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ID Tiedosto Koko Pvm. Kommentit Alkuperä Tupla? Kuvaus
60939 ASA55D1.ZIP 303995 07.12.1994 - - -
AsEasyAs Spreadsheet Program (1/2)
Version 5.50 -- Disk 1 of 2
60940 ASA55D2.ZIP 108007 07.12.1994 - - -
AsEasyAs Spreadsheet Program (2/2)
Version 5.50 -- Disk 2 of 2
14898 LASKU10.ZIP 7,1 kt 30.09.1999 - - -
Lasku v1.0Unohtuiko matematiikan taidot kesäloman aikana? Ei hätää, Harmageddon Productionsin LASKU on ohjelma, joka tekee 14 yhteen-, vähennys-, kerto- tai jakolaskua pähkäiltäväksi. Vaatii ainakin 386:n.
14899 MATCAL13.ZIP 78,1 kt 14.05.1997 - - -
MatCalc v1.3Matrix Calculator. Performs matrix operations quickly and easily.  It has menu driven routines for finding inverses, determinants, matrix multiplication and addition and a number of other operations.  It allows the user to save matrices in either binary or text formats, making it easy to import/export to spreadsheet programs.  Free for educational use.
14901 SM332A.ZIP 400874 02.03.1996 - - -
SymbMath  by Dr Weiguang Huang - A powerful
symbolic calculator.  Solves mathematical and
algebraic problems and provides a complete
symbolic, numeric and graphical computing
environment with built in expert system,
program language, database and editor.
Rivals Mathematica.
14133 THINKR30.ZIP 152802 07.12.1994 - - -
The Thinker v3.0 is a simple to use
spreadsheet program that uses common
spreadsheet commands. It is great for PCs
with limited memory or hard disk space, or
for small spreadsheet application. Requires
128K RAM, any monitor and any printer may be
used. ASP Shareware from TexaSoft.
14903 XYMATH25.ZIP 125249 24.02.1996 - - -
XYmath v2.5b  for Scientists/Engineers
Fits data to virtually any y=f(x) equation.
Selects best equation from extensive list.
Will integrate, differentiate, root solve,
find min/max, interpolate, or extrapolate.
Fits equations with total or percent error.
Supports Import/Export to spreadsheets.