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17695 10KEY31.ZIP 186487 02.01.1996 - MBCD -
Powerful Windows calculator with nearly every
feature imaginable, including a scrolling
tape you can save, print, resize, and even
edit (causing the tape to automatically
recalculate); selectable syntax (normal, RPN,
or tenkey adding machine); financial dialogs;
customizable display; keep on top option;
"Tip of the Day", and much more. You will
never go back to the default Windows
calculator. $19.95
17696 16PSPD10.ZIP 209799 08.10.1996 - - -
PrimaSoft Dialer is a fast and small utility
program that dials phone numbers for you (you
must have a modem). This program will save
you time by giving you quick access to your
phone Directory and by dialing for you. It
will also redial automatically when the line
is busy. Dialer can also save you money by
alowing you to monitor the time and
calculating the cost of the phone call.
17852 1MBF.ZIP 73225 13.04.1995 - - -
Prevents programs from using up all low
memory. Helps if you get "not enough memory"
17854 2DOV12.ZIP 413130 18.11.1994 - MBCD -
Personal Task Manager for MS Windows- 2Do is
a robust yet easy to use PIM. Software
Creations calls it 'a powerful PIM, with
considerable depth.' Windows Sources states
that '2Do provides users with task-management
solutions that are unequaled by any
commercial PIM.' Windows - Business WILLIAM
17858 3DKB24.ZIP 107086 24.10.1995 - - -
3D Keyboard v2.4 for Windows
International character utility
17860 3DVCP.ZIP 744522 13.03.1995 - - -
Visual Calendar Planner 2.2 for Windows 
An extremely powerful scheduler with no
learning curve. Hightlights include setting
calendar as Wallpaper, WYSIWYG Fonts, Color
Printing, Word Search and many more! Multiple
view with multi-color, multi-font capability.
Visual on-line help provided. Utilizes
Microsoft Access Database Engine. Real 3D
look 'n feel with True ViSuAL editing.
17697 3DVCP42.ZIP 562,8 kt 27.03.1998 - - -
VISUAL CALENDER PLANNER 4.2 for Win  This PC MAGAZINE AWARD WINNING PROGRAM + MANY OTHERS features Workgroup-Enabled Network Version, Calendar as Wallpaper, Recurring Events, unique Alarm with multiple Musical Tunes, WYSIWYG Fonts, Color Printing, MultiView, MultiColor, MultiFont and MultiDocument capability. Extremely easy to use. Perfect for a Desktop Planner! Registered users get WIN 95 version free!
17698 8BALL123.ZIP 45187 24.11.1996 - - -
That 'ol black magic 8 ball is back! It will
"reveal answers" to ANY questions you ask!
All you need is a computer with Windows, a
mouse, and some questions to ask it.
17699 AATDI.ZIP 325,6 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
TheDisks - is a floppy disk management package for Windows. It allows you to catalog disks, giving each one a five-digit numbers, a 30-character file name field, a memo field, and more. Description Copyright 1997 PsL
17700 ABOOL23A.ZIP 181152 14.02.1996 - - -
Boole Text Searcher Ver 2.3a for Windows
Search, display files and directories.
Auto save settings. file preview window.
Many options to tailor searches.
Supports AND OR conditions.
Works with editors.
17875 ABOVE334.ZIP 270700 10.12.1994 - - -
Above & Beyond 3.1 - Excellent Windows PIM.
Enjoy Above & Beyond's superb Dynamic
Scheduling. Feel your productivity surge as
it streamlines your workflow. Handles all
types of recurring items. Features pop-up
alarms, week/month views, timers, task
tracking, launch apps on schedule, contact
database, auto-dialing, and more. On-line
Help. Full Workgroup/LAN support. Shareware
from 1Soft Corp.
17877 ACCP30.ZIP 170516 30.03.1992 - nic.funet.fi -
Access Pack for Microsoft Windows makes it
easier for users to control the keyboard and
mouse when using Windows versions 3.0 or 3.1.
It is designed primarily for individuals with
motion-related disabilities who may have
difficulty using the computer keyboard or
mouse, and for individuals who prefer visual
feedback in place of sounds.
17878 ACD165.ZIP 126745 19.10.1995 - - -
Converts all types of Aviation Gas to/from
U.S. Gallons, Pounds and Tons with Metric
equivalents. Weight/Density is corrected for
the range -40C to 30C. Adds and Subtracts
Hours and Minutes. Calculates the Burn Rate
per Minute with Metric equivalents.
Temperature: Celsius to/from Fahrenheit. For
17881 ACUST35B.ZIP 329953 31.12.1995 - - -
ACCUSET v3.5b - Ultimate Clock Enhancement
Utility for Windows.  Accurately synchronize
your PC clock with either of the USNO/NIST/
Germany atomic clocks. Determines clock's
accuracy & can compensate for error rate;
Digital/text interface; Title bar clock;
Auto DST support; Call logging; manual time
editing; Shows times in up to 5 cities &
17701 AD302.ZIP 450561 23.02.1996 - MBCD -
ANNO DOMINI v3.02 for Microsoft Windows 3.1.
View a monthly calendar between the years
1753 and 2153, national holidays for the UK,
USA, Canada, Europe, Australasia, Christian
festivals, moon phases and sunrise and sunset
times for any location around the world. Also
On This Day feature which shows 8 historical
events and birthdays for the current date.
Country specific details can be chosen from a
database of 700+ cities around the world.
17702 ADFS15.ZIP 284,7 kt 30.04.1997 - - -
"ADF-Suite 1.5 is a program which allows to do almost everything with Ubiquitous Amiga Emulators .ADF disk files. Req. vbrun300.dll"
17703 AIKADI12.ZIP 7,2 kt 08.02.2000 - - -
Aikadilataatiolaskin v1.2Laskee suhteellisuusteorian ennustaman ajan vääristymän. Vaatii: Windows 3.x/9x vbrun300.dll Copyright (C) 1999-2000, Henri Heinonen
17889 ALL3D121.ZIP 33758 16.08.1994 - - -
New 3D look for dialogs of most Windows apps.
17704 ALLCHREN.ZIP 42775 01.04.1996 - - -
ALLCHARS FOR WINDOWS makes the characters not
found on your keybord easy accessible within
Windows 3.1(1) and Windows95 programs. Just
hit the CTRL-key and two characters together
defining the special character. You can add
and change these definitions.
17890 ALM_SF.ZIP 2367 01.09.1995 - - -
Suomenkieliset kalenteritiedostot
Almanac-ohjelmaa varten
17705 ALM1635E.ZIP 396,8 kt 31.07.1997 - - -
ALMANAC v3.5e - (Windows 3.x 16-bit) A powerful calendar application for Windows 3.x. Separate, configurable windows for your calendar, daily schedule, to-do list, phonebook, and/or notes.  Contains search tool - displays what you need, when you need it.  Calculates recurring events, sunrise sunset times, moon phases, Julian Day, and Calendar Week.  Adjusts calendar and schedule data to any time zone.
51540 ALM35B.ZIP 398921 17.02.1995 - MBCD -
ALMANAC v3.5b A powerful calendar application
for Windows 3.1. Separate, configurable
windows for your calendar, daily schedule,
to-do list, phonebook, and/or notes.
Contains search tool - displays what you
need, when you need it.  Calculates recurring
events, sunrise sunset times, moon phases,
Julian Day, and Calendar Week.  Adjusts
calendar and schedule data to any time zone.
17892 ALTTAB.ZIP 78443 03.04.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
BETTER ALT-TAB by Toggle Booleans Better
Alt-Tab improves on the standard Windows
method for switching between the applications
that are currently running. Better Alt-Tab
replaces and improves upon the old way by
graphically showing you all of the
applications that are running so you can see
the what's running and visually select the
application you want.
17897 AM_CR41.ZIP 169934 02.01.1996 - - -
CALENDAR/REMINDER (MS Windows 3.1):excellent
for Laptops. Have you forgotten a birthday,
anniversary, meeting, or any other special
occasion? Let the computer do the work for
you.Program allows you to keep track of all
the above. Even more,it will remind you
about the events automatically. A similar
format to a regular calendar-note book makes
the program very easy to use, intuitive.
On-line helps are only one mouse click away.
17898 AM_DN21.ZIP 218685 09.09.1995 - - -
DAILY NOTES for Windows: (excellent for
Laptops) (MS Windows 3.1). Are you writing a
lot of different notes on a daily basis? Do
you want to refer to them very quickly? Do
you want to sort them by subject or by date?
Or perhaps you are writing a diary? Do you
want to be able to print some or all of your
notes? Let Daily Notes do the work for you.
On-line registration on Compuserve (GO SWREG,
ID# 3670).
17919 APLANR31.ZIP 220434 17.02.1995 - MBCD -
quick overall project planning, activity
scheduling, resource scheduling.  Can assign
income/costs to events/resources to estimate
project income/cost.  Can shift all events
forward/backward in time.  Handles multiple
calendars.  Allows free-form drawing of
events on scale of hr/day/week/month/yr.
On-line help and sample plans provided.
Requires Microsoft Windows 3.1.
17706 APLANR34.ZIP 220,6 kt 27.03.1998 - - -
A PROJECT/EVENT PLANNER v3.4  - Use for quick overall project planning, activity scheduling, resource scheduling.  Can assign income/costs to events/resources to estimate project income/cost.  Can shift all events forward/backward in time.  Handles multiple calendars.  Allows free-form drawing of events on scale of hr/day/week/month/yr. On-line help and sample plans provided. Requires Microsoft Windows 3.1.
17920 APPLAU10.ZIP 292862 09.09.1995 - - -
AppLaud v1.0 Sagebrush Systems. Activates
programs by clapping. Impress your friends.
Annoy your spouse! Different programs may be
launched w/ two-clap and three-clap signals.
Requires sound card with microphone input
(Auto Gain Control AGC recommended) and
Windows 3.1
17707 ARJBRO3.ZIP 617 kt 10.10.1997 - - -
Arjana Browse (TM) A new Windows 3.x and WinOS/2 file manager that helps you to zip and unzip .ZIP archives, search for files or words in files (now you can even search words within .ZIP archives), log changes to files and directories (to make backup copies, transfer files between desktop and notebook and for version control), copy, rename, move files or directories, total directory sizes, view graphics, launch programs . . . complete with both online help and an integrated
17925 ASTRO21.ZIP 2023446 02.04.1995 - - -
Astrological program for Windows 3.1 Version
2.1 with print and screen options for Radix-,
Synastry- and Transit Horoscopes. Furthermore
there is a text evaluation of the birth-chart
of about 25 pages. 6 different House-systems
the most common being Placidus, Koch as well
as Equal-Houses.
17708 ATTRBUTE.ZIP 24,5 kt 12.10.1997 - - -
Attrbute will allow you to examine and change the attribute settings and creation date of files.
17709 ATTREDIT.ZIP 4,8 kt 10.10.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
AttrEdit Attribute Editor for Windows by Scott Feeney, copyright 1996 Sa Software Company.  Shareware - see About Box for registration information.
17710 AUTO311.ZIP 8,2 kt 14.10.1997 - - -
Auto3.11 mimics the AutoPlay function of Windows 95 on Win3.x machine.
17711 AUTOEVAL.ZIP 273452 18.02.1996 - - -
AutoMight Plus for Windows Tällä voit mm.
tehdä makroja toimillesi.
17937 AWLOC401.ZIP 69508 23.12.1995 - - -
WinLock for Windows v4.01 - Winlock protects
your Microsoft Windows and LAN environment
from unauthorized users. The easy to use
security features locks Windows at start up,
on demand, and automatically when your away
from your desk.  Intruders are met with a
flashing red screen, an audible alarm, and
deterrent messages. Includes support for
multiple users, security audit trail and
screen blanker. Is compatible with most
17940 BARCLK41.ZIP 299304 03.05.1995 - MBCD -
BarClock Title Bar Utility v4.10 
BarClock is a handy utility that makes use of
the unused space in the title bar. Useful for
time & date display, BarClock goes much
further to include program luanch icons, task
switch icons and a fully customizable
display. BarClock also includes resource
warnings, alarms, timers and a built in
17946 BCO.ZIP 216562 08.02.1995 - MBCD -
17945 BCOLOR1A.ZIP 29234 30.03.1995 - - -
Better Colors 1A - Lets you change the shades
of the fixed Windows system colors.  Brighten
the dull colors, change red to rose, black to
navy, white to manila- whatever YOU find most
pleasing!  Unlocks the 256K "true colors"
palette available in all video cards from
low-end VGA on up.  Works with all apps and
16 or 256 color screen drivers, requires <30K
memory, does not dither.  Fully functional
shareware from Dadasoft - $19.95 to register.
17948 BDAYCLK.ZIP 138933 30.12.1995 - - -
Birthday Clock for Windows - displays
the current time, a birthday cake, and
a birthday greeting for your Windows
desktop. Requires VBRUN300.
Description Copyright 1995 PsL
17712 BIGTHG28.ZIP 77,9 kt 12.10.1997 - - -
A program for copying very large files to removable disks. Standard File Managers cant do this. Extended abilities, include renaming, creating working shortcuts and virtual directories on target files. Very easy Drag and Drop interface.
17713 BLACK31C.ZIP 1,6 Mt 11.03.1997 - - -
BlackBox 3.1Black Box is a file encryption program. It  requires Windows 95 or Windows NT. 
The user interface is intuitive and the program is very easy to use. When 
encrypting a file you  do not have to specify output. The file will  get encrypted 
but the name will not change. 
17965 BLOAT12.ZIP 198249 25.04.1996 - - -
Windows 3 program to help manage hard drives.
17714 BLOODH22.ZIP 54961 04.12.1996 - MBCD -
Bloodhound 2.2 for Windows 3.1
The fastest file finder for Windows 3.1!
Many extra features.  Locates text within
files.  Remove old or duplicate files.
Makes managing your hard disk a snap.
17715 BREWIZ.ZIP 536,9 kt 27.03.1997 - - -
BrewWizard 1.40 - Beer Recipe Calculator  The BrewWizard Recipe Calculator is a Shareware Windows 3.1/95 application that allows you to formulate your own beer recipes.  Calculates color, bitterness and alcohol content based on the recipe ingredients.  The installation instructions are in README.TXT.
17971 BSTAR5.ZIP 386858 21.11.1994 - MBCD -
ButtonStar Deluxe is a full featured
program launcher for Windows 3.1. It
replaces the chaos and limitations of
Program Manager with simplicity and
the power of common sense.
17716 BW25.ZIP 208259 15.09.1996 - - -
Button Works v2.5 is a full featured Taskbar
that launches favorite applications with a
single click. Just drag and drop icons from
the various Program Manager Groups right onto
the buttons you wish to configure! Has
Shrinking Buttons, Quick Windows Exit, Online
Help, Popup Menus, Mouse Driven Activation,
Drag Drop Servers, and more. Well worth the
17717 CAB202.ZIP 325113 07.01.1996 - MBCD -
Cabrio V2.02
The configurable conversion calculator
from Digital Workshop. Includes over
70,000 conversions from centimetres to
miles to drachm to the speed of a Cheetah
Requires Windows 3.1 or better.
Win95 Compatible
17718 CALC10.ZIP 234644 07.01.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
File Transfer Calculator v1.0
This is a small utility that I wrote to
quickly find the time required to
download a file.
It does not have many features now but I
plan to add print, copy to clipboard and
more to the program.
17719 CALIB14.ZIP 201756 25.10.1996 - - -
CALIBRA 1.4 Smart Clock/Screen Saver for Win
95, Win 3.1, OS/2. Reg. fee A$19.95 or $15.95
(plus $4 s/h). PC time inaccurate? CALIBRA's
auto time correction fixes that! 25 full
colour, highly detailed clocks to choose
from, any size on screen. Full screen clocks
displayed one at a time in screen saver mode.
