verses and inspirational images of God's maje
19295 IL-SAA.ZIP 876707 15.08.1995 - - -
Ilmatieteen laitos - Sääpalveluohjelmisto
19296 INDTB152.ZIP 1,9 Mt 14.07.1996 - - tupla
The GODDESS IN INDIA AND TIBET, v1.52 is an E-Book for WIN 95. Explore tantra, witness the sacred horse ceremony, confront the Goddess of Disease, swim in the Ocean with the Doomsday Mare and chat with Tara - Mother of Tibet and much more. See readme.1st and click on setup.exe to install.
65116 INDTB152.ZIP 2022573 13.07.1996 - - tupla
v1.52 is an E-Book for WIN 95.
Explore tantra, witness the sacred
horse ceremony, confront the Goddess
of Disease, swim in the Ocean with the
Doomsday Mare and chat with Tara -
Mother of Tibet and much more.
See readme.1st and click on setup.exe
to install.
19297 IQTEST.ZIP 17494 04.06.1995 - MBCD -
The 30 Minute IQ Test
Mittaa älykkyysosamääräsi puolessa tunnissa.
19298 JAPAN11A.ZIP 71104 03.02.1995 - - -
NIHONGO SENSEI v1.1                 [1/4]
Nihongo Sensei is a Windows program that
displays a word in Japanese characters and
uses the sound card to say the word sim-
ultaneously. The user inputs vocabulary
words to study and the program creates a
19299 JAPAN11B.ZIP 332790 03.02.1995 - - -
NIHONGO SENSEI v1.1                 [2/4]
19300 JAPAN11C.ZIP 322204 03.02.1995 - - -
NIHONGO SENSEI v1.1                 [3/4]
19301 JAPAN11D.ZIP 179665 03.02.1995 - - -
NIHONGO SENSEI v1.1                 [4/4]
19302 JAPAN151.ZIP 1453069 01.04.1996 - - -
for WIN 3.1+, explores the earliest
history and myths of Japan. In-depth
text focuses upon mythological histories,
the origin and career of the Sun Goddess,
Amaterasu, female emperors and the
incredible female shamans.
19303 JKL0897.EXE 3,4 Mt 13.08.1997 - - -
Pääkaupunkiseudun joukkoliikenteen aikataulut, talvi 1997.
65386 JKL0996.EXE 3006746 04.09.1996 - - tupla
Joukkoliikenteen aikataulut, syksy 1996,
19304 KALAMIES.EXE 838782 23.01.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
KALAMIES 1.1 DEMO. Tämä ohjelma on tehty
harrastelijakalastajille kalareissulla
kertyvän aineiston taltioimiseen ja sen
saattamiseen vertailukelpoiseen muotoon.
19305 KALAREK.ZIP 7,7 kt 10.09.1997 - - -
Kalarekkari 1.0 for Windows 3.1, 3.11, win95 Pieni, mutta näppärä ohjelma kalasaaliiden rekisteröimiseen. Vaatii VBRUN300.DLL
19306 KCARD16S.ZIP 106156 17.10.1996 - MBCD -
Kanji flash card tutorial for Windows 3.1
19307 KIHIHII!.ZIP 61,9 kt 30.07.1998 - MBCD -
Kihihii! laskee rakkausprosentit saman tien koko porukasta. Top-listat, bot-listat ja täydelliset tuloslistat. Sisältää sekä 16- että 32-bittiset versiot. 32-bittinen vaatii vb40032.dll, 16-bit vaatii vbrun300.dll. //vaNaSoft 1998 - krääsätuontantolinja
19308 KILROYPR.ZIP 13,6 kt 26.05.1998 - MBCD -
"Kilroy  v1.27.97 Prank LizardWorks Inc. Remember Kilroy? Seems like he was always popping up somewhere. Heres a friendly prank that lets you continue the tradition on your computer. Kilroy will wait random time before he starts peeking over the edges of the active window. Windows 3.1+"
19309 KK302.ZIP 413890 29.07.1996 - MBCD -
Kith & Kin V3.02 : Windows genealogy (ASP).
Excellent shareware program for documenting
and storing family trees. Graphic interface,
timeline, zoom, stats, relationships, etc.
Pictures, maps, diagrams, sounds, etc may be
embedded in or linked to a person or family.
Many more new features.  Win95 ready. Needs
286+, Windows 3.1+, VGA+. By SpanSoft.
18304 KMACH11.ZIP 205886 27.12.1996 - MBCD -
Knowledge Machine v1.1 for Windows
Quotations and word training.
19310 KRAV10.EXE 363 kt 04.01.1999 - MBCD -
Kravatti opastaa sinut tekemaan perinteisen Pratt Knot- kravattisolmun. Solmu on pieni, kapee ja napparan nakonen. Vaatii: WIN 3.x Copyright (C) Marko P. (fS-SoftWare) 1997 All Rights Reserved.
