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5948 _UBBS300.ZIP 514904 07.01.1996 - - -
The original ULTIMATE BBS LIST!  New release,
with faster search routines and a new look.
Check this one out, it's not like any other.
Registered users get the updated national
database.  Just send us your database and it
is added to the national database, then you
download the new one.  Updated nightly!
60092 13_DMTRX.ZIP 80635 23.12.1995 - - -
This  program  allows you to set up your
Compatible with TRiBBS 1o.o  (or any BBS
using DOOR.SYS, and many, many more).
FEATURES INCLUDE: Create Ansi, place the
doors where you want to using  XPOS/YPOS
in the config file,  stack  doors within
5929 1BNK101.ZIP 87998 23.02.1996 - - -
1STBANK A TriBBS 10.x specific time bank.
Configurable for maximum amount of time that
can be stored, and max amount of time that
that can be deposited or withdrawn in any 1
day.  Also has definable limits by security
levels, reports to callers log unless
disabled, Multi-node aware, easily
configurable. Withdrawals not allowed when
events are pending. Includes sysop editor to
edit accounts when necessary. (minor update)
5930 1MM0801.ZIP 51813 06.06.1996 - - -
MultiMail Version .801 Alpha!
MultiMail! The first QWK/QWKE/BlueWave
Door for TriBBS! Features: On the Fly
Menu Creations, Editable Menus, PKZIP,
LHA, ARJ compression, Fixes USER.SPM
Files from Corruption. And Much More!
Test Drive version, fully functional.
Note: This version is for testing purposes
5931 2TF_V101.ZIP 291599 23.12.1995 - - -
The Forest ][ V1.01
First Public Release
Released Nov 13/95
5932 4SALE1.ZIP 15720 03.02.1996 - - -
4SALE.PPE - For PCBoard v15.22+ Let's a
caller place an ad in two formats. A 3 line
bulletin ad and a more detailed ad that is
viewed within the PPE. The Sysop can use the
BLT AD in bulletins or display files.
FREEWARE from BootSoft!
14204 ABOOT200.ZIP 24 kt 07.07.1997 - - tupla
AutoBoot on DOS TSR 2.00Se tarkkailee fossiilin aktiivisuutta ja prosessorin aktiivisuutta, jos purkkisi kaatuu AutoBoot boottaa koneen ja mahdollistaa purkin uudelleen käynnistä- misen autoexec.bat:in kautta.
5934 ADF_142.ZIP 33981 04.12.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
ADF v1.42 serial port FOSSIL driver
ADF is a serial port FOSSIL driver for high
speed modem users. Supports FIFO UARTs 16550,
16650 and 16750, 115200 bps, any port, any
IRQ, any FIFO trigger level, FOSSIL rev level
5 and multitasking environments (such as
Windows 3, Windows 95 and OS/2).
5935 ADOPT34.ZIP 97253 06.03.1996 - - -
From the Sunrise Door Collection.
Runs after any door program and prior to
returning to the BBS. Displays a formatted
screen promoting the ADOPT-A-DOOR concept or
you can replace with your own screen message!
Has the option to define which security
levels should bypass running the door! NOW
supports Multi-port cards using Fossil Driver
60491 AFIX420E.ZIP 471698 16.08.1994 - - -
ALLFIX is the most complete file
echo processor available. ALLFIX
offers such features as automatic
archive conversion, automaticly
updating alias files, 4-D point
addressing, XMS/EMS support,
complete AreaMgr support, Uplink
AreaMgr support, FileID.DIZ support,
built in TicPack support, new file
reports, support for RemoteAccess,
SuperBBS, QuickBBS, Maximus and
EzyCom, PCBoard, and much much more.
60492 AFIX432E.ZIP 699227 06.03.1996 - - -
ALLFIX v4.32 Evaluation Version. ALLFIX is
the most complete FileEcho utility available.
No other program offers the large number of
features that are part of the ALLFIX package.
Full support for RemoteAccess, SuperBBS,
QuickBBS, Ezycom, Maximus, ProBoard,
Renegade, Telegard, SpitFire, TriBBS, TAG,
SearchLight, SynchroNet, PCBoard, and any
conventional FILES.BBS style BBS. ALLFIX
supports the RA 2.5x and PCBoard file
14207 AFX_441.ZIP 856,6 kt 31.03.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
ALLFIX v4.41 fileecho utility  ALLFIX is the most complete FileEcho utility available. No other program offers the large number of features that are part of the ALLFIX package. Features:  * Full support for RemoteAccess, SuperBBS, QuickBBS, Ezycom, Maximus, ProBoard, Renegade, Telegard, SpitFire, TriBBS, TAG, SearchLight, SynchroNet, PCBoard, and any conventional FILES.BBS style BBS. ALLFIX supports the RA 2.5x and PCBoard file databases * Fully functional request
5937 ALLEXE21.ZIP 124115 06.06.1996 - - -
ALL2EXE v2.1a (allfiles-list to *.exe !)
Bugfix for All2Exe v2.0c!
Major update! Added several features!
This program is for Sysop's who want to
give their users a nice service, like a
selfexecuting allfiles-list. This program
compiles your allfiles-list into an *.EXE-
file. The *.EXE-file contains a viewer
to easily browse the allfiles-list with.
When you run this *.EXE-file you get a
14209 ALLFIL62.ZIP 40,9 kt 05.08.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
Allfiles v6.2 for Waffle v1.65 Scan a Waffle 1.65 dirs file and associated directory information files, creating a set of directory /info files and summary listings. Produce extra information on some special file types (gif, jpg, bin).
5939 ANCE10B2.ZIP 36545 23.02.1996 - - -
ANNOUNCE v10.0 (b2).  by Robert Meier.
TriBBS 10.0 compatible
A TriBBS utility that publicly announces
new and uploaded files in any mail
conference of your choice.  This version
posts announcements to the TriBBS
message base, and also has its own
configuration program similar to
TriToss/Pro which makes Announce very
easy to setup and use!  There are also
5940 ANTI140.ZIP 76930 07.01.1996 - - -
AntiAd v1.40 - The ultimate BBS ad detection
and removal utility. Uses 3 methods to detect
BBS ads: a conventional database algorithm
for static BBS ads, a keyword algorithm for
ads that are changed frequently and filename
detection for tiny BBS ads that are not
mathematically unique. AntiAd's keyword
algorithm can detect extensively modified BBS
ad files that fools other detection schemes!
Includes a native 32-bit OS/2 version!
5941 ARCON2_6.ZIP 45009 02.01.1996 - - -
ARCON.EXE V2.6 Automatic archive format
converter with the ability to add files to
the destination archive. Useful for Sysops
who want all the files on the BBS in the same
format and want to add BBS adverts to each
archive. Can also be used from RemoteAccess
RAMGR.EXE to convert files and add BBS
5942 AROM200.ZIP 53775 09.08.1996 - - -
Autorom v2.00 - CDROM Changer Door for
RemoteAccess 2.02. Allows BBSs to use more
CDROMs than they have CDROM drives!
61060 ATPLUS10.ZIP 59639 16.08.1994 - - -
ATPlus v1.0 - Send "AT" commands to your
modem from the DOS command line. Accepts
command line switches, or reads from its
configuration file.  Works with or w/out
a FOSSIL driver and supports COM1 - COM4
including non-standard ports. Output can
be redirected, or suppressed.  Shareware
from Alien Archives!. (09-18-93)
14214 AUCTION1.ZIP 97,3 kt 02.10.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
"Auction It! 1.0 Online Auction DoorMultinod Multinode. Bid while viewing items. Self Maintainance provides for hassle free functioning.BETAversion Multitasking Time Slice Give Back is featured this door.  ManyMany options for both the s and the buyer. "
14216 AUR134A.ZIP 184,1 kt 25.08.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
Aurora BBS-system v.1.34b Swedish version.
14215 AUR134AS.ZIP 122,9 kt 25.08.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
Aurora BBS-system v.1.34b sources in C.
14217 AUR134AZ.ZIP 183,4 kt 25.08.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
Aurora BBS-system v.1.34b English version.
5947 AUTODEL.ZIP 22852 04.12.1996 - - -
AutoDel for Allfix.  AutoDel will remove
fileareas that are no longer listed from your
Allfix setup. Includes DOS versions for
Allfix 4.3x and 4.4x.  By Dave Blagburn
14219 AVB103.ZIP 50,1 kt 22.08.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
AVB: The Auto-Verification Bulletin Board AVB is a program that runs as a door in your BBS, allowing your users to add BBSes to the list. AVB reads the list and calls to those BBSes on the list and puts only BBSes that are online to the list, keeping your BBS-list accurate.
14220 AVTDH1_0.ZIP 89214 02.01.1996 - - -
AVTDH V1.0 On-Line archive viewer for most
BBS types. Allow your users to look inside
archives while on line. RemoteAccess users
can even allow files to be extracted
14221 AVU_13.ZIP 155673 04.12.1996 - - -
Archive View 1.3 for Wildcat 4.1x. wcCode app
runs in place of viewcomp.bat and displays
.ZIP and .TXT files. Uses freeware Unzip
(included). Freeware. Compiled using wcCode
61238 BBBASICS.ZIP 12307 16.08.1994 - - tupla
BBS Basics, information for new BBS users!
Reprinted Courtesy Pasco BBS Magazine.
61240 BBBS_2.ZIP 516287 19.10.1995 - - tupla
Bbbs/2 V3.14.95 GT Executables. Complete BBS
Package With Full Fidonet, TCP/IP, Capi And
Long Filenames. Can Initiate Fidonet Mail
Over TCP/IP. Telnet, Rlogin And Finger. Can
Poll Nntp Servers. Also Requires Bbbs
gen.EXE, And HPFS Partition.
61241 BBBS_D.LZH 398598 11.10.1994 - - -
BBBS-boksiohjelmisto DOS-käyttöjärjestelmälle
61242 BBBS_GEN.LZH 285954 11.10.1994 - - -
BBBS-boksohjelmiston aputiedostoja
61239 BBBSHELP.1 126623 08.08.1994 - - -
BBBS-ohjelman ohjetekstit
14222 BBBSRD.ZIP 1,6 Mt 31.01.2000 - archives.thebbs.org eritupla
BBBS v4.00 MP for PC-DOS/Intel.Complete BBS package with WWW/InterNet/modem/ISDN/LAN based access modes. Everything you need to run a BBS! InterNet, telnet, WWW, FTP, POP3, HTTP, news, email, FidoNet, mailer, mail processor, TICK, AllFix, gateway, full screen editor, offline, Mg, multilingual, CD-ROM, VT320, ANSI, voice, multitask, charsets, accounts, Zmodem, HYDRA, multinode, Kermit, BZLink, FAX, IRC, and more This packet: PC-DOS/Intel, with RSA. http://www.bbbs.net
14223 BBCHAT10.ZIP 30,2 kt 03.10.1997 - - -
BlackBoard Chat/Page Door 1.0 Beta - a sysop page program with ANSI, sounds and logging features.