30 more clocks in reg. version, plus Clock
Editor (easy to build, modify, clocks),
manuals. Author is a member of STAR.
17720 CALMII30.ZIP 608,4 kt 20.12.1998 - MBCD -
Calmira II, Online! Release 3.0 Windows 95 style shell for Windows 3.1  Calmira upgrades your Windows 3.1 user interface, bringing features that Win95 users have long been enjoying. Explorer, bin, shortcuts, taskbar, and start menu, brought together in an integrated environment that revitalises an ageing 16-bit operating system.  Requires 4MB 386 with VGA, Win3.1/3.11 Free software with full Delphi source.
17721 CALMIR21.ZIP 932,9 kt 31.03.1998 - MBCD -
Calmira Source Release 2.1 Windows 95 style shell for Windows 3.1  Calmira upgrades your Windows 3.1 user interface, bringing features that Win95 users have long been enjoying. Explorer, bin, shortcuts, taskbar, and start menu, brought together in an integrated environment that revitalises an ageing 16-bit operation system.  Requires 4MB 386 with VGA, Win3.1/3.11 Free software with full Delphi source.
17722 CALYPS21.ZIP 579129 06.09.1996 - MBCD -
Calypso (Version 2.1).  Complete Win95-style
shell for Windows 3.x. Revive your ageing OS
with a new, modern user interface.  Icon
based file manager with free floating
windows, shortcuts, Explorer style tree,
taskbar and cascading program menus.  You
won't look back!  Requires 4MB 386, VGA and
17981 CDMINIBR.ZIP 219889 09.09.1995 - - -
CD Minibar v1.1 Useful windows tools grouped
into one tiny application. Includes: CD
Player, Calendar, Disk Pie Graph, Set Time,
check path and directory, and Windows
Resource graphs. Easy to use. Install and go.
Fully customizable. Shareware $20
17723 CF14-16.ZIP 78,9 kt 12.10.1997 - - -
CHKFILES is a program that keeps track of the name, time, date, size, and checksum of every file in every path that you select (which could be every path on your hard drive).
17990 CFG3110D.ZIP 164277 28.04.1995 - MBCD -
Configure! v1.0d
A Control Panel replacement and INI file
editor which lets you: 1. access Control
Panel applets, 2. modify system settings
that Control Panel doesn't and 3. edit the
initialization (INI) files that Windows uses
to store system and application settings.
Shareware (US$15). August Applications - PO
Box 631/Plover, WI 54467/USA; AOL AugApp;
CIS 76501,1002 Internet augapp@aol.com
17724 CHK_D620.ZIP 162147 15.03.1996 - - -
Display all your disks status - Win95
(requires VBRUN300.DLL)
17725 CHOICE.ZIP 63,1 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
"Choice 4.13 Save time! A) Switch on your computergo to toilet     and every program you need has started. B) Switch ondont start program.    Just do small stuff in windows. !!! The startup group cant handle that !!! But CHOICE can. (confedentional startup group Just try (has complete uninstall) and enjoy your new free time."
17726 CII30SRC.ZIP 450,3 kt 20.12.1998 - MBCD -
Calmira II v3.0 source code (Delphi, GPL)
17994 CLCTLK.ZIP 289295 13.03.1995 - - -
Clock Talk is a Windows clock that uses
digitized human speech to announce the time
of day at user defined intervals. Options
include: Automatic launching and CLOSING of
applications at set times, 2 Title Bar Clock
options, a Stay on Top option, Auto Start
feature starts programs automatically at
startup (Great for power failures), Message
and 'Program Command' alarms, Allows any
True Type Font with color selection and uses
very little system resources. On-line help!
Use Sound Card or Msoft's Speaker Driver.
17995 CLENZR1A.ZIP 1437759 19.11.1994 - - -
Clenzer - is a tool for cleaning large,
cluttered hard drives. It can search for the
largest files on a drive, or specific files
(READ.ME, BAK files, etc.). After the search,
a list of files can be saved or printed, or
you can delete files from the list. (1 of 2,
also requires CLENZR1B.ZIP)
17996 CLENZR1B.ZIP 268001 19.11.1994 - - -
Clenzer - is a tool for cleaning large,
cluttered hard drives. It can search for the
largest files on a drive, or specific files
(READ.ME, BAK files, etc.). After the search,
a list of files can be saved or printed, or
you can delete files from the list. (2 of 2,
also requires CLENZR1A.ZIP)
17727 CLIP230.ZIP 104553 13.06.1996 - - -
Clipwatcher 2.30
Clipwatch will trap as many as 18 text clips
sent to your clipboard while you edit, then
you may use the internal editor to drag and
drop from one to another or to the printer
has a very powerful editor, now has calculato
and calendar requires
17728 CLNSYS15.ZIP 69,2 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
Clean System Directory - v1.5 This program scans your system looking for all references to DLL files in your Windows system directory.  Those DLL files in the system directory that have no programs calling on them can be moved out of the system directory, saving disk space and improving system performance.  For experienced users. Win 3.1 & Win 95
17998 CLOCKR23.ZIP 110842 21.11.1994 - MBCD -
Clocker 2.3 -- A personal/network
program scheduler for Windows 3.1
(C) 1993-1994 Winnovation
18001 CLW201.ZIP 140481 08.02.1995 - - -
CleanUp for Windows  2.00  12/31/93 A Windows
utility for maintaining a clean and well
organized hard drive. CleanUp for Windows
allows you to quickly view duplicate files
located on your hard drive(s) and tag
unneeded files for quick deletion and
recovery of valuable disk space.  Supports
all types of hard disks including network
drives.  Shareware registration form
included.  From Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP)
17729 CM16_401.ZIP 627584 29.07.1996 - - -
ClipMate 16-bit v4.01 - Clipboard Utility for
Windows3.x. ClipMate remembers all items that
you copy to the Windows Clipboard. Lets you
view, edit, combine, and print clipboard
data. Support for most clipboard formats,
including BMP, Picture, RTF, OLE, and More!
New Features: Flexible Collections, twin 16
and 32-bit versions, bitmap printing.
Shareware $25 by THORNSOFT Development 
17730 CMAGIC61.ZIP 357,1 kt 27.03.1998 - - -
Calendar Magic V6.1 -easy-to-use Windows (3.x or 95) based program that is entertaining, informative, educational, and of equal applicability in the home and in the office. Features calendars for Gregorian, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic - side-by-side comparions for any calendars, festivals, national days etc. Freeware. Windows 3.x/95
17731 CMSTR40.ZIP 711,5 kt 07.11.1997 - - -
"Conversion Master Engineering Calculator v4.0 CM has a huge categorized conversion database. CM solves CirclesOblique & Right Triangles discerningly. CM does temperature conversions. Accepts input in Deg-Min-SecFt-In-16thsMeters & Decimal. CM can Convert between formats at the click of a button! CMs use of dual displays enables you to view more info at one time."
17732 COMMX124.ZIP 263516 07.01.1996 - - tupla
CommEx v1.24  - Common Dialog Extensions
for Windows 3.1/3.11.  Adds file Find, Copy,
Delete, Rename, Move and MakeDir functions to
most Windows applications' Open and Save
dialogs, plus easily access the last 25 files
and directories used. (Also adds 3-D look.)
Fully functional shareware evaluation copy.
By Cottonwood Software   
Released December 23rd, 1995.
17733 COMNT11.ZIP 541,9 kt 10.10.1997 - - -
ES Commentator allows you to add comments to files (up to 176 characters) There is a text search with which you can search your comments. Once you have found the file you want to work on, Commentator will launch any application DOS or Windows (95 or 3.1) with that file on the command line. Ideal librarian for WP,CAD,DTP, Spreadsheets and MIDI. Single user and LAN versions.
17734 COPY-ZIT.ZIP 506,5 kt 30.06.1997 - - -
Copy-Zit - slice big files into lots of little files. Windows 3.1+
17735 CPUMON12.ZIP 98,5 kt 24.04.1997 - MBCD -
CPU Monitor - displays graphical details of CPU usage and the average CPU usage.
17736 CRON11.ZIP 108,4 kt 12.10.1997 - - -
CRONO is a convenient utility to set date- time stamp(s) of your file(s) to any specified value. It is especially useful when programmers or software publishers need to change the time stamps of their program files so that the time stamps can look neat and uniform and carry version information. You can use it FREE in UNLIMITED time!
62465 CTDISK12.ZIP 65358 13.06.1996 - - tupla
CT DiskCopy V1.2 (16-Bit) - Simple little
program for formatting and creating duplicate
disks. CT DiskCopy will prompt you for the
number of copies you have in mind, making for
a very quick operation. CT DiskCopy does not
perform an actual track by track copy, it
simply copies the directory structure and
files, but 99% of the time, that is exactly
what you need. VBRUN300.DLL.
17737 CTDISK13.ZIP 56,3 kt 06.10.1997 - - -
(v1.3) ctdisk13.zip - CT DiskCopy V1.3 DiskCopy is a simple little program for creating duplicate disks. Unlike File Manager which needs to read the source disk for each disk you wish to create, CT DiskCopy prompts you for the number of copies you have in mind, making for a much quicker operation. Shareware $10.00 U.S. VBRUN300.DLL required. Ron Parker (CT Software) ron2222@aol.com.
18021 CURPAN.ZIP 6990 02.10.1994 - - -
Windows 3.x utility - allows mouse cursor to
wrap-around the screen. i.e., pan off left
and appear on right.
18023 CV302.ZIP 329843 17.12.1995 - MBCD -
Convert It! SE 3.0b  Ultimate unit of
measure conversion utility for MS Windows. 15
catagories of conversions with a custom you
set up. You can edit the conversion factors,
add, change or delete units. Turn off the
conversions you don't need. Catagories
include Temperature, Mass, Volume, Time,
Area, Angle and more. Customize it for the
way YOU work. In use by many Fortune 500,
FedGov. and individuals.
17738 CW10BV1.ARJ 2564764 15.12.1996 - - -
ClarisWorks V1.0 Comprehensive suite of
office software containing database, graphcis
software and other essential utilities.
Requires 486/8 Mb.
18025 CYBAR130.ZIP 64149 25.04.1996 - MBCD -
Cybar v1.30: app launcher for Windows 3.1
Cybar is similar to the Windows 95 Taskbar
but instead of switching between apps it
launches them.
17739 CYRKB30.ZIP 107,1 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Cyrillic Keyboard - lets you easily type Cyrillic languages with any Windows application. Keyboard layouts are provided for Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and English. You can switch layouts with a keypress and customize them using a visual drag and drop procedure. Req. Cyrillic fonts. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18030 DAGW.ZIP 74302 17.02.1995 - MBCD -
Disk at a Glance, hard drive usage charts
BWCC.DLL required
18032 DBD12.ZIP 760807 29.04.1995 - - -
Day By Day v1.2  PIM includes scheduler,
task list manager, and diary, all with
password protection for data security. Master
task list allows easy entry of recurring
tasks and default scheduling on a weekly
basis. Automatically push uncompleted tasks
to a future date if desired. Diary section
includes text search feature and allows up to
64K of notes per day.
18034 DCOPY211.ZIP 223295 13.03.1995 - - -
DCopy v2.11: levykkeiden kopiointiohjelma
17740 DECODESW.ZIP 320,5 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
IslandSoft Uuencoder Decoder - is a Uue Xxe encoder/decoder with graphics viewer and text editor for WIN31+. Features include file splitting, automatic decoding of multiple files, user definable file size for encoding, the ability to create and remove directories, fast file searching, and more. Requires VBRUN300.
18041 DELTA30.ZIP 193206 26.02.1995 - - -
Delta 3.0: allows you to save information
about your disk and then compare the
differences that may have occured over time.
18043 DESK300.ZIP 513013 20.03.1995 - - -
Backdesk v. 3.0 - virtual desktop for Windows
18044 DEUS.ZIP 48952 13.08.1995 - - -
Mac-like Interface For Windows
17741 DFINDR20.ZIP 96940 25.04.1996 - - -
Duplicate File Finder v2.0 for Windows 3.1
18051 DIGCLK12.ZIP 48442 10.02.1995 - - -
DigClock v1.2: digitaalikello Windowsiin.
Mukana Visual Basic 3.0 -lähdekoodi.
18052 DIL103.ZIP 17516 25.04.1996 - - -
DiskLine v1.03 by Glen Neal
This nifty little Windows utility shows two
graphs in lower-right corner of screen
indicating drive space. You can pick which
two drives to show. The graphs are green, but
changes to yellow when drive space is less
than 10%, and to red with less than 5%.
Requires Windows 3.x. Shareware. Now
remembers position you drag window to.
18053 DIMAG155.ZIP 293862 15.10.1995 - - -
Disk Image v1.55 - Disk Image will display
and print a graph of your disk space
utilization, by directory or extension.
18054 DIRCTRL.ZIP 357749 03.09.1995 - - -
Window's Program Manager? Well, Try This.
There Can Be Some Bugs In This Version Of
Directory Controller. You May Have Problem's
If You Use Low Resolution In Your Window's.
Run INSTALL.BAT To Install Directory
Controller V1.0 To Your Hard Disk. If You
Want 100% Version Of Directory Controller
Then Contact Us (Look About). This Packet
Includes VBRUN300.DLL. This Version Is Made
By: Kalle Mäkinen/Magic Riddle
18057 DISKFAC.ZIP 121818 10.11.1994 - MBCD -
DISK FACTORY v1.1 - A Windows-based, high-
speed, multitasking copy / compare / format
utility!  It's time to start spending more
time USING your computer and less time
WAITING for it to complete simple tasks! Let
Disk Factory churn out copies while you use
you use your word processor, spreadsheet,
etc.!  Shareware for Microsoft Windows 3.1.
Published by CheckBox Software Inc.
Author: Mark McGinty, Accurate Technologies.
17742 DISKR152.ZIP 197292 31.03.1996 - - -
Diskers: Disk/File Duplicator v1.52 - Easy to
Use Disk to Diskette Copy Utility. Great for
Win95 users. Create diskette Image files from
floppys. Use them to re-create the original
diskettes at a later time. Perfect for
installation diskettes. Req: VBRUN300.DLL.
18062 DLLMGR.ZIP 13005 16.08.1994 - - -
Displays what files are loaded in Windows 3.x
includes .DLLs, fonts, drivers. Req VBRUN200
18083 DOSBAR1.ZIP 23257 28.02.1995 - - -
DosBar V1.31 (c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer
DosBar adds a toolbar to any DOS window. With
this toolbar you have an easy access to the
mark, copy, paste and other functions which
will normally only be available from the
system menu of a DOS window.
18088 DRAGFL20.ZIP 1374266 09.02.1995 - MBCD -
DRAG AND FILE VERSION 2.0  Very powerful
and easy Windows file manager- Drag And File
is a very powerful replacement for Windows
File Manager. Copy, move, view, zip files
from single or multiple windows. Config
toolbar. DOS command line. Format. Diskcopy.
File Icons.Views files on all drives.  Shows
duplicate files. Windows - Utilities DAN
18089 DRAGVU12.ZIP 540167 09.02.1995 - - -
Drag And View Gold v.1.0 - File Viewers for
Win 3.1 File Manager or any file manager that
supports Drag and Drop. ASP Shareware. Drag
And View adds what's missing to file manager.
Views most popular database, word processor,
spreadsheet, and graphic formats, plus also
ASCII and HEX. Copy to clipboard, print,
search and goto functions. Open multiple
17743 DSKMFW30.ZIP 365003 25.04.1996 - - -
DiskMan for Windows v3.0  provides the
most user friendly method to catalog floppy
disks, hard drives, bernoullis, etc.. DiskMan
produces professional quality disk labels
including optional graphics and also produces
an array of library reports. Version 3.0 now
enables the user to fully customize the disk
label and supports any label configuration.
