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20749 3DFTP40.ZIP 1,4 Mt 04.04.2001 - - -
3D-FTP v4.03D-FTP is extremely fast FTP client with Multi-threaded transfer engine providing up to 10x faster downloads and allows you to browse and change directories while transferring files. 3D-FTP features fully customizable skins, along with optional standard windows user interface. Other features include transfer queue, persistent downloads, HTTP transfers w/ resume, download scheduling, drag links from browser, transfer speed histograph, remote editing, clipboard monitoring and much more. Extend the 3D-FTP with API architecture and Plug-Ins (free SDK and source code available).
20750 AFTP130.EXE 846 kt 17.11.2000 - - -
AceFTP 1.30AceFTP is a file transfer tool that enables Internet users to transfer files from their systems to any Internet server. AceFTP includes the option to connect simultaneously to more than one server and has an integrated browser that allows you to see all your files. With the integrated viewer, you can view or listen to any file, including graphic images, HTML files, Java applets, ActiveX controls, or sound files, without leaving AceFTP. It also allows the handling of interrupted transfers and multitasking operations and offers a quick-disconnect option. AceFTP also has an option that keeps the contents of the last directories you accessed in your system\'s cache memory, allowing you to quickly navigate an FTP site. You can save and load Manager ListView columns. It also includes a new "transparent" firewall type. The new version adds many new options and fixes bugs in prior versions. Shareware.
20751 AFTPF101.EXE 708,3 kt 26.07.2000 - - -
AtomFTP 1.01Ilmainen ja suomenkielinen FTP-ohjelma. Selkeä käyttöliittymä, palvelinten tallennus, monipuolinen tiedostonhallinta ja paljon muita ominaisuuksia. Windows 95/98/NT. http://cc.joensuu.fi/~ankarttu/atomftp/
20752 BCPRO32.ZIP 995,3 kt 02.06.1998 - - -
"ByteCatcher Pro 3.2 Batch and schedule downloads from HTTP and FTP servers makes this an essential Internet tool. Feel at ease when downloading with Bytecatchers automatic resume of interupted downloads without the loss of any data. Also automatically shutting down your computer after downloads comes in handy late at night. The safe and reliable way to transfer files over the Internet. Windows 95. http://www.save-it.com/productpro.htm"
20753 BREFTP30.EXE 1,6 Mt 21.06.1999 - - -
BreezeFTP v3.0 BreezeFTP is an award winning Windows 95/98/NT file transfer protocol client for use by all users.
20754 CRYTP2K.EXE 897,4 kt 17.11.2000 - - -
Crystal FTP version 2000 build 87With Crystal FTP, you can communicate with almost any FTP server on the Internet. It allows you to send, receive, rename, and delete files and folders on a remote FTP site. You can simultaneously transfer more than 20 files while browsing around your present connection. It also allows you to manipulate entire folder structures with a single click of the mouse. The built-in task manager gives the user a full overview of all active FTP tasks, while the built-in buffer system minimizes the time used to list the FTP site folders. You can send files and folders directly from WinZip, your desktop, or from the File Explorer. The Crystal FTP site manager also supports folders-in-folders and dragging and dropping of sites, for added organizational convenience. Freeware.
20755 CUTE42.EXE 1,6 Mt 08.05.2001 - - -
CuteFTP v4.2CuteFTP on helppokäyttöinen ja tehokas FTP-ohjelma. Osaa mm. drag & dropin, imurointien jatkamisen keskeytyksen jälkeen, makrokielen, aikarajakatkaisun eston (jos et anna komentoja vähään aikaan esim. pidempää tiedostolistaa selatessa), yms. Shareware. http://www.cuteftp.com 
20756 CUTEPR10.EXE 2,3 Mt 08.05.2001 - - -
CuteFTP Pro 1.0Parannettu versio suositusta CuteFTP-ohjelmasta. Alkuperäisen CuteFTP:n toimintojen lisäksi tukee mm. SSL-salausta, SSH2-protokollaa, kansioiden synkronointia sekä ajastettuja FTP-siirtoja. Shareware. http://www.cuteftp.com
20757 ENVOY98C.EXE 1,9 Mt 27.07.1999 - - -
Voyager 98Voyager 98 is a full featured file management, FTP and archive client. Featuring a unique dual window interface, Voyager 98 allows you to move seamlessly between files, folders, and FTP sites using bookmarks, history and back/forward buttons just like your web browser. Also features a toolbox full of useful utilities and very extensive configuration settings. Shareware. Win95/98.
20758 FDMN41.EXE 1021,9 kt 01.01.2001 - - tupla
Fictional Daemon v4.1Fictional Daemon on ohjelma, jolla voit pitää FTP- ja telnet-palvelinta. Tukee tiedonsiirtoa, palvelimen buuttausta, ajastettuja tehtäviä, yms. http://www.fictional.net
20759 FREEFTP.ZIP 719,7 kt 24.01.2000 - - -
CoffeeCup Free FTP v1.0 Easy-to-use FTP client for file upload/download. Use an unlimited number of FTP accounts. Resume Broken Downloads. Transfer files in Binary, ASCII, or Auto-mode. Optional Auto-refresh on each file upload or download. Optional FTP Log transcription. Simple to understand program interface. Shareware. http://www.coffeecup.com
20760 FTCOM401.EXE 336,6 kt 01.01.2001 - - -
FTP Commander v4.01A simple freeware FTP client. Freeware. http://www.vista.ru/2inter.htm
20761 FTP2000.ZIP 707,1 kt 27.03.1997 - - -
"FTP 2000GraphicalExplorer-like download tool. Features dragndrop and a keep-alive pulse to prevent timeouts. Windows 95."
20762 FTPED18.EXE 1,2 Mt 24.07.2000 - - -
FTPEditor v1.8FTPEditor is an FTP client combined with a multi-document text editor that allows you to edit remote files as if they were on your local hard drive. The latest version allows you to edit files directly on an FTP server. It also offers an enhanced interface, a multi-document editor, HTML Java syntax highlighting, a Site Manager to store FTP accounts and much more. Freeware. http://www.ftpeditor.com
20764 FTPVO72.EXE 2,4 Mt 26.07.2000 - - -
FTP Voyager v7.2.0.0FTP Voyager is the most powerful FTP client program for Windows 9x/NT on the market. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, FTP Voyager lets you update a Web site with a single click, transfer files directly between FTP servers, and resume interrupted downloads. A perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet. http://www.ftpvoyager.com
20765 FTPX1010.ZIP 661,6 kt 30.07.2000 koko¹ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
FTP Explorer v1.00.10The main objective of FTP Explorer is to provide an FTP client that looks and feels just like the Windows 95 Explorer interface. http://www.ftpx.com
20766 FWFTP2.ZIP 244,2 kt 22.07.1997 koko¹ ratsnest1.iso -
Freeway FTP 2.0
20767 G6FTP2B7.EXE 1,1 Mt 30.07.2000 - - -
G6 FTP Server v2.0 beta 7G6 FTP Server is an easy-to-use and multifeatured freeware program. This software allows users to set up client access, with the ability to specify ratio, directory access, and a maximum number of clients. Additional features include a log file, statistics, setup of a listen port, spy user, a list of connected users, ability to ban and eject users, display of total transfers, and display of each client transfer. (Win95) http://www.gene6.com
20768 G6FTPSRV.ZIP 915,5 kt 04.11.1998 - - -
G6 FTP ServerG6 FTP Server is an easy-to-use and multifeatured freeware program. This software allows users to set up client access, with the ability to specify ratio, directory access, and a maximum number of clients. Additional features include a log file, statistics, setup of a listen port, spy user, a list of connected users, ability to ban and eject users, display of total transfers, and display of each client transfer. (Win95)
60109 16771318.ZIP 1233067 20.12.1996 - - tupla
Matrox Millenium. Windows 95-ajurit. V3.18.
Osa 1/2.
60114 16772318.ZIP 887086 20.12.1996 - - tupla
Matrox Millenium. Windows 95-ajurit. V3.18.
Osa 2/2.
60231 4DTIME40.ZIP 156664 04.03.1996 - - tupla
4th Dimension time synchronization software
for Windows 95 (and Windows NT 4.0).
Synchronizes PC's time to within 50ms of
actual time using Internet SNTP or Time
protocol. Once installed, 4th Dimension is
"hands free." PC's time will be updated at
user specified intervals without user action.
60332 A32_99E.ZIP 1252505 24.11.1996 - - tupla
Welcome to the Forte Agent v.99e
Agent .99e is a pre-release version of
Forte's commercial newsreader, Agent.
Agent .99e includes all of the features
and functionality of Free Agent 1.0 plus
a multilingual spelling checker, basic
email functionality, folders, sorting,
address book, and kill/watch lists.
16240 ACTIVEX.EXE 5571971 15.09.1996 - - -
Microsoft ActiveX-kehitystyökalut.
61043 ATLG32M2.EXE 4962816 25.05.1996 - - -
Netscape Atlas Gold Preview 2. Light-version.
For Windows 95/NT.
61044 ATLG32S2.EXE 7530496 25.05.1996 - - -
Netscape Atlas Gold Preview version 2. For
Windows 95/NT.
61045 ATLS16S2.EXE 5566538 25.05.1996 - - -
Netscape Atlas Preview 2. 16-bit version.
61046 ATLS32M1.EXE 3621888 20.04.1996 - - -
Netscape Atlas-selaimen Beta-versio 1.
61047 ATLS32S1.EXE 6048768 20.04.1996 - - -
Netscape Atlas-selaimen Beta versio 1.
Sisältää mm. 3D-chatin. Täysi versio.
61048 ATLS32S2.EXE 6335488 25.05.1996 - - -
Netscape 3.0 Beta 2 for Windows 96/NT.
49504 ATOMTM.ZIP 88336 08.10.1996 - - -
AtomTime 95 Version 1.1a.
Tarkista oikea aika Internetin kautta.
61306 BECK110.ZIP 1097492 10.11.1996 - - tupla
Becky Internet Mail 1.10 for Windows 95
A multi-featured E-mail client specialized
for Windows 95. It handles multiple accounts,
has advanced text editing capabilities and
much more.
20876 BNA32.EXE 4531812 11.07.1996 - - -
Binary News Assistant V1.0. A very good
Internet-News reader. 32-bit version-
9083 CCM303.ZIP 828710 10.11.1996 - - -
A utility to help keep track of connect time
to various services.  Allows multiple
services, automatic start, and many other
features.  Perhaps the best feature is that
it is FreeWare!
61958 CF3214F7.ZIP 301197 23.02.1996 - - tupla
CuteFTP 1.4 ftp-client for Win95
61962 CFTP17.ZIP 712391 27.12.1996 - - tupla
CuteFTP v1.7 ftp client for Windows
Self-extracting archive/installer containing
both 16- and 32-bit versions of the program.
61964 CFTP1732.ZIP 489855 27.12.1996 - - tupla
CuteFTP v1.7 ftp client for Windows 95
Self-extracting archive/installer. This
32-bit version of CuteFTP will not work under
Windows 3.1.