14224 BBPRO14.ZIP 40,2 kt 03.10.1997 - - -
BlackBoard Profile Door 1.0 - a profiler where users can enter information of themselves, such as looks and personality. This helps to get users to know other users in the BBS.
14225 BBROUL12.ZIP 69741 23.12.1995 - - -
BBS Roulette v1.2. Full screen ANSI Roulette
DOOR game for many BBS types from J & W
Software. NEW: support for FOSSIL ports > 8,
Windows and OS/2 time slices released, alias
support (DOOR.SYS only). Features include:
ANSI animation, Multi-node support, easy
setup and no maintenance.
14226 BBS2HTML.ZIP 46620 21.10.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
BBS2HTML v1.0p Conversion Utility Converts
FILES.BBS listings to HTML Put you file
collection on the WEB! Easy, automated,
Wildcat, TBBS or any system that supports
FILES.BBS file formats. Don't get left
14227 BBSADS20.ZIP 109373 06.10.1995 - - -
BBS-DOOR Version. BBS Advertisements is now
yours to put on your board. Configurable for
different callers to select the location in
which the caller is interested in. A great
program by FREMONT Software.
61249 BBSEXT19.ZIP 39353 16.08.1994 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
V.Buerg's BBS Sysop's Utility Bbsextra V1.9.
Determines And Lists Missing, Extra, And
Duplicate Downloadable Files by Comparing
Dirnn Lists to The Contents of Specified
Download Path. 9/01/91. V1.9 is Faster And
Supports Listings of up to 32,000
Downloadable Files.
14228 BBSFIND.ZIP 55,7 kt 06.08.1997 - - -
"BBS Search v2.0 off-line file search. This program is designed to easily and quicky search off-line for files located on most BBSs.  Although it was designed for a particular format of output used by many Wildcat BBSsit will work on almost any other BBS file-list or almost any type of ascii text file."
14229 BBSKIT.ZIP 59261 05.02.1996 - - tupla
BBSkit is   more than a BBS toolkit.  It has
the capability of writing complete door
programs, accessible to other, pre-written
software.  The only requirement is   that
your host BBS software  also uses a FOSSIL
driver.  BBSkit can still take care of all
the low-level work.
14230 BBSMENU.ZIP 25,6 kt 06.08.1997 - - -
"BBS Search v2.0 off-line file search. This program is designed to easily and quickly search off-line for files located on most BBSs. Although it was designed for a particular format of output used by many Wildcat BBSsit will work on almost any other BBS file-list or almost any type of ascii text file."
14231 BBSVP101.ZIP 49320 23.12.1995 - - -
BBS Video Poker v1.01 Nov. 1995
(Jacks-or-better). DOOR.SYS,
compatible. (Optional) Fossil
and multinode support. 1200 BPS
to 115,200 BPS. Non-standard com
port addrs and IRQs support.
14232 BDOS_260.ZIP 205248 31.12.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
BinkleyTerm Dos v2.60.
14233 BFSTAT27.ZIP 39347 23.02.1996 - - -
BFSTAT v2.7 for Spitfire v3.51
UPDATED CODE!  Supports unlimited CD-Rom
drives, 8 nodes and 10 baud rates! Makes
1 to 4 bulletins of your choice!  Simple
to use!  Sysop configurable colors when
registered! Runs as an event! Super FAST
pascal code!   A "MUST" for the SPITFIRE
Sysop!   Registration is QUICK and EASY!
14234 BIODOOR3.ZIP 80,8 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
"Biodoor v3.0 -- A door where callers can get to know each other. Profilesmail systemgraffiti wallslive chatvoting centerclassifiedsnewsletterprofanity filterflowersmarriagesand more!! Get this nowyour BBS wont be so boring again."
14235 BIOSCAN2.ZIP 95,1 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
BioScan Version 2.0 Online Biorythm Door Program. Features "Real Time" Bar Graph and Empirical Graph. Also Allows User to Download Emperical Graph File When Exiting Door.
14236 BLEED104.ZIP 45681 30.12.1995 - - -
The Bleeding Cave 1 - Version 0.4 -  Game or
C or BBS! The object of this game is to get
through the getting killed by any monsters.
ANSI.SYS is required ame and this game will
run on just about every BBS that has a modem
on COM1 or COM2.
14237 BNU202.ZIP 73894 06.10.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Bnu 2.02 fossiili com-ajuri dossille.
14238 BW310TG.ZIP 333058 30.12.1995 - - -
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/Telegard
Version 3.10 of the world's most popular and
easy to use offline mail door!  Features
include internal protocols, flexible message
packing options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (Telegard v3.0
or later required.)
14239 BW311MAX.ZIP 364165 02.01.1996 - - -
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/Maximus-DOS
Version 3.11 of the world's most popular and
easy to use offline mail door!  Features
include internal protocols, flexible message
packing options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (Maximus v2.00
or later required.)
14240 BW311QB.ZIP 320237 02.01.1996 - - -
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/QuickBBS
V3.11 of the world's most popular and easy to
use offline mail door!  Features include
internal protocols, flexible message packing
options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (QuickBBS v2.80
or later required.)
61753 BW311RA.ZIP 325678 02.01.1996 - - tupla
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/RemoteAccess
Version 3.11 of the world's most popular and
easy to use offline mail door!  Features
include internal protocols, flexible message
packing options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (RemoteAccess
v2.00 or later required.)
14241 BW320RA.ZIP 330640 04.03.1996 - - -
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/RemoteAccess
Version 3.20 of the world's most popular and
easy to use offline mail door!  Features
include internal protocols, flexible message
packing options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (RemoteAccess
v2.00-2.50 required.)
14242 BWRF062.ZIP 36,2 kt 10.01.2000 - - -
BWREPFIX, special 8086 version, 0.62 Beta A program to repair *.MSG reply packets that have been mangled by BlueWave Y2K bug. Designed to run after Bluewave has formed the MSG packet, before it is compressed into the REP packet. Can also be run on the BBS side, after decompression of REP packet.
14243 C1PG11.ZIP 89,1 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
"C-1 Password Generator v1.1 Let your BBS users create totaly random passwords on your BBS!  This door will  help your users create paswords 5-50 characters long using 26 letters and the numbers 0-9. Completely randomeasy door setup!  Supports most popular BBSs!Multi-user! Multi-Node! NON-standard IRQs! Fossil Drivers!"
14244 C7-GUARD.ZIP 20,8 kt 13.04.1997 - - -
"External Programs GUARD (exe) Very handy program to be used with the doors for example. (this will check if users name appears in the access fileby using door.sysif it doesntthis will cease the run and toss back to board. runs with any door.sys system(used on pcb) Released on the December Code Pack96 30.11.96 By Havoc / C7"
14245 CBK_612.ZIP 157182 02.01.1996 - - -
CallBack v6.12 FREEWare User Verification
system for MAXimus 3.00.  Supports Ansi and
RIP Graphics with Samples.  Mecca File, MEX
Read mail file included.   Optionally
maintains Questionnaire files.  Optional
process status Messages in both *.MSG and
SQUISH Formats for the user.  Included CBKDAT
auto Maintaince program.
14246 CHPST102.ZIP 79551 13.06.1996 - - -
ChargePost v1.02 Charge Message Poster UPDATE
- For use with WC-Charge v4.06+! ChargePost
is a utility for use with H. Allen Cravener's
WC-Charge Credit Card Door that will post the
receipts/charge info in a *.MSG/JAM/Squish
message base. NON-BBS specific! Allows you to
keep track of when charges are made!
14247 CLAN91B1.ZIP 325,6 kt 07.09.1997 - - -
The Clans v0.91b1 - *InterBBS* RPG Form a clan and wander from BBS to BBS doing battle with other clans and creatures!  The most unique and *addictive* new RPG/wargame to come out in a long time.
14248 CLASS2.ZIP 186,9 kt 02.10.1997 - discmaster.textfiles.com eritupla
"Advertise It! Version 2.0 InterBBS Classified Ads door. Creates HTML codeon the flyof Advertisements. Up to 33 SysOp defineable advertising Categories. Specialwindowslook and feel in ANSI mode. One lineBillboardAdvertising Local/Fidonet netmail to classified ads. InterBBS networkable."
14249 CON-004C.RAR 974855 08.10.1996 - - -
Concord Gamma-4 BBS ohjelma.
14250 CON-005C.RAR 438,1 kt 15.05.1997 - - -
Concord Gamma-5 General Files Concord on suomalainen monipuolinen purkkisofta, jossa on mm: - .MSG, JAM, (Multi)Hudson ja Squish   viestikannat - Tehokas skriptikieli - Sisäinen kokoruutuviestieditori - DORINFOn.DEF, DOOR.SYS, EXITINFO.BBS   ja EXITINFO.DAT tuettuna - Sisäinen chat, purkkilista, äänestys yms. Tarvitsee joko CONR005C.RAR, CONP005C.RAR tai CONO005C.RAR tiedoston toimiakseen.
13912 CONINS16.ZIP 29749 16.08.1994 - - -
CONINS v1.06
CONINS is a small command  line utility for
SYSOPS & BBS users alike to insert mulitple
FILE_ID.DIZ descrietion files into archives
using a BBS file listing or text file. It's
fast and simple to use. If you've got a lot
of ZIP archives and are  loosing the battle
describing  the archives then  this may  be
the answer for you.
NEW - configurable word wrap facility
- Even faster than before.
Concept Systems (c) 1993
Written here in SA by Paul Giraud.
14251 CONP004C.RAR 705,1 kt 13.03.1997 - - -
Concord 0.01 Gamma-4 Protected Mode tarvitset myös tiedoston CON-004C.RAR
14252 CONP005C.RAR 755,2 kt 15.05.1997 - - -
Concord Gamma-5 Protected Mode Tarvitset myös tiedoston CON-004C.RAR.
14253 CONR005C.RAR 653,7 kt 15.05.1997 - - -
Concord Gamma-5 Real Mode Tarvitset myös tiedoston CON-004C.RAR.
13915 CTSSPU11.ZIP 104980 16.08.1994 - - -
Fix comm problems. Detect multiple com ports
at one address, IRQ used, ports that can't
generate IRQs, and conflicts between com
ports, mice & modems. Supports non-standard
com ports. Reports port settings, writes to
log file. Set port parameters; reset any
port to default condition. DOS 2+,
PC/XT/AT/ISA, any display.  $20-$50
14254 CVS13RA.ZIP 113800 04.03.1996 - - -
Caller Validation System 1.3 Deluxe CBV for
RA 2.x. Checks duplicates, bad numbers, post
messages to the sysop/user. Customizable.
Status display and enhanced reporting tools.
Call collision detection and much more!
