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9122 3DBENCH2.ZIP 62,7 kt 21.07.1997 - - tupla
3DBench - Video Card Test for Dos v1.1By Pintyo. Corrected version of the popular 3dbench machine speed tester! Now gives correct values: speed value is no longer 1000 div n - displays framerates over 100!
9123 3G_MARK.ZIP 21,7 kt 11.06.1998 - - tupla
3G MarkMeasures PC VGA system performace. Dependant on processor, co-proc. and VGA-board. Created by Yoshi of 3G Design 1998 Requirements: 286+VGA.
9127 BF_TEST.ZIP 7,3 kt 13.03.1997 - - tupla
Testiohjelma jolla voit itse todeta onko omassa Quantum Bigfoot levyssäsi tiedon siirto bugia. Toki voit testata myös muitakin levyjä kuin Bigfootteja.
9129 CACHCHK6.ZIP 51,5 kt 13.03.1997 - - tupla
"CACHECHK will do memory accesses to check out the L1 and L2 cachetell you the speeds and sizes of eachand check to see if all of your memory is cachedor if some is non-cached. POSTCARD-WAREnot shareware or freeware CACHECTL allows you to turn the L1 cache on or offand tell you if its enabled or disabled."
9134 CONF915E.ZIP 229,5 kt 02.12.1999 - - tupla
PC-CONFIG v9.15english type: sysinfo-benchmark-tool author: Michael Holin, http://holin.com requires: 286, dos 3 works with: DOS, win31, win95  PC-CONFIG V9.15 -Detects all the hardware in your PC and shows them on the screen. One of the best sysinfo-programs ever. With CD-ROM benchmark routine! Finds PCI boards, 6x86, K6-3, NexGen, Athlon and Pentium III CPUs, detects lots of VGA chips, APM functions, Burst Cache, Green boards, Pentium Bug, PCMCIA,