19311 LATIN.ZIP 48689 14.01.1995 - - -
Latinankielen opetusohjelma. Osoita äidille,
että mikrolla voi tehdä jotain hyödyllistä!-)
18321 LPDEMO.ZIP 2253395 01.03.1996 - - -
Launch Pad Product Demonstration The enclosed
product demonstration is for Berkeley
Systems' new computer desktop for kids called
Launch Pad. Designed for children ages three
to ten, Launch Pad enables parents to let
their kids freely use and explore the
computer while adult files remain safe and
19312 LUKUJ11.ZIP 379,1 kt 01.05.1997 - - -
Titansoft presents: Lukujärjestyksen teko ohjelma. Tällä ohjelmalla toiv tehdä oman lukujärjestyksen tai päivän ohjelman. Monia eri toimintoja.
66070 MEASR11.ZIP 58241 14.07.1996 - - tupla
MEASURES v1.1 Convert 100's of Measurements
from U.S. to Metric and from U.S. units to
other U.S. units. Convert length, area,
volume, speed, acceleration, temperature,
power, density, pressure, weight, work, time,
angles, bits & bytes! Point and click
operation actually makes measurement
conversions fun and will save time and brain
cramps. A must have for home, business and
school. Requires Vbrun300.dll
19313 MEASURES.ZIP 61,4 kt 20.04.1997 - - -
"MEASURES Unit Conversionver 1.1d            Convert 100s of Measurements from U.S. to Metric and from U.S. units to other U.S. units. Convert lengthareavolumespeedaccelerationtemperaturepowerdensitypressureweightworktimeanglesbits & bytes! Point and click operation actually makes measurement conversons fun and will save time and brain cramps. A must have for homebusiness and school. Requires VBRUN300.DLLmouseWindows 3.1 or Win95."
19314 MEDCE201.ZIP 1551093 15.09.1996 - - -
Jasc Media Center v2.01  - A Windows
program for multimedia file management and
manipulation. Organize your multimedia files
into albums of thumbnails. Catalog, search,
sort by keyword, comment, or file properties.
View files using the powerful slide show
feature. Full file manipulation capabilities
from within the program. Print high quality
contact sheets. Support for over 35 file
formats, removable disks, and CD Roms.
19315 MEM12_16.ZIP 818,8 kt 03.02.1998 - - -
The Memorizer v1.12. on ohjelma, jonka avulla pystyt helposti opettelemaan laajojakin sanastokokonaisuuksia. Pystyt itse syöttämään ohjelman tietokantaan haluamasi sanat ja sitten opettelemaan ne. Oppiminen perustuu kokonaan ideaan siitä, että käyttäjä joutuu tekemään mahdollisimman vähän työtä oppiakseen sanat. Versio 1.12. pitää sisällään muutamia pieniä uudistuksia aiemmin ilmestyneihin verrattuna. Tämä versio on 16 bittinen (myös 32 bittinen versio on
19316 MENSMID.A01 2999104 15.12.1996 - - -
Mensa Mindbenders demo 2/5
19317 MENSMID.A02 2999386 15.12.1996 - - -
Mensa Mindbenders demo 3/5
19318 MENSMID.A03 2999420 15.12.1996 - - -
Mensa Mindbenders demo 4/5
19319 MENSMID.A04 610316 15.12.1996 - - -
Mensa Mindbenders demo 5/5
19320 MENSMID.ARJ 2999200 15.12.1996 - - -
Mensa MindBenders 1.0 demo 1/5
Mensa Mindbenders on cd-rom contains over
500 mind-bending puzzles to improve your
problem-solving skills and test your IQ.
Req. windows 3.1/95 *486/66
19321 MIND21.ZIP 449,9 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
MindMan - is a "brainstorming" program for Windows that allows you to collect your thoughts in the order that they occur to you. You can easily make thought digressions and later return to the original thought to help develop a good overall structure for the solution to problems. This version is limited to 25 branches. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18369 MOM12A.ZIP 347170 14.07.1996 - - -
MomShell 1.2A 
MomShell does what your Windows Program
Manager does, but in a better way.
Quickly launch your programs and organize
them logically by categories. It will notify
you when your system is likely to become
unstable and more! Registered users may
prevent launching a second copy of an already
running program. Try it! Requires Windows 3.x
19322 MOUSNG20.ZIP 169555 18.03.1996 - MBCD -
MouSing v2.0 Sagebrush Systems.
Create unusual sounds with your
mouse. Like a Theremin, except uses
mouse: left-right direction changes
pitch, up-down changes volume.
Windows 95, sound card.
66292 MPDIARY.ZIP 323921 10.12.1995 - - -
My Personal Diary for Windows v4.51
Keep a PRIVATE diary or journal.
Designed with privacy in mind to keep
your diary or journal private. Multiple
user feature allows an unlimited number
of people to keep diaries and/or
journals independent of one another.
Treasure Chest, Export, Multi-search,
To-Do list, Contact Manager.
