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5969 ACRO100A.ZIP 216984 08.03.1996 - - -
AcroBat/2 BBS 1.00 Full MultiNode Release
BBS For OS/2. No Beta! Includes features:
Splitchatter, Multiline Splitchatter (chat
(chat with 4 at the same time), and more.
17078 ADF111.ZIP 2,5 Mt 03.08.1997 - - tupla
AdeptXBBS Version 1.11 (VAC) Full. The 32-bit, Multi-Threaded, NNTP, SMTP, POP3, Telnet, Sockets, Integrated Mailer, REXX, Utils, multiple language, localized date/time display and a lot more! Very customizable for almost any BBSing needs. GUI (PM) BBS for OS/2. FREEWare/2. 24 Node Version, Just create a directory \\Adept and unpack the files in this archive into the \\Adept dir. E-Mail bugs to: nitin@poboxes.com
60470 ADPT107F.ZIP 1863007 30.05.1996 - - tupla
AdeptXBBS v1.07f  !Freeware!  AdeptXBBS
32-bit OS/2 multi-user, multi-threaded,
multi-line, PM BBS for OS/2 v2.x, and Warp.
AdeptXBBS requires HPFS, and will not install
on a FAT based drive.  AdeptXBBS includes and
full BBS, a Fidonet Capable Mailer, and
Fidonet message base utilities.  This is BOTH
a Upgrade and a FULL INSTALL.
17079 AF2_111.ZIP 1,1 Mt 31.03.1997 - - tupla
ALLFIX/2 for OS/2 Warp, v1.11  ALLFIX is the most complete FileEcho utility available. No other program offers the large number of features that are part of the ALLFIX package. Features:  * Full support for more than 22 BBS different BBS programs! * Fully functional request processor. * Full support for Zones, and 4D points. * Support for domains (5D addressing). * Ability to disable sending a TIC file. * Ability to put all of the TIC files with or without the
17080 AFINSTW.ZIP 12,5 kt 20.03.1997 - - tupla
Icon Install Program for ALLFIXWC v1.21 AFINST! Creates an OS/2 Work Place Shell Folder for those running ALLFIX! for WildCat! under OS/2 and Attaches Icons to ALLFIX.EXE, ASETUP.EXE, HATCH.EXE, FCOMP.EXE, FIXUTIL.EXE UPDATE.EXE, BAKE.EXE, COOKIE.TXT and WHATSNEW.DOC.
17081 BBBSR2.ZIP 1,8 Mt 28.01.2000 - archives.thebbs.org tupla
BBBS v4.00 MP for OS2/Intel.Complete BBS package with WWW/InterNet/modem/ISDN/LAN based access modes. Everything you need to run a BBS! InterNet, telnet, WWW, FTP, POP3, HTTP, news, email, FidoNet, mailer, mail processor, TICK, AllFix, gateway, full screen editor, offline, Mg, multilingual, CD-ROM, VT320, ANSI, voice, multitask, charsets, accounts, Zmodem, HYDRA, multinode, Kermit, BZLink, FAX, IRC, and more This packet: OS2/Intel, with RSA. http://www.bbbs.net
5974 BOS2_260.ZIP 259014 13.06.1996 - - -
Once again, the documentation for this
latest release of BinkleyTerm is being
issued as an addendum to the previous
docs.  Information contained herein
should be considered as superseding any
previous documentation.
The new documentation should be out in
April 1996. Thanks to Barrie Smith and
Bob Davis for all the work they have
5975 BW311MX2.ZIP 385207 02.01.1996 - - -
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/Maximus-OS/2
Version 3.11 of the world's most popular and
easy to use offline mail door!  Features
include internal protocols, flexible message
packing options, SysOp-controlled limits and
restrictions, NEWFILES list generator, Fido
to Internet E-mail gateway capabilities, full
integration with BBS security features, more.
Installs easily in minutes!  (Maximus/2 v2.00
or later required.)
