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ID Tiedosto Koko Pvm. Kommentit Alkuperä Tupla? Kuvaus
60184 3DBENCH.ZIP 62765 01.03.1995 - MBCD tupla
3D Bench - video card test for DOS, v. 1.0.
14969 3DBENCH2.ZIP 62,7 kt 21.07.1997 - - tupla
3DBench - Video Card Test for Dos v1.1By Pintyo. Corrected version of the popular 3dbench machine speed tester! Now gives correct values: speed value is no longer 1000 div n - displays framerates over 100!
14970 3G_MARK.ZIP 21,7 kt 11.06.1998 - - tupla
3G MarkMeasures PC VGA system performace. Dependant on processor, co-proc. and VGA-board. Created by Yoshi of 3G Design 1998 Requirements: 286+VGA.
9124 4SPD200.ZIP 74482 22.03.1995 - MBCD -
4_Speed v2.0: Hard drive Data Transfer Rate
Test utility. Gives you a real time look in a
graphics screen format of your drive's DTR.
Save results to logs and PCX files. Show
results from multiple drive tests. High
resolution timer for accurate averages. Works
on both Primary and Secondary Port Addresses
thru DOS. Req: 286+CPU,VGA. Dustbowl Designs,
Inc. (Date 7/31/94) -AV
9125 AGSI101E.ZIP 303125 06.12.1995 - - -
agSI v1.01 System Diagnostics tool.
9126 ATAID011.ZIP 29603 08.02.1995 - - -
ATAID 1.1: ohjelma ATA- eli IDE-kiinto-
levyjen tutkimiseen. Näyttää paljon
erilaisia hyödyllisiä tietoja levystä.
14974 BF_TEST.ZIP 7,3 kt 13.03.1997 - - tupla
Testiohjelma jolla voit itse todeta onko omassa Quantum Bigfoot levyssäsi tiedon siirto bugia. Toki voit testata myös muitakin levyjä kuin Bigfootteja.
9128 BURNSTAK.ZIP 6856 06.12.1995 - - -
Burn Stack 1.0.  This program was written to
do a burn-in on the processor stack routines.
If you are having an intermittent problem
with your computer, try running this program,
if it fails, your processor is bad.
61792 CACHCHK2.ZIP 42878 26.01.1996 - - tupla
CACHECHK will do memory accesses to check out
the L1 and L2 cache, tell you the speeds and
sizes of each, and check to see if all of
your memory is cached, or if some is
non-cached. POSTCARD-WARE, not shareware or
freeware CACHECTL allows you to turn the L1
cache on or off, and tell you if it's enabled
or disabled.
14976 CACHCHK6.ZIP 51,5 kt 13.03.1997 - - tupla
"CACHECHK will do memory accesses to check out the L1 and L2 cachetell you the speeds and sizes of eachand check to see if all of your memory is cachedor if some is non-cached. POSTCARD-WAREnot shareware or freeware CACHECTL allows you to turn the L1 cache on or offand tell you if its enabled or disabled."
9130 CBENCH2.ZIP 124612 04.01.1997 - - -
Chris' 3D Benchmark. Uusi versio. Näyttää
testi tuloksen nyt kymmenyksen tarkkuudella
sekä fps lukeman.
9131 CCT386.ZIP 211875 30.11.1995 - - -
Celem Cache Test measures the speed of the PC
motherboards memory system. Specifically
efficiency of cache memory is tested.
9132 CDBENCH.ZIP 153022 01.03.1995 - MBCD -
BenchmarkAnalizer for CD-ROM-Drives
All Rights Reserved (c)1987-94 by
DesignerTeam Rolle&Schild (tm)
9133 CHKDRIVE.ZIP 16647 02.05.1996 - MBCD -
Checkdrive kertoo, kuinka kiintolevyn varaus-
yksiköiden koko vaikuttaa tallennuskapasitee-
tin höyty- ja hukkakäyttöön.
13910 COMST12.ZIP 26456 16.08.1994 - - -
Comset 12 Modem/Uart/Serial Port tester
Test, setup ports/modems/uarts. Ver 12
supports Com1-4, IRQ2-7, speeds to
115200bps. Returns errorlevels to
batch files depending on modem's state.