13916 CYBER30.ZIP 56042 05.06.1994 - - -
CyberSpace TranSporter v3.0 (4/94)
USER to BBS to BBS bridging door
CSP is a door that lets your users
call out to other BBSs that are LD
to them but LOCAL to you. Read the
doc to find out more about how CSP
works and how it can make you $$$$
14255 DBLST20.ZIP 40,3 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
 Digital BBSList v2.0 : ShareWare Digital BBSList v2.0 is a shareware BBSList door that easily installs on any WWIV BBS System! Uses CHAIN.TXT drop file format!  Features include: List full list or by Area Code only, Customizable menus,Scrollbar Matrix, Random ANSI Screens using PIPE codes Downloadable BBSList! Shareware: $10
14256 DC1_3.ZIP 55339 02.01.1996 - - -
DC.EXE V1.3 Would you like to be able to
create ANS/ASC screens showing who has
DROPPED CARRIER on your BBS? Would you like
to be able to automatically drop their SEC
level if they keep dropping carrier? Would
you like to ba able to set user flags when a
user drops carrier. Well now you can do this
and more. For RemoteAccess V2.xx BBS ONLY!
14257 DESIRE13.ZIP 1,2 Mt 01.07.1997 - scene.org -
The dESiRE Boardsystem Version 1.3  Fully configurable and easy-to-use System/X Compatible BBS Software  Original Ami-X/System-X design  By xROADs, April  18th, 1997
14258 DIZDOS.ZIP 3867 26.03.1996 - - -
Tällä ohjelmalla DIZ2PCB saadaan
toimimaan ilman 4DOS:ia.
Ei sis. DIZ2PCB ohjelmaa
14259 DIZPRO17.ZIP 110167 17.12.1995 - - -
DizIt PRO v1.7 - Description Importer
Sysops-Stop spending time uploading files
with local uploads, use DizIt Pro to automate
the process! Snoops through files quickly for
FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and imports them.
This is the most full featured program of
it's type. Includes file age limits, random
file import selection, duplicate file in
directory or PCB index files, virus scan, use
as upload verification and much more.
63025 DLOG103.ZIP 70752 23.02.1996 - - -
CEREBRUM Software's DLog
- Displays modem speed graph
upon logon
- Configurable via WWIV.INI
- Ability to create printout
suitable for GFILES
- Shareware (see docs)
- >FREE< to all WWIVLock
registered users!
14260 DLOG105.ZIP 70814 04.03.1996 - - -
CEREBRUM Software's DLog Displays modem speed
graph upon logon. Configurable via WWIV.INI.
Ability to create printout suitable for
14261 DMCM13.ZIP 172 kt 22.04.1997 - - -
Dark McMail v1.3 THAT tool for McMail v1.0g5 and above. Use it instead of a whole battery of utilities. Dark McMail combines the functions of most other tools PLUS does more.
14262 DOITAL10.ZIP 35299 23.02.1996 - - -
DOITALL ALL-IN-ONE utility for QuickBBS
sysops! Creates best user and birthday
bulletins, prunes long log files. Creates
allfiles lists and fully maintains and sorts
all your file listings. Requires NO CONFIG
FILES; uses QuickBBS's instead. Supports
GoldBase and CD-ROMs.
14263 DRPDOS22.ZIP 103949 13.02.1996 - - -
Drop 2 DOS Door Ver 2.2
(C) 1995 Steve Doss
BBS Door that simulates a dos "shell".
Many standard DOS functions are supported.
Also included are the commands PKUNZIP,
PKZIP, UPLOAD, and DOWNLOAD among others.
Does not allow the running of other programs
from within this door, but does provide full
support for the DOS functions. Multi-node
63198 DRWY222.ZIP 228310 16.08.1994 - - -
DOORWAY revision 2.22.  This program allows
both BBS's to add normal programs to BBS's
as DOORS, and provides a shareware
alternative to expensive commercial programs
for remote accessing of a home or office
computer. This version contains both a HOST
and COM program for full functionality
without any 3rd party software, yet is still
compatible with most other com programs. Has
printer redirection capability plus many
more features including a new configuration
file editor and capability.  Limited to 10
minutes until registered. Registration $30.
14264 DSDBNK11.ZIP 75,8 kt 19.09.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
DSD Time Bank is a BBS door that can be run from any number of popular IBM BBS programs.
14265 DSDNTE11.ZIP 26,5 kt 19.09.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
DSD Note to next use allows users to leave short messages that is saved as a text file that you may then display in your logon procedure or anywhere else in the BBS as you desire.
14266 DSDSTA10.ZIP 38,5 kt 19.09.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
DSD-Stat is a statistics generator for Remote Access v.1.1 / 2.0. DSD-Stat generates a selection of ASCII / ANSI text files that contain a list of top users in areas such as Numer of calls, uploads and downloads among other things.
14267 DSDVTE13.ZIP 46,4 kt 19.09.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
DSD-Vote is a Remote Access V.1.1 / 2.0 compatible user surveying BBS door that allows users to create questions for other users to anonymously vote on.
63270 DUTRIL21.ZIP 73995 05.06.1994 - - -
Dutriltc version 2.01 - The
Late March 1994 release of this
great utility which will MAKE
supports ALIASES, ANSI, ASCII, and RIP
Log dependent in order to keep the
Last ten callers info. This a MUST
Have Utility because it COMBINES
Three MOST used and MOST wanted into
ONE!!! Easy to use and for a low shareware
price. This file now displays Callers Date
On-Line, Baud Rate, and Node Number. It also
has a function to exclude people from the
Last Ten Callers Screens. Fixes a minor
bug with flagging Drop Carriers.
Written By Josh Temkin
at D.U. Software Co.
13921 EACHARGE.ZIP 217047 16.08.1994 - - -
Eagle Enterprise Charge door & Subscription s
Let us take care of all your subscriptions
and Shareware sales. Each user will be handle
one on one. We do this for security reasons.
If nothing else Please d/l the file and
check it out, read about us and what we are
doing... Unlike some that have come and gone
we are here to stay. Please feel free to
place this file for download on your BBS.
14268 ECNS11.ZIP 24116 23.02.1996 - - -
ECNS v1.1   SF v3.51
This utility will let a caller know that
Error Correction was not detected during
logon to your BBS. Some users just don't
realize the importance of this feature &
that it should always be enabled for BBS
13933 EZDIZIT3.ZIP 52215 09.11.1994 - scene.org -
A COLORFUL and EASY way to create
and automatically add a FILE_ID.DIZ
Description to ANY zip file!
Lists all Zip files in target directory
13934 EZROM120.ZIP 79426 16.08.1994 - - -
EZ-Rom 1.20, CD-ROM file download door.
For Wildcat or any DOOR.SYS BBS.
CDROM or magnetic drive, Multi-disk,
Multi-node, Batch download, File tagging,
Text search, Logs downloads,
Enforces daily limits. By Mike Robinson
14269 FABM_200.ZIP 100318 30.12.1995 - - -
File and Arcmail to Box Mover AKA FABM v2.00
Move file-attaches and arcmail from netmail
to fileboxes. Support passthru file echoes.
Kill old attaches and netmail after specified
14270 FBB111B.ZIP 287040 30.12.1995 - - -
Franchise Basketball v1.10 Online Basketball
League Simulator Door. Excellent door, you
guide you team through a pro basketball
season, as general manager and coach. Earn
money from ticket sales and other sources.
Trade, train, bench, release and many other
player options. Full playoffs for registered
users. Full support for non-standard PORTS
and Multiple Lines.
64057 FBROW091.ZIP 10122 03.01.1996 - - tupla
FileBrowser v0.9? - This is a filelister
for use with Maximus 3.00. It's a rather
simple full-screen files.bbs viewer.
It allows the user to browse a filelist
and tag files with the arrow keys.
This version includes download,upload
and change protocol from inside the
program as well as improved filelisting.
14271 FBROW113.ZIP 12345 30.06.1996 - - -
FileBrowser v1.1x Filelister for use with
Maximus 3.0+. It allows the user to browse a
filelist and tag files with the arrow keys.
This version includes download,upload and
change protocol from inside the program as
well as improved filelisting.
14272 FD212.ZIP 632922 30.03.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
FrontDoor 2.12/Shareware release archive.
FidoNet compatible E-Mail software. Includes
Mailer, Editor, Terminal, Nodelist Compiler,
and Full-Screen configuration utility.
14273 FDREQ118.ZIP 465476 23.12.1995 - - -
FDREQ v118, fast and smart ext. request
processor. Works with FrontDoor, InterMail,
McMail and any mailer, which supports SRIF
64070 FE0910.ZIP 276991 23.12.1995 - - tupla
Falcon's Eye (FE) v0.910 InterBBS Interactive
Wargame Brand new from the home of Barren
Realms Elite!
14274 FE145A.ARJ 615,7 kt 26.04.1997 - - -
FastEcho 1.45a Maintenance release. Fixes some bugs. Very fast FTN mail processor for Hudson- (aka QBBS), JAM-, Squish- and Fido/*.MSG-style message bases. Internal AreaFix, dupe cheking, full security, NetMail routing, full screen setup, area grouping, network and multitasking-support, auto area add function supporting all major BBS systems, great msgbase tool included, carbon-copy function.
14275 FF_200.ZIP 872368 19.03.1996 - - -
FastFile 2.00. FileTagger, FileDoor and
FileManager for RemoteAccess 2.0x-2.50.
Built around a "graphic" user interface.
NOW SUPPORTS: CD-ROM & Internet Request,
LightBar, ISDN,RA2.02 Tagfile, Password,
CD-ROM, DAT, Color Configuration,  GIF-,
MOD-View, DupeCheck, Freefile, Comments-
in filelists, Virus scan, Long filedesc,
File tagging, Fast AreaChange, TextView,
Locate, Archive View,  New Files Search,
14276 FINDER10.ZIP 149407 30.12.1995 - - -
Finder! Door v1.00 - Users search direc-
tories of your choice for text files.
Finder! will search inside the texts for
keywords and users may also specify the
date of the text files. Supports COM1-15,
DESQview aware, non-standard IRQ's,
fully SysOp configurable, supports most
BBS types, and even fossil drivers!
NMS Software Program.
14277 FIREWALL.ZIP 40,8 kt 26.04.1997 - - -
Firewall 1.00  Firewall is a UNIX style login door  that can easily be run right after a  Frontend (like Frontdoor/Intermail)  or even before a door to EFFECTIVELY  control who can gain access to the  program of your choice, be it a  door game, or another BBS! Firewall
14278 FLSBBS03.ZIP 30106 03.01.1996 - - -
This file contains files.bbs sort and
update programs useful for Maximus
14279 FMAIL10G.ZIP 341,1 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
F-Mail - tosseri JAM ja Hudson viestikannalle
14280 FNNR100.ZIP 92,7 kt 06.08.1997 - - -
"Fnnr v1.00 Fidonet news reader FNNR stands for Fidonet News Reader and is created because of two reasons: I became sick using FrontDoors FM and I needed something to program. It is a very expanded version of my Usenet  News Reader  (UNR)but  since I havent released that  program nobody will know what I mean with that."