19323 MS-3DMMD.A01 3799418 23.05.1996 - - -
3D Movie Maker demo  2/2
19324 MS-3DMMD.ARJ 4999241 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: 3D MOvie Maker demo 1/2
18383 MS-500N.ARJ 2632210 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: 500 nations -demo.
18384 MS-ANCI.A01 4520764 19.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Ancient Lands 2/2
18385 MS-ANCI.ARJ 4999325 19.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Ancient Lands -
historiaohjelman demo. 1/2
18386 MS-ARTGA.ARJ 4140424 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Art Gallery -demo
18387 MS-ASIMD.ZIP 3309840 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Isaac Asimov's Ultimate
Robot. His life and works. Demoversion.
19325 MS-ASTER.ZIP 254926 23.05.1996 - - -
Asteroids. Req. Win3.1.
66333 MS-BOOKS.ARJ 3033307 23.05.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Home: Bookshelf'95 demo
18388 MS-CINE.ARJ 2777918 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Cinemania -demo
18389 MS-COOKB.ARJ 3707527 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Cookbook, Home Cooking With
Master Chefs -demo.
18391 MS-CREAT.ZIP 3480445 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Creatures -demo
18393 MS-DINOS.ARJ 3830532 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Dinosaurs -demo
18394 MS-DOGSD.ARJ 3941802 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Dogs -demo
18395 MS-EXPLO.ARJ 4669897 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: explorapedia -demo
18396 MS-FS5D.ARJ 5906407 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Flight Simulator 5,
non-interactive demo.
18397 MS-HAUNT.ZIP 896931 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Haunted House -demo.
18398 MS-KIDSD.ZIP 1707813 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home for Kids: Imagipolis -demo.
18399 MS-MSGOL.ARJ 2924361 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Microsoft Golf -non playable
18401 MS-OCEAN.ARJ 5636785 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Microsoft Oceans -demo
66334 MS-PUB95.ZIP 1408065 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Microsoft Publisher'95 demo.
18402 MS-SCENE.ARJ 3403789 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Scenes -screen saver
collection demo.
18404 MS-WINED.ARJ 2413461 23.05.1996 - - -
Microsoft Home: Wine Guide -demo
18405 MS-WOF.ARJ 4510137 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: World of Flight -demo
18407 MS-WRDAT.ARJ 8762564 19.06.1996 - - -
Microsoft home: Encarta World Atlas -demo
66335 MS-WW95D.ZIP 3009316 23.05.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Works for Windows 95 -demo
66339 MSBOOK11.ZIP 341884 26.05.1996 - - -
Windows 3.x apuohjelma jolla voit pitää
luetteloa kirjoista yms. joita olet
19326 MSBOOK21.ZIP 361,4 kt 28.04.1997 - - -
Book ohjelma on hyödyllinen kaikille jotka käyttävät kirjastojen palveluja. Ohjelma pitää listaa teoksista jotka olet lainannut. Ohjelma sisältää myös arkistointi toiminnon. Ohjelma ilmoittaa palautus päivämäärän taikka montako vrk:ta teos voi olla vielä lainassa. Arkistosta selviää oletko lainannut saman teoksen ennenkin ja jos olet niin milloin ja kuinka kauan se oli lainassa.
19327 MSODOM.ZIP 210708 14.07.1996 - - -
=========== MOUSE ODOMETER (v1.11) ==========
TOTALLY COOL desktop gadget for Windows 95
and Windows 3.1! NEW VERSION now includes
"MicroMode" to use even less desktop space.
How far do you move your mouse each day?
You'll soon know with Mouse Odometer!
Features an exclusive "cleaning alarm".
Awesome graphics and animation make this
odometer look like the real thing! Other
features include selectable english and
metric units of measure, corner snap, always
19328 MTV3TEXT.ZIP 470603 02.03.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
MTV 3 Tekstikanavan ilmoitusten kirjoitus-
ohjelma - syöttää ilmoituksen parissa
sekunnissa modeemin avulla, toimii myös ilman
19329 MYSTAR23.ZIP 501179 29.07.1996 - MBHH1997 -
MyStars! Ver 2.3 Astronomy, planetarium for
Windows. View the stars, planets, COMETS,
Messier objects to scale as seen from any
place on earth any date/time. Now with: Help,
images, Zoom In/Out, Object tracking and
Animation. Star & Constel. Names, Alt/Azi,
Rta/Dec, ELatLng lines. StatusBar. FULLSCREEN
Scientific, Educational. Min Reqd: 386, Win
3.1, no copro reqd. Shareware: reg. $12 Runs
great on Win 3.x, 95 and Win NT too!
19330 NAPPULAT.ZIP 18,9 kt 06.01.1998 - - -
//vaNaSoft Nappulat Jatkoa //vaNaSoftin Windows huvi ja hyöty -sarjaan. Huoltoasemilta ja Speden peleistä tuttu nopeustesti vilkkuu nyt sinun näppäimistölläsi Caps Lockin, Num Lockin ja Scroll Lockin voimalla. Vaatii VBRUN300.DLL.
