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20809 32PSDP.ZIP 2,9 Mt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
"DB-HTML Converter Pro 1.3 DB-HTML Converter Pro is a HTML database utility that creates Web pages from popular formats such as MS SQLFoxProMS ACCESSDB2InformixOracleSybaseand others. Its a must have for those of you who want to start a database-driven Web site. Shareware."
20810 40TTIME.ZIP 2,4 Mt 30.09.1999 - MBCD tupla
40tude Time40tude Time synchronizes your system clock through an Internet time server. It is a replacement for the standard Windows tray clock, enhancing it by showing the current time at locations around the world. Renders a breathtaking photo-realistic image of the current illumination on Earth that can be used as the desktop wallpaper and in the screensaver that comes with the program and gives you information about public holidays in countries around the world.
20811 A4PROXY.EXE 902,5 kt 28.01.2000 - - tupla
Anonymity 4 Proxy 1.52 Local proxy server agent, essential for anonymous Internet surfing. Provides you with excellent tools to locate, test and logon to public anonymous proxy servers. Advanced features include modification of any HTTP variables, monitoring client requests, stop lists for clients and remote hosts, and more.
20812 ATOMTM14.ZIP 104,6 kt 27.04.1997 - - tupla
AtomTime95 V1.4a Sleek and straightforward, AtomTime95 can keep the clock on your Windows 95 system right in step with the public-access atomic clock server of the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado. It can be used with any Winsock-compliant Internet link Dial-Up Networking or a LAN), and can be set to automatically update your time whenever you boot the PC or used with a scheduler. Req Modem Internet connection Win95
20813 ATPRO.EXE 775,7 kt 28.01.2000 - - tupla
Ativa ProInternet bandwidth monitor will help you maximize your online time and increase your net speed. Ativa contains a powerful multi-functional web monitor designed to accurately gather layer upon layer of valuable web information. 
20814 BABYLON.EXE 1,5 Mt 20.12.2000 - - eritupla
Babylon v3.1bHakee netistä selvityksen haluamillesi vieraille sanoille tai lyhenteille. Osaa myös muuntaa yksiköitä ja valuuttoja, kertoa lausumisohjeita ynnä muuta.
20815 BACKUPON.EXE 1,4 Mt 22.10.1999 - - tupla
"BackupOnline BackupOnline uses the internet to backup and retrieve software. Features an interface like that of Microsofts Outlook Express. Shareware."
20816 BCCPRO30.EXE 3,2 Mt 21.07.1998 - - tupla
Blaxxun CCPro 3.06 Client ohjelma
20817 BLKICE21.ZIP 2,8 Mt 10.11.2000 - - tupla
BlackICE Defender v2.1BlackICE Defender delivers bulletproof intrusion detection and personal firewall protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity, much like antivirus programs scan your hard disk looking for viruses. BlackICE will not slow down your PC or your Internet experience. BlackICE Defender is also easy to install, requires no knowledge of networking or the Internet, and begins to protect your system right out of the box. This is a 30-day trial for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Registration costs $39.95. 
20818 BVIEW.EXE 544 kt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
BareView 1.2 (Demo)BareView allows the packaging of virtually any Internet file (movies, sound, Java, ActiveX , ActiveScript, JavaScript, Flash etc.) into a single ‘compacted’ executable. Users of this compressed file need no special tools or software to view the web site (or presentation) only a standard Web browser. Shareware.
20819 CITRIX.ZIP 205 kt 01.09.1997 - - tupla
With the WinFrame Web Client you can run Windows programs over the Internet and the intranet.
20820 CLEANUP.EXE 1010 kt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
Complete Cleanup 4.17 Complete Cleanup protects Internet privacy and frees up extra disk space by cleaning up a variety of Internet and non-Internet files on your computer. It displays file statistics and removes all Internet cookies, cache files, history files, and location URLs for Internet Explorer, Netscape, or AOL. 
20821 CYB99T.EXE 892,5 kt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
"CYBERsitter 99 Gives the parent or other concerned individual the ability to limit their childrens access to objectionable material on the Internet. Parents can choose to blockblock and alertor simply alert them when access is attempted to these areas. Shareware."
20823 ELF95402.ZIP 761,6 kt 05.08.1997 - - tupla
ELF x WINSOCK Advanced, programmable, fast and user-friendl laying MUDs.
20824 ERING.EXE 4,3 Mt 24.01.2000 - - tupla
eRing 3.3 Utility that allows you to talk on the phone while you are logged onto the Internet. Great for those without multiple phone lines.
20825 FC5604US.EXE 3,7 Mt 15.10.1999 - - tupla
FirstClass Intranet Client v5.604.FirstClass Client on graafinen yhteysohjelma windows/mac-pohjaiseen FirstClass Serveriin. Englanninkielinen. http://www.softarc.com 
20826 FNORD.ZIP 2,4 Mt 22.07.1997 - - tupla
Fnord Server v1.0.0.24 (Feb 10 1997).
20828 GENIUS.EXE 1,9 Mt 29.10.2000 - - tupla
"Genius 3.1Genius is a supreme collection of online and offline utilities. 
Its compact (residing in the system tray)easy to use and full 
of independent programs ranging from FTP/HTTP to Ping/Port Guardian. 
It features: A Clipboard Menu-copy IPa hostname and a clear-and-view 
clipboard. An Internet Clients-Fingeras well as FTPHTTPPing
SMTPTelnetTimeTraceRoute and whois. An Internet Tools-FTP 
Search and IP scanneras well as NewsNS LookupPop Cleaner
Port InfoSite CheckerSubnet CalculatorWeatherConnectivity 
and mail. A PIM-address bookclocknotespasswordsreminders 
and a to-do list. Services-Stay AlivePort Guardian and e-mail
checking. A Utilities-CalculatorTemp Directory and Document 
CleanerConversionsDirectory ComparisonFile Shredder
GREPHTML to TXTPassword GeneratorSystem Information
and Encoding/Decoding files. Shareware.