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ID Tiedosto Koko Pvm. Kommentit Alkuperä Tupla? Kuvaus
9686 ANS199C.ZIP 412,2 kt 10.06.1997 - - tupla
Answering Machine for OS/2 v1.99b. This program should work with all Rockwell based voice modems.
9688 BTERR2.ZIP 815,8 kt 08.06.1998 - - tupla
BTERM v3.42 ToMmIk-5v. This packet is for OS/2, with RSA. BTERM is a small VT320 terminal emulator. It is free for single user non-commercial use.
9690 CF2_101.ZIP 396,4 kt 29.06.1997 - - tupla
cFos/2 1.01 - COM Port Emulator for ISDN CAPI Serial device driver that interfaces with ISDN CAPI 1.1 and 2.0 PDD. Supports multiple COM ports simultaneously, controlled by a powerful AT command set. Includes virtual FOSSIL driver. Supports fast dynamic channel bundling, V.42bis data compression, BTX, V.120, analogue modem, PPP Internet mode, X.31, time synchronisation, fax command set.. Many options!
9691 CROM2_03.ZIP 60,6 kt 24.04.1997 - - tupla
"Cromtag/2 v0.03 Early release of Crom/2 utilities for timEd/2. This suite includes: Cromtag/2 - tagline utilCromline/2 - custom origin linesMood/2 - insertsmoodkludgeCsteal/2 - tagline thief."
9692 CTEL100.ZIP 96 kt 20.03.1997 - - tupla
CapiTel v1.00 -- an ISDN CAPI 1.1 based 32-Bit answering machine for OS/2 Presentation Manager. See ReadMe for further details.
9696 ILOGO43.ZIP 242,7 kt 21.07.1997 - - tupla
InfoLog v4.3 for OS/2 PM. Monitor important communications activities with the communication software you already use. Shareware.
9699 JMR07121.ZIP 162,7 kt 21.09.1997 - - tupla
jmr Ilmainen QWK etalukija. Ominaisuuksia mm. messubase, haku, threadit, ... Mukana myos suomenkieliset dokumentit!