"I have not found a commercial program that
comes close."
18091 DSKPIE11.ZIP 121762 10.06.1995 - MBCD -
Disk Piecharter v1.1  - Graphical
Windows Filemanager extension that shows disk
usage per file and per directory in a
piechart. Zoom in and out on piechart
segments (directories). Enables user to
delete whole directory trees (if desired) and
shows the effect on free diskspace. Seemless
integration with Filemanager. English, German
and Dutch texts. Created by Zorn Software.
17744 DST.ZIP 3,1 kt 09.09.1997 - - -
Adjust Clock for Daylight Savings Time. This program will load and wait until 2AM on Octob 27th to reset the time back to 1AM. A program included to add this to the startup folder. (These programs were uploaded to remote syste via dialup, then
18093 DSW052.ZIP 68833 17.02.1995 - - -
DiskSpace v0.52 -Utility for the Windows
operating system that will graphically
display the percent of space used on your
hard disks.  The display updates
automatically.  This version allows you to
select which drives to display and opt. of
"always on top".  Requires Windows 3.1.
Shareware from Bob's Software. Keywords:
Hayes; Version:0.52; Date:6-1-94
18094 DT0120.ZIP 123215 09.02.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
DirTree v01.20 - hakemistopuun näyttö-
ja tulostusohjelma.
18096 DTOOLS11.ZIP 527474 21.11.1994 - MBCD -
DeskTools v1.1 Personal Information
Manager. Telephone directory lists,
reminder lists, glossary lists, small
text editor.
18098 DUPE12.ZIP 66116 13.04.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Duplicate files remover
18100 DV200.ZIP 422374 09.02.1995 - - -
Drag And View v.2.0 - File Viewers for Win
3.1 File Manager or any file manager that
supports Drag and Drop. ASP Shareware. Drag
And View adds what's missing to file manager.
Views most popular database, word processor,
spreadsheet, and graphic formats, plus also
ASCII and HEX.  Has search and goto
functions.  Open multiple windows and compare
18102 DZ17FW.ZIP 142340 26.03.1995 - - -
DezkTop v1.7
DeZkTop is a program launcher, that is an
application which starts other applications.
The program launcher most Windows users will
be familiar with is the Program Manager, but
DeZkTop offers many more facilities than
Program Manager and is easier and more
convenient to use, not to mention being far
more elegant.
18110 ECU15.ZIP 358158 21.11.1994 - MBCD -
The Earth Centered Universe (ECU) v1.5
A Shareware Sky Visualization Program
for Amateur Astronomers.
Version 1.5 / Released January 1994
18111 EDESK50.ZIP 685854 30.12.1995 - - -
A MAJOR release, version 5.0 of the popular
EXECUTIVE DESK Information Manager (PIM)
program adds dozens of new features: Win '95
compatibility, Dayview Control Center,
Archiving of complete schedules,
People/Project Links follow-up, Drag-n-Drop,
Dialing and Pop-Run. Award winning EXECUTIVE
DESK is now distributed worldwide.
17745 EIW231.ZIP 136018 23.02.1996 - - -
Encrypt-It v2.31 for Windows 3.1! Fully
compatible 16 bit secure encryption program
featuring three way proprietary and Data
Encryption Standard (registered version)
encryption methods. Up to 1,000 files can be
encrypted, decrypted, or securely wiped at a
time in a batch mode.
17746 ELBOW.ZIP 246,8 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Elbow Grease for Windows v2.0. The Ultimate, Easy to Use, Program Manager Enhancement. Features 40 launch button toolbar with large buttons, resource monitors for memory and disk space, clock, perpetual calendar to the year 9000, Appointment Book and To-Do List to schedule events until the year 9000. Drag & Drop File Manager Launching, Built in Games like Tic-Tac Toe,  All this in 1.5 inches! Full help included. Needs VBRUN300.DLL. 
17747 EMCON.ZIP 2,5 Mt 20.03.1997 - - -
Emcontrol FOR WINDOWS 3X AND WINDOWS95 small button menu that sets at the top of your screen and allows you to configure up to 28 buttons to call applications that you use more often then others.
18117 ENGAGE16.ZIP 383957 09.09.1995 koko³ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Engage 1.6 for Windows(tm) is a floating tool
bar that provides quick access to your
applications, utilities and documents. You no
longer need return to Program Manager or File
Manager to access files.  Engage is available
even while applications are maximized with a
click of the mouse.  Features include:
Drag-drop support for File Manager, multiple
tool bars, context sensitive help, and more.
18118 ENIGMA30.ZIP 449137 22.12.1994 - MBCD -
Enigma for Windows is a powerful program for
encrypting and decrypting files and
directories of any type. Perfect screen
locking as well as an electronic paper
shredder function are additional usefull
features. Because of its safety and proven
workability the de facto standard DES (ANSI
X3.92) was implemented, used by many U.S.
Government agencies. Keys up to 24 byte
length (triple DES) are supported. The triple
DES developer kit contains the complete
17748 ES20016.ZIP 620,1 kt 06.10.1999 - MBCD -
EZ-Split V2 (16-bit) is an easy to use file splitter for Microsoft Windows 3.x/NT 3.x. The purpose of EZ-Split is to take a large file and split it across multiple diskettes or into smaller pieces on a hard drive.
18126 EXAMN130.ZIP 98651 30.06.1996 - - -
Examine v1.30 . This program is a fast
and versatile text search utility for
Microsoft Windows v3.1. It can search both
text and binary files using either ordinary
words or GREP-like regular expressions.
Searches can be across multiple drives over
networks or can be restricted to a single
directory if so desired. Files can be viewed
either with their associated application or
with the program's own internal viewer.
18131 EXCHNG20.ZIP 207304 29.05.1995 - MBCD -
Exchange v2.0 valuuttamuunnosohjelma
17749 EXIT.ZIP 7114 25.04.1996 - - -
This program provides an easy way to get
out of Windows. It can be run either from
Program Manager or it can be started and
minimized so that its icon shows up in
the icon area. Source code in C included.
18134 EXPRESSO.ZIP 1415551 14.12.1995 - - -
Muistikirja-kalenteri Windowsille
18135 EZINI13.ZIP 119449 02.12.1994 - MBCD -
EZINI. Easy INI editor. Visually select file,
section, entry and make changes. Won't let
you make incorrect changes; checks validity
of entries. Explains each entry for you.
18142 FC020EA.ZIP 642869 10.12.1994 - - -
FULL CONTACT v 2.0 - The SalesMan PIMS. An
advanced customizable PIMS including: Agenda
and Address Management Order Entry,
Opportunity tracking, Expense Log Products
recording, Contacts and Company recording,
ticklers, repetitive appnt., 64K notes, link
to any kind of documents DDE, Mass Mailing,
Telephone integration, advanced reports,
18143 FC020EB.ZIP 689446 10.12.1994 - - -
FULL CONTACT v 2.0 - The SalesMan PIMS. An
advanced customizable PIMS including: Agenda
and Address Management Order Entry,
recording, Contacts and Company recording,
ticklers, repetitive appnt., 64K notes, link
to any kind of documents DDE, Mass Mailing,
Telephone integration, advanced reports,
17750 FCLIP41.ZIP 210066 09.03.1996 - MBCD -
FileClip 4.1, Windows' File and Clipboard
Manager. Shareware version distributed by
Software Creations.  Ideal for the novice or
power user!  Provides enhanced file
management including drag and drop floppies,
trashcan and printer. Instant viewing of
files with single click. Clipboard stack
provides almost unlimited undo, and cut paste
between applications.
18145 FDDLLS.ZIP 62354 31.05.1995 - - -
Find Dead DLLs (PC Magazine)
17751 FHD202.ZIP 237718 07.01.1996 - - -
File_Handle v2.02  - Filer/Finder/Shell.
Integrated File & Program Manager & Multiple
Argument File Finder with global properties.
Links to your own tools. Embedded wildcards
navigate through directories and trees and
locate or select files. Side by side compare.
Extensive select and sort. Can touch, change
disk labels and attributes. Tree sizes. Full
mouse control. Support for unarchiving,
CD-ROM/MO. And more. Shareware.
18147 FILER40.ZIP 189207 17.12.1995 - - -
OSOSOFT's Filer v4.0  - Complete
file finder, viewer, manager for Windows
3.1. Find files across drives. Text
searches. Find duplicate files. View
graphics, multimedia, TrueType fonts.
Launch programs, custom associations.
Registration fee: $25. Requires Windows
3.1, 4 MB RAM, VBRUN300.DLL. Of all the
Finders available, FILER is the most
powerful and flexible.
18148 FILERUN.ZIP 194159 04.01.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
LionSoft FileRun v1.0 - 100% made in
Finland! * Great program for keeping the most
important Windows- programs in one place! ■
Download and be amazed! * Requires
VBRUN300.DLL! http://www.sci.fi/~lionsoft
18151 FINDDLLR.ZIP 59313 19.10.1995 - - -
WDLLFnd version 1.30 Windows program helps
you locate common routines used by Windows
programs. The program will find all Windows
EXE, DLL, DRV and VBX programs on your
computer. WDLLFnd will display what routines
a program uses, and also which programs use a
routine. Exceptions found during the search
such as duplicate program names, DLL found
but not referenced, DLL referenced but not
found are displayed. Save and Restore
previous search information. Requires
18152 FINDT356.ZIP 96978 28.08.1994 - - -
Find-It v3.56: MS-Windows disk file search
utility; Will search ALL specified disks! &
scans ARC/ZIP/ARJ/LZH archives in the search
17752 FKICK21.ZIP 677,5 kt 21.10.1997 - - -
FILEKICK v2.1 - Disk Manager with Backup. Analyze hard disk usage, find duplicates, print directories, delete files securely. Use a filtered search to locate an entry, or select it from custom made directory list files and tables. Pop-up menu offers access to user defined and file management commands, including file backup. Win 3.x, Win95 and NT. See us at http://www.voicenet.com/~filetrak.
18157 FLYCOL11.ZIP 49394 31.05.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
FlyingColors 1.1 - Liven up your desktop by
creating your own color schemes. Windows
allows you to set the color of various
objects from a palette of 16 unchangeable
colors. FlyingColors lets you EASILY change
those "unchangeable" colors to whatever you
like.  Color schemes may be saved or loaded
at any time. Includes built-in brightness
(dimmer), contrast, and tint controls.
18158 FMANJ13C.ZIP 58162 03.04.1995 - - -
FILE MANAGER JR. 1.3c  File manager for
Word for Windows 6.0. Time-saving utility
that lets you perform more than a dozen
file-management operations without switching
to the Windows File Manager. You can move,
copy, rename, delete and undelete files in
any number of Word subdirectories and
18160 FMGRD121.ZIP 118326 03.04.1995 - - -
File Manager Guard v.1.21  - allows to
set up [Restrictions] for File Manager. You
can limit user access to selected drives,
prevent them from performing any command of
File Manager, changing its configuration,
running programs or opening documents. For
use with personal systems or corporate
networks. Shareware, $29.95+s&h.
64221 FMSU327.ZIP 172170 30.06.1996 - - tupla
File Manager StepUp  v.3.27 - add-on for
Win3.1 & WfWG3.11 - featured in Windows Mag.,
Superior Shareware section, FM StepUp makes
working with File Manager easier: provides
history lists & 3D effects for dialog boxes,
customizable Execute Menu and Quick Menu a'la
Windows 95, useful utilities; means to easily
view, edit or print arbitrary files, and
_much_ more. Works with Windows 95! $29.95.
17753 FMSU340.ZIP 177,5 kt 10.09.1997 - - -
"File Manager StepUp  v3.40 Add-on for Win3.1x/Win95 - featured in Windows Mag.Superior Shareware sectionFM StepUp makes working with File Manager easier: provides history lists & 3D effects for dialog boxescustomizable Execute Menu and Quick Menu ala Windows 95useful utilities; means to easily viewedit or print arbitrary filesand much more. Supports Long File Names when used with FMLFNS under Win95!"
18163 FMVER.ZIP 253487 03.01.1996 - - -
VersionInfo for File Manager is an addon dll
that lets you see the version of files
from file manager.
17754 FMXTCH14.ZIP 29949 07.01.1996 - MBCD -
FMXTouch, Version 1.4 is a freeware DLL that
adds useful new functions to your Windows
3.1 File Manager. Change the time/date stamp
and turn on and off the read-only bit of
files. Also, check out the free space left
on your drive. Very cool, and the price is
18173 FP152C_S.ZIP 229120 17.02.1995 - - -
File Plus! v1.52C
Awsome Windows Program To Help You
Manage All Your Files, Better Than
File Manager! This Program Does It All...
--PKZip front end. Zip, Unzip, View,
and perform multi-volume backups all
with a few simple clicks of a mouse button.
18174 FRDK250.ZIP 119279 24.10.1995 - - -
FreeDock is a FreeWare Windows Application
Dock program. It comes in both 16 and 32 bit
versions and is supplied with the C source
code.  Current Version is v2.05 (9 APRIL 95)
64290 FRDOCK23.ZIP 114055 08.09.1995 - - tupla
FreeDock v2.3, application launcher
for Windows.
17755 FREEPT.ZIP 48,9 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
FreePT - is a periodic table for Windows. It allows you to click on an elemental symbol and detailed information will pop up.
18179 FTASK124.ZIP 51092 10.12.1994 - - -
FTaskman V1.24 (c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer
FTaskman is a replacement for the taskmanager
of Windows 3.1  FTaskman has a lot of
additional functions. E.g.: display icons of
tasks, multiselection, show invisible tasks,
set windows on top, minimize other tasks when
'Switch to', Run programs...
18186 FVIEW130.ZIP 100823 26.02.1995 - - -
File Viewer 1.3 by Maze Computer
Communications. A Windows 3.1 file viewer and
File Manager extension that lets you browse
or print the contents of files. Displays
ASCII, hex dump, or raw text. Highly
customizable. SHAREWARE: $10
17756 FW30W6.ZIP 197,4 kt 11.06.1997 - - tupla
Fileware 3.0/W6 - Hot WinWord 6.x Tools The features Microsoft "forgot" to include!   Delete, rename, move & copy files; make &     remove directories: all from inside WinWord!  Integrated Address Book inserts names &       addresses into documents, dials phone, more.  Plus NINE other essential WinWord tools.      Shareware Magazine Editor\'s Choice 8/93       "48 Best Add In" products - PC Magazine       (WinWord 2.x users download FW30W2.ZIP)      
17757 FXEDIT15.ZIP 49778 23.02.1996 - - -
Binary file editor for Windows
17758 GC0496.ZIP 186002 13.07.1996 - - -
Garbage Can (04/96) for Windows 95 & 3.1
A secure file delete program guaranteed
to make a deleted file, completely
unrecoverable.  Includes routines
that process the 'Slack Area'
associated with a file.  Also includes
a File Manager extension DLL version.
Shareware by Denam Systems.  You can
register this program for $19.95
64429 GCKWIN71.ZIP 466759 01.12.1995 - MBCD -
GEOCLOCK 7.1 sunlight clock for Windows. The
current sun position is displayed, and the
parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight
are highlighted, with local sunrise/set and
times around the world.  A DOS version
(GEOCLK71.ZIP) is also available, and the two
versions are functionally and graphicly
similar.  Over 200 maps and a spinning globe
program are available.
17759 GCKWIN74.ZIP 504,4 kt 13.05.1997 - MBCD -
GeoClock V7.43 for Windows View the passage from daylight to darkness across world and local maps with GeoClock, a superb map display and clock that shows sun position and local sunrise and sunset times around the world.