14281 FONDIR55.ZIP 50,3 kt 28.08.1997 - - -
Fondir will convert a text list of BBS phone numbers, names and other information into a file, which can be used by your comm program. You may have to add control codes to the text list to show Fondir where the information is.
14282 FROG10.ZIP 164,8 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
Frog 1.0 - The new BBS multiline chat system. Easy to use, including "who is online", fully language configurable for doorinfo and door.sys systems. Fully functional shareware.
14283 FVOT321.ZIP 173464 06.10.1995 - - -
FastVote v3.21 -- Great Voting System for
any BBS System (QuickBBS, Opus, RA, PCBoard,
RBBS, WWIV, WildCat, and others). Includes
internal BBS support, full communications
routines, multi-node support, attractive ANSI
graphed results, and access-level security.
Allows users to create, edit and delete
booths, add choices, change votes, and much
14284 FVOTE08B.ZIP 23489 26.05.1996 - - -
The best poll door for PCBoard and other
BBSes which create DOOR.SYS. Supports up
to 999 polls and records up to 2000 (!!)
answers for each! No maintenance needed.
Poll results shown with color diagrams
and answers ordered by their popularity.
Shareware FIM20/US$10/DM20 NOT crippled!
14285 GEBAD110.ZIP 30787 23.12.1995 - - -
Automatically creates new JAM areas when they
arrive from your uplink. No configuration
needed; Requires GEcho v1.1x. Completely free
for use in non- commercial environments.
Pythagoras Software
14286 GEDIT210.ZIP 405997 07.10.1995 - - tupla
GEdit 2.10 - an excellent fullscreen message
editor. Works with most BBS softwares,
including RA and SBBS.
14287 GWAR258.ZIP 115394 18.09.1995 - - -
Global War Doorgame version 2.57 An
adaptation of the hit board game RISK. 3-6
players compete for world domination alone or
in teams. Works with any BBS system, any
number of nodes.  Uart, Fossil and Digiboard
support provided.  Multitasker aware.
Beautiful ANSI screens and mouse support. By
Joel Bergen, ProVision BBS 206-353-6966
Fidonet 1:343/65
14288 GWTRN2B7.ZIP 286586 30.11.1995 - - -
Global War Tourney 2.0 Beta 7 - this program
helps you keep Global War- tournaments in
your BBS.
14289 HBBSV108.ZIP 458157 17.02.1995 - - -
Supports "ansi"(HFORM)-, expert- and
pulldown menus. Comports 1-4, bps'es
up to 38400. Max 3000 messageareas!
Max 10000 fileareas! EMAIL support
through (HMAIL) tosser. Emulations:
puts and menus are all fully config-
urable. REG-FEE is 100FIM (≈20 USD),
50Fim for earlier Hectomowick-Crew's
14290 HCHAT300.ZIP 323533 03.01.1996 - - -
Hyperchat 3.00
14291 HIGH105.ZIP 118087 30.12.1995 - - -
HiGHLANDER v1.05 A new easy to use oneliner
program for most BBSes that support:
Includes: Sysop configurable screens, with
support for variable text positions, a top
writers feature, support for log files,
external chat utility and lots lots more!
14292 HISTORY2.ZIP 199,6 kt 26.04.1997 - - -
Major update. Includes 2 versions, one with @X codes for PCBOARD and another with ASCII and ANSI codes. This is my version of "This Day in History". There are others out there but try this one, I think you will like it better. It tells of events on this date, birthdays on this date, gives a daily witticism and reminds you to pay the mortgage. Data files eaisly edited to add your own information. You can run it as a PPE or as a stand alone. This program is totally
13977 HOLDN211.ZIP 44494 24.10.1994 - - -
HOLDON Version 2.11 is a variable delay
program for batch files. HOLDON has five
different ranges. Milliseconds, eighteenths
of a second, seconds, minutes and hours.
These delays are totally independent of the
CPU speed. Registration is only $6.00 SMSnet,
14293 IBANKV05.ZIP 114779 06.10.1995 - - -
IceBank v0.50
Deluxe Time/Kbyte Bank System
For RemoteAccess v2.0x
Some Features Include: Bank
Robbing, Bank Transfers, Time/
Kbyte Buying, Full Colour
Configuration, Daily Time/Kbyte
Interest Rates, Full Account
Management, Multiple User Limit
14294 ICE_QBBS.ZIP 29754 03.01.1996 - - -
Corrects compatibility errors with ICEEDIT
v1.50 and QuickBBS any version past 2.75,
without affecting ICEEDIT's configuration.
Formats the QuickBBS "MSG.INF" file into a
RemoteACCESS "MSGINF" file which ICEEDIT
needs to get the proper header fields.
14295 ICHATV43.ZIP 167531 18.03.1996 - - -
IceChat v4.30 Sysop-User Chat Utility For RA
v2.xx, PB v2.xx, Door.Sys and Dorinfo1.def
Compatibles. 10 completely configurable chat
modes available, Chat Macros, Emergency Page,
User Editor,Definable Chat ANSis,
Configurable Strings, VIP Detection, File
transfer support,HMB/JAM Support, External
DOS Utility Option, Online TextFile Viewing,
& much MORE!
14296 IEDITV17.ZIP 146493 14.07.1996 - - -
IceEdit v1.70 Fullscreen Message Editor For
RA/PB/TG/QBBS & compatibles * Features
include: Random/Scrolling Taglines, character
color config, Line-Centering, Textfile
exporting, Message Censoring, Macro Config,
Configurable Function Key Macros, Completely
Color Configurable User Interface,
Replacement Codes Color Control Strings,
efficient built-in Spell Checking Routines,
and much more!  Released: 05/11/96
14297 IMSTA150.ZIP 98767 03.01.1996 - - -
IMStat v1.50 (c) 1995 Holland. By Erik Groten
Steenwelle (2:283/412.1) Simply the best
logfile analyzer for InterMail. No
crippleware. Multiline menu driven
installation program, 15 different statistics
pages to select, Installation in Dutch or
English, announce by file, netmail echomail
or a combination of them (via a type 2+
packet). Shareware Maximus BBS tranfers
supported. registration fee only $10.00, etc.
14298 IMSTAT30.ZIP 98234 01.04.1996 - - -
InterMail Stats v3.00 imStats creates both
ANSI and ASCII text screens containing
InterMail's current day statistics. imStats
can also create an optional daily report.
This report is placed in the message base of
your choice. imStats supports most BBS types,
and supports the multiline version of
14299 INOTEV06.ZIP 86143 06.10.1995 - - -
IceNote v0.60
Note To All Users Door
For Use With RemoteAccess 2.0x
Some Features include: Message
Censoring, Completely Color
Configurable User Interface,
Message database, BBS Alias/
Defined User Alias Support,
Random/defined expressions
14300 INTROV10.ZIP 279517 14.12.1995 - - -
Future Shock Intro Maker v.1.0
A new type of door for your BBS!
This program allows your users to
make their own customized intros!
They can customize text which
appears over a flame effect at the
bottom. Works with DORINFOx.DEF,
14301 IQ1A25R2.ZIP 821 kt 31.03.1997 - - -
Iniquity BBS softa Ver1.00 alpha25 /r2 a25 release 2- improved blind uploads/file srch full docs!/sauce import new user voting!/recomp dizadd/local ul testing all known bugs fixed !! release: 11/22/95 Tämä on hyvä ja helppo purkki-softa. Sinuna imuttaisin tämän jos olet kiinnostunut purkin tekemisestä. (Toimii Dossissa ja Windowsissa)
14302 IZ_QSFIN.ZIP 30367 30.12.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
QWKScan v1.30 Swedish/Finnish Language Files
Complete  Swedish and Finnish Language Files
for QWKScan v1.30.  Courtesy  of the HAM-BOX
BBS in Finland.   Download  IZ_QS_13.ZIP for
the complete version of QWKScan v1.3 --  The
complete QWK mail system for PCBoard BBSs.#1
14303 JCQ_202A.ZIP 275857 05.07.1995 - - -
JCQWK V2.02a QWK Mail Door for RemoteAccess
2.02. Supports JAM and Hudson message
formats, RIP Graphics, Internet gateways,
short area names, dupe checking, tearline
checking, file requests. Multiple languages,
hotkeys, and all RA alike Alt-functions work,
even the Alt-E user editor! Very easy to
install and configure, real stable.
14304 JMG280O6.ZIP 201005 30.12.1995 - - -
JMail-G 2.80 Wide-Area Omega 6 EchoMail
Processor for the "GoldBase" Message Base
14305 JMH280O6.ZIP 200965 30.12.1995 - - -
JMail-H 2.80 Wide-Area Omega 6 EchoMail
Processor for the Classic Hudson Message Base
14306 JNEWS115.ZIP 17920 06.10.1995 - - -
JNews v1.15
Best bulletin maker ever made!
Very configurable!
For SBBS compatibles
14307 KCHAT_11.ZIP 71045 04.03.1996 - - -
Split screen chat door!
Runs on most BBSes. Ability
to page. 4 built in chat
emotions. Fun and easy to
14308 KILLUS15.ZIP 11125 23.12.1995 - - -
KillUser v1.5 (released 19 nov 1995)
This utility will set the DELETED-flag
in the RemoteAccess 2.x userbase. Users
can be marked for deletion based on
Days, Minimum-level, Maximum-level,
Times-called or on a flag-setting. This
is a must for every sysop with over 200
users, and why not? NEW added: Multiple
conditions in one run. It is at least
MAILWARE, made by GoSoft; Gert de Vente,
13997 KQWK105.ZIP 309360 16.08.1994 - MBCD -
KingQWK 1.05 - The latest release of
this new FAST, small QWK reader. It has
MANY features not found in other readers
including a unique interface to QWKMerge
allowing it to control precisely which
messages are merged into the ensuing QWK
packet.  Many new features in this
release!       Shareware by Mike King
14309 KSPFTP28.ZIP 104108 01.04.1996 - - -
KSP FTP v2.8 - A BBS Door Program.
Lets callers download files from
remote ftp sites!  Internal support
for X/Y/Zmodem eliminates need for
temporary disk space on BBS; external
protocols may be added with limits
on their use of BBS disk space for
intermediate file storage.  BBS must
be connected to the Internet. Works
with any BBS that supports DOOR.SYS.
14310 KSPMTS18.ZIP 110097 09.09.1995 - - -
KSP-Mail  (vers 1.8)  A Multi-Threaded Server
for  SMTP Mail and NNTP Usenet news. Replaces
UUCP,  its  monthly  fees,  and slow transfer
rates!  No  more unwanted newsgroups! Instant
mail  without  waiting  for scheduled events!
Works  with  any  BBS software that presently
uses  UUCP.   Requires a 24hr TCP/IP Internet
connection.  Shareware
14311 KSPMUX14.ZIP 20517 03.09.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
KSP DVMX v1.4 - A packet multiplexor that
allows the KSP network doors to run properly
under desqview. Provides greater performance
than PKTMUX/PKTDRV. Designed to work with KSP
products; may not work as a general-purpose
packet multiplexer. FREEWARE.
