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9705 ACC.EXE 1,7 Mt 18.01.2000 - - tupla
"Advanced Call Center 2.20Full-featured answering machine software for your voice modem. All necessary functions are supported: Caller ID lets you see and hear whos calling via screen pop-upsdistinctive rings and callers name announcement with speech synthesis. Advanced features include pager notificationsending call details and voice messages over e-mail."
9706 AFD.ZIP 192,9 kt 29.08.1999 - - tupla
Alexf Dialer for Windows 95
9707 ALFA210.ZIP 70,9 kt 17.10.1998 - - tupla
Alfa 2.1.0PCBoardin listatiedostojen lukuohjelma. Osaa MBnetin Ja Pelit Onlinen listat. Pieni ja nopea. Vaatii MSVBVM50.DLL:n toimiakseen.
9708 AMRC1A.EXE 1,2 Mt 20.01.2000 - - tupla
PC Remote 1.0a PC Remote lets you access another comptuer across a network, on the Internet,  on  the computer serial ports, or through a modem connection. Now  you have multiple ways to access the data you need.
9709 CALLCENT.EXE 5,4 Mt 21.01.2000 - - tupla
CallCenter Easy sending and receiving of faxes in the foreground or background. And if your modem hardware supports Voice Telephony, the CallCenter will actually assist your computer with answering your telephone with your personalized greeting and then take a message for you. Freeware.
9712 CMS12D.ZIP 3 Mt 02.03.1997 - - tupla
CMS v1.2Very powerful util for keeping track of your modem usage under win95 (eg.Internet) Includes log-files,which displays  who used,when used,for how long and the cost. You can set prices for specific day-times,connections. Very handy! Take it!
9713 COM699.ZIP 1,5 Mt 20.05.1998 - - tupla
Com v6.9.9.62 Com v6.9.9.62 is a serial / tcpip terminal emulator. Com allows you to communicate with BBS systems, dial in servers, or even telnet over the internet to another computer. Com also allows you to transfer files using many different protocols between computers. Loaded with features, Com will make communicating with other computer a breeze.
9714 COMMLINK.ZIP 115,6 kt 09.07.1997 - - tupla
CommLinkAllows you to use an internal modem on one computer as an external modem on a second computer. This version terminates after 20 minutes of use. Requires Win95/NT.
9716 CONTEL20.ZIP 275,4 kt 01.02.2000 - - tupla
Console telnet 2.0 + source.Freeware.
9717 CYBER25.ZIP 943,1 kt 18.02.2000 - - tupla
CyberKitCyberKit is a network utility for Windows 95/98/NT. It combines Ping,
TraceRoute, WhoIs, Finger, Name Server LookUp, Time Synchronizer, Quote of
the Day, NetScanner, DBScanner and more ...
9718 DIAL504.ZIP 980,4 kt 12.01.1998 - - tupla
DiaLog32 v.5.04 Phone Dialer and Logger for Win95 and NT. Upgradeable from 16-bit version. Includes speed dialer and outgoing and incoming call timing and logging. Calling card dialing. Up to 4 address books, 6 phone numbers and 4 other Ids (email) per entry. Tone or pulse dialing - redial busy number. Accepts 1-800-Egg-Head. International dates and times. Up to 3 appointment books, 6-city programmable world clock, alarm clock, stop watch, password protection.
9719 DIALWIZ.ZIP 1006,6 kt 13.01.1998 - - tupla
DialWiz v1.0 Enables those people with Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking to automatically dial a list of telephone numbers.
9720 DIGW95.ZIP 461,8 kt 13.01.1996 - - tupla
DigiTerm v1.5 An easy to use, full featured data communications program. * Emulates popular terminals and   supports major file transfer   protocols including X/Y/Zmodem. * Supports over 445 diffrent modems   and speeds of up to 57,600! * Features easy menu interface
9721 DUNCE252.ZIP 149,9 kt 27.04.1997 - MBCD tupla
Dunce v2.52 Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement. Adds features to your DUN connections such as bypassing Connect To, Auto Reconnect, Automated Connections, and Run Items.
9722 EASYDTMF.ZIP 239 kt 29.09.2000 - - tupla
EasyDTMF 1.0Software which dials any phonenumber for you using DTMF sounds. 
Hold the phone receiver near the computers loudspeaker and dial 
the number. It is possible to save four numbers for quickdialing. 
Windows 95/98/NT4. Soundcard is required. Freeware.
9724 FAX_N516.ZIP 770,4 kt 21.03.1997 - - tupla
FaxMail Network for Windows v5.16Complete faxing program for Windows NT/95/Win32s. Allows faxing from any program that can print. FaxMail Network for Windows makes creating high quality faxes as easy as printing. Includes a Fax/Modem-tester. Timed sends, Broadcast queue holds 32,000, Works in DOS and Windows, GOOD help system, All functions very fast, Background FAX printing.
9723 FAX-LINK.EXE 1,3 Mt 21.01.2000 - - tupla
FAXLink 1.4 A tool for converting your documents to  fax format. FAXLink acts as a printer driver allowing you to send faxes from virtually every 32-bit Windows application. Once converted, documents will be sent to a VISIONLAB fax server where they will be retried numerous times until the documents are received.