51843 CL301W95.ZIP 231445 13.06.1996 - - -
##########  ClusterView v3.01  ############
You have hard time finding again HTML files
in your NetScape or Mosaic cache directory.
ClusterView will allow you to search them
for some specific item.
Here is the great file viewer you wanted!
Reads long documents fast, extensive search
support, keyboard commands compatible with
MORE and LESS (Unix utilities).
62187 CMED108.ZIP 403051 19.09.1996 - - -
CMed Version 1.08a
A text-based HTML editor, supporting HTML2.0,
HTML3.0 and
Netscape/Microsoft Extensions. CMed will only
work under Intel-based
Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 or later, and
Windows 95.
9084 COMTI111.ZIP 299351 08.10.1996 - - -
ComTimer v 1.11 for Windows 95
Näyttää Internetin käytetyn ajan ja
9085 CONFIN15.ZIP 99701 07.02.1996 - - -
Finger v0.15 Small console-based finger
client for Windows 95/NT. I often keep a few
command prompts running on my Windows 95 box
since I can type faster than I can
click-and-drag.  While pop up windows are
pretty and all, do you really need one to get
finger information about someone?
62336 CP10B302.EXE 3094008 02.06.1996 - MBCD tupla
Cybergate 1.0 Beta 3. VRML-browser. Contains
plugin for Netscape.
8907 CP11.EXE 5994748 15.09.1996 - MBCD tupla
Caligari Pioneer V1.1-VRML selain.
8908 CP2B2X.EXE 6169265 15.09.1996 - - -
CyberPassage V2.0 Beta 2. VRML-selain.
8511 CUSEEME.ZIP 371626 08.10.1996 - - -
Aito videoneuvottelu internetissΣ!
Vaatii video/tv kortin
9087 CWSOCK32.ZIP 51812 13.06.1996 - - -
connect-WSOCK32 V1.04 March 1996 for Win95
and WinNT. transfers a 16bit WINSOCK.DLL to
32bit address-space. Use 32bit Internet
Software with your 16bit Winsocks. Even works
with WINSOCK.DLL-Files of AOL, CompuServe,
GNN and T-Online.
8734 D4TIME41.ZIP 158153 13.06.1996 - - -
Dimension 4 time synchronization
software for Windows 95 (and Windows
NT 4.0). Synchronizes PC's time to
within 50ms of actual time using
Internet SNTP or Time protocol. Once
installed, Dimension 4 is "hands
free." PC's time will be updated at
user specified intervals without
user action.
9090 DIALUP95.ZIP 180454 30.06.1996 - - -
Scripting tools for Win95 Dial-Up.
63212 DSCRPT.EXE 77413 13.01.1996 - MBCD tupla
Windows 95 SLIP and scripting support
for use with Dial-up Networking
8838 DSM3.ZIP 224706 27.10.1996 - - -
Sendmail 1.2
Sendmail is a great utility for managing your
own internet e-mail lists in Windows 95 and
automating disbursal of e-mail messages.
63246 DTSM32.ZIP 313721 27.10.1996 - - tupla
DT Mail 09.09.96
DT Mail is a compact but complete e-mail
program for Windows 95. The program supports
MIME attachments,attachment viewing, Reply,
Forward & Redirect, message filtering, runs
Netscape/IExporer simply by clicking on an
URL embedded in a mail message, automatically
adds addresses to the address book. Multiple
copies on one PC for users with more than one
mail accounts. Easy access to the Windows
recorder for voice mail. Now has MS IExplorer
style button bars.
9095 DUCA9505.ZIP 102363 08.10.1996 - - -
The Dial-Up connection alarm for Win95 v0.5
Soittaa Wav- tai Midi-tiedoston kun yhteys
63310 DWHTML.ZIP 63350 13.10.1996 - - -
DerekWare HTML Author 2.0
HTML-sivujen teko-ohjelma.
63322 E101W32S.ZIP 209884 01.04.1996 - - tupla
e-Mail Notify 1.01 for Win32s
POP3 Mail Notifier, retrieves mail
headers from POP3 Server and
notifies the user of new mails.
With "Quick Delete" and "Quick View".
Ludovic Dubost - 5$ Shareware

63323 E111W95.ZIP 223393 23.02.1996 - - tupla
e-Mail Notify 1.11 for Windows 95
POP3 Mail Notifier, checks for mail
headers and notifies the user of new mails.
With "Quick Delete" and "Quick View"
and Dial-Up Networking control.
8841 EBDDY160.ZIP 513178 23.01.1996 - - -
Exchange buddy is a set of extensions for
Microsoft exchange, adding internet style
replies. Suppoers NT 3.51 and '95.
63582 ECD76W95.ZIP 247389 30.06.1996 - - tupla
ESS-Code 7.6 / 32-BIT Windows95/NT Version
ESS-Code converts binary data (pictures,
sound, applications) to plain-text for
transmission on networks that cannot
handle binary data.  Supports UUE, UUD,
file splitting/joining, filtering, and
a comprehensive batch language.  100%
There is an optional *WIZARD* interface.
8842 ECHECK21.ZIP 554244 27.10.1996 - MBCD -
E-Check 2.1
Software to check your POP3 E-Mail accounts
for new mail.
8910 EM20B4F.A01 3907607 15.09.1996 - - -
Emissary V2.0 Beta 4F. Osa 2/2.
8911 EM20B4F.ARJ 3999400 15.09.1996 - - -
Emissary V.2.0 Beta 4F.
Internet-apuohjelmisto, joka sisältää mm.
WWW-selaimen, E-Mailin yms. Osa 1/2.
63723 ENC20B1.EXE 323436 30.12.1995 - - tupla
RealAudio Encoder Beta Version 2.0b1 for
Windows 95 or NT (32-bit Windows)
20868 ENUPDATE.EXE 452160 08.10.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 päivitys.
Korjaa mm. turvallisuusbugeja.
Englanninkieliselle versiolle.
63883 EXCH_F12.ZIP 35599 30.06.1996 - - tupla
MS Exchange Auto Forwarding Extension, FW.
64004 FA32-11.ZIP 1008061 27.12.1996 - - tupla
Forte Free Agent v1.1 32-bit version for
Windows 95. Self-extracting installer. Free
Agent is a versatile, free newsreader for
Microsoft Windows.
8857 FAXFWD.ZIP 202003 12.02.1996 - - -
Allows a Win95 machine to serve as a
dedicated fax server. All incoming mail which
comes from a Win95 compatible fax with an
email address attached will be routed to the
intended recipient.
64134 FIMSIE30.EXE 5107784 15.09.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.
Suomenkielinen versio. Sisältää vain
64140 FING031B.ZIP 483540 21.08.1995 - - eritupla¹
The Fingerer/32 v0.3 BETA (wide) Intended OS:
Windows 95 and NT (will work with win32s)
Finger, Whois, Ph, DNS Lookup, Ping all in
one 32-bit application. Many features.
Professional interface.
64159 FIUPDATE.EXE 483912 08.10.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 päivitys.
Korjaa mm. Turvallisuusbugeja.
Suomenkieliselle versiolle.
64217 FMSIE30M.A01 2999400 08.10.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.
Suomenkielinen versio. Sisältää selaimen ja
kaikki laajennukset. Osa 2/4.
64218 FMSIE30M.A02 2999400 08.10.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.
Suomenkielinen versio. Sisältää selaimen ja
kaikki laajennukset. Osa 3/4.
64219 FMSIE30M.A03 668962 08.10.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.
Suomenkielinen versio. Sisältää selaimen ja
kaikki laajennukset. Osa 4/4.
64220 FMSIE30M.ARJ 2999477 08.10.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.
Suomenkielinen versio. Sisältää selaimen ja
kaikki laajennukset. Osa 1/4.
64273 FP11EVAL.A01 3828875 25.05.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Frontpage 1.1 Beta 3. WWW-selain.
Osa 2/2.
64274 FP11EVAL.ARJ 3999400 25.05.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Frontpage 1.1 Beta 3. WWW-selain.
Osa 1/2.
64275 FP97BETA.A01 2999400 17.11.1996 - - tupla
Frontpage 96. Beta version. Part 2/4.
64276 FP97BETA.A02 2999400 17.11.1996 - - tupla
Frontpage 97. Beta version. Part 3/4.
64277 FP97BETA.A03 1580586 17.11.1996 - - tupla
Frontpage 97. Beta version. Part 4/4.
64278 FP97BETA.ARJ 2999477 17.11.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Frontpage 97. beta version of this
excellent HTML-editor. Has lots of helpfull
features. Part 1/4.
8742 FPAR07B1.ZIP 178212 04.03.1996 - - -
fpArchie Ver. 0.7 beta1
An excellent Archie Client.
Allows you to search Archie Indexes
for specific files on the Internet.
For Win95
20763 FTPIC95.ZIP 137173 10.02.1996 - - -
Icon Connection v. 1.2 for Windows 95
49552 FTPX0020.ZIP 244525 19.09.1996 - - -
The main objective of FTP Explorer is to
provide an FTP client that looks and feels
just like the Windows 95 Explorer interface.
64355 G1630.EXE 3112104 15.09.1996 - - tupla
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Final Sisältää
pelkän selaimen. 16-bit versio.
64356 G1630P.EXE 5617537 15.09.1996 - - tupla
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Final. Sisältää
kaikki laajennukset. 16-bit versio.
64359 G3230.EXE 3667968 15.09.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Final. Sisältää
pelkän selaimen. 32-bit versio.
64360 G3230B4M.EXE 4272640 06.06.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Beta 4.
Minimum-versio. 32-bittinen.
64361 G3230B4S.EXE 6861824 02.06.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Beta 4.
32-bittinen versio.
64363 G3230P.EXE 5955072 15.09.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 Final. Sisältää
kaikki laajennukset. 32-bit versio.
64364 G32E202.EXE 3622400 26.05.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator Gold 2.02. Windows 95/NT.
64365 G32E20B1.EXE 3489792 04.02.1996 - - -
Netscape Gold 2.0 Beta 1 For Win95/Windows
64367 G32E30P7.EXE 5949440 31.08.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Beta 7.
64862 HOSTINFO.ZIP 22742 14.09.1995 koko³ Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Shows IP address information (host names and
numbers). Winsock.
64901 HS_SETUP.EXE 1005747 13.10.1996 - - -
HomeSite for Win 95 - Final Beta
Erittäin ketterä ja käytännöllinen HTML-
editori. Hallitsee HTML 3.0 koodiston.
Paljon ominaisuuksia. Freeware!
65012 IE20EULA.TXT 7142 08.12.1995 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 for Windows95
End-user License Agreement
65032 IKC052.A01 2999451 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Legends. Openbeta-client V0.52.
Osa 2/6. Windows 95-versio.
65033 IKC052.A02 2999458 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Legends. Openbeta-client V0.52.
Osa 3/6. Windows 95-versio.
65034 IKC052.A03 2999421 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Legends. Openbeta-client V0.52.
Osa 4/6. Windows 95-versio.