14312 KSPSLP33.ZIP 128828 14.02.1996 - - -
KSP SLIP v3.3 - A BBS Door Program.
Offer callers direct TCP/IP access to
the Internet via a serial SLIP link!
Allows them to run FTP, Telnet, Mosaic,
etc! BBS must be connected to Internet;
Callers need SLIP software; Replaces
KA9QDOOR and is simpler to install.
14313 KSPTEL49.ZIP 95908 23.12.1995 - - -
KSP Telnet v4.9 - A BBS Door Pgm.
Lets callers login through your
BBS to remote computers anywhere
in the world using the Internet!
Compatible with any BBS software
that can create a DOOR.SYS file.
14314 LABTST34.ZIP 439,1 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
*** Labtest 3.4 Beta ****  PUBLIC BETA - UPDATE FOR RA 2.5  Possibly the most complete upload processing system available!  Performs file conversion, scanning, date testing, duplicate checking, BBS advertisement search/removal and more!  Tosses incoming .TIC files to their destination directories, Online Help system gives detailed info on every configuration option.  New!  Supports RemoteAccess 2.5  Omega Software, Po Box 131, Imperial Beach, CA 91932-0131
14315 LASTCA15.ZIP 17182 10.12.1995 - - -
LASTCALL v1.5 - Freeware
A product of SluggSoft and Brian Still
A new Today's Callers Utility that is
completely configureable! This PPE is
for PCBoard 15.2x.
Graphics display is 100% Sysop configureable,
display your favorite ANSI graphics.
65668 LBTST25C.ZIP 98721 06.10.1995 - - -
Labtest v2.5; The Definitive Upload
Processor! Labtest will unarchive/scan/
convert your user's uploads and add a text
file as an archive comment.  Labtest will
also import FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions and GIF
file resolutions into the RA 2.00 database.
Many Sysop configurable options, including
custom messages to the uploader, set
flag/security levels. Now supports imbedded
archives! Exclusively for RemoteAccess 2.00
14316 LC_120.ZIP 421,7 kt 26.04.1997 - - -
LightChat Version 1.20. New version, crammed with   exciting new features! External chat program, external message  editor,  255  chat modes  (18  pre-defined),   multiple languages, SoundTracker support, SB/ GUS/Ensoniq   support,   intelligent auto-installation to RA or ProBoard. External program support, DOS shell, paging activity monitor, macro keys, Msg to SysOp facility, AutoExclude, editor-like chat  windows, SimuType greetings, word/command-macros, user
14317 LISA16.ZIP 163859 09.08.1996 - - -
CHAT WITH LISA! Virtual Sysop or BBS Hostess.
Lisa will chat with your callers about any
subject. Use as a Door or Sysop Page. Sysop
can select Lisa's name and set "rating" to G,
R, or X. Chats can be logged. VERSION 1.6 has
random Hot Chat scripts plus expanded
vocabulary. Supports most BBS's, multi-node,
com1-15. From chaos Online.
14318 LS1_2.ZIP 831222 23.02.1996 - - -
LightSpeed BBS Trial Edition v1.2
The ultimate BBS Software! Try it!
Support for up to 1,000 nodes!
The cheapest BBS software ever!
Futuristic features coming like:
256-Color graphics instead of ANSI!
This is the future of BBS Software!
14319 LUCONC07.ZIP 32798 01.04.1996 - - -
LUCONC - Concord's Lastuser v.07
a nice tiny Tool for  Concord-BBS
LUCONC create an ANSI Screen that
show the today's Caller what they
are doing  in  your System and a
Ansi  Screen  with  the  Last 10
Callers  at your System.
Nice to use as Welcome Screen
Not for Twits...
14320 LWBULL12.ZIP 48292 06.10.1995 - - -
LWBULL v1.2 - LlanoWare, Bulletin/News door
Shows users what news/bulletin files
have been updated since their last logon. Can
be used multiple times for showing any files.
Supports most RA 2.00 codes. Once
registered you can specify individual files
as MANDATORY reading!
*** For RemoteAccess 2.00 ONLY! ****
14321 MAX300R.ZIP 954080 16.02.1996 - - -
Maximus 3.0 - DOS executables. A flexible BBS
package incorporating RIP support, an
advanced extension language, hierarchical
message and file areas, a message tracking
system for handling technical support, and
14322 MBBS102.EXE 340001 13.04.1995 - - -
MBBS 1.0 shareware version
14323 MCALL11.ZIP 119384 30.12.1995 - - -
Multi-CALL 1.10 Callback Verify Door
Can upgrade caller security level in
Wildcat, PCBoard, Spitfire, Maximus,
ProBoard, RA, and TAG. Any language
or phone number style. Limit access
by long distance, phone number, calls
per day, time of day, security level.
14324 MEGAV2OI.ZIP 24343 06.10.1995 - - -
MegaVote v2.OO (re-written)
Nice  looking and very  practical
voting door. Easy to install, and use.
When adding questions you can put
"Something else, what?" option so
when user selects that, (s)he can
specify what else, by writing it.
14325 MEL_320.ZIP 476466 18.09.1995 - - -
MELEE version 3.20 Official Public Release!
This ansi door is the most in-depth
gladiatorial combat role- playing game
available for multi- player BBS use. Enter
the guild and build your skills, equipment,
stats, and knowledge toward the goal of be-
coming the top Warrior in the country!
Warriors can be imported and exported from
other BBS's and to the World MELEE
HeadQuarters for entrance in International
Tournaments. Supports multi-node play via
66230 MODSTA10.ZIP 16365 05.06.1994 - - -
MODEMSTA v1.0 - Modem status iconic
indicator for Windows using 3D
animated icon! A VERY useful utility
for all Windows communication.
14326 MSRCH11.ZIP 113,3 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
MULTISEARCH TEXT DOOR V1.1 Set  up security specific text files or ANSI graphics for viewing, searching, or downloading!  Multiple document categories, highlighted search results, Boolean search algorithm. Great for docs, logs, etc. Search across multiple files. Page forward, backward.  Detects carrier loss, has sysop chat mode, multinode support, color configuration, lots of other features. Supports many different drop file types.
14327 MSTOR101.ZIP 37487 01.04.1996 - - -
MSTORE is a log file archiver for most just a
Archives BBS logs based on the current date a
ZIP file.
Includes version for DOS, 32-bit OS/2 and Win
FREE if unmodified.
14328 MTOP769.ZIP 28659 06.10.1995 - - -
Makes top-1OO list of the most
active users on your bbs.
Possible to exclude 5 names from
list, and users with certain security.
Make colorful ansi file and not
so colorful ascii file.
Requires USERS.BBS userfile.
14329 MWJOIN15.ZIP 96108 01.04.1996 - - -
1.5 Conference Select-Door for RA 2.x
ANS/AVT, Files/Mails, Areas/Groups All-Areas
Mode; New File/Mail-Scan 1 or 2 Columns;
EmptyArea-Scanning Lightbar/Marking char;
Show PageNo New: AreaInfo, AreaSort,
IndexMode Updates '@' and '`' area-templates
ANSIs, colors, positions definable
14330 MYELL200.ZIP 85849 06.10.1995 koko⁴ ratsnest1.iso -
MOD Yell v2.00
Copyright (C) 1993-95 Ville Tikkaoja
External yelling program, which plays a .MOD
through SoundBlaster. Works with  SuperBBS,
RemoteAccess, DORINFOx.DEF  and  DOOR.SYS
compatible BBS softwares. Many features!
14331 NEFD233.ZIP 278851 14.07.1996 - - -
NEF 2.33 DOS/32 w Dos4GW extender.
Tic File Processor for file-attach
(Binkley-Style) systems.
Supports Squish and *.MSG message
base formats via the Squish MSGAPI.
- Integrated FileFix.
- Support for FileBone.Na files.
- Forwards requests for missing
areas to the FileBone uplink.
- Announcement of tossed and
14332 NEWCHAT.ZIP 229687 18.03.1996 - - -
NEW CHAT (c) 1996 - MultiSplit 3.54
New MultiNode Chat Room BBS Door with
up to 4 way split screen, with action
commands..  Allows people to chat at the
same time.  ANSI, RIP 1.54 and Rip 2.0
compatible. By Richard LeVasseur of
Galaxy Class BBS (207) 582-8392.
Hi teck Trek Look, Requires a Multitasker
14333 NEWORD11.ZIP 22916 03.01.1996 - - -
NewOrder V1.1, for Maximus & Maximus/2 CBCS
Renumbers your message boards with little
effort after modifying *.CTL files.
14334 NFC-200.ZIP 32,6 kt 13.04.1997 - - -
NFC NEWS FILE COMPILER ANSI/ASCII - (12/91) Creates ANSI/ASCII news files to your BBS. A lot of options.
14335 NFIND30.ZIP 18645 03.01.1996 - - -
NFiND V3.0 Fully functional .BTM that will
automatically detect new nodelists, and place
them in the appropriate directories for
updating. Creates backups, mulitasking aware,
& an easy setup! Compatible with InterMail,
FrontDoor, MainDoor, Platinum Xpress,
D'Bridge, and Portal of Power compilers
mailers! Supports ZIP ARJ ZOO PAK LHA ARC RAR
UC2 SQZ HAP PUT archives for DOS and/or OS/2!
Requires 4DOS or 4OS2.
14337 NM10_U1.ZIP 61284 01.04.1996 - - -
NodeManager 1.0.1 Update. Requires that you
have installed the full 1.0 version
(NM10RA.ZIP) - the fix mainly disables the
multitasking routines that cause some systems
to run extreamly slow.
14336 NM10RA.ZIP 156530 01.04.1996 - - -
NodeManager 1.0 - This program allows you to
control  your complete multi-line BBS from a
single machine. In addition, if you have the
IPX network protocol installed, you can view
and control any remote workstation as if you
were sitting infront of it.  Other functions
of NodeManager include node and system usage
reports and graphs,  sending users messages,
kicking users off,  running  events based on
time, semaphores and remote spooling. A must
14338 NODTRK20.ZIP 17101 18.03.1996 - - -
NodeTracker for RA will allow the sysop a
report of all node activity at a quick glance
and Allow Sending a Messsage to individual
Nodes c/w RA Color Codes. Can be run from the
Dos Prompt, shelled from RA,run in a Desqview
window OS/2 box,or Windows. Another Quality
Freeware from Martin Woods!
14339 NTMGR98.ZIP 79429 23.12.1995 - - -
NetMgr/beta; Copy, move, delete, change,
file, bounce, etc. netmail, based on the
message header. JAM, Squish, Hudson and
*.MSG formats supported. DOS version.