17760 GRAPHM21.ZIP 92776 03.01.1996 - - -
GraphMaT v2.1 -Spreadsheet graph macros
& templates for Lotus 123, Excel, QuattroPro,
AS-EASY-AS, or compatible program. Perform
linear, non-linear, and multiple regression,
fit data to curve, plot function, solve
simultaneous equations, transform, display
and overlay signals. User-friendly, menu
driven interface and practical documentation.
Designed for scientific but useful in
business or non-scientific applications.
18197 GREP16.ZIP 317015 15.08.1995 - MBCD -
Windows Grep v1.6 text search utility
Particularly useful as a programmer's
tool for searching program source files.
This version also searches any type of
binary file.
18198 GREPW40.ZIP 98497 01.12.1994 - - -
GREP utility for windows with easy-to-use
user interface. It uses CTL3D.DLL, supplied
in the package
18202 GRPED13.ZIP 16124 28.04.1995 - MBCD -
GroupEd v1.3: edit your ProgMan groups.
Uses DDE link instead of group files.
18203 GRUP2016.ZIP 217608 04.01.1997 - - -
Grouper v2.0, file launcher.
The quick, easy way to organize
and launch files and programs.
Group files together and launch all,
organize all files of a project to
find and launch quickly. Win 3.1/Win95
shareware. http://www.galttech.com
18210 GTK11.ZIP 317136 24.10.1995 - - -
(v1.1) gtk11.zip - Global Timekeeper Global
Timekeeper will keep track of the local times
of the world's 30 time zones. The application
comes with many analog clocks which
continually update on a single display or you
may select individual clocks of your choice.
Users identify their own timezone with a
single click and all others will
automatically adjust to it. The program
allows you to add an alarm to remind you of
significant events. The application can be
64754 HEDIT.ZIP 68585 07.06.1995 - MBCD tupla
HEdit v1.2 Hexadecimal editor for binary
files. Unlimited file size, drag-and-drop,
binary and text search, selectable fonts,
clipboard support, multiple document
interface. File Manager extension for file
viewing/editing included.
18222 HLPCOL.ZIP 21127 28.08.1994 - - -
HelpColr 2.0 supports the Windows 3.x
operating Systems.  This includes Windows,
Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT and
Windows for Pen Computing. The HelpColr 2.0
program allows you to set the colors used by
the Windows Help Engine and also the Multi-
media Viewer.  This includes, JumpColor,
PopupColor, MacroColor, IFJumpColor, and
17761 HSHOCK10.ZIP 4,1 kt 06.11.1997 - - -
HarleShock 1.0. Tietokoneen hidastusohjelma. Hidastaa Windowsin sanomapinon tyhjentämistä. Vaatii VBRUN300.DLL. Windows95- yhteensopiva. Tehnyt: HarleSoft.
18234 HSIZER.ZIP 18662 14.10.1995 - - -
Sizer for Windows is a desktop enhancement
program that performs dynamic resizing of
Windows.  Although this option is included
with Windows NT (for fast machines) and
possibly with Microsoft Plus for Windows 95,
this program provides the same functionality
under Windows 3.x, Windows NT (for all
machines), and Windows 95.
18239 HTLS16.ZIP 368775 03.05.1995 - MBCD -
HTOOLS v1.6 - Powerful utilities for Windows
3.1 and WFWG 3.11  Hot Key program launcher
to attach applications to key strokes for
access anywhere on the Windows desk top. File
Manager Launch for running programs on
unassociated files from File Manager.
Replacement Task Manager with extra options.
File 13 for drag and drop file delete.
Includes install/uninstall program. ASP
Author, Shareware $39
17762 HW16V210.ZIP 304490 01.04.1996 - MBCD -
Hex Workshop, the Professional Hex Editor, is
a file and disk editor which allows you to
edit, insert, delete, cut, copy and paste
hex.  Additional features include goto, find,
replace, compare, and checksum calculation.
New with this version is the ability to
launch Hex Workshop directly from the File
Manager.  You also get a Base Converter (for
converting hex, decimal, and binary), and a
Hex Calculator (+,-,*,/,|,&,^,<<,>>,~).
18251 HYPTRK32.ZIP 249117 26.02.1995 - - -
Enhanced WinHelp creating program v. 3.2.
17763 ICLOCK40.ZIP 185,1 kt 29.01.1999 - MBCD -
Icon Clock v4.0 (Win3.1): a digital alarm clock which is high on visibility, and low on desktop space used.
17764 ICOPS11.ZIP 210084 23.02.1996 - - -
Ikonien lukitusohjelma
17765 ICQRESQ3.ZIP 7,9 kt 29.05.2000 - - -
BoySoft ICQ Rescue v3.5 (16-bit version)BoySoft ICQ Rescue is a simple utility for backing up your ICQ contacts list and bookmarks.
The files can be backed up to any drive and they can be restored quickly at any time if you ever
need to re-install ICQ. This new release offers additional backup options and supports ICQ98 and ICQ99.
18260 IDATE30A.ZIP 48811 10.12.1995 - - -
IDate is a personal date reminder for
Windows.  Its relatively small size
is a great advantage while it has
numerous features incorporated with
it.  IDate is ShareWare  (US$10.00).
17766 IFA.ZIP 454547 04.01.1997 - - -
Instant File Access v4.00 Enhances the File
Dialogs of Windows applicaions by adding
File/Directory recall, LONG FILE NAMES,
Floating file lists, File Manager functions,
etc. Allows Win 3.1x apps to give assign long
names to files. Allows Win 3.1x apps to view
and open Windows 95 long filenames.
65014 IFA301.ZIP 270534 08.02.1995 - - tupla
INSTANT FILE ACCESS (tm) Version 3.01
enhances the Open-File dialogs of Windows
applications by adding file/directory recall,
file manager functions, a toolbar, floating
windows of frequently accessed files, global
file/text search and replace. Also allows
replacing of old style open dialogs with
standard Common File Open Dialog.
18270 INFBAR11.ZIP 36504 19.10.1995 - - -
InfoBar v1.1 ∙ by Dale Nurden (Win 3.1)
Displays time, date, free memory and system
resources on a small info bar at the top or
bottom of the screen. Display is completely
customizable and full instructions are
included. Requires VBRUN300.DLL (not
included). Freeware.
18271 INFO41.ZIP 540505 28.04.1995 - MBCD -
InfoRecall Ver.4.1. Information Management
Software. 1994 release. Advertised in PC
Magazine. Many favorable reviews. Thousands
sold. Store & Find Personal & Business Info
FAST & EASY! A few words to 30K plus in a
Free-Form, Variable size database. More
Powerful than ever. Fully functional trial.
18272 INIO31G.ZIP 219279 24.10.1995 - - -
Ini 'Ol Editer v3.1.g
Written by Steve Carson for Business
Link NW (BLNW) August, 1995  INI 'OL Editer
is designed to make editing INI files such as
WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI and others simple and
quick. The button bar allows for quick
loading and saving of INI files. INI 'OL
Editer also supports drag and drop from
Windows File Manager.  This version:
17767 INIPRO3E.ZIP 349784 25.04.1996 - MBCD -
INI Editor Professional v3.0e (English)
For easy editing of Windows 3.x INI files
17768 INSTAL50.ZIP 648,4 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Install and Uninstall - is an application installer for Windows. It can copy files, create Program Manager groups and icons, and can launch Notepad with a text file. Pascal  source code is included.
17769 INSTEZ17.ZIP 666 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
INSTALL/SETUP v1.7  Windows Installer A full featured Windows Application Installer package that is EASY & FAST to use. Copies  and decompresses, creates directories,  installs icons into Program Manager Groups,  modifies INI files, displays "Read-Me" files, Version checking, etc.  Supports several  languages. No Scripts! Includes complete  Windows Help system.  Requires Windows 3.1 or later.
18275 INWCH19.ZIP 153655 05.01.1995 - MBCD -
InWatch. 'Watches' Windows apps install.
Backs your config files (autoexec.bat,
config.sys, system.ini, win.ini). When you
install a windows application, compares the
files and creates a text file that shows all
lines that changed and all files added to
root, win and system dirs. Also includes an
uninstall function.
65242 ISPY252.ZIP 950979 03.01.1996 - MBCD tupla
InfoSpy is a general purpose Windows
environment viewer allowing you view
Heap, Tasks, Windows, Classes, Modules,
File Handles, DOS and Memory
Information.  You can trace messages,
stack and set up automatic timers to
provide real-time tracing on virtually
every aspect of Windows.
The new System Sentry library lets you
monitor Windows program usage, control
17770 ISPY261.ZIP 1,1 Mt 29.07.1997 - MBCD -
InfoSpy v2.61 System Information Utility for Microsoft Windows 3.1x.
18281 IT21.ZIP 329285 08.09.1995 - MBCD -
It Utilities v2.0 - Trash, View, Zip, Launch
The It Utilities are extensions to the File
manager of Window's 3.1. They use drag'n'drop
to enhance it. There is a trash can that
keeps files, a viewer for any size file, a
zip/unzip shell, an application launcher and
a loader that loads/unloads them when the
file manager is started or exited. Enhanced
with sound and animation. Shareware. NO NAG
SCREEN. $24.95.
18284 IVU153.ZIP 181674 26.02.1995 - - -
InfView v1.53: a general purpose File Viewer
Allows you to view multiple files of ANY
size in either ASCII, HEX, RAW ASCII, TEXT
ONLY, BITMAP, PCX or GIF image modes.
17771 IWARE50.ZIP 230,8 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
InstallWare is a small, easy to use application installation program for Windows applications. THIS IS VERSION 5.0 which includes major improvements and additions.   You can use a single executable to handle installations for all Windows operating systems.  Make your install a multimedia experience by playing WAV or MIDI files.  Many more new
17772 JGIBAR11.ZIP 57,3 kt 10.10.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
"(v1.1) JG Iconbar for FileManager An intelligent and highly configurable iconbar. Integrates with FileManager. Passes selected files to icons. Allows Menu commandsprogramsand .BAT files as icons in the same iconbar. NO dragging required. Allows file deletion without the annoying messagebox. Try ityoull like it! Works with WINFILE under Windows 95 (not Explorer). Shareware (US$ 15)  email: jgalanes@tiac.net"
18297 KDESK121.ZIP 209507 03.04.1995 - - -
KDeskTop - DeskTop Security Utility. Includes
Quick Exit, Time, Date, System Resources
display. Includes Windows security programs
Keepout and Applock. DeskTop trash can. Fully
functional shareware from Anaplastic
65536 KEYEX110.ZIP 338400 31.03.1996 - - tupla
Keyboard Express v1.1  [ASP] is a
Windows Keyboard Macro. Simply enter in text
or auto-capture for easy playback. Assign up
to 288 hot keys with up to 5000 keystrokes
each. Easily add, modify, delete and copy hot
keys. Add current date and time to
keystrokes--for example: easily paste current
date and return address into your word
processor. Program runs transparent in the
17773 KKLOCK.ZIP 132576 19.02.1996 - MBCD -
Klingon Klock for Windows(TM) (Version 1.00)
Klingon-language talking clock for Windows.
Exotic design; includes built-in alarm and
digitized Klingon phrases. Full hypertext
help file included. Requires: MS Windows 3.1
or higher, sound card or other audio
18303 KLAUNCH.ZIP 186981 17.03.1995 - - -
KLAUNCH for Windows 1.1 - A task launcher
utility with popup menu and  hotkey
capability, as well as user-defined menu
fonts, low memory consumption and many useful
features. Shareware - requires Windows 3.1 or
18310 LBAR20A.ZIP 212084 29.05.1995 - MBCD -
LaunchBar 2.0a ohjelmankäynnistäjä
17774 LDP155.ZIP 841,1 kt 17.06.1998 - - -
Label Designer Plus V1.55C Create incredible labels, cards, envel. and more on any printer. Custom layouts, OLE2 support, boxes, lines, circles, clipart & text in any size, color, style rotation. "Special" objects to link to data files for mailing lists, counters, quick addressing, personal info. WYSIWYG drag & drop, setup and online help.
18315 LENS202.ZIP 23758 08.02.1995 - MBCD -
Lens 2.02 for Windows magnifies the area
around the mouse or text cursor, or a fixed
area of the screen, from 1 to 40 times.
Shareware, $5. Self-extracting archive
containing .EXE, .HLP, and .TXT files. By Ned
Konz, uploaded by author. Version 2.00 adds
many new features including always-on-top
mode, hiding the title bar, displaying the
cursor position, a real Windows help file,
and fixes the 256-color bug from prior
versions of Lens.
18317 LI.ZIP 191130 04.11.1995 - - -
LI version 1.32 Shareware Windows file
utility to view (text/hex), find, grep,
launch, print, edit, delete files. String
search in text, hex, with AND, OR, NOT. MDI.
Online help. Win 3.1 drag & drop target.
Button bar. Clipboard support. User config.
color, font, tab stop. Dir windows similar to
Win 3.1 file manager.
18316 LIFESV43.ZIP 39253 19.10.1995 - MBCD -
LIFESAVER v4.3. Reduces stress and risk of
computer related diseases such as CTS and RSI
by scheduling regular breaks and providing a
series of stress-relieving exercises based on
Flinders University OH&S recommendations.
Network compatible. Req Win 3.1 and
vbrun300.dll. Taipan software.
18319 LOCKTT22.ZIP 231797 10.12.1995 - - -
locktt22.zip -- LOCKtite is a utility
designed to help manage Windows(tm)
security.  It works with the Program
Manager to allow you to easily restrict
the menu, to add or remove program groups
from display, and to password protect any
application.  Is is particularly useful
where more than one user has access to a
computer.  Shareware.  $30 for a single
copy or a site licence.
18322 LP_PAD22.ZIP 78977 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
Launch Pad v2.2 is a palette of 24
buttons you define to launch programs.
You can assign a button to either an
executable file or a data file.
18334 MAGNIFY.ZIP 7903 15.04.1992 - MBCD -
Magnify a portion of your screen
17776 MBL120.ZIP 95969 29.07.1996 - - -
MBnet-listaaja v1.2 (16-bit) Lukuohjelma
MBnetin tiedostolistoille. Helppokäyttöinen,
silti monipuolinen ohjelma: listatiedoston
luonti, alueiden ja hakemisto- jen ohitus,
hyvät hakutoiminnot (myös koon ja päiväyksen
mukaan), tiedostojen merkintä kopioitavaksi
ym. Nopea, moniajava ja selkeä.
Käyttöliittymä Windows-standardin mukainen.
Sharewarea, rekisteröinti 50 mk. Vaatii
VBRUN300.DLL:n. Copyright (C) 1996 Moonbird
17777 MC16_16.ZIP 286,3 kt 13.09.1997 - - -
Master Converter (16-bit) - can quickly and easily convert to and from 266 different units in 21 categories. Categories include: length, area, volume, time, speed, mass, density, force, pressure, energy, power, flow, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, temperature, conductivity, thermal conductivity, angle, light, and more.
18344 MCDESK17.ZIP 111467 10.02.1996 - - -
MoonComet Desktop v1.7 for Windows 3.1
McDesk along with it's other utilities
provides a configurable multi desktop shell
with a powerful task manager and folders.
18345 MCICLB.ZIP 187636 12.08.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
More Control allows you to access many of
those settings that Microsoft did not include
in the Control Panel. Change the font used to
display icon titles, the color of the hyper-
text used by Windows help plus many other
settings. Installs into Control Panel. ICL
Builder allows you to build and maintain icon
libraries for use with Program Manager and
other programs. From Sloop Software $20
18346 MCSIRM.ZIP 51711 28.12.1994 - MBCD -
MCSI Resource Monitor
18350 MEMTLS21.ZIP 174066 12.02.1995 - - -
Memory Utilities for Windows
18354 METZS216.ZIP 380919 17.12.1995 - - -
METZ Scheduler 2.16 - Automatic application
and document scheduler. METZ Scheduler saves
you time by automatically launching your
applications. With METZ Scheduler you can
schedule applications to run unattended at
night to perform tasks like backups, disk
compression or virus scanning.  You can also
use Scheduler to display messages.