19331 NEWTON10.ZIP 118118 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
You can construct your own planetary or
solar system with Newton, and experiment
with things like binary and trinary
stars, the slingshot effect, retrograde
motions, energy transfer in near
collisions, and a whole lot more.
19332 NGAHD43.ZIP 809362 03.01.1996 - - -
NutriGenie American Heart Diet for Windows
winner of Home PC Top 100 Products of the
Year. http://pages.prodigy.com/CA/nutrigenie
Based on U.S. Surgeon General's dietary
guidelines for lowering cholesterol, avoiding
obesity and reducing heart disease risk. Has
unique & sophisticated tools: menu generator,
food pyramid and RDA analyses, weight control
planner, cholesterol profiler, BMI
calculator, blood pressure tracker, etc.
19333 NOPPAE99.ZIP 138,7 kt 04.03.1999 - - -
NoppaEnnustaja -99 by MinosSoftware Ehdoton RoskaProductio, joka vastaa kaikkiin kyllä/ei kysymyksiisi.  Vaatii vbrun300.dll
19334 NP400.ZIP 537901 29.05.1996 - MBCD -
Neural Planner v4.00 for Windows
Construct neural network solutions
19335 ODDBALLZ.ZIP 2,6 Mt 06.03.1997 - - -
ODDBALLZ, Your Wacky Computer Petz (tm) by PF.Magic. Digital life at its wackiest! Also available in the Computer Petz: Dogz and Catz! Req. 486/66 * Win3.1/95 * 8 Mb.
18436 ODIDEMO.A01 3999409 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo 2/7
18437 ODIDEMO.A02 3999328 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo 3/7
18438 ODIDEMO.A03 3999395 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo 4/7
18439 ODIDEMO.A04 3999414 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo 5/7
18440 ODIDEMO.A05 3999436 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo 6/7
18441 ODIDEMO.A06 3383164 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo 7/7
18442 ODIDEMO.ARJ 3999267 15.09.1996 - - -
Official Driving Instructor demo,
EuroPress Softwaren autokoulu-apuohjelma,
Brittiläistä tekoa Briteille tarkoitettu,
mutta myös Suomalaisoloissa toimiva.
Vaatii Windowsin.
18452 OLE_2.ZIP 1755054 04.01.1997 - - -
Ole-2 - is a demo multimedia Spanish
tutor that covers survival situations
met with in Spanish-speaking countries.
This version contains a single chapter
on introducing yourself. Requires
WIN31+, a 486, and 256-color video.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
66843 ORGARTD.ARJ 6962495 02.07.1996 - - -
Organic Art demo - create organic 3D scenes
and graphics, demo works as a screensaver.
For Windows.
18458 OSOSUITE.ZIP 705267 06.03.1996 - - -
OSOSOFT'S OsoSuite 1.1  - Suite of six
Windows apps. AdMaker 4.0, Filer 4.0, Fonter
7.0, MultiLabel 4.0, Rockford 4.0, WinClip
4.0. Includes OsoSuite Manager 1.1.
Shareware. Registration fee: $75. Requires
VBRUN300.DLL. OK in Windows 95.
18464 PADEMO.ARJ 3174867 01.08.1996 - - -
Print Artist - fully interactive working
demo. create birthday and greeting cards,
business cards and much more. Requires 386/4
Mb. From Sierra.
19336 PARA21SW.ZIP 838,2 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
ParaMind 2.1 is a serious brainstorming program for Windows.   ParaMind works  best as  an "idea multiplyer" by taking a sentence and giving back many new sentences. Another important function  for creativity is the "Find Word to Substitute" function in the "Create" menu. This shows you some special "Word Categories" that expand your ideas in interesting ways.  You can add as many of your own Word Categories as you like thus
18478 PCFOOD71.ZIP 187775 03.01.1996 - - -
PC-FOOD II Professional Food Costing calcs
food cost and required selling prices based
on a desired gross profit % and/or $ amount.
Edit portion sizes and ingredient costs to
see the effect on costs and margins. User
selectable sorted displays/printed reports.
Full mouse support. On line help. Note field
for each recipe, ingredient, menu item. Also
calc total revenue, food cost and gross
profit for a banquet, days sales, etc.
18480 PCSEC12A.ZIP 212961 03.07.1996 - - -
PC Security v1.2 for Windows. Information is
power! Protect your data. Stealth File
Encryption, File Lock, WindowLock, System
Lock, Keyboard Monitor, File Shredder,
Program Manager Control, Intruder Detection
Alarm, Drag and Drop support and much more.
Powerfull yet easy to use. Silvio Kuczynski,
19337 PERLIB13.ZIP 328716 04.01.1997 - MBCD -
BK Periodic Library for Windows v1.3
(16-bit & 32-bit versions included)
This is the best periodic table
available for the windows environment.