Enable/Disable 16550AFN uart buffers
Also swaps ports, logs in Com3&4 to DOS
, displays port status. With docs.
62267 CONF820E.ZIP 186627 02.10.1996 - - tupla
PC-CONFIG V8.20 -Detects all the hardware in
your PC and shows them on the screen. One of
the best sysinfo-programs ever. With CD-ROM
benchmark routine! Finds Local-Bus and PCI
boards, Cyrix, NexGen, UMC and Pentium cpus,
detects lots of VGA chips, APM functions,
Burst Cache, Green boards, Pentium Bug,
PCMCIA, EIDE feat. detailed PCI and SCSI
info. New: Chipsetdetails on Intel
430fx,HX,VX, SiS501,5501, UMC 8881
62268 CONF821E.ZIP 194458 01.11.1996 - MBCD tupla
PC-CONFIG V8.21 -Detects all the hardware in
your PC and shows them on the screen. One of
the best sysinfo-programs ever. With CD-ROM
benchmark routine! Finds Local-Bus and PCI
boards, Cyrix, NexGen, UMC and Pentium CPUs,
detects lots of VGA chips, APM functions,
Burst Cache, Green boards, Pentium Bug,
PCMCIA, EIDE feat. detailed PCI and SCSI
info. New: more vga-chip detection, runs
better under windows
14981 CONF915E.ZIP 229,5 kt 02.12.1999 - - tupla
PC-CONFIG v9.15english type: sysinfo-benchmark-tool author: Michael Holin, http://holin.com requires: 286, dos 3 works with: DOS, win31, win95  PC-CONFIG V9.15 -Detects all the hardware in your PC and shows them on the screen. One of the best sysinfo-programs ever. With CD-ROM benchmark routine! Finds PCI boards, 6x86, K6-3, NexGen, Athlon and Pentium III CPUs, detects lots of VGA chips, APM functions, Burst Cache, Green boards, Pentium Bug, PCMCIA,
9135 CORE303.EXE 66623 12.01.1996 - MBCD -
CORE Hard Disk Benchmark v3.03
9136 CPSTIMER.ZIP 22282 11.06.1995 koko¹ ratsnest1.iso -
Sarjaportin nopeusmittari. Mittaa suurimman
mahdollisen nopeuden, jolla rs-porttia
voidaan käyttää.
9137 CPUID3.ZIP 6407 12.05.1996 - MBCD -
Intelin julkaisema ohjelmanpätkä joka
tunnistaa tietokoneessasi käytettävän
prosessorin tyypin.
9138 CSP610.ZIP 74564 06.12.1995 - - -
An unusual but supposedly very powerful
CPU/Memory benchmark from Softwin
9139 CTEST260.ZIP 155945 01.03.1995 - MBCD -
Comptest v. 2.60 - testaa hardwaren koneesta.
Sisältää myös source koodit Pascalille ja
9140 CTSSPU.ZIP 154133 12.03.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
problems. Detect multiple com ports at one
address, IRQ used, ports that can't generate
IRQs, and other conflicts. Detects failed
UARTs. NEW "Modem-finder" & BIOS options.
Reports port settings, writes to log file.
Change any port setting. Version 2 allows
operation under Windows and OS/2! DOS 2+, any
9141 DISKPERF.ZIP 63714 22.10.1995 - - -
DiskPerf - will test all net components
including cable traffic, requester,
workstation caching, server caching,
adapters, drivers, etc.. Description
Copyright 1995 PsL
14989 DOSINF13.ZIP 13680 30.06.1996 - - -
Information about dos version, current
date and time, graphic drive, BREAK and
VERIFY settings, environment variables,
free conventional memory, hard disk sizes
and free space.
New in v1.3: Output redirectable to file.
FREEWARE by Balint Toth
14990 EIDETE18.ZIP 151376 19.10.1995 - - -
EIDETEST detect flawed EIDE controller for
DOS emulation under DESQview, Windows, OS/2
or NT. Checks for the RZ-1000 and CMD
PCIO640B EIDE PCI controller flaw by writing
and reading a hard disk while simultaneous
I/O potentially interferes. C++ source
included. Freeware from Roedy Green of
Canadian Mind Products. Includes EIDEFLAW.TXT
FAQ on the flaw, sometimes erroneously called
"the DMA bug".