METZ Software - (206) 641-4525
17778 MF98.ZIP 137,9 kt 20.10.2000 - - -
Magic Folders 98.10aMakes any folder(s) completely invisible  to others but instantly available to  you. 
Reviewer comments: "Magic Folders  is a must have utility for anyone who shares 
a computer.", "Perfect for keeping tax files safe from your kids or  your resume 
safe from your boss.", "Best  of the Best".  RSE Shareware $29.
Windows 3.x and Windows 95.
17779 MFI.ZIP 67695 14.07.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
MFI "Makes Files Invisible" v1.1. MFI works
in Windows 3.1 and 95. MFI keeps your private
files private by making them invisible to
unauthorized users. They don't show up in
directory listing and programs, applications,
utilities, file managers, even DOS and
Windows can't find, view, delete, modify,
use, or work on them. Enter your password and
instantly all your files become visible and
18360 MINWIN10.ZIP 7112 09.09.1995 - - -
MinWin V1.0 (c) 1995 by Andreas Furrer
MinWin is a small utility which lets you
minimize dialogs and (nearly) all windows to
only see the title bar. This is e.g. very
useful for modeless dialogs such as some
"Search and replace" dialogs but also for all
other windows.
17780 MLOCK.ZIP 300530 29.07.1996 - - -
METZ Lock 3.54 - complete password protection
for Windows. Use Lock to protect your PC.
Prevent unauthorized use and disable
Ctrl-Alt-Del. Customize Lock to meet your
security needs. Novell 3.x, 4.x and Banyan
Vines passwords are also supported. Includes
online help and install. See included
METZLOCK.TXT for additional information. METZ
Software - (206) 641-4525
17781 MLTLCK12.ZIP 41,5 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Windows Multi-Lock - provides password protection for WIN31 with support for multiple users. Each user is issued a password to gain access to all or parts of the system. Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18370 MORECN.ZIP 128689 16.08.1994 - - -
More Control allows you to access many of
those settings that Microsoft did not include
in the Control Panel. Change the font used to
display icon titles, the vertical spacing of
icons, the color of the hypertext used by
Windows help plus many other settings.  Add
any program desired into the Control Panel.
Installs into Control Panel for easy access.
From Sloop Software $12.50
17782 MOREMEM4.ZIP 344,3 kt 27.03.1998 - - -
MOREMEM 4.0b FIXES INSUFFICIENT MEMORY TO RUN MoreMem 4.0b is a device driver that fixes Insufficient Memory to Run errors when loading program in Windows 3.1.  MoreMem includes TopBar, a resource monitor and task switcher.  Phone, fax, mail, credit card, and invoice orders are accepted.  Contact Gamma Research, Inc., 904 Bob Wallace Ave. #212, Huntsville, AL 35801-5648. Phone: (205) 533-7103  Fax: (205) 881-5341
17783 MORSPC.ZIP 257,9 kt 17.06.1997 - - -
More Space - recover a little of your lost drive space. Win31
18374 MOUSCU10.ZIP 134179 15.10.1995 - - -
MouseCur Ver1.0-the ultimate tool for your
Win3.1. Change mouse cursor, display trailer,
animation,virtual desktop, record operations,
alias names,keep history,change fonts,panic
button,exit/restart Windows,reboot system.
By:CYBORG Trans:H.Ozawa
17784 MPD60.ZIP 782,1 kt 26.04.1997 - - -
My Personal Diary V6.00 Keep a private diary or journal. Great for keeping a personal diary or business journal or log. Integrated address book, to-do list and reminder system. Sophisticated search engine. Unlimited users can share MPD on a single computer. Fully ustomizable. OLE support to include pictures, sounds and other documents. MANY new features in this version.
17785 MRMEM12.ZIP 190499 23.02.1996 - MBCD -
Mr. Mem V1.2 - Run more Windows programs.
Have you ever seen this error message in
Windows?  "Insufficent memory to run this
application".  If you have seen this message,
get Mr. Mem.  With this program you will be
able to run more programs concurrently in
Windows then ever before.  It Quick and Easy!
You won't need to know why it works, it just
does. Kamyan Software
17786 MTCHD11B.ZIP 17,8 kt 12.10.1997 - - -
MatchDir is used to compare the contents of two directories and then to copy, delete, or move files from the source directory. You can copy files to a third directory if desired. The source directory is always on the left, and the target on the right.
18408 MTW16301.ZIP 208568 04.01.1997 - - -
MTWIN16 is a small WIN-16Bit based prg. which
you modify any kind of INI, GRP and NET.CFG
Files from the commandline. Usefull for
networks, just place it in the login-script.
V3.01 with registery support
- Global replace of strings supported
- Support for general CFG files
- Multiple CMD's per INI line allowed
This programm is email-ware.
17787 MULTVU21.ZIP 287245 04.01.1997 - - -
MULTIVU (TM) v2.1 
Windows utility for viewing files up to 2 GB.
Scan disk for text, files. Fast text search.
20 open files.  Drag 'n' drop. File 'preload'
for smooth scrolling. Browse ZIP, ARJ, LZH
contents.  Load, search, print while browsing
or using other programs. Bookmarks. Separate
screen and printer fonts. Workspaces, Network
ready. Win 3.1, 95, NT. In Win 95: long file
names, proportional scroll bars, 3D dialogs.
18411 MVIEW11W.ZIP 34774 23.12.1995 - MBCD -
Mountain View v1.1 - Text viewer for Win 3.
1/Win95. Display ANY file, including DOS,
UNIX, and Macintosh file formats. Once
loaded, Mouse Scrolling allows quick file
viewing without ever touching the keyboard.
Save any portion or the entire file to disk
or printer. Quickly sort any text file or
search to locate any string.
18412 MW21A.ZIP 204181 30.07.1995 - - -
Mouse Warp v2.1a - mouse utilities
18417 NEAT_1.ZIP 198825 29.10.1994 - - -
NeAT Version number : 1.2
NeAT is a freeware program launcher for
Windows. It provides a nice and efficient
interface to launching your application and
organizing your day to day work
18421 NGCC41.ZIP 518862 19.10.1995 - - -
NutriGenie Calorie Counter 4.1 for Windows
From winner of Home PC Top 100 Products of
the Year. Has unique graphic food pyramid
analysis and sophisticated menu generator.
Perfect for weight watchers. 8,000 foods.
Simple, elegant and inexpensive: only $19.
Visit our Web site for other products:
Windows 95 and NT compatible.
18423 NIED20.ZIP 26547 10.02.1995 - - -
IniEdit v2.0: Windowsin INI-asetustie-
dostojen muokkausohjelma. Toimii komento-
riviltä, helppo laittaa esim. BATiin.
18425 NMFW141E.ZIP 535966 12.08.1995 - - -
New Menus for Windows v1.4  - a Win-
shell similar to the UNIX X-Windows Manger
OpenLook, Motif and the 'Chicago' GUI. With a
graph. popup menu for a quick access to apps
docs, directories, tasks and more. Enhances
window managment with a Virtual Desktop,
layout functions and enhanced system menu.
Provides customizable context senstive menus
Every menu, even apps menus, can be stuck
onto the desktop. Multi-user configuration.
17788 NOKYSW11.ZIP 18939 29.07.1996 - - -
No-Keys 1.1 is a virtual (on-screen) keyboard
that allows you to type in Windows 3.1 using
only a mouse. It is designed primarily for
people with disabilities that prevent them
from using the keyboard. Req. VBRUN200.DLL.
17789 NOQUIT1.ZIP 12659 03.01.1996 - - -
NoQuit (TM) is a small utility to keep
unauthorized users from exiting MS Windows.
Perfect for library systems etc which need
terminals to be in MS Windows 24 hours a
day. NoQuit is SHAREWARE (US$7) Site
Licensing available! THIS IS VERSION 3.00a
66645 NPN134.ARJ 55860 04.01.1997 - - tupla
│ The  ULTIMATE  program for showing │
│ the name days.  LOADS of different │
│ features!!!!!  Registration 20 FIM │
│ Support  for   Finnish,   Swedish, │
│ Finnish orthodox  and  Finnish cat │
│ name days!                         │
│ Req. PC, DOS, EGA/VGA, approx. 120 │
│ kB conventional memory free.       │
18430 NSVIEW.ZIP 521549 10.12.1995 - - -
NeoSoft Viewer: a Windows-based utility
which lets you look at the contents of files
on your drives. Views as text, in hex,
previews image files, plays AVI and WAV
files, lists files contained inside ZIP/Lzh
archive files, displays and uncompresses
ZIP/Lzh format files, launches programs and
much more! The ultimate list/viewer/browser!
Requires: Windows 3.1+; mouse & hard disk.
From NeoSoft Corp.
17790 NWYRCK42.ZIP 710,6 kt 02.09.1997 - - -
"NOW YOURE COOKING! 4.20 - Powerful cyberkitchen companion for Windows. Cuts hours off organizing and converting recipescreating menusmaking shopping list(s). Recipe search across cookbooks. Prepares shopping lists from your menus using multiple digital cookbooks. Multiple menus and shopping lists. SI units conversion. User-defined categories; auto-categorizes. Shopping list by aisle; cost of shopping list at stores. Quickfill data entry; expanded"
18443 ODOM110.ZIP 210461 10.12.1995 - MBCD -
TOTALLY COOL desktop gadget for Windows 95
and Windows 3.1! NEW VERSION now includes
"MicroMode" to use even less desktop space.
How far do you move your mouse each day?
You'll soon know with Mouse Odometer!
Features an exclusive "cleaning alarm".
Awesome graphics and animation make this
odometer look like the real thing! Other
features include selectable english and
18454 OMNICN10.ZIP 82471 08.05.1995 - - -
OmniCon 1.0 - Powerful and FAST unit
converter with MANY features! ALL normal
physical quantities as well as
scientific/technical quantities. Metric
prefix table, physical constant table,
numeric formatting, FULL right mouse button
support, copy/paste into other apps, ALWAYS
ON TOP feature, "small" view, clock, AND
MORE! For Windows 3.1. Registration - $10.00
17791 P-EXP13.ZIP 197,2 kt 29.01.1998 - - -
Palette Express (tm) Version 1.3  Never again will images look horrible when displayed together on screen.  Terrific for Web and Multimedia Developers, Programmers, Digital Artists, or anyone who has to work with graphics images. P.E. will scan through a series of images and create an optimzed color table, then apply it to all of the images in batch mode. Also does batch file format conversions, and much more.
18466 PAM_EN1A.ZIP 1056989 09.09.1995 - MBCD -
(v1.0) PAM - Talking Assistant & Appt. Man.
Using a sophisticated speech synthesizer, PAM
reminds you of appointments and other
messages verbally. Reads text files and text
on the Clipboard. Plays MIDI files and WAVE
files. Activates a phone dialer. Launches
other applications at preset times. Can be
trained to speak better. Shareware (US $39.95
- Visa, Check) EMail - tslemko@island.net
18471 PARAMD15.ZIP 388615 22.12.1994 - - -
Paramind Brainstorming Program 1.5
Para-mind means 'beyond the mind'.
18485 PEEPER.ZIP 638950 04.08.1995 - - -
PEEPER 1.16 Multi-Document Viewer Extract
Version, Identification info from Windows
DLLs and EXEs. Views over 20 diff file types.
Embedded file information can copied to the
Windows Clip Board.
18487 PEN_TEST.ZIP 2946 07.03.1995 - MBCD -
Pentium-testiohjelma Windowsille.
Tutkii laskeeko matematiikkaprosessori
yksinkertaisen yhtälön oikein vai ei.
Vaatii VBRUN300.DLL-kirjaston.
18489 PERTABLE.ZIP 353782 10.12.1994 - - -
Periodic Table of Elements
Generate wall chart of the periodic
table. With Visual Basic source code.
18491 PETMT14A.ZIP 180614 03.01.1996 - - -
Peter's Many Things 1.4A for Windows
Maintain a list of scraps of information
Various filters regroup the list.
Three files of 800 items. And/Or search.
Group copy, paste. Fixes error in 1.3
Doubleclick speed searches. Select colors
18496 PGPW26.ZIP 227399 17.02.1995 - - -
WinPGP  Version 2.6. A Windows Interface for
PGP 2.3a, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.6ui, 2.7 By:
Christopher W. Geib Copyright 1993,1994.
17792 PIANP11.ZIP 4288 02.04.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
PianPois v1.1 - helposti ulos Windowsista
Apuohjelma, jolla voit sulkea Windowsin
kätevästä pikavalikosta sekä käynnistää
Windowsin tai koko tietokoneen uudelleen.
Vaatii Windows 3.1:n tai uudemman, mutta
toimii myös Windows 95:ssä.
Copyright (C) 1994, 1996 Jere Käpyaho
17793 PICCLK20.ZIP 690,6 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
PictureClock v2.01  - Windows floating alarm clock & drag-and-drop graphics file  viewer. Replacement for Windows clock with  handy graphics viewing capabilities. Can also preview .WAV files. Convenient "quick hide"  feature means clock never gets in your way.  Multiple image gallery, customizable menu  button, mores. Registered version features  customizable alarm sound and ability to print halftoned graphic images.
18508 PLUG260.ZIP 479828 27.09.1995 - MBCD -
PLUG-IN for Windows v2.60 --> Plug It In!
Fills the holes in Win3.1 & Win95.  Award-
Winning utility (5 major awards!). Title Bar
displays, Alarms, Scheduler, App Installer,
Sound Support (Events, Talking Clock, etc),
PowerButton to access a multi-level QuickRun
menu, Custom Cursors, Nested Groups, Resource
Alerts, System Info, Screen Saver HotKey, Run
with History List, and LOTS MORE! From
Plannet Crafters.  Registration $20
67420 PRGBAR10.ZIP 92404 20.10.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
WIN 3.x - Turn your Win 3.1, Win 3.x into the
WIN 95 style menu bar! Quick and easy, same
features added to your Win 3.x as in the Win
95 complete with "Start" button, find files,
quick access to applications, MORE! Must see
this one you stubborn Win 3.x users!
67421 PRGBR211.ZIP 220399 26.07.1996 - - -
(2.11) ProgramBar - App launch/switch/close
ProgramBar brings much of the functionality
of the Win95 TaskBar to Win3.1.  A button bar
at any edge of the screen displays active
tasks for switching.  All Program Manager
groups may be accessed. Control Panel items
may be run for configuration.  Fast launch of
commonly used applications, documents and
help files.  Easy configuration of most
aspects of usage. Copyright 1995 Ian
Jefferies. Shareware.
17794 PRGBR230.ZIP 379,6 kt 17.04.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
(2.30) ProgramBar - desktop enhancing taskbar ProgramBar brings much of the functionality,  and feel of the Win95 TaskBar to Win3.1. A bu bar triggered from any edge of the screen displaying active tasks for switching. All Pr Manager groups may be accessed through a menu hierarchy. Control Panel applets may be run f easy configuration. Fast launch of commonly u applications, documents and help files.  Live document links on the desktop.  Desktop syste
18517 PRNTRE31.ZIP 23655 06.09.1996 - - -
Print directory tree of selected drive.
