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8314 BITDUMP.ZIP 42,2 kt 20.03.1997 - - tupla
Bitdump for OS/2. Bitdump is a screen capture working with with hot keys allowing you to sh any window either by selecting it, selecting  area or using the default ones.
8315 BLPNT03.ZIP 226,1 kt 08.06.1998 - - tupla
BluePaint v.0.3Beta for OS/2 Antimation & painting program. Released on dec.27,1997 Home site: http://www.undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca/~pczar ny/bpaint.html
8317 DRAWCAT.ZIP 692,3 kt 14.07.1997 - - tupla
Drawcat v1.0 for OS/2. A vector based program for drawing geometric figures. It provides a variety of line styles, predefines figures, fill options, and text features. Also bitmaps can be included.
8319 EMBO202H.ZIP 2,1 Mt 19.11.1997 - - tupla
Embellish v2.02. An incredible image viewing/ editing system not unlike photoshop, Embellish is designed specifically for the OS/2 operating system. It handles a most every image format, auto-optimises images before saving, includes a number of filter plugins that work quite well and is designed to work with an 8 bit or higher graphics system.
8320 FS042B.ZIP 1,2 Mt 31.08.1997 - - tupla
ForeSpace OS/2 v0.42b. A graphical modeller designed to produce scene files for the POV-Ray raytracer.
8322 IRIT7.ZIP 4,7 Mt 04.05.1997 - - tupla
IRIT v7.0b. A solid modeling program developed for educational purposes. Although small, it is now powerful enough to create quite complex scenes.
8326 LNPLT14D.ZIP 366,2 kt 15.12.1997 - - tupla
LinePlot V1.4 is an X-Y data graphing program for scientific & engineering data, containing major enhancements from prvious releases. Features allow graphs that are difficult with other PC charting & graphing products. Native OS2 Presentation Manager program. Produce OS2 metafiles to be pasted into other native OS2 applications. Full featured, shareware. Ext- ensive on-line, context sensitive Help. From Neighborhood Business Services. Reg: $25 (US)
8327 MACTR150.ZIP 2,7 Mt 02.11.1997 - - tupla
(v1.5) MainActor/2, a mod. Animation Package MainActor/2 is able to load, edit, play, create and save animations and pictures of any size in a format independent manner. MainActor/2 includes most of the animation and picture formats found in the graphics world. Together with many animation processing functions (timing of animations, sound effects, .. ). Includes DIVE support. Shareware(US$60. - MasterCard/VISA)
8328 NDEMO214.ZIP 3,2 Mt 25.08.1997 - - tupla
NeoN Grafix 3D demo v2.14. A tool for the creative design of complex computer graphics and animated sequences.
8329 PIXEL_DE.ZIP 644,3 kt 08.06.1998 - - tupla
Pixelpaint for OS/2 v.2.02 Perinteinen pixelipiirto ohjelma. Muuten täysitoiminen paitsi ei sisällä tallennus tai tulostustoiminteita. Home:http://www.neongrafix.com
8331 PMSAN023.ZIP 146,3 kt 04.05.1998 - - tupla
"PMSANE v0.23 (beta). A Graphical User Interface for OS2SANE - Jeff Freedmans OS/2 port of the Linux application - SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy). PMSANE uses SCANIMAGE.EXE (from SANE661.ZIP) to scan a documentthen it starts your Viewer application. Scanned images are stored in temporary files which are (optionally) deleted when you exit the program."
8332 PMVW101.ZIP 1,2 Mt 19.11.1997 - - tupla
(v1.01) PMView. This is a very fast bitmap viewer for files in JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Photo CD and 30 other formats. This program also allows conversions between image formats, minor editing adjustments (such as cropping and rotation), screen capture, and simple slideshows. SHAREWARE US$42 registration fee. Contact: pnielsen@abo.fi.