14991 EQUIP.ARJ 34,8 kt 27.10.1997 - - -
Equipment TesterTestaa porttisi ja keskus- muistisi. Mukana QuickBasic sorsat. Myös dossista ajettavassa muodossa. Sorsa vaatii advbas-lisäkirjaston.
14992 FD_RPM.ZIP 3712 06.12.1995 - - -
Sydex Diskette RPM Test.
14993 FINDIRQ.ZIP 3952 08.12.1995 koko⁴ ratsnest1.iso -
14994 GP2TESTI.ZIP 30378 28.11.1996 - - -
F1GP 2:n kierrostallenne, jonka avulla saat
MB 11/96 pelikonetestin kanssa
vertailukelpoisia mittaustuloksia omasta
koneestasi. Lue LUEMUT.TXT.
13976 HDTST128.ZIP 123418 16.08.1994 - - -
HDtest v1.28 Hard Disk Diagnostic Program
14996 ID.ZIP 8907 08.12.1995 modit/modit.zip archive.org eritupla
ID shows the brand names and technical info
about your IDE-drives.
14995 IDEINF13.ZIP 68976 15.10.1996 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Tries to tell all about all IDE drives,
including ATA-4 stuff. Searches for primary
and 7 secondary addresses for IDE adapters.
Version 1.3 adds ATAPI detection. Now
includes also DRVSPEED 1.1 Hard disk speed
test. Source code for BC++ 3.1 included. (c)
Raimo Koski. Date 04/09/96
13982 IFP1P158.ZIP 114154 11.11.1994 - - -
INFOPLUS 1.58 alpha, system information
Display 21 pages of information about
different aspects of your computer. This
9/17/93 version is the last.
14997 IRQINFO.ZIP 53074 06.12.1995 - - -
irqinfo v1.5: Accurate IRQ system snooper.
Uses most devices to force irqs for accurate
detection. Tests for drives, networks, sound
cards, Com ports, printers, modems, scanners,
SCSI...everything that uses an IRQ. 
irqinfo is simple to use & presents an easy
to read chart showing how each IRQ is used in
the computer. irqinfo PRO includes additional
tests & a TSR module to detect more devices.
14998 JOYTST10.ZIP 24,1 kt 22.04.1997 - - -
Joystick Diagnostic Test v1.0 Shareware Version. This program will perform a diagnostic test on your joystick to test buttons, and the stick itself. It sends constant information on  your joystick to the screen. Requirements are Ms-Dos 3.3 or higher, 512K of memory, and 1mb of disk space.
14999 MIPS13.ZIP 15720 02.05.1996 - MBCD -
MIPS v1.3 laskee, mikä on koneen prosessori-
teho MIPSeinä (MIPS=Millions of Instructions
Per Second, miljoonaa käskyä sekunnissa)
15000 MIPS31A.ZIP 21 kt 27.03.1997 - MBCD -
Mips3 v3.1 Rev. ANEW VERSION of popular Mips3 processor test That test measures CPU mips and floating point performance. Send your results to e-mail address: jakap@wmdata.com.
15001 MODEMD60.ZIP 155192 26.03.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Modem Doctor 6.0S,modem/uart diagnostics The
premier modem/uart system utility. Ver 6
tests ports, IRQ's, & modem self- connect
tests, handshake tests & more than 60 others.
Support for IRQ 2-15, Digiboards, Burst tests
measure thruput and handshaking, ID's all
active IRQ's motherboard type and much more!
15002 MSD301.ZIP 163521 23.01.1996 - - -
Microsoft MSD 3.01
Auto detect sound card!
Modem bug fixed!
Memmory error fixed!
CD-ROM Update for NEC!
15003 P5BUG10.ZIP 16987 26.03.1995 - - -
P5BUG will test for the Pentium Floating
Point Unit "flaw" using Tim Coe's parameters.