5976 CBK_612P.ZIP 153670 02.01.1996 - - -
CallBack/2 v6.12 FREEWare OS/2 User
Verification system for MAXimus 3.00.
Supports Ansi and RIP Graphics with Samples.
Mecca file and MEX Read Mail file included.
Optionally maintains Questionnaire files.
Optional process status Messages in both
*.MSG and SQUISH Formats for the user.
Included CBKDAT auto Maintaince program.
17085 CONO005C.ZIP 1,1 Mt 19.05.1997 - Metropoli BBS files.zip tupla
Concord BBS software vO.O1 Gamma-5 OS/2.
5978 FAL2_105.ZIP 44273 22.06.1996 - - -
FailMail/2 - the fine netmail processor,
router and tracker, very nice function for
routing netmail for some user to some disk
folder, routing netmails to BBS users and
tracking mails to other sysops. If you want
make points to users  on your LAN, you NEED
it. From TurboSoft's software house! (c)
1995, Zbynêk Pospíchal Version 1.05 for OS/2.
Full 32bit OS/2 application! Support for HPFS
long filenames! With new features and more
17087 FD2MAX2.ZIP 16,4 kt 20.03.1997 - - tupla
FD2MAX2 version 1.00 - a small program that acts as a bridge between a DOS mailer and an OS/2 BBS program. It was written with Frontdoor and Maximus/2 in mind, but may work with other combinations. Emailware
5980 FD52OS2.ZIP 165906 30.06.1996 - - -
FILEDUDE 5.2 (OS/2) - Great RG file manager!
Imports all CD-ROM formats, DIZ, and SDI.
Makes filelists, converts archives, virus
scans.  Pulldown menu system, and very easy
to install.  Professional.  Shareware $10.
5981 FDUPE007.ZIP 49564 30.06.1996 - - -
Find Dupe 0.07b
Duplicate finder, compatible with Maximus
5982 FLEET113.ZIP 969275 03.01.1996 - - -
FleetStreet 1.13 for OS/2 2.x/3.x PM is a
flexible and powerful FTN message reader for
Squish, *.MSG & JAM areas, multithreaded, 32
bit, CUA'91, Rexx, drag'n'drop, highly
configurable, supports Squish, Fastecho,
IMail, GEcho, LoraBBS, FMAIL, english,
german, swedish and italian version.
5983 FMS1110.ZIP 114522 30.06.1996 - - -
File Management System/2 V1.110 for OS/2
5984 FULLPACK.ZIP 242367 12.04.1995 - - -
Revision 1.00. Want to set up your BBS under
OS/2 but not sure where to begin?
FULLPACK.ZIP contains everything you'll need
from start to finish to get your DOS-Based
BBS up and running under OS/2 with minimal
downtime. FULLPACK includes sample batch
files, various bug fixes, the newest SIO
drivers, and anything else you'll need to get
you on your way!  Revised 12/22/94.
5985 IRCDOR10.ZIP 62825 13.06.1996 - - -
IRCDOOR/2 v1.0  -  32-bit IRC BBS door
for OS/2. Provides Internet Relay Chat
access from  your BBS. Featuring: ANSI
and multi-node support, fast and small
32-bit  code,  flexible configuration,
specific commands, online help, can be
used as a normal IRC client in "local"
mode,  extensive support for  Maximus,
more...  Requires IBM TCP/IP and OS/2.
5986 MAX300P.ZIP 834566 08.09.1995 - - -
Maximus 3.0 - OS/2 executables. A flexible
BBS package incorporating RIP support, an
advanced extension language, hierarchical
message and file areas, a message tracking
system for handling technical support, and
17095 MD102E2.ZIP 552,1 kt 05.04.1997 - - tupla
"MainDoor 1.02 OS/2 version. Bugfix from 1.00 or 1.01. Complete package. Powerful dynamic mailer.Made in SpainIncludes: ZChat (You can chat while getting your mail!)autoinstallmultiline supportwindowed setupsecurity systemsmodem managerfile requestinbound and outboundhistoric viewersworks without fossil or nodelistsupports DOS and OS/2 BBSsfile request processor supportopen hours nodelist flag supportincludes a terminal emulator."