Search for elements by their names,
symbols, or properties. View periodic
trends with the built-in graphing
program. Change the temperature
interactively and watch the elements
18490 PETEMT20.ZIP 177968 12.02.1996 - - -
Peter's Many Things 2.0 for Windows Maintain
a list of scraps of information Various
filters regroup the list. Three files of 800
items. And/Or search. Group copy, paste.
Whole word searches. Doubleclick speed
searches. Select colors
19338 PINGUARD.ZIP 92401 26.07.1996 - - -
PINGUARD encrypts all your PIN-codes with a 4
character password and stores them to disk No
need to memorize your PIN-codes anymore. Only
the correct password returns a correct
PINcode. Unauthorized usage with a incorrect
password will also return a PIN-code, be it a
false one. So if you keep your password a
secret, your true PIN-codes stay secret too.
19339 PLANETWA.ZIP 654,8 kt 27.03.1998 - - -
PlanetWatch - animated simulation of the solar system that enables you to set viewing time and location. Windows 3.10
18510 POLAR2W.ZIP 244766 08.12.1995 - - -
Polar 2.0a - it simulates polarograms
for multi-species.
19340 PRM21D-1.ZIP 1381993 02.12.1996 - MBCD -
Otherlobe Software Presents:
--------------------------- PRIME 2.1 Demo.
Numerology Interpreter. For Windows 3.1/95.
Much like an Astrology Calculator only more
powerful.  Uses ancient technique of
NUMEROLOGY developed by Pythagoras. Creates
huge individual profiles, predicts dates,
match makes, and creates relationship
profiles. Interprets: Day, Month, Year, Eras,
Challenges, Personal Numbers, Mates and
Partners, Personal Matches, Addresses, Baby
19341 PRM21D-2.ZIP 946379 02.12.1996 - MBCD -
Otherlobe Software Presents:
--------------------------- PRIME 2.1 Demo.
Numerology Interpreter. For Windows 3.1/95.
Much like an Astrology Calculator only more
powerful.  Uses ancient technique of
NUMEROLOGY developed by Pythagoras. Creates
huge individual profiles, predicts dates,
match makes, and creates relationship
profiles. Interprets: Day, Month, Year, Eras,
Challenges, Personal Numbers, Mates and
Partners, Personal Matches, Addresses, Baby
19342 PSION.ZIP 778239 08.02.1995 - MBCD -
Psion S3a emulator.
19343 PSPIC54A.ZIP 1060849 02.10.1994 - - -
P-Spice for Windows V5.4 [1/3] Circuit
analysis and design program. Fully functional
evaluation version with some minor
limitations.  Shareware.
19344 PSPIC54B.ZIP 1214203 02.10.1994 - - -
P-Spice for Windows V5.4 [2/3]
19345 PSPIC54C.ZIP 933498 02.10.1994 - - -
P-Spice for Windows V5.4 [3/3]
19346 PT302.ZIP 968022 14.12.1995 - MBCD -
Periodic Table 3.0b - 110 Elements 890
isotopes. 500+ radioisotopes with decay
trees. Quiz mode. Calculate molecular
weights. Compare bond properties. List
properties in sorted lists. Graph the
properties. Print table, data and decays.
Supports clipboard. Has over 30 data items on
each element, including abundance, melt/boil
point, electronegativity, oxydation states,
and more.
18534 QNETV2T.ZIP 1153515 28.07.1995 - - -
Qnet for Windows V2 is the complete solution
for Neural Network modeling. It is a 32-bit
application compatible with all 32-bit
Windows environments (including 3.X
w/Win32s). This is a fully functional trial
version that allows you to become familiar
with Qnet and neural network modeling.
Example neural network models are included
for science, investing, pattern recognition
and more. Details on obtaining the retail
version of Qnet along with Qnet's other
19347 RASBERRY.ZIP 22,8 kt 26.05.1998 - MBCD -
Rasberry Prank LizardWorks Inc. When you run Rasberry Prank, you\'ll see a lizard pop out of the active window head first and give you a noiseless "raspberry." The reptile always pops up after a random period of time. Windows 3.0+
19348 RCKFRD40.ZIP 194719 17.12.1995 - - -
OSOSOFT'S ROCKFORD! v4.0  - Business
card maker for Windows 3.1. Fonts, Clip Art,
and Line Drawing. Works with all custom card
stock. Many new features. WYSIWYG. Camera
ready cards too. Shareware. Registration: $20
Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
18557 SACALC.ZIP 111390 01.04.1996 - - -
AviCalc v1.0 for Windows. Calculation program
for aeronautics.
19349 SALCH15.ZIP 975007 17.12.1995 - MBCD -
SoftAlchemy is both a P-Table and a chemistry
. It's very user-friendly and packed with fac
y and physics. It should suit any user of all
eds this kind of information at their fingert
Shareware $20.