Source code is included as well as a message
from the internet with some background
15004 P87TEST.ZIP 2069 27.02.1995 - - -
Testaa Pentium-prosessorin viallisuuden
14050 PCBENCH9.ZIP 1908577 22.12.1994 - - -
Ziff-Davis PC Bench (tm) version 9.0
15005 PCIDIA.ZIP 16032 13.01.1996 - - -
PCI BIOS Diagnostic v1.00
15006 PCTEST2.ZIP 9762 02.05.1996 - MBCD -
Petteri Järvisen PC Test 2 mittaa prosessorin
nopeuden ja suhteuttaa sen perus-PC:n tehoon.
15007 PENTBUGI.ZIP 22,1 kt 09.11.1997 - - -
Tämä pieni ohjelma tarkistaa, onko Intel Pentium-prosessorissa BUGIa. ...100% freewarea...  (C) OSSI J
15008 PMIPS.ZIP 31837 27.04.1995 - - -
Processor Mips version 1.00 by Chips and
Technologies Inc. Tutkii prosessorin
15009 POSTCODE.ZIP 15988 01.03.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
BIOS POST Diagnostic Codes for: - AMIBIOS
Plus and HiFlex - Award Modular BIOS -
Phoenix BIOS - IBM-AT BIOS - Mylex
Corporation 386 BIOS - Microid Research
15010 PRCTST1D.ZIP 2882 06.12.1995 - - -
This small tester tests whether your Pentium
has the FDIV bug and also reports some other
15011 PROBDESC.ZIP 189579 27.02.1995 - - -
Testaa onko 486-koneessasi bugi.
15012 PV12.ZIP 141298 15.08.1995 - - -
PROVIEW (tm) Integrated System Analyzer and
Viewer. Version 1.2 PROVIEW is a menu driven
program used to analyze, view and edit the
basic components of a system, including the
system memory, system interrupts, device
drivers, and installed disk drive sectors and
file contents.  PROVIEW will allow you to
view system el ements in HEX, ASCII or
disassembled code format.  Full searching and
editing functions are included.
15013 QBENCH.ZIP 165580 13.01.1996 - - -
QBENCH - Quantum Data Access Time Benchmark
Version 1.30. Measures HD transfer rate.
15014 SMPT_1.ZIP 119302 11.03.1995 - - -
SimpTerm v1.00: Test/debug up to 4 serial
devices at a time.  Terminal Emulation
Program that supports any Address/IRQ/Baud
setting, 16550AF UART's with FIFO Trigger
Control, RS-232 & RS-485 communications, and
much more! Shareware -- $50.00 U.S.
15015 SNOOP343.ZIP 173342 23.02.1996 - - -
SNOOPER v3.43 released 12Sep95  - System
info utility.  Shows CPU/NDP, DOS, BIOS,
memory, CD-ROM, disks, video, env, kbd, sound
cards, ports, IDE model, CMOS, disk cache,
Stacker, FILES & BUFFERS, IRQs, DMA, modems,
mice, port IRQs. Lets you edit CMOS, CONFIG,
AUTOEXEC.  Network and benchmark screens,
detects 1100 MCA cards, has Auto-Logging. New
version adds detections, bug fixes. Ideal for
tech support, HW inventory, & you!  Shareware
15016 SP1363.ZIP 706224 10.12.1995 - - -
Compaq PC Diagnostics/SETUP Version
P10.06 Rev E.  P/n 196328-409
Use with:Deskpro/M Family, Deskpro/i
Family, Deskpro XE Family, Deskpro XL
Family, Presario Family, ProLinea Family
Contura, Contura Aero, and Contura 400
Families LTE Lite, LTE Elite, and LTE
5000 Families, Portable 486/486c
15017 SPEED300.ZIP 97073 27.10.1995 - - -
Memory Speed & Video Speed  Version 3.00
Copyright (c) 1993,95 Dietmar Meschede  Tests
the speed of memory interfaces and graphics
cards. PB. PB.  Ermittelt die Geschwindigkeit
des Memory Interfaces und die Übertragungs-
geschwindigkeit zur Grafikkarte.