14340 NUMBER11.ZIP 128,4 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
"Online Numerology Door Version 1.1 Computes User Major Number and Gives an Analysis Analyzes User Destiny Number Analyzes User Birth Force Number Analyzes User Hearts Desire Number Analyzes User Personality Number Analyzes User Reality Number Analyzes User Physical Plane Number Analyzes User Emotional Plane Number Analyzes User Mental Plane Number Analyzes User Intuitive Plane Number Personal Number for the Current Year View Other Users Numerological Analysis"
14341 OLMS253P.ZIP 310552 12.02.1996 - - -
OLMS Offline Mail System v2.53/Pro
An amazing QWK/QWKE/BlueWave mail door
for RemoteAccess 2.x  Includes keyword
and filtering scans. Supports QWK nets
BW 2.2x reader setup,  duplicate check
taglines, sysop forced/blocked, retear
file requesting, selective bulletins etc.
14342 OLUTILS2.ZIP 36131 31.12.1995 - - -
Utilities for use with offline readers and
comm programs.  Includes Removing duplicates
from newfiles.dat, Adding messages to your
.rep file, on a regular basis (included
sample is used to have rosemail only scan for
newfiles once a day), Removing |nn characters
from conference names.  Getting robomail to
recognize attached files from rosemail.
Should work with other olmrs that can handle
attached files.  Generate script commands to
14343 ONELPR25.ZIP 30219 06.10.1995 - - -
Oneliner Professional v2.50
14344 OXV3WB2.ZIP 562030 17.12.1995 - - -
Iron Ox 3.00wb2 -- A New Universe!
A major new release of the Iron Ox
strategy door, now featuring full
support for interBBS league play!  This
door also features full RIP graphics
support (optional local graphics),
REAL-TIME multinode combat, beautiful
RIP art by RogueMoonRips, land
developments like forts and refineries,
and much more.  Don't miss this game!
14345 PAGE.ZIP 159,8 kt 07.09.1997 - - -
Page Brain Sysop Page Door. Set page hours, bell on/off times. Callers can leave a one line comment with reason for paging.
14346 PBS_V13.ZIP 182276 10.02.1996 - - -
PBstring v1.30 String remover - 1DGROUP saver
extrodinaire! FASTER, SAFER, and MORE
COMPLETE than any other string remover.
Handles C's escape codes and replacement
parameters properly.
14347 PCBDIR13.ZIP 15105 27.12.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
PCBDir v1.3
This is a DOS-based utility that will take
all the files in a directory and generate a
PCBoard compatible list for use on you BBS.
This will extract FILE_ID.DIZ files from
ARJ, LZH and ZIP archives for use as a
description. This update allows for putting
GIF and PCX size and color depth info in the
description field.
14348 PDMNU103.ZIP 12806 31.12.1995 - - -
PDMENU v1.03 Complete wcCode PULL-DOWN Menu
system Replace one or more of your existing
menus with state-of-the art pull-down menus!
Fully configurable by the sysop while online!
Makes changing menu commands from remote as
easy as it can get. Full security provided
via users menu level.
67196 PFED_100.ZIP 618537 25.11.1995 - - -
For: PCBoard, TriBBS, System-X,
Express Coded by Gene Layton 09/22/95 Move,
edit, delete, & sort files easily, full desc
editing, import FILES.BBS, DOS and archive
viewers, NUKE Files, SHRINK dirs, full upload
processing, (BOOMLAB) DUPE checker/ remover,
view logs, command line MASTER LIST &
14349 PFED_107.ZIP 573,6 kt 09.04.1997 - - -
PFED version 1.07.    COMPLETE BBS FILE AREA MANAGER  For: PCBoard, TriBBS, System-X, Express Coded by Gene Layton - 10/22/96 Move, edit, delete, & sort files easily, full desc editing, import FILES.BBS, DIZ Maker, DOS & archive viewers, NUKE Files, SHRINK dirs, full upload processing, DUPE checker/remover, view logs, command line MASTER LIST & DOWNLOAD COUNTER. INCLUDES BOOMLAB v.72 PCB UPLOAD PROCESSOR.
14350 PHAN203.ZIP 203488 23.12.1995 - - -
Make your way past the Skeletons to capture
the Key from the Phantom in the Cemetery.
Enter the Mausoleum and see if you can
survive the plunge through the Deep Abyss.
Find the Treasure or Rescue the Victim if
you can survive the Creatures that await
you in the Catacombs. Earn Bonus Quests!
Unzip in its own UNIQUE directory.
14351 PIKE20.ZIP 336617 10.12.1995 - nic.funet.fi -
Pike Place v2.00
Awesome new adventure/roll
playing door game!  This
game is designed to allow
SysOp's to customize the
entire look and feel of the
game.  The program text is
read from a text file that
is easily edited to change
colors, the actual text
14352 PLINE046.ZIP 47,7 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
-= Psych0Liner oneliner v.46 =- Full featured oneliner for everyone. Multinode, powerful language file, MCI codes, easy to use, freeware, and more. Released: 5/1/96.  MAJOR BUG FIXES.
14353 PQUOTE1B.ZIP 70196 31.12.1995 - - -
Professional Quote v1.0beta. Quotes random
tags to your users. Supports DOOR.SYS and non
std Com Ports and IRQ's. Reg is. Written by
Billy Sargent
14354 PTQWK105.RAR 295 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
QWK/OMEN/BlueWave etäluku doori SBBS purkki ohjelmistoon.
14085 QAZ_309.ZIP 53514 05.06.1994 - - -
QAZ v3.09c views the directories of all the
major archive formats, including many self-
SQZ TAR ZIP ZOO ZPK, with more types added!
Knows most archiver formats from the depths
of the cybernetic ether. The listing can be
customized in a variety of ways, or you can
search a disk for archives with specified
files. "No archiver too obscure...(almost)"
14355 QFP-117.ZIP 929426 05.05.1995 - scene.org -
Wide beta version 1.17b of QFront/PCB, a
full-featured FidoNet mailer for PCBoard. If
you are upgrading from QFront 1.16b, download
QFP-117P which is a patch for 1.16b and is
much smaller than this full release package.
This is a complete installation/upgrade
14356 QLCD153.ZIP 361,2 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
Quantum Leap CD-Rom Door v1.53, Powerfull Multi-Node CD-Rom Manager for DOS & OS/2, DOOR.SYS based, up to 999 CD-disks, Unlimited number of Dirs per CD, GLOBAL DOWNLOAD option, CD Self Recognition and config files Auto Updating support, User Statistic, Last 10 Callers, Help, Text Search, Page SysOp, Black List for every CD, DV-aware, with the CHECKSUM COMNTZIP, FBCONV & MAX2QL02 QLCD-utilities, Off Line Standard & Fast File Request Option, incl. powerfull Off-line file
14357 QREAD32.ZIP 156923 29.05.1995 - - -
QReader 3.2.  Powerful On-Line text reader
for publications (USA), tutorials, reports.
Scroll text with PgDn, PgUp, Home and End.
Scroll left & right for text over 80 chars.
Full featured Find & Repeat find facility
displays entire page around the found text.
Download capability.  Highly configurable.
DESQview, FOSSIL & non-standard com support.
14358 QUEST102.ZIP 53189 12.02.1996 - - -
QUEST102 The best QUESTION door ever made!
Has following options: Full configurable,
Rotating prompt, Make your own ansi, FULL
color configurability, Write InFo 2 RA
UserBase, FOR RA v2.xx
14359 QWK2PACK.ZIP 14153 01.04.1996 - - -
QWK2PACK.ZIP  3 Utility programs that
allow callers to have the system make
QWK mail bundles for them during your
normal mail run.  4.12 compiled WCX
and WCC source code is included.
14361 RA_250.ZIP 867474 09.08.1996 - - -
RemoteAccess 2.50 - BBS software.
14360 RA_250G1.ARJ 656,9 kt 09.04.1997 - - -
Remote Accessin päivitys versiosta 2.50 versioon 2.50gamma1. Toimii vain ja ainoastaan ennestään rekisteröidyllä versiolla
14363 RAC10.ZIP 113,1 kt 25.08.1997 - - -
RACHAT is a program to allow users to chat to each other on a Multi Line/Node Bulletin Board System. They can send messages to all who participate in the conference and also send private messages to people in chat or on the board.
14362 RAC100G.ZIP 47550 31.12.1995 - - -
RACaller v1.00  General Release
RACaller will list today's callers from
your RemoteAccess 2.0x lastcall file.
You can run RACaller from the command
prompt or set it up as a function key
from your mailer. Information included
inside, giving details on how to receive
the fully functional version that
14364 RACAL101.ZIP 109028 23.12.1995 - - -
RemoteAccess Ultra-Callers Listing v1
By RemoteAccess Ultra-Software.
Creates a listing of today's and yesterday's
callers to list on your BBS.  The header,
and all colors are SysOps configurable.
The user's names are listed in order and the
color of the name depends on their security
level which the SysOp also sets.  Very sharp!
14365 RAFT29.ZIP 196424 06.10.1995 - - -
The Remote Access Filearea Tools v2.9; Use
with Remote Access V2.xx, replaces RAMGR and
the file-area bit of RACONFIG totally, it
features an area-editor, add, delete, move,
change your file-areas, edit all parameters
from FILES.RA, manage all your files in your
file-areas, adopt, delete, edit, add, import,
export, move or copy files, imports DIZ-files
from WITHIN archives, view archives.
14366 RAGRW200.ZIP 141302 23.12.1995 - - -
RemoteAccess Ultra-Graffiti Wall v2.0
By RemoteAccess Ultra-Software.
A graffiti wall that will allow people to
anonymously write messages, but the user's
messages and the name of the user are
posted to a logfile.  This is a complete
re-write of v1.01 because the code was
lost to a hard drive crash.  If ANY
features are left out that you would like
14367 RALP100B.ZIP 22046 23.12.1995 - - -
RALPURGE v1.00beta (c) 1995
A RemoteAccess Log Purger.  Ever wanted
to clear down your RA log file but keep
the last x number of days. Now you can
plus its 100% FREEware. Another Boiled
Sweets Music production.
14368 RAME01.ZIP 232349 10.12.1995 - - -
you to view your RIP, ANSI, ASCII and AVATAR
screens. You can also COPY, RENAME, DELETE,
EDIT and CREATE new menus. Has built in
Online Help for your menu action selections.
Has built in graphics like THEDRAW. It has
every thing that RemoteAccess left out of
theirs. RAME was written by Randall Baker and
Zack Jones. Greentree Software.
14369 RANCE.ZIP 11849 20.08.1996 - - -
.  RaNCe Menu System v1.0  .  For Beginners
If You don't know how to make a menu in
PCBoard, download this.
Aloittelijoille. Jos et tiedä miten tehdä
menun PCBoardille, imuroi tämä
14370 RANEWS14.ZIP 34802 31.12.1995 - - -
RANEWS V1.40 Creates bulletins easily and
quickly using only a config file and some
macros. For RA,PB,SBBS Ezycom & Spitfire.