18518 PRNTREE.ZIP 23885 16.08.1994 - - -
Print Tree 3.1 by Charles H. Fisher. Allows
you to view and print hardcopy of your disk
directories. Requires WIN31 and a 386 or
better. SHAREWARE: $15
17795 PRSVDS.ZIP 731,4 kt 21.10.1997 - - -
Personal VDS Freeware Edition Visual DialogScript! A simple programming language. It can be used to create batch files that are more sophisticated than those which can be created using MS-DOS batch language. Windows 3.1+ 4 MB
17796 PUFF20.ZIP 368614 28.08.1996 - - -
PUFFER 2.0 - Data file and e-mail encryption
utility for Windows. Uses 40-bit PC1 (RC4
clone) and 160-bit Blowfish algorithms for
secure encryption. Password hashing with the
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1). Secure, multi-
pass data wiping. Built-in text editor with
clipboard support for on-the-fly e-mail
encryption and decryption. Supports LZ77 data
compression. Create Binary, ASCII and self-
extracting executables. 
17797 PWRPGP10.ZIP 174009 12.02.1996 - - -
PowerPGP 1.0 Windows Shell for the DOS
PGP program designed to make it possible to
encrypt & decrypt Email with any Windows
based E-mail program. Including Power Access
for PowerBBS Requires the DOS Based FREEWARE
program PGP to be installed prior to
17798 QBT100.ZIP 112354 04.01.1997 - - -
QBoot is a small utility to quickly
reboot, restart or shutdown Windows 3.x
unconditionally. Put it in a scheduler
and you can easily schedule your PC
for rebooting, restarting or shutting
down. No more nagging "This will end
your Windows session" messages!
QBoot is fully functional Shareware.
17799 QM4.ZIP 2,4 Mt 16.04.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
QuikMenu 4 Windows is an icon-based graphical desktop from NeoSoft. Launches all Windows & DOS software with highly customizable multi-page menu. Includes: Password security, file manager, phonebook dialer, calendar, calculator, text editor, freeform layout & more. Pro version also includes: icon editor; clock; file viewer; e-mail & 500 icons. Req: Windows 3.1 or 95; 2Mb RAM; hard disk; mouse.
17800 QUIKDC11.ZIP 978,4 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
QuikDict Spelling Dictionary Version 1.1 QuikDict is a pop up dictionary accessible from Tool Tray. Some of it features are: -Can spell check all words as they are typed. -91,000+ word English/American dictionary
17801 REMINDR.ZIP 213,7 kt 14.08.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
REMINDER v1.1 - A Windows event reminder, easy to use, fully featured and compatible with Win 3.x and Win 95. Support for differen event types, recurring of one-off. Includes a option to run automatically at Windows start- Fully configurable, and full use of modern  Windows attributes: toolbars, mouse menus etc
67881 REPW101.ZIP 618337 14.12.1995 - - -
Replicator For Windows v1.01 - 
Replicator is a disk image utility used to
create images of diskettes and catalog them
in a database. Recreate disks as needed.
Store up to 10 description lines and a
complete list of files contained on the
original disk. Modify database entries at any
time. Optionally compress images and scan
disks for viruses. Network support. Easy to
67882 REPW104.ZIP 679757 04.01.1997 - - -
Replicator For Windows v1.04 - 
Replicator is a disk image utility used to
create images of diskettes and catalog them
in a database. Recreate disks as needed.
Store up to 10 description lines and a
complete list of files contained on the
original disk. Modify database entries at any
time. Optionally compress images and scan
disks for viruses. Network support. Easy to
17802 REPW200.ZIP 782,6 kt 16.04.1997 - - -
Replicator For Windows v2.00 -  Replicator is a disk image utility used to  create images of diskettes and catalog them  in a database. Recreate disks easily. The  database stores a description and file list  for each diskette. Modify database entries at any time. Network support included. Version  2.00 includes DMF support, a new layout, and  many new database features, including record  tagging.
17803 RESCUEME.ZIP 2,9 Mt 21.10.1997 - - -
Rescue Me Backup System v1.41  Backup and Restore files easily and safely. Supports Zip, SyQuest, Jaz, floppies and more. Uses file compression to conserve disk space. For Windows 95 and 3.x. A must have for anyone who has ever lost an important file.
18549 RIPBAR60.ZIP 242210 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
RipBAR 6.0: Application launching (with
drag and drop), memory and resource
tracking, task switching, date/time
display, Post-It style notes, HotKey
access and more.
18550 RITEON24.ZIP 100079 13.03.1995 - MBCD -
RiteOn v2.4: määrittele hiiren oikeanpuol.
painike tekemään erilaisia asioita esim.
Ctrl- ja Shift-näppäinten kanssa.
18554 RTPM200.ZIP 32880 24.10.1995 - MBCD -
Real-Time Performance Monitor v2.00
18556 SABDU280.ZIP 309607 14.10.1994 - - -
SAB Diskette Utility v2.80 (ASP)
The MS Windows Diskette Utility
Format/copy/compare/save floppy diskette
images in foreground or background.  Read a
diskette once and make multiple copies.  Save
images to hard drive.  Convert diskette image
formats while preserving boot and reserve
sectors.  Create distribution sets with group
restores.  Browse diskettes and saved
diskette images.  Shareware from SAB.
18560 SAW101.ZIP 337353 08.02.1995 - MBCD -
The System Analyst for Windows (SAW) v1.01
FREEWARE - SAW is a Windows 3.XX system
snooper-generates Kb of system information.
Extensive help file explains most of the
terms used. Save/print report. (Win 3.1+
recommended)  Monitors system
resources/events/errors in the background.
The install program gives _full_ details
about SAW _before_ installation.
17804 SCDSK20E.ZIP 46,1 kt 17.04.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Scrolling Desktop for Windows (Freeware)
18565 SCLCK13.ZIP 76604 15.10.1995 - MBCD -
Super Clock 1.3: Super Clock is a handy
little app with the following features: 12/24
hour clock, 99:99:99 countdown/ countup
timer, WAV/CD player, Resource monitor/alarm,
and many more including a whole set of alarm
functions! v1.3 adds a timer reset option!
For Win3.1; Reqs. VBRUN300.DLL.
18568 SCROOG.ZIP 10187 26.03.1995 - - -
Scrooge: Minimal System Resource monitor.
This program has been designed to be as small
as possible in executable size, memory usage,
and physical screen size.
18571 SCYTAL12.ZIP 367661 17.12.1995 - - -
- Scytale version 1.2 -
Brings the convenience of Windows to
encrypting, decrypting data with PGP.
Clipboard encryption. Key management.
Wiping feature included. Drag'n Drop.
Six dictionaries of common passwords.
PGP Startup Guide.  Remove Procedure.
Req: Windows 3.1+,  386+.  
68260 SDD52.ZIP 1661335 09.05.1996 - - -
SciTech Display Doctor V5.2, suite of useful
utilities that fix the most common problems
associated with Super VGA (SVGA) graphics
cards. Universal VESA BIOS Extension, UniVBE,
is now one of the many components that make
up the entire SciTech Display Doctor suite.
SciTech Display Doctor updates your graphics
card to the latest standards so you can be
sure programs will work correctly and will
run as fast as possible on your system. Many
popular games like The 11th Hour, Quake and
68261 SDD53-D.ZIP 574516 28.08.1996 koko² ratsnest1.iso -
SciTech Display Doctor v5.3: SciTech Display
Doctor provides high performance VBE 2.0
device support for playing the latest games.
This is a special DOS only version for
customers without a copy of Windows (ie: DOS
and OS/2 users). If you have a copy of
Windows, please download the full Windows
installation version.
18578 SFTMG4.ZIP 334941 29.05.1995 - MBCD -
Software Manager 4.1 provides three wizards
to manage your software. The Uninstall Wizard
supports manual and automated uninstalls.
Manual mode creates a step-by-step procedure.
Automated mode performs system updates with
your confirmation. Removal of pre-existing
software is easy and safe. Removes DLL, VBX
files. The Install Wizard generates report of
changes made during software install and
simplifies evaluation of Shareware / Internet
downloads. Configuration File Wizard w/ auto
18587 SICON40.ZIP 469029 07.01.1996 - - -
SICon v4.0
Windows Unit Conversion Utility. 350,000+
unit conversions possible. Features help
throughout. Converts imperial to metric,
metric to imperial, etc. Features print-
ing, calculator, save to file.  Very easy
to use.  Includes over 600 material
densities, periodic table. ShareWare.
Registration: $14.95
18589 SKYMAP.ZIP 1255179 12.04.1995 - MBCD -
SKYMAP v2.2  Windows 3.1 Planetarium.
Draws accurate maps of the sky, showing
stars, planets, deep sky objects, comets etc.
Detailed information can be shown for any
object. Can print maps to any printer.
Pictures can be displayed, in many formats.
For both serious amateur & novice users.
18590 SKYVW30.ZIP 728844 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
SkyView 3.0, free planetary program
for Windows 3.1.
18598 SLRTME12.ZIP 47781 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
SOLARTME 1.2 displays a worldmap showing
the terminator.Microsoft Windows 3.1,
386 and FPU or better recommended.
18599 SLV1.ZIP 9343 02.12.1995 - - -
Sherlock - is a fast file searching utility
for Windows. It allows you to search for a
file by its size, its name, its last
time/date modified, or even a phrase that the
file contains. Requires VBRUN300.
Description Copyright 1995 PsL
18601 SMI21C.ZIP 99590 13.03.1995 - - -
SmilerShell v2.1 - Windows command line.
Windows is great, but sometimes it's faster
to type a cmd! Runs DOS & WIN pgms, pipes &
redir ok; cmd hist/edit/srch; aliases (type-
in or Fn key); fast dir change (like Norton
CD) over MULTIPLE drives; favorite-apps list
(click one to run it); clock, curr dir, Win
mem/rsrcs, more! "Very slick! Extremely handy
and well designed." (Windows OnLine Review)
"Superior, recommended" (Windows Magazine)
17805 SMTBRD10.ZIP 352126 17.10.1996 - MBCD -
SmartBoard R1 - a Windows Clipboard Extender
supports all clipboard formats. Collect items
copied to the clipboard and paste back days
or weeks later with a single mouse-click.
Create boilerplate text items, add templates,
grab graphics and metafiles. Assign system-
wide hotkeys for items to autopaste. Merge
text together while capturing or after. No
icon but access with a single mouseclick or
hotkey- looks built in to Windows!
17806 SMTCAT18.ZIP 307196 13.04.1996 - - -
The ultimate Windows Disk/CD Cataloger. MDI,
ZIP, ARJ etc. support. Multiple mergeable
catalogs. Unique extension concept allows
analysing any format file to determine
internal files or grab comments. Great
searching capabilities. Label printing,
WIN3.1 sound support, multiple display
options, full font support. CSV export, 240
byte comments. Program launching, Virus
Scans, File Printing, previewing & more!
18605 SMTDTE10.ZIP 67457 17.02.1995 - MBCD -
Windows Perpetual Calendar that replaces the
WallPaper on your desktop. A single-click
with the right mouse button will hide all the
windows on your currently cluttered desktop
and display the calendar, release the button
and carry on where you were! Programable with
reminders, color coded dates, alarms, autorun
programs, repeating events. Configurable
central bitmap (256 color and auto-cycling),
fonts, colors and paper the calendar is on!
68483 SMTSUM15.ZIP 286825 13.04.1996 - - -
SmartSum Calculator v1.5 - Windows based
talking printing calculator/adding machine
(no sound card needed). Host of features
including loading/saving of calculations;
notes by entries; user-defineable macros;
correction of previous entries; auto
recalculation; interfaces with any Windows
Spreadsheet; sales tax calculations; supplied
conversion macros; 10 memories; vocalisation
and much much more!
18607 SMTTOP11.ZIP 93223 08.02.1995 versio 1.1 MBHH1997 -
SmartTop release 1.2
Setting Windows "On-Top"
17807 SPACE163.ZIP 772035 13.04.1996 - - -
Space Hound 1.63 Win Disk Utility Find
duplicate files, "sniff out" wasted space and
forgotton files. Includes printable directory
tree which reports storage usage within
nested directories. Version info display,
file compare, file extension display, file
and directory deletion, deletion tracking
statistics, miscellaneous reports and more.
Works great on networks also.
18617 SPCMK140.ZIP 337189 29.04.1995 - - -
Space Maker(TM) v1.40 - A powerful duplicate
file search utility for Microsoft Windows.
The purpose of the program is to reclaim
extra space on your hard drive by identifying
and optionally deleting duplicate files. You
can also list all files on your disk in
alphabetical order, execute them, delete or
mark them for deletion with a simple click of
a button, and more... Registered users can
upgrade to the Enhanced Version with unique
features such as listing duplicate files
18622 SPRBAR20.ZIP 246096 11.11.1994 - MBCD -
SuperBar v2.0  SuperBar is a Windows
program for adding user-configurable toolbars
to *any* Windows application.  A toolbar
consists of a series of buttons, each
assigned to an application's menu command or
recorded macro.  SuperBar increases
efficiency by placing commonly used commands
on a toolbar.  SuperBar supports user-drawn
icons.  Shareware $20+s/h.
17808 SR.ZIP 283273 27.12.1996 - MBCD -
Search and Replace for Windows.
Search and optionally replace text inside
files. Both 16- and 32-bit versions.
18626 ST25.EXE 343968 22.11.1994 - MBCD -
Stickies! 2.5 is a shareware note manager
for Windows 3.0 and later running in
either Standard or 386 Enhanced mode.
18629 STAT40.ZIP 153925 11.11.1994 - MBCD -
Statline v4.0
The Ultimate Windows Status Line Show date,
time, memory, system resources, and hard
drive space, Program menu, Exit Win fast
Post It note, Mini Notepad, Printer
control, Much More!
17809 STILE19S.ZIP 204555 07.01.1996 - - -
Stiletto v1.9s.  Tiny 3.1x bar launcher/utili
featuring: small footprint (fits in title bar
any mouse button starts a command; multiple b
direct access to prog mgr/shell commands;
multiple launch menus/submenus; task switch,
close, on top; time/date, resource usage, tim
over 50 built-in commands; alarms; sound,
paper control.  V1.9s  adds delay for screen
corner commands and fixes several bugs.
18631 STLITE25.ZIP 166321 28.02.1995 - - -
Stickies! Lite v2.5, muistilappuohjelma
18632 STM301.ZIP 116183 11.11.1994 - MBCD -
Super Task Man v3.01 ASP
Replaces Windows' taskman.exe.  THIS IS
the taskman that should have come with
Windows. Features a run command with history
list, an enhanced tasklist that supports
multi-select operations, a configurable quick
launch menu, and system resource information.
Super Task Man's features are also
completely configurable.
18636 STPWTC1C.ZIP 31607 07.03.1995 - - -
StopWatch 1.0c. Stop watch program for
18642 SUPMON.ZIP 258799 12.09.1995 - - -
SuperMonitor 1.0 - system monitor for Windows
18644 SWC10.ZIP 67745 17.02.1995 - - -
SW Config provides online configuration
management for the Silver Wolf Desktop,
released separately as SWD15.ZIP. This Visual
Basic program requires VBRUN300.DLL in the
Windows SYSTEM directory. This file is
readily available and may be found on this
very site. If not, contact us for a copy or
information as to where the file may be
17810 SWD12A.ZIP 568303 02.03.1996 - - -
The Silver Wolf Desktop gives you a Macintosh
folder/document file manager and other even
more intuitive ways to use your computer.
Full support for: Long Names, Aliases,
Drag/Drop, Trash, Icon & Text file/directory
views, File Find, History Lists, ProgMan
groups, FileMan drops, Networks and more.
From Silver Wolf Software, $39.
17811 SWDICT14.ZIP 382521 02.04.1996 - - -
Shareware Dictionary v1.4 Sivistyssanakirja,
rekisteröidyssä versiossa mukana kymmeniä
tuhansia sanoja.
18647 SYSENG.ZIP 245258 28.08.1994 - - -
System Engineer - Great system status and
troubleshooting utilities for windows.