15018 SPEED600.ZIP 49753 01.03.1995 - - -
Landmark System Speed Test Version 6.00. The
industry standard MHz test for CPUs, NPUs and
video speed test,  and now with an infinite
MHz rating. It has been tested and found to
be extremely accurate. Release to the public
in a burst of happiness. No doubt about it!
15019 SRCTIMER.ZIP 25552 29.05.1996 - - -
Ajastinohjelma jolla voit mitata ohjelman
käyttöön kuluneen ajan.
15020 SST17.ZIP 26520 20.03.1995 - - -
Vga speed tester for 386+
15021 SYSCAN.ZIP 26634 24.03.1995 - - -
SySCAN v1.0 reqires DOS v3.0+ Released
on Night Owl CD-ROM  System
Information utility  gives info on the
CPU, FPU, LPT ports(1-3), serial ports,
video, DOS version, memory info, detects
CDROM, type of keyboard, date of BIOS, status
of CAPS, NUM, and SCROLL lock keys, and gives
info on system drives, local,
remote/network,SUBST drives, and floppy. *
Allows printing and saving to ASCII *  disk
file in registered version!!!!! *  ShareWare
15022 SYSCHK41.ZIP 116931 12.04.1995 - - -
SYSCHK v2.41  - System Info Checker.
System information utility provides complete
details on devices installed in your system.
Clean, easy to use menus show CPU, IRQs, BIOS
Bus Type, Mouse Info, Port Info, IDE and SCSI
disks, CD-ROM, TSR info, Network, Video, CMOS
Memory info, speed, Windows, and lots more.
Print out a full configuration report on your
system.  NEW!  Pentium info, SCSI ASPI info,
IDE info, more. This is a required utility!
15023 TESTJOY2.ZIP 29334 26.12.1995 - - -
TestJoy testaa joystickisi toimintaa sekä
suuntien, että tulitusnappien osalta.
15024 TESTPAC1.ZIP 754690 15.05.1995 - - -
Popular PC tests in one packet.
Memory wait states COMPT260.ZIP -
CPU/FPU/Video SST17.ZIP    - DOS video
WINBEN31.ZIP - Windows WINTACH.ZIP  - Windows
WSK320.ZIP   - Windows CPU/Video/Memory/Disk
15025 TM.ZIP 5390 15.08.1995 - - -
Test speed & do work in DOS. Näyttää joka
ohjelman käyttämän ajan.
15026 TSTCOM.EXE 59355 27.02.1995 - - -
TESTCOM v. 4.4 - Intelin modeemin
testausohjelma. Sisältää mm. pienen pääteoh-
15027 VBLITZ13.ZIP 184352 06.06.1996 - - -
VIDBlitz v1.30. This is a videocard timer
measuring raw DOS performance. By Zax.
15028 VGACC.ZIP 25224 02.05.1996 - MBCD -
VGA Convergence Checkillä arvioit Dosissa
näyttösi kuvanlaatua ja -muotoa.
15029 VGAMAZE4.ZIP 193123 15.12.1995 - - -
Ohjelma, jolla voit luoda heksa-sokkeloita
15030 VIDSPD40.ZIP 22888 19.03.1996 - - -
Vidspeed 4.0, näytönohjaimen nopeustesti
15031 VSAINF.ZIP 16805 14.10.1995 - - -
VESAINFO v1.0 VESA SVGA utility. Reports VESA
modes supported by your SVGA card. Freeware
($0) Rockland Software Productions.
15032 VSPEED13.ZIP 61,1 kt 22.04.1997 - - -
VSpeed v1.30The ultimate SVGA video card tester  using VESA SuperVGA BIOS extension  Tests nearly all SVGA modes + ModeX  8/16/32 bit transfer, Zoomrotation  VESA bankswith time, Pentium bug  Nice color test and more ...
15033 WDAT_IDE.EXE 100133 05.02.1996 - - -
Diagnostics for Western Digital IDE
hard disks v3.6. Western Digitalin
kiintolevyjen testausohjelma v3.6.
15034 WDIDE31.ZIP 114170 06.12.1995 - - -
This utility scans the media and remaps any
grown defects on a western digital drive. it
also provides performance data such as seek
times and data access times.