65035 IKC052.A04 2999477 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Legends. Openbeta-client V0.52.
Osa 5/6. Windows 95-versio.
65036 IKC052.A05 1316309 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Legends. Openbeta-client V0.52. Osa
6/6. Windows 95-versio.
65037 IKC052.ARJ 2999485 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Legends. Openbeta-client V0.52.
Osa 1/6. Windows-95 versio.
8393 INETQ&A.ZIP 6311 22.08.1994 - - -
A short Q&A on Microsoft and the internet.
8640 INP1_03D.EXE 5614777 15.09.1996 - - -
Harbinger Trustlinked INP. V1.0.
65223 IPHONE4.EXE 4032725 15.10.1996 - - -
Internet phone for Windows 95 Release 4.
65322 JAVAPAT.ZIP 287231 30.03.1996 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip tupla
Java Applet Security Manager patch for
Netscape Navigator 2.0 (Windows 95, Windows
NT, and Unix)
65323 JAVEL.ZIP 457022 27.10.1996 - - -
Javelin is a graphical tool for the
development of object oriented in JAVE code.
22266 KMN080.ZIP 127702 08.10.1995 - MBCD -
Kermit for Windows (32 Bit) Version 0.80a
provides full featured Windows Communications
including both Modem and TCP/IP (Telnet)
support and a full implementation of the
Kermit Protocol for MS Windows NT and MS
Windows95. Supports VT-102 Terminal
Emulation, Client/Server Operation, File
Attributes, Long Packets, and Wild Card File
Sends. Version 0.80 adds TCP/IP (Telnet),
color text attributes, and a scrollback
terminal buffer. Freeware.
8865 MAILALRT.ZIP 66999 29.05.1996 - MBCD -
Mail Alert for Windows 95 Taskbar
66002 MAXDEMO.EXE 5081440 13.08.1996 - - -
WebMAX. Sisältää monta hyödyllistä
apuohjelmaa Internetin käyttäjälle. Berkeley
8871 MCR95_E.ZIP 446883 30.03.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
MERCUR SMTP/POP3-Server 30 days test version
The server is running as a Systemservice and
can be installed easily and configured with
the assistance of Windows NT controlpanel.
66162 MIRC46T.EXE 614400 05.01.1997 - - tupla
mIRC 4.60  32bit
IRC -ohjelma Windows 95:lle
66300 MPLAYER_.EXE 6522613 15.09.1996 - - -
MPLAYER-client. Yhteysohjelma, jolla pääset
sisään yhteen maailman parhaista
pelipalvelimista. Windows 95.
66343 MSIE10.EXE 1097728 04.09.1995 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Jumpstart Kit 1.0 / Win95
Contains the Microsoft Internet Explorer
which is also available in the Plus! pack.
Downloaded from the Microsoft WWW server.
66344 MSIE20.EXE 1195008 26.05.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0.
Englanninkielinen versio. Windows 95.
66345 MSIE20B1.EXE 1152000 19.10.1995 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 Beta 1
66346 MSIE2FIN.EXE 1196032 26.05.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0.
Suomenkielinen versio. Windows 95.
66347 MSIE30.EXE 5415992 19.08.1996 - MBCD tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Final.
Sisältää vain pelkän selaimen. Windows 95.
66348 MSIE301.EXE 5585256 17.11.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01. Sisältää
pelkän selaimen.
66353 MSIE301R.EXE 6722632 17.11.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01. Sisältää
tärkeimmät laajennukset.
66354 MSIE30B2.EXE 4544512 13.08.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Beta 2.
Englanninkielinen versio.
66355 MSIE30M.A01 3999400 19.08.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Final. Kaikki
laajennukset. Osa 2/3. Windows 95.
66356 MSIE30M.A02 1280634 19.08.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Final. Kaikki
laajennukset. osa 3/3. Windows 95.
66357 MSIE30M.ARJ 3999460 19.08.1996 - - -
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Final.
Sisältää kaikki laajennukset. Osa 1/2.
Windows 95. Englanninkielinen.
66358 MSIE30R.EXE 6445120 19.08.1996 - - tupla
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 Final.
Sisältää tärkeimmät laajennukset. Windows 95.
66390 MTBETAR4.EXE 1012942 27.10.1996 - - -
Map This
is a program to create and edit World Wide
Web image maps. FREEWARE.
66462 N3230B5M.EXE 3765760 31.07.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Beta 5a - Minimum.
32-bittinen (Windows95:lle ja NT:lle).
66463 N3230B5S.EXE 6290432 31.07.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator 3.0 beta 5 standard
Windows 95 version
66464 N3230B7P.EXE 5959680 13.08.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Beta 7. 32-bittinen
versio. Standard-versio.
66465 N32E20.EXE 3269120 None - - -
Netscape Navigator 2.0 -32bit version
66466 N32E202.EXE 3281408 26.05.1996 - - tupla
Netscape Navigator 2.02. 32-bittinen versio.
66467 N32E30.EXE 3623936 31.08.1996 - - -
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Final. Sisältää pelkän
selaimen. 16-bittinen versio.
66469 N32E301P.EXE 5923328 05.01.1997 - - -
Netscape Navigator 3.01
32 bit Standard -versio
66470 N32E30P.EXE 5910528 31.08.1996 koko¹ ratsnest1.iso -
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Final. Sisältää
kaikki lisäohjelmat. 32-bittinen versio.
66471 N32E40B.EXE 5659299 05.01.1997 - - -
Netscape Communicator Preview release 1.
66514 NC32105.ZIP 764912 23.12.1995 - - -
Netscape Chat/32b 1.05
8650 NCLRZ32.ZIP 603408 19.08.1996 - - -
NetColorz32 v1.0 provides a quick method of
chosing and testing the colors you define in
your HTML web pages and displays their RGB
hexadecimal breakdown. It easily integrates
with your favorite HTML editor. NetColorz32
may also be used any other time you require
an RGB hexadecimal red-green-blue triplet to
specify colors. Color sliders and/or a
palette are used to chose your colors. You
can chose any font on your system to test
with. Installation utility included. Requires
8772 NETCLK95.ZIP 122455 23.02.1996 - - -
(v4.00) NetClock - Win Winsock/Timer/Net
Keeps track of your internet time and usage.
usage. NetClock is designed to be small,
easy to use, use as few resources as
possible and be internationally usable.
Shareware: US $15 via RegNet:
Author: David W. Yutzy, dyutzy@terminus.com
Internet Site:
66537 NETCON.ZIP 1402538 29.05.1996 - MBCD -
Net Connector v.1.0 Automates Windows 95
Dial-Up Networking.  Net Connector works
invisibly to run your communication program,
open the connection for you (will optionally
reconnect if the connection is lost), then
close the connection when you're done.  Does
NOT need to be running all the time.
66544 NETMON.ZIP 149149 11.10.1996 - MBCD -
NetMon  by Charles Turano & Rajeev Mohammed
66545 NETPOPU2.ZIP 324710 10.11.1996 - MBCD -
NetPopup 2.23
NetPopup is a realtime way to send messages
in Internet or TCP/IP-network. Messages are
sent directly, using multithreading, to other
computer(s)without an e-mail server. Since
most users has dynamic IP-address, NetPopup
has built-in feature, Seeker ,which allows
you easily to search other NetPopups from the
20881 NEWSHUNT.ZIP 25130 14.07.1996 - - -
News Hunter 1.00 (02/03/96)
Searches for open/public news servers by
reading header information from articles.
Also checks if certain newsgroups exist
in news servers. Usefull for searching
access to missing or censored newsgroups.
Requires Windows 95 and WinSock. Freeware.
9023 NSPVM110.ZIP 44125 14.07.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Netscape Provider Maintenance V 1.10
Copyright (c) 1996 by M. Wolf
If you try to use Netscape Navigator with
multiple Internet providers it is annoying to
manual adjust the settings according to the
provider currently used.
This tool lets you maintain all provider
settings and easily switch among them.
Netscape 2.0 or later (32bit) is required.
Language: Multi (German/English)
66661 NT32303.ZIP 550999 26.07.1996 - - -
NetTerm v3.0.3 - a Windows based terminal
emulator with fast zmodem file transfers. It
can also be used as a dialer program for
SLIP/PPP and includes a built in scripting
language. For Internet hosts, the telnet
protocol is enabled with VT100 and full ANSI
graphics. A ftp server is included.
8785 NTSNTP23.ZIP 164631 23.12.1995 - - -
WinSNTP Win95 implementation of the Simple
Network Time Protocol and runs as a Windows
application. SNTP is a subset of the Network
Time Protocol described in RFC-1305. NTP is a
set of algorithms and protocol that is
designed to keep a distributed set of
computer clocks synchronized to the correct
time with a very high degree of accuracy.
66674 NTV12032.EXE 3512340 23.09.1996 - - -
Nettrivia V1.20. Internetissä pelattavan
monen pelaajan tietovisailupelin
yhteysohjelma. Windows 95-versio.
66693 NX20B2.ZIP 205266 08.01.1997 - - -
News Express 2.0 beta2 is a Windows Sockets
complian USENET newsreader that uses the NNTP
to access newsgroups and articles on a news
8786 OFSPDB02.ZIP 42027 23.12.1995 - - -
OmniFSPd for Windows 95 v1.0b2 High
performance 32 bit FSP server designed
specifically for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
66743 OLTRV10.EXE 4579139 02.10.1996 - - -
Onlive Traveler V1.0 Final. Virtuaalimaailman
66744 OLTRV101.EXE 4481148 17.11.1996 - - -
Onlive Traveler. Client V1.01.
66830 ORAPB95.EXE 3128753 15.09.1996 - - -
Oracle PoweBrowser. WWW-selain. Windows
66867 OTHE32-1.ZIP 3999874 14.05.1996 - - -
Meridian 59: Other Realms-3D-MUDin
Alpha-yhteysohjelma Windows 95/NT:lle. V
0.63. Osa 1/2.
66868 OTHE32-2.ZIP 2515103 14.05.1996 - - -
Meridian 59: Other Realms-3D-MUDin
Alpha-yhteysohjelma Windows 95/NT:lle. V
0.63. Osa 2/2.
66869 OTHE95-1.ZIP 3499984 19.02.1996 - - -
Other Realms: Meridian 59-Graafisen MUD:n
Client-ohjelma. Windows 95-versio. Osa 1/2.
66870 OTHE95-2.ZIP 3014129 19.02.1996 - - -
Other Realms: Meridian 59-Graafisen MUD:in
Client-ohjelma. Windows 95-versio. Osa 2/2.
66884 OUTBOX10.ZIP 171425 27.10.1996 - - -
FTP OutBox version 1.0
Provides a speedy and hassle-free way to
upload your files to your favourite FTP hosts
67043 PANZER.EXE 2477451 15.09.1996 - - -
Panzer Generalin TEN-yhteysohjelma.
67103 PBLO110.EXE 4038493 11.07.1996 - - -
Pueblo Internet network game system. C1.10.
Windows 95-version.