18652 TAFCLK.ZIP 8894 08.02.1995 - - -
TAF Clock for Windows (TAFCLK)   v1.0e
TAF Clock for Windows is a program that will
display digital clock on a window's
wallpaper.  The clock has the following
features: 1. The digits are semi-transparent
and will not hide the wallpaper. 2. Fonts for
the digits can be  selected. 3. Digits can be
moved in a window-like manner. 4. Opens Task
Manager when displayed digits are
17812 TALKBACK.ZIP 3,8 Mt 28.04.1997 - - -
TALK BACK EVALUATION Talk Back gives your computer a voice. So that it can talk to you. It can read aloud almost any text from any Windows application program. So, why not: listen to your emails whilst you do something else, help children with reading try out presentations and speeches, listen to your letters as others may read them, sit back and rest your eyes hear those long
17813 TALKKEY.ZIP 515,2 kt 16.04.1997 - - -
Talking Keyboard - uses digitized speech to speak each key as it is pressed in Windows. Each keypress is also followed by a large representation of the letter or character selected. This is an excellent way to introduce young children to the computer keyboard. This version only functions for two minutes at a time. Req.Windows.
17814 TASKTOOL.ZIP 418584 25.04.1996 - MBCD -
TaskTool - The Task Bar for Windows 3.1
Provides the most powerful features of
Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 3.1.
18657 TASKVIEW.ZIP 9698 07.03.1995 - - -
Show and manipulate active Windows tasks.
Source code in 'C' included.
18660 TC10B.ZIP 116235 04.01.1995 - - -
TCMD 1.0 patch file, updates TCMD 1.0 rev A
to TCMD 1.0 rev B.  ONLY USEFUL if you
already have TCMD 1.0 rev A, not needed by
new users.  To check your current TCMD
version use VER /R.  Also requires patch
program (see 4DPATCH.ZIP).
18662 TCHAO405.ZIP 641445 26.02.1995 - MBCD -
Time & Chaos v4.05. Ohjelma henkilökohtaisen
tiedon hallintaan.
68926 TCMD101.ZIP 497775 04.09.1995 - MBCD -
Take Command 1.01  - JP Software's
enhanced command processor for MS Windows
3.1+, Windows for Workgroups, and WIN-OS/2.
Command enhancements, over 50 new commands,
4DOS compatible, dozens of new Windows-
related features.  Shareware, $69 full
registration.  08-22-95 release A.
17815 TCMD201.ZIP 704,3 kt 17.05.1998 - - -
"Take Command/16 v2.01 - New! (February 1998) release of JP Softwares enhanced command processor for MS Windows 3.1+ and Windows for Workgroups.  Offers command enhancementsover 50 new commandsdozens of powerful batch file featuresand many other unique command line tools.  4DOS compatibledozens of new Windows-related features as well. Shareware$69.95 full registration. 02-02-98 release A."
18664 TCTB22.ZIP 822323 17.02.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
TC's Toolbox Version 2.2 Specific
Applications Software ASP MEMBER Requires:
Windows 3.1 Recommned: Modem 9 programs,
Shareware. Includes: FontView, Hex FileView,
Text Editor, System Monitor, Phone Dialer,
Stopwatch, Save It!, Big Cal & Code
Reference. View files/fonts, time events,
monitor Windows resources & lots more!!
All programs include a help file.
Registration: $15.00 + $5.00 S&H.
17816 TD28_16.ZIP 583,2 kt 28.11.1998 - MBCD -
ToDo v2.8, 16-bit Windows. Manages all your daily tasks, sorts by priority etc.
18665 TDO106.ZIP 119809 07.03.1995 - - -
ToDoWin v1.06 - simple to-do list program
Also includes a few other Windows utilities.
17817 TEKFACTS.ZIP 550,1 kt 29.07.1997 - MBCD -
TECHFACTS v1.30 - Shareware - Dean Software Design. Registration $19.99. swreg 12967. TechFacts is a powerful Windows utility to view all aspects of Windows, DOS, Heap, Memory, Networks and your system. The system watch lets you track changes to disk files & directories by installation tasks. You can search for DLLs, Icons and duplicate files and you have 4 config- urable resource monitors and multiple resource\\disk alarms. The Task monitor watches all programs that
17818 TEXTTO10.ZIP 107 kt 21.10.1997 - - -
TEXTools V1.0 (Trial) Copyright (C) 1997 FireFly Software powerful integrated collection of 50+ DOS filters that  you can easily combine together like building blocks, to form "mini-programs" (called pipes) that process text for achieving various goals. DOS.
18674 TIMCLK11.ZIP 177269 10.12.1994 - - -
PC-TIMECLOCK v1.1 - Tracks and reports your
computer usage by project/category (Windows).
TimeClock can save you money at tax time by
reporting how much of your computer use was
for business purposes.  It is inexpensive,
easy to use, and provides the information you
need to document your business deduction for
depreciation of your computer.
18675 TIMRUL.ZIP 93910 29.10.1994 - - -
TimeRuler - a stunning new clock/reminder
program for Windows. Requires Windows 3.1 or
3.11. - continuous easy-to-view display of
your appointments - setting up new reminders
is intuitive and effortless - configurable
colours, sounds and layout TimeRuler is
quality shareware from the author of BioGraf.
Registration costs US$25 or 15 UK Pounds,
giving access to additional features and
17819 TMOUSE3X.ZIP 252,7 kt 22.05.1997 - MBCD -
Toggle Mouse utility for Windows 3.x
69197 TMS10.ZIP 134206 07.02.1996 - - -
Too Many Secrets  V. 1.0
TMS is an encryption/decryption program for
Windows 3+. Easy to use, EMail-UUCode
support, extremely safe. Check this out!
Requires VBRUN300.DLL. Platinum Software.
69198 TMS111.EXE 376837 04.01.1997 koko¹ Metropoli BBS Files.zip -
Too Many Secrets -  V. 1.11
TMS is a 16bit crypt/decrypt  program
for Windows. Very easy to use, can be
used   with  WWW-browsers,  extremely
safe,  handy and  powerful.  Use this
to crypt  any  kind  of  files,  like
texts,   pictures,  programs,  music,
E-mails...   TMS-level  crypt  allows
even 256^4000 different possibilities.
17820 TMS111.ZIP 360,5 kt 30.01.1997 - - -
Too Many Secrets   V. 1.11 TMS is a 16bit crypt/decrypt  program for Windows. Very easy to use, can be used   with  WWW-browsers, extremely safe,  handy and  powerful.  Use this to crypt  any  kind  of  files,  like texts,   pictures,  programs,  music, E-mails...   TMS-level  crypt  allows even 256^4000 different possibilities. Platinum Media Entrance
18686 TPSD10.ZIP 150148 04.01.1997 - - -
TopSide:  stay-on-top Calendar, v1.0, for
Windows (3.1 or 95) provides the needed
calendar applet missing from Windows 95.
Requires:  80386sx or greater, Windows 3.1
or Windows 95, 335kb hard disk space.
Stay-on-top capability, calendar print
feature, and system information available
in registered copy.  From RCCO Research.
18688 TRASH26.ZIP 35046 30.03.1995 - - -
TrashCan v2.6 drag & drop trash
18696 TRYSKW.ZIP 1369585 08.01.1995 - - -
Sidekick for Windows 30-Day Trial Sidekick
for Windows 30-Day Trial Edition + $5.00
Rebate!!!  For a limited time you can test
drive a fully functional version of the award
winning Sidekick for Windows for 30 days.
30-Day Risk-free Trial edition. Download
files includes a special $5.00 rebate when
converting to the full version of Sidekick.
See Rebate.txt for details. Offer valid in
the US and Canada only. Requires 386 or
higher, Windows 3.1 and 5 meg of disk space
18698 TSKPRO20.ZIP 257253 18.12.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
TASK PRO v2.0 - Task Pro is a full-featured,
highly configurable utility that allows you
to manipulate and obtain information on
windows, modules, and tasks. The new
interface, which incorporates Windows 95
styling, also provides system information,
several application-launching facilities
including the scrollable Quick Launch Button
Bar, and the Quick Launch Key Search, plus
many more features.  Using the new
18703 TXTIME20.ZIP 342115 15.08.1995 - MBCD -
TraxTime 2.0-personal punch clock for Windows
Featured in Windows Magazine's SUPERIOR
SHAREWARE column. Ziff-Davis Interactive
awarded TraxTime 4 stars! Its slick design is
easy, yet powerful. Unlimited # of projects
and dates. All in/out times are easily
edited. Requires VBRUN300.DLL Custom reports
go to printer, disk, screen. Lots of options.
$19.50 shareware. Manager's version is also
18706 TZ110.ZIP 104055 24.10.1995 - - -
TimeZone v1.10: displays world times
18708 UC96.ZIP 89169 17.12.1995 - - -
Unit Conversion 96 is a unit converter that
is simple to use and needs minimum keystrokes
to get the conversion.  It also comes with
Percentage/Solution calculation and a simple
Loan Calculator that you may like.  Many unit
conversion may be simultaneously opened and
used.  For Windows 3.1.  Registration fee is
only $5.00.  Free update for registered users
of the previous versions.
17821 UCONV201.ZIP 160725 13.02.1996 - - -
U-CONVERT-IT v2.01 Units Conversion Utility
for WINDOWS! The fastest and easiest way to
convert units of measure. Intuative interface
features a built in calculator with many cool
functions. Also accuracy formatting, unit
swapping, clipboard functions. Saves all your
personal settings. New SHRINK feature saves
real estate! Linear, weight, volume, density,
& MORE! Requires VBRUN300.DLL and THREED.VBX.
18712 UN4WIN15.ZIP 54126 25.02.1995 - MBCD -
Uninstall for Windows v1.5
18714 UNSTAL.ZIP 51168 19.10.1995 - - -
Rosenthal UnInstall v3  - Safely remove
unwanted Windows & DOS programs. Files,
directories and system changes may be kept or
automatically removed with system cleaned up
and restored. An absolute must-have necessity
for trying out new shareware, CD- ROMs &
demos. "Highest awards! Excellent!"
18720 VAC101.ZIP 269127 29.04.1995 - MBCD -
VAC v1.01 is a vacuum cleaner for Windows
Cleans temp files from your hard disk
18722 VERINF11.ZIP 34346 07.03.1995 - MBCD -
Version Info v1.1: show version stamp of
executable or DLL. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
17822 VIRTN10B.ZIP 16,5 kt 12.10.1997 - - -
VirtuaNäppis 1.0b   --  Virtuaalinen näppäimistö, ohjataan hiirellä. Vaatii Win 3.x/95/NT ja VGA sekä hiiri. FREEWAREA. (C) Ossi J 1997
18733 VLB20.ZIP 456955 30.12.1995 - - -
Very Little Bob v2.0 - For those who get lost
in Windows. Have a taste of Artificial
Intelligence. You can talk to your PC and he
will answer you. You can ask your PC to open
your favorite game and he will do it for you.
Quickly, you will use it to open your
favorite programs and for your repetitive
actions. For Windows 3.1/95. GREAT !!! Three
default dictionnaries (English, French and
Spanish) are provided. SHAREWARE ONLY 15 $.
18735 VMERG125.ZIP 64361 24.10.1995 - MBCD -
VMERGE v1.25: Visual Diff / Merge Program
VMERGE is an easy to use program designed
to help people in merging files.
18744 W4S31L.ZIP 114397 13.12.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Whiskers - is a powerful utility that lets
you program all 270+ standard Windows actions
to your mouse buttons. This avoids the
nuisance of either having to reach for the
keyboard or move the mouse pointer to the
"Ok" box to click the left button. NOTE: use
the -d option when unzipping. Description
Copyright 1995 PsL
17823 WALLET10.ZIP 180556 07.01.1996 - - -
PCWallet v1.00 A place to put all that
information you ordinarily keep in your
wallet such as phone numbers, addresses,
credit card numbers--any other type of
information. All information protected by
data encryption and personal password. Also
has a calendar and handy calculator. Options
allow configuration to user's preferences.
18746 WATCH142.ZIP 259967 31.05.1995 - - -
WinWatch v1.42 resurssimonitori jne.
17824 WAVSNG14.ZIP 425,9 kt 22.10.1997 - - -
WaveSong v1.4 - Soothing background cricket, wind, thunder, rain, and wave audio-saver for your sound card. Digital relaxation masks unwanted noise. Win3.1 release.
18749 WAYFARER.ZIP 219962 22.12.1994 - - -
Like Program Manager, Wayfarer allows you to
create a personalised front-end for launching
your favourite programs and documents  under
Windows. However, Wayfarer has a lot more
to offer.
17825 WB16_96A.ZIP 1403010 01.04.1996 - - -
WinBatch 96A (ASP) Windows System Utility
Language. Structures, floating point, file
manipulation, OLE2.0 Automation, DDE and over
350 functions allow you to program this
tradional, procedural basic-like language. A
must for the power user. Includes dialog
editor and handy utilities. Only $99.95+s&h
18753 WBOOT11.ZIP 172059 05.06.1994 - - -
WINBOOT v1.1 for Windows 3.1
New Release. A Windows multi-reboot program.
Create multiple Autoexec & Config files.
'Change Back to Previous' feature. Network
aware. With 'easy to use' setup buttons.
Context sensative help. And fully
compatable w/all disk compression
and caching progs.CIS:SWREG #1245
REQUIRES VBRUN300.DLL, Shareware: US$19
18755 WC400.ZIP 80650 13.03.1995 - MBCD -
WinClock v4.00: pöytäkello Windowsiin
Vähän tilaa vievä, paljon ominaisuuksia.
Tasatuntipiippi, muistutus yms.
69971 WCMD151E.ZIP 378261 13.03.1995 - MBCD -
Windows Commander v1.51 - a file manager
replacement for Windows, with drag&drop,
copy/move/delete whole directories, packer
shell for ZIP/ARJ/LHA, full text search,
command line. Now in English, German, French,
Danish and Dutch!
69973 WCPD20.ZIP 64695 30.07.1995 - - tupla
Complete Program Deleter 2.0 for Windows
removes all files and directories added to a
disk by any installation utility, and
SYSTEM.INI, and WIN.INI. A complete
uninstaller for Windows or DOS programs.
17826 WCPD25.ZIP 64503 04.01.1997 - - -
Complete Program Deleter 2.5 for Windows
removes all files and directories added
to a disk by any installation utility,
SYSTEM.INI, and WIN.INI. A complete
uninstaller for Windows or DOS programs.
18759 WDIFF130.ZIP 82197 15.08.1995 - - -
WDiff v1.30  - Win File/Dir/ZIP Diff.
Side by side display of two text files,
directories or ZIP archives. Useful for
programmers to see the differences between
two source text files or two sets of files,
where one or both sets can reside in a ZIP
archive. Various configuration options. DOS
command line version (CSDiff) also available.
Shareware (US$ 25.- MC/Visa/AmEx/JCB) C.Sitte
Softwaretechnik, CIS 73030,1070
69985 WDIR32.ZIP 40698 07.01.1996 - - tupla
WingDir v3.2 - Directory Match Utility -
Display directories side by side with file
names aligned. Delete, Copy, Move, Or Rename
Files. MASK File Names with '*.*' wildcards.
Display All, Same, Different, Unique, or
Identical Files. Change Source and Target
Directories. Version 3.2 adds Menu Bar,
Status Line, and Date Format Option. Requires
VBRUN300.DLL. $10.00 Registration Fee.