Other BBS's that use the same control
characters as the above can also use it. with
Background Clr and more styles. Now has a
more Macros, adjustable screen length and
Intro(REG Only). Fixes a few probs.
14371 RASND_10.ZIP 54069 31.12.1995 - - -
RASENDIT V1.01 Quick use file tagger and
download door for sending those special files
to a single user or a group of users. Uses
dsz.com to perform transfers, allows for a
quick logon, check for files and then logoff
or proceed to the BBS.  Ideal for use in your
TOP.MNU. Comes with the door program and the
config/file tagger program. Directly reads
the RA filebase. Renegade Software
14372 RAV10B.ZIP 36,6 kt 02.10.1997 - - -
"Random ANSI Viewer (RAV) v1.0b  Simple and Easy to use ANSI Display Door  Requires: DOS 5.0 or later  RAV is a Simple BBS Door which will randomly display an ANSI file whenever the user run the door. Its easy to setup and after youve set it up with your BBS Softwareit will do everything else for you. Best of Allits Totally FREE! Try it Now! (C) 1996-1997 Allen Cheng."
14373 RAV200.ZIP 111,5 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
Remote Archive Viewer 2.0 for Remote Access 2.0/2.5. Online Archive Viewer for ZIP2, ARJ2, LZH, RAR, UC2 SQZ, HYP, ZOO, ARC, PAK. Detecting arc by arc-id. Viewing SFX archives. Viewing imbedded archives. Handles even pwd archives. Extracting files for dl. Internal textviewer. Exeinfo with packinfo. Full language support. Usuable for RAMGR, too.
14374 READER.ZIP 97,8 kt 17.04.1997 - - -
Reader door text file viewer downloader. Callers can read, search, or download (zipped or non-zipped) text files.
14375 REANSI12.ZIP 24556 19.10.1995 - - -
REANSI converts files from ANS (ANSI + PC
Graphics), AVT (AVATAR 0+), ASC (RemoteAccess
color codes), and backspacing printer formats
into ANS, monochrome-ANS, plain ASCII, AVT,
and ASC. This program is free and comes with
full sources.
14092 REPORT11.ZIP 35551 05.06.1994 - - -
Sysop's USERS record Report Generator -
Generates reports of user record informa-
tion, showing users with matching password
phone numbers, CallerID info, etc. Helps
identify abusive users, multiple records,
etc. Directly supports CALLERID.PPE info.
By Al Segura    Source Available.
14376 RGI_0531.ZIP 348752 16.05.1995 - - -
14377 RNEWS30.ZIP 32,5 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
Realnews 3.0 - News generator with following features: great layout, extensive error checking, optional full text justification, fully customizable, invidual article delays, etc. (C) 1996 Creatuve Logic Software.
14378 ROAD6_16.ZIP 99,7 kt 09.04.1997 - - -
Road Work v6.16 Door Game. Newly Released Road Work door game for just about any BBS sytem out there. ANSI graphics game where you have to construct a road from the Western Town to the Eastern town within the days of the contract, trying to make a profit. The door feature auto roll-over of the scores on the 1st of the month, play back/ahead days. Fully configurable in registered version by the sysop.
14379 ROBOM131.ZIP 848327 08.11.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
ROBOMAIL QWK Reader ver. 1.31 -- (1 of 1)
Database oriented offline QWK mail reader
from Parsons Consulting.  Breaks new ground
with sophisticated database access to your
messages, internal editor, spell checker,
folders & modern interface. Extensive support
Internet E-Mail and Newsgroups.  OS/2 and
Windows aware. New version supports long
conference names!
14380 ROTTC23.ZIP 35569 23.02.1996 - - -
RoTT-CHaT v2.3
A super awesome chat program from Rottweiler
can config the
ansi's, high-ascii or normal lettering, log f
reen, random
page tunes, priority pages, secret user stat
ng, lots more!
for any DOOR.SYS bbs! Special features for RA
14381 SAPB113.ZIP 20,1 kt 07.08.1997 - ratsnest1.iso -
SAPB v.1.13 is a program that reads a BBS logfile (currently works at least for logfile generated by BBBS) and it then creates initially two bulletin files (for example BULL10 for ASCII and BULL10.GR for ANSI). The bulletin name is entered as a second command line parameter to SAPB. There are currently thirteen to fifteen (13-15 ) different things that are calculated.
14382 SBBS1173.ZIP 745962 06.05.1995 - - -
SuperBBS boksiohjelma
14383 SF351-1.ZIP 250071 29.12.1995 - - -
SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System v3.51
Disk 1 - System Disk
14384 SF351-2.ZIP 284398 29.12.1995 - - -
SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System v3.51
Disk 2 - Utililty/DOC Disk
68307 SFAME090.ZIP 209948 23.02.1996 - - -
SFAME v.90 SF Full Screen Message Editor
Supports 30000+ conferences, Aliases, QWK
Packets, Doors, File Attaches, Logon Scan,
Spell Checker, Address Books, SF @ Macros,
SFCALLER support.
14385 SFAME095.ZIP 211157 03.01.1996 - - -
SFAME v.95 SF Full Screen Message Editor
Supports 30000+ conferences, Aliases, QWK
Packets, Doors, File Attaches, Logon Scan,
Spell Checker, Address Books, SF @ Macros,
SFCALLER support.
14386 SFC111.ZIP 441295 31.12.1995 - - -
Ultimate head-to-head doorgame. Players
battle it out in head-to-head online battles
for absolute supreamacy of the Quadrant. 10
Star races, with 500+ warships and numerous
auxilaries. Star Force Fleet actions like
you've never seen before in a doorgame.
Battle using missiles,phasers,torpedoes.
Launch waves of fighters from carriers or
fight hand-to-hand boarding actions. Up to 4
14387 SINM10B1.ZIP 66810 01.04.1996 - - -
SinMail v1.0B1 Shareware - Internet/WWIV
Interface. The first REAL Internet/WWIV
interface to handle newsgroups and email.
SinMail is easy to setup and will work for
any WWIV BBS through a UUCP connection to an
internet service provider.
68448 SLICE10.ZIP 7790 05.06.1994 - - -
SLICE 1.0 File Trimming Utility
by Frank R. Neal
Slice will take any standard
ascii file and trim leading
or trailing lines from text.
I get it to get rid of pesky
ads and the such from our bbs.
From COLOSSUS ]II[ Systems BBS
14105 SPLIT6H.ZIP 29435 05.06.1994 - - -
SPLIT.EXE v 6.0h (c) 1985, 1994. Cuts large
files into small ones, then compares CRC to
original during rebuild. SHELL to DOS: format
chdir, etc. Adjusts output to fill floppy or
Split by: (1) Bytes, (2) Files, (3) Lines per
file, (4) Manually from mid-source. New: Exit
codes for batch errorlevel processing. Displa
improvements for LCD. FAST!
14388 SPLU6_17.ZIP 103,3 kt 09.04.1997 - - -
Super Plumber v6.17 Door Game. New Super Plumber door game for any BBS system. Any drop file. ANSI graphics game where you connect the pipes to try to keep the fluid flowing throughout the gridwork. Door features auto roll-over with the first caller after midnight on Saturday night. Registered version allows makeup days, creates bulletins, and is configurable by the sysop.
14389 SQUAD140.ZIP 204914 12.02.1996 - - -
COP SQUAD v1.40 - Like to play "Cops &
Robbers" ? This game gives you a chance to
test your knowledge of law and your use of
your own common sense. Your goal is to rise
from the rank of ROOKIE to become the CHIEF
OF POLICE! You will take promotional exams,
visit doughnut shops, conduct investigations
and fight your suspects. Basic registration
is $15.00 (Deluxe registration for $20.00
includes a Player Editor) and all future
14390 SS_32.ZIP 105291 26.12.1995 - - -
SuperSlots! v3.2. Slot machine game DOOR for
many BBS types from J & W Software. NEW:
updated ANSI graphics, support for FOSSIL
ports > 8, Windows and OS/2 time slices
released, alias support (DOOR.SYS only).
Features include: ANSI/RIP screens with sound
and animation, full Multi-Node support, easy
installation and no maintenance.
14391 SSN10.ZIP 64,3 kt 21.09.1997 - - -
This program can determine if a US. social security number is valid, and can determine the state where it was issued and the year when it was issued.
14392 STACK_32.ZIP 85329 26.12.1995 - - -
Stack'Em! v3.2. 'Tetris' type DOOR game for
many BBS types from J & W Software. New:
support for FOSSIL ports > 8, Windows and
OS/2 time slices released, alias support
(DOOR.SYS only). Features include:
ANSI/RIPScrip displays, Full Multi-Node
support, easy setup and no maintenance.
14393 STORY.ZIP 94,6 kt 18.08.1997 - - -
Make a story door. Callers can read and add to never ending multiple choice story adventures. Includes a story editor.
14394 STT20.ZIP 200,3 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
"Super Trek Trivia 2.0 Support multiple BBS types Support for non standard IRQs and COM Ports. Five different question topic databases. Shareware."
14395 SYEDT22A.ZIP 101298 31.12.1995 - - -
A fully functional demo of SyncEdit, the full
screen message editor designed for Synchronet
BBS. Features include full Block editing,
internal message quoting, file functions,
preview, on-line help, and use of most BBS
text attribute codes, spell checking, text
search, graphics, and sysop definable tag
lines (registered version only). This version
works ONLY with Synchronet v2.00 or greater!
14396 SYETG150.ZIP 351619 23.02.1996 - - -
SyncEdit/G v1.50 - Premium message editor!
SyncEdit/G is a full-screen message editor
designed to flawlessly integrate with many
different BBS software packages.  Features
include; spell check, block manipulation
functions, search/replace, integrated message
quoting system, user taglines, easy to use
menus, and much much more!
Released January 1996
14397 SYS_NOTE.ZIP 12546 26.12.1995 - - -
Sysop Note v1.0
This is The ULTIMATE Multi Sysop "COMMENT"
Program. Automatically adjusts ansi screen to
fit new or additional sysops up to 17.
Reg Fee is only $5.00.
14122 TALLY10.ZIP 10397 05.06.1994 - - -
TALLY 1.0 Event Counter Utility
by Frank R. Neal
TALLY will count just about
anything you wish to count.
How many times a program ran or
how many times an event occurred.
Very simple command line driven
program and best of all it is
From COLOSSUS ]II[ Systems BBS
14398 TCALL25.ZIP 24977 06.10.1995 - - -
Today Callers v2.5
Today Callers is a RemoteAccess
2.xx door the will show real good
Today Callers List, Very usefull,
14128 TDRAW463.ZIP 287759 07.09.1994 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
A text-oriented screen design tool.  Similar
is some regards to a graphics paint program.
Offers multiple page SPRITE editing,
powerful Ansi ANIMATION support, Ansi/Ascii
FONTS, pulldown menus, full mouse support &
online help.  Saves files for ANSI, ASCII,
BSAVE, OBJECT (C/Pascal/QuickBasic), and
source code in Asm Pascal and C formats.