19350 SCOUT.ZIP 13,7 kt 14.09.1997 - - -
Klingonin kielen pieni opetusohjelma. Sisältää sanaston jota voi muokata. Tällä ohjlemalla opit oikeinkirjoituksen ja yleisimmät lausahdukset ja sanat.
18566 SCPREADR.ZIP 368173 22.12.1995 - - -
Scope-Reader 1.2 Alpha Release.
Ohjaa Fluke 97-mittaria PC:llä.
18577 SEW503.ZIP 654657 14.12.1995 - - -
Scheduling Employees for Windows V5.03 (ASP)-
The PC Magazine editors gave this program the
1995 Business shareware of the year award.
All time is entered by mouse with easy copy
functions. Times and wages are displayed as
the schedule progresses. Fictitious Employees
are loaded during the auto install for
practice. A distribution graph displays the
hour by hour coverage for each day.
Many other features.       Guia International
19351 SFFT21.ZIP 91719 21.08.1996 - - -
The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is a
well-known implementation of the Discrete
Fourier Transform (DFT). SimpleFFT performs
the FFT/IFFT pair on a complex data set.  It
was written in Visual Basic 3.0 and includes
several features that assist in converting,
transforming, manipulating, and presenting
data.  It can read text, binary and WAV data
19352 SIMPSCSD.A01 2,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - - -
Simpsons Cartoon Studio demo. 2/3
19353 SIMPSCSD.A02 1,5 Mt 25.01.1997 - - -
Simpsons Cartoon Studio demo. 3/3
19354 SIMPSCSD.ARJ 2,4 Mt 25.01.1997 - - -
"Simpsons Cartoon Studio _DEMO_ Create your own Simpsons cartoon episodes. Requires Windows. Unpack into drives root and run from \\simpsons."
19355 SKYMAP31.ZIP 1,8 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
SKYMAP v3.1  Windows Planetarium. Draws accurate maps of the sky, showing stars, planets, deep sky objects, comets etc. Detailed information can be shown for any object. Can print maps to any printer. Pictures can be displayed, in many formats. For both serious amateur & novice users. The SkyMap 3.1 package contains both v2.2 for Windows 3.1 and v3.1 for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.
19356 SLYBIO15.ZIP 17545 25.04.1996 - MBCD -
SlyFox Biorhythm program v1.5 for Windows
19357 SMS16V23.ZIP 419,2 kt 31.03.1998 - MBCD -
sms16v23 for Windows 3.1: x86 CPU simulator for students of low level programming. Based on the low eight bits of the 8086. Can be single stepped or run continuously. The CPU registers and RAM contents are made visible. The simulator is programmed in x86-like assembly code.  The machine code generated is not the same as 8086 code.
19358 SMS31-01.ZIP 350888 06.09.1996 - MBCD -
Microcomputer Simulator. Assemble and run
programs, view "registers" and "memory".
Shareware version.
19359 SOLF313.ZIP 2 Mt 21.10.1997 - - -
Solar Fire v3.13 Intuitive, easy-to-use astrological calculation software. Windows 3.1+
19360 SOP9548A.ZIP 298048 26.12.1995 - - -
STSORBIT PLUS Version 9548: Track and display
any satellite for which orbital data is avail
able. Used by NASA and the aerospace industry
as well as hams and "just plain folks" around
the world. Math coprocessor chip recommended.
Now includes Multi-Satellite Tracking Feature
By: Dave Ransom, 7130 Avenia Altisima, Rancho
Palos Verdes, CA  90275  USA.
18633 STOMNID.A01 3999245 31.07.1996 - - -
Star Trek Omnipedia demo 2/3
18634 STOMNID.A02 3574554 31.07.1996 - - -
Star Trek Omnipedia demo 3/3
18635 STOMNID.ARJ 3999426 31.07.1996 - - -
Star Trek Omnipedia - non-interactive
demonstration of the Star Trek
multimedia book. 1/3
68789 SVDEMO15.EXE 464537 10.09.1995 - - tupla
Working demonstration of StitchView 1.5 for
Windows. This demo displays Pfaff stitch
files.  It displays the new binary and
PCD-Win files as well as the "classic" text
PCD/PCQ files. This demo is free.  The full
version is available for $15.
19361 SWAPPERW.ZIP 7 kt 26.05.1998 - MBCD -
Swapper Windows Prank v2.3.97 LizardWorks Inc. simple prank for Windows that swaps the left and right mouse buttons at random. Make sure you check out the Readme file to learn how to stop it. Windows 3.1+
68886 TAROTW.ZIP 1331080 02.12.1996 - MBCD -
CyberTarot(TM) version 2.5 is a complete
Tarot reading system for Microsoft Windows
3.1 or later.  You can choose from any of
three spreads or card layouts, shuffle and
select your own cards, and view individual
cards on a large screen.  Comprehensive
on-line help system includes interpretations
of individual cards and information about
spreads and card positions. Minimum
configuration requires 256 color VGA, 386 or
better CPU, and Microsoft Windows 3.1 or
19362 TELEPT10.ZIP 99,4 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Telepath v1.0   Amaze your friends with your computer-telepathic ability! They may have a hard time figuring out how the computer can "telepathically" communicate to you what their secret choice was. A great trick that also teaches simple binary math. Requires Windows 3.1 or Win95; VBRUN300.DLL. A FREE program from the American Free Electronic Library.