5988 MD2_10B2.ZIP 452398 31.12.1995 - - -
MainDoor 1.00 (pre-release)
Powerful native 32-bit mailer.
Autoinstall, menu driven setup,
no need for fossil or nodelist.
Support for 20 AKAs, file request
processor, CHAT during file transfer.
Support for On-line time nodelist flag.
17097 MPM1_28.ZIP 305135 22.10.1995 - - -
Maxfile/Pm V1.28 - A files.bbs Manager For
Presentation Manager Under OS/2. Drag And
Drop, File id.Diz Import, Archiver And Viewer
Functions, And Much Much More!
17098 OX2V300.ZIP 642601 13.11.1996 - - -
Iron Ox 3.00 for OS/2 -- A New Universe!
Ox is the first door of any kind to
include full EGA/VGA RIP graphics,
real-time multinode play, and interBBS
league support.  Enjoy beautiful RIP
art, land developments like forts and
refineries, programmable drones that
fight and work the land in real time,
and much more -- all in a full, 32-bit,
multithreaded OS/2 program that works
17100 PCB_WARP.ZIP 40962 18.03.1995 koko⁴ Metropoli BBS files.zip tupla
Run a multi-node PCBoard (V 15.x) under OS/2
WARP.  I have Included my config.sys file, as
well as a text file I wrote along with some
other helpful tips.
17099 PCB2-PZM.ZIP 89507 09.08.1996 - - -
P - The powerful OS/2 32bit Zmodem protocol.
Includes PCBoard batches, for PCBoard/2.
17101 PS2_202E.EXE 369180 08.10.1996 - - -
Palmscan/2 v2.02 - The ultimate archive
conversion utility
17102 THD212_1.ZIP 442327 23.02.1996 - - -
THD ProScan v12.1 [OS/2]. The OS/2 native
version of the popular Archive/File
Processor. New features include the ability
to decompress compressed executable files
using UNP v4.11 as well as the ability to add
external (and internal) archive definitions
and external scanner definitions. Includes
THDTERM for processing entire directories
and THDPLUS for BBS updates.
Fixes imbedded archive naming problem.
17103 TIM110P.ZIP 363705 26.12.1995 - - -
TimEd 1.10; Fast msg editor supporting
Squish, JAM, *.MSG and Hudson bases; With
internal editor. OS/2 version.
17104 ULP2_213.ZIP 184705 08.03.1996 - - -
UpLoadProcessor/2 for OS/2 v2.13. Now the
premier upload processing system is available
in a multi-threaded 32-bit native OS/2
version! *** NOTE: This archive is not a
complete package; it contains the OS/2 files
only. The general release archive ULP_213.ZIP
must also be downloaded for the complete
package!!!  To install, simply copy these
files to your DOS ULP 2.x subdirectory.
17105 VBO_300A.ZIP 579253 04.11.1996 - - -
VBoard is a new advanced Bulletin Board
System for OS/2 and DOS. This version is for
OS/2. v3.00/Rev A. Native 32bit multithreaded
OS/2 application! Built in msg editor with
ANSI/VT100 support. Internal QWK, OMEN and
BlueWave offlines. VBasic! QBasic like
programming language. Lots of user
configurable settings & colors. Built in
easy-to-use user editor. 32 highly
configurable user groups. Long file
descriptions, file_id.diz support. Message
17106 XYZ2-101.ZIP 51146 06.06.1996 koko⁴ ratsnest1.iso -
A FreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol driver
from the author of The Blue Wave Offline Mail
System.  CEXYZ/2 is a 32 bit OS/2 text mode
application. Protocols include Zmodem, 8K
Zmodem (ZedZap), Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Ymodem-1K,
Xmodem CRC and Xmodem-Checksum. Includes
sample files for installation into Maximus
BBS's. Can be installed into ANY BBS or
terminal program that is able to utilize
external protocols.  Fully windowed/graphical