67104 PBLO201.EXE 4162058 13.08.1996 - - -
Pueblo 2.01. Ohjelma, joka toimii mm.
Telnet-terminaalina. Windows 32-bit versio.
67248 PIRCH32.ZIP 693570 05.01.1997 - - -
PIRCH IRC client 0.85b for Windows 95/NT.
67336 POOW115C.EXE 2226544 15.09.1996 - - -
Kesmai Online Poker. Openbeta-client V1.15C.
67528 PUBPRO.ZIP 3224327 09.08.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip tupla
The Web Media Publisher, 32 Bit HTML Editor
for Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Copyright (C) 1996 Steve Jackson
67529 PUBPRO11.ZIP 3214407 15.09.1996 - - -
PUBPRO V1.1. HTML-editori.
67588 QLEXPL.ZIP 2174176 30.10.1996 - - -
QuikLink Explorer Version 2.051
With QLExplorer, you can organize your
favorite web sites in a most familiar
manner.The QLExplorer interface is design to
work just like the Explorer on  your Win95
machine or WinNT 4.0 machine. You can create
and nest folders, and within them store links
to your favorite sites. Just double click on
the site you wish to go to and QLExplorer
sends the necessary information to your web
67687 RA32_201.EXE 506412 03.09.1996 - - -
RealAudio Player, Version 2.01 (32-bit)
for Windows 95/NT
67801 RCPRSH32.ZIP 263738 21.10.1995 - Pegasus_Win95.iso -
Winsock RCP/RSH for Win32 are Win32/Winsock
versions of the RCP, RSH, and REXEC commands
found on Unix systems.  The will work under
Windows NT or Windows 95.  RCP copies files
over TCP/IP between the PC and a remote host
or between two remote hosts.  It can do
recursive copies and text file conversions on
the fly.  RSH allows you to execute commands
on a remote host and view or capture the
output to a file.  REXEC is similar to RSH,
but requires a password, which is validated
67806 RDUN61.ZIP 46604 16.08.1995 - - -
RoboDUN: V0.61 Dial-Up Networking Script for
Windows 95.
68052 RVLWW.ZIP 2610575 30.10.1996 - - -
ReVoL Web Worker, features
drag-and-drop editing between multiple
windows. Supports the HTML 3.0 additions and
the tag extensions of Netscape Navigator 2.0
and Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0.
68056 RWW31V13.ZIP 3763640 15.09.1996 - MBCD -
Revol Webworker V1.3. HTML-editori.
68057 RWWV12A.ZIP 2650478 13.08.1996 - - -
ReVol Web Worker V1.2 is a shareware HTML
editor for Windows 95. It includes HTML 3.0,
Netscape 2.0 & IExplore 2.0 support, drag and
drop text editing, HTML Wizards, HTML code
builders, long filename support and WYSIWYG
previewer, among many other features.
68188 SBN32_35.ZIP 473959 24.11.1996 - - -
SBNews: automated news robot. (32-bit version
Automatically downloads and UUdecodes
from binary newsgroups.
68254 SD32103S.ZIP 2322415 30.10.1996 - - -
WS-TIMER 95.01.12 is designed to help an
Internet user to keep track of his/hers time
online. WS-TIMER also records three separate
log. One for each sessions, one for daily
usage and another for monthly. A small
stay-on-top window lets you monitor your time
without getting in the way of other running
68301 SERVU20.ZIP 416371 24.11.1996 - nic.funet.fi -
FTP Serv-U - FTP server for MS-Windows
* Multiple simultaneous users.
* Full security on a file/directory
* Support for user ANONYMOUS.
* Supports Netscape & XMosaic.
* Easy to setup and maintain.
* Both in 16- and 32-bit.
68503 SOCSPY32.ZIP 601007 01.09.1996 - - -
SocketSpy/32 v4.A0 for Windows 95/NT
A 32-bit trace/debug utility used for
monitoring WinSock API references between an
application and the Windows Sockets Dynamic
Link Library. Compatible with the WinSock
v1.1 standard, SocketSpy/32 can monitor
and display socket calls and data passed
through each socket. Features also filters
and triggers.
68506 SOFT0209.EXE 6246653 15.09.1996 - - -
Softerm Plus. Internet-apuohjelmisto.
Sisältää mm. TCP/IP:n, newsit ja E-Mailin.
Versiopäivämäärä 2.9.1996.
68741 STST07B4.ZIP 370152 28.08.1995 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
an Internet Mailer Daemon
8887 SVM110.ZIP 256092 18.11.1996 - - -
SVMail Auto-Reply Mailer for Windows 95
Internet/SMTP/POP3 mail utility. Simple auto-
reply mailing for software distribution or
internet marketing. Select key text string to
trigger SVMail replys. Set up what file(s)
you wish sent and SVMail will do the rest.
Uses: Distributing shareware/software
upgrades Distributing promotional materials
9048 SW10B132.ZIP 1107473 31.12.1995 - - -
Shockwave Ver 1.0b1 - 32bit
The Macromedia Plugin for Netscape 2.0
Allows users of Netscape to view Director
multimedia files without loading an
external viewer.
This version is for Win95 and WinNT only.
68798 SWAMIA.EXE 2665965 24.11.1996 - - -
Swami Salami is a snaglet designed to take
a text string and animate it in any one of
twelve different ways.
The fabulous Swami will help you make your
message jump, ripple, expand, slide around
and generally create arresting and unusual
effects on your Web page.
68922 TCD32.ZIP 705819 18.11.1996 - - -
TC-DIRECTOR 32 - Professional HTML Editor
68930 TCPSW31.ZIP 74267 18.03.1996 - - -
TCP/IP Switcher V3.1 Utility to allow the
changing of a Windows 95 DialUp networking
connection's hostname, domain name, and
nameserver values. This change can be made
anytime (even after connecting). It is most
useful to those who use more than one
internet service provider which requires
different settings for the above values.
69482 TWSK30C.EXE 570536 24.11.1996 - Metropoli BBS files.zip -
Trumpet Winsock 3.0c for Windows 95
The Trumpet Winsock is a Windows Sockets 1.1
compatible TCP/IP stack that provides a
standard networking layer for many Windows
networking applications to use, and has
itself been a major vehicle in achieving
widespread use of Windows Sockets 1.1.
69483 TWSK95B4.ZIP 133497 15.12.1995 - - -
Trumpet Winsock beta 4 WIN95:lle
69806 VPLACE~1.EXE 2277037 30.08.1996 - MBCD -
Virtual Places 32-bit client
69872 W32-242.EXE 1341350 03.09.1996 - MBCD -
Pegasus Mail v2.42 for Windows 95/NT
Free Internet POP3/SMTP/Netware e-mail
program with many useful features.
69875 W95DIAL2.ZIP 198527 18.12.1995 - - -
Detailed RTF guide: How to setup TCP/IP,
dialup network and Microsoft Exchange...
69909 WATCH95.ZIP 290285 16.09.1995 - - -
Windows Sockets Net Watch - Alpha version 21
- 95.05.28. Displays state of network hosts
and allows remote logins to displayed hosts
by "point and click".
69942 WBF3236.ZIP 147275 24.11.1996 - - tupla
(v.3.6) WinBiff, 32-bit version. - Windows
email notification WinBiff is an mail
notification utility, for use with Pegasus
Mail, Eudora, MS Mail, MS Exchange, cc:Mail,
Lotus Notes, PC-NFS, UUPC/extended, and
Waffle, under Windows. Also a POP3 and IMAP4
client using WinSock. Supports MIME headers.
8689 WBIT3215.ZIP 519366 29.11.1996 - - -
Web-It!32-The ultimate HTML Editor v1.5 
Create your web pages with ease. Supports
many features such as frames, forms, images,
image maps, tables, lists and more. Two
versions available: Standard & Professional.
The Pro version has the forms and frames
capability but the standard version allows
you to see how they are accomplished.
8699 WEBMAKER.ZIP 172269 29.11.1996 - - -
WebMaker: HTML Editor for Win95
70000 WEBMED21.ZIP 1672523 25.01.1996 - - -
The Web Media Publisher 2.1
70005 WEBTHG.ZIP 1985974 24.11.1996 - - -
WebThing version 2.54
is a full-featured HTML editor and workshop.
Create Web pages and preview them on all
available browsers.
70006 WEBWIZ32.ZIP 194486 08.10.1995 - MBCD -
Ever think how much fun it would be to create
your own WEB page? With "WEB Wizard: The Duke
of URL" you can create your own homepage in
just a matter of minutes. The wizard-like
interface guides through a series of steps
and then, automatically, assembles a file
containing HTML -- the format used in WEB
pages. The program allows you to include a
picture, text, bullet lists, links -- even a
mailto: reference so people can send you
e-mail. This version is, naturally, 32-bit
and built expressly for Windows 95.
70007 WEBX15.ZIP 77694 29.11.1996 - - -
WebXpress is an add-on for Netscape
Navigator. It provides a quick and easy way
to access your E-mail, News and favourite Web
sites. Also includes an E-mail notification
70019 WETSOCK1.ZIP 48908 27.10.1996 - - -
WetSock ver.1.0
WetSock brings current weather conditions and
forecasts to your desktop. Uses Internet on
70026 WG1304.ZIP 203242 19.02.1996 - - -
WinGate v1.304: MS-Windows 95/NT app that
provides SOCKS V4 server, WWW proxy gateway
(HTTP only - later releases will support FTP,
Gopher, WAIS, and HTTPS), FTP gateway, Telnet
gateway, mapped links, rules-based firewall,
70169 WPM32WB2.ZIP 475463 29.11.1996 - - -
Pegasus Mail for Win32, version 2.31,
wide release beta 2 Pegasus Mail System,
Copyright (c) 1996, David Harris, All
Rights Reserved.This archive contains
the second wide beta release of the
32-bit version of Pegasus Mail for
70205 WS_FTP32.ZIP 192097 22.12.1995 - - eritupla
WS_FTP32 Version v31.10.95 - Windows Sockets
FTP Client Application for Windows NT,
Windows 95 and Win32s.
70192 WSEEK95.ZIP 162707 11.10.1996 - - tupla
WebSeek version 1.0 ( 32-bit)
Webseek is an Internet utility that allows
you to perform web searches from the comport
of your own desktop.
70194 WSFTP32A.ZIP 188263 29.11.1996 - - -
WS_FTP32 V96.02.15 Windows Sockets FTP Client
Application. This application is a standard
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client
application for Windows Sockets. The user
interface for this FTP client is designed
with the novice FTP user in mind. Usage
should be obvious. 32 bit WS_FTP new
development beta w/2 windows for Win95
70197 WSOK9512.ZIP 617423 18.03.1996 - - -
Easy Windows 95 Internet Step-up v1.2
A no-bull guide to configuring Windows
95's 32-bit winsock, includes complete
walk-through help with over 60 screen
shots and a cross-referenced trouble-
shooting section, full-text search, tree
view, improved Winsock conflict eraser
utility, extremely small install size,
printable essential information checklist.