19363 TELVIS15.ZIP 225369 27.12.1996 - MBCD -
Tiny Elvis (Version 1.50) Tiny E sits at the
bottom of your Windows desktop, pops to his
feet to comment on your "huge" icons,
cursors, etc.  Fun! Plays waveform audio
(WAV) voice Requires: MS Windows 3.1 or
higher, Sound card or other audio hardware.
19364 TLC102.ZIP 5,5 kt 29.12.1997 - MBCD -
The Love Calculator v1.02: calculate your odds in love from your names.
19365 TMAC33.ZIP 272,1 kt 04.04.1999 - - -
TransMac v3.3 shareware Windows 3.1:lle. Lukee, kirjoittaa ja alustaa Macintoshin diskettejä, CD-ROMeja ja SCSI-asemia (esim. SyQuest, Bernoulli, Zip, optiset asemat ja kiintolevyt). Tukee myös pitkiä tiedostonimiä.
18681 TMLN5SHW.ZIP 1288953 07.01.1996 - - -
TIMELINE V5.0 for WIN 3.1+ is an-depth,
Ancient and Medieval history timeline
designed for thinking adults. It has no
equal among published software. A
spreadsheet metaphor with multiple pages
presents a pageant of the human
experience in ages past for Northwest
Europe, the Mediterranean region, India
and Tibet, and China and Japan. Click on
setup.exe under Windows to install.
18682 TMTR110.ZIP 161763 30.12.1995 - - -
(v1.1.0) TimeTracker for Windows
Application for recording time tasks,
useful anyone who bills for time or
just wants a simple solution for keeping
track of time events and charges.
Shareware (US$ 20.- MC/Visa/AmEx)
Maui Software INTERNET:mauisw@aloha.net
- Start/Stop and Pause/Resume button
- Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete time records
18685 TPROJECT.ARJ 6105634 27.10.1996 - - -
Turboproject V1.0 demo for Windows, project
management software for solving complex
project designs. 486, 8 MB, from IMSI.
18687 TRADEDGE.ZIP 631724 30.12.1995 - - -
\\\\---=== Trader's Edge ===---////
A full featured and easy to use program
designed to manage your investment
portfolio and give you the information
you need to reach your financial goals.
Easy to use, designed for the CDN
markets.  Req. DOS 3.XX+ & Win 3.1+
Demonstration version only.
19366 TREKEX20.ZIP 1386339 12.01.1996 - MBCD -
Star Trek Explorer 2.0 - Encyclopedia to all
Trekkers A collection of Star Trek faqs,
lists, trivia, in-jokes, technical info, and
episode guides all bundled together into one
gigantic heavily cross-referenced Windows
Help file. This version (2.0) contains just
REAMS of new information! Freeware. Created
by Bob Yewchuk.
69518 UCOOK10.ZIP 1366024 05.06.1995 - - tupla
Keittokirja, ruokareseptejä englanniksi
The USENET Cookbook in Windows WinHelp format
The cookbook contains recipes edited by Brian
K. Reid while moderating the alt.gourmand
19367 UHSWIN41.EXE 392,3 kt 29.01.1998 - MBCD -
UHS Reader for Windows v4.10 ASP. The Universal Hint System gives you only the hints that you need to solve many computer games. Unlike traditional walkthroughs, the UHS lets you select questions from menus and view only as much information -- from subtle nudges to full answers -- as you want, so that you have an opportunity to finish solving the puzzles on your own. Shareware: $20 registration fee.
19368 ULSD144.ZIP 244,6 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
_____ UNIVERSAL LOTTERY SYSTEM v1.44 ______ .Easy to setup for all types of Lotto games. Create databases to record winning sets of numbers from previous draws. Shows count of how many times each number has been drawn. These are displayed in graph and grid form. With Pick-a-Winner random number generator. Pick from previous top Winners in Database. Excellent On-Line Help. For Win3 or Win95. Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Rated: ****
19369 VEIKKAUS.ZIP 279585 04.01.1997 - - eritupla
Ohjelma jalkapalloveikkauksen
sarjajärjestelmien laadintaan.
18741 VTID344.ZIP 296905 04.01.1997 - - -
Investors program with databases. Compare and
determine the Value of company share prices
and recognize Growth Stocks and Mutual Funds
in advance of the Market. Record, track and
graph all popular Stock Market Indices such
as the DJIA. Calculations, projections and
graphs for Saving, Investing, Retirement and
401(k). Excellent On-Line Help. For Win 3 or
Win95. Requires VBRUN300.DLL
19370 WDLITE20.ZIP 104348 23.02.1996 - - -
Watchdog 2.0 lite Home Security. Monitor up
to 8 external sensors in and around your home
computer using only 1 standard Input port.
