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ID Tiedosto Koko Pvm. Kommentit Alkuperä Tupla? Kuvaus
6409 BW32_260.ZIP 231449 31.12.1996 - - -
BinkleyTerm Win32 v2.60.
63880 EXCAL095.EXE 907683 29.08.1995 - - tupla
Update Excalibur 0.90 beta -> 0.95 beta
18925 FDAPX111.ZIP 1,1 Mt 10.11.1997 - - tupla
FrontDoor APX/w 1.11 - Fully integrated Windows package for FidoNet compatible point systems. All-in-one, including an EMSI-compatible mailer, a mail reader/editor, an echomail scanner/ tosser and decompression modules. No other software is required. Very well integrated in the Windows environment. Fully compatible with W31x, W95, WNT, and OS/2 (WinOS2). Can optionally transfer mail over a LAN instead of using a modem. Shareware from Definite Solutions!
18474 PBBSW35A.ZIP 1357744 15.02.1995 - - -
PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v3.5      [1/2]
The #1 telecommunication solution for running
a full-featured, multi-line BBS from within
the Windows environment!
In/out TELNET capability!!! New internal
GUI File Manager! GUI Sysops display!
Major group Teleconference enhancements!
Download directly from P/Base! New FAX
back feature! Autocreation of DOOR.SYS!
New .DLL add-ons for C/Pascal developers!
18475 PBBSW35B.ZIP 1103419 15.02.1995 - - -
PowerBBS FOR WINDOWS v3.5      [2/2]
A powerfully flexible BBS system with GUI
Config, ANSI/ASCII/RIP support, DOS Doors,
online dBase, Internet/Usenet mail server
connection, FTPmail, QWK-mail network, MAPI
Gateway, satellite mail support, air-tight
security, KERMIT/X/Y/Zmodem protocols, 1000
forums, file-enclosures in messages, CD-ROM
support, FILE_ID.DIZ support, u/l scanning,
split-screen & group teleconferencing! More!
ZIP viewing, multi-lang support! PowerLANG