18761 WDK501CC.ZIP 782332 17.02.1995 - - -
WinDisKlone v5.01cc for Win 3.1+ Single pass
diskette copier w/cooperative multitasking
for true background operation. Automatic
"upsizing"too! Puts PM's diskcopy & format to
shame. Compressed file images, compare,
clean, fastformat, buttonbar, etc. Single,
multi, & network versions available. Only
$59/user  Other Licn. Avail. for low $ EZX
P&D, Box 58177 Webster TX 77598-8177 USA
713-280∙9900/8180/8300/0099  Voc/BBS/FoD/FAX
17827 WDLLF134.ZIP 64622 07.01.1996 - - -
WDLLFnd version 1.34 Windows program helps
you locate common routines used by Windows
programs. The program will find all Windows
EXE, DLL, DRV and VBX programs on your
computer. WDLLFnd will display what routines
a program uses, and also which programs use
a routine. Exceptions found during the
search such as duplicate program names, DLL
found but not referenced, DLL referenced but
not found are displayed. Save and Restore
17828 WDUPE41.ZIP 518747 14.04.1996 - - -
Win Dupe v4.1 - Windows utility that searches
one or all disk drives (including network) to
find all EXACT duplicate files.  Also allows
you to view the file details by name, size,
date and time, and to delete them safely.
18770 WEXIT95.ZIP 64087 04.11.1995 - - -
Win Exit v5.0++ - This utility provides a
quick and easy way to exit and Restard
Windows, Jumpt to DOS & Run Programs and
Reboot your PC, You can also place the Icon
of Win Exit on the Title Bar, remembers icons
position, Run programs, displays free
resources memory, date & Time, saves you set
tings in Wexit.Ini file & much more. ONLY
18771 WFIND22.ZIP 56703 11.11.1994 - MBCD -
File Finder v2.2 for Windows 
Powerful file search program for Windows-
File finder for Windows is a file search
program for Windows 3.x. It can search all
drives, including networked drives, and most
popular archive types.  Search types include
DOS standard, substring, regular expression,
date, time, and size. Windows - Utilities DON
18783 WGRAM10.ZIP 354701 12.02.1995 - MBCD -
WinAgrams, anagram program for Windows
17829 WIMA1630.ZIP 171463 17.10.1996 - MBCD -
This .ZIP:Win16 english version for Win 3.1x
->Open CDROM ISO image file in read only!<-
New : compress image file (ZIP compatible),
comment in image, drag file to explorer. Make
disk image from floppy, extract file from
image, make an empty image, inject file on it
and put the image on blank disk. TRUE WINDOWS
APP (modern intrface).Change image
format,dfrg delete file on image. POWERFUL
18789 WINALT21.ZIP 120129 07.01.1996 - - -
WinAlter v2.1   Alter Date, Time, &
Attributes of Files without leaving Windows!
Other programs help you alter Date, Time, &
Attributes; now you can do it without leaving
Windows or going into DOS. Easy to use
Windows interface with thorough Help file.
Can handle many files at a time. Includes
drag & drop capabilities. Req. VBRUN300.DLL &
Windows 3.0+. By James Bair. Shareware $10.
18791 WINBAG.ZIP 318603 09.09.1995 - - -
WinBag v 1.4 Useful windows tools grouped
into one application. Includes a Calendar,
CPU speedometer, Disk Pie graphs, Windows
Resource graphs, audio CD Player and a dice
game. Easy to use. Install and go. Fully
customizable. Shareware $19
18795 WINCMD77.ZIP 514152 22.12.1994 - MBCD -
WCL: a Command Processor for Windows, and
Win-OS/2. This is a full Windows Command
Shell and suite of utilities. It presents a
Windows implementation of a "C:>" prompt,
full emulation of DOS commands like DIR,
COPYTREE, etc. It also features application
execution and file management from the WCL
prompt, timed scheduling of commands, a
ticking clock, batch file processing and
basic scripting in Windows, filename
18797 WINDRU13.ZIP 45967 28.08.1994 - nic.funet.fi -
WinDirUsage is a shareware MS-Windows
utility that provides a graphical
display of disk space usage.  This is a
convenient way to identify those direc-
tories which are the biggest disk space
consumers.  WinDirUsage uses a pie chart
format and permits the examination of
any directory on any drive.
18800 WINEX101.ZIP 160445 18.01.1995 - - -
Win-eXpose-I/O, Util.,v1.01,SHAREWARE- Files
I/O Tracer/Debugger for Windows Gives
REALTIME report on files I/O all over the
system (even DOS BOXES) a MUST HAVE tool for
anyone who tries to find out which file an
application is using or missing. Great tool
for also for dev. tracking file operation by
an external utility, and for improving
windows performance.
18801 WINEYES.ZIP 211396 05.11.1995 - MBCD -
Wineyes 1.0 Big eyes follow your mouse
pointer. Compatible with 95 and NT.
18804 WINGDI.ZIP 19193 16.08.1994 - - -
Welcome to WinGDI 1.0 by Russell E.
Holcomb. This program will continuously
show the status of the complete GDI
18806 WINGRP10.ZIP 30077 29.05.1995 - - -
WinGrp v1.0 documents your program manager
groups and items to a text file for future
reference. The group info includes
description and file name. The item info
includes description, working
directory/command line, and icon used.
Shareware. Needs VBRUN300.DLL to run.
17831 WINHEX75.ZIP 203,1 kt 03.05.1999 - MBCD -
WinHex v7.5 hex editor for Windows 3.1
18808 WINHOG.ZIP 104104 04.08.1995 - - -
WinHog 4.02 - Graphical Pie-Chart display of
relative amount of space allocated to any
directory. Now shows real FAT allocation
sizes and slack space (wasted space between
file size and FAT allocation). Do "what-if"
experiments to show value of repartitioning
hard-drive. Shareware ($10). Network drive
analysis fixed in v4.02. Registered version
displays available diskspace & allocation
unit size. Requires VBRUN300.DLL
18810 WINIMA22.ZIP 267097 24.10.1995 - MBCD -
This .ZIP:Win32:WinNT-x86,Win95,Win3.1+Win32s
New : Win32s, DMF bug fixes, explorer-like
icon under Win 95.True background in WinNT/95
under WinNT 3.5,!WIN95!, Win3.1. support LFN
Contain both Win 3.1 and WinNT Intel version
make disk image from floppy, extract file
from image, make an empty image, inject file
on it and put the image on blank disk. TRUE
WINDOWS APP (modern interface). English,
17832 WINJADE.ZIP 97394 04.11.1996 - - -
WinJade 3.2 - THE icon bar
WinJade v3.2 is the latest version of the pop
and compact program launcher.
As featured in PC World "Best Shareware under
New features...
- create folders (separate palettes of icon b
- convert Program Manager groups
18814 WINLK200.ZIP 120263 24.10.1995 - - -
WinLook v2.0: file and text search utility
18815 WINMAN23.ZIP 221862 23.12.1995 - - -
Win Manager v2.30 - Win Manager has many
features. It incorporates the search disk
features of FMSeek and in addition will allow
you to add programs to the program manager,
change icons, add groups, execute programs.
Other features include: an alarm for your
desktop, a clock with selectable fonts and
colors, a calendar, a calculator with a list
memory and system monitor.
18816 WINMAT10.ZIP 128332 11.11.1994 - MBCD -
WinMatch v1.01  - A Windows 3.1 program
for comparing two text files. MDI
application, with each file in its own window
arranged vertically or horizontally with
synchronized scrolling. You can jump to the
next or previous difference or match using a
toolbar. Many options, including ignore case/
whitespace and synchronization parameters.
Source code available.  Registration $20.
70089 WINSPLIT.ZIP 177658 23.01.1996 - - tupla
Winsplit - ohjelma tiedostojen yhdistämiseen
ja halkomiseen.
18833 WINSYS.ZIP 17294 16.08.1994 - - -
Windows Systems Resource Monitor
17833 WINWIN15.ZIP 275673 04.11.1996 - - -
WinWin v1.5  "The Power Users Friend"
Companion/replacement for Program Manager or
Task Manager. Many enhancements of Windows 95
without the cost and risk. Advanced features
assist users who push their systems to the
max. A cohesive array of useful functions and
desktop modifiers to enhance productivity and
the Windows environment. Self contained
uninstall. Complete context sensitive help
system included. Windows 3.1, 3.11 or wfw.
18837 WINWIS42.ZIP 1077902 29.04.1995 - MBCD -
WinWisdom v4.2 - Quote-of-the-day and quote
reference for MS Windows.  Custom colors and
fonts in QOTD.  Many other display options.
Print placards of your favorite.
Comprehensive quote reference allows lookup
by Subject, Author, and text string. Clip to
any Windows word processor or print placard.
Create your own quotepacks or use the ones
provided (Reg. vers. 4000+ quotes). Shareware
- $15.00
17834 WINX21A.ZIP 2,9 Mt 30.03.1998 - - -
WinXs Version 2.1a Copyright (C) 1997 Mick Meaden shareware  program  that  provides UNIX-like tool functionality under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and Windows NT. To run WinXs, you will need 486-based PC (or later), at least 4mb.
17835 WINXF162.ZIP 530,9 kt 17.06.1997 - - -
WinXFiles v1.62 "Your Personal Pictures and Files for Your Eyes Only". WinXFiles with its attractive tabbed-dialog interface features SECURE ENCRYPTION to PREVENT UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS of all type of files and particularly of your IMAGE collection. Secure Picture Viewer inside supports : JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, PCX. Windows 3.x, 95 and NT version available. Shareware ($24) by PEPSOFT.
17836 WISEBAR.ZIP 412,8 kt 30.06.1997 - - -
WiseBar - Program Manager replacement for Win3.1
17837 WIZMGR25.ZIP 1,2 Mt 22.05.1997 - MBCD -
WizManager Pro 2.5: Best File Manager addon Transforms File Manager into the most powerful file management system available in Windows. Get a colorful buttonbar and Launchbar, a Command Line Box which allows you to enter DOS commands, and great utilities such as a File Viewer, Zip/UnZip, File Finder, Duplicates Finder, Directories Size Browser, Print Directory, Print Tree, Scripts, Customized Menus...and much more!
17838 WM_S23.ZIP 137262 04.01.1997 - - -
WinMiser - helps correct problems
associated with insufficient Windows
DOS memory. It only allows applications
that specifically request low memory to
receive memory from this region. Since
most programs use very little Windows
DOS memory, this can prevent low memory
from being exhausted in all but the
most extreme cases.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18840 WMC53.ZIP 470131 12.02.1995 - - -
Win Multiple Configurations
18846 WN4M110.ZIP 789851 28.02.1995 - MBCD -
wInformant 1.10:  Uninstall, INIEdit & More!
Improved Uninstall removes DLL's & DOS apps.
Seven powerful Windows utilities in one.
Finds and eliminates duplicate DLL/VBX's.
Checks swap-file status & restarts or exits
Windows in one click. Developed entirely in
C++. wInformant sets a new standard for
shareware excellence. Instant registration
enables multimedia sounds, disables splash
screens and more.  ($39 US)
18847 WNBRW34.ZIP 131097 12.08.1995 - - -
WnBrowse 3.4 - A Windows File Browser By
Nigel G. Thomas
18848 WNHND10.ZIP 130232 24.10.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
WinHound v1.0  - Windows file finder and
text search utility. The utility they forgot
to put into Windows! File Finder module takes
any filespec and returns all matches found on
any specified drive. Text Tracker module
searches directories and subs (if desired),
and returns matches, including surrounding
text, within any specified filespec. Once
you've used WinHound you won't remember how
you ever did without it!
18851 WNSEEK.ZIP 121486 02.12.1994 - - -
WinSeek File Finder Utility
Search for filenames or text with wildcards.
18856 WOTD_18.ZIP 180042 11.11.1994 - MBCD -
On This Day for Windows v1.8 
A program and collection of databases to
answer the question "What Happened On This
Day In History?"  Dates in 4 different
calendars, "day of the week" calculations,
Phases of the moon, solstices, and equinoxes
are supported.  Among other benefits,
registered users are provided with a HUGE
collection of data.  Windows 3.x
18858 WPGP140.ZIP 766199 13.12.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
WPGP is a Windows/PGP integration tool that
will extract text from a window, process it
through PGP, and place the result back in the
window. Fully functional 30 day evaluation.
Needs PKZIP 2.04e+ Shareware $35.
gostl@argoscomp.com or CIS 76357,2657
18861 WPSFW150.ZIP 617455 10.06.1995 - MBCD -
IBM Workplace Shell for Windows v1.50
Esittelee OS/2:n Workplace Shellin
ominaisuuksia ohjelmalla jonka voi
asentaa Program Managerin ja Task
Managerin tilalle. Valittavina eri
kieliä, mm. suomi.
IBM Employee Written Software (EWS)
17839 WPST32B.ZIP 139567 18.03.1996 - MBCD -
WINPOST v3.2b  - Winner of PC Magazine's
Best of 1991 Award!  This Windows utility
replaces yellow sticky notes for keeping
track of reminders.  OLE support allows
attachment to any OLE document.  Alarm notes,
toolbar, auto save and numerous other
features make this a "must-have" for Windows
users.  Requires Windows 3.1. ASP Shareware
from Eastern Mountain Software.
18862 WPV102A.ZIP 208875 16.08.1994 - - -
McAfee's ProView Hex editor for Windows 1.02a
17840 WRAPR11.ZIP 6546 18.10.1996 - - -
WRAPPER 1.0 - Wrap Mouse Pointer
through screen edges, and raise
windows under mouse automatically.
VBRUN300.DLL required.
70199 WSPLIT10.ZIP 33138 08.02.1995 - MBCD tupla
WinSplit v1.0
Splits large files into many small files, so
you can transfer them to disks. It can of
course join them back again. Requires Windows
3.1 and a 386 computer or better.
17841 WSPLIT13.ZIP 62,2 kt 20.04.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
WinSplit 1.3 split large files to many small or even EXE-files, so you can transfer them with disks.
17842 WSPLT13F.ZIP 61,9 kt 29.12.1997 - MBCD -
WinSplit 1.3 jakaa tiedoston moneen pieneen palaan levykkeille kopioimista varten. Toimii Windowsissa versiosta 3.1 alkaen.
18886 WT20.ZIP 1395513 11.05.1995 - MBCD -
WinTune 2.0 - Great Windows optimizer, tells
you what to do to improve Windows'
18900 WTIME300.ZIP 95646 28.12.1995 - - -
WorldTime for Windows(TM) (Version 3.00)
Easy-to-use international clock for Windows.
Shows time & date for over 190 sites around
the world. Includes 10 independent alarms;
supports user-defined custom locations,
local and international daylight/summer
time, and half-hour time zones. Full
hypertext help file included.
Requires: MS Windows 3.1 or higher
18902 WVCP16.ZIP 388894 04.01.1997 - - -
WinView CoPilot - is a shell
enhancement package for WIN31.
It provides several useful mini-
applications including menus, a run
facility, alarm, scheduler, exit
options, and more.
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18909 WWASTE11.ZIP 146263 04.01.1997 - - -
WinWaste - is a file deletion utility
for Windows that allows you to drag and
drop files and directories to a trash
can icon to dispose of them. You can
delete all discarded items at once, or
restore them later if you change your
Description Copyright 1996 PsL
18920 ZOO112.ZIP 367101 14.04.1996 - - -
The Zoo 1.12 Mini Shell. A Place to store
your Computer Critters. Highly customizable
Program Launching Tool.  Based on the popular
tabbed window metaphor. Import Existing
Windows Program Manager Groups.  Supports
Drag & Drop from File Manager.
18922 ZRFW65.ZIP 492128 29.05.1995 - - -
ZR FileWorks 6.5 Turbo- ZR 7 upgraded ver.
Dir warping, new charting, install any dir.
pics adjustable res, resize, cut up,
clipboard copy & paste, detailed info.
ZIP,ARC,ARJ,LZH,ZOO-unzip with/without
passwords, decompress for use, auto unzip to
new dir, view, make, add, delete, use and
refresh. Drag 'n drop everything!