You can monitor sensors on doors, windows,
desk drawers, electric eye's, machinery,
anything! Keeps track of home activity in
real- time. Permanent logs, password protect
security and remote (modem) operation.
19371 WGH-IN22.ZIP 305277 15.12.1995 - - -
WEIGH-IN v2.24  This is the fastest and
easiest way to keep track of your weight!
WEIGH-IN provides a convenient way to record
your weight and chart your progress toward
your weight goal. WEIGH-IN will help you make
sure that you lose weight at a safe rate and
that the pounds don't sneak back on. Runs
under DOS or Windows. Mouse optional.
Supports most printers.
19372 WIMATK30.ZIP 135736 17.10.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
WinImage 3.00 Language Translation Kit This
.ZIP contains the files needed for
translating WinImage 3.00 in a another
langage. You need the English version release
to test this. (WINIMA30.ZIP on some BBS)
French, English, Italian, Spanish and German
already exist, Russian comeing soon!
18793 WINCACSD.ZIP 1234758 04.01.1997 - - -
Wincacs Professional -suunnistusratojen
piirto-ohjelman demoversio
18798 WINEGYPT.ZIP 416028 04.11.1996 - - -
Egyptian Tarot for Windows - is an
esoteric fortune telling card game with
interesting VGA graphics. This version
is limited to the Planetary and French
Cross spreads, and does not print.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18809 WINI40D.ZIP 6242762 31.07.1996 - - -
Winimages f/x V4.0 demo - image processing
and morphing on Windows/NT/95. Requires 486 /
4 Mb. From Black Belt Systems, makers of
famous Amiga image processors.
19373 WINJDIC.ZIP 334741 06.03.1996 - MBCD -
Japanese Dictionary for Windows (WinJDIC)
18818 WINMED_1.ZIP 953814 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
WINMED (c) iDRSystems Ltd  Disk 1/3
The home medical advisor for Windows
-[Requires 256 colors in 640x480 VGA]-
You will need all the three files to
install WINMED!
18819 WINMED_2.ZIP 885350 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
WINMED (c) iDRSystems Ltd  Disk 2/3
The home medical advisor for Windows
18820 WINMED_3.ZIP 575939 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
WINMED (c) iDRSystems Ltd  Disk 3/3
The home medical advisor for Windows
70085 WINPOEM.ZIP 62709 14.01.1995 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
Runo-ohjelma. Näyttää otteita tunnetuiden
runoilijoiden teksteistä. Runo päivässä pitää
lääkärin loitolla.
19374 WINPURE1.ZIP 213180 04.11.1996 - - -
Purity Test 1.0- This Windows based
program is a 500 question test to
measure how corrupt you are (or are
not) in the areas of sex, drugs,
crime and other things frowned upon
by mothers everywhere. Windows 3.0
or higher required. Freeware from
NetWorld Publishing.
19375 WRE310.ZIP 1047572 29.07.1996 - MBCD -
WinRail v3.1 Model Rail Layout Design
for Microsoft Windows 3.1
19376 WSKDEMO.ARJ 1927893 25.10.1996 - - -
Autosketch demo - power and precision of CAD
with a illustrator program. Windows, 486, 8
MB. Autodesk.
19377 WSPV113.ZIP 492026 05.12.1996 - MBCD -
WSpecem v1.13
---- Spectrum 48K Windows 3.1x and Windows'95
emulator. Sources included. Please uncompress
with -d option.
19378 WST100.ZIP 1,3 Mt 25.03.1997 - MBCD -
Who Said That? 1.0 SE  Quote Database Looks up quotes by author, subject, date or even by full text search. Copy quotes to the clipboard, save in favorites file, or print them. 1500 quotes included. 6000 in the registered version. Additional quotes are available. Requires Windows 3.1 or greater. SWREG #12034
19379 WVAKIO46.ZIP 812067 15.05.1995 - - -
WinVakio v4.6a, vakioveikkaus windowsiin.
Painotettu arvonta & tark.
Kiinteiden järjest. tark.
Haravien tarkastus.
Tulostus OnLine kup.
Tietokannat, tilast. jne.
Win 3.1x, Freeware
18914 XTAC121A.ZIP 547151 24.02.1996 - - -
(v1.2) XTACACS - XTACACS Server for Windows
Authentication server based on the XTACACS/
TACACS protocol defined in RFC1492. Useful
for central control and accounting of user
logins to Cisco routers and comm servers.
Provides audit trial for all logins/logouts.
Includes accounting utility and source code
for custom report generation.
Shareware (US$ 75 - check or credit card)
Peter Mak, unet@mailhub.hkstar.com