Registr: $22-$25
14399 TFAM10.ZIP 153048 18.03.1996 - - -
TFAM v1.0 - The Tribbs CDRom Aware File Area
Manager. This is an enhanced File Manager
that automatically installs CDRom to the
TRIBBS Files base, Installs offline CD's,
reorders file area, deletes dupes, deletes
CD's but leaves files that are still present
on other Roms, as well as editing/deleting/
moving files within and between areas. Does
not clutter Hard disk with files on the CDs.
Shareware Rogers & Browning $20.00
14400 TGQUOT55.ZIP 320872 31.12.1995 - - -
TGQuote v5.5 - The most advanced quote file
generator available!  Makes a bulletin in
ANSI or ASCII.  Has internal layouts/styles,
or create a custom layout, or import a
background picture or layout.  Easy to
install, setup, and operate.  User can edit,
print, add quotes, and much more!  SysOp can
use in BBS so users can send a quote to the
next user.  $10/one-time registration.
14401 TGWAV110.ZIP 281914 07.01.1996 - - -
TGWAVE v1.10 - Blue Wave and QWK compatible
offline mail door for Telegard v3.0. Features
include: full support for the Blue Wave mail
system, keywords and filters, bundling comm-
ands and macros, user file requests, offline
configuration, server/robot feature, multiple
language support, vacation mail, full support
of Blue Wave v2.20's new features, seamless
Fido<->UUCP Internet e-mail gateway support.
Menus, text screens, and ALL language strings
69043 THD_12_0.ZIP 330319 17.12.1995 - - -
THD ProScan v12.0 [DOS] New features include
the ability to decompress compressed
executable files using UNP v4.11 as well as
the ability to add external (and internal)
archive definitions and external scanner
definitions. Includes THDTERM for processing
entire directories and THDPLUS for BBS
updates. Standard Upgrade Still Freeware.
14402 THD_12_3.EXE 327,6 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
THD ProScan v12.3 DOS - File Processor for almost any BBS. Version 12.3 is essentially a bugfix release to repair the problem with wildcard expansion from 12.2. Also fixes the RA GIFSPEC description problem. This is a full release including THDEXEARC for adding Scanner and Archive definitions as well as THDTERM for scanning entire directories.
14403 THRO6_20.ZIP 103,3 kt 04.04.1997 - - -
Throw Out v6.20 - Solitaire Card Door Game for almost any BBS sytem in use today. ANSI Game in which you have to Throw Out cards in a sequence. Rules are in the door. The door features weekly playing with the door resetting with the 1st caller on Sunday morning, keeping all-time high and lask weeks high scorers. Door is configurable by the sysop for number of games played per day and number of missed days allowed per day.
14404 TIDE101.ZIP 112,4 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
TIDE 1.01 - Ezycom Full Screen Editor Features fast & efficient ANSI/AVATAR0+ screen updates, full local sysop functions, timeslicing, multi-line support, powerful paragraph reformat routine, user can change message subject & privacy flag, taglines, sysop macros. Also RA/QBBS/SBBS compatible.
14406 TIM110.ZIP 380258 26.12.1995 - - -
TimEd 1.10; Fast msg editor supporting
Squish, JAM, *.MSG and Hudson bases; With
internal editor. DOS version.
14405 TIM110X.ZIP 386458 26.12.1995 - - -
TimEd 1.10; Fast msg editor supporting
Squish, JAM, *.MSG and Hudson bases; With
internal editor. DOS/386 version.
14407 TKREQ001.ZIP 47,8 kt 03.10.1997 - - -
TK-REQ V.001a - This is a simple FREEWARE BBS door for use with EZ-ROM and SF-ROM.  TK-REQ exists only to tell your users that the requests they have made have been filled. This free version is the initial release of TK-REQ.  Helps save hard-drive space! FREEWARE by Matthew Kirsch!
14408 TRIBBS10.ZIP 1097370 01.04.1996 - - -
TriBBS 10.0 - TriBBS is the most feature
packed, shareware BBS program on the market.
Features multinode support, RIPscrip
graphics, Zmodem, full-screen, editor,
extensive netmail support, extensive door
support, alias support, extensive CD-ROM
support, indexed file areas, and more. Try
TriBBS Today!
14409 TWT_SC11.ZIP 15,3 kt 04.05.1997 - - -
Split-Screen chatter v1.1
69513 UBBS208A.ZIP 258664 22.06.1996 - - tupla
UBBS: BBS-software version 2.08. Part 1/3.
69514 UBBS208B.ZIP 216753 22.06.1996 - - tupla
UBBS: BBS-software version 2.08. Part 2/3.
14411 UBBS301B.ZIP 800,4 kt 28.04.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
UltraBBS 3.01The Best BBS package on the market is shareware! Includes: Multi-node chat, the fastest filebase search (10x than anything else), built-in inter/fidonet netmail, native CDrom support (import a CD with 1 command), unlimited conferences, multi-door support, unbreakable message encryption. Geared towards easy remote maintenance.
14412 USBDOR54.ZIP 112050 29.05.1995 - - -
USBBSDoor 5.4.  USBBS Listing Door. Search by
Area Code, State, Text, Internet, BBS or New.
Automated monthly maintenance. Colorizes list
on the fly.  DESQview aware. Easy to install.
Downloadable off-line USBBS list searcher and
viewer that can be personalized with the BBS
name and telephone number (when registered).
Supports standard com ports, FOSSIL drivers,
non-standard com ports, networks and more.
NOW expands INTERNET listings during display.
14413 USRED12.ZIP 42,9 kt 18.08.1997 - - -
UserEd for BBBS v1.2 edit your BBBSUSR.DAT
14414 VARIQOT3.ZIP 46677 07.01.1996 - - -
VARIQOT.EXE V1.3 One/Two line quote screen
creator Would you like to be able to vary a
quote screen EVERY time a user logs on ?
VARIQOT.EXE will pick a quote from a SYSOP
defined list each time a user logs on.
Hundreds of one-liners included or just add
your own! For RemoteAccess V2.xx BBS ONLY!
14415 VBBS614.ZIP 762571 16.05.1995 - - -
4-channel version of VBBS has an integral
front end mailer and tosser. Completely
customizeable look and feel. Supports an
unlimited number of conferences and messages.
Compatible with FIDO, UUCP, WWIV, and local
type networks. DEMO VERSION. Registration:
$99. Virtual Technologies:   210-787-2443.
14416 VBD_301A.ZIP 452654 10.11.1996 koko² ratsnest1.iso -
VBoard is a new advanced Bulletin Board
System. This version is fod DOS 16bit -
v3.01/Rev A -
+ Built in msg editor with ANSI/VT100 support
+ Internal QWK, OMEN and BlueWave offlines.
+ VBasic! QBasic like programming language.
+ Lots of user configurable settiings.
+ Built in easy-to-use user editor.
+ 32 highly configurable user groups.
14417 VBLOG115.ZIP 24,1 kt 13.03.1997 koko¹ ratsnest1.iso -
Braindead Software: VBoard Logfile reader v1.15. Dramatically faster than the previous ones.
14418 VIDEO22.ZIP 132255 23.02.1996 - - -
Video Bandit v2.2 InterBBS Door Game. Video
poker style game. Pull the handle to bring up
your 5 cards then select the cards to Hold or
Discard and spin again. Payoff is based on
the "Hand" that comes up. VB has RIP and
Fossil detection. Accepts non-standard
addressing Will uses environmental variables
in Multi-Node operation. No expiration date
or Demo Key required.
14419 VOTE51.ZIP 106058 06.10.1995 - - -
14420 WALL36B1.ZIP 40437 06.10.1995 - - -
Graffiti Wall-door
14421 WCAT26A.ZIP 445278 15.12.1995 - - -
Wildcat, helppokäyttöinen ja hyvä
DOS-boksiohjelma, Osa 1/2.
14422 WCAT26B.ZIP 360679 16.12.1995 - - -
Wildcat, helppokäyttöinen ja hyvä
DOS-boksiohjelma, osa 2/2.
14423 WCTDDOOR.ZIP 36,1 kt 21.09.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
WCTDDOOR v.1.10 (Wildcat Test Drive Door Menu) Programmed by Arun Bhalla as Shareware. Allows doors to be run from Wildcat! TD, via the net mail door in the message menu. Great for all Wildcat! TD users!
14424 WDC15.ZIP 10530 23.02.1996 - - -
WDC v1.5
Who Dropped Carrier v1.5  for WC! BBS's.
Now you can track users that logged  off
the BBS abruptly (dropped Carrier).  WDC
creates Hello/Bulletin  screens  easily.
Multi-node / WC  '@'  codes  compatable,
command line  driven, easy to set up and
14425 WEBMAKE1.ZIP 278,1 kt 28.04.1997 - - -
WORLD WIDE WEB AUTO PAGE MAKER 1.6 01-17-96 This program runs as a door and allows your users to create their own web pages for use on any web site. The zip file includes two files, one is the BBS Door for the users, the other is the utility program for the Sysop.
14426 WG951203.ZIP 603063 31.12.1995 - - -
WaterGate 0.21 beta. Message processor
for Fidonet and UUCP. The best and
fastest package to connect your Fidonet
system to Internet e-mail and Usenet
news using UUCP. Supports the most
widely used message bases and mailers.
14427 X00_202.ZIP 174411 09.08.1996 - - -
X00 Release 2.02 rev. 8.0. This is the latest
release of Ray Gwinn's X00 Fossil Unit, it
will support also the latest standards from
Rockwell 28k8 (VFC) and is hereby the most
powerful fossil-driver in the world.
14428 XD1-1B.ZIP 40,5 kt 03.10.1997 - - -
Open ONE Door to 25 Others! Use Default Menus or Create Your Own! Security Validation. XtraDoor v1.1á
14429 XFL109.ZIP 76584 07.01.1996 - - -
XenoFileLister (XFL) v1.09w For RemoteAccess
replaces RemoteAccess' Default Scrolling File
Lister With an Easy To Use, Full-Screen,
Cursor Controlled Lister.
14430 ZFAST1.ZIP 8709 27.11.1995 koko³ ratsnest1.iso -
!Zorlim's Fastest Warez Route keeper! NOW NEW
software on your BBS you can create route
files, which tells how file has finally got
to the BBS. And where it evergoes, they know
that you got it before them!
14193 ZFILE12.ZIP 13022 09.10.1994 - - -
ZFILE muodostaa PCBoard ja
Intro -yhteensopivan tiedosto-
luettelon ja päivittää pakat-
tujen tiedostojen FILE_ID.DIZ-
kuvaukset luetteloon.
14194 ZIPCHAN1.ZIP 48243 05.06.1994 - - -
ZIPCHANGE will automatically change
the comment in any zip archive.
Completely configurable, it will
work on one directory, or up to
1000 directories - UNATTENDED!!
Written by: Chris Michaels