A free resource from First Train for the
70211 WV32_998.ZIP 316901 29.07.1996 - - tupla
WinVN 0.99-8 (Beta 2) is a Windows and NT-
based, fully RFC 1036 compliant on-line news
reader that can be used to select, view, and
write Usenet News articles and send mail via
SMTP or MAPI. Built in MIME and UU encoding
and decoding. WinVN uses less memory and
screen space ideal for both small and large
machines. Handles multiple users and
newsfeeds on one PC. Japanese version follows
closely. Public Domain (sources freely
70214 WW20B2.ZIP 130942 30.12.1995 - - -
WebWatch V2.0beta2 for Win95. Utility to tell
you when your favorite web pages have
20769 32PAL_30.EXE 3 Mt 25.03.1997 - - tupla
The Palace chat client v3.0
20771 AWB_FIN.EXE 1,7 Mt 02.12.1999 - MBCD tupla
Active Worlds browser software v2.2.0.303Active Worlds browser software v2.2.0.303,
Finnish language version / suomenkielinen
20770 AWB.EXE 1,7 Mt 02.12.1999 - MBCD tupla
Active Worlds 2.0 yhteysohjelma, Build 258
20773 CTALK32.EXE 1,9 Mt 17.02.1997 - - tupla
CoolTalkCoolTalk on ohjelma, jolla pystyt juttelemaan Internetin välityksellä tavallisen puhelimen tavoin ihmisten kanssa ympäri maailmaa. Vaatii Netscape Navigator 3.0:n. 32-bittinen versio.
20775 DICHAT.ZIP 68,4 kt 30.11.1997 - - tupla
DIS Internet Chat Internet chat allows you to connect to various IRC servers on the internet and participate in real time chats with other users.
20776 HOLODESK.EXE 10,8 Mt 21.01.2000 - - tupla
Holodesk Communicator 1.1a Allows people all over the world to join together in a 3D virtual environment to voice chat, text chat, share documents, view pictures, play games, or do business. The Holodesk Communicator is your key to the Holodesk Telepresence Network. It combines internet phone, virtual reality and document sharing all in one multi-dimensional software package.
20777 ICQ2000A.EXE 6,1 Mt 04.05.2000 - - tupla
ICQ 2000a Beta v.4.29 build #3140 ICQ on Internetissä toimiva yhteydenpito-ohjelma, jonka ominaisuuksiin kuuluu tiedostojen kopiointi ja viestien lähettäminen. Lisäksi ohjelma ilmoittaa heti, kun kaverisi saapuu Internetiin.
20778 ICQPLUS2.ZIP 1,7 Mt 27.04.2000 - - tupla
ICQ Plus 2.04ICQ Plus on apuohjelma, jolla voit muokata ICQ:n ulkoasua mieleiseksesi 
käyttämällä nahkoja eli skinejä, joita löydät esim. osoitteesta http://skinz.org  
Ilmainen. Tukee ICQ:n versioita 98, 99 ja 2000a. Vaatii Windows 95/98/NT 4.
20779 ICQRSC20.ZIP 22,9 kt 20.11.1998 - - tupla
BoySoft ICQ Rescue v2.0FREEWARE small and simple application. Creates a back up of your ICQ Contact List, which means that if you have to reinstall you can easily restore your Contact List. Windows 95/98.
20780 ICU310TR.EXE 4,6 Mt 21.01.2000 - - tupla
ICUII 3.10 Video/voice/text chat application. Freeware.
20781 INFOCHAT.ZIP 252,9 kt 07.04.1999 - - tupla
InfoChat Server Release v1.1.7Java-pohjainen tehokas ja helposti ylläpidettävä chattiserveri. Vaatii Java Virtual Machinen (tulee mm. JDK v1.1.x:n tai IE4/5:n mukana).
20783 IPHONE.EXE 8,6 Mt 01.02.2000 - - tupla
Internet Phone 5.1 Demo, englanninkielinenVocalTecin kaupallinen nettipuheluohjelmisto, jolla voi soittaa 
Internet-puheluja kahden tietokoneen välillä, siirtää tiedostoja sekä 
luoda, muokata ja katsella dokumentteja useiden  käyttäjien kesken. 
Ohjelman uusia ominaisuuksia ovat chat, koputus, soittajan tunnistus ja 
toimivuus useissa eri käyttöjärjestelmissä Internet Phonea pidetään kenties 
tehokkaimpana nykyään tarjolla olevista nettipuheluohjelmista, mutta se 
onkin maksullinen tuote. Demoversiossa puhelut ovat rajoitettuja ja 
kaupallinen versio maksaa 49,95 USD.
20782 IPHONE5.EXE 8,6 Mt 24.01.2000 - - tupla
Internet Phone 5.01 Beta (build 200)Nettipuhelin. (demo)
20784 IPLUS30.ZIP 1,2 Mt 28.04.2001 - - tupla
ICQ Plus 3.0Tällä ilmaisella ohjelmalla saat vaihdettua ICQ-ikkunasi ulkoasua. Voit uusia taustakuvan, värit ja vaikka hakea netistä valmiita ulkoasukokonaisuuksia. http://www.icqplus.org/
20785 JAVACHAT.ZIP 14,6 kt 22.07.1999 - - tupla
Java Chat Server by RixxxA great client/server style telnet chat server. Featuring Wizards, Private Messages, etc. Manual Included.
20786 MIRC59T.EXE 1,1 Mt 27.04.2001 - - tupla
mIRC v5.9Suosittu IRC-yhteysohjelma kaikilla herkuilla. http://www.mirc.com 
20787 MRING99.ZIP 3 Mt 08.11.1999 - - tupla
MediaRing Talk 99 v5.90 Internet-puhelin ja puhelinvastaaja. Voit keskustella toisten MediaRing- käyttäjien kanssa Internetin välityksellä ilman kaukopuhelumaksuja. Windows 95, Internet-yhteys.
20788 MRST115.ZIP 393,9 kt 09.09.2000 - - tupla
mIRCStats v1.15Easy-to-use IRC channel reporting tool, which analyzes channel log files produced by mIRC and creates a nice looking HTML page with channel activity statistics, user reports, tables about changed channel topics and all kinds of misc. information taken from the log file. Requires mIRC 5.31 or later. http://www.nic.fi/~mauvinen/mircstats
20789 1STPG2K.ZIP 5 Mt 16.12.1999 - - tupla
1st Page 2000 v2.0 1st Page 2000 is a free HTML and script authoring tool for both professional and blooming webmasters. This powerful tool comes with an impressive next-generation millenium interface and contains many new features not found in other HTML editors.
20790 AFXFE11.EXE 3,3 Mt 27.07.1998 - MBCD tupla
Visual Applet Configurator & AppletFX v1.1A collection of cool Java applets and a configurator program.
20791 AHC.ZIP 475,1 kt 20.12.2000 - - tupla
Absolute HTML Compressor v1.0Pienennä itse tekemäsi nettisivun kokoa poistamalla seasta kaikki turhat merkinnät. Ilmainen.
20792 ALEXHTML.EXE 2,7 Mt 06.05.2001 - - tupla
"Abstract Web Studio 4.0Abstract Web Studio is a powerful web editing packageboasting features such as: templatesframes page helperRealAudio stream creatornew page wizardproject functionalitya WYSIWYG editora HTML gradient makerMETA tag generatorand much more. For easy editingthere are 3 internal clipboardsquick color choosing via HEX highlightingsupport for drag and droptext conversionand more. And believe itit is ONLY $8.00. Download it. You wont regret it. In this trial versionthe Find-and-Replace functionRTF-Conversion functionbackground color changing functionand templates are disabled. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 by Alexsoft. http://alexhtml.cjb.net/"
20793 ARA40FUL.ZIP 1,6 Mt 24.11.1999 - - tupla
Arachnophilia v4.0 HTML-editori täysversioVoit luoda WWW-sivuja ja katsella niitä millä tahansa selaimella sekä muuttaa web-sivun tietoja ja ulkoasua interaktiivisesti. Arachnophilia osaa myös taulukot, korostukset, sisennykset, fontin värin, koon ja ulkoasun muuttamisen. http://www.arachnoid.com/
20794 ARA40SML.ZIP 1 Mt 24.11.1999 - - tupla
Arachnophilia v4.0 HTML-editori.Voit luoda WWW-sivuja ja katsella niitä millä tahansa selaimella sekä muuttaa web-sivun tietoja ja ulkoasua interaktiivisesti. Arachnophilia osaa myös taulukot, korostukset, sisennykset, fontin värin, koon ja ulkoasun muuttamisen. Pienempi versio. Ei sisällä DLL-kirjastoja, jotka tulevat esim. Microsoft Office 97:n mukana. http://www.arachnoid.com/
20795 ARANE452.EXE 663,1 kt 06.03.2001 - - tupla
Araneae v4.5.2Araneae is a very simply text editor for HTML files. It features syntax highlighting, a multiple document tabbed interface, a color picker, and drag and drop support. Supports for example GIF, PNG and JPG formats. Freeware. Windows 95/98/NT. http://plaza.v-wave.com/mark/products/araneae.html
20796 ASCOPE11.ZIP 2,4 Mt 27.04.1999 - - tupla
Artistscope v1.1 Suojaa nettisivuillasi käyttämät kuvat, jolloin surfaajat eivät enää voi tallentaa niitä omalle kiintolevylleen hiiren oikean napin painalluksella. Rekisteröidyssä versioissa kuvat voi lukita toimivaksi vain tietyssä domain-osoitteessa. Sharewarea.
20797 ASCTAB31.ZIP 1,5 Mt 30.09.1999 - MBCD tupla
AscToTab v3.1Converts text files into HTML web pages and RTF files (new in this ver.). It recognises the layout of your file, and attempts to replicate it in HTML/RTF.
20798 ASPEXP18.ZIP 6 Mt 23.03.2000 - - tupla
ASP Express v1.81ASP Express on editori, joka on tarkoitettu erityisesti
ASP-sivujen kirjoittamiseen, mutta se soveltuu hyvin myös
normaalin HTML-kielen tuottamiseen. Ominaisuuksiin kuuluu
mm. sisäänrakennettu FTP-yhteys, tagien puumainen katselu ja
monia valmiita helposti lisättäviä elementtäjä.
Shareware. http://www.aspexpress.com
20799 ATRAX.EXE 2,2 Mt 26.06.1997 - nic.funet.fi tupla
Atrax Web Puhlisher v4.02WYSIWYG Puhlishing Environment with the ease of drag and drop, puts the power of desktop publishing in the hands of web developers. Smart objects will resize and plug into a page. All you have to do is add text and assign images. Yes it is that easy!
20800 AV32_301.EXE 2,5 Mt 25.04.1998 - - tupla
AArdvark Pro HTML editor v3.01Aardvark Pro is a powerful HTML editor with many features, such as multiple document interface, drag & drop capabilities, file browser, built-in preview and support for HTML 1, 2, 3 and Netscape extensions.
20801 CART11B.ZIP 1,1 Mt 02.03.1997 - - tupla
RiadaCartel v1.1RiadaCartel allows the easy insertion of a moving LED sign in your Web page. Use the simple Effect Wizard to create effects such as scrolling, revealing, blinking, inverting, and rainbows. Visually drag and drop actions such as audio, font changes, and page jumps, against events such as mouse clicks and timers. Requirements: Windows 95
20802 CBUTTON.ZIP 15,1 kt 03.08.1997 - - tupla
CButtonCButton is a demo of a JAVA applet that works as a command button with pictures, scrolling, and multi-line captions. Its on_click parameter allows you open a given URL address when clicking. It also allows you display a message in the status bar when the mouse cursor moves over the applet.
20803 CCEXP20.ZIP 1,2 Mt 06.09.1998 - - tupla
CoffeeCup HTML Editor v2.0 ExpressErittäin helppokäyttöinen ja suoraviivainen WWW sivujen rakennusohjelma. Hallitsee mm. DHTML:n, META-tagit, tms. Sisäänrakennettu FTP-ohejelma sivujen lähettämiseen Internetiin. Sharewarea, 15 päivän demoversio
20804 CDROP.ZIP 1,8 Mt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
Korax ColourDrop 1.0.9 HTML color picker program. Displays the hex value for a variety of color sets, including grayscale, browser-safe colors, the "named" colors and more. Displays the color information for any pixel on the screen. Freeware.
20805 CMD_20.ZIP 255 kt 09.07.1997 - - tupla
The Color Manipulation Device 2.0 A Windows 95 utility to help you choose colors for your web pages.
20806 CMED21A.ZIP 1,4 Mt 17.06.1997 - - tupla
CMed v2.1aHTML editor with zillions of features. Win95.
20807 COFFEE.EXE 6,2 Mt 29.05.2000 - - tupla
CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ 8.1CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ is a full-featured HTML editor that includes 
Expresso FTP for uploading and downloading; an image gallery with 
quick-linking images; highlighted tags; style sheet help; automatic 
image sizing; a line reader; and tips. It comes with 30 background 
images, more than 175 animated GIFs, upwards of 140 Web icon graphics, 
100 JavaScript scripts, a frame designer, and an HTML stripper. You 
can work on and test multiple pages at once. Other features include 
an internal browser for testing and surfing, an image-previewing 
utility, a sound gallery, online help, and a step-by-step Web 
design guide and references for the latest HTML 4.0 tags. 
Version 8.1 adds an Image Slicer for cutting up large images 
and for creating pseudo-image maps; Global Search and Replace, 
which searches current and all documents for text and HTML; 
Code Sweeper, which converts HTML documents to XHTML and XML types 
and finds errors in your HTML Web pages; and the ability to create 
and use your own templates. Expresso FTP is now included in
the shareware version. This download is a 30-day trial; 
registration costs $49. This software can be free if 
you host your Web site with CoffeeCup.
20808 COFFEH81.EXE 6,2 Mt 22.02.2000 - - tupla
CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ v8.1The CoffeeCup is a fast, easy, full featured HTML Editor.
We have completely re-written the Editor from the ground 
up to help you make your pages better than ever before. 
Now you can see your page change as you Edit with our 
Split-Screen Live Preview! Right Click and Upload pages
to your website, Open pages from the Web just by typing 
the URL and much, much, more.
20809 32PSDP.ZIP 2,9 Mt 20.01.2000 - #hyrava tupla
"DB-HTML Converter Pro 1.3 DB-HTML Converter Pro is a HTML database utility that creates Web pages from popular formats such as MS SQLFoxProMS ACCESSDB2InformixOracleSybaseand others. Its a must have for those of you who want to start a database-driven Web site. Shareware."
20810 40TTIME.ZIP 2,4 Mt 30.09.1999 - MBCD tupla
40tude Time40tude Time synchronizes your system clock through an Internet time server. It is a replacement for the standard Windows tray clock, enhancing it by showing the current time at locations around the world. Renders a breathtaking photo-realistic image of the current illumination on Earth that can be used as the desktop wallpaper and in the screensaver that comes with the program and gives you information about public holidays in countries around the world.
20811 A4PROXY.EXE 902,5 kt 28.01.2000 - - tupla
Anonymity 4 Proxy 1.52 Local proxy server agent, essential for anonymous Internet surfing. Provides you with excellent tools to locate, test and logon to public anonymous proxy servers. Advanced features include modification of any HTTP variables, monitoring client requests, stop lists for clients and remote hosts, and more.
20812 ATOMTM14.ZIP 104,6 kt 27.04.1997 - - tupla
AtomTime95 V1.4a Sleek and straightforward, AtomTime95 can keep the clock on your Windows 95 system right in step with the public-access atomic clock server of the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado. It can be used with any Winsock-compliant Internet link Dial-Up Networking or a LAN), and can be set to automatically update your time whenever you boot the PC or used with a scheduler. Req Modem Internet connection Win95
20813 ATPRO.EXE 775,7 kt 28.01.2000 - - tupla
Ativa ProInternet bandwidth monitor will help you maximize your online time and increase your net speed. Ativa contains a powerful multi-functional web monitor designed to accurately gather layer upon layer of valuable web information. 
20814 BABYLON.EXE 1,5 Mt 20.12.2000 - - eritupla
Babylon v3.1bHakee netistä selvityksen haluamillesi vieraille sanoille tai lyhenteille. Osaa myös muuntaa yksiköitä ja valuuttoja, kertoa lausumisohjeita ynnä muuta.
20815 BACKUPON.EXE 1,4 Mt 22.10.1999 - - tupla
"BackupOnline BackupOnline uses the internet to backup and retrieve software. Features an interface like that of Microsofts Outlook Express. Shareware."
20816 BCCPRO30.EXE 3,2 Mt 21.07.1998 - - tupla
Blaxxun CCPro 3.06 Client ohjelma
20817 BLKICE21.ZIP 2,8 Mt 10.11.2000 - - tupla
BlackICE Defender v2.1BlackICE Defender delivers bulletproof intrusion detection and personal firewall protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity, much like antivirus programs scan your hard disk looking for viruses. BlackICE will not slow down your PC or your Internet experience. BlackICE Defender is also easy to install, requires no knowledge of networking or the Internet, and begins to protect your system right out of the box. This is a 30-day trial for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Registration costs $39.95. 
20818 BVIEW.EXE 544 kt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
BareView 1.2 (Demo)BareView allows the packaging of virtually any Internet file (movies, sound, Java, ActiveX , ActiveScript, JavaScript, Flash etc.) into a single ‘compacted’ executable. Users of this compressed file need no special tools or software to view the web site (or presentation) only a standard Web browser. Shareware.
20819 CITRIX.ZIP 205 kt 01.09.1997 - - tupla
With the WinFrame Web Client you can run Windows programs over the Internet and the intranet.
20820 CLEANUP.EXE 1010 kt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
Complete Cleanup 4.17 Complete Cleanup protects Internet privacy and frees up extra disk space by cleaning up a variety of Internet and non-Internet files on your computer. It displays file statistics and removes all Internet cookies, cache files, history files, and location URLs for Internet Explorer, Netscape, or AOL. 
20821 CYB99T.EXE 892,5 kt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
"CYBERsitter 99 Gives the parent or other concerned individual the ability to limit their childrens access to objectionable material on the Internet. Parents can choose to blockblock and alertor simply alert them when access is attempted to these areas. Shareware."
20823 ELF95402.ZIP 761,6 kt 05.08.1997 - - tupla
ELF x WINSOCK Advanced, programmable, fast and user-friendl laying MUDs.
20824 ERING.EXE 4,3 Mt 24.01.2000 - - tupla
eRing 3.3 Utility that allows you to talk on the phone while you are logged onto the Internet. Great for those without multiple phone lines.
20825 FC5604US.EXE 3,7 Mt 15.10.1999 - - tupla
FirstClass Intranet Client v5.604.FirstClass Client on graafinen yhteysohjelma windows/mac-pohjaiseen FirstClass Serveriin. Englanninkielinen. http://www.softarc.com 
20826 FNORD.ZIP 2,4 Mt 22.07.1997 - - tupla
Fnord Server v1.0.0.24 (Feb 10 1997).
20828 GENIUS.EXE 1,9 Mt 29.10.2000 - - tupla
"Genius 3.1Genius is a supreme collection of online and offline utilities. 
Its compact (residing in the system tray)easy to use and full 
of independent programs ranging from FTP/HTTP to Ping/Port Guardian. 
It features: A Clipboard Menu-copy IPa hostname and a clear-and-view 
clipboard. An Internet Clients-Fingeras well as FTPHTTPPing
SMTPTelnetTimeTraceRoute and whois. An Internet Tools-FTP 
Search and IP scanneras well as NewsNS LookupPop Cleaner
Port InfoSite CheckerSubnet CalculatorWeatherConnectivity 
and mail. A PIM-address bookclocknotespasswordsreminders 
and a to-do list. Services-Stay AlivePort Guardian and e-mail
checking. A Utilities-CalculatorTemp Directory and Document 
CleanerConversionsDirectory ComparisonFile Shredder
GREPHTML to TXTPassword GeneratorSystem Information
and Encoding/Decoding files. Shareware.
20849 3214.EXE 1,8 Mt 19.03.1999 - - tupla
Internet explorer 4 update for Win 98
20850 AMAY319X.EXE 4,4 Mt 22.09.2000 - #hyrava tupla
Amaya v3.1Amaya on W3C:n kehittämä pieni ja nopea ilmainen WWW-selain, joka toimii HTML 4.0 -standardin mukaan, joskaan CSS1-tuki ei vielä ole täydellinen. Selainpaketti sisältää myös HTML-sivujen tekoon tarkoitetun WYSIWYG- työkalun, jonka tekemä koodi on HTML- standardin mukaista. Amaya osaa tallentaa työn alla olevan sivun myös XML-muodossa. Ohjelman lähdekoodi on vapaasti saatavilla. Windows 95/98 -versio. http://www.w3.org/Amaya
20851 AMAY31NT.EXE 4,4 Mt 22.09.2000 - #hyrava tupla
Amaya v3.1, NT-versioAmaya on W3C:n kehittämä pieni ja nopea ilmainen WWW-selain, joka toimii HTML 4.0 -standardin mukaan, joskaan CSS1-tuki ei vielä ole täydellinen. Selainpaketti sisältää myös HTML-sivujen tekoon tarkoitetun WYSIWYG- työkalun, jonka tekemä koodi on HTML- standardin mukaista. Amaya osaa tallentaa työn alla olevan sivun myös XML-muodossa. Ohjelman lähdekoodi on vapaasti saatavilla. Windows NT -versio. http://www.w3.org/Amaya
20852 B3DBRW11.EXE 1,5 Mt 22.09.2000 - - tupla
Buzz 3D Browser v1.1The fastest way to browse the net today. Totally new way of experiencing the World Wide Web, and a highly practical method of viewing the most amount of different web pages, in the least amount of time. By presenting the web to you in a fully immersive 3D environment, our Central Piazza shows 48 different websites simultaneously, and pre-loads multiple instances of all pages. Windows 95. Beta trial. http://www.buzz3d.com
20853 CB32D475.EXE 15,5 Mt 24.08.2000 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator v4.75 perusversio
20854 CC32D476.EXE 22,2 Mt 05.01.2001 - MBHH2001 -
Netscape Communicator 4.76 täysversio
20855 CC32E451.A01 2,9 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomi 2/6
20856 CC32E451.A02 2,9 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomi 3/6
20857 CC32E451.A03 2,9 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomi 4/6
20858 CC32E451.A04 2,9 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomi 5/6
20859 CC32E451.A05 395 kt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomi 6/6
20860 CC32E451.ARJ 2,9 Mt 15.07.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomi 1/6Netscape Communicator -paketin suomenkielinen täysversio ARJ-pilkottuna.
20861 CC32F451.EXE 15,2 Mt 13.09.1999 - - tupla
Netscape Communicator 4.51 suomiNetscape Communicator v4.51, suomenkielinen täysversio
20862 CP10B302.EXE 3 Mt 01.06.1996 - MBCD tupla
Cybergate 1.0 Beta 3VRML-browser. Contains plugin for Netscape.
20865 CP32E47.EXE 21,6 Mt 03.10.1999 - MBHH2000 tupla
Netscape Communicator v4.7 professionalNetscape Communicator v4.7 32-bit, professional-versio.
20829 AMAIL22.EXE 10,5 Mt 26.12.2000 - - tupla
AllegroMail v2.2Monipuolinen sähköpostiohjelma sekä aloittelijoille että kokeneille sähköpostin käyttäjille. Tukee käyttäjäprofiileja, jossa jokaiselle käyttäjälle asetetaan täysin erilliset asetukset ja sähköpostiosoitteet. Shareware. http://www.allegromail.com
20830 ANW41.EXE 678,7 kt 18.01.2000 - - tupla
ActiveNames 4.1.16 ActiveNames provides you an easy way of keeping track of your friends and business contacts by instantly redirecting your messages to the new e-mail address that the user has provided. ActiveNames supports any SMTP e-mail client. Freeware.
20831 BBASE32.ZIP 1017,6 kt 24.05.1999 - - tupla
BBase7 Allows you to keep track of the contents of yout email and to locate those messages that are hard to find. Currently, it supports email from Netscape, MS Internet Mail and Eudora Lite. Windows 95 version. April-28-1998.
20832 BBNPI11.ZIP 128,5 kt 07.07.1997 - - tupla
"Blackboard Netscape Privacy Interface v1.1Did you know anyone could find yourdeletedsentandtrashedmailthe previous web sites youve visitedwhat newsgroups youve read? this program enables you to erase these things.  you can highlight and delete any or all text in notepad then re-save the file."
20833 BECKY120.ZIP 1,2 Mt 22.05.1997 - - tupla
Becky! Internet Mail v1.20A multi-featured Internet E-mail client. Multiple accounts management. Off line capability. Powerful text editor. MIME.
20835 DTSMAIL.EXE 2,2 Mt 24.01.2000 - - tupla
DTS Mail 2.52 Build 201  Supports retrieval of messages from up to six POP3 servers at a time. Print messages Save messages and attachments. Easier to set up and use than most e-mail programs and includes great features such as Spelling checker and Thesaurus. 
20836 E120W32S.EXE 267 kt 22.07.1997 - - tupla
E-mail Notify v1.23
20839 EMAGIC.EXE 7,3 Mt 18.01.2000 - - tupla
Animated Email Magic 2.0d Allows combining of pictures and text and graphics and sounds to be sent as multi-scene, hyper-linked and interactive animations. Can be used with any Internet e-mail program. 
20840 EMAILR32.ZIP 126,2 kt 04.12.1997 - - tupla
EMailR32A small utility which allows you to check all of your e-mail accounts at one time, without having to change your server name,user name, and password. You can also specify how often you want EMailR32 to check for new mail, and it will alert you when it finds ne messages. EMailR32 is designed to run in the backround and take a vary small amount of system resources.
20841 EMEFX16.ZIP 520,1 kt 18.01.2000 - - tupla
Email Effects 1.6 Allows the user to send pictures, drawings and tables with simple plain text. Also an ASCII art creator and great for creating vivid comments in source code.
20842 EMREM24S.EXE 458,8 kt 02.08.1999 - - tupla
Email Remover v2.4Kätevä apuohjelma, joka noutaa sähköpostien otsikkotiedot ja antaa käyttäjän poistaa tarpeettomat roskapostit tms ennen varsinaisen sähköpostiohjelman käynnistämistä. Ilmainen! http://eremover.bizhosting.com
20843 ENDORA12.ZIP 146,3 kt 11.11.1997 - - tupla
Endora v1.2Endora allows you to use multiple addresses in Eudora (Pro or light) by storing the multiple configurations in a special section of EUDORA.INI and rewriting it with the selected setting.
20844 EREMOV24.ZIP 199,8 kt 06.06.1999 - - tupla
"Email Remover v2.4A small yet efficient Win95 utility that will help you deleted unwanted mails without the hassle of having to download entire messages. It works by retrieving only the mail headers and lets you preview the first few lines of your messages.  This program supports multiple accounts and can launch external email program upon exit."
20845 ETALK.EXE 4,9 Mt 27.03.1999 - - tupla
Talking E-mail v1.31Kertoo saapuneista sähköpostiviesteistä ja lukee ne ääneen englanniksi sekä näyttää ne myös tekstinä. http://www.4developers.com/talkmail/
20846 ETALKUPD.EXE 752,9 kt 27.03.1999 - - tupla
Talking E-mail update -> v1.3For existing users.
20847 EUDORA50.EXE 6 Mt 12.09.2000 - MBHH2001 tupla
Eudora v5.0Eudora on sekä tehokas että helppokäyttöinen sähköpostiohjelma. Tässä versiossa on yhdistetty entiset light- ja pro-versiot ottamalla käyttöön pieni mainosikkuna. Tukee useita sähköpostitunnuksia, hakee viestit taustalla, tukee HTML-muotoisia viestejä, yms. http://www.eudora.com
20848 EUL306.EXE 4,4 Mt 21.08.1998 - MBHH1999 tupla
Eudora Light v3.0.6Eudora on sekä tehokas että helppokäyttöinen sähköpostiohjelma.
20869 FDMN41.EXE 1021,9 kt 01.01.2001 - - tupla
Fictional Daemon v4.1Fictional Daemon on ohjelma, jolla voit pitää FTP- ja telnet-palvelinta. Tukee tiedonsiirtoa, palvelimen buuttausta, ajastettuja tehtäviä, yms. http://www.fictional.net
20870 NT3242CI.EXE 1,3 Mt 09.12.2000 - - -
NetTerm v4.2cInternet Telnet OVID Zmodem SL NetTerm is a Windows based terminal emulator with fast zmodem file transfers. It can also be used as a dialer program for SLIP/PPP and includes a built in scripting language. For Internet hosts, the telnet protocol is enabled with VT100 and full ANSI graphics. A ftp server is included. Transparent printing and local host editing is supported for UNIX. 32-bit version.
20871 NTCRT33.EXE 1,7 Mt 08.05.2001 - - -
CRT telnet v3.3CRT on pääteohjelma Internet- ja intranet-käyttöön. Tukee sekä telnet- että rlogin-protokollia, sekä Zmodem-tiedonsiirtoa, mukautettuja värejä, scriptejä, yms. 30 päivän demoversio. Lisätietoa http://www.vandyke.com 
20872 TELC20B3.ZIP 57,5 kt 27.11.1997 - - -
Telnet v2.0b3This is a telnet client with full color ANSI support for Windows NT/95 console. You can use this program from the Win95 command line (MSDos) and tun in full screen text mode.
20873 TERA23.ZIP 921,7 kt 20.07.2000 - MBHH2001 tupla
Tera Term Pro v2.3Tera Term on näppärä pääteohjelma, sekä telnet-clientti Windows-käyttöjärjestelmille. Tukee VT100, sekä VT200/300 -emulaatioita, ja suosituimpia tiedonsiirtoprotokollia (Kermit, XMODEM, ZMODEM, jne.). Freeware. http://ftp.riken.go.jp/
20874 TRM32420.ZIP 1,5 Mt 07.04.1999 - - -
QVT/Term v4.20Terminal/Telnet program for Windows 95. Supports Zmodem file transfer. Shareware.
20875 ZOC400WE.EXE 1,2 Mt 18.04.2001 - - tupla
Zap-O-Comm (ZOC) v4.00 for Windows32bit Telnet/SSH, Modem and ISDN comm. application for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000. Outstanding GUI, solid VT220 and Zmodem, countless options and features including Kermit, online JPG/GIF viewer, REXX scripting. Not crippled (just a registration reminder after file transfer). http://www.emtec.com
20877 DNEWS46G.EXE 2,6 Mt 03.05.1998 - - -
DNews news server v4.6g
20878 FA32-121.EXE 1,1 Mt 05.02.2000 - MBHH2002 -
Forte Free Agent v1.2132-bit version for Windows 95/NT. Free Agent is a
versatile newsreader. Freeware.
20879 GRV1_1B2.ZIP 1,6 Mt 27.04.1997 - - -
Gravity v1.1 beta 2One of the top-rated Internet newsreaders. It allows a person to view and contribute articles in the form of text and graphics. Designed exclusively for the 32-bit Windows 95/NT environment. This design feature provides excellent multi-tasking capabilities for searching, sorting and completing most newsreading tasks in the background. As a result, you get the information that you want - blazingly fast. Windows 95/NT
20880 NB32164.ZIP 53,6 kt 11.11.1997 - - -
NewsBin News Robot ver 1.641
20882 NROVER23.ZIP 1,1 Mt 21.10.1997 - - -
News Rover v2.3Scans and downloads files and messages from Usenet newsgroups. News Rover decodes both UU-encoded and MIME base64 file attachments, and it reconstructs multi-message files. Also performs message selection using search expressions that may include AND, OR, NEAR, and NOT operators. Automatically builds picture gallery to review downloaded images. Runs unattended. Requires Windows 95. http://www.NewsRover.com
20883 NX201.ZIP 258,5 kt 05.02.2000 - - -
News Xpress v2.01Ilmainen uutislukuohjelma.
20884 SBN32_47.ZIP 625,7 kt 21.07.1997 - - -
SBNews v4.7Automated news robot. (32-bit version) Automatically downloads and UUdecodes from binary newsgroups.
20885 TIFNY.ZIP 2 Mt 25.05.1997 - - -
TIFNYConnects to any NNTP new server and automatically downloads and catalogues UU Encoded pictures to your hard disk. Win95.
20886 WV32I999.ZIP 351,5 kt 10.05.1997 - nic.funet.fi -
WinVN 0.99-9 WinVN is a Windows and NT-based, fully RFC 1036 compliant on-line news reader that can be used to select, view, and write Usenet News articles and send mail via SMTP or MAPI. Built in MIME and UU encoding and decoding. WinVN uses less memory and screen space ideal for both small and large machines. Handles multiple users and newsfeeds on one PC. Public Domain (sources freely available).
20887 XNEWS308.ZIP 567,2 kt 12.10.2000 - - -
XNews v03.08.28A free usenet newsreader for Windows 9x/NT. Supports multiple server/identities, subscribed groups can be organized into categories. Handles binaries (MIME, Base64, uuencode), and more. http://xnews.3dnews.net/
20888 1CBT41B4.ZIP 671,6 kt 06.04.2000 - - tupla
1 Cool Button Tool v4.1 for Win9x.A JAVA applet wizard that can spice up your web page with cool animated buttons. This creator allows you to provide your visitors with very attractive buttons that make sounds and change color when the mouse pointer is held over them. A definite attention getter. Shareware. Cost $29.95. Copyright (c) Formula Software 1998. http://www.buttontool.com
20889 24LNK244.EXE 332 kt 11.02.2001 - - tupla
24link versio 2.00.0044 BETA. FreewareTee koneestasi Web-serveri tämän ohjelman avulla. Käyttäjät suunnistavat koneeseesi IP-osoitteen perusteella, joten sopii etenkin kiinteän IP:n omaaville.
20890 AIRFORM.EXE 1,1 Mt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
AI RoboForm v1.25 Windows 95/98/NT/2000Internet Explorer -laajennus, joka automatisoi www-lomakkeiden täyttäminen. Lisää Fill Forms -toiminnon Explorerin painikkeeksi.
20891 ALLGON21.EXE 1 Mt 19.04.2001 - - tupla
AllGone v2.1.1AllGone! Was developed to help preserve your Windows resources by restricting more than one (1) instance of your current WEB Browser to be activated! With AllGone! Installed, you can visit WEB Sites and not worry about a massive amount of Web Browsers popping up, as AllGone! will close each window (WEB Browser) that tries to open other than the initial one you started. This demo will function fully for about five minutes, then shut down. The cost to register is $9.95.
20892 AMDLNK11.ZIP 362 kt 29.03.2001 - - tupla
AM-DeadLink 1.1Tämä ilmainen ohjelma käy läpi IE:n, Netscapen ja Operan linkkilistat (favourites, bookmarks) ja kertoo, mitkä osoitteista ovat vanhentuneet tai tallennettu useampaan kertaan. http://aignes.com/software/
20893 ANIMFLEX.EXE 187,5 kt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
AnimaFlex Player Plug-In v1.13Valokuvista koottujen animaatioiden katselun mahdollistava laajennus. Näyttää ALF -tiedostotyyppiä.
20894 ARF32.ZIP 96,5 kt 11.03.1997 - - tupla
ArfA WWW database searcher and retriever Arf searches World Wide Web databases such as Alta Vista, Lycos, and Deja News with a search term that you supply. Arf follows the links that the databases come up with to the web pages they point at. Arf copies those web pages onto your disk. Do batch searches quickly. Great for research. Cut down on connect time. Registered version fetches more than 10 web pages per search.
20895 BEATNIK.EXE 2,3 Mt 28.06.2000 - - tupla
Beatnik v2.1Äänilaajennus selaimiin. Sopii Netscape Navigator 4.0:aan tai uudempaan, sekä Internet Explorer 4.0:aan tai uudempaan. http://www.beatnik.com/
20896 BKMAG232.ZIP 838 kt 24.09.2000 - - tupla
Bookmark Magic v2.32Muuntaa helposti Netscapen kirjanmerkit (bookmarks) Internet Explorerille ja päinvastoin. Poistaa myös mm. kaksoislinkit (duplikaatit) sekä lajittelee linkit kuvauksen perusteella. Sharewarea. 
20897 BLACKW.ZIP 1,6 Mt 21.10.1997 - - tupla
Black Widow Scans a web site and presents found files in explorer-like window. View various information about the files and save site profiles. Windows 95
20898 BMCNV285.ZIP 1 Mt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
Bookmark Converter v2.85 Muuntaa Netscapen kirjanmerkit IE:n vastaaviksi ja päinvastoin. Sharewarea Windows 95/98/NT/2000:lle.
20899 BMSYNC12.EXE 360,5 kt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
BookmarkSync v1.2 Windows 95/98:lleJakaa bookamarkit verkossa ja tekee käännökset eri selainten välillä.
20900 BMWIZ160.ZIP 407,8 kt 24.09.2000 - - tupla
Bookmark Wizard v1.6.0Tekee HTML-sivun Internet Explorerin bookmarkeista. Freeware. http://www.moonsoftware.com/
20901 BNRCTCH.EXE 3,1 Mt 28.01.2001 - - tupla
Banner CatcherEstää ikävien pop-up -ikkunoiden ilmestymisen Internet Explorerissa ja Netscape Navigatorissa. Voit määrätä ohjelman poistamaan kaikki pop-up -ikkunat tai vaihtoehtoisesti lisätä tietyt ikkunat poistettavien listaan. Tallentaa poistetut ikkunat tietokantaan josta niitä voi tarkastella. Shareware. http://www.softicasolutions.com/
20902 BOKMRKMA.ZIP 994,6 kt 19.02.1999 - - tupla
Bookmark Magic v2.52 Muuntaa helposti Netscapen kirjanmerkit (bookmarks) Internet Explorerille ja päinvastoin. Poistaa myös mm. kaksoislinkit (duplikaatit) sekä lajittelee linkit kuvauksen perusteella. Sharewarea.
20903 BSYNC111.EXE 345,7 kt 24.01.2000 - - tupla
"BookmarkSync 1.1.1 Synchronizes your IENetscape and AOL bookmarks across several computers on the Internet. Bookmarks are in a secure database while you work. You can share bookmarks with the publica select group of people to share withor subscript to other peoples sets of bookmarks. Freeware."
20904 C501N9X.EXE 1,3 Mt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
Crescendo v5.01 NetscapelleActive-X -komponentti streamed-musiikin soittamiseen, esim. MIDIt ja MP3:t. Windows 95/98.
20905 C501NNT.EXE 1,2 Mt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
Crescendo v5.01 NetscapelleActive-X -komponentti streamed-musiikin soittamiseen, esim. MIDIt ja MP3:t. Windows NT/2000.
20906 C501XIE.EXE 1,3 Mt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
Crescendo v5.01 Internet ExplorerilleActive-X -komponentti streamed-musiikin soittamiseen, esim. MIDIt ja MP3:t. Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
20907 CACHET05.ZIP 793,2 kt 29.12.1997 - MBCD tupla
"Cachet v1.05A floating toolbar accessory for Netscape Navigator. Designed to recover documents stored in Navigators internal disk cache. Text and date searchgroup copy. Windows 95 version. http://www.benlo.com/cachet.html"
20908 AWN95.ZIP 1,8 Mt 27.04.1997 - - tupla
"AutoWinNet95Automated Internet! Perform dozens of tasks while youre not home: - Dial and hangup to your provider automatically - FTP downloadupload with wilcardsmake or del remote dirs and files - Email send or check your messages - World Wide Web page and file retrieval - Download over 27 weather maps - Cleanup your mail server - Binary Usenet news article posting with wilcards - Run local programs - Fetch your citys weather forecast - Ping internet servers -"
20912 CPPRO41.ZIP 2 Mt 25.04.1998 - - tupla
ConnectPal Professional v.4.1 ConnectPal brings an unmatched convenience to the Windows Dialup Networking. Auto-redial capability to remove the hassle of hitting the connect-button every time when your ISP is busy. The customizable program-launcherallows to run up to 5 different programs. ConnectPal Professional prevents disconnection by simulating network activity smartly.
20914 CYBER.ZIP 904,1 kt 09.07.1997 versio 2.2 discmaster.textfiles.com tupla
CyberkitCyberkit is a combination of the following functions: Ping, Traceroute, Finger, Whois, Name Server Lookup, Quote of the Day, Keep Alive, Check for new mail.
20915 DIALEROO.ZIP 582 kt 04.11.1998 - - tupla
Dialer 2000 v1.30 Dialer 2000 provides a collection of cool tools to simplify and enhance your Internet connection. You can use the program to redial up to 1000 times if a busy signal is detected, automatically dial if your connection is dropped, and keep your connection alive by simulating Internet activity. Dialer 2000 also includes a simple email client that lets you read message headers and automatically check for new messages at regular intervals. Shareware / Evaluation version.
20917 DIP32V30.EXE 1,1 Mt 06.05.1999 - - tupla
DynIP Client Software v3.0DynIP gives your computer an Internet Name that automatically tracks your current IP address every time you connect to the Internet. If you want to run a server from your desktop you can give your Internet Name to your customers and they can find your server without knowing your current IP address. Works great with multi-player internet games, video conferencing, voice conferencing and remote access. http://www.dynip.com
20918 DIPNTV30.EXE 890,1 kt 06.05.1999 - - tupla
DynIP Client Software v3.0/NTDynIP gives your computer an Internet Name that automatically tracks your current IP address every time you connect to the Internet. If you want to run a server from your desktop you can give your Internet Name to your customers and they can find your server without knowing your current IP address. Works great with multi-player internet games, video conferencing, voice conferencing and remote access. http://www.dynip.com
20919 DMAN11F.ZIP 800,9 kt 31.05.1999 - - tupla
DUN Manager v1.1f DUN Manager is designed to simplify and enhance Dial-Up Networking and Remote Access Services.
20920 DSCRPT.EXE 75 kt 15.01.1998 - MBCD tupla
Puhelinverkkoyhteyksien komentosarjatyökalu (Dial-up networking scripting tool) Windows 95:lle
20922 DUCONSTR.EXE 425,8 kt 21.11.1998 - - tupla
DialUp Constructor v2.23DialUp Constructor Kit is a software package which allows you to create data files containing Dialup Networking settings and then re-distribute these data files with a small executable program which will automatically create a Dialup Networking Entry on a machine running Win95.
20923 DUNMON.ZIP 174,2 kt 29.03.1999 - MBCD tupla
Dial-up Networking Monitor v2.1 Shows a graph and statistics of the current DUN connection.
20924 DUNSH.ZIP 199,5 kt 10.11.1998 - - tupla
Dial-Up-Networking Sharer version 1DUN sharer allows you to create Dial-Up-Networking connections and templates easily and fast.
20925 FING031B.ZIP 471,9 kt 27.03.1997 - - eritupla¹
The Fingerer/32 v0.3 BETA Intended OS: Windows 95 and NT (will work with win32s) Finger, Whois, Ph, DNS Lookup, Ping all in one 32-bit application. Many features. Professional interface.
20926 FNM260.EXE 793,8 kt 26.12.2000 - - tupla
NetMonitor 2.6Ilmainen versio. Ohjelma jolla voit seurata Internet-liikennettäsi ja sen nopeuksia. http://www.freenetmonitor.com/
20927 GEOBOY.ZIP 1 Mt 27.11.1997 - MBCD -
GeoBoy v1.4 Shows the travelling of Internet packets on a world map. Demo version.