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15656 BATCHART.ZIP 35656 12.02.1995 - - -
Documentation on BAT-file programming
15657 BATDBG14.ZIP 107,6 kt 28.09.1997 koko¹ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
BatDebug v.1.4. A debugger for DOS batch files.
15658 BATDOC.ZIP 58607 12.02.1995 - - -
BAT-file programming information
15659 BATHINTS.ZIP 38,9 kt 29.09.1997 - - -
12 vinkkiä BAT-ohjelmointiin englanniksi.
15660 BATMEN.ZIP 28,6 kt 28.09.1997 - - -
BatMenu is a menu utility intended to be used within DOS batch files. BatMenu provides you with a simple interface into a powerful menu control system which allows you considerable flexibility in displaying windowed text and prompting your batch file user for response. The user of your batch files is given a sophisticated interface including intelligent circular scrolling of the highlight bar and bi-directional scrolling of text.
15661 BATMNU21.ZIP 33,8 kt 29.09.1997 - - -
This program is a menuing system for use with your batch files. It is not intended to be a shell, although with some very ambitious batch file programming, it could be used as one. Its purpose is to provide sophisticated flow control and give  batch files a professional  appearance by  creating a point-and-shoot menu with up to 26  options per menu. A mouse is also supported if detected.
15663 BATPLUS.ZIP 71,3 kt 15.05.1997 - - -
BaT+ sisältää joukon EXE-tiedostoja joilla voi esimerkiksi muuttaa taustan värejä, tekstin värjä jopa vilkkuvaksi! Näillä saa BATeista hienompia!
15662 BATPLUS2.ZIP 17,5 kt 29.07.1997 - - -
BaT+  (C) Janne Toivanen Paketti sisältää joukon EXE-tiedostoja joilla saat BAT-tiedostoihin nämä ominaisuudet: - Paletin liutus (fade) - Ruudun skrollaus - PC Speaker äänet - Tekstin värin vaihto ja arpominen
15664 BATSEC.ZIP 12235 12.02.1995 - - -
Colors and other advanced techniques
15665 BATUTIL1.ZIP 187,5 kt 29.09.1997 - - -
BATUTIL is a program with two purposes: to give you power inside your batch files and to give you more control over the DOS environment. Included in the information that you can get returned in either the DOS errorlevel or an environmental variable.
15666 BELT1CA.ZIP 60,1 kt 28.09.1997 - - -
Utility_Belt collection, v1.c: Utilities designed to simplify the creation of professional looking batch files.  6 interactive utilities for keyboard support, 9 video enhancers, 4 diagnostic & security utilities. ASP shareware from Herne Data Systems Ltd.
16668 BEN311.ZIP 261637 28.12.1994 - - -
Batch ENhancer v3.11
Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, directory
controls and other SPECTACULAR features into
batch files. Now with new Menu Designer! VG!
15667 BLRMU22.ZIP 89,4 kt 28.09.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
"version 22 of Rasmussens Mini Utilities - 41 miscellaneous .com type utilities - each utility is accompanied by its own assembly source and small doc file -  < FREEWARE > < Public Domain >"
15668 BMENU54.ZIP 20,8 kt 29.09.1997 - - -
The  Batch Menu System allows you to insert pop-up menus within a batch file. Similar to the Norton Utilities ASK function, BMENU returns the error-level of the item selected. BMENU allows the choice of menu location, title, item list and optionally, color.
15669 BOX12.ZIP 6,9 kt 28.09.1997 - - -
BOX 1.2 - like ECHO, except also draws a box around the text May be freely distributed for non-military use only. MASM/OPTAsm source included.
15670 BTCHROOM.ZIP 3,8 kt 28.09.1997 - - -
"A program which remains resident with 512 bytes after creating a fileBTCHRLSE.COMwhich when run releasesBTCHROOMs resident code for use by COMMAND.COM for itsBATCH Information Block."
15671 EBL409.ZIP 415182 28.02.1996 - - -
EBL-Plus 4.09 adds power features to batch
files; On-line manual guides creation of bat
files; Colorful windows use bouncing bar
selection, pop-ups,fill-in-the- blank fields,
buttons, and action bars; Has over 100
built-in commands and functions; English-like
commands make stand alone apps.  Ideal
enhancement to Window 95.  Shareware
[ASP].Visa & MasterCard accepted.
15672 PC-SET.ZIP 29639 15.08.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
PC-SETUP v1.0 from PC Magazine March 16, 1993
PC-SETUP is an installation program for
in-house programmers, shareware authors, data
services, and others who distribute software
to nontechnical users.  Supports multiple
distribution disks, and automatic or manual
file installation. Creates directories and
subdirectories as necessary.  Requires use of
PKZIP.EXE on all distribution files, and DOS
3.0 or later.
15673 SSTUFF30.ZIP 260948 08.02.1995 - MBCD -
STEENBURGH's STUFF Batch Utilities  - 21
useful utilities for batch file programming.
Includes INPUT, the premier interactive batch
file utility; MUSIC for playing tunes thru
the PC speaker; BATBOX for creating menus;
WRITE, the colorful ECHO/TYPE replacement;
SIFT, the "mother of all DOS filters"; more.
Produce hi-quality presentations, install
